T-Mobile Name ID

T-Mobile Name ID

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  • Current Version: 1.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: T-Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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T-Mobile Name ID App

With T-Mobile Name ID, you can block unwanted calls from scammers, telemarketers, political groups, and more questionable callers, and block or manage any phone number. Name ID also identifies callers—even if they’re not in your address book—letting you choose who you talk to. Reverse number lookup is included as well, so you’ll never have to wonder who called you. T-Mobile Name ID features: - Identify and block likely scam calls - Identify and block unwanted callers - Identify and send call categories to voicemail—telemarketers, surveys, political callers, and more - Identify unknown callers - Report call violations - Reverse number lookup

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T-Mobile Name ID app reviews

  • Not all functions working 3/5

    By staticK78
    The call blocking aspect and identifying scam calls are great; however, I am not receiving notifications when calls are blocked even though the setting is on.
  • Name to a number 5/5

    By RockingRob61
    Many times a call comes in and I don’t recognize the number. This APP IS ID. PLEASE Identify the caller. Below the number it states United States Please show me who’s calling
  • T mobile Name ID 1/5

    By L.A. Dave
    Not that great. Sometimes doesn’t even show fraudulent caller on its activity list Very slow tracking scammers after you’ve received calls.
  • Useless 1/5

    By NaurelIl
    This app does absolutely nothing and since switching to t mobile I now get 5-6 spam calls per day
  • Great app design, but service doesn’t work 1/5

    By Beach4Bum
    I’ve had this app for months and I subscribe to the premium service. I continue to get about 3 calls a day from robo callers and telemarketers. The caller id that is supposed to show you who is calling rarely works. In the past week, for example, none of these calls showed id, only the phone number. It’s also rare that t-mobile catches these calls and flags them. Very rare. I’ve had calls that are clearly flagged on websites such as 800notes that t-mobile just passed through. At this point, I’m likely to drop the premium service and look for another solution.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Naebre
    Not sure what happened but the app is no longer working, I can't add numbers to the block list. A number is selected to be blocked but, when you go back into the app the number is not blocked.
  • Somewhat helpful 2/5

    By Tcochran88
    I really wish I could block all numbers with a specified prefix, robocallers are all spoofing the same first six digits as my phone, and I don’t actually know anyone who shares those first six digits. It has been somewhat helpful though, so two stars.
  • Hardly ever works 1/5

    By honey2269
    Hardly ever works
  • Great service 5/5

    By Jia247
    I like customer service it’s way better than sprint and Verizon and I have had no issues what so ever with tmobile at all. They are the best network I switched to and I won’t go back to any other network
  • Not as good as AT&T Call Protect 2/5

    By roflowhale
    Switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and changed the spam call app as well. Name ID doesn't block nearly as many spam calls as AT&T Call Protect does. Name ID's list and identification system don't seem nearly as comprehensive.
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By Lake Underhill
    I am still receiving calls without Name ID. I have gone to T-Mobile several times with this issue and all I get is a bunch of patronizing and no solution.
  • I think this app is broken. 1/5

    By Richchicken
    This app does not do what it says advertised on the T-Mobile website. Does not have superior caller ID for iPhone. I called T-Mobile and they said that Caller ID is a another feature that is separate. That customers can add it if they want but when a T-Mobile store manager tried to add it to the plan. It was no where to be found. They should make an app that works flawlessly not this. I can’t even tell who is calling before picking up. Completely broken. Give us the 2.0 updated app that is advertised on The T-Mobile website. This current does even tell you whose calling til 5 hours later. version 1.8: still nothing has changed. Just waiting for the actual 2.0 app update.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By fladame
    Thank you t-mobile for taking this extra step and creating this app for your customers!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By CA DogMom
    App doesn’t block spam calls. I get the same numbers daily, and calls still get thru. App needs an update badly. I’m using the premium version, and it’s still bad. Please fix!!!!
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Spectre_SIIX
    Does not even activate correctly and t mobile support is clueless on how to support their own app or hardware
  • Name 🆔 1/5

    By GayGirl76
    First off I don't like the feature of blocking my calls automatically just because the number isn't in my contacts. Further more I've deleted the app and it's still doing the same thing.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By dbelgard
    Seriously. This app cut down on my spam and unwanted calls by 90%. Absolutely wonderful.
  • Not working on my iPhone 1/5

    By arky_Chicago
    Doesn’t work on my iPhone
  • Doesn’t do a thing 1/5

    By Hd49pan
    I open app and it doesn’t do squat hot refresh never see who the hell o am
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By shareef777
    Getting the same constant 708-877-xxxx scam calls. Marked a dozen already as scam and they continue to come in. The app should also label calls that I’ve reported already.
  • No more scam likely calls! 5/5

    By sephorababe420
    This really stopped at the scam likely calls from coming in! I was getting about 10 a day and now I get none
  • App Never updates 1/5

    By 247Yvette
    I’ve been paying for the service every month but it has been horrible. The app constantly crashes. APP NEED TO BE FIXED
  • Blocks ALL Calls 3/5

    By AllRight817
    It works a little to well I can’t get work related calls
  • DOES NOT WORK! 1/5

    By maxrich18
    Unless you pay don't expect anything. My iPhone on MetroPCS doesn't do the spam blocking like it's supposed to with this app so I'm deleting it. USELESS IF YOU DON'T PAY!
  • Another App in the T-mobile “Nothing Free” Ecosystem 1/5

    By Starshine08591
    This app does not provide useful information to determine whether or not a call should be considered a scam or some of the other calls it claims it can detect. It does not really work unless you pay for the service in your monthly plan. T-mobile should rebrand its company slogan to The “Nothing Free” mobile provider or “Magenta=Money”. Also, there should be a way for this to work with text messages since the unscrupulously bill collectors have evolved in their harassment techniques.
  • Really good at Call Blocking 4/5

    By DakotaJD
    I’m coming from AT&T whose call blocking app really didn’t do much. This app has been amazing so far and has blocked so many calls. The only thing is that I wish they put descriptions for the call block types because sometimes I miss calls that shouldn’t be blocked. For example my pharmacy called and it blocked them. I’m really enjoying the app and it works well. I just need to figure out how to get it to stop blocking certain calls.
  • ID Is A Blessing 5/5

    Thank you ID. Y’all made my phone experience so much more enjoyable,
  • Blocks too many calls that I want 1/5

    By Warthoglew
    This app is constantly blocking calls from people in my address book and business associates.
  • Not as good as all that 3/5

    By 11/16/1978
    It does what it says it’ll do but it seems as though the UI is more complicated than it has to be.
  • Can’t even try it 1/5

    By GoClick
    It won’t authenticate my number. After asking me to turn my WiFi off the process fails. Typical.
  • Doesn’t work at all on magenta plus 1/5

    By HA81FA
    Does not show caller names either

    By platnumlife5150$
  • Terrible Features 1/5

    By Fantasy Nightmare
    Makes you go to the website to sign up for premium. You lost a sale! 👎
  • Free part of app does not work 1/5

    By SSlack286
    Free part of app does not work. When you start reporting numbers they put app as inactive. Then calls are not added to app and you can’t report the numbers any more. The spoof calls use active numbers and reporting numbers is useless. FTC needs to enforce the blocking of numbers.
  • Pensé que esto era un bloqueador de llamada ilegales pero no🖐las llamada entran igual 1/5

    By shurchy
  • It just stops working 1/5

    By KinoBruin
    It worked well for about two weeks and then all of a sudden after blocking about 10 numbers it stopped working completely. It just won't ingest any of the numbers for incoming calls. Reinstalling the app did not help.
  • Not Working 5/5

    By Bangheart
    Name ID Not Working it just keeps saying (authentication Failed) and stays frozen and will not work please fix app ASAP And thank you
  • I surrender 5/5

    By cw14kyms
    Thank you. I have several mental health issues and had 4 closed head injuries and have been off work since February and most of last year. I got stressed out yesterday because my storage on my phone was up to 97%. I deleted the app and another app I got for blocking calls and looking up phone numbers I decided to delete the block calls from my phone. I thought they didn’t always provide a paper list for me and how much I prefered iit. I’m deleting the blocked calls one right after another thinking why don’t they have it where we could highlight the ones we want to remove and it would be empty. Then I remember I started doing this job because of all the numbers I had to block. I was wondering why my vision was getting so bad so fast I can barely see this. Anyway I am going to get rid of the blocked calls one at a time. And clean out iCloud. I’ll just deal with the junk calls for a day or two and change my phone number. Thanks for the encouragement have a good night. There are a few things I thought of. It would cause some be marked scan likely that weren’t. I thought if you left one blocked scam likely in your contacts and not hit delete I thought that might block all the scam likelies. They could program this app with the contacts and blocked list. They could have it so you hit the phone number and it automatically looks up the phone number m, then you could be routed to contacts, then if necessary to block calls and or back to the ID. They could definitely make it so you don’t have to go to so many screens you have to go to to create a order just to delete it. By the way. Wednesday I got my first text message to block. Yesterday I think I had 8. If they leave a voicemail some go through and some don’t. Go to voice mail>deleted and if you have a block call voice mail it would be under the deleted messages. They could have 2 alternate colors on he white list to make it easier to keep track of where you are. They could also automatically block the number if so many calls are received or after so many days. I just may put this back up so it would be just like having the white paper list. I could not figure out this morning why I never marked them when I finished each one. Here’s another idea either the scam Likely, not a correct number.... list they can have colors for the duplicate numbers so you could take care of each one so the ones that call 10 times in the morning and 10 at night. It would mauit it easier to see them on that white paperI would The duplicates can alternate between pink and purple. The single calls can be blue and another color of your choice. Lol.👍👍👍 Thanks for being a part of my day. Sorry about the mistakes my vision is so bad I go to fix something and when I scroll my cursor goes where ever it wants it is hard to see where it goes and catch other other issues. I have a black and white screen. The cursor is a dark blue I call it a cursor I have no idea why. I don’t think I ever knew what a curser was. I will need to look it up. The need to make it easier to do a review. Each time it took me a while to get it to work. Good think I quit my job earlier. I would be fired for socializing and trying to make the system work better. System takes too much time to get the job done. Costing too much money. Nite. My original rant was going to be that they needed to define what falls within each group and description of each category. My concerns were nothing for fax machines, wrong numbers, I had another thing but can’t think about it. I like TMobile also. I had an error on my bill after I called for some reason and he offered me a promotion neither one of us knew
  • Seriously 1/5

    By iN2K
    Quit asking to allow motivations.
  • Could use an update for dual sim 4/5

    By TorchedPoseidon
    Could use an update for dual sim Other than that the apps seems to work ok for the main line. Still some calls go through even after blocking their category and some calls don’t end up on the call list.
  • Contact callers blocked 1/5

    By Sirod79
    App was blocking calls that I was expecting. Even after marking them as always allow, saving them as a contact and adding them to my favorites the call was still being blocked. Made me miss out in an important call because of it.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By barlow35
    Works great
  • Most of my family number are flagged as spam 1/5

    By MarwanAF
    Most of my family numbers are reported as scam
  • Name ID issues 1/5

    By Kiddre662
    You are not able to delete phone calls...
  • Blocking 1/5

    By screwed service reps
    Says account inactive T-Mobile not experts, with bogus claims today there was this one trying make me download a app I disagreed with.
  • Doesn’t update automatically 2/5

    By Rich2448
    Since my T-Mobile account got hacked Monday night, I’ve deleted and reinstalled name id, but it doesn’t update unless I do it manually, I changed email addresses but kept the same phone number.
  • Blocks friends identified in contacts? 2/5

    By TMobileCustomer3.141
    The app requests access to your contact list, then blocks your contact anyway? The developer went out for a beer on this user belligerent feature; especially there is no access granted (grey’ed out) to “always allow”. Even missed two calls from my boss. Now that attacks the money belt. Otherwise works great.
  • Sprint customers 5/5

    By N.Furi
    Sprint customers should have access to this since the companies are ONE now...
  • Phone 5/5

    By ccrazys
    It is awesome

T-Mobile Name ID app comments

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