T-Mobile Name ID

T-Mobile Name ID

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  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: T-Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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T-Mobile Name ID App

With T-Mobile Name ID, you can block unwanted calls from scammers, telemarketers, political groups, and more questionable callers, and block or manage any phone number. Name ID also identifies callers—even if they’re not in your address book—letting you choose who you talk to. Reverse number lookup is included as well, so you’ll never have to wonder who called you. T-Mobile Name ID features: - Identify and block likely scam calls - Identify and block unwanted callers - Identify and send call categories to voicemail—telemarketers, surveys, political callers, and more - Identify unknown callers - Report call violations - Reverse number lookup

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T-Mobile Name ID app reviews

  • Most of my family number are flagged as spam 1/5

    By MarwanAF
    Most of my family numbers are reported as scam
  • Name ID issues 1/5

    By Kiddre662
    You are not able to delete phone calls...
  • Blocking 1/5

    By screwed service reps
    Says account inactive T-Mobile not experts, with bogus claims today there was this one trying make me download a app I disagreed with.
  • Doesn’t update automatically 2/5

    By Rich2448
    Since my T-Mobile account got hacked Monday night, I’ve deleted and reinstalled name id, but it doesn’t update unless I do it manually, I changed email addresses but kept the same phone number.
  • Blocks friends identified in contacts? 2/5

    By TMobileCustomer3.141
    The app requests access to your contact list, then blocks your contact anyway? The developer went out for a beer on this user belligerent feature; especially there is no access granted (grey’ed out) to “always allow”. Even missed two calls from my boss. Now that attacks the money belt. Otherwise works great.
  • Sprint customers 5/5

    By N.Furi
    Sprint customers should have access to this since the companies are ONE now...
  • Phone 5/5

    By ccrazys
    It is awesome
  • Ymobile ID 1/5

    By Felix Reyes
    Does not work on IPhone 7 iOS Ver 13.2 even after turning off WIFI as directed
  • Unwind calls 2/5

    By Ayomzi
    Why am I still getting all unknown calls, from telemarketers! Pls work mor on stopping thins unwind calls
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By The Real Crabby
    Does not refresh call list. Caller ID no longer shows Scam Likely and does not show name ID.
  • ID TMobile App 5/5

    By Stry_teller
    Since using this app un-welcomed phone calls have been reduced.
  • Authentication failed!!! 2/5

    By ajit888
    I tried to install in my new iphone 11 pro max. I turned off my wifi. Still seeing message that authentication failed.
  • No Premium features available. 1/5

    By Waraich1us
    This 1.7 version doesn’t work as expected. Doesn’t block scammers. Need to update to 2.0 version ASAP.
  • Doesn't ID unless you pay monthly 1/5

    By Carl77777
    Might work if you pay a monthly fee, I wouldn't know. Doesn't ID anything as installed.
  • Doesn’t work for prepaid phones 1/5

    By Arrrrrrrrrr*
    It’s unfair that prepaid phones don’t get the benefits as we pay almost the same prices every month
  • Needs a few tweeks 4/5

    By Just Houdini
    Generally the app is performing well. With few exceptions here and there of not showing the callers name. Most importantly for me I would love to see it showing names for connected Digits numbers as it seems currently it’s not supporting such.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By CA DogMom
    Won’t update on WiFi, calls don’t appear in list. Needs to be updated for IPhone.
  • Rattle snake 3/5

    By nne ur
    None ur
  • Hard to use. 1/5

    By privacy please stop
    Hard to use. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  • Does what it’s job 5/5

    By makeotitkt
    Once you block. Number you never received motifs it in or spam calls great app so worth it
  • Genius!! 5/5

    By natecaraowen
    Works so well I forget I have the app. (In a good way though)
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Beinganish
    Does not install. Says unable to authenticate even though i am on Tmobile network. Instead of putting a software app in the phone why not put the logic in the network itself
  • Useless app, have reported numbers 1/5

    By afgalli
    Useless app have reported numbers on all calls but the numbers are disconnected so the callers keep using disconnected numbers and the app cannot stop the calls
  • Love 5/5

    By ghfvjydvnf
    Love it
  • Mobile Name ID App -Excellent 5/5

    This mobile name ID application is superior and easy to use. A must for everyone who wants to be able to identify callers, block individuals or have calls go to their voice mail without any interruptions. 5-Star!
  • Still getting a ton of spam 1/5

    By 321lorenzo
    The free version doesn't help much for all the spam calls that go through on a daily basis. Spam texts are not addressed at all in this app despite being a major problem. It feels like tmobile has left it's customers to the wolves.
  • Doesn’t really do much 2/5

    By AngryBFan876
    Tells u who called if it’s a contact. Otherwise just shows a number.
  • Not a bad app, but... 4/5

    By designs by ml
    This app is pretty good addition, works really well too! I do recommend it highly. But there is no feature to add ‘Unknown’ to the block list at all. You cant add numbers manually either. I just got my first ‘Unknown’ caller since Jan. There is no way to add it to the blocked list. Also, blocked callers can still send you texts.
  • Lousy 1/5

    By borby1213
    Lousy interface. Won’t allow me to manage any numbers nor toggle for support. Worthless.
  • Notification turn on spam 1/5

    By chunalt787
    If you don’t enable notifications it will spam you non stop making the app barely useable. I don’t want more notifications. Why would I want to be notified that a call was blocked? The whole point is to not have the scammers interrupt my day. It’s fine to ask once but please stop the spam requesting to send notifications.
  • Meh 3/5

    By CK & HF
    Better than nothing but the free version allows 80% of robocall scam calls to come through. Still better than nothing
  • Improvements needed 4/5

    By Mikey T Ward
    Great start for giving consumers control over there phone calls however i think you can do even more. I would like to have this expanded to text messages as well. Also I would like to have it where the system can identify where the call originated from or where the call is regastered to like where the person lives. Also add a report option to report that the a call was categorized incorrectly or the caller id info is wrong. This way theses issues are fixed and new calls made by that phone number would show up correctly to other users. Also add a option to record phone calls for calls that come in that are not on my contacts list. This way if a call is spam legal authorities would have something to use agenst thesss people to put a stop to unwanted calls.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Dreadmaul
    This rarely stops spam calls. I still get car warranty calls several times a week and they just slip thru this app. AND the app does not show the call in it's log for me to report it.
  • It’s just o k. 2/5

    By Master Cabinetmaker
    Blocks about 30% of scam calls. Better than nothing. I still don’t answer any call from unknown numbers, don’t need the interruption an work. With artificial intelligence and all the data about everyone on the web, why is a good scam blocker not out there?
  • T-Mobile is 5/5

    By Habibi_love511
    This is the best thing that t-mobile created
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By LeoCassady
    Excellent call management! Highly recommendable.
  • South 2/5

    By southcouple4u
  • Happy 5/5

    By irishrose2191
    No longer getting any nuisance calls
  • Pretty poor imho... 1/5

    By Jdjax2
    I get a lot of local spamming calls and this app didn’t do much to stop or block them. I just had another one come through and I see it listed 6 times in the ID App - all with the same date and time stamp and it says “local spam” - so why did it get through if it classified it as spam?! And why does it show 6 entries at 8:11 pm when they are all the same call! And why does T-Mobile want more money to give me more features when I already pay them over 200 bucks a month for 4 lines .... come on T-Mobile , this shouldn’t be free to only those on some “certain plan” or those willing to pay an extra 4 bucks a line when I’ve been with you well over 10 years and am already paying you for quality phone service!
  • ID app 1/5

    By jerhof
    I can’t get rid of the numbers. 😖😖😖
  • Not Available For T-Mobile Prepaid Customers 1/5

    By Wreck226
    This only works with T-Mobile Postpaid plans. Why can’t Prepaid customers also have this free feature? Very unfair.
  • doesnt work 1/5

    By BookshelfWMS
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Big John 7780
    All features work except one is missing. REVERSE LOOK UP!! No reverse look up for iOS. Only Android users get 2.0 with reverse look up. Please update!! I'm paying for reverse look up also and I'm not getting it.
  • T Mobil name id 1/5

    By MLB202
    Very weak compared to free AT&T app. Cannot report scam or telemarketer calls
  • Blocked a number that I answered an hour before 3/5

    By Judywuhu
    Not terrible but could use some refining. It started noticing that I was blocking numbers with the same area code and prefix so it would mark some as Scam Likely so this was great but I still get a lot of spoof calls with the same area code and prefix so not sure what the logic is on that. What makes this bad is that it marked a caller that called me an hour ago as Scam Likely. I use Google Voice for work and that’s the line they called me on but it rings just the same an hour later so why didn’t it recognize that the number was safe? Also, when I followed the instructions to add the number to the allow list, the + didn’t do anything. If this is a paid feature, it should be clear about that on the screen. How is the free service useful if it blocks wanted calls and doesn’t allow you to add them on the allowed list? I no longer trust the app.
  • Never full feature 1/5

    By MrsSeeBee
    i can’t ever get premium to load
  • Only use without WiFi? 1/5

    By Eena-Een
    This app has not blocked ONE call since activation. My phone connects automatically to WiFi when I’m at home or at work, but this app can not be used when connected to wifi. Why would I go through every day to turn my WiFi off just to block calls if I’m paying for this service as a part of my plan? And phones have a setting to take/make calls over WiFi? This makes no sense to me. I’m gonna be uninstalling this because it’s a waste of time when I still get the annoying calls everyday. Would rather go back to RoboKiller.
  • Non-customers don’t bother 1/5

    By marshmellow world
    Although it states that anyone can use the service, it’s only for t-mobile customers!!!! You can download without any problems but you can’t complete set up and t-mobile will not help you until you subscribe or pay one way or another. The entire company needs a morals and ethics lesson!!
  • ID 1/5

    By wmarkjr
    Waste of time. Thought it would be good, coming from your carrier, but it takes too long to do anything. It will not automatically start working and if it does, you don’t know, nor can you do anything about it.

T-Mobile Name ID app comments

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