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T-Mobile App

It's everything T-Mobile at your fingertips. Pay your Bill in seconds, track data on the go, shop for the latest devices and so much more.  You can also connect with a T-Mobile expert 24/7.  Download the T-Mobile app today! Have Feedback?  Email us at [email protected]

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  • Never works 1/5

    By Ginamirez123
    Every time I log on the app says that it’s not able to help me at this time and gives me a link to the website to use that instead. I’ve had the app for about 3 months and not once has it worked for me. Using an app to see my bill and make payments would be great and easier, which is why I avoid using the website, but the T-mobile app has never allowed me to use it.

    By de'cent
    super unprofessional ! that’s it thats all ! verizon is a little more expensive but WORTH IT , TRUST ME
  • App doesn’t support prepaid accounts 1/5

    By dg3274
  • Wht this merge??? 1/5

    By Staticaa
    I knew this merge was going to be a disaster. Ever since I have been unsuccessful in using the app and keep being told I’m a sprint customer! I was never apart of Sprint and wouldnt dream of it. A customer for 5 plus years this is pretty sad and the calls are dropping along with the LTE is never consistent. Ig i should switch to Verizon.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By er123451
    I’ve been logging into my account for the past month and the app keeps crashing please fix bugs in app.
  • Update iOS to use app? 1/5

    By dhsidnekendnekd
    I’m not updating my iOS. Now I can’t pay my bill. Thanks.
  • Hacked 1/5

    By Meshei6147
    Ive been calling for months about my tmobile account and phone being hacked even going into the local store in elizabethtown ky amd nothing has been done the store has even allowed devices and lines to be added to my account and linked to my number. For momths i jabe been requesting a paper bill to come in the mail and it never comes customer service tells me to go to the store the elizabethtown store thats been printing my bill for months now tells me they cant print it that they dont have access (luke) was his name. I have text on my bill that i did not make multiple hundreds calls that are allegedly canceled i cant even call certain numbers from my phone. I cant log in to tmobile website and they are doing nothing to fix it. I highly recommend getting a paper bill each month and checking it! Im paying for devices that i cant even use ive been with them almost 5 years and i highly highly DO NOT RECOMMEND them!!!!!!!! I have proof
  • Worst App for Line management 2/5

    By Cdcdhdhdhdgf
    It keeps logging me out after I close the app. Wouldn’t even let me use FaceID. Hate using this app. T-mobile should really pay attention to their mobile apps
  • Worse phone service I have ever dealt with. 1/5

    By Deegddsssfghf
    There is nothing good about this service. The speeds the price for those speeds, phone crashing and just overall terrible experience. This is the worst iPhone and phone service I have ever experienced. I can’t leave fast enough Update. Now my internet service doesn’t even work at this point I’m just getting robbed
  • STILL no Prepaid Account Support 2/5

    By IceAngelsFrost
    After almost 3 years on T-Mobile, there STILL is no support for managing a Prepaid account through the app. Still have to use the website, which is SUPER jank on a phone. Ironic considering that this is a mobile carrier.
  • Update needed 1/5

    By debhippiechick
    Can’t update can’t get into my account???? Why is this s problem
  • Don't download! Just their website which doesn't work either. 1/5

    By Haze town
    Fake app
  • Horrible 1/5

    By king Chase Winston
    I’ve been with T-Mobile for years and they screwed me over, lied to me, and pretend to lose the data.
  • T-Mobile lies about promotions 1/5

    By Ban T-Moble
    Don’t believe T-Mobile about any promotions that T-Mobile tells you that you are going to get. I was told that I would receive a free phone if I traded in my old phone. Don’t believe it. They will still charge you for 2 years.
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Josue Vargas
    Do not come to T mobile they are thieves they steal your card information for after you cancel the contract they continue to charge your card. And besides that the network is horrible never had good signal
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Alex ramirez el adorador
  • Terrible service stoned operators 1/5

    By Consumer Department
    Terrible service, this company used to be on the level, they exploit people from Guatemala that just read scripts, not only that, but, TMobile does not even have a customer service email BEWARE! #TMobileSucks
  • Junk customer service 1/5

    By bluevenn
    Your last update deleted the chat option. Now I have to interrupt my entire day to wait hours on the phone. Most times I get someone I can not understand how they speak, or I’m distracted by loud noises in the background like dogs barking, kids playing or music playing. #unprofessional
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Stiles30350
    I was with AT&T for over 15 years. Had the bundle, cell phones, wifi, Direct Tv... for all three I paid over $500 a month. Called to see if they would upgrade our phones, which they offered for new business not existing. Long story short, they said no so I pulled all three services. Went to Verizon which was really good...but I paid through the nose. Daughter wanted to go to AT&T for rebates on new phones... switched to AT&T got new phones, but everything was wrong.. rebates were next to impossible to get. Got so angry because I swore I would never use them again. Their customer service is non existent. Waited until 90 days passed and switched to T-Mobile... praise the Lord! They are great! Used the bring your own phone and get $600 offer. Every time I call them an actual person answers the phone. At AT&T if you are lucky enough to get someone to answer, they just bounce you from person to person. Verizon is pretty much the same. I LOVE T-Mobile.
  • A 5/5

    By cgzhAb
  • T-MOBIL 5/5

    By dguinsatao
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By SurgeLover#1
    If you live in the Midwest you’d be better off paying more for Verizon to ensure you have service everywhere you go. T-mobile charges you for phone service but doesn’t actually provide any if you live out here. Like, cmon T-Mobile you have my money, now where is my service?? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
  • T-Mobile plans 5/5

    By Tavi57
    T-Mobile has some of the best plans especially for seniors, the magenta 55 plans are a great value and the service has been great. 5 G is nothing to joke about, the speed is fantastic, still getting used to that(not having to wait). I’ve been telling everyone about the plans and service and why they should switch to T-Mobile. Thanks.
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By Naro323
    The app is requiring me to update to iOS 13 but my phone doesn’t update to it because it doesn’t recognize 13 as being the latest version. So now I can’t use the app anymore. 🤦‍♂️
  • Internet speeds horrible 1/5

    By mlmcutiepie
    So was finally forced to switch from our sprint account to the new T-Mobile one and I am not very happy! I can say without a doubt that I probably won’t be with this company much longer! I can not get my internet to load anything! And I usually do not have access to WiFi, hence the reason for me to pay for unlimited data! Super disappointed in this whole experience.
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By Amy1893***
    App is fine when it works, except it’s constantly crashing and/or saying “request timeout” on certain tabs, usually my bill or shop.
  • Excellent prices 5/5

    By Chadlaugh
    Magenta for military is amazing. I paid almost $300 a month for Verizon. ATT was about $250. Going to TMobile our plan went down to just over $100. I love how taxes and fees are included. The app is super easy to use to pay, change plans or see what deals they have on phones. You can even chat with support. Very pleased so far. Great value for the money.
  • Bad Update! 1/5

    By 1TheNightOwl1
    Are you guys looking at the reviews? Your latest update is a failure. You took a working app and made it unusable for the majority. Overall this app was pretty good as the overall reviews reflect. At the same time if you look at the percentage of reviews after the most recent update, you clearly have a problem. Please fix it!
  • Log-in issues 1/5

    By KOpapi
    Haven’t been able to log into the app in so long.
  • Poor coverage 1/5

    By rrr244
    Having moved to Denver I have experienced absolutely terrible service problems. Went into a store where they changed settings. It has not helped. Then I downloaded the app and it would not even open. New iPhone 11 Worst mobile experience in 20 years
  • App Issues 1/5

    By Omadhaun
    The app no longer lets me login. After a recent update, opening the app presents me with a page stating that I am a Sprint customer and redirecting me to install the Sprint app. I have been a T-Mobile customer for nearly 10 years and am most definitely not a Sprint customer. I can not use the app anymore and am quite disappointed.
  • Better then Verizon!! 5/5

    By Mistt H
    I am definitely glad I switched from Verizon !!! I ordered my phone online payed about 40$ for it go it within a week . My first bill was only 85!! Unlike Verizon with my first bill being almost 200$ ! I swear I always have extra charges with Verizon every month . And T-Mobile has just as good of service as Verizon!
  • Terrible cell phone company 1/5

    By ApostolicLife
    Our service wreaks! We can’t ever get good signal anywhere and it’s always slow.
  • Security Breach bank hacking 1/5

    By T-minus2020
    Had to remove autopay because of T-Mobile hacking accident, I got a credit this month but I they try to go into my bank account even though TM says the hackers didn’t got payment info, it’s not true. And like always it take ages trying to reach costumer support 😡 and once I got through they just say”well, if you remove autopay you will not get the discount “ … disregarding their responsibility on the consequences that we are facing. 😡 NO STARS for T-MOBILE
  • Stop forcing me to change be password 1/5

    By boyfromthedwarf9
    I have a secure password. Either tell me YOU leaked it and I have to generate a new one or LEAVE ME ALONE.
  • Good…When it Works 3/5

    By L0ve 9
    It’s great when it works, but I’m always being locked out of my account for who knows what reason my fingerprints obviously don’t change and neither has my password. Tired of getting the “Something went wrong” message. Especially when I’m trying to take care of something important like paying my bill or canceling service- especially convenient the app stopped working for the second one. Frustrating when I just want to open the app, login and for it to work like all of the other apps on my phone. When it works it’s great. But at least 70% of the time it doesn’t work on my phone. Won’t open at all. I have an iphone and then latest version of the app🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Lenta conexión para internet y las llamadas, una línea $123 , piensa t- mobile que soy millonaria?? 1/5

    By nikegirl69
    Muy carísimo. Por una línea $123 por una línea para iphone11 , por tres años estuve pagándoles a t.mobile 143 o más y la internet en mi iPhone o la línea es muy mala la connection las barritas de connection si tengo suerte agarra dos. Este fue mi review para t. Mobile de dinuba ca. I was going to give them a 0 not a star.👎🏼
  • No 1/5

    By montaviusdeshonbell
    Ion know who y’all think bout to pay to update a app I didn’t tell y’all to up date it
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ravethebrave
    App doesn’t work just says it’s being worked on
  • On Compatibility on this phone your app is not correct 1/5

    By Unoferrari
    Fix it please it said that my phone is compatible but in reality is Not
  • Doesn't load pages. 2/5

    By DynamiteReviews
    Half the buttons don't work and pages don't load most of the time. Really? This is supposed to be better? This is what happens when you just make your app a fancy webpage.
  • Do not go with T-Mobile 1/5

    By Dfghkouuhnmmgcc
    Have had NOTHING but problems since they took over Sprint. Countless hours trying to get through to customer service and nothing resolved when I do. EXTREMELY poor customer service.
  • EPIcC,!!! 5/5

    By President Prichard Walker
    The most EPIcC phone company app I’ve ever USed,… True story. Keep it UP T-Mobile,… Now jUSt get yOUR sister metro to ketcUP,…~DavidPrichardWalker.com
  • Worst app and service ever😩 1/5

    By SealsTheDeal
    If you ever want really great customer service around a crappy provider? T-Mobile and Sprint will fix you right up. Don’t fall for the gigs and their gimmicks… Third party dealers and the biggest network in America and yet my par expectations and experience can’t be met. I can’t wait to pay the equipment off to go to a real 5G network because their really pushing 4G LTE: Just judging by the speeds of it. I feel like I’ve been ripped off and swindled. If I wanted to feel that way I would have gone to AT&T😩 So to sum it all up? If you want 4G, slow speeds, overcharged for equipment, not too many options and great customer service? T-Mobile is for you✨👍✨
  • Application faults 1/5

    By Orillswitch
    I haven’t been able to get on the app since January. We are in the month of September. Then T-Mobile gets hacked. Get it together.
  • horrible 1/5

    By thurget
    randomly stopped loading. cant see any if my information and ive deleted the app and re downloaded it
  • Smooth Migration 5/5

    By Chgo Hip
    Ty was an awesome salesperson and had the expertise and patience that was remarkable. This made my experience very comforting especially with a new carrier. Highly recommended this Cleburne store.
  • Your app is totally “incredible” 1/5

    By Ijustwant a name
    I’m amazed by your app, I can’t even login in. It asked me for the code after I entered my username and password. When I got the code, I entered the code of course, and it said “our wire is crossed, please try again later.” When I tried again, it just said your code doesn’t match. Totally “loved” your app, it’s so “amazing.”
  • Awesome Experience 5/5

    By Jim-Boca
    Switched to T-Mobile from Verizon today. Kevin & Joanna provided excellent customer service and were very knowledgeable. Great experience.