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Takl - Home Services On Demand App

Easily find same-day help for small jobs and chores like house cleaning, furniture assembly, lawn care, junk removal & handyman chores from Takl-approved providers. PERKS o Convenient - Find same-day help 7 days a week at the time you choose. o Reliable pricing - Chores are always pre-priced. No waiting for estimates. o You choose - After you order, the app quickly returns available background-checked providers. o Backed by the Takl Guarantee - if you are not satisfied, we'll work with you to make it right. o Customer Support - Easily available through the app 7 days a week. o No cash needed - Pay directly through the app, including tips. Enter your zip in-app or see our interactive map on takl.com for city availability. Now in more than 70 metro areas across America and expanding quickly. To become a provider, visit takl.com/provider. Find fast help with odd jobs like grass cutting, maid services, handyman services and haul away services. FAVORITE FEATURED JOBS o Decluttering junk o House & apartment cleaning o Gutter repair & clean out o Pack boxes o Haul away empty boxes, appliances or furniture o Hang light fixtures, fans & curtains o Organizing o Mount a flat screen TV o Power washing o Weed flower beds o Shrub/Hedge Trimming CUSTOM JOB Create nearly any small job you need for a pre-priced amount with Custom Jobs. Used for everything from painting walls to special home maintenance to hauling away multiple loads of junk. PROFESSIONAL HELP o Home-sharing & vacation rental managers have all used Takl for remote cleaning, trash removal, landscaping & home repairs. o Interior designers use Takl for installation day services & home decorating help like moving furniture & hanging pictures. o Realtors use Takl to help home owners quickly prepare a house for sale. o Small businesses use Takl to find last minute help with office cleaning, tree limb removal services and small office repairs. Home owners can benefit from this handy service. Your go-to task manager whenever you need local help for housekeeping, small renovation projects, home improvements & other residential services. EXPLORE Handyman & Small Repairs: assemble furniture, change filters, paint a wall, swing set assembly, install dishwasher Hauling: remove shed, remove boxes & junk, tree limbs, furniture and appliances for disposal Home Organization: organize a closet, pantry, attic, basement, garage or shed Housekeeping & Cleaning: house cleaning, clean a kitchen or bathroom, scrub appliances, dust furniture, remove cobwebs, window washing, office cleaning Moving (Same Site): load or unload a vehicle, move furniture around a room or up/down a set of stairs Pets & Animals: Install dog door, build cat tree, pet waste removal Lawn & Yard: lawn mowing, weeding, clean grill, patio cleaning, fertilize lawn, clean pool Seasonal: take down lights, snow removal Tech & Electronics: mount flat screen TV, set up wireless router, sound bar installation, set up a printer Vehicle Care: mobile car detailing, washing, replace windshield wipers, boat washing Not all services available in all areas. Note: This app uses your GPS location. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Denying the app access to GPS location will prevent you from using the app as a provider.


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Takl - Home Services On Demand app reviews

  • Great work 5/5

    By squaredealsam
    Nathan did a great job and was done in 30 minutes! Very impressed!
  • Joshua was great!!! 5/5

    By Masterlasher
    Very nice and very efficient! Did exactly what I needed in a pleasant manner and was polite and respectful! Highly recommend! Will use again!
  • Greg 5/5

    By Dave and Carol
    Great job!!
  • Job well done. 5/5

    By GH79
    This is a good app. Anything I need doing around the house it has. Well done b
  • Very unprofessional 1/5

    By Usbounty
    These ppl are very rude , when trying to understand how their app works they get frustrated in their texting. So I never got to use the app fully I was very unhappy with the ppl we chat with for help on their app. Don’t bother .

    By IBEMEX1
    This company charged $81.+ for a fifteen minute job by requiring me to find and purchase parts unnecessary for the job. I had to find and buy a total kit which would have required taking my toilet apart to replace a valve-when all I needed was a flapper that took all of 5-10 minutes to replace making an hourly price of $81 an hour. Highway Robbery for an unlicensed Provider. I cancelled a pending job and will not use TAKL again!!!😠😠😠
  • You will get screwed over if you are a provider (the person who actually does the work) 1/5

    By JMA-I<3music
    I accepted to do a small apartment cleaning job in Gilbert, AZ. The moment the women saw me, she said “the bathroom is over there” and I was taken back but I said ok and walked into the bathroom. The toilet was disgusting: pee all under the seat and around the toilet underneath, and hair all over. The rest of the bathroom wasn’t too bad, and I started on the shower. I scrubbed the shower down then went and scrubbed the sink. Then I wiped down the toilet first with paper towels and bleach, then with my microfiber washcloths so it would leave the toilet shiny and clean. I cleaned every inch of the toilet. (The couple didn’t have a tool to scrub inside the toilet (this is the only item that I don’t use myself because I think it would be unsanitary to use on all the bathrooms I clean, ever other house I have been to always has their own.) so I scrubbed the inside of the toilet with my hands (with gloves on.) Then I dusted the lights up ahead. Then I washed the windows and hand scrubbed the floor. Then I asked the women if everything looked good and she asked if I could wash the shower one more time, so I did. Then I asked her if there was anything else I could do and she looked around then said, “everything looks good!” So I thanked them and left. I get a call a few hours later from someone who works at Takl, and they said the customer was unhappy with the job. While I was cleaning the apartment bathroom I was getting strange vibes, so I wasn’t surprised to get this call. I was warned by a friend who also does Takl, that some people are dishonest and you truly could never make them happy with whatever you do for them. Anyways, I told the Takl customer service person what happened but they decided to automatically believe the customer, and so they told ME TO PAY for the job when I did it perfectly. If there was something wrong with the job, the customer should have told me before I left. I am so frustrated. I drove 45 minutes away to do this job, took time out of my day to go clean, and I did it perfectly! And then I get told that I need to pay for it? Wow. I am a very hard worker and I take pride in my work. I have gotten a 5 star rating ok every other job I’ve had. Clearly this couple was trying to get a free cleaning job which screwed me over.
  • Just what I needed 5/5

    By KatieMac813
    The app was somewhat simple and straightforward. Provider was fantastic. We definitely use this great service again.******
  • Outdoor Grill Cleaning 5/5

    By jemclain1
    I highly recommend James to clean your outdoor grill!! He did a great job.
  • Heaven Sent! 5/5

    By hunnigirl
    Amazing, quick, knowledgeable and willing to do anything it takes. I'm so glad I found him on Takl. He made my life so much easier. Highly recommended for any job! Will hire him again.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Bigdougnomore
    Been on this app for months to make extra cash. Haven’t made one cent... delete time !!
  • Greatest stress reliever ever!! 5/5

    By Twister's Mom
    I will be using this service again. This is an excellent no muss no fuss answer for life’s nagging hassles. Thank you Kristopher. Thank you Takl!!
  • Hard to get initial information. 1/5

    By JakeLeneva
    Offering a $50 Credit that expires within seven days of signing up doesn’t allow you to take a look at what’s offered, how it works, etc. Example: We are in FL for a vacation and wanted to line up some work at our WI house after 4/18. Can’t do any preliminary investigation without losing the credit offer. We will look elsewhere.
  • Haul away project 5/5

    By Jbtex137
    Nicolas arrived right on time and quickly loaded up the old refrigerator plus a few other items. He is friendly and efficient. He had done another TAKL project for us before so I was pleased to see him again. I hope he is available next time I need help. I highly recommend him. Thanks JVB
  • Very excellent job! 5/5

    By Lzyjkr
    I definitely will hire her again!
  • $50 to sign in 2/5

    By Jerry hhvdf
    So, after I sign in clock starts and I have 7 days to hire someone. I prefer to explore the app before signing in. Much better to offer $50 with 30 day clock or better yet first job. 7 days is bait & switch - sad start to a great idea. ☹️
  • Good Work! 5/5

    By Book134now
    The work was performed to my specifications and timeframe. Williams was polite and exact.
  • Wasn’t able to sign up 2/5

    By Fubby2
    Developers didn’t think this one out. Installed on my iPad, they ask you for a phone number but don’t tell you that you need to put in a mobile number for text verification. Or at least offer to contact you via email for verification. After I installed it was bit put off that I could not get it set up. If developer would at least have let me know that I needed to provide mobile number during the sign up process for text verification then I would not have been frustrated. If you can get past the sign up process because or their lack of foresight what else could go wrong.
  • Pay 35 bucks, get nothing 1/5

    By Lundberg02
    A new provider has zero chance of getting work
  • Angry provider 1/5

    By abcdefg654321
    I started using the app to try and make more money. I would only accept jobs I knew I could complete for sure and had the experience to do a good job. I saw a lot of “custom jobs” that were basically listed on Takl already but customers didn’t want to pay what Takl was charging. From a provider standpoint Takl already takes out 30 percent of the job fee and adds a 9% service fee. So both the customers and the providers are ripped off. Now on to the customer service. I made a mistake with the flexible time selection and chose an hour before I could actually be there. After a 20 minute chat and them scolding me for making a simple mistake, they finally agreed to contact the customer. They need to be ALOT more understanding especially when going to a job is basically a blind date through this app. I will never use this app to find a job again. They need to give up the whole “we own our customers “ mindset. They are making a fortune off of everyone involved in Takl. A Takl provider is “self employed” but can’t communicate with customers? Come on.
  • Bad Business: Buyers Beware 1/5

    By joysaxium
    We had our first house cleaning scheduled a month before the date and were really excited. The day came and no one showed. I checked the app and it said that two days ago the “five star” person was “unavailable”. We were very upset and had not received any notifications, texts or calls. We asked the service why this happened and they said they don’t allow the providers to call until they are already en route tot the appointment (which completely negates the need for a service) They never texted me or called me and instead blamed it on my notifications on my phone. After scheduling over a month ago, getting an immediate confirmation and no notification this is unacceptable. You need to fix your business model. As of now you are nothing more than an app and a scheme to take people’s money and have no accountability.
  • Doesn’t work for new providers 1/5

    By jasongoforth
    If you’re wanting to earn extra money thru this program, good luck. You have to pay $50 for the background check & then when you think you’re gonna be getting jobs... you don’t. The providers that have been a part of the program before you will be the ones being accepted for jobs. Their profiles will also appear before yours because they’ve been accumulating positive rating longer than the newcomers. There’s no way to get ahead or be chosen by customers unless the developers figure out a way to give newcomers/new providers a chance. I’ve had only 2 jobs thru TAKL & I downloaded the app almost 2 months ago, one of which I had setup myself by talking my friend into downloading the app & hiring me thru TAKL. I’ve done countless jobs for him that aren’t even listed on TAKL because they require more skill & are much more technical than anything TAKL has listed as a service. I’ve hung over a 1000 TVs in the past decade... & what’s crazy is I’ve had other TAKL providers that I know ask me how to do jobs they accept like tv hangings (garbage disposals, electrical work, using drywall hangers... etc...). At this point I’m just frustrated & I wish I could get my $50 back because I need the extra money right now... which is what I thought TAKL would be doing thru its service. It doesn’t work
  • App is fine, pay is worse then CL 1/5

    By D&A maintain
    I don’t mind the app I think this is a wonderful idea. And all that good stuff but I can go on CL and make more money. Initially went into this thinking they dealt in higher end jobs that paid more but that’s not the case, far from it! If your planning on using this app to make money or help build your business, think again. You’ll waste your time and money. Surprised people are still using this TBH, This app is no good. If you won’t take it from a business owner who has used it and not found on job worth a crap in a year you’ve got
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Chemistryshark
    Arrived on time and completed the job as outlined. (Even in the rain!) I would highly recommend this company and will definitely be using them for any future needs. 😊
  • Customer service & Provider 4/5

    By Request error
    Customer service professional and on point with the issues. However the providers that accept chore and don’t call or show are contrary to the customer service. The provider Sean was pleasant and did a good job. Thanks Takl
  • Light installation 5/5

    By soskls
    He did a great job! Was prompt and professional!
  • Mike, The Real Deal 5/5

    By K Fuller
    Mike is the Real Deal. He was notified this evening at last second and within 45 minutes arrived at our home in Bellevue. He went beyond the call to help my 93 yr old father and myself. When he arrives at your home, it is “on”. What I thought would take hours, we were done in 1 1/2 hours. The respect he gives, the work ethic exemplified brought a true professional to help us and any new customers in the future. Thank you Takl and we will use Mike again.
  • Excellent and Easy! 5/5

    By sadevouse
    Great experience with a very professional and talented handyman! I didn’t have an ordinary ceiling fan and the instructions for installation was lacking as it came from China. Zack was steadfast and even used some of his own hardware to see the job to completion! I’ve saved him as my favorite for future projects!
  • Pleased! 4/5

    By Tackl work in Temecula
    Raul did an excellent job! Made it to the job despite heavy traffic and found a creative way of mounting my TV! Great spirit!
  • Never any tasks 1/5

    By Elle122598
    They take your money for background checks and fees and show you this huge list of tasks in your area. And then as soon as you are approved, there are none. Literally none. What a scam.
  • Love Takl! 4/5

    By Jaiasmom
    I love the app! I’ve used several service providers for many different chores. Only reason it’s not 5 stars os that if a provider cancels, you don’t know unless you log back in to the app. Otherwise great service!
  • Enrique did a great job! 5/5

    This is the first time I’ve used this app. It worked very well! I had a medium sized cabinet that was falling off the wall. Enrique did a great job of reattaching the cabinet to the wall.
  • Awful for providers 1/5

    By amberrisme
    The app is fairly intuitive, but it is nearly impossible to get live support for providers. Even worse they will suspend provider profiles and not pay for services completed with no warning. This might be a good app for people needing home services, but if you are a provider, I would never recommend.
  • Kristy 5/5

    By Kissy1966
    I’m just so very impressed! Stephen was kind and, more so, really knowledgeable. Thanks so much!
  • Wow. I’m hooked on Takl 5/5

    By judyintheskies
    TAKL offers so many different types of help. Perfect for small or larger jobs. Today I had my oven & fridge cleaned. What a great job my worker did at a great price.
  • Worst service ever 1/5

    By 10636
    I had requested a move-in cleaning and let the provider clean an empty house before my moving date. And SHE DID NOTHING! So I contacted the customer service and expected they would resolve this. But they have only communicated via e-mail and blamed me not to respond right away. They did not give me a full refund even though I have wasted my time waiting cleaner and explaining them what happened. Please do not waste your time too!
  • Required to accept autodial marketing calls and texts 1/5

    By AlbertEllenich
    I was all ready to sign up for this service after reading horrible reviews for competitors. The acceptance screen presented during signups for Takl’s updated terms of use states “By submitting my phone number, I agree to receive calls/texts with marketing and discount offers from Takl via autodial technology.” It goes on to say you have to call customer service to opt-out. Seems like a bad business practice to require marketing calls and texts just to sign up for the service. No thank you.
  • No Excuses Now 5/5

    By roryjean
    TAKL has revolutionized my on-demand tasks and chores. No excuses for not getting things done done--TAKL is just a few clicks away. I recently priced another hauling business--and because TAKL does not have a minimum, it saves me $200. Thank you
  • I will always consider TAKL 5/5

    By Bermiala
    Wow! What a great service and with what ease during the whole process. Nelson was very knowledgeable and took of job with ease and no how. Pleasant experience all around. I have a move this year up to Ohio and will definitely be using this service again. Highly recommend.
  • Inefficient 1/5

    By BoldSolar
    I have to steer away from this app. You have no way of communication with your confirmed provider until two hours before they are en route to your project. While I need someone to help me move furniture within my home I don’t need the truck that they provide and I cannot tell them this until they are in route. So stupid not to be able to talk to who you hire. In addition I created a project to replace one I had online already. Instead they canceled both projects.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Michael Haley
    I used Takl for an apartment cleaning. The provider only did 4 of the 14 tasks Takl advertises for a cleaning. Customer service told me they reached out to the provider and the provider lied telling Takl he completed everything. They believe him and not all of the pictures I sent. They are charging me $85 for a “chore” that was not performed. Absolutely ridiculous. DO NOT USE THIS APP!
  • Wendy 5/5

    By Wendypea
    Jose is the greatest! He has the three P’s 1. Prompt 2. Polite 3. Professional Highly recommend him.
  • Do not waste your time or money 1/5

    By georgeyou86
    ***DO NOT USE TAKL*** I used Takl to hire a cleaner to clean my 1 bedroom apartment. The provider did not dust the apartment and I sent pictures to support showing that it was not complete. They responded “we have reviewed your dispute with Claude. The photos you and the provider sent us do not show that the provider missed any of their responsibilities.” And then proceeded to charge my credit card for the full amount, whilst I was still trying to resolve my dispute. So, basic dusting is not part of their responsibilities. Take your time and money elsewhere. Mind you, it took them 2 days to get back to me after filing my initial support request. Rude support staff, terrible service providers. There are other apps out there that provide far superior cleaners.
  • Door knob install 5/5

    By Newlove2
    Brandon was awesome. He was on time and installed my door knobs in mins. Thanks Brandon
  • I am a takl provider 4/5

    By michael in massachusetts
    I like using Takl because I can earn money doing thing I like to do and things I’m good at doing. I have had a few issues using this app but I think that this is the way of the future. I urge the customers to use care when choosing a provider. Also when they show up try to engage the provider to determine if they are comfortable with the chore. Ask if they have done that type of work before. You have the ultimate choice in refusing a provider you think may be less than qualified to perform the task. The customer service with takl is very responsive. Please rate your provider honesty as the ratings are the best way to weed out those providers that will do anything for a buck, even if they have no skills or ability to complete the task to your satisfaction
  • Gutter cleaning 5/5

    By Tara916
    Super nice and fast. The app was easy to use. I will use this service again. Thank you for helping me out.
  • Exercise equipment 5/5

    By pass the chore guy
    This app is the best ever I will highly recommend pain free
  • About 50 an hour 1/5

    By creebril
    Caulked the baseboards of one small room for 50 dollars a wall or five hours for $250 bucks. Felt trapped by the app into paying it. Will never use them again.
  • Great job. 5/5

    By Machauer
    Michael did a great job. I would trust him to do any handy man jobs around my house.
  • Assembly bar stools 5/5

    By Awesomegygvyygygtgyggyg
    Alex/Alec did a fantastic job. He was prompt, neat and conscientious of his work. Would recommend!

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