Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat

Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat

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  • Current Version: 5.1.175
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Social Impact Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat App

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Then It’s Time You Found Taimi! More than 15 million LGBTQ+ users are here, on the World’s Largest All-Inclusive Dating Platform. No matter what color or shade of your rainbow identity, Taimi has everything you are looking for. For all colors and shades of the rainbow (18+). Want an FWB relationship? Looking for a lesbian hookup or gay one-night stands? An asexual person looking for an online chat partnership? Or a trans person looking for another transgender friend or bisexual partner? Maybe you are polyamorous and seeking any and all types of arrangements. And if you are looking for a serious love relationship that might end in marriage? Others are looking for you on Taimi. And whether you prefer long-distance or local dating matches, it’s all here. In short, the entire LGBTQ+ community will find that Taimi is the best of all online dating apps for free, and with the highest levels of security. Here’s all you get for free with our best of all dating apps free, features without payment: ◾ Swipe possible mutuals and choose the ones to connect with – anywhere on the planet or stay local ◾ Find real and vetted local mutuals ◾ Get mutuals based on your rainbow shade – gay or lesbian hook-up, FWB chat and meetup, bisexual hookups, transgender and polyamorous dating, and everything in between ◾ Share your age, location, and more – secure account with PIN, Face Recognition, Fingerprint ◾ Have a fun free chat with the possibility to record audio messages ◾ Find local matches when you travel ◾ Join internal social communities and groups or make your own All of this is free. But wait, there’s more! Join one of three Taimi premium account levels and get more - Taimi BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD. What more, you ask? Check it out: ◾ Unlimited meetups and online dating ◾ Boosting your profile and surge it up to x5 ◾ Extended filters to refine your match results ◾ Rewind and undo mistakes ◾ See all visitors and even much more ! Check out more details at Taimi.com site. And here are some other important links: Privacy Policy: https://taimi.com/privacypolicy Terms of Service: https://taimi.com/terms Our LGBTQ+ Wiki: https://taimi.com/wiki Support Team: [email protected] Oh, almost forgot. By our nick @taimiapp you can find us on social media such as: TikTok Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube Pinterest Medium ↑ @taimiapp ! Check Out Our Partnerships, it’s OUR PRIDE: Gay Times, Attitude, Pink News, Gayborhood. AZ Mag, Paint, Multiple Pride Events, and so many others – again more info on these at Taimi.com What’s coming next? We’ll keep adding features, fixing bugs, watering our plants, and having pun competitions for our lovely community. Aren’t you tired of being alone? Find friends, a hookup, a local meetup, a partner, a soulmate, or a life-long love partner on Taimi!

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Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat app reviews

  • Loved the app 3/5

    By babyyyygirllll087
    Honestly loved the app but I miss the live chats you were able to join in it was way you better to have conversations!!!! Bring it back please!!!!
  • Problems with signing up 1/5

    By Youravg_reviewer
    Every time I download this app, I have problems getting past choosing the ages you are looking to date/be friends with. There’s no button that says next or skip and it’s keeping me from signing up.
  • Not worth your time 3/5

    By myop82737
    This app used to be great, but now you have to pay to even be able to swipe on more than like 10-15 people. This used to be a step above Grindr but now tbh it’s STEPS below. Really disappointing. You’re honestly way better off on tinder, Grindr or OkCupid, don’t waste your time.
  • Dear Taimi 5/5

    By hottttgurllllsumerrrr
    Also I did an interview for you guys and in your little message you guys sent me on the app you guys said I’ll receive an gift card and I didn’t receive anything at all 👎🏾
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Shai1112345678
    The new update with no social aspect has made me want to delete the app. The app update is trash.
  • Scammers 1/5

    By fvkulol
    It’s gross how they want to make money off bringing LGBTQ community together. The app is sluggish and they want us to purchase just to match. PASS big scam.
  • Labeled an escort 1/5

    By cardinalmockingjay
    To preface this I am a virgin.. as in I have never had any sex in my entire life. I’m a camgirl/stripper.. TAIMI accused me of trying to sleep with others for money and I’ve never done anything like that and yet they removed me. I tried communicating with support regarding this and they just threw the rules and guidelines at me as if that justifies this treatment. All I wanted was to find a single girl that matters to me. There’s literally thousands of men masquerading as couples and trans women (i dated trans women but there’s millions of fakes obviously stalking women!) and all I want is a single girlfriend I’m sexually attracted to and there’s barely anyone who fits this description on this site. I’m wondering if I’ll have to date other camgirls only since it appears I’ve been banned.
  • I love it, but… 5/5

    By AmazonQueen2020
    I absolutely love this app but the only problem is that it won’t let me log in with my Snapchat anymore.
  • It logged me out and I can’t log back in 1/5

    By sbsgsjsgwhhe skvsjwvwkvwvwn
    It just logged me out and I can’t log back in it won’t accept my password and email and it won’t let me type in my phone number
  • Horrid app 1/5

    By Yungdpresshun
    From the absurd paywalls to the fact that you can get your account suspended or banned for absolutely nothing this app is terrible. Ive been using taimi off and on for about 2-3 years now with no issue but this one time i message someone who liked my profile and i get booted out of my account. Moments before said boot i got an alert while i was in app that said i had to buy taimi silver to see all 4 of my likes. The paywalls are just ridiculous man.
  • Can’t log back in 1/5

    By efields92
    Ever since I updated the app I can’t get back in the phone number button doesn’t work. Always keeps saying trying again even though it’s the right information.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By shanseeeeeeeee
    The app was just as good as other apps. Going Live, having followers. Awesome! Then they removed all those interactions and now it’s just pure hookups. You have to pay to interact with people at all. And now they make you upgrade to see who likes you and message them. That was available with the original subscription. Greedy? Or crazy? Whoever is in charge of changing the app functions seems like they just want to make users angry and frustrated. So many problems. It seems the people in charge are so bored they constantly change everything to make it less enjoyable and complicated. They sign you out and make you struggle to get access to your account. Plus I pay for this. Anger doesn’t begin to describe the frustration. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. I hope someone comes up with something that is what Taimi used to be before the horrible udpdates.
  • Sad. 1/5

    By N Meik
    This app has really gone down the drain. It used to be pretty good, and had the potential to be great. It was the only dating app that trans people could effectively find other trans people to date. Ofc nothing lasts forever, but it seems like the developers or whomever is running this app intentionally made it a shell of its former self and just wanted it to fail.
  • App is broken, cannot advance account creation 1/5

    By StayFrosty288
    Upon creating an account for the first time, there is no “next” button when I reach the preferred age input screen. There’s no way for me to actually finish creating my account and use the app
  • Sweet 5/5

    By Hotlatina923!
    I really can’t make an opinion I just join the app now so I can’t say I like it I don’t like it
  • Taimi cards😻 5/5

    By Efan007
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Quarbople
    You can’t browse people around you, you can only judge people one at a time. If you don’t pay for the application immediately you can’t even truly test drive it. It’s endlessly trying to get you to pay. It’s an annoying app that notifies you of a ton of things that require you to pay. Not gonna waste the money.
  • Back to being my favorite dating app 5/5

    By Arcareus
    I love that Taimi lets you see who liked you, and lets you like them back. For a while there a lot of features were locked behind a paywall, but the app has gone back to being very consumer friendly and fair. I recommend it for sure.
  • Taimi 2/5

    By VenomX20
    It’s an ok app not my favorite after all the updates they’ve done now to try help “fix” things and make it better. But after the most recent update that’s changed things to look at peoples profiles, you can read all their bios, and there’s zero way to fully look at someone’s profile now which has really made the app worse.
  • Useless Rip Off 1/5

    By lobizao
    I was really excited about an app for asexual people, so I downloaded it, paid the monthly fee, and went to set it up. First off, there’s no option to filter people by sexuality, so I had a lot of polys in my search, which is exactly the opposite of what I was looking for. Second, I got a notification that someone gave me a like, but I can’t see who it is or write to her unless I pay an extra $15 a month, so that’s messed up. I imagine this is a wonderful app, if you have a lot of money and are willing to scroll through dozens of profile to find the one that is a sexual match, but I don’t ha live the money or time for that.
  • Don’t waste your time or money 1/5

    This app is full of fake profiles.. full of dudes acting like females .. they offer money for sex . The people that run the app don’t do anything about the harassing .. but will block your profile for no reason .. you won’t find anything on here but a WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY .. I WISH I COULD TAKE THEM TO COURT FOR MY MONEY BACK ..
  • No bio or about me makes it appearance based 1/5

    By dontworryaboutmycheese
    Taking away the about me section and thus taking away the ability for people to write about themselves makes this app appearance based. Makes it much harder to filter out people you would never have given a chance to in the first place. This app is now absolutely worthless as a dating app
  • Scam 1/5

    By Kh122863
  • >:( 1/5

    By kaydence>:(
    Literally won’t let me get past the age range for the partner thing. It’s stuck and I’ve tried everything. So stupid.
  • Hate the direction it’s going 2/5

    By Catananosnsnak
    Started out as a decent app, but with the latest changes making it impossible to have a detailed “about me” means it’s pretty much worthless to search for anything meaningful on this app anymore. 👎🏻
  • Up charging 2/5

    By MakenyaBB
    I paid for a month subscription that was 11.99 then y’all do an update now that 11.99 is 14.99 and I can’t use what I paid for before y’all updated. I’m deleting this app soon
  • Lame 1/5

    By fo not DL
    You have to pay……
  • I’ll change my ratings once the prob is fixed 1/5

    By CurlyBarbiie
    Hey so I just downloaded the app and I got thru the account set up and everything, great. Till I got to the age range of my preferred partner. I can’t get past that step. There’s no continue/skip button to tap or anything around it. If I could attach a screenshot I would.

    By reaaaaalllyyyyy
    This used to be literally the best app! It was similar to Facebook. We had statuses and everything and the groups were so much fun to be in. Now they got rid of feeds, statuses, BIOS, likes everything! It’s such a boring app now and everyone I’ve talked to agrees. I have literally 10k followers on there and none of us are active anymore. Every time I open the app they take something away that made the app unique and fun. Please reconsider going back to the old layout! All of us would greatly appreciate it!
  • Confusing layout + ignores preferences 1/5

    By kait-xo
    The layout is WAAAAY more confusing than hinge or tinder. Also, the app showed me a lot of people out of my age and location preferences (I couldn’t even find how to change location). I wouldn’t recommend.

    By 8101.via
    they got rid of the feature to only be shown other ace people. Either that or u have to pay for it. Not ace friendly as they advertise 😬😬
  • Can’t message anyone 2/5

    By Ayato lover
    I just downloaded this app and non stop just advertising to get a subscription I can’t message anyone at all and I’m just ready to delete the app🙄
  • New UI is basically trash 1/5

    By Joep416
    It’s hard enough to see peoples info, but they changed it from a single screen to “scrolling cards” for profile info. This makes it much harder to browse through. What a terrible decision, I’ve canceled my membership and you should as well.
  • Oh well… 1/5

    By Yanna504
    It’s obvious yall keep dumbing down the app to keep it profitable. No one was really paying for it and it costs money to maintain those amazing features it “USED” to have. We wanted the feeds, the lives, the profiles. Height weight, …it used to be awesome. Now I honestly dont want to use taimi anymore. I suggest ya’ll pivot to a more “lgbt social media, with a dating option” approach. Because when it was at its best, thats what it felt like….which was new and fresh. If not, just sell the platform. Because its about to crash and burn. At the very least please do away with these stupid cards. The only people who are still rating this a good app, are the ones who didnt have it before.
  • Dont Likee The App Nomore 1/5

    By Tay-Tay 🥰❤️‼️
    I Really Hate The New Update For Taimi Im Thinking About Deleting It ‼️‼️‼️
  • Update is HORRIBLE. 🤢 1/5

    By saucepan420
    I have no idea why you guys updated it so where you can only post one picture and make your about me as a slide. It’s the worst layout I’ve probably ever seen on an app…. also the fact that I’ve made it clear multiple times that I’m a lesbian and you’re still showing me cis-men & bi-sexual men & not trans women & women & non-binary folx is just ignorant. This app is not a safe space at all. Don’t tell me to adjust my options and fix my settings because I have multiple times and I still have men commenting creepy things and dming me. Fix your sh** taimi.
  • It’s different done poorly. 3/5

    By ellie01010101001
    Let’s start with the website. Full of typos, full of grammar errors, doesn’t exactly seem like the most professional application and in a way screams “indie dev” mentality. The website claims it’s the leader of “Asexual dating” yet there’s no options to filter out non asexual people. There are however, a lot of positives. I love the group chat functions. It really does take away from the swipe culture and allows you to meet people more naturally. within a week on the app i already met a few polyamorous people who i got along with very well and now close friends with! However, there’s a lot of other problems. There’s “walls” but no easy way to access them. The website advertises streaming, but there is none. It was removed. I get emails suggesting i check out people who do not fit my criteria. The moderation is an absolute joke. You make one mention of anything and automatically you’re getting warned for things that the staff refuse to look at context for. Overall. i love the ideas brought to the app, it takes away from the “im here to date mentality” and brings more of a social interaction and hangout vibe to it. It’s a great idea, great app, but there needs to be more consistency across the website and app and make features more accessible.
  • oh my god 1/5

    By ddjksjsjdkskskd
    please… please just put it back. or at least let us edit and rearrange our own “cards” and actually look at other peoples’ profiles. i get that every new big update comes with bugs, but it really seems like y’all fully broke it. i can’t even read peoples’ full bios anymore. please put it back. it was fine before, i promise.
  • The update killed this app. 1/5

    By Irritable.
    This latest update destroyed this app. It took away profiles for “cards”. Now there is no “about me” and the only pictures are if you upload them to your feed. So you have to scroll through someone’s feed to find their pictures. It’s a dumpster fire. All my pictures I had on my app are GONE unless I had posted them in the feed prior to this update. This app has been on a steady downhill slide. And this might finally be the thing that causes me to switch to a different app.
  • Annoying updates 2/5

    By Kylekris5798
    Updates keep getting dumber by the minute. It was better off each previous version. Y’all need to stop playing around.
  • Good! Except one deal breaker 3/5

    By Pleezfixitnow
    This app is great, lots of potential! The only thing that kills it is that if you don’t have a bought version of the app, you don’t get to see or talk to 90% of the people you match with. I’ve had hundreds of attempted messages, but only got to talk to 5 of them. I deleted the app because it wasn’t worth it just because of that.
  • The person who owns this app is crazy !! 1/5

    By Kacey_1996s
    They removed all the features from the app and they don’t let you do anything
  • I like it 5/5

    By ksjxnnxndjdbdudhdbbdd
    It’s a pretty good app , meet new singles couples etc near you or preferred distance . Great update since the beginning of 2021. Prices are decent , gold or sliver , even more . Great app highly recommended all genders & plenty of sexualities to choose from ! Must try
  • In the end, technology has failed 2/5

    By Domeneq
    So I have an account, it glitched and logged me and promoted me t create a new one. I realized I input my new phone number and must not have changed it in my settings. Well it will not let me go back to login even after deleting the app. It just takes me back to where I originally left off. Wonderful concept, and was meeting new people. Now that’s all over with due to a horrible programming bug that needs to be fixed. What if I was a new person with this phone? Would I be forced to start where the previous owner left off at? 2/10 rating. This flaw is major, and all the new people I met I no longer can communicate with due to this. I guess I have no choice but to redownload a different app I delete because This one gave me what I was looking for in an app.
  • Change back to original 3/5

    By ChrisHooligan
    I’ve had taimi on and off for several years and have always loved it, but The new format and everything with the new update is honestly more chaotic and unnecessary with the cards and everything. You all should change it back to how it used to be. It was much more enjoyable and user friendly
  • The Taimi app and team are lame 1/5

    By Queen of battles
    This dating app has basically gone from alright to basically trash over the course of its life. The developers keep trying to steal ideas from tinder and bumble but dunno how to implement them and it destroys the profiles. And as you swipe your radius don’t swipe from other places or change your radius because you’ll have to go through every single X that you’ve done because the app doesn’t save the X from your previous times. And lastly, most of the time your not going to get any likes because a lot of the users have abandoned the app because of its confusing changes or are straight up just fake. Yeah it’s that obvious. Use that app at your own peril cuz like it’ll definitely stress you out
  • it freezes at age range and i can’t do anything about it 1/5

    By rndjsnsn
    it’s not letting me even finish setting up my profile, it just freezes and takes me back to the start
  • It needs help 1/5

    By 🥺🤌🤌🤌
    I loved the app itself and I actually found a girl I was talking with and ….. well taimi decided to blocked my account 🥴💔 I lost 100% contact with her and until this date j can’t access my account how can we fix that taimi ? ?????😭😭😭😭
  • I didn’t know it could get worse! 1/5

    By كيلن
    The second paragraph is the review I made last month. Taimi has had ANOTHER downgrade since then. Now the profiles are super clunky and they obscure a lot of important information. Bios got cut in half despite taking up the whole screen now. Instead of telling us what state someone lives in, it just says United Sates. I have no idea where anyone lives. Even though I have gold premium, the people who match with me don’t, so they are usually super far away. This is such a shame. Worst pride month ever! Taimi is unusable now! This app used to be awesome! About a year ago. In Autumn, Taimi got rid of the option to view who is online and to view unread messages, then the daily stories disappeared, then we could no longer have social media links, then the friend list system disappeared. Finally, Taimi got rid of the option to search for people with compatible roles (top/bottom/versatile). What’s the point of an LGBT-themed app without that feature? Taimi keeps loosing its best features! It is also expensive to access the basic features Taimi has left.
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