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T-Mobile Tuesdays

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T-Mobile Tuesdays App

Time to get the thanking you deserve! We’re giving our customers great stuff, every week, just for being with T-Mobile. This is T-Mobile Tuesdays—no strings attached, no hoops to jump through. Just the best stuff from some of your favorite brands.

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T-Mobile Tuesdays app reviews

  • App functions fine; but no value 2/5

    By RJL3082
    The program no longer offers discounts of value. Popular items don’t stay available because then people probably use the app... I used to use this weekly. Haven’t actually utilized an offer in months
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By Patddfan
    When you guys first started, it was worth it. Today, I couldn’t even use the app to get my “coupons”! You guys need better freebies in 2019 or I’ll delete this app!
  • Best yet! #REHASH⚾️MLBTV 4/5

    By Look @ my review
    Talk about talk! I couldn’t stop talking about the MLBTV subscription giveaway. I’m asking that you do it again this season,🥺 and believe me you won’t be able to get me to shut up 🗣I definitely made several people jealous too 🤗 My turn to say thank you!
  • It’s whatever 2/5

    By some x
    App is okay...or whatever, but deals are pretty lame in general, I don’t even know who takes advantage of it.
  • Love tmobile but... 4/5

    By Roxyq123
    I agree with Nate Ross! Go back to games and chances to win more than a coupon.
  • Forced update? 2/5

    By sdschramm
    Yesterday I was able to open the app without issue. Today I open it and it says I’m “stuck in the past” and that I must update. The update just came out less then 24 hours ago?!? This is ridiculous. Also please fix the authentication issues. I have only have a data plan on my iPad with T-Mobile and you can't get SMS messages on iPads. I have a workaround but it's really annoying, I should only have to sign in with my account. Also the deals have been pretty useless for the last year. Oh well. Long live the days of free pizzas. Nowadays only the DD’s codes and Shell discounts make this app even worth keeping.
  • Getting lame 1/5

    By charmzz
    Totally not the same. Deleting the app soon...
  • Downhill 1/5

    By Denden45713547
    Used to offer great things! Now I don’t even bother opening the app.
  • Gone downhill 1/5

    By Nurse Teacher9801
    Was a useful app filled w little gifts and a few bucks off popular stores/restaurants. Free videos were great. Now links often don’t work ( or only go to site and the deal isn’t there) and rewards are linked to promotions that generate phone calls and emails. T-mobile is getting more like the other big guys!
  • Wish it was better. 1/5

    By Digimon fanatic
    Honestly, there were only a couple of good deals this year which is fine. I don't expect much. However, having deals on new years is different. It should feel like a deal. I was notified that I didn't want to miss out on these deals. Logged in to find a two dollar discount to some store and a 1-day movie rental. Thanks... It's not like you've been doing that for the past however many weeks.
  • Free Stuff 5/5

    By BusySavnMoney
    What’s better than saving money with free stuff? Nothing better than T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • Neeed better deals 2/5

    By Lichelleshyvon
    Bring back lift and Uber and the food . I been a T-Mobile customer and some things you have aren’t where I live I feel this app should be based on location
  • T-Mobile 1/5

    By Racer60036
    is gay
  • Review 5/5

    By kelsheva
    I agree use to be nice to get little treats; hat, scarfs, make up pouch, and sun glasses. Keep that up, rather than store coupons for a store that is three states away. !!!!
  • Not as good as it once was 3/5

    By jajjaajJakma
    I’ve had this app since the day I launched and as time goes by the rewards just keep getting less and less appealing. If it wasn’t for the reminder I get saying it’s T-Mobile Tuesday I would forget to check it. Only thing good about it is it $.25 off for gas here and there and the restaurant discounts. Remember not all of us shop online or buy concert tickets.
  • Wow 1/5

    By MrsE R
    Wow no one likes it any more I think if loyal customers stay paying on time for certain amount of years tm should give them perks
  • Truly not worth having. 1/5

    By JLankstonII
    I have had this app since I started my service. There truly is nothing good on here ever. 99.998% of the time there is nothing I can or would use. Truly not worth the space it takes up.
  • Yum 4/5

    By jnhhhhhhhh
    Yum food movie
  • Great app, unwanted rewards 3/5

    By Relovlee
    The app is a wonderful concept however, most of the things t-mobile offers are pretty useless or unwanted. I'd much rather have a choice of my rewards or less rewards with gas points.
  • Update 2/5

    By Ralyc
    WHY must I update this app every single Tuesday? Can you people just get a solid update in that doesn’t need to be fixed? It’s infuriating. Also what happened to the GOODIES? It’s all crap I’m not slightly interested in. Disappointing, T-Mobile.
  • Not Much of a Reward 1/5

    By KorieS4
    Not sure if I’ve ever even used any of these “rewards.” They are basically just coupons. I could get the same things from the internet. I would feel more “thanked” if they gave anything of value.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Adil4398
    The things they offer sounds like a joke!!!
  • Where do you get off 2/5

    By Masterniggs
    Used to be much better, now it’s just coupons to spend money on stuff you didn’t want. Bring back the old T-Mobile Tuesday!
  • Forceful update 2/5

    By maheshn71
    The offers you provide are worst. Not at all useful. No point of updating the app when nothing is working out.
  • Reward with no destination 4/5

    By DeeEsGee
    A couple of your rewards don’t apply to my location. I wish you’d customize it according to location.
  • used to be so cool.. 2/5

    By Faith Vazzana
    i remember all my friends and i who had t mobile would get this app and show it off because of how awesome it was. free t shirts, free meals, free pandora for a year. now it’s all coupons and stuff. it’s a nice gesture, but it just seems like a sad excuse for a “thank you for using us” kind of gift. now i don’t wanna tell people about the app because nothing about it is cool. no games, no cool things to look forward to on tuesdays, no gifts.
  • This app is Junk 1/5

    By JakeCo.
    I love T-MOBILE but the app is absolutely garbage. It use to be really good but now it's just junk. Please fix your whole T-MOBILE organization. Needs a lot of help.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Evyah
    I wish other companies were better In my area because I would switch to another quicker than a 2 dollar prostitution sting with reliable information !!
  • Review 1/5

    By ahjforeman
    There is not as much on the T-Mobile Tuesday app as it used to be . Sometimes it’s a waste .
  • Digital coupons 5/5

    By paykae
    Awhile back I tried to use a coupon for a free candy bar at Walgreens and they wouldn’t accept it cause they don’t do digital coupons and the lady who told me was not very friendly, if you do coupons for a t mobile Tuesday please list the locations where they can be redeemed and not say at your local participating stores cause many places don’t take these coupons and it’s embarrassing when your excited to use it and they won’t accept it, the lady made me feel like I was a little kid trying to steal the candy bars
  • Stop the updates 1/5

    By Memphis Mo
    You guys update every month. Either leave it alone or 🗣ion want it. How many ways are you giving stuff out. Work more on the free offers instead of the layout. TY
  • Like... 3 coupons 1/5

    By Selena Amor
    I wish I could screenshot this for you right now, but all there is is $10 off tickets to an artist you don’t listen to, who’s tickets are in the hundreds anyway. $5 off at Friday’s (okay thanks for covering the tip?), $5 off a movie ticket at a theatre that’s nowhere near you, and 40% off at Reebok. Can’t even get free t-mobile gear or a discount on your phone accessories. You think this is a game, T-mobile?
  • Total garbage if you have to release software everyday 1/5

    By JayDFW123
    You need to fire your developers and get some developers who know what they are fixing!!! You can’t release software 4 days in a row. Also you need to fire the testers who approved these releases!!!
  • Annoying 2/5

    By lucy000922
    It’s annoying to have to update the app sooo often, it seems almost every other week.
  • So far it’s a waste of time and space 1/5

    By Nomad4811
    Apparently if you like movies or live in the correct locations and like pizza discounts then it has that. I was expecting more. Nice concept not a good experience thus far.
  • Glorified coupon app 1/5

    By dkarl3083
    Used to be good, now it just gives coupons and not that easy to redeem. Yeah, you can enter sweepstakes to win larger prizes, but there are other venues for such things. They must have run out of money because what they offer now is not worth having the app on my phone.
  • To people who rated 5 stars 1/5

    By GingerVolcano53 YT
    You are lying to yourself and your probably a bot.
  • Julsitaly14 1/5

    By Ytctvtv
    This app hardly ever works especially on Tuesdays which is the only day of the week to claim the offers.
  • Not as good as it used to be 2/5

    By upsetcustomer198364
    At the beginning of T-Mobile Tuesday’s it was actually good stuff that made being part of the awful network worth it sometimes! Now it’s all one dollar off Dunkin’ Donuts or something like that. Wish it would be like it used to.🙃
  • Things ain’t the same anymore 4/5

    By Michael Baca
    Nate Ross is keeping it real ! ! The best thing we got was free dominos pizza and free pandora premium . App has been dry for hella months ☠️
  • Best app ever ;) 5/5

    By LuCaS_CZE
    I love to be a T-Mobile customer. Yes, they have a problems with settings on my tmobile accounts time to time, but that app :) i love it! Where else you can get free coffee, hat, donut or photos? Nice job!
  • Dunkin donut gift cards 2/5

    By I luveddd itt!!!! :) :)
    I look forward to the occasional 2 dollar dunks gift card but that’s about it they need to up there game.
  • Not what it used to be 5/5

    By Detoniat
    To nateross It’s still great to get something for nothing. Something to look for on Tuesday. What do the other guys give you??
  • Please add Little Caesars or Pizza Hut! 4/5

    By samoyedprincess
    America wants free pizza!
  • You Rule Your Customers, Customers owe You! 1/5

    By GulshanSaini
    Yes. That’s what your motto should be. 1. T-Mobile Tuesday is a joke. Let’s be clear all of your, “Thankings” are a/ an offer. “You buy this, you get that”. You could find coupons for the same. Just walk into any supermarket and get their weekly news/ coupon pamphlet and get the deal of your dreams. 2. Your service is terrible. 3. I’ll be switching. 4. Good bye.
  • Not worth the time 1/5

    By Demaryius Thomas
    T-Mobile Tuesday is just a shell of it’s former self. Most “Free” items are already “free” or just “Trials” that you can participate in without T-mobile. No offers of anything worth your time and no real offers that you couldn’t get without T-Mobile.
  • Chat has bugs 1/5

    By govnoSvyaz
    Can’t use the chat, worked once and now always gives me an error
  • T-Mobile Tuesday fail 2/5

    By dreclair
    I look forward to the deals on T-Mobile Tuesday but this week 1/8/19 was an epic fail! I was charged for the 10 “free” prints from Walgreens and couldn’t get the $3 Kroger coupon to work - even with the store’s help. What the heck?!
  • Not Like It Used To Be 1/5

    By Slmmgurl
    Stop wasting everyone’s time! If you can’t offer anything worth using then keep it. We pay too much money for your service as it is.

T-Mobile Tuesdays app comments

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