T-Mobile Tuesdays

T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Current Version: 6.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: T-Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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T-Mobile Tuesdays App

#GetThanked every week with exclusive offers from brands you love—from food, fashion, and entertainment to everyday essentials—just for being a T-Mobile, Sprint, or Metro customer! With the T-Mobile Tuesdays app: • Get free stuff and great deals on food, tickets, and more • Get extra savings at the gas pump every week • Save on your next trip with special discounted rates on hotels and rental cars • Explore offers on T-Mobile's latest phones, devices, and accessories • Enter for a chance to win epic prizes While some of the most popular offers return week after week, there's always something new to try. It’s all just our way of saying thank you for being a customer. To be eligible, you must be on a qualifying T-Mobile, Sprint, or Metro rate plan.

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T-Mobile Tuesdays app reviews

  • Liars & Cheaters 1/5

    By andrew1234jl
    Liars & Cheaters
  • Doesn’t work when there’s limited items 2/5

    By gofast
    Went to claim a gift card at the listed time and the app said it had issues and to come back. When I came back, all the gift cards were gone. To think the merger with Sprint would have been beneficial to customers is a plain lie. Just another corporate monopoly while overcharging the customer base.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By onlinedatingisoverrated
    I really don’t like these because their offer starts 2pm Eastern time and ends in like 30 mins. That’s so ridiculous. What if you’re working and can’t check your phone? You think my Apple watch has browser I can go and select my choice? Like what in the WORLD.
  • Too many updates 2/5

    By ggggallen
    Have to update every week to use the app
  • Full of ads and useless SWAG… 2/5

    By JMP.UT
    There is so much junk in this app. Some cool things like a free burger, sandwich, drink, but ultimately it’s just ads. There are some competitions that 1 in 5,000,000 can win, so pretty lame.
  • Worst app in the world 2/5

    By Obamaniquo
    The give you a time to get deals, when it’s time, it crashes. God knows how many people actually get the deal. A few minutes later, they are out of the deal… great!
  • Very occasional gift cards, but not many perks actually work for me 3/5

    By cinnamonsir
    I found out about this app after T-Mobile took over Sprint, so I could now use it. There are occasional giveaways like $5,000 or trips, but most weeks that section is just showing old winners and there isn’t even a new sweepstakes to enter. Most of the weekly coupons like a free sandwich/ice cream/etc are for restaurants or stores that aren’t even in my area, so those are pointless for me. They always show 10¢ off each gallon of gas every week, but I discovered you have to download another app for Shell and make an account just to get that one. Once I got notified about a $3 Starbucks gift card, but apparently they were limited so I didn’t even get one even though I’m a T-Mobile customer. This time I got a notification for a $3 Target gift card, and I went on the app right at 2 EST when it said to get it, and the app was stuck on a white screen and kept saying it was updating and that I need to refresh, but eventually it worked I think and hopefully I’ll be able to redeem it tomorrow like it says, but who knows. I did give 3 stars because there are occasionally instant-win games and I got a $5 Apple gift card when I first got the app, and hopefully I’ll get this Target one too, but overall a lot of the perks aren’t even relevant for me.
  • Updates during giveaways 1/5

    By jw0605
    I love that T-Mobile wants to reward their customers with this app. The only issue that I have is that when they do giveaways that are limited quantities, I always get a message that they are updating their page and I’m never able to participate in those giveaways. I feel like this needs to be worked on. It’s frustrating when it happens every single time. I also feel like I can’t complain too much because they’re free.
  • App Crash 4/5

    By African_Scorpio
    App crashes when big prizes or e-gift card are offered.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Stephennnnn
    T-Mobile Tuesday’s used to be good but now they just offer the same thing every week which is mediocre stuff at best. They always have sweepstake chances to win cool prizes but no one ever wins those things. Instead of having sweepstakes, just make better gifts for every customer instead of giving prizes to a couple of people. I think customers would appreciate it more Update - even more trash
  • Can’t handle the volume 1/5

    By Master Ankur
    Is this an app made by Tmobile or some high school interns? Can’t even handle the volume and load every other tuesday. Is this how you do your stress testing and load testing? Some interns sitting developing these apps or what??
  • Target gift card 1/5

    By Zrandom
    Can’t get in
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By AlbuSmith
    It was great until today. The app keeps crashing and I can’t claim my gift card.
  • Trash. 1/5

    By Dianagg96
    This app is a joke to be honest. Rarely works and they never offer anything good & when they do, the app crashes. Thanks for nothing T-Mobile :))))
  • Scam 1/5

    By Tropicdiva
    Magazine subscription not worth crap tries over 10 times and it keeps warping out not worth anything I can’t keep entering up to email and it warps and keeps going back to the start!!!! A batch of worthless garbage
  • Bad deals 3/5

    By Fios1715
    Years ago the weekly gifts were great. Now they’re mostly lousy low value items. Gone are the free $20 towards Uber/Lyft, free year of Pandora etc. now we get $2 off an umbrella or bad magazine subscriptions
  • T-Mobile by metro 3/5

    By raspblue
    I’m grateful that metro is apart of the T-Mobile Tuesday’s I appreciate the coupons and things they have to offer. But I’m having a issue. I’m not able to see any of the free logo items. It’s disappointing I wonder if I’m the only user that have this problem?
  • Slow to the point of being broken 1/5

    By sfhosley
    Things takes minutes when they should take seconds. The loading spinner is almost constant and disables everything, even scrolling. The deals are only good about 5% of the time, so it’s not even worth opening anymore.
  • Deals 5/5

    By sunshine popo
    Look forward to T-Mobile Tuesday fir deals😃
  • Tuesday’s 5/5

    By Joe & Kelly Ohio
    Love Tuesdays it’s fun to do ...!
  • Could not use the Last week 4$ A Quiet Place movie ticket 1/5

    By Abhisaga
    Hi Team, I could not use the 4$ - “A quiet place 2” movie ticket due to app error yesterday. I could redeem the offer due to app errors. Can you please do something about it and provide me a new code if possible.
  • Hello 5/5

    By chantelle lucas
    Hi rose
  • I Love TMobil 5/5

    By Dawn Marie San
    I was a Sprint customer forever! 15+ years! I never felt appreciated. When sprint became T-Mobil service seemed to be better. But I really felt appreciated with T-Mobil Tuesday’s. Thank You T-Mobil!! Thank You
  • Tmoble is the best 5/5

    By Monisandak
    We love Tmoble they are number one ❤️🌹
  • App freezes frequently 1/5

    By Tealie-o
    All I have to do is open the app with a relatively slow Tmobile connection (as normal) and the app will load the main page, then freeze and not let me control anything. I won’t be able to scroll or change to another tab. This has been happening for weeks now.
  • Free stuff 5/5

    By j massingill
    I mis the stuff I could go by the store and pick up bring that stuff back
  • Ablest and discriminatory. 1/5

    By Lljkgsg
    The deals themselves are pretty underwhelming, it’s basically a coupon app for advertisers. What earns a one star rating are the “puzzles“ that are poorly designed at best, ablest and discriminatory in practice. You have a time limit to move bouncing pictures in order to qualify for their giveaways.
  • Tap to Win URL link doesn’t work 1/5

    By kotjew
    Well like every app it is not for customers. Most of the time need check on Tuesday and only Fuel is what good. This week celebrating 5 years tap to play you play puzzle and after URL not exist or dosent work. Means really?? Same check later and after deal over????? Why????? Just getting better and better like all apps…
  • Felicidades por sus 5 años 5/5

    By marlenyta la grande
    Me encanta timobile Tuesday felicidades por sus cinco años muchas gracias por sus regalos
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Rip off one
    Garbage just like the T-Mobile Network worthless
  • Too Many Notifications 2/5

    By Rachelway910
    I used to get notifications only on Tuesday reminding me to check the app. Now I get them throughout the week.
  • Love T-mobile 5/5

    By Hankbanks
    My favorite thing is hitting down the blocks!
  • Updates 1/5

    By ClayStick
    The constant updates are annoying
  • Added better discounts 3/5

    By dimplesthebbw
    It’s a cool app Can y’all add better discounts like for Walmart, target, hotels, amusement parks... iPhone accessories, rental cars, flights, concerts, paints and sips, museums, restaurants, arcades
  • Update 1/5

    By 2006 mpt
    Stop forcing costumers to update. I’m uninstalling this app. I don’t appreciate you forcing the updates on us
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By GAGAqaz
    A huge waste of time. Freebie usually requires a purchase. Or for businesses not in your state.
  • The deals would be good if I could access the app 2/5

    By gina&zoe
    It seems like every time I open the app, there are "updates" and I have to come back later. Even if a coupon is good for a week, you have to actually save it on Tuesday to be able to use it. If I can't get it on Tuesday, which has been happening recently, then I can't use the coupons. Kind of disappointing.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Jennieh224
    I really love all the deals but sometimes the play to win stuff cheats me and I never win anything. One day maybe, I’ll keep trying. Either way I feel like a winner with some of these discounts!!
  • Ridiculous with the constant updates 1/5

    By Hmsphilly
    It’s not that complicated. Ridiculous whenever I want to use the app, suddenly I need to update it again in the App Store. More mandatory updates than any other app I use.
  • Kimberly Caudill 5/5

    By Kimberly Caudill
    Thank you for having me and being awesome with your discounts and everything. To me, they’re Godsent in this time. Thank you!!
  • Spam 1/5

    By Doinworqson
    App is trash.
  • Awesome benefit! 5/5

    By MrsRivera411
    You’d have to be stupid not to download and take advantage of this service.
  • Free? Some what 2/5

    By Lo____Lo
    The companies T-Mobile works with to provide free stuff half-a** it on the free stuff. Example: went to Popeyes for the free shrimp basket. I order extra so the store gets a sale. Grab the order go home. They provided only the fries Zero Shrimp Example 2: Today 5-18-21 Wendy’s nuggets for free with purchase. Took 15 minutes just to find out where to enter the code on the Wendies app. Order more so the store gets an additional sale. Go to store take the stuff home. No *free nuggets with purchase* in the bag. Note—-I ordered 2 nuggets of 10 . Neither was free nor got an additional nuggets. Sounds like T-Mobile need to work with their partners to not half a** it . Especially if they are paying them to provide the free service .
  • Sad 1/5

    By Adddammmmmma
    This app is all coupons and ads now. No more decent free stuff I guess.
  • Opinion from a long time customer 3/5

    By Mrs.Scearce
    T-Mobile service is excellent and it’s an excellent value. That said the “social justice” & “wokeness” the brand is pushing is a turn off. Why can’t corporations focus on their service and products and stay out of the political arena? Currently looking for a carrier that doesn’t push ANY agenda.
  • Useless 1/5

    By iPhoner4331
    Non of the offers are good you’d think with all the money they make they could give A little more
  • Good Job 4/5

    By flashy fe7
    Overall I like the fact that T Mobile has this great app and I have received some really good deals. However the merchandise offers need some improvements. I went to 2 different locations the first day before 3:00 and the item was gone. This happens often.
  • Do not use booking hotel 2/5

    By KendallMrc
    Do not book hotel threw this app! We booked threw this app our hotel stay, arrived at hotel for them to tell us it was canceled all rooms sold out. Had to reach out to costumer services which they lied and said our bank marked it as fraud, total lie! Husband was on phone with bank and our purchase went threw. Thankfully bank was able to get our money back weeks later. We had to pay extra vaca money and find another hotel, they didn’t offer to help book another one, just held our money for a whole week. Every other reward I have not have a problem with redeeming
  • Useless 1/5

    By 2ton flatbed
    The single most useless app I’ve ever downloaded. Thanks for wasting my time. I’d give 0 stars but it’s not an option.
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