Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery

Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery

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  • Current Version: 8.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Taco Bell
  • Compatibility: Android
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Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery App

Download the official Taco Bell® app and your taste buds will officially thank you. Earn points on every qualifying order and reward yourself with free food. Gain access to exclusives only available on the app. Order tacos for delivery or pickup. Features Include: 1. Order and pay ahead for delivery or pickup 2. Customize and save your favorite menu items to make ordering easy 3. Track your order seamlessly on the app to know when it’s ready for pickup or being delivered 4. Earn points on every qualifying order so your tacos can earn you more tacos 5. Redeem exclusive rewards and special offers only available on the app Terms and conditions apply.

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Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery app reviews

  • Rarely useable 2/5

    By csears3
    App is beyond buggy and glitchy I don’t see how this company can allow this on an app? Sometimes works, most of the time doesn’t. Please hire someone to fix this app who knows what they’re doing.
  • Useless 1/5

    By musicteachermommy
    This is the most buggy restaurant app I have ever encountered. It will charge you for an order without sending the order to your store! Drove up to the correct store and they did not receive my order, which I had already paid for. Had to cancel the order, lose out on the points, and start all over.
  • Horrible app and service 1/5

    By Obetog
    I did not receive $10 of items I ordered for delivery. I filed a ticket in the app and did not get refunded. Please don’t offer food delivery services if you’re unwilling to make it right with customers when you mess up. No, it’s not acceptable to just keep my money for days until you get around to dealing with me. Especially since there are no other ways to speak to someone to fix it. 0/10 worst app.
  • App doesn’t work. Can’t sign in 1/5

    By koolz111
    Haven’t been able to sign in, orders don’t go through even when checking out as a guest. Even after multiple updates this has not been fixed.
  • Fix it! I cannot use the app since the payment system is not working. 1/5

    By johnnyappleseed001
    I love Taco Bell but…there seems to be a problem with the app’s payment system. It would not process my saved credit card payment for the last month, it shows the error “uh-oh!” Also, I entered a different debit card and it would not save it multiple times. The two times it accepted it and I saved it, and I used it, but the next time I go back to use the same debit card, it is not there, i.e. it is truly not saving it. Also, I tried to update my credit card’s expiration date, and it would not save it, I got “uh-oh!” error again. If I could actually use the app to pay for my meal I would give it a five star rating!
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By rainbowfox98
    App is absolute garbage. Online ordering barely works, glitches out and gives errors when redeeming rewards. Support is next to impossible to find and doesn't respond.
  • Cash Option 3/5

    By Darby1186
    Would love to see a cash payment option on here!! Went through and selected my items only to find I can’t do an online pick up order and select cash as my payment option 😢
  • *Edit: The restaurant never receives the orders. 1/5

    By Jake 20000000000000000
    The restaurant never receives the orders. Sometimes if I tell them, they’ll magically find it, but only then will barely begin to construct my order…and other times they’ll tell me there is simply NO order—refusing to make the order I paid for, and not even giving me a *refund.
  • I literally can use the app 3/5

    By j7ju
    Nothing else to say
  • Could be a lot better 3/5

    By feliciabegoinplaces
    After you place the order you have to wait until you tell the employees you are there for them to start making the order so your stuck waiting either way. Seems odd when every other restaurant that has online pick up orders makes the food prior to you getting there so it’s ready, you grab it, leave. Why is something that’s so simple made so complicated with this app…
  • Let us swap sauces for free!!!!! Greedy Taco Bell 5/5

    By Mighty monster master
    I shouldn’t have to pay an up charge to swap what kind of sauce I want on my food. Make it an even swap in the app already!! I hate chipotle sauce but should have to pay more to get jalepeno sauce instead.
  • Works less often than it doesn’t 1/5

    By weisbergsam0
    Swear to god this app always has some glitch and literally has to be updated daily it’s ridiculous it can’t be that hard to make an app to order tacobell
  • Beware! 1/5

    By whit9301
    This app is convenient most times, but if the store that you go to runs out of an item, they’ll still process your payment and refuse to make your food. They won’t switch the item or modify the mobile order. It’s been well over a month and still have not received my refund! Called Taco Bell three times and sent emails. The app should allow individual stores to modify or cancel orders after they started processing them. Ridiculous and pain in the butt to go through.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Tom21658
    This app is only good for making you angry.
  • Can’t finish order 1/5

    By BenMD92
    I’ve tried ordering from the app on multiple occasions and the app won’t push the order through when I press “I’m here”. I thought maybe there’s an update and there was so updated, but it was no different. Each time I’ve had to go in to order or just order at the drive thru, but I can’t redeem rewards without the app.
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By Benjienyc
    Log in stopped working for me like 2 yrs ago, no matter what I do creating a new account, log in with apple, reinstalling the app,nothing works, loading circle spins but never logs in
  • Omg dog food😍😍😍😍😍 1/5

    By Likyliky3.9
    Imagine paying for your slop with a app that has no benefits
  • Stolen order 1/5

    By UsetorA
    Went to pick up a mobile order in the store that I had marked as in store pickup, turns out someone had picked up my order through the drive through just as I had got there. Remade the order for me but still forgot about $10 of food. Guess next time I'll go back to McDonald's.
  • Quesarito 1/5

    By Quesarito Lover 27
    Quesarito has disappeared from the menu. Unless I search from google and click the First link.
  • Would not suggest 1/5

    By getting interupted
    I was forced to download this app to order food. I put in and paid for my order just to go pick up and be told they were out of half my order. When I asked for my refund, I was told by the management I had to do it through the app. I submitted it through the app and have not been contacted at all or refunded. The just deleted my profile so I can’t get ahold of them. I’m done with Taco Bell because of this and will never return to them again
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By Renatao!
    Better to get away from this app. It happened twice with me. I changed the store and it switched back to the previous one without any warning. Never again.
  • Good app but.. 1/5

    By Mcguffal
    I love Taco Bell as a college student. I use the app constantly to make separating orders easy while riding with my friends, however, I have not been able to sign in ever. I have created an account with every email I’ve ever had, used Facebook, Apple ID everything, but it does the same thing every time. I go to log in and it makes the loading animation before stopping and taking me back to the log in screen like I didn’t press anything. When I sign up to make a new acct it takes me to the log in page after and won’t let me make an account. I have missed out on a ton of rewards points and it’s very frustrating.
  • Trash 1/5

    By sal-valdivia_
    You cant even Log In 😂😂
  • Should have known I’d be disappointed 1/5

    By yhdagjfc
    Order finally showed up 40 min late cold/soggy, missing food, my Taco Bell won’t answer their phone and the only option for assistance online isn’t immediate (it’s 2022 get 24/7 support). My dasher called me and told me that the employees at Taco Bell received my order but didn’t have it ready then asked her to wait in the parking lot. 20 min later she went in to check on it and the food was sitting on the counter. Maybe if Taco Bell paid employees a livable wage they could get competent employees.
  • Broken promo codes!!! 1/5

    By -The_Joker-
    Most of the time when I add the promo codes they provide and spend my valuable time setting up an order for me and the fam just for the app to tell me I don’t have any qualifying items in my cart. No thx officially done using the app.
  • Bad Update 2/5

    Made a big order, Got to the end to checkout and I’m logged out and the window doesn't even fit on the phone screen. Bailed on the order.
  • Useless since it won’t accept credit cards 1/5

    By Chappie413
    Can’t seem to get any sort of credit card to work on this app. It’s useless if you can’t order through it!
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By AngM23
    So I downloaded the app because they said it would be easier to order delivery or pickup. It was. But don’t expect to get all of your food. First time they completely forgot 4 large drinks. It was on the receipt. Second time they forgot half of our food. All of which was listed on the receipt. Third time and I’m done. They forgot half of the food, my order of nacho fries consisted of three fries in the box and they forgot two drinks. Also again, listed on the receipt. I called and they said there is nothing they can do. If I wanted a refund I would have to call the company. I emailed multiple times and called to which it just rang repeatedly with no answer. You clearly don’t get what you are paying for. So sad.
  • Fix the Geo Location!! 1/5

    By What's up Was up
    I’ve had 4 orders go to the wrong store! This is the only food app to automatically have you set up at the most recent store! It’s so inconvenient! Fix this
  • I expected a lot better 1/5

    By Osbb72!&jj
    This is such a bad app for such a big company, the look is there but it’s so clunky functionally. I just updated and I still can’t redeem my rewards which is the whole point of the app for me. When I try to check out it says “uh-oh, your cart does not contain a qualifying item for the selected reward” when I got the item from the reward section of the app. I have not been able to order on the app today. Additionally I have ordered before and there seemed to be an issue because it had been out for delivery (20 minutes late) yet the app said the order was complete. My boyfriend went to see if it was made at all and the people at the restaurant said they didn’t have the order, then a few minutes later the delivery driver shows up and had no idea there was any miscommunication. Additionally there are a ton of maddening little things like the app being slow and when you’re checking out it has pop-ups saying “do t forget the sauce” even though there are sauces already in the cart.
  • Wont download….guess I’m going to McDonalds! 1/5

    By cleotisa
    I have tried and tried and tried to download this app and it just doesn’t seem to work! Oh well!
  • App sent order to wrong location 1/5

    By smooch760
    I placed an order on the app to the location that is near my home and the app sent my order to a completely different location. No way to contact customer service and store employees have no control over app orders. They aren’t even able to help in any way as the app is a third party. There is no option to cancel your order in the app either so now I’m out $12
  • Several annoyances 1/5

    By Kanegasi
    1. Text notifications keep turning back on. Doesn't matter if I toggle the switches, use the "turn all off" at the top, or even reply STOP, next order sends another useless text. I also get yet another text every time I try to turn them off as well. Had to block 770-29 to get them to stop. 2. Reorders don't include meal details. Doesn't matter if I have a favorite saved or I use the order history, I have to reselect details like the drink or adding a topping to a burrito. While you're fixing this problem, I want a more streamlined reorder experience, like a "I order the same thing every time and want to touch the screen the least amount of times after opening the app" button. 3. The bell sound when an order is paid for pauses any media playing from another app. 4. I have offers turned off in the settings, but I still get ad notifications, like telling me to get nachos for game night. I'm surprised I don't get these over text because of problem #1.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By WaffleFlies
    For the last few years I’ve had this issue and still do. Anytime I go to log in, because it never keeps me logged in, it tells me my password is wrong. Even though I know it’s not and use every variation of any password I use it still says it is not right. I try to change my password and when I put in my email to send me a password request it won’t go through. It doesn’t deny my email request or accept it, it just doesn’t go to the next page. Whenever I try to favorite a local Taco Bell to keep it saved as my Taco Bell preference it says that no Taco Bell’s in my area can be found even though I live in a town with 2 very active Taco Bell’s so because it won’t let me choose one I cannot submit a pick up request and I can’t choose for delivery either. It’s so aggravating because I only use the app to order foods that are slightly modified for my texture sensitivity so I’m not causing a big delay in the drive thru by pre-ordering.
  • Glitchy, features don’t work. 3/5

    By Game dumper
    When mobile ordering, the “I’m here-start my order” button never works, even with the latest update being downloaded. The app is frequently slow and seems bogged down, regardless of whether it’s being used on a phone or iPad, and regardless of the internet connection source (mobile or wifi).
  • Not great 1/5

    By EstyRo
    They have ok deals but I can never order without the app crashing, putting my order through twice, or having payment difficulties. I love Taco Bell but this app ain’t even worth ordering ahead.
  • Lock out of account 1/5

    By B Radd
    Since this update I can’t login. I tried to reset my password but it will never send me the link. I try to sign up again and it says my email address is already in use. There is no link in the app or the website to contact support to get help. I was on fire level too.
  • Guy with great voice 5/5

    By Kay23443
    Guy working drive thru has a great voice and is so nice!! Food has been great from here!!!
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By Souspartacus
    I never leave reviews but since I have time waiting on my food I thought I would. Made a mobile order for pickup (since you can only get certain items from the app), card got charged, it even said my order was being prepared. However, the app stopped showing the update and the store never got the order. Staff was great, app is crap though. I reordered at the Kiosk and am now waiting….again. Save your time and money, just order at the store. The app won’t work and is very counterintuitive. Besides the app not working the UI is an absolute pain (trying to add things to cart then going back to the menu).
  • Recent update is awful 1/5

    By Rosegoldstar
    I placed an order but when I was at the location it told me I was miles away which is inaccurate. Decided to cancel the order. The way the app was previously was far better.
  • Absolutely horrible 1/5

    By May_003
    I ordered at 4 and they canceled it on 7. I couldn’t even canceled on my end cause the app wasn’t giving me the option. And I didn’t even get the refund yet. When i called to see what happened they said they didn’t even received my order. Like what??? Absolutely horrible
  • Overcharged and wrong location 1/5

    By bird to bird
    The app can’t seem to accept the location you select from the map. So you arrive and find out your order isn’t there. Check the app and it’s stuck at the Taco Bell location you last had ordered from, which is useless to you and you can’t get a refund. To add insult, when you order from the location you are at, it is cheaper by $0.50 per item! Why do I get charged more for using the app? This app is pure garbage.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Six attack
    Whenever I try to pay for my order it refuses to accept my payment. Staff at restaurant have no input as to why it is happening
  • Glitchy app 2/5

    By pointmatic
    Can’t save a location from the map during checkout…it saves nothing preventing checkout. Finally figured out searching by city gives a list view with addresses and that saved. Completed order for drive thru pickup and it won’t allow me to notify I’ve arrived so they can start preparing the order…clicking the button just goes back to the completed order view.
  • Card Info 4/5

    By Ms. K Haynes
    I love the ease and convenience of using this app, and trust me, I use it often! The only downside is that my card information will not save no matter how many times I check the box. I have to re-enter it every single time I order and several of my friends have reported the same issue.
  • Bye bye rewards 3/5

    By Lee Smathers
    Love to be able to order from my phone but when I pay in the app it often charges my Apple Pay the full price when I have applied my rewards points. Summary: rewards points gone and used, full payment on order - no discount applied
  • I gave it a chance but I’m done 1/5

    By MusicalDragon350
    I wanted to like this app but my negative experiences using it have outweighed the positive. Initially, I was unable to make an account the way I wanted to but was able to make it a different way. Some months later, I tried to use the app again. I found that my account is unaccessible and I’m unable to make a new one no matter the method used. The final straw is an ordering mishap that happened to me last week. I have a suspicion the app was being glitchy because the right location should have been set (which I thought it was), but it wasn’t and I ended up ordering from the wrong place twice. I couldn’t go pick up the food because I was on my own and had walked to the particular location I wanted to pick up from. So I spent $20 on food that I didn’t receive. The restaurants never called me even though they had my contact info and I didn’t get a response from customer support. Another thing I don’t like about the app is that you have to wait for them to contact you rather than getting connected to someone right away. I don’t want a refund or a response from customer service anymore. I’m just feeling frustrated and dejected and felt the need to share. I won’t be using this app again.
  • Rewards do not work 1/5

    By TheReviewSubmitter
    Reward says it will apply at checkout . It doesn’t and now my card has been chargedz
  • Mobile ordering only 2/5

    By KrystalD
    Give the opportunity to scan at the window. Mobile ordering is constantly down at my location so I cant do anything with the app. It just becomes pointless. Literally. Can’t earn points. Spend them. Nothing.