Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery

Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 8.16.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Taco Bell
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery App

Download the official Taco Bell® app and your taste buds will officially thank you. Earn points on every qualifying order and reward yourself with free food. Gain access to exclusives only available on the app. Order tacos for delivery or pickup. Features Include: 1. Order and pay ahead for delivery or pickup 2. Customize and save your favorite menu items to make ordering easy 3. Track your order seamlessly on the app to know when it’s ready for pickup or being delivered 4. Earn points on every qualifying order so your tacos can earn you more tacos 5. Redeem exclusive rewards and special offers only available on the app Terms and conditions apply.

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Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery app reviews

  • Same issue for 3 years 1/5

    By HelloBeemo
    I still can’t add a card or gift card to my account & the only option is to use Apple Pay. I reported this to support multiple times but still no fix. Don’t bother downloading if you don’t use Apple Pay.
  • Don’t waste your tim 1/5

    By Notarealbank
    Every time I use the app it’s never ready
  • Too many issues 1/5

    By KoRupT SoulZ
    The app works once in a blue moon. Anytime I actually want to order some food, the app crashes or it’s the technical issue screen with the stupid running taco. You guys make a garbage unstable app and have the audacity to make the only good things on your menu “online exclusives” not allowing us to order them at the window even though you have the ingredients to make them. STUPIDITY AT ITS FINEST. How is one of the most simplest forms of apps so broken and plagued with issues? How is a broken app supposed to bring in business??
  • Beware - seems unprotected. 1/5

    By Used to be a fan of TB
    The App says I have to change my PW and prompts me to send an email to myself - which doesn’t work and leaves me locked out of my AC. Tried reliving in, redownloading the App etc. Not sure if the App has been hacked and I’m constantly checking my CC to make sure I don’t have unauthorized charges. Emailed Tech Support last week and surprised I still haven’t been given a ticket number or confirmation email back. Seems like this is a common occurrence. Will give it 24 more hours before I delete the App for good. This will likely mean I consume 75% less food from TB. Update: a few days later I got a robo email like dozens of other people experiencing the same problem and giving a one star rating saying: “contact technical support so we can help address your problem” - apparently they didn’t read my review above where I stated that I had ALREADY contacted them and was concerned more than a week went by with them not contacting me. So my on star rating remains AND I deleted the App and no longer plan to use it. Geez, this must be costing TB hundreds of thousands of $ if this is what all accounts have to look forward to when time passes an an account PW update comes due! What a joke no one from tech support reads these reviews. If they do, give that person a bonus! They will enhance revenues by hundreds of thousands of $. And fire they guy that designed the PW update email :)
  • THE BEST! 5/5

    By snap--> marileftyou
    I Order from here EVERY DAY😇
  • App doesn't work. Payment always fails. 1/5

    By Burns222
    This app used to work. Now every time I try to pay, I get an error message: "Auth CC only: Authorize credit card failed." Any credit card, Apple pay, doesn't matter. It has been broken since January 2023.
  • Cannot Redeem My Free Hot Tier Rewards 1/5

    By Anjie2020
    I’ve unfortunately lost a few free hot tier rewards because they’re expired now. Whenever I try to redeem them in the app, the app just freezes and force closes without adding the free item.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Ronald D. Bellingham
    This app is terrible, I’ve used it about a dozen times and each time the app messes up either my order or my payment. This past time that I used the app it didn’t allow my payment to go through and I had to call my bank. I do not recommend. If I could I would give it negative stars. In my opinion this app is a -1* (10^10000000000)/ 10.
  • Showing store closing soon 3/5

    By Crappymeatplow
    Everytime I try to check out it says store is closing soon when I’m ordering lunch at 12pm and hours of operation says 8am-2am
  • Give the store control or get better management 1/5

    By Speckthename
    If the store can’t make it let them put that in on the app real time so I don’t continue to cancel orders. I order chalupas and get there and these stores time and time again sorry can’t make that fry is down. At 8PM? Happens with more than that but that is just one example. Or put in a review your order option in app instead of the 1 800 crap.
  • Update 1/5

    By ginamo2003
    This update is garbage. You lose all your points and rewards
  • Where are the beverages 5/5

    By G-Fresno
    With the new update, I can’t intuitively find the beverages without ordering a full meal. If that could be fixed that’ll be great! Otherwise, let’s go Taco Bell!!
  • Food app with no food… 1/5

    By Symon Stehr
    You can’t even access your old account anymore so the app is always frozen. What’s the point of the app if you can’t even access it. What is wrong with your app development?
  • Does anyone pay attention to the orders? 1/5

    By That One Guy, over there.
    Placed an order on the app. No one even paid attention to it. Order was never started. Waited over 30 minutes, and it’s like they couldn’t be bothered.
  • Login issues 1/5

    By James Blu
    Across multiple app updates and reinstalling the app Multiple times still having issues being able to make a Taco Bell rewards account. It just loops back to the sign up screen
  • Crap app 1/5

    By Still Hungry Dude
    Just had to update app and the store nearest to me supposedly is closed…although it states that it is 24 hours on today, Tuesday!! By the way, the store really is open on my friends app!!!!
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By hebwhehbbdbshwwh
    The worst fast food app I’ve seen. Doesn’t work and and is very glitchy. It will log you out and not let you log back in, giving you the same error message but no solution.
  • Update kicked me out of my acct, unable to login 1/5

    By Froggy309
    My acct is through Facebook and it has an error message when I try to log in. I thought this most recent update would fix it, but it did not.
  • Boo 1/5

    By MisterChauncey
    The fact that you have to use a broken app to order “online exclusives” and wait 45 minutes for your order to be received by the store is ridiculous.
  • App is trash 1/5

    By F r e a k
    Like most of the stores it doesn’t work I’ve tried 3 times over the last year to make an account and log in but never works. Do better maybe so many stores would wouldn’t be going under. Starts at the top this is what so much greed has brought
  • Useless Rewards 4/5

    By S.S.Marie
    Only gripe is in regards to how useless the rewards are. Like for my birthday I got a free Baja Blast freeze. It could ONLY be the Baja Blast one. I don’t very much like Baja Blast, but I decided to go ahead and get it anyway since it was free, only to realize not a single location near me even SELLS THE BAJA BLAST FREEZE. So I got a free voucher for an item not sold in my area. Cool. Then the “Hot Tier” rewards obtained through spending enough money can only be used on super specific items that are already on the value menu to begin with. The coupons & limited run deals that are available to everyone who uses the app are not bad at all, like the free mexican pizza promotion they had awhile back, or when they do free delivery weekends seemingly out of the blue. Great saving opportunities for an already cheap restaurant. Love it. Just put more effort into the reward redemption options for your loyalty program. A free bean burrito or a free medium drink just aint good enough fam. I’d rather at least be given the option to save an outrageous amount of points to redeem something I’ll actually eat instead of being given a free medium soft drink reward every two weeks that I’m literally never going to use. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Pointless 1/5

    By tporterr
    Can never use rewards that I earn, app never allows me. I’ve called customer service, wrote emails, and nothing has changed. Still to this day, cannot use a reward on my app.
  • Can’t reset password 1/5

    By megustanlastortugas
    Used the app once, and then had to reset password, but never received email. Then I deleted the app and waited two years to reinstall now I am having the same issue after one use. I am having to reset my password and have not received the email after hours of trying and waiting, save yourself the time and don’t download this
  • Frustrating experience 1/5

    By justin........tb
    Payment failed numerous times in the app yet charged my credit card repeatedly…. Horrible experience
  • Best 5/5

    By birenthakkar
    Cheap prices 10000% Quality
  • Customer Service 5/5

    By Hey_ther12
    My email wouldn’t update and customer service fixed everything. Thanks!
  • Needs a way to report errors 3/5

    By re-deux
    App usually works fine, sometimes it glitches out but usually ends up working after a reset. My biggest issue is that you can’t report an issue with your order. TB often likes to mess up your requests (for example, ignoring a request for no lettuce) and there’s no way to remedy it. A way to submit an issue complaint and get some credit would be nice.
  • Bad order support 1/5

    By ratherbeontiktok
    I placed an order on the app of $50 for delivery and my order never arrived but my card was charged and never refunded. I have used contact us 3 times with no response
  • There is a bug 1/5

    By alexsocool
    When I open the app it prompts me to enter my email to verify my email but when I tap the space in which to input it, the app does not recognize it. I also have an Iphone 14 pro so its nit my screen
  • Constantly asks me to change my password 1/5

    By former taco lover
    Cant actually use it because it wants me to change my password but never sends me a password reset link.
  • No Ice Option 3/5

    By cam4646
    THE APP NEEDS TO ADD A NO ICE IN DRINKS OPTION. I don’t really don’t understand why it hasn’t done that yet. About 10% of the time when I ask for no ice at the intercoms I actually get it that way. They usually just put ice in it and I’ve never had an interaction go well when I ask again for one without ice. Usually the person at the window is just annoyed and doesnt try to hide the fact that they think I’m being a bad customer. I ask if it’s okay for the drink to not have ice, they say they’ll do that, and when I remind them they say they wouldn’t put the ice in as they’re handing me a drink with ice, they suddenly get an attitude. If you let us select the option in the app, this wouldn’t be as much of a problems.
  • Bugs and crashes 2/5

    By Annonymous91210
    Love Taco Bell but the app crashes and has a crazy amount of bugs that will keep making you log in again. Sometimes when you try to log in, it says there was an error and you’re unable to get back into your account. Both apple log in and Facebook login options don’t work either.
  • Frustrating Payment Methods at Taco Bell 2/5

    By JesusLover08<3
    I’m just a kid who loves Taco Bell and I don’t have a card to enter into the app to pay and my mom won’t let me use her card… soooo that means I can’t get the food I want because of the fact that I can’t pay when I go to pick it up. The mazzios app lets me order my food online and then pay when I go to pick it up. You should be more like mazzios when it comes to payment methods Taco Bell. 😠😠
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Mahesh-Patel.11
    I had ordered a five layer burrito with no beef swapped out with beans as i am a vegetarian… I got my food and as my son started eating when he noticed something was wrong so i opened it and there was chicken… I went up to the counter and told them that my sons burrito had chicken in it but they did nothing., and could and would not eat anything for the whole day. We are so so disappointed with it as my son was here direct from school and didn’t eat anything since morning. Will not come here again ever.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By daev96
    I’ve tried to use this app multiple times and it never processes my order. Even worse, stores won’t offer the same customization options. Either remove the customizations and make the app work or tell your franchise owners they have to honor this. Stop wasting your customers time.
  • Not a good setup 2/5

    By Ladykilla715
    They have a mobile order Lane for the drive thru, but all it does is merge back in with the regular line, which defeats the purpose. Also, why is the diner closed to mobile orders before 11pm? Especially cause it gives me that option to pickup inside, even though I can’t? Makes no sense. This is the Taco Bell in Berea, OH on West Bagley Rd
  • Absolutely terrible 1/5

    By Lumberparty..
    When I try to place an order they charge my credit card, but claim the credit card authorization failed. They are happy to continue to charge me money and never accept my order. If you’re a brand new full stack programmer go work for Taco Bell they will apparently take anybody
  • Can’t Remove Or Change Cart 3/5

    By BigNavy505
    I added to many items of one item to my cart. There’s no clear way to remove all the items. Changing the number of item only adds more of the same item. Need to be able to edit in the cart and remove items in the cart.
  • The location is jack. 2/5

    By Vay112
    When I look at my location to order it says the nearest Taco Bell is 20 minutes away but in reality it’s 5 and the Taco Bell I’m wanting isn’t even on the app. It shows on the app that it’s there but I can’t order.
  • Trash 1/5

    By FiddySeveN
    App crashed after placing an order. Never got confirmation of the order so I placed the same order, got charged for both.
  • Still can’t login after update! 1/5

    By Mjadams82
    Even with the update I can’t login using my Facebook login! Don’t tell me I have to start all over getting points?
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By xX7rumor6Xx
    App was fine for months. Had one issue where my food was not delivered to me and now can’t reach anyone and everyone’s the middle man. If you’re going to use the delivery feature or need a refund at any point or reach a human by phone good luck.
  • Cannot access app due to update 1/5

    By Sweetness126774769
    Beware cannot access app. I have been locked out for 2 months. I go to the app and it pops up a “we need to update your password” and a send email button to update- too bad the email NEVER COMES and I CANNOT get I to my account because of this glitch. I have rewards expiring and favorites saved. I’m usually a loyal Taco Bell customer due to the vegetarian options but this has been so frustrating so I will not be ordering from there any time soon. I am not the only loyal customer locked out and they need to fix this ASAP before they lose tons of customers.
  • Steals money 1/5

    By Kkaatt 0225
    Ordered food thru app card was charged store tells me they didn’t get the order nothing they could do. Have contacted Taco Bell app support multiple times and no luck kept telling me I’d get my money back in 3 days no money that was 3 weeks ago and out $75
  • Second attempt at using the app. Second failure 1/5

    By ddyer4167
    Tried to order a my crave box but couldn’t get it to go through on the app. Tried to order from the restaurant and they said that was an app only item. I explained that I couldn’t get the app to work so they told me I had to order something else. So I left and went to Taco John’s and was able to get what I wanted with no issues.
  • Robbery 1/5

    By Stuvypox
    I ordered food for delivery using this app - it said the ETA for my food was in about 30 min. OK cool, sounds reasonable - except that was about 6 days ago. My order never arrived but it sure processed successfully - they emailed me a receipt and were sure to charge my card right away. Well even though I got exactly nothing, the pending charge finalized and they took my money. I emailed “support” several times requesting a refund, to no avail - completely ignored. Now I’ll have to file a dispute with my credit card company to get the money back. If this wasn’t such a well-known company, I would say that this app is a SCAM!! Either way, I DO NOT RECOMMEND using this app to order food - unless you like being tricked into thinking you’re going to get food delivered, but really you just get your money stolen and sit there hungry for hours.
  • Can NO longer log in 1/5

    By That Guy in Broad Ripple
    PLEASE HELP After the recent update, the app informed me I needed to update my password. I tried to follow the step of sending a email reset I have yet to receive the email after trying several days! Today I’m losing a reward that it is expiring but I cannot access my account to use it #superBummed
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Melodyscc
    I had a notification it was time to update . It will not get past the send another email …. So frustrating I’ve checked junk mail. I’ve tried to delete. I can not get past this update screen. I’ve used this app once a week for about a year
  • Email not sending 1/5

    By Squeezing
    It says, send email. I don't receive the email. I click the resend email link and still haven't received the email. I can't log in or update my password. I can't order what I want because I can't get into the app. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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