Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat

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  • Current Version: 5.1.43
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Social Impact Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat App

Looking for LGBTQI+ Social network and Dating? Become a part of Taimi community - first gay, lesbian and bi app with more than 2,000,000 real users and 140,000 matches. Find out our special deals! Join Taimi: chat for free, make calls, videos, create posts & stories and find Love. TAIMI is the Fastest Growing free LGBTQI+ Dating App and Social Network. At Taimi, we believe that every single person has the right to love and be loved. We create a safe and interactive platform for LGBTQI+ people to find new partners, make friends easily and share the brightest moments of their lifetime. Taimi is more than a dating app for queer people, that's the community of open-minded and easy-going LGBTQ people who live their lives in all the colors of the rainbow. Each user can share stories and posts, create groups, follow LGBTQ community influencers and opinion leaders absolutely for free! At the same time, you can swipe, match, chat, and meet the partner of your dreams! You can enrich your network with like-minded queer people and meet someone special. Enjoy Taimi best features: DATING ◾ Explore, swipe, and match with gays, lesbians, transgenders, intersexes, bisexuals and other queer people; ◾ Send text and video messages to your matches; ◾ Adjust your search criteria to find the right partner; ◾ See people nearby and meet locals; ◾ Search users by the nickname; ◾ Share private photos and create albums; COMMUNITY ◾ Share your thoughts and ideas in your feed; ◾ Create groups to connect people sharing similar interests; ◾ Post engaging stories and share them with friends; ◾ Chat with open-minded and amusing people; ◾ Send likes/comments and connect with people seeking meet online; ◾ Follow your friends or influencers to be on the pulse of the latest LGBTQ news; ◾ Share your Pride and connect with LGBTQ supporters in your city; SAFETY ◾ See only real, verified people (because of a hand-picked moderation of profiles); ◾ Protect the app with a PIN or a fingerprint; ◾ Report, unmatch or block users in one step; ◾ See verification tick on verified profiles; ◾ Keep personal photos in private albums. ◾ Contact 24/7 Live Support. All those features are free to use. If you want to improve your app experience, you can purchase an optional subscription package TAIMI XL. With the Premium Subscription, you will be able to explore the LGBTQ world much easier: Message as many people as you want before a match; Boost your profile and get 5x increase in profile views; Use extended filters and find EXACTLY the RIGHT ONE; Request access to private photos without any limits; Switch to Incognito mode and get visible only to the users you liked or matched before. The cost of the optional subscription for Taimi XL is 14.99 USD for 7 days, 41.99 USD for 1 month, 53.99 USD for 3 months, 71.99 USD for 1 year. We genuinely believe that the app will help to create a safe environment for LGBTQ people to show the brightest sides of their personality, to find true love and spread awareness about equality, LGBTQ rights, and personal freedom! Our goal is to become the #1 LGBTQI+ Dating Social Network in the world and we hope that together we will reach this goal soon. Interested to learn more? Please, check the following links: Privacy Policy: https://taimi.com/privacypolicy Terms of Service: https://taimi.com/terms Subscription Terms: https://taimi.com/billing Taimi Community Rules: https://taimi.com/community We are continually improving the app, and if you are experiencing any issues, please contact our support team at [email protected] We are always here to help ;) Join us in social media: Facebook: @taimiapp Twitter: @taimiapp Instagram: @taimiapp

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Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat app reviews

  • Very good 👌🏻 5/5

    By sehanmmera
    Overall,Taimi is a good app. Love the way it works and has lots of freemium features.
  • Really nice 5/5

    By thememasr
    The app is awesome! Great features! Nice interface and people there.
  • I like Taimi 👍🏻 5/5

    By babnnaner
    No ads and the information and notifications are very clear, I am suprised
  • Cool dating app! 5/5

    By totuktunera
    Easy to use. Love the colors and all the options for profiles.Very professionally made app.
  • My favorite dating app 5/5

    By cauratacker
    I love the app itself. Developers made a great job !!!!
  • No way to cancel 1/5

    By Insane_about_concerts
    I’ve tried repeatedly to get in contact with the support team, and they do not answer their emails or phone. I signed up for the 7-day free trial and it auto-subscribed me to the 14.99 per week app. I Did Not Agree to this. -anyone know got to cancel?
  • Wouldn’t let me cancel my subscription 1/5

    By alex rodriguez52
    I got the free subscription and wanted to end it before it ended but the app didn’t give me a option and charged me for the subscription
  • Works well. 4/5

    By davvear
    The functionality of it is really good! Recommend it to all my bff's
  • No fakes, only true users 4/5

    By grareraa
    Finally I found an app with real profiles and responsive people. Very good for networking
  • My fav ♥️ 5/5

    By sirasuksac
    I love how interactive the app is. That app is very good, for real. I enjoy it every time when I am online.
  • Safety Concern? 1/5

    By pastelpunk
    The fact that this app panders to the LGBTQ+ community but makes you pay to have certain control over your profile, including your location, is creepy and greedy. It’s false allyship and puts people in danger.
  • All is good! 5/5

    By hanassrar
    The app is perfect for me. Every time I am using it's a joy
  • Easy to find love 4/5

    By precasera
    The greatest place for a romantic meeting with your future love !
  • Vip package gives many adds 5/5

    By newaras
    VIP features are really intuitive, it is trans inclusive, it is very flexible in how searches work
  • For fun 5/5

    By phanoera
    If you're looking for sex/dates, it's very nice
  • It help you for sure 5/5

    By memeressuer
    I recommend this app for anyone looking to date in the LBGTQ community
  • Beautiful! 5/5

    By fannmerat
    The layout is nice, and all the options made me feel welcome here .
  • Good work! 5/5

    By vassafaf
    If you have some issues , write to the tech support and they will quickly help u to get back.
  • XL 👌🏻 5/5

    By rerassuk
    The premium version is really cheap! I recommend Taimi XL to all .
  • Incognito mode 5/5

    By gravityuer
    Wich Taimi XL you can switch to Incognito mode and get visible only to the users you liked or matched before
  • Almost perfect app 5/5

    By bacannace
    I have nothing to complain about this app.It is the best choice I have made in recent years.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Junior_Cruz
    Basically Grindr but not as up front. This app ranges from free trial (useless) to gold gay for $20 (tf?!). There’s nothing really different or interesting. The people on it are the same ones you’d find on any other app. Basically if you wanna pay for what Grindr gives you free download this app 💁🏽‍♂️
  • You can’t control how far away the people you’re talking to are unless you pay for it. 1/5

    By Kinggdan
    That renders it pointless. I don’t want to match with someone attractive only to see they’re across the country and I have no control over it unless I want to pay for it, not to mention I don’t want to be visible to those not in my area. It clogs up my notifications. So in conclusion, finding something else.
  • Great choice! 5/5

    By myeabrelra
    Definitely a top choice! Can say without any doubts in my voice that bugs here occur very rarely.
  • No any problems 5/5

    By betayryrea
    Everything is most than great, really like it, really recommended and very sure so you doesn’t have to worries about nothing
  • Simple and nice 👍🏻 5/5

    By bassararas
    The app is very simple to use, and absolutely no ads! I am using Elixir for a long time and it is very practical investment.
  • All is fixed 5/5

    By miggolerar
    Breaking news! Last update is extra!I am waiting for new updates every time it is announced.
  • Delete this app they are invading your privacy 1/5

    By nikki021393
    Hello fellow users I am writing this review (never wrote one before) I experienced a very contradictory situation while sending my social media to a person I was speaking with for a few days. Within seconds after my profile was suspended and the only people I could talk to was support. They are for sure monitoring and viewing users messages and suspending people because they want to keep you on there to spend money. What doesn’t make sense is that you can post your social media on your profile but not send through a message? My cousin is a lawyer and I had her read their terms of use and it’s honestly ridiculous. I have used the app HER for years and never had an issue. I would urge people to delete this app due to the fact that they indeed monitor your messages. Besides it being a invasion of privacy it’s also a hippa violation if they are reading users medial info. I have talked to support for a few days now and they are absolutely tongue tied. They claimed to have referred me to a “supervisor” twice. The “supervisor” did nothing but repeat contradictory statements. They refuse to admit that they are reading/monitoring messages. I told them I want to make sure users are safe and their personal information isn’t viewed by a company who’s out to get money. To be honest it’s a very scary situation not knowing who is viewing your private messages and a company should not be doing that. I hope they close this app down soon. To all potential users I would suggest HER instead of this app. The main goal on HER is to make connections and eventually leave the app. These people just want to make money off you while suspending you at the same time it’s disturbing. They also lie and say “someone reported you” makes no sense since I talked to maybe 3 people and gave them my Snapchat. None of them reported me and when I asked they had no answer. To my fellow LGBTQ community be safe and don’t trust this app!
  • Tech support is amazing 5/5

    By ganassrar
    If you ever have any issues the tech support is very friendly and helpful
  • Connector 5/5

    By nicatolera
    This app is a good helper for building connections with people who has similar interests
  • Tottaly like it 5/5

    By lihhnhuera
    Easy and stylish application, I like to use 🙃
  • Good in exploitation 5/5

    By vassrarer
    No annoying ads - this is a big plus
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By 9TaylorAnn4
    I logged in one day to find out that my account had been banned. I had no idea why so I messaged their customer service and all I got was “Behavior and inappropriate offers”. They wouldn’t say what I specifically did wrong (I’m assuming some dude probably reported me cause I said I don’t just give nudes away) and wouldn’t even let me try to appeal their decision. I’m assuming they ban by location somehow which is incredibly problematic imo
  • Ok 4/5

    By Breezybree511
    It’s okay
  • Horrible Tech Support. 0/10 recommend 1/5

    By Dessie18
    After a user on the app messaged me trying to get me to send them money via PayPal, they mass reported my account and got it taken down. I messaged tech support about this and they are refusing to reinstate my account even though they should be able to see I NEVER ONCE messaged or commented asking anyone for any type of money through any cash sending service. I am genuinely upset about this as I actually was forming a genuine connection with someone and was cut from being able to contact them before we exchanged contact info. Horrible service, will never use again! Had to update this: After contacting the app support, they are REFUSING to even allow me to make a new account. DO NOT USE THIS APP they DO NOT care about their members!
  • Trash 1/5

    By fruckoff
    Poorly designed, and rejects legitimate, clean, face-based profile photos for no reason whatsoever
  • People . 5/5

    By gaggasrar
    You can enrich your network with like-minded queer people and meet someone special.Don't be afraid of it.
  • Cool features 5/5

    By iloerarsa
    You can make guys around ur local zone, share picture of ur social media’s and even more. Don't be shy and become a part of Taimi.
  • Premium version 5/5

    By mydoloerars
    With VIP package u can request access to private photos without any limits!I am convinced that Taimi is the best option if you want to meet someone extraordinary
  • Well created 5/5

    By basrrarbb
    It’s a pretty cool app, very easy and super friendly to use.I didn't though that I will become its very active user one day
  • Fell in love with the app 🥰 5/5

    By bvasragas
    Time flies so quickly and I decided not to waste it nd installed Taimi.Now, I am super happy to be and old user with dozens of experience
  • I recommend ) 5/5

    By loporerarsss
    I found my boy here! I definitely recommend this app to other people!
  • My helper 5/5

    By rabasscar
    Taimi helped me to find true love,I didn't believe but it really helps to meet the right person
  • Was going good 1/5

    By apeanut21
    I only had the app for one day and it was working really good and than all of a sudden it saids bad internet connection, which it’s not in my end because I’m here writing this review lol and I haven’t been able to get back on.
  • Please fix this 1/5

    By buisness00
    I love the app and the way it’s set up . Signing up for my account was very fun and easy. But a BIG CON is that you have to PAY to even view private photos and literally everything on the app other than liking someone . 😒
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By myssarra
    The app’s commitment to security, safety and authenticity in dating is unmatched!
  • Experience . 5/5

    By gogganmrea
    Taimi offers a pleasing experience when it comes to meeting new friends.I have experienced that on my own .
  • I like it at all 5/5

    By mosscolera
    Recommend this application to everyone single in this 🌍 world.
  • do ur life better 5/5

    By gageolora
    Swipe, match, chat, and meet the partner of your dreams! I already did and can say that it is totally amazing 😉

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat app comments

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