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  • Current Version: 5.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Taco Bell App

You said it and we listened. The new and improved Taco Bell app is here! App Features: - Customize your favorite item - Schedule a pick up time - Favorite & share your go to items - Quickly reorder your go to meal with “Fast Favorite” - Track your order Additional Features: - Browse locations - Opt in to notifications and receive status updates about your order in real time - Add and use Taco Bell Gift Cards Download and stay a while. Welcome to the new Taco Bell App!


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Taco Bell app reviews

  • New app is terrible 1/5

    By Peka137
    The new app is terrible. It used to be so easy to use and pay. Now if you want to customize your order it doesn’t work. It never saves the right thing. Or changes a different item to something you didn’t order, like adding rice to cheesy fiesta potatoes (what??). The other app let you customize things and they would save properly. Also I do not like the whole time thing when you place an order. I liked how the old app you could submit your order then just hit pick up when you get there. The new app doesn’t let you submit your order until you are basically at the store. So by the time you enter your order, by the time you get to the store, the app crashes and you have to do it again. Please just go back to the old app because it actually worded before.
  • Awful - bring back the old app 1/5

    By Gnubjub
    The other app had its issues, but the new one is clunky and very slow. I enjoy using it to clearly place my orders without any confusion, but it takes so long to place them I am about to go back to the stone age and order my food over the speaker. I had intermittent issues with saved favorites not keeping all of my choices, but lately it seems they are stable. My biggest gripe is how it feels like the app takes an eternity to pull up food items and make your selection. It will show the framework for everything, then run slow until the images have loaded. I'm not certain if it's a signal issue (other data using programs don't give me similar issues) or what, but if it is redownloading the images each time without caching them, that is annoying.
  • Convenient and Working 5/5

    By JMAYXX89
    Now that the big overhaul is fixed and working properly. I’ve used the app twice now since the bugs have been fixed. Easier use and better customizable tools to make it my way! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • No more option to grill 3/5

    By dooooja
    Since the app has updated, there’s no longer an option to have your burrito grilled. Works just fine otherwise.
  • Still no deals in the “Offers” section. 2/5

    By Timbo907
    Waiting since the last version of the app. This section is never populated
  • Worthless, charges more than at store 1/5

    By JP.Photography.LLC
    Worthless app if you’re going to charge more money to save from paying an employee to take my order. I’ll order at store to save myself money and cost you more. It’ll cost even more since the only time my orders were ever right was when I did them through the app.
  • Update is a disaster 1/5

    By KidsITManager
    Used to be a great app. Update has made totally unusable. Back to walk in orders.
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By oaudbrhdisjebe
    Although the new version has a better layout it’s not user friendly. It’s near impossible to customize your order and once it’s in your cart good luck changing it. You have to delete your item them then find it again to change it and then add it again...super frustrating when you just want to change your drink. The app is also quite laggy.
  • Oof. 1/5

    By pauljgreco
    This update is bad. The app wasn't the greatest before, but wow. It looks a little better now, but there are major issues. Something about the screen resolution on the iPhone X is buggy and won't show the entire screen most of the time. The scrolling is horrendous. Many taps are delayed. Super frustrating this app asked me to change my password but I had nowhere to scroll to afterwards to log in. Just brought up a webpage in Safari and then when I went back to the app I had to close it and restart again. Also, please add a way for stores to update the menu when they are out of stuff. Please. Sick of not being able to be refunded in the store because you all messed up your ordering system. Thanks!
  • Used be good 1/5

    By Abcedary
    It’s awful now. Freezes, empties out the cart. Can’t use.
  • Incredibly Slow 2/5

    By DB030392
    The app is cleaner now than before, but it can be incredibly slow and laggy to the point of not being able to submit your order.
  • New version is unusable 1/5

    By nickrak
    Used to love this app. New version never processes payment successfully. Feels like they didn’t test it at all. Added more thumbnails so you have to scroll more to find what you want.
  • “Improved” 1/5

    By JN0r
    You’ll find vastly reduced functionality, that is, if you can keep the app from crashing long enough to explore the menus. What a joke, we’ll be making alternate plans for dinner tonight.
  • Not so improved. 2/5

    By sketch247
    I hate leaving a low star rating but your new app has taken one of the great things from the old version and tossed it out the window. In the old app we could adjust items in a taco salad, for example, and then see how taking off or adding something effected the nutritional values. As a brand new diabetic I could see how adjustments effected things like carb counts and plan a meal with one of my favorite quick service locations. Now I cannot do that. You old app was a 4-5 Star hands down! (Only reason I’d even give it as low as a 4 would have been because I think a rewards program would have been OUTSTANDING! And you didn’t have one on it. ) Please revisit the ability to make adjustments and see how they effect the nutritional values like you had previously.
  • 1 out of 3 times it works 2/5

    By MakinaSann88
    I’ve used this app 6 times and so far my odds of success are at 1 out of 3 the other times my order is either not found at the store and I will screen shot my confirmation and when I get there nothing is in the system. This last time I even got a text message notification saying it was ready and gave me a confirmation number, the store didn’t even have that number in the system. The employees took care of me and they are always great but I’ll NEVER use the app again!
  • Can’t order 1/5

    By deValkenstein
    Doesn’t take any payment information. A waste of phone storage.
  • Worthless. 1/5

    By JPH1984
    It doesn’t do anything. I can’t even look at the menu because no Taco Bell’s in my area support this app
  • About my first time trying to use the app. 1/5

    By itsmeheatherxo
    Spent 10 minutes getting my family’s order into the app and when I went to ‘check out’ the app kept telling they couldn’t connect with the restaurant I had selected. This was not a WiFi issue it was an issue with the app.
  • The update ruined it 1/5

    New update is trash, should have just stuck to your roots
  • Payment issues 1/5

    By Tito Jam Yo
    Trying to pay with my debit card and it blows up?!!

    By Ron in FL
    Gift cards added under previous version of this app do not carry over to the new one. They have created this version to use up cards already bought and paid for and force everyone to buy all new ones.
  • New Version is Garbage 1/5

    By GRUPopper
    I loved the old version of this app. Worked flawlessly for me. Every. Time. New App deleted my account. New App either doesn’t send the order to restaurant or send THE WRONG ORDER. New App decides which location to place the order at, despite changing the location 5 separate times. Restaurant locations often listed as closed in the middle of the afternoon. In short, there is not one thing the new version does well. Bring back the old version.
  • Update 4/5

    By pkayee
    The new update is good, however l no longer can select grilled on my bean burrito. I tell them, but I’m wondering if that’s always going to work when they’re really busy.
  • Most Recent Update is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By sarahmorris926
    Nothing works on the new update. Can’t login, can’t order things. Fix it!
  • Did you test across devices? 2/5

    By LouB Pgh
    First off, typical material design. Nothing special to this redesign. That's not reason enough for a bad review though. The major issue is it looks like crap on an iPhone X. Not remotely optimized which is bad enough but trying to add things happens at the bottom of the screen where a leave the app. Try adding sour cream and boom, back to my desktop. Also the title bar gets cut off. This is amateur stuff a high schooler with a book about React Native could figure out. Also the store selector is pretty sketchy. Check with Starbucks to see how to get this one right.
  • Absolutely Horrible Update 2/5

    By LooneyLong
    The newest update is horrible! Not at all user friendly.
  • No Menus to Order From 1/5

    By Layne
    The new app only had three combos to choose from. It makes online ordering more or less impossible, which makes the app worthless. I can order everything that is in a combo, but ordering a la carte shoots the price up ridiculously. If you want people to order from the app, put be actual menu on the app.
  • New Version Is Junk 1/5

    By Kringlekrush
    Used to be okay but the redesign is absolute garbage. Constantly displays “lost connection to store” regardless of the location and conveniently happens when I try to submit an order (resulting in two duplicate charges pending in my bank account right now) Deleted and will no longer be going to Taco Bell because of the massive issues.
  • Login 1/5

    By JonathanBerger
    The new app is pretty bad. It doesn’t look right on an iPhone X (the top of the screen overlaps strangely). Also, it couldn’t remember that I was previously logged in. To make things worse, I then had to reset my password. So much friction for ordering a taco. Come on app developers.
  • Garbage New Design 1/5

    By Kg12387
    The new design is completely horrible, connection issues with the app and connecting to stores Taco Bell lost a customer
  • Frustrated Customer 1/5

    By Bryan Oney
    They removed the option to get an item grilled and I refuse to order anything from the app until they give me this option back.
  • Very buggy since update 1/5

    By GreatCaesar
    I appreciate the new look and optimizing for iPhone X but I keep getting a message saying “lost connection with store” the app is essentially useless if I can’t order.
  • Bad update 3/5

    By Xandri_Kat
    This latest update is terrible. Not at all user friendly.

    By yaroslavc
    The latest updates to this app have made it virtually unusable. I regularly used it pre update. It now is very confusing and hard time navigate and more times than not it tells me that it cannot connect to particular stores, luckily I have a couple locations within equal distance, but it sort of like a slot machine - I have to keep trying until one hits. Taco Bell should be ashamed to have released such a piece of worthless trash as an app. It has cut down on my patronage for sure.
  • Unusable after update 1/5

    By Joeevil5000
    No matter what you do, it will always tell you “no pickup times are available at this store”, no matter what location you choose. It’s impossible to place an order.
  • New Version Is Major Fail 1/5

    By vbpunk81
    I don’t why you felt the need to redo an app that worked perfectly fine but this “updated” version is terrible. It never remembers me so I have to log back in and the Facebook login option never works right with it either. So I made a new account with email and it still doesn’t remember me or log me in. Last time when I got it took forever to load between items and it feels clunky and disorganized now. Guess I’ll just do things the old fashioned way cuz this app is a major headache now. DELETED.
  • Uh oh something went wrong 1/5

    By Fearless Saltiene
    Fix the Facebook log in so I can actually log in.

    By Tim697395
    You spend 5 minutes making an order, you log in, CLEARS THE CART. It tells you you need to reset your password once you log in, it CLEARS THE CART. And once you’re 100000% logged in and on your third attempt you can finally order. Nah, just kidding, most people give up after the first clearing.
  • Nice app but doesn’t work 1/5

    By lgevh
    Picking out your items and customizing them it great and you can use Apple Pay for payment. The only problem is when you get to the store they don’t have your order that you already paid for and they don’t know how to help you. So I had to reorder and hope that I’m able to cancel the app order.
  • Food Incorrect, Unexpected Delays 2/5

    By txaeson
    Tried it a couple of times. The food came out without the special things I paid extra for and with sauce I requested not to include. The app said the food was ready and waiting, but when I got there it was still just on their screens and had to wait about 10 minutes despite the claim it was ready to go before I pulled up. Convenient but not as quality an app as hoped.
  • Don’t waste your time on app 1/5

    By Amit utt
    This app is terrible. I’ve placed an order at three different Taco Bell’s and all three say they haven’t received it. It’s ridiculous. Then I’ve had to remake the order and make sure I had money on me when I get there. This app is a waste of time and Taco Bell didn’t do anything by improving it. This is in Tampa btw
  • Updated App Is Horrible 1/5

    By aemullins94
    Ever since they updated this app to the new design it works horribly. It either doesn’t save your customizations, or applies them to all of your items. I don’t know why it needed to be changed considering the old design worked perfectly, but now it is horrible.
  • Great leap backwards! 1/5

    By Williamaire
    I never write reviews, but I’m so unhappy with this new app that I had to comment. The old app was the absolute best fast food app out there. It was so quick and easy that I found myself eating there more often just because of the convenience of ordering. All you needed to do was open the app, tilt your phone, click on a previous order, and maybe one more click, done. And configuring an order was also much faster and easier. I used to tell everyone how great the Taco Bell app was that I felt kind of proud of it. Those days are definitely gone now...
  • AWFUL 1/5

    By Fat Carrit
    this app is so bad its worse then their employees.
  • Not good!! 1/5

    By Frustrated 1453268
    This new app is horrible! I used the other one all the time and never had any issues. This one doesn’t show my location and doesn’t bring up the closest Taco Bell. When I put in the zip code it still doesn’t bring anything up in that zip code. Then when I try to order something it has settings already on it, for instance sausage for the grilled breakfast burrito. Then when I try to change it to bacon it doesn’t keep it and I end up getting an item I didn’t want. When you try to check out everything is grayed out and you have to get out and back in to even submit it. This is not user friendly at all. Go back the original app!!!
  • Y’all forgot the iPhone X in UX 1/5

    By Allypinkflamingo
    If you have an iPhone X prepare to be confused because you will instantly be able to tell no one tested the app with them despite this allegedly being such a brand new thought out makeover and the X being out for a year now? Sometimes centered headers are 90% covered by the notch and there’s always something overlapping with the status icons up top. not to mention Touch ID support but no Face ID. How could you betray me and Jeffrey Star like that, we spend way too much money on y’all for this. #loyalty Also why do I need to log in in order to save my favorite items locally on my device? What’s the point of a Taco Bell account? Y’all don’t have points or rewards, this ain’t Starbucks. And no, I don’t need to have my favorite custom Crunchwrap stored in the cloud so I can access it from any device connected to the internet at any moment of existence.
  • Used to work but not anymore 1/5

    By FrappccinoSmile
    It worked for a long time but over the last couple of weeks it says the local taco bell is not available for online ordering. However, i called the local TB and they say they are taking online orders.
  • Stopped working after update 1/5

    By I am really upset
    Ever since the update the app no longer recognizes our local store for pickup. Please fix
  • Unoptimized 3/5

    By garginator850
    This app runs very poorly. I get horrible lag while scrolling through the menu, it looks really bad. Next it's very ugly on iPhone X, it's clearly not optimized for it. The menus and stuff are slightly better than before but it's not really significant. Overall the old app looked and worked better.
  • New update charges more for food. 1/5

    By Hoff01
    What’s up with the new update??? A $5 box in store is $5. On the app, $6.49. $3 meal deal in app? $4.79. This app was awesome. Now I order in store since the app charges so much more. Fix this taco bell.

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