Tabi - GF's Ex battle

Tabi - GF's Ex battle

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lexsys Solutions
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
19,453 Ratings
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Tabi - GF's Ex battle App

You’re having dinner with your sexy Girlfriend. Then, you meet her Ex. Do you dare accept his battle invite in a weird music battle? Just tap the arrow when they perfectly match to get the highest score. Beat Tabi as soon as possible and protect your Girlfriend with his incredible power. Special note: Play offline anywhere after unlocking all songs. Always update new mods and new features! Be careful! And enjoy your weird music battles!

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Tabi - GF's Ex battle app reviews

  • Meh 5/5

    By xneenersx
    I have to say this game is great! Though sometimes I lose but idk it’s really entertaining.I don’t know how but I beat Genocide On hardcore! Yes I missed a lot but it’s really fun.Also,I like The song Manifest because it’s Awesome😁. Soo yea that’s all I have to say. :)
  • Incredible game! 5/5

    By Elinapinky11
    Idk what to say! It’s amazing..I’m speechless..!!!
  • It goood 5/5

    By gamerjaxk679
    It’s good
  • Nice 3/5

    By Ci knight
    This is cool can you make a tord mod plzzzzz
  • This is great 5/5

    By Heaven West
    So I don’t play the mod I just play the sky mod and when I first played the sky mod I won and just to say plz make a tord mod and a mid fight masses mod
  • Ehh it ok 3/5

    By ndbsjcbsjjsbdjsj
    Well every time I play like if I lose then I will exit and it will make me watch and ad andit’s annoying to watch over and over
  • Great game, but it’s not the same. 3/5

    By Laprs752
    This is not the same to Android version because my brother has an Android phone, we’re both playing the same game and the Android version is not the same to the iPhone version. The iPhone version is missing Whitty, Garcello, Big red tricky and Agoti. But the Android version does and there all the same game.
  • wut 5/5

    By TheBuilderPro YT
  • Funk time 5/5

    By tchklyftlufyfyuk
    It’s funk time right after I beat tabby but for some reason I don’t get other mods like shaggy so can you pls fix that i have apple iPad it might becus of that
  • How is this like the other one 5/5

    By Robloxian 56
    I like the whole game but how is It like that first one that was great and even had whitty as a bonus that was deleted of the Appstore
  • The best mod 5/5

    By israel arteaga
    Not much to say but I can say it is the best mod and please make more
  • WEEK 3 and WEEK 4 IS OUT 5/5

    By idksup
  • God 5/5

    By Highrise lover
    I’m a god at this I think u should have hex,shaggy,kapi,A.G.O.T.I,Red,JTC,also I want mid fight masses back,And Matt
  • 😁😁 5/5

    By hdjdkxksjzns
    The game awesome but just add this tricky and all of his fazz ✌🏽👦🏾in and the one he all black👦🏾🙏🏾🐸and add the shaggy mod and Mack it so when you get done with it gets harder because I’m a pro so I want really hard 🤩 make it impossible to win and make a bob face in every single one everybody maid
  • U stealing and not giving credit ;-; 1/5

    By butterfly modle
    Ur literally stealing the friday night funkin icon and not giving credit to the original creator who made the mod
  • PLEASE READ this 3/5

    By slongshotboi
    OK so android devices have the whitty week grace lol and agotti but ios does not PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!
  • Update please 5/5

    By pls helpp me
    Agoti and garcello
  • Great game but one thing bothers me 4/5

    By foxytheslendytubbie idk
    I really the Tabi mod, especially hard mode, but there’s always a audio problem, right after a ad it gets rid of the audio where I have to restart the game, it really annoys me all the time, but it’s a great game I recommend playing it.
  • Ad grab 1/5

    By Germancito01
    I’ll change my review once you fix the East difficulty on genocide and manifest I’ve played them in pc the notes are not that complicated on easy you just want people to retry to get them to watch ads
  • Why make my adds relevant 1/5

    By dgtgbh
    One star because to play you need to allow tracking why I don’t want tracking in the game just ... why would I want my adds relevant
  • By me 5/5

    By hncdin Bccc dt
    Am so happy tyms for making the game
  • It’s really good 5/5

    By stephanieav
    Like put a Tord one the only Tord mod is only on mobiles and I don’t have a mobile I only have a tablet so can you like but another mod I’ve been trying to wait and wait so you can put another mod of Friday night funkin like bob or Tord or hex or Matt or zardy or shaggy that’s all I can think of so ok please do that what I just said
  • So cool 5/5

    By dudemasterak
    This game got me way better at the game and I Love it. I can even beat trikey on hard mode and you can even be your opponent and use their lines. This game is so cool
  • Cooool 5/5

    By yvbiug ujhgb
  • Good we just need more mods 3/5

    By dani0915
    Tricky update vs neon and mid fight masses is needed! I also really love mods more then the main but I don’t have a PC so please add them! But based on gameplay and mods I love this game! Vs sky is deleted but I don’t want you guys(or just you) to delete vs sky cause I really love this deleted stuff have just a piece back to life! I forgot that we need FNF logic! Same to tree! Matt! Roblox guest! Friday night bloxxin! Matt 3.0! And many more! Starecrown?!?!?! SHAGGY!!!!! If you need something to make you cry for a bit add garcello! I support this game and thanks for making it☺️! AND ANDERS! BOB!!! although run would be so tricky! TORD! YES I WANNA BEAT TORDBOT! TORDBOT IS THE END ON TORDS EXPANSION! SLY! Shall we do a lil neo and corrupting? McDonald’s funny mod for fnf Ronald McDonald! Don’t forget trollface! Blue balls incident too! Need a scare? Chara would give you a bad time(not an undertale reference)! What if you could change the dialogue? Aflac is needed in this! The end is one of my fav songs! Another good scare and sad mod is starving artist! A great gaming fnf mod would be Loki! Sketchy cartoon cat and more is needed! Please add this then I will be happy forever(kenethYT’s cartoon cat) but with all these mods you need to add a search mod thing! I would want that
  • update pls android have updated 4/5

    By yasingps
    This game is best platform off Friday night funking on iOS but an android it’s has update bot in iOS not pls update
  • My idea 5/5

    By jdgddgsjajfhshajc
    Please make a corrupted one
  • Bad 1/5

    By shaylab0306
    I hate it
  • Good game needs more mods (Please read) 4/5

    By Zainadu
    This is a great game I can finally play the tabi mod and play as him. But the down side is this app only has 3 mods being Tabi, Sky, And Tricky. These are all great mods but I would also like more mods. The mods I suggest adding are Agoti, Hex, Bob, and Monika. It would be a huge update to the game and I hope you read this review. Have a nice day if you are reading this
  • How is this game ages 4 if... 1/5

    By abbysshark
    They say the s word that makes no sense
  • A hard but fun game 5/5

    By Jv888821
    It is a awesome game you should play it
  • Eh 5/5

    By ddddddddhnxhmfjdmd)
    Why add to retry
  • This game is not bad 3/5

    By heart♡︎♥︎
    This game is good it even has sky but they move there head to fast and it is a 3 star
  • A Little Sus :v 1/5

    By karmima
    So at the start of the game, it says “allow tracking” and im like “Why do you need to track me?” and it really bothers me because what if i get kidnapped- I mean its a little sus.
  • how u die 5/5

    By Leon Alonzo Oliver
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  • Amazing 5/5

    By ahmad_chehadi
    I can finally play the game
  • Ummmm 5/5

    By Jocelyn hadley
    Well it’s a good game it’s really hard but still good :) but there is 1 problem the age permit is 4+ soooo if you could fix that..
  • This is not a bot (I swear) 5/5

    By 1hungrycoyote
    This game is AWESOME, you guys are really improving on these games. There are barely any issues with the game and like I said this is not a bot taking, I can prove it… wait a minute how can I prove it? «—» I don’t know what I just typed but I hope that proved I’m not a bot. Also I’m still waiting for more so I hope you guys will make more.
  • Fnf 5/5

    By Berndizzzzzzle
  • Just missing something 3/5

    By dogyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    I really like what you did there with all the stuff in the mod but you didn’t add tricky phase 3 and 4 if you do that I will add a five star rating instead of a three star! Please update
  • Monika 5/5

    By odkwhatnickname
    Please make a monika one
  • Great game but a bit laggy 4/5

    By victor salinas junior
    When I play this game it always lags at the start and it causes me to miss and fail so I would appreciate if you fix this bug and I realized our health doesn’t decrease like the original and close to the end there isn’t any double notes like the original one but overall it’s a great game
  • Add the third version of tricky 4/5

    By oranges are cool
    The game is pretty good and the adds aren’t that bad but I really want to see the third version of tricky
  • AMAZING GAME!!!! 5/5

    By Timmykerr
    There are Good mods thank you for making this game it’s amazing because I can’t play the real game!
  • Great game! Cant wait for updates! 5/5

    By you should 100% get this tame
    I would like to say this actually hard unlike other fnf mods games. This game also includes more then just tabi, it also has sky and tricky. I makes it so you can play as the characters and it’s a pretty good game. I would get it if I were you.
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By MobileReviewr
    Yea we all know this is a rip off but to be honest the best I ever played 5 stars to the gameplay I won genocide and all of the songs
  • Can u add the garcello levels to iPhone please 5/5

    By fAZe targeter
    I love the game but can u add more levels like garcello like in android
  • Can you make another mod 5/5

    By ufxifxcxxtigog iu
    Can you make a Tord mod
  • Very cool only a few problems 3/5

    By wolff128
    Ok so these are really good ports compared to all the other ports who just slap a bunch of assets together. But that doesn’t mean I have a few gripes. So first please put credits either in game or in the description because the og creators also worked very hard on these mods too so just give credit. Second reduce the amount of ads on the game atleast just only put one ad at the end of each week not every song unless your playing on free play because it’s just annoying. So overall it’s a very good port it’s just missing a few quality of life changes and credit to the original mods