Taco Bell – Order Fast Food

Taco Bell – Order Fast Food

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  • Current Version: 8.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Taco Bell
  • Compatibility: Android
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Taco Bell – Order Fast Food App

Download the official Taco Bell® app and your taste buds will officially thank you. Earn points on every qualifying order and reward yourself with free food. Gain access to exclusives only available on the app. Order tacos for delivery or pickup. Features Include: 1. Order and pay ahead for delivery or pickup 2. Customize and save your favorite menu items to make ordering easy 3. Track your order seamlessly on the app to know when it’s ready for pickup or being delivered 4. Earn points on every qualifying order so your tacos can earn you more tacos 5. Redeem exclusive rewards and special offers only available on the app Terms and conditions apply.

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Taco Bell – Order Fast Food app reviews

  • Couldn’t get past login 1/5

    By akanne12
    The app will not allow me to login with my own email address. I even tried changing my password. Still says “login failed.” App Support does not take you to actual app support but to Taco Bell faqs about their products etc. I really wanted this app as my husband and I order from Taco Bell every Thursday. Had to delete it 5 minutes after downloading. Poo
  • Order is NEVER accurate 1/5

    By Mike913645
    This app works great on paper, but the cost saving by using online deals and rewards is more than lost by the missing items. I have used it a half dozen times and several locations and something is always missing from the order. I paid and don’t get the items and there is no recourse. App needs a feature to instant refund missing items.
  • Beware cold food 1/5

    By Aiikon
    Some restaurants have started preparing your drive thru order when you order, not when you arrive. If you’re like me and place an order before leaving home, drive 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back, the food is cold by the time you eat it.
  • Beware with the serious Taco Bell app issues 1/5

    By Oofgirl66
    We have been using the Taco Bell app for 2 years and there has been times like today when you place order online, pay etc and app alerts your order is ready but when you reach the store to pickup the employee informs that they never got an order which you place online. This is not first time that happens to me but couple of times. Second issue when store is closed this app takes still orders and when you reach to store the employee ask you to get refund online but this app has no way to get refund neither their app function to contact us works. Pathetic app. Third issue Taco Bell doesn’t have easy process to refund their online order or I just wonder if they refund even. Couple of times we placed orders and due to store being closed our money just went into drain.

    By GoatFaceYES
  • Good but buggy 3/5

    By Jylgirl404
    Can’t even log into my account after multiple restarts… but it’s been good for me in the past…
  • Missing points 1/5

    By Billy from 1996
    Ever since a month or two ago when the app was updated with the new look and feel, it’s been a terrible glitchy app. I’m missing my points y’all!
  • Latest update broke the app 1/5

    By Jidders
    You added a “I’m here” that you have to select, that does nothing. Never updates. Waste of my time.
  • Beware! Can’t get refunds on app orders 1/5

    By lowdown_billy
    I liked the Taco Bell app but it has a huge problem. If you order on the app, you are charged immediately by “Taco Bell Corporate” and your order is sent to the local store you specify. You go to the drive through or to the counter, tell them your name, and they make up your order. It’s fine unless they’re out of an item at the store. For example, tonight I ordered some tacos and Cinnabon Delights. When I got to the drive through, they told me they were out of Cinnabon Delights. I said fine, give me the tacos and a refund for the missing Cinnabons and we’re good. They told me they couldn’t give me a refund, but they could give me “extra food”. I was already fully loaded up with excessive Taco Bell junk and did not need one more bite. Just give me my money! No can do. Ugh. There is no place in the app to request a refund. There’s a little “Contact us” form for questions, so I tried filling that out but the Submit button send my ask stayed grayed out. If you search on “Taco Bell app refunds” you’ll find a bunch of people complaining about not being able to get refunds on app orders. It’s a known problem that has persisted for several years and multiple app releases, so my hunch is Taco Bell is using this as a little profit center, expecting most people don’t want to waste time calling corporate customer service and being put on hold for sometimes hours (sez the internet) to get 3 or 4 dollars refunded. I’m going to try anyway. Don’t get duped like me. The app is OK and offers a slight convenience over driving up and saying your order into the speaker. But it takes your money and won’t give it back if the store doesn’t have the item you request. If you drove up and order directly at least they’ll say “Sorry, no Cinnabons tonight” and not charge you. The app leaves everyone (except Taco Bell Corporate) holding the empty bag.
  • Single worst app in the history of TCP/IP 1/5

    By ggobrien
    Are you guys drunk or just stupid? Fix the location app.
  • Rewards expire 1/5

    By Extolled
    Rewards expire every month.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Head3C
    I have had nothing but issues with this app and trying to use it. Also if something is wrong with your order the employees can’t help you fix it and there are no numbers to call to get it fixed. I got charged multiple times and struggled just to get my money back.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By chelsaratops115
    It works just fine until you try to log in or check out. It just thinks for a second and goes back to the same screen. I had to try to pay 3 times and when my order finally went through it would not let me check in. This happens every time I use the app.
  • Still can’t log in… 2/5

    By S. Yates
    …rendering the app useless. And now most locations want you to use the kisosk in the store, so using your phone would make much more sense. But the browser version works better than the app. So maybe try another update? Nah it’s been like this for a year.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By DurianIsGOOD
    I’ve long been a fan of Taco Bell and I’ve used this app dozens of times. Today, I placed a mobile order. The first thing I did was change the address to the local Taco Bell. I was sure to hit Confirm and Change address. The app said my order was made. The lady at the register said they didn’t have it. I then realized that the address was for the Taco Bell I had ordered from last time. I drove fifteen minutes to that Taco Bell AND THEY ALSO DIDN’T HAVE MY ORDER! I actually showed the order to the employee, who confirmed that I was at the correct location, but they did not receive my order. I re-ordered and paid there by credit card. So, I drove and extra fifteen minutes and had to pay twice. Here’s the icing on the cake: the app has a feedback feature, which I filled out. I selected the option to receive a response. After completing the entire form including writing out the message above, THE SUBMIT BUTTON WAS GRAYED OUT! I have never used a more incompetent app. Pay your dev team some overtime and fix this bug. And give me my money back!!!
  • Log in failed error for 6 months 1/5

    By Thezyman
    No matter the update no matter the reset no matter that i got a new phone no matter new accounts created this app consistently gives me “log in failed” errors every. Single. Time. Its pointless because you cant finish an order without logging in.
  • Beware 1/5

    By This.is.Tim
    App has a lot of errors. Last week it errored multiple times, sent the order through and paid multiple times even though the app showed it as not processed. No customer support. No refund. In store says they have nothing to do w the app and take no responsibility.
  • Notifications! 2/5

    By M. Manley
    App is good for ordering but I went in app settings and turned off all Notifications! But I still get them on my Home Screen! Need to fix this!
  • 4/5 4/5

    By Alex-Bowman-Hancck
    I eat at Taco Bell probably 4-6 times a week. I travel a lot for work and love my Taco Bell. I love the rewards system as I gather them points pretty quickly! The addition to the toppings with “less, extra” has been helpful because I’m not a fan of a lot of certain toppings. I wish you would bring back the chicken flatbreads 🙌🏽
  • Can’t submit negative reviews 1/5

    By Shanmou
    Wanted to provide feedback about a poor quality restaurant. Submit button is always disabled for negative reviews even after entering all the required fields. Very bad food. Very bad app experience.
  • Redeeming rewards don't work 1/5

    By channellakemama
    Tried to redeem a reward today and no matter what I did it doesn't work. Tried a different reward and that didn't work. None of them work. They are expiring soon and I can't redeem them. Disappointed!
  • Bad 1/5

    By ur pal vageege
    Tried to sign in with Facebook and Apple ID separately and am unable to redeem rewards. Trash
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Jan Zindler
    I had earned a reward of a free Mexican Pizza but the app completely failed me and was assisted by the store manager and paid the store cashier. Kudos to the store, total failure of the app
  • Can’t redeem reward “uh oh” 1/5

    By amwwer
    This item doesn’t qualify.. when it does. Went to fiveguys instead.
  • Bugs and limitations 2/5

    By Sammm57
    Troubleshot for a while today with no success. Rewards, even with other items in the cart, says, “Uh-oh! Your cart doesn’t qualify for the selected rewards.” Logged out and in, killed the app, tried different rewards and different cart combos and nada. Please fix this. Also, with the latest big update you can no longer customize rewards and pay the difference. Lame for those with dietary restrictions. When saving a favorite menu item, the “grilled” option will not stay selected when you go to check out again.
  • Crash 1/5

    By Jei-Kia
    App is currently crashing and is not letting me order/ redeem rewards stating “Uh Oh Your cart doesn’t qualify for the select reward” and the app is the one that took me to the item
  • God I love Taco Bell 5/5

    By Branson S
    Out of every restaurant to ever exist, Taco Bell is by far my favorite. Their taco supremes are unmatched and superior to the bland ones at del taco. In regards to the App, everything is really simple which I like, and when you set the time you want your food to be ready (e.g. 6:30), my food has always been ready prior to the time (about 2 or 3 minutes). Overall, I really love Taco Bell and if you really like it, this app is definitely for you.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By CeciD
    App is telling me that store is closing, when I’m reality they open all night. You have to go back to main menu to order a second of the same item. App does not tell me when order is done or ready.
  • App is constantly not working or glitching 2/5

    By lorip2020
    Will not let you redeem your rewards
  • Not working. 1/5

    By angieluviano
    Been trying to log in (create accounts, Facebook, Google, Apple) for the last few months, it’s not working. Could someone fix this?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hazelupset
    Not letting me put in my card information which ultimately means the app DOESN’T work! the app’s purpose is to let customers BUY ONLINE soooo... WHY isn’t it letting me put in my card information to purchase food? horrible experience. Save yourself a headache & DONT download the app. Nor purchase online for that matter cuz it’s not letting me purchase on safari either!
  • Flaws 2/5

    By alohamahalobra
    This apps biggest flaw is that to use the rewards I need to order online ahead of time. I’m not able to scan at the window to apply those rewards. This becomes a problem when I arrive at the store to pick up my food and they tell me “sorry we are actually out of this item” And in one case I ordered and paid ahead on the app arrived to the establishment only for it to be closed in the middle of the day???? Getting a refund was nearly impossible as I reached out to Taco Bell and never heard back so I was left to dispute the charges through my credit card company. I wish it was like other fast food reward apps where I can just order in person and scan a barcode to use those rewards. Absolutely hate ordering ahead through the app.
  • iOS 13 left out in the cold 1/5

    By charleswdc
    Yet I can pull an ancient android phone out of a drawer and use that version of the app just fine.
  • Broken 1/5

    By TheGamingEaglw
    App doesn’t let me sign in ever
  • Absolutely terrible location selection 1/5

    By thatdude38
    Do I love taco bell? Yes Do i use the app regularly? Yes Does taco bell’s app have the worst location selection of any fast food app? Yes I have problems with the location selection for taco bell’s app all the time. Why does it wait until I am checking out to confirm my location? Not all taco bells have the same combos and availability. Having to restart my order because it was defaulted to the last location I ordered from i super annoying when items aren't in stock, drinks aren't carried, or combos not honored. Ask me about location of choice at the beginning, default the selection to the location closest to me, don't make me search for it. These aren't hard things to design and develop, you got this taco bell corporate, stop failing at simple things.
  • Never works 1/5

    By dstiocdrasno
    I used to love this app. But the past few months it’s only let me log in once. The rest of the time I says my account doesn’t exist. It won’t send emails. It won’t let me log in. It won’t find locations. It just doesn’t work. I’ve deleted and redownloaded as instructed and nothing helps. And you can’t get in touch with anybody to fix it. I’m really sad bc my fiancé love the quesaritos and you can only get them on the app.
  • App is kinda bad. Also, why do we lock the quesarito behind this online pay wall. 1/5

    By Adam S 747
    All of my local Taco Bell’s close at 1 am, yet, the app says Taco Bell is closing soon and won’t let me complete my order which wouldn’t be a big deal except I really wanted the quesarito and that’s the only way to order it. It so weird to force people to use your app to order what was one of your most popular burritos.
  • Can’t pay at store and Forces you to use Apple Pay 1/5

    By Zach Otherworlds
    Can’t pay at store and Forces you to use Apple Pay to pay using app on iPhone… lame
  • I love taco bell 5/5

    By analisec
    As a vegetarian I love taco bell because I can eat anything on the menu as long as I put sub black beans for meat which is very easy to do on the app.
  • Newest update 5/5

    By hauptman security analyst
    THANK YOU for the update!! I can finally order pintos and cheese when I order in the app instead of having to order separately when I arrive. I’m hoping the major bugs are fixed too for a smoother experience. And thank you for giving the Mexican pizza back Permanently. Still miss the double decker.
  • They really don’t want your feedback 1/5

    By Kem5brandon
    Have an issue? Fill out this form with too many unnecessary details and the inability to select your store. Wanna update something, fill out the whole thing again. Oh, wanna give app feedback? Submit button doesn’t work…
  • I only use it for the rewards 1/5

    By vokalized
    Changes the address on you mid order. Has removed my rewards. Doesn’t go through for a few minute so I’ve had to go through the drive through twice . So many bugs and updates. Have had the app stop working when it gets to checkout multiple times . No customer service. They don’t do anything when they give you the wrong order.
  • Works Okay 3/5

    By kurtisbmusic
    For the most part it works good but I have missed out on some free food because of glitches in the system. For example: When they brought back the Mexican Pizza I was offered a free one in the app. But I never got to claim it because it kept saying that my local Taco Bell didn't have the Mexican Pizza (which wasn't true). That wasn't the only instance either, hence the 3 stars.
  • Slow app 3/5

    By fryddhvfukjcd
    App can definitely run slow at times, but overall it’s fine. Also, if you have any complaints about your order, the location, etc., for any reason, don’t expect anything to be done. Even when you click the option to be contacted about it, they don’t care. I complained on McDonald’s app about the location and the district manager contacted me next day to resolve things! Just goes to show Taco Bell could try to resolve things if they actually cared, they clearly don’t care. Aside from that the app does run slow and freezes up, my payment info periodically disappears. One day it’s in there, next day it’s magically gone, day after that it’s showing up again. Doesn’t make me feel confident about my info being secure….
  • Points don’t work 3/5

    By its me 18372
    The points on the receipt does not scan with my camera, and I tried to do the manual option with the bar code number, and still said “Whoops, This is an invalid entry” after trying typing it all day, double checked every time, and I made sure I did not type anything wrong, and with the camera made, all it said is “Move closer” even when I go close enough, no matter how close you get, it still says “Move closer”, and that makes the only way to get points is mobile order. Everything else is good but I am just annoyed and mad on how the points on your own receipt doesn’t work when I paid for it.
  • This app is so buggy 1/5

    By PhakeJake
    So many times I waste my time entering stuff and things just never load. Holy cow I’m never going there again
  • Totally wrong 1/5

    I ordered 2 Mexican pizzas and 11 different burritos. I ended up with 6 burritos and no Mexican pizzas. Went inside and tried to get correct order and now I have 10 bean and rice burritos along with 4 chicken burritos. Having paid 40$ for this, I’m extremely upset
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Bob S 1232
    Downloaded the app, then tried to redeem an offer, but the app kept diverting me to another offer, which I first accepted, then tried again to redeem the offer I wanted, but the app again routed me to the same offer I already accepted. I removed the first offer, but could never get the offer I wanted. Worst fast food app experience I’ve had. The McDonald’s app is far superior. I gave up and went to Burger King. (Ugh!)
  • New app is horrible 1/5

    By netman7364748
    This app crashes half the time and clears the order while still charging me. To add insult to injury it then doesn’t email the receipt. Taking my money and running away with it.