Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat

Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat

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  • Current Version: 5.1.85
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Social Impact Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat App

Welcome to Taimi - World's Largest LGBTQ+ Platform! Your Pride is our Pride. Taimi community is the first fully inclusive gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual dating app with more than 8,000,000 real users. Taimi started as a unique gay chat and gay dating app, but now we are more than the app for gay people - we are the community of open-minded and easy-going LGBTQ people who live their lives in all the colors of the rainbow. On Taimi you can chat for free, make calls and videos, create posts & stories, and last, but not least, find true love. Enjoy Taimi best features: ◾ Experience the best online gay dating app: swipe and match with more than 8 million queer folks from all over the world. Taimi is enjoyed by all shades of the rainbow: Lesbian chat and dating; Transgender chat and dating; Bisexual chat and dating - you name it, Taimi has it all! ◾ Real users near you (and a unique filter for potential matches); ◾ See who liked you; ◾ Video and call messages: ◾ Pets, Movies, Music, Memes lovers, Gamers... - a little part of our communities; ◾ See full statistics of your account; ◾ PIN, Face Recognition, Fingerprint. All those features are free to use. If you want to improve your app experience, you can purchase an optional subscription package TAIMI XL. With the Premium Subscription, you will be able to explore the LGBTQ world much easier: ◾ Like as many people as you want before matching; ◾ Swipe up for a Rainbow like and you will get 3 times more matches; ◾ Use extended filters to match with the RIGHT ONE; ◾ Undo your hasty swipes; ◾ See all of your visitors; ◾ Hide your age and location; ◾ Find Them quicker and easier! The cost of the optional subscription for Taimi XL is 4.99 USD for 7 days, 44.99 USD for 3 months, 71.99 USD for 1 year. Try 3-Day Free Trial and enjoy all premium features! We genuinely believe that the app will help to create a safe environment for LGBTQ people to show the brightest sides of their personality, to find true love, and spread awareness about equality, LGBTQ rights, and personal freedom! Our goal is to become the #1 queer Dating & Social Network in the world for lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual communities since we understand that everyone deserves to be loved. Meet someone brutal and edgy or someone very tender and gentle, young or mature, calm or active - we bring together the greatest people. Get connected with the LGBTQ+ community worldwide in Digest. TAIMI feed is a safe space for you to share your interests, hobbies, and artwork. Shine bright and showcase yourself on TAIMI! Interested to learn more? Please, check the following links: Privacy Policy: https://taimi.com/privacypolicy Terms of Service: https://taimi.com/terms Subscription Terms: https://taimi.com/billing Taimi Community Rules: https://taimi.com/community We are continually improving the app, and if you are experiencing any issues, please contact our support team at [email protected] We are always here to help ;) Join us on our social media: Facebook: @taimiapp Twitter: @taimiapp Instagram: @taimiapp

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Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat app reviews

  • Logged me out or deleted my account 1/5

    By Keshon Harris
    I wake up and no longer am about to use my old account is there customer service ?
  • I hit buttons on the iPhone 1/5

    By nicole.l.z
    And nothing happens. Super unreliable app with a crappy interface that doesn’t get rid of notifications once I’ve viewed likes and messages. Do not recommend.
  • Ghost app. 1/5

    By driacques
    This is a ghost app. No one responds or interacts. You will get ads regardless of how much you pay.
  • Feels “cheap” 1/5

    By Aguy1666363727
    There too much this app is trying to BE at once. Everything seems crowded on screen and navigating is jot user friendly for the most part
  • I wish I could give them 0 stars 1/5

    By Choclatemochi729
    Honestly watch what you say on this app, if you get sexually harassed by straight men who really have no business on this app they will delete your page and ban your ip for snapping back and also the support team will also message you disrespectfully when you try to get information as why and if you can get your account back. You’d think an LGBT+ plus app would be against the harassment of their people. But I guess not.
  • Okay 4/5

    By LaceyCee09
    Kind of addicting !
  • Lot of Drama 2/5

    By SagePages
    I was looking for friendship maybe a relationship once I got to know the person better but I see a lot of drama a lot of bullying going on. I’m a female looking for other females but the groups that I joined are somewhat hostile there’s a lot of girls here without a check mark on their photo, and it’s not hard to get one. I’m not sure who’s real or who’s not. Girls calling other girls unattractive jealously cursing and cattiness not what I’m into, unfortunately I’m removing my account there’s enough going on in the world without me having to be bullied on an app where everyone is looking for the same thing.
  • It’s great 5/5

    By Unlistedturtle
    Free members get to see who views them and likes them. Great community too. Best conversations I’ve had out of any app.
  • needs a lot of improvements 3/5

    By glacepng
    i want to be able to make myself visible only to women and nonbinary lesbians and sapphics, and i want to filter my feed to that as well. other apps have this down but this app for some reason will not let you do that. im a LESBIAN and i want to see other sapphics. my entire feed is people states away and im just not interested in long distance. people from washington state and kentucky have liked me and im in pennsylvania. im not sure if its because the user base is low but im not interested in people literal states away.
  • Thanks for nothing? 1/5

    By Slam Weasley
    I literally can't even set up my profile. I keep getting notifications that people are liking and adding me but I haven't even been able to finish the setup process yet, it asked me about what age of people I'm interested and there's no continue button or anything and if I force close the app it brings me like 6 steps back in the process and there's no way to move forward. I was excited to try this but clearly it doesn't even function.
  • Account disabled 1/5

    By Caitlyn Rosemond
    Hi I’m a pansexual woman who’s account was disabled for unknown reasons. I really like this app but am confused as to why I’m disabled. I followed all of the rules. And would love to be given a reason as to why I was disabled.
  • Bans without warning 1/5

    By Maskrade
    I was banned immediately for no reason whatsoever. They take whatever anyone reports as truth even if it isn’t. Whoever moderates this app is extremely unprofessional and I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone. There’s also no way to make a new account once you’re banned, so good luck. Several snowflakes on this app that will report you just because you aren’t attracted to them
  • expensive and for why 2/5

    By Cocoanutt12
    i knew this app was too good to be true. why on earth do i have to pay so much money to find people to connect with??
  • Worst app 1/5

    By im Kai
    Account got disabled literally while I was on it for no reason. Won't allow you to talk to anyone. App is very glitchy. Reached out to support and they don't even have a reason for my account being removed. I've been using the app for a year sadly. You definitely won't meet anyone on it. Please don't waste your time
  • Disabled Account 1/5

    By TacosandJo
    I loved the app, but less than 24 hours after using it, my account was disabled for no reason. My texts and pictures were completely appropriate, and I live in the USA. They were also 100% mine. I'm of legal age. Really disappointed.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By lovebirds22
    I love it so much and it makes me connect with other people and friends
  • Really nice, but.. 4/5

    By Faeriie
    This app is really cool! I love all the filters they have! The only thing that made me stop using a while ago was that, I’m on the Asexual spectrum, and there isn’t a filter for that. I want to be able to swipe on people without the anxiety that they’re going to want to be sexual. Please consider adding filters for at least Asexual, Greysexual, and Demisexual, which are all part of the asexual community, but different just enough to warrant separate filters. If that was implemented, I think I’d use this app all the time to meet new people!
  • Lesbian Options are Great 5/5

    By Unique 💖
    Lots of attractive options. At least for me. 😊
  • Bugged 1/5

    By hayden3217
    Literally can’t make it past the age range screen, I set my range and nothing happens. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and restarting my phone, anything you can think of. I would love to use the app, but I guess I just can’t lol
  • Great App 5/5

    By Kaneki213
    This app is definitely one of the best apps I have ever used, everyone is really cool and chill. Really friendly people here, it’s a good way to communicate with others better than some other apps, I’ve used many dating apps and this by far is the best one I used😊
  • Discrimmination and the subscription is bad 1/5

    By maconandskipps
    I am an adult with disabilities and I get a lot of discrimination on this app. They dont have any stuff on here for lgbt people with disabilities. The people on this app only care about sex and showing their body’s. People ghost you or don’t respond to your messages. I bought a weekly taimi subscription and when I tried to unsubscribe they said they cant it cant be taken off so now they are taking my money ive had to contact customer service many times still waiting on a response. They need to have have more disability inclusion
  • Terrible 1/5

    By hsbdbsjdb
    I’m very upset, I did nothing wrong and it block me from making an account forever. This app is trash and useless
  • Dumb as hell and terrible service 1/5

    By Kimmi Dior
    The app is boring and wasn't too bad at first but then they sent me a message saying they disabled my account out of the blue for no reason. When I contacted support, they gave me a list of things they ban accounts for and nothing on that list applied to me. All of my photos were my own, I didn't post anything inaporopriate, and I wasn't scamming anyone. When I pointed these things out, they just sent the same auto-generated message and told me that even though I verified my profile was real, they wouldn't unban my account. This was a terrible experience and I'm making sure I warn people I know to not bother with it. Not to mention, I spent MONEY on this app and they are not trying to refund me even though THEY CHOSE to disable my account without justifiable reason.
  • Uninstalling 1/5

    By crystal6188
    My account got banned for no reason and when I tried contacting customer service it wouldn’t even let me.
  • I got hacked than banned 1/5

    By Follow me on vine @Goku
    So apparently when I came back from re-downloading the app. I come back to finding out I had been banned and hacked 😂. I don’t know whom hacked me but all I know is supposedly they had put a cashapp in the bio of my account and that had led to me getting banned. When I emailed the support team they told me there was nothing they could do and now I’m never allowed on the app again. Definitely 1/5 stars.
  • Not as inclusive as they advertise 1/5

    By Peachybubbles123
    The very first question they ask is who are you (Gender focused) and exclude many gender identities. You have to pick one and for a lot of people this doesn't work for them. The second question is regarding pronouns. The options are he/him, she/her, and they/them and again you can only choose one. Also you advertise as being free, but it's a free 3 day trial then it's $72/year. No thank you.
  • Love The app 5/5

    By TayShevez
    The app is definitely easy to navigate,and I’ve made a couple long term friends which is always a good thing. But I feel like the app could be more well rounded when it comes down to groups being more active cause it be dry more than half the time lol
  • Bugged 1/5

    By mintyacid
    During the basic set up, the app asked for the age preference however, once you put in your inputs no thing happens. You aren’t to move on and closing out the app doesn’t help.
  • Love the app 3/5

    By keeeeeeeeekeeeeeee
    Love the app but it not letting me log back in or creat a new account i deleted and reinstalled but nothing happening
  • It’s nice 4/5

    By Snookxx
    I like this app. It’s nice to be able to interact with other people in the lgbt community. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because while video chatting through the app, if your phone’s screen times out the call hangs up. But other than that it’s great and will recommend to others.
  • Worst Setup 1/5

    By XxXLolaRaWrrXxX
    It keeps flagging my PG no-filter photos. The last straw was a photo of me (fully clothed: long sleeve turtle neck, under a thick blanket, with my computer on my lap) with all of my plants in the background. The caption was just about listening to music and it went against the guidelines. EVERY photo I post gets the “goes against guidelines” notification even though they don’t. Useless app.
  • It works! 5/5

    By NickaCloudy
    Oh my god. This thing WORKS! I think I found my soulmate in an hour. It sounds like I’m exaggerating but I’m not. It is took literally an hour!
  • Trans Woman / No Success 1/5

    By michaelalexiades
    it literally only shows me guys that are 300 miles away from me. back to grindr i go lol
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Lexus❤️
  • It’s fine 3/5

    By mydearholmes
    It does what it’s supposed to and it’s great otherwise. Definitely has the most unnecessarily confusing interface of any dating app I have ever used. I often find myself getting frustrated trying to do something and ultimately closing out of the app.
  • No 1/5

    By leah jet
    It’s the fact that they are using someone who is racist in one of their pics to promote themselves
  • Inconsistent moderation- full on censorship of apposition views yet they have a Trump group 1/5

    By kinzie conrad
    Inconsistent moderation and censorship of hand written post that followed terms of service, they even have a Trump group yet that totally censor news that goes against the leftist narrative!
  • Problem 1/5

    By daddy love sho
    This is a good dating siteHowever it’s not allowing me to post Certain videos & picturesI don’t know why because all my pictures are appropriate
  • I got banned 1/5

    By juciylip
    I got banned for me reason I don’t show my naked body I don’t disrespect other this dating app is the worst and you shouldn’t download it it’s a dumb app to have
  • Rules 5/5

    By trigga17
    Should ease on the guidelines n rules.
  • This app is trash!!!! 1/5

    By NoGlazedDonuts
    If someone asks for your phone number or other personal information, you CANNOT give it to them or else you will accused of spamming. What’s the point of the app??? Also, EVERYTHING goes against their excessive “community guidelines,” such as posting a screenshot 🤯🤯🤯. Don’t waste your time, get POF or something else. Do NOT recommend.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Arianna Camila G
    It’s not worth It. If you make 1 minor mistake that is in their terms and conditions they will just BANN and BLIck you completely. Instead of giving you the chance to correct the issue. Just like Facebook or Instagram. They allow you to learn from minor mistakes or give you access to your account. Because it’s tied with your phone number It won’t allow you to create another account using a different email. Their support team is not helpful. They keep giving you generic answers. Like they copy and paste their answers like robotic answers
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By Samiplier
    The app is fun to use and it's not like your original dating app it can also be used as a social media platform
  • Trash 1/5

    By Greatest game yeah
    Terrible, they took my account down and I don’t know why and I can’t create a new one🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Account disabled 1/5

    By sunniifoxx
    I actually really liked this app but it constantly locked me out of my account forcing me to make new ones and then locking me out of that. I can no longer even use the app just because I shared my Snapchat to someone, mistaking it for premium Snapchat offer or something. I’m very disappointed because I haven’t been able to meet anyone because of the service restrictions.
  • kinda sad 1/5

    By BBC daddy
    it started out great but once i got to the preferred age page i couldn’t move on even after choosing an age group and restarting the app didn’t fix it and deleting it then reinstalling it didn’t fix it :(
  • Not very VO-friendly...not too bad, but could be much better! 2/5

    By Jewel loves cats
    This review is not of the service but the app itself. The service is fine...in fact, the people and community is amazing! But it is tainted by the lack of friendliness toward VoiceOver, the screen reader for the blind. If you want to improve your rating,I’ll gladly help you get the app organized better. Just contact me! I’ll update this review over time...
  • Discrimination against sex workers 1/5

    By Cinnamoo
    Thought this app would be progressive and welcome, turns out it's not
  • Why 2/5

    By Jayden-Leo
    I love this app but then was banned I tired to call I gave an email and I have not gotten back I didn’t get a real response to why I have been banned and I feel like I shouldn’t have been I didn’t nothing that violated your terms of service so if I can get an answer or make a new account I will be happy but I cannot