talabat: Food & Grocery order

talabat: Food & Grocery order

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 9.7.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Talabat General Trading and Contracting Company
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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talabat: Food & Grocery order App

Hey! Looking for the quickest food delivery? That’s easy with our new talabat app. Whether you want a pizza, burger or groceries, choose from thousands of markets and restaurants in your city and put your hunger to an end. We’ve got it all – fast delivery, unlimited options, easy online payment and vouchers all at your fingertips. Order your favorite food and get it delivered to wherever you are, but also get your groceries delivered to you with more cities to come. Your needs, done - simply download our app, choose your food or groceries and pay in a few taps via card or cash upon delivery. Browse a multitude of restaurant menus and order from countless stores. With our filters and smart search functions, you can find the exact menu or product you want in no time, available to personalize at your request. "Pay online or in cash" Add info to your account on our new talabat app to speed up your order process. Pay in cash or save card details to pay online, reorder your favorites anytime and save addresses so you’re ready for delivery wherever you are. Like planning ahead? Pick what time you want us to deliver to avoid hunger kicking in. "Track your order from start to finish" That’s right; follow your delivery from the moment it’s confirmed to the second we hand it to you. With notifications, you'll always be updated and our help center will answer any questions about your delivery – we’ve got you. "Find exclusive deals" Downloading the talabat app makes you a part of our fam. We’re more than food delivery; discover vouchers, promotions and deals and treat yourself to that midweek pizza or Friday night burger more often. By opting in for notifications, we'll also share new restaurants, supermarkets and stores in your area, so you’ll never miss out on the latest offers again. Find us in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Happy ordering.

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talabat: Food & Grocery order app reviews

  • خدمة العملاء 1/5

    By keko474
    خدمة العملاء سيء جدآ و مش بيعملو الي طالب الاوردر تعويض لو حصل غلط من عندهم
  • Terrible app DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! 1/5

    By Mohamedassal
    Terrible app do not download, i ordered four different times and chose specifically for my order to be delivered at a specific time but they ignored my request and delivered it right away. After the third time they called me and said that i didn’t chose for my orders to be delivered at a certain time and shouted at me and basically told me I’m a liar. And when they refund you they refund you in your talabat wallet so you’re forced to use this awful app. If i could give it 0 starts i would but sadly i cannot.
  • ٣ تجارب جدأ سياه 👎🏻👎🏻😡😡 1/5

    By Ali-Eess
    بعد ساعات من الانتظار والطلب مكتوب قيد التوصيل بالاخير المطعم ما نفذ الطلب! اكثر من ثلاث مرات تصير لي نفس المشكلة في اقل من اسبوعين! ما انصح احد ابدا يستخدم برنامج طلبات!
  • التطبيق فيه خلل غير متوافق مع اناطق لل مكفوفين 1/5

    By مبارك العزمي
    التطبيق فيه خلل غير متوافق مع اناطق لل مكفوفين
  • Irresponsible company, buggy app 1/5

    By eddyzhd
    The app caused duplicated orders. Even I show evidence that the orders were identical and placed at the same time(why would a human does this), the company was not willing to accept its fault and refused to refund. No need to waste the time on it.
  • Not recommended 👎👎👎 1/5

    By Jimin's strawberry jams
    I received my order missing some items once and it turned out that the driver ate some of it, and talabat nevwr did anything to refund me and ignored my report 👎👎👎👎
  • Worst Application Ever, Even uglier customer service 1/5

    By Very disappointing customer
    I registered with Talabat, and while placing my first order and trying to check out, my account got blocked. I went back and forth with their technical support for two days straight to find out why my account got blocked, and all what they say is I violated the terms and conditions, but no one is able to tell what terms and conditions that were violated. They just refer you to the site terms and conditions. I did not even place a single order yet, so what terms and conditions were violated without even placing an order. I did hear a lot about horror stories with Talabat, they are famous with blocking accounts without any explanation, talk about customer service!!! On the bright side, I’m glad to find out how terrible this company is before I place any orders with them. Imagine if I had to complain about a product or a service, they would probably sue me LOL RIP Talabat
  • If you wanna waste your time use it 1/5

    By reshoka
    I ordered meat kebab but i got it 01:15 hr later. Which is unacceptable. But what was too unacceptable that i contacted their customer support. They said the driver took 2 deliveries at a time. When he finishes of his first then its yours . 2 meal at a time!? Are you serious?!. Then i got my order it was looks like frozen everything was too cold. Couldn’t eat that. Never recommend this app to anyone. Cause in any kind of situation that happens they won’t feel any responsibility for your waste of time . They don’t respect your waiting. Even didn’t apologize that its their problem. If i have 1:15 hr ill better go there by myself. 👎👎👎👎
  • اسوء خدمة 1/5

    By عمو معيض
    برنامج ما تهمه سمعته او عملائه برنامج سيء جدا افضل استخدام برنامج دليفرو
  • My rating 3/5

    By solavv
    I like the app, but you always have to spend 5000 or more in order to order, and the delivery always ends up at one of my neighbours houses,
  • Best App 5/5

    By Dr. Shakir F.
    For me, it is the best application I have used for many years. I wish all the best and success for talabat company.
  • Talabat 5/5

    By mickey.loay
  • Talabat is a must-have app 5/5

    By ExpediaSucks!
    Talabat is a must-have in Bahrain. In the summertime, you’re not going to want to go out for food. Stay home, order something on Talabat instead.
  • Pop up ad machine 1/5

    By osasu angel adodo
    Little regard for the user, throwing constant pop-ups in my face. False confirmations. Left me without dinner even after a confirmation. Not to be trusted.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By talabat is the worst!!!!
    Customer service is abysmal. I was given the incorrect order and had to contact them; they are unresponsive; they don't care about your order; and customer service will not assist you or prioritise the customer.
  • Great job 5/5

    By hamed yousif
    Great job
  • Great job 👍👍 5/5

    By king of the bling
    Game changer tbh its really helpful
  • Bad customer service, 1/5

    By MJaYAvi
    I used talabat from the beginning for the site before the application even, and now there’s no social media no customer service if you didn’t order , I cancelled order before 15 day till now I didn’t receive my money, and i followed the instructions to refund the money to the cards , i call the bank the inform me to contact talabat and there’s no line for calling customer service, and in the app you need to make new order to talk to them ? The fees it’s being much higher now so you can try talabat pro , when I registered, the free delivery is only for 3.5 kd and not for all shops? What if i want to order something in 1 kd or less it’s my choice why i need to order something much higher so i can use the free delivery? Or why I would sign for pro users if it’s no help for one order less then 3.5kd We all persons i pay for one user so why would one person order something for groups to get free deliveries? With put in mind that the raise the amount of delivery charge and the item ?
  • Best Food Delivery App 5/5

    By MyCode10,000Nanas
  • On talabat 5/5

    By 🧊❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹
    It’s a good app fast delivery and all but price of some items and delivery fees are higher compared to other apps
  • برنامج مفيد 4/5

    By SoCooL_q8
    برنامج جميل ورائع يسهل عليك الوصول الى أغلب المطاعم والمحلات الاخرى بسرعه والطلب منها بكل سهولة علما بأني استخدم هذا البرنامج من زمن طويل ولم اًواجه اي مشكلة ، فريق الدعم متواجد وسريع الاستجابة ، سلبياته ( سعر التوصيل مرتفع + الكتابة غير واضحة + هناك مبالغة في الاسعار في بعض المطاعم )
  • سيء 1/5

    By adjllvgisnajdbd
    يعلق جدًا مزعج شككني بقوة الانترنت بس طلع مافيه مشكله المشكله من التطبيق نفسه أرجو حل المشكله لان تعبت
  • من تجربتي 2/5

    By km_2042
    من تجربتي في بعض الاحيان ينسون نص الطلب او يجي بارد او حتى العصير نصه منكت اتمنى يكون في حل حق هالسالفه
  • One of greatest easiest application 5/5

    By zhraa88
    Every time I use it ,I appreciate the idea of this application.. Thank you verrrrrry much
  • شكرا جزيلا 5/5

    By the,wranger.q8
    طلبات يعتمد عليه
  • Delivery 1/5

    By Tarekk18
    Its been 2 hours and i didn't receive my order yet, its not the first time this happens. The customer services remark is this wont happen again and clearly it does. I wont be using the app anymore.
  • Annoying Pro subscription 1/5

    By n Power
    The app is really annoying with the Pro service subscription message. It is always popping up for every order I make. You can not close it, it’ll take you to new window when you try clicking on it, this is the only way you can get rid of it from blocking part of your screen every time you place an order 🤮
  • Thank you very much 5/5

    By Ires Jordan
    Great service
  • عدم اكتمال الطلب 1/5

    By Mohammed Alsharif 2023
    تم الطلب من فرع الاردن وتم التواصل معهم لاكمال الطلب او استرجاع المبلغ تم الرفض وكتابة تم حل القضية للاسف تطبيق غير محترم

    By headbusta36
    03/10/2023 TALABAT!!!!! I have cancelled my membership and deleted my account over six months ago now!!! And you continue to illegally charge my card without my permission! DELETE my debit card you have on file or I will file Legal charges against you. I have already notified my bank to block your charges. This is illegal and unethical.

    By Sh Alllllll
  • خدمة سيئة 1/5

    By Free Palestine /// 🇵🇸
    الطلب وصل مختلفا ولم يعوضوني وارجعو اقل من نصف المبلغ المدفوع وعندما تواصلت مع خدمة العملاء لم يتجاوبو معي وبكل استهتار اهملو طلبي لا انصح احد بالتعامل معهم هنالك تطبيقات افضل بكثير
  • Super Satisfied 5/5

    By Maram Ayyash
    Very useful application with great options
  • unfair policy 1/5

    By moe44-2
    i used it for more than a year once i bought 3 pots set for my induction cooker the picture says that these pots works on induction cookers but when i got it it turned out that its bad quality metal and it doesn't work so i contacted the support team to turn it back and they said no its not possible to return any items (it was less than 24 hours), since that day i deleted this app for their greedy unfair policies
  • Never ever 1/5

    By Yousef AlMaraghi
    I always order from Talabat, and most of the time I have issues, either the driver eats from my fries. And more than 3 time I haven’t received my order and when you contact the customer service they are useless they just keep you waiting and after half hour they cancel the order. Its all matter of wasting time and disrespecting consumers. I gave Talabat more than 5 chance but I can’t anymore because they ruining my day and schedule. So I would recommend to look for another delivery APP
  • برنامج سيء ويغير الاسعار بشكل كبير 1/5

    By Mehmet_Orhan
    كثير من المطاعم توصل مجاناً، نعم سائقين المطعم يقوموا بالتوصيل مجاناً و اسعار الطعام جداً معقولة ولكن عندما يظهر المطعم في طلبات، الاسعار تزداد بأكثر من ١٥٪؜ لكل طبق، ويضاف عليها سعر التوصيل (٩) دراهم في الغالب والمقرف بالموضوع ان التوصيل ما في خدمة تعقب، لان التوصيل يعتمد على سائق المطعم نفسه! ليش طلبات ترفع السعر من ٤٥ درهم الى ٥٩ درهم لنفس الطبق؟ ليش تطبيق طلبات يطلب اذن بالـ tracking internet activity للمستخدم؟ ليش طلبات يبيع معلومات المستخدم ويجني منها ارباح غير الارباح والعمولة على كل طلب، وسرقة وصفات المطاعم واستخدامها في مطاعم سحابية رديئة الجودة باسعار منافسة للاصلي؟ من اسوء الاعمال اللي شفتها، نصب واحتيال عيني عينك
  • Bad 1/5

    By ...!!!!!nnnn
    So bad
  • سيء 1/5

    By ABLS4
    بالفترة الاخيرة اغلب الطلبات توصل بارده او ناقصة ولما تكلمهم يقولك راح نردلك فلوس الشي اللي ما وصل ونعطيك هديه مبلغ رمزي !!!
  • They don't care ! 1/5

    By JosephD99
    Look people i use it almost everyday but i got sick of this kind of customer service it's very slow and stupid and some times the delivery person acts strangely enough to make u give a tip
  • Terrible SCAM 1/5

    By SpaceLambFTW
    Do not even bother ordering since it will take a long time and steal your money Scam
  • Talabat iraq , erbil 1/5

    By kardoooo
    Worst service, i ordered with a promis of the advertising from the talabat mart that it will come with in 30 mins , while my house and the storage place of talabat mart is exactly 5 minutes drive, talabat managed to come after 1 hour that means 30 mins late, and also worst tracking system and some how you cant call their customer service you have to chat once your out of the chat , from the other end they can end the chat without getting final answer from the client , im never usiing it again , i encourage people to use local apps not talabat , since if it was any where else in the world they would sue them but here nobody cares , Note : i tried to give a feedback on the application but once you give on star the app closes automatically ( i have screen record )
  • User friendly app. 5/5

    By sono duwa
    Reliable, fast and flexible payment options. 👌🏾
  • No option to delete your credit cards! 1/5

    By Unsatisfied :-(
    This is a major issue. There is no option what so ever to DELETE your credit cards from the account. The call centre kept giving instructions that are not applicable or in conformity with what the application list has. Very serious issue that I’m currently working to reach the authorities to BLOCK the app or force them to change it to give the customer such option. TALABAT, YOU DO NOT FORCE saving a credit cards when the cash option is available. Either your work on it immediately, or I would be your worst nightmare. No thanks
  • Is good and fast 5/5

    By Bob92681
    Is cool
  • تأخير فالطلبات 1/5

    By طلبات من سيء الى اسوأ
    تأخير في الطلبات و عندما اطلب من الموقع يتصل شخص ويطلب منك ارسال الموقع على الواتساب و البرنامج لا يعلمك اين الطلب وصل و كم وقت و رسوم التوصيل غالي جدا
  • The best 5/5

    By retdyv
    Very professional application and company
  • Delay 1/5

    By youtube user 1000
    !Beware ! Order not received ! basically (stole more than 4 kd) and nothing can be done about it in app . No number to call or any support ...(Thieves)
  • خدمة سيئة في التبريد 1/5

    By Ahmad725(/@
    طلبت مثلجات من عند بينك بيري ووصلتني ذائبة جدا حتى انني ظننت انها عصير من شدة ذوبانها ودفعت 10 دنانير واذا لم تعوضوني لن استخزم هذا التطبيق ابدا
  • فتح التطبيق من خارج مصر 4/5

    By Nermen A
    برجاء اضافة فتح وتفعيل التطبيق من خارج مصر والدفع فى حالة رغبة اى شخص مسافر خارج مصر استعمال التطبيق لإرسال ما يرغب لذويه من داخل مصر والدفع من الخارج التطبيق لا يفتح من الخارج أبدًا حتى فى وجود حساب للشخص على تطبيق طلبات