Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat

Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat

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  • Current Version: 5.1.188
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Social Impact Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat App

Have you been searching for love in all the wrong places? Then it’s time for you to find Taimi! This World’s Largest All-Inclusive Online Dating Platform has everything you are looking for - all colors and shades of the rainbow (18+). Want an FWB relationship? Looking for lesbian or gay flirting? A transgender person striving to meet another trans or bisexual? Maybe you are a polyamorous seeking arrangement of any type. Others are waiting for you on Taimi, the best of all LGBT+ dating apps for free. And whether you prefer long-distance or local dating matches, casual dating, friendship, or a long-term partnership, it’s all here. In short, the entire LGBTQ+ community will find that Taimi is one of the best of all online dating apps for free. ◾ It's All About the Cards Use the unique Taimi Cards to craft your own profile and to see others. These let you choose the content you share – photos, text posts & answers to prompt questions and to see the cards of potential mutuals. Use these cards to take an action – Skip a profile, give a special Rainbow like to show keen interest or a simple like. ◾ Discover Yourself Taimi honors all Fluid Dating Preferences Users. Who you are today may not be who you are next week. It's the path of our commitment to “discovery.” You may be an asexual looking for friendship and then develop sexual feelings through a gay chat. Change your gender and sexual identity on Taimi? Of course! ◾ Here’s all you get with our LGBT dating app for free: - Look through Taimi Cards and choose all the possible mutuals – smash or pass anywhere on the planet or stay local with a “near me” filter. - Find real and vetted local mutuals - Get mutuals based on your rainbow shade – fem or butch, gay, bi, trans, asexual, polyamorous, and everything in between - Share your age, location, and more – secure your account with PIN, Face Recognition, Fingerprint - Have a free chat, facetime with mutuals, and record audio messages - Find local matches when you travel - Join public or private chat groups But wait! Join one of three Taimi premium account levels and get more with BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD. What more, you ask? For starters: - Get unlimited direct meetups and dating - Boost profile surging it up to 5X - Extend filters for results - Undo mistakes - See all visitors and much more! Check out more details about OUR PRIDE at Taimi.com and these links: https://taimi.com/wiki https://taimi.com/terms [email protected] Oh, almost forgot. By our nick @taimiapp you can find us on social media such as: TikTok Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube Pinterest Medium ↑ @taimiapp ! What’s coming next? We’ll keep adding features, fixing bugs, watering our plants, and serving our whole lovely community. Aren’t you tired of feeling alone? Find friends, a local meetup, a partner, a soulmate, or a life-long love relationship on Taimi.

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Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat app reviews

  • Horrible and doesn’t work 1/5

    By Snow Neq
    I am trying to create a new profile and once again it got stuck in the age preferences like last time. You guys said you fixed this months ago. Clearly you didn’t. I give up on this app at this point.
  • Ugh 2/5

    By My review 000111
    I’m really thinking of deleting this app. First off, why do I need to pay for this app? Secondly, all the messages you can barley reply to unless you pay for this stupid subscription. WHAT HAPPEN TO ALL THE FREE APPS?? This app seems pointless..
  • Bring back LIVE 1/5

    By kIR247
    Bruh what made taimi taimi was the lives n the statues you could post … bring it back sweets
  • Review 5/5

    By guicvklloy
  • SO GOOD! Even when free! 5/5

    By Ryan the cat lord
    Even though it has the average pay barrier features, it still keeps you in a pretty comfortable place as far as features are concerned. My faves being they don’t cap off the interests and personality stuff to a ridiculous 3 or 5 maximum picks when they have so much to pick from! Honestly one of the most frustrating things on other apps. But 100/10 recommend!!! 🏳️‍🌈
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By 00123CH
    There isn’t enough words to express how trashy and useless this app is. First off, support doesn’t do anything useful if you have a problem that really needs to be fixed but they will not hesitate to ban your account if you are reported. Not to mention, they talk about they don’t tolerate racism, harassment, bullying or any type of discrimination. I can count on my two toes and hands how many times I have reported something and nothing was done. Then, you have children pretending to be of age so they can get nudes.. that’s only scratching the surface of the issues wrong with this app!

    By murder maya
    This app was amazing at first but as time goes on y’all started asking for the absolute most I understand premium features but I shouldn’t have to pay money to message someone back or even see who sends me a message that’s insane .
  • The only trans-inclusive dating app 5/5

    By TICiCi
    This is the only app where LGBTQIAP+ outside the LGB are treated like human beings.
  • Amazing app, but… 4/5

    By JackieFRipper
    Don’t get me wrong. I love Taimi, I think it’s an awesome app for dating or even just meeting new people. However, after trying out their Bronze upgrade, I have to say it’s not worth it. The bronze upgrade doesn’t really open up much more for the app, and if there wasn’t a free trial I’d be unhappy with the limited things it allows you to do. Either go free or pay for silver. But right in the middle isn’t the best choice.
  • Pretty bad 2/5

    By FIFA gamer101
    They removed so much stuff, there’s so many problems with the app I rlly don’t have the time to list them all.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By hermian2773
    I downloaded since I kept getting this app in ads. For starters, this is a horrible dating app. For some reason it kept showing me people states away from me and hella young. Everyone that showed up in my feed were barely 20 while I’m 30. 99% of the profiles had no bios and only 1 picture or no picture and just a cartoon.
  • Esta bien 4/5

    By sexy caliente
    Pero me cobra mucho y no tengo tanto acceso
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By itsanoformedawg
    Filters are horrible, same profiles pop up about every hour, and just a terrible interface. I’m typically forgiving of apps that at least try to do something cool but this app… I can’t even tell what they are trying to do. It’s just a jumbled pile of features that make zero sense in terms of usability, functionality and general eye appeal. I “matched” with people I certainly did NOT like and constantly offered a paid membership. I still don’t get the “point” of this app, like at all. Just delete development code and start from scratch, cause this ain’t it. It’s 100% a money trap(thank God I didn’t pay) with zero value in return. You’re better off investing in crypto, hitting it big time, buying a boat and attracting women that way. Way better chance at that then to have any real success with this hunk of junk.
  • Banned 5/5

    By jeanbtc
    Anytime I tried to opens this app is always got banned They should try to let this app should go with no stress
  • Another Fail for Lesbians 1/5

    By Calypso23
    It’s truly exhausting how many apps fail to take into account lesbian culture when it comes to preferences. Femme for butch, butch for butch, and studs in the black community. At least the sex based options are there for honesty upfront, but the usual manipulators still abuse this.
  • worthless 1/5

    By stupidjshakfjesn
    it used to be an alright app, but their past few big updates it has turned completely terrible. you literally cannot do anything without having to pay money weekly, and even if you do pay for it there’s no one even around in your area. everyone’s 200+ miles away. they got rid of the news feed so there’s absolutely nothing to even look at or explore on there. you can’t like no one’s pictures, nothing. alls you can do is ‘like’ people within the miles you choose how far away you want to search (which no one will show up unless you choose hundreds of miles away) but even then if you find someone you may like and send them a ‘like’, if they don’t pay for the app also they’ll never be able to even see who you’re. it’s all about the money! beyond the worst dating app around. doesn’t even deserve one star! don’t waste your time or money
  • Dont recommended… 1/5

    By RVanavides
    You would have a hard time canceling this membership, i do not recommend this app.
  • Here’s some help 2/5

    By heres help
    So I see you guys re-did the app after banning a lot of the users. It’s a bit better. But Taimi is filled with couples more than the singles of feminine woman. Should make it so couples select the option of married, in a relationship because for us single ppl it’s wasting our time and you’re getting ppl who are deleting the app. For instance I’m about to delete the app. I get a lot Of likes but these ppl are in relationships. Which makes this not a site for singles
  • Mixed thoughts 3/5

    By RD410
    Taimi used to have a Facebook like newsfeed but looks like they eliminated it. Have to pay to see likes unless you get lucky and swipe right on someone who liked you. Not too impressed yet.
  • I’ve been stuck on the age range page 1/5

    By mike7658
    Evry time i download this app I only get dar as the age rang page and is very disappointing and upsetting because I don’t want to die alone in this world
  • My honest review 1/5

    By butter-Flies-in skys
    I never met anyone on this app..sadly.. it is poly couples like the comments are saying im pansexual and wish i had a girlfriend so badly because men aren’t my type like that… sadly this app doesn’t help.. barely and woman liking me and its sad… also people barley like me only men..like im not into men that much anymore i want a girlfriend hellooooo?? I reactivated my account it said i only like males like what no?
  • Beyond confusing. Impossible to use without $$$ 1/5

    By archer_jay
    Seems like you can’t use the app unless you’re paying. Nothing works, I can’t respond to messages ppl send me? Extremely predatory, hard pass.
  • Bad app don’t download 1/5

    By demisux
    I downloaded the app for the first time and tried to make an account yet they claim that I’ve already made an account and then proceeded to say I’ve been banned, I’d give it a 0 but sadly we can’t do that. Support won’t even answer my emails which is also stupid
  • False advertising 1/5

    By 749362959haley
    So I'm not gonna make a super big deal over this but wanted to let people know before they downloaded the app! So when you go to download it the page clearly says 17+ stating that it is for 17 and up but when you actually download the app and go in you have to be 18! I was gonna use this app to find some new friends so when I downloaded it I waiting till my 17th birthday (today) to use It but it keeps declining my age meaning it's for 18+! I really got my hopes up with this app hoping it'll help find me more lgbtq+ friends since I live in a small city in Florida (hard to find lgbtq+ people) but was disappointed by the false advertising! Please change this so others do not get confused! Thank you 🙇
  • Greedy pigs 1/5

    By Who's yo caddy lovr
    The most inclusive, well designed dating app I've seen in a while too bad it cost money to do anything. Oh well off to tinder to get harassed again. Thanks for nothing. Capitalist pigs!
  • In all honesty 3/5

    By JoshieDaGreat
    This app can be a game changer, and this is my total opinion after using it for a while. This could be the lgbt Tinder, Facebook, or Twitter. There are a few things blocking it from getting there. A big majority of the stuff on here goes straight to something regarding buying something which is extremely annoying. It’s not just one thing, you click messages “oh buy this”, you click views, “oh buy that”. I get businesses have/want to make money because, servers, employees and all those thing. But here me out, could y’all tone it down. It’s very “in your face” and that’s the only thing that really bad about using this app.
  • Instant buy of trial 1/5

    By tookanynamesarejokes
  • 0 star 1/5

    By tattoofein_29
    Not really a app for lesbians , they allow straight men . And poly married couples on here that doesn’t respect the lesbian community always flirting . The app would have a better success rate if it was set up like “ TINDER “ or the “ HER “ app they allow us to see our likes and send friend requests! Taimi took away every little feature they once provided and now you’re forced to pay a ridiculous fee just to view y’all who likes you . Which is ridiculous and dumb , why create the app one way then change it into a money hungry scheme
  • The app is great 5/5

    By mattiehtx on snap
    I just wish it was serious people and not just a bunch of horny guys trying to get off
  • Garbage & sad for lesbians 1/5

    By Ash0954
    You have to pay to do pretty much anything. The UX is garbage. The filters are limited. If you’re looking for the holy grail of lesbian dating apps, like this one purports to be on tik tok, this isn’t it.
  • Waste of time/money 1/5

    By jenninjuice1
    The app constantly shows profiles I have already hit the X on. What’s the point in that?? Does not do well with matching people with similar interests at all.
  • This App Is Stupid 1/5

    By cheese 122
    YOU HAVE TO PY FOR EVERYTHING! 🤦🏼‍♀️ That’s Gitta Be The Most Dumbest Stuff Eber. I Can See The Likes Cause I Have To Pay Then I Can’t Massage anyone cause I will have to pay ! What’s the point of having this App If I Have to pay just to use it .
  • It’s ok but fix your age limit scale! 3/5

    By piper_10254
    The app is enjoyable, but in filter you have an option for age range. I put mine 18-23 bc I’m 18 and don’t want 40y/o men messaging me and being creepy. It seems that scale does nothing. Although on apps like these I rlly do think that since it seems targeted for users in their late teens-twenties you should not allow these 40-50y/o men to talk to like 18y/o
  • Don’t Install 1/5

    By Barbie9919
    DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP! Every guy on here just wants to use you for sex it’s honestly disgusting and disrespectful! And then guys on here ask for nudes and when you don’t give it to them they automatically turn homophobic or transphobic and the Taimi team does nothing about it! They banned me because I reported them. And they banned me because of “inappropriate use of social media” and I would literally ask for someone’s Snapchat or instagram? How are we supposed to get to know these people outside of this app if we can’t ask for other social medias????
  • This app is ridiculous 1/5

    By nat.relax
    I got Taimi for the first time a while back and had no issues with it but I recently re-downloaded it and the same day I deleted it because 1. It kept showing the same profiles over and over again even after I denied them they would show the same ones on the homepage. Also I would get notifications that guys are liking me and wanting to message me even though I set my filter to only girls.
  • Bad 2/5

    By BlueOceanFloor
    Just, very, very bad.
  • Heavy monetization and can’t look at people you liked 3/5

    By deddsecc580
    The app is cool, it has a of people, easy to use, and is all around just great when it comes to account customization. But the thing that drags it down the most is the fact that I can’t look at the previous accounts I’ve liked. And adding a comment it completely useless since the person you sent it to can’t see it or read it without paying (which most people won’t do) so I’d say it’s better to free that part, and add a feature that lets users see the accounts they liked. That would make this app easily a 5 star.
  • Taimi 5/5

    By Gold Star Britt
    Best lesbian social app!💯
  • Cash Cow 1/5

    By miloism22
    I really wonder just how much the developers expect people to spend on this really subpar app. once you’ve used up all your “actions”, you can’t even see the messages people send you. The prices for their premium service are erroneously high, especially considering this is an app for LGBTQ people and the amount that live below the poverty line makes this price range and lack of user friendliness in bad taste. I understand having premiums but with this app it’s kind of ridiculous how much you CANT do without paying.
  • Used to be fun 2/5

    By Tcmcbee
    I used to love this app in the past. It’s changed so much it’s just not it anymore. Not a lot of freedom to really express yourself or connect. Pretty much trash now. This is from a lesbian who used to love the app.
  • Paywalls? 1/5

    By BeckiiBlue
    I can understand certain things. Like not being able to see who likes you and stuff like that. But if someone MESSAGES me, even if I didn’t like them back or haven’t even seen their profile, I should be able to respond without having to pay a dime!! I am a gay person in a small town and finding people just out and about is hard. The app seems really cool and useful but honestly, it’s gonna get uninstalled here soon if things don’t change. Add the premiums for convenient things like seeing who specifically liked you, or people who visited your profile!! Not for if someone messages you when you haven’t even seen their profile yet!! FIX THIS!! THE LGBTQIA+ NEED A NICE AND SAFE PLACE AND THESE PAY WALLS ARE NOT THE WAY TO GO!!
  • Terrible application 1/5

    By Apple user45
    Must pay to use any features not worth it
  • Get ready to pay 1/5

    By lightcoachchill
    I hate having all the extra things to pay for after I’m paying 5$ a week. I don’t recommend
  • Can’t do ANYTHING without paying 1/5

    By mediocreweeb
    Want to talk to someone? Pay. Want to see who likes you? Pay. Want to see who looks at your profile? Pay. So let’s hope your not looking for love and unless you wanna pay $24 a month.
  • annoying app 1/5

    By Ajkakajskak
    this app sends someone a notification every time you visit their profile. i didn’t know this.. humiliating feature. remove it or make it optional please
  • Very dumb app 1/5

    By Octophant_james
    How is it people can message you but you can’t see it unless you buy the premium version. Why even send you a notification. A waste of time deleting this app.
  • Puzzled! 3/5

    By litiancai0413
    Somehow i just keep blocked from login!After i enrolled my email address and password, next step asked “who are you?” I taped my gender and it do not respond!!
  • Not a Good App 1/5

    By SweetieStrawberri
    This supposed to be free and it isn’t. And it’s not much to brag about.
  • Scam - avoid! 1/5

    By Erauqs Nemn Anait
    Complete garbage. Full of dark patterns, nasty tricks, and scummy business practices. Won’t delete your account at first, you have to try multiple times. Will scam you into buying stuff you don’t need. Bad UIUX. Doesn’t actually understand LGBT people. Probably a data harvester.
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