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T-Mobile Internet

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T-Mobile Internet App

Set up your T-Mobile Internet service in just 15 minutes with the T-Mobile Internet app. Once you’re up and running, the app is all you need to take control of your internet experience. Find the strongest signal Use the app’s interactive placement assistant to find the sweet spot for your T-Mobile 5G Gateway. Manage your connected devices Monitor and remove unrecognized devices for even more control of your network. Update your password Change the name and password of your network with ease for more personalization and control. Schedule screen-time Set screen-time limits for the non-stop scrollers and bedtime rule breakers in your family. Getting started is easy, just download the T-Mobile Internet app today and enjoy high-speed internet on your terms. Note: To use this app you must be a current T-Mobile Internet customer.

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T-Mobile Internet app reviews

  • Disappointing 1/5

    By LauraLove0719
    Well, when I first heard about T-Mobile home internet (Wi-Fi) for a $50 flat fee, I thought that was a very good deal! I immediately switched from another carrier from which I was paying about $115 for. It was so easy to set up and the equipment came in within a few days. All was well the first few months and then all of sudden my internet connection was lost. I called to see if someone could help me resolve the issue and it turned out there was maintenance work going on that could potentially interrupt service. I Didn’t have Wi-Fi in my house for about 3 days. It was very frustrating bc I do not get good service in the area I live at, so I rely heavily on Wi-Fi for incoming/outgoing calls, messaging, etc. If T-Mobile knew there was a chance service could be interrupted, the least that could’ve been done, would be to notify any customers before hand. Eventually my connection was back and I Didn’t notice any improvement in speed or quality. However, a few weeks after the work, I am now experienced glitches here and there. It’ll say I’m connected to my Wi-Fi but can’t connect to the internet. Sometimes my Wi-Fi drops randomly. It’s not just on my phone but my sons phone too. If I would’ve foreseen these problems, the extra $50 I was paying for the other carrier was well worth it because I never had issues with them. I’m starting to regret my decision to switch. Very disappointed. I will add, the customer service was good though. Polite, patient and informative people I spoke with. And I wasn’t on hold for a long time. So I will at least give them that.
  • Good internet 4/5

    By Milagros2016
    The speed needs improve. Other than that very reliable and cheap internet service.
  • So far so good! 4/5

    By CE2300
    I’d like to see a built in speed test in the app but other than that I’ve had it for 2 days so far and it’s better than starlink and much much cheaper. So far loving it, we’ll see how it continues.
  • Always dropping and not working 1/5

    By BobVande
    Drop all the time and week some days 3-4 bars and only get 1mbps have replaced the tower and still constantly dropping and not working.
  • When it works … 1/5

    By dant601
    The 5G Home internet is great when it’s working … but the device has to be restarted often … and I am on my second devise since starting service in December of 2022 !!!!! Not sure if it is a device problem or service issues … I would have to refer to it as spotty ?
  • Too many problems with in my 14 days trial 1/5

    By Humble4040
    Sometimes I am watching movies, then the Internet cut off my signal, will be all the way up. I don’t know why it do this almost every day. That’s the reason I’m giving it one star but hopefully they can fix the problems.
  • Loses connection 2/5

    By Jet.70
    Actually, it’s been very good until lately, wear it for no reason at all lose his connection. I will go look for my T Mobil, home, Internet on net work and Internet settings, and it doesn’t see T-Mobile at all. I have to get on my phone. I have to do stuff before. It finally comes back. Very annoying.
  • T-Mobile Mejor que : Spectrum, EarthLink, Verizon , Xfinity 5/5

    By Nadirangel
    Tengo 65 unidades que usan internet Computadoras, 10 camaras de vigilancia, 15 focos que usan wifi, 6 televisores que usan wifi, 6 fire TV Stick, 4 Celulares que todos se conectan cuando llegan a casa, 2 thermostat, todos estas 65 unidades en su momento durante el día por lo menos 40 de ellos siempre están conectados. Mi belocida es no menos de 200mbps máximo 500mbps, mi overage de velocidad siempre está arriba de los 300mbps, upload 25 a 65 de verda que no me puedo quejar, ninguna de mis unidades no pierde la señal, la verda que corro con suerte, Y solo pago $40 dólares al mes por que tengo plan de cellular y auto pay. 15 días de averlo agarado t- mobile home internet, les informaré otro review en 8a9 meses yo espero que siga así.
  • Internet 3/5

    By Sav412813
    My game lags more than it did with Xfinity!
  • T Mobile number 1 5/5

    By slc1953
    I live in a rural community with very few options for reliable internet service. I had broadband but the reliability was terrible. My son had tried TM and was pleased with his services. I tried it on a whim and o am extremely pleased with it. Now my oldest son is trying it over a cable service. I guess we're a TM family.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By CBR954
    Got tired of century link charging me $75 a month for 12Mbs. Got the T-Mobile home internet. I’ve returned two KVD21 gateways. Always works for the first day or two. Then every device we have drops WiFi every few minutes. Love the speed when it works. But it never works. T-Mobile forums are overrun with people talking about the same issues. Absolutely no answers from T-Mobile. The 20 year old girls in the store can talk all day about which camera phone takes the best selfies, but have ZERO knowledge about anything else. The call center guy I had on the phone would go silent for minutes at a time. Absolutely no help at all. They know these gateways are bad. They refuse to acknowledge it. Have barely any access to deep admin settings in the gateway also. Don’t get T-Mobile home internet. You’ll regret it. I had to fight to get my free trail extended. It didn’t work for over half of my trail yet they fought me on it. Garbage. Total garbage.
  • Worst decision 1/5

    By ree84ree
    I’ve had T-Mobile internet for over a month and I still can’t get a T-Mobile ID. My bill was over double the amount that I was quoted. Was told that I could check my usage for the internet app but there’s nowhere in the app where you can check it. This was the worst decision I’ve made in regards to getting T-Mobile home internet. Definitely will not be recommending to no friends or family.
  • A lot of buffering and hard to connect to certain devices 3/5

    By Mboomer1
    I seeing frequent buffering and having a difficult time connecting to some devices. We have equipment with I fit subscriptions and while they recognize the gateway name they don’t accept the password.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Bfalogirl
    I have a ticket number from 2/21/2023 as the app does not recognize my admin password.
  • Terrible service and app 1/5

    By Ftmobile2023
    Horrible don’t get either
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Piking2022
    It’s really good 5G speeds. Gaming on the network and it isn’t bad. Enjoying
  • So far so good. 4/5

    By Scarecrow 53 UPS
    I am about a week into T-Mobile home internet. My router always has 4 bars & sometimes 5. Have not experienced any throttling. I have 11 devices connected and so far I am much happier than I was with Spectrum. Download speed 288 upload speed 26. I have disconnected my Spectrum router and will continue to monitor T-Mobile. Update to follow. Thanks
  • Internet aop 1/5

    By nbgtdhdtibcrinbescvkl
    Horrible doesnt remember password even tho temember me is checked Times out Have reset password 5x
  • Bad internet 1/5

    The internet worked fine the first couple weeks. Now it’s slow and going out intermittently. I work from home too. I do not recommend switching to T-Mobile.
  • Wi-Fi refuses to stay on. 2/5

    By silver moose
    Line in home shows 4 bars yet all devices so no Wi-Fi
  • Cheap, but that’s the only good feature 2/5

    By Holly Gagne (Gone-Yaaay!)
    We were overpaying for cable internet so we switched. Thought we lived in a big enough city (400k+) that it would be good. It’s not. Lags frequently with 3 TVs on, in a small house. Have to unplug to reset at least once a week. And the app is USELESS!!! How am I supposed to fix my internet on the app when the app runs on internet. If I had known that, which is my fault for not researching further, I wouldn’t have gone with this.
  • Router Reboot 2/5

    By Knicketname
    multiple times per day
  • Constant Issues 1/5

    By Kozyp17
    I never knew there was a website called IP Chicken, however I have come very familiar with it now. What T-Mobile does not tell you when you sign up, they don’t work go with streaming. I hope others have a different experience, but my experience is just getting worse. I will be moving on soon.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Robhay56
    This is what everyone who pays the cable companies need. Cut the cord. No update costs every month or slower speeds. Thanks T-Mobile.
  • Connection issues- far too many interruptions 2/5

    By M$Ti$h
    To many interruptions while I'm trying to work, it's extremely frustrating
  • No Internet 1/5

    By there isn't any available
    I get dropped over and over. One representative said that I had and outdated unit and the next day when I was dropped again the representative said that I ad the most recent unit. Dropped again today. I’m sick of it
  • Just my printer doesn’t work 5/5

    By Vicente J C
    Just my printer doesn’t work
  • Mala conexión 2/5

    By Gabostar72
    Cancele mi internet de spectrum y me estoy arrepintiendo , se pierde la señal constantemente a veces por varios minutos Si continúa así voy a cancelar
  • Home Wi-Fi 1/5

    By GraceBriani
    Frustrated! Please do something to allow more servers. You seem to have oversold your home Wi-Fi. Excellent signal does not equate to adequate speeds from servers. Sure, it’s a great price but I would spend more to have consistent Wi-Fi . I have resorted to using my hot spot for Wi-Fi and it’s iffy as well. They don’t use the same towers so what’s up T Mobile?
  • Service dips 1/5

    By Evansmac
    Not consistent speeds almost never 5g
  • Internet service 1/5

    By wrachf
    Always dropping or buffering every time I trying watch a movie
  • Sick of it 1/5

    By Sandy5red1973
    I am so sick of my internet going down in the middle of everything. If I’m watching tv it goes down if I’m working on the computer it goes down ugggg
  • Awesome internet 5/5

    By madawgz
    The internet with T-Mobile is reliable and efficient I am very happy with the service
  • Jerry 5/5

    By RacerJ
    Works great, getting 600-700mbps download and 60-70mbps up. Note- I’m 1800 feet from tower, the further you are from the tower the speeds will be reduced, of course. Had it for about six months so far trouble free.

    By eZoOYKRhhOgA
    1.Placement tool doesn’t provide any representation of signal strength, so it’s useless trying to figure out whether one location is better than another. Seems to defeat the purpose of having the tool at all. 2.Doesn’t provide true status of gateway (whether operating normally or not) nor any logs that indicate what type of issues have occurred and when. 3.Connection status is useless. When working it says connected, but app will also report connected when gateway isn’t passing data to connected clients. Needs a third status indicator to reflect whether the gateway is actually ready AND passing traffic. 4.Doesn’t provide any in-app or on-device speed test to be able to test speed independently of any connected devices. 5.Gateway doesn’t support bridge mode; if gateway isn’t working, entire local network is disrupted while gateway is rebooted. 6.Can’t edit names of connected devices. 7.When restarting gateway, app prompts to join local wifi network; sometimes it joins, sometimes it fails. When it joins, the gateway immediately drops the client, forcing the app to prompt to rejoin. After 3x, it gives up. But if I then go into Settings, the phone joins on its own - and stays connected. 8.Phone connected to wifi, gateway connected to Internet; traffic being passed, but app can’t see gateway? It worked before the last update. Did anyone bother to test this? FIX. THIS. NOW.
  • Signal in Universal City 2/5

    By Anaih2007
    The signal is not strong enough, the status is usually “weak”. I’m cancelling
  • Not for home internet or office work 1/5

    By CmsKrs
    First month was greatly lately it’s horrible called few times T-Mobile thy said they fix this by Tuesday this week so far no good I Dont recommend
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Bobby McQuin
    Home Internet works great. The app is trash. iPhone 12 Pro running 15.6.1 here. 9 out of 10 times I can’t even get the app to open, if it opens, inevitably it crashes before I can adjust any of the permissions or schedule. Useless.
  • Internet 1/5

    By 333ls
    Lags and slower than any internet I ever used would not want to keep this going to take it back not worth it
  • Slow internet 2/5

    By kali Sheridan
    Slow internet and keeps going out. Works good in Atlanta but not Douglasville to well
  • Slow 2/5

    By imkatmama
    The new TMobile Internet is very slow and buffers almost as much as it plays tv When will you correct the problem so I will have excellent coverage for the exchange of my money for your better service?
  • Wifi keeps restarting every 30 min. 1/5

    By foxyflamingo
    Wi-Fi device is constantly restarting or devices keep loosing connection.
  • Conexión 2/5

    By Señal debil
    La señal se pone muy débil y aveces ni trabaja voy a tratar por un poco más sino quito el servicio
  • Five stars 5/5

    By mcgrath1989
    App is good the 5g home internet is amazing
  • 👎🏼👎🏼 1/5

    By ahails
    awful internet service
  • Featureless 2/5

    By Aaaabbbbbccccc
    You really cannot do much with this app. Cannot tell whether wifi devices are connected using 2.4 or 5 MHz. Cannot set fixed IP addresses or port forwarding. Also wifi router is pretty bad. Want to use a wifi bridge, but does not work (5 MHz does not work at all, 2.4 MHz causes modem to hang/disconnect devices) 5G network speed is very unreliable. At times bandwidth is great (>100MB), but very often around 5 to 10 MB or less. Hard to recommend
  • T-Mobile internet 1/5

    By Florida Freedom Lover
    Spotty service at best. A lot of buffering at times. It’s been 1 yr. And I’m on my 4th gateway. Teck support always has different answers.
  • 1 bar 1/5

    By Beetlejuice66
    We live in Dinwiddie,VA one bar is all we get but we can stream Netflix etc…some lag but you learn to live with it,out in the sticks
  • Goes out 2/5

    By Tscolt
    Goes out a lot more than it did when I first trial tested.