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  • Current Version: 2.0.9
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Welcome chosen one, La Place, the city blessed by divines is under shadow of evils nowadays. We need your power to find the truth behind and bring the light again. An action MMO RPG with cute characters and soothing experience -Customize yourself with tons of outfits -Capture and travel with cute pets and mounts Cards of Power -Defeat powerful monsters and seal them in soul Cards which grant you superior power Explore a vast world for great loots and precious with your friends -Real-time PVE gameplay requires good Co-op Tons of gameplay mode -Racing, shooting, quiz and more than 20 different gameplay Meet your romance in your adventure -Encounters your soul mate in the journey -Complete the 2-Players tasks via your wisdom and courage -Promise your love in the church with all your friends -Manage the farm only for you two Value yourself and empower the kingdom -Complete the kingdom mission with players all over the world to promote the course of history Pledge yourself to the guild -Defeat other guild with your strategy and power in several GVG mode -Party, feast and quiz events, enjoy your guild life Challenge players around the world, use strategy to defeat your rivals -Compete for Higher Ranks in real-time PVP -Make your own elite team and fighting for ACE Tales of Wind Subscription Information 1. Subscription Price and Cycle You can use the Subscription Choco Assistant in the game. After the automatic renewal function is enabled, the subscription price is 2.99 USD, the subscription period is 30 days, and the subscription will be automatically renewal upon expiration. 2. About Subscription Content Users of the subscription assistant can enjoy the following privileges during the subscription period: I. Farm’s daily Heart outputs is increased by 200%; II. Farm’s daily Heart output is increased by 3000; III. Treasure Hunt is upgrade to automatically dig for treasure. 3. About Auto Renew The App Store official subscription feature is an automatic renewal subscription, and your iTunes Account will confirm payment. Users need to manually manage the auto-renew feature in iTunes/Apple ID Settings Management. If the auto-renew features is not turned off within 24 H before the end of the subscription period, the subscription period will continue automatically. 4. User Agreement User Agreement: https://www.neocraftstudio.com/terms 5. Privacy Policy and Notice Privacy Statement: https://www.neocrftstudio.com/privacy 6. Unsubscribe process If you want to unsubscribe, go to Settings on your iOS device->Select iTunes Store & App Store-> Click on Apple ID and select View Apple ID”, go to “Account Settings”, Click “Subscribe”->”Manage”, and select the subscription corresponding to “ToW”, then you can cancel the subscription

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  • Amazing game with loads of features 5/5

    By turtleray
    This game is very addictive and enjoyable, and I think there is even more potential for this game. This game keeps impressing me with all the content it has. I love the pvp, and guild war was amazing. If you are not into pvp, this game can be for you too. Are you an artist? If you are then post your art, songs, or just anything on your account for other players to see, it is incredible. And as a bonus, the translator built in with the chat is just so helpful, it actually works very well, and there is absolutely no language barrier with that included! My only con is that the game could come off as a little greedy and p2w. Overall this is a very fun game.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By Robert Becquet
    Great game very enjoyable, however what’s the point of the spirals when I have a good amount that were earned however I can only use the ones purchased to buy stuff seems kinda dumb and not thought out well from the developers. But it won’t change so this is just a complaint
  • Diversity? 3/5

    By bt leir
    Love the game, BUT there is no diversity. I have the option of giving my character blue hair and red eyes but I can’t give her brown skin? I hope this changes soon. I would love to give 5 stars.
  • Help 5/5

    By CoOLGuy21/3
    Game keeps saying login fail and I can’t load it up
  • I played for a few months 1/5

    By Mhhhhhjjthjfyhfuhfuh
    So let me get this started it has a good story and all but to upgrade and get better stuff you need to pay basically it a pay to win game you can get free spiral’s but they are useless except if you buy some so you’re left suckin I wish I knew when I preordered this dumb game...
  • Farming MMO 5/5

    By Da1bae
    I liked playing with others and tending my farm, but it’s pay to win.
  • Avatar problems 5/5

    By Meich85
    I really love the game. And I’ve gotten really far on it on the time I’ve been on it, and love the art designs and everything. There’s just one thing that bugs me, I don’t like how I can’t delete an avatar. Like I said I’m very far on a few of my avatars but I don’t really like one of them. I tried searching if you could delete an avatar but nothing came up. And I already have 5 avatars. I really hope you could fix this problem. Thank you to the awesome creators for this amazing game.
  • epic 5/5

    By Corniosis
  • MMORPG = more money or rubbish people game 1/5

    By Mr. Fat man
    MMORPG = more money or rubbish people game
  • Room For Improvement 4/5

    By Madzy5709
    This game is very enjoyable and could have great potential but I personally faced a few issues here and there that I think you should address. This game is not bad: I have just faced a few personal issues that I believe would benefit the game in many ways. First of all, this may not be an issue for many people but it was very prominent for me. This game took quite a long time to download. I was having a lot of fun with this game but I decided I should change it up. I didn’t want to make a bunch of different profiles like I always do and the game was taking a bit too long to load my save data anyway, so I did the best solution I could think of at the time: deleting the game and downloading it again. So I did just that and then I realized how long it actually took to download this game. Later on, the more I progressed the longer the game took to load and although that is very reasonable, I’m impatient and I don’t want to waste time waiting for a game to load. My next issue is that the game is super laggy. I play on mobile and the game just freezes or slows at a randomized time or place, and it usually happens when I’m doing something important. Please address these issues for the benefit of many players. It would be greatly appreciated.
  • Trash 1/5

    By YaoShura
    RNG in this game is trash. If you you don’t spend money on this game you’re also gonna be trash! Do yourself a favor and play something else.
  • Great 3 weeks worth of game 1/5

    By heidisachi1019
    I wish I read the review about the free spiral not being able to use as regular spiral. I went to go get some item that was 980 spirals and it told me I had insufficient spirals. I have near 2000. I tried buying other items like shells which you can use to by better equipment. Same thing. That just ruined it. The fact that there is no way to convert your free spirals to better equipment is terrible. Had I read the other reviews I wouldn't have downloaded to begin with. Off to find a different story game.
  • Help!! 1/5

    By Sharell7
    How do I get in contact with developers I can’t find my account ?????!!!
  • Cute and fun game but there’s one problem... 4/5

    By iReii
    The graphics are adorable and there is a lot of modes to play, which unlocks as you level up. There’s also different events throughout the day to keep you entertained. Everyone in the community is very nice and helpful, but there is only one problem for me. Although my internet is in perfect condition (I have no trouble using it for other games and apps), but very often, it will lag for couple minutes then eventually kick me out of my wifi. I have to manually connect to my wifi once again which is very annoying.
  • Can you please have a 50% chance of getting dragonets in the Dragon/Treasure hunt? 5/5

    By BoomCrashWow
    So, as you know, in the Dragon/Treasure hunt, the eggs you collect hatch supplies. I’m fine with that. But also, as you know, there is only one way to get guardians. I’m fine with that to. But also, it’s kinda annoying that there’s only one way to get guardians. So I was thinking that maybe in the Dragon/Treasure hunt, you have a 50% chance of getting a dragonet out of the eggs that you get at the Dragon/Treasure hunt. That dragonet could become your new guardian. Then, if you add this update, there would be 2 ways to get a guardian. Please add this, ❤️ the game, it would make me very 🙂 if you added this in the game. Thank you for reading this🙂🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉 P.S Can the dragonets also have different elements? That wold be great. The elements would be like fire, earth, nature, water, poison, wind, light, and dark. Thank you for reading this postscript🙂🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉
  • What guilds need or else it bad 1/5

    By Frankenella
    Hey toW it’s fine but u need to put these in or 1 star! First off why 1 deputy put in 3!! It’s only fair for 3 deputy’s! Second acitvity points. I hate them their shouldn’t be activity points so I mean like no activity points and guild shouldn’t be able to be disbanded unless I the leader do so! So that means take out activity points! Third off shards for leader weapon uh uh Nono. Takes those out! Make so we can craft it with out needing shard or anything we craft it then we got nothing we need to do for it but craft! Do and I’ll make 5 stars
  • Great Mmorpg 4/5

    By RandomGamerWhoPlays
    I recommend that you play this game. The storyline is good.The graphics are the best I seen so far. The gameplay is rich. I just wish they starts some new servers for new player who are joining this exciting game. Or at least have level balanced mini games.Level 80 players can one shot level 70 or below player. Most events combine player from all level. I just think that it is not fair for the newer players. It takes 1 months of daily grinding (3-5hrs with hourly visits) just to get to level 70 but by that time most older player are maxed out and greater br than you and you are still 1 shot
  • Collabs 4/5

    By Duhdude01
    I meant to suggest to you guys in the survey could add in collaborations from different types of anime into this...that would be cool too...Would love to get Kirito’s Midnight clothes from Sword Art online
  • can’t play 1/5

    By xiwichii
    lol I can’t even press Start button at the beginning, it is marked as grey and I can’t play...
  • Also, needed items only 3/5

    By Angelic Dragon =^_^=
    Spirals should not be separated into free and purchased. If something is purchased with Spirals then it shouldn’t matter which ones they are. This makes the game frustrating and annoying. I am playing to have fun not to get annoyed. I have purchased Spirals if I want something now. But I can also be patient and save as well. Don’t punish people for playing hours of your game by making them buy vanity items ALL the TIME. This takes the FuN right out of the game. If, I am having fun and enjoying the game I will reward the games makers but purchasing items. But that choice should not be forced on me. That just pisses me off. Also, I noticed that the developers response to many complaints about free Spirals is you can purchase all NEEDED ITEMS with free Spirals in the market under the tab Spirals. But, what they are not saying is : all cosmetic items you have to pay for using real money to buy Spiral packs. This is a game and I’m here to have fun. If I’m not having fun why play?
  • Pay to win 1/5

    By Carity1
    Buy cards and armor, the events say you will get free stuff but every time I get 9999 stars in the summer water event it gave me nothing, six times. The auction house only uses in game currency that you buy, you can grind gold gear to trade others for it. Lvls1-60 in three days and the later lvls the exp jumps to the 100 millions so doing some events are a waste of time because the eco is in the 20-60k . This is just a auto playing, pay to win, gotcha game. Cute models though
  • Eh it’s kinda good 5/5

    By lyrica12354765757
    There should be a lot more classes to pick and activities to do apart from the same daily stuff, something I think this game should have is trading so people could trade outfits, armor, and so on, I will be voting 5 starts in hope that you will fix some stuff or add trading.
  • Would love the ability to change colors 4/5

    By deangeloe
    As a PoC I would love if I could make a darker character please
  • Disgusting. (Not the game, people) 1/5

    By InTears. (UN on TOW)
    Please I need you guys to watch for disgusting people on here, this one guy posted a dic pic targeted specially at me and beware Im just a Highschooler starting freshman year. I really need this guy removed from the game or anything, he posted that inappropriate picture and any child who decides to play can see it. He asked me about my privet info and asked if I was single and that he wanted to ya know do it. I feel very disgusted and I hope someone sees this. It’s gross. Stop.
  • Less than meh voice-acting 3/5

    By This Band makes my ears happy.
    Love the graphics and gameplay, feels just like a PC MMO on your phone, but the voice acting is atrocious.
  • Over hyped 1/5

    By zeroplayer1
  • Please read, and please help! 5/5

    By Flicker BerryYT
    I love this game soooooo much! But after the update.... It was taking forever to load, and when it did, I logged in. Then, it asked me to create a new character, like I was restarting!!! I have gotten to level 51, I don't want to restart! I love this game, now I really want to play! Please fix this!
  • ... 3/5

    By Shameless252
    I’ve been having this problem which makes it so that when I enter the game, it’s just a black screen. I’ve restarted my device and done everything I could to make the game work, but it was always a black screen. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now, so please fix it. Other than that, this is a great game!
  • N word 1/5

    By hmmm16
    A customer support agent told me it’s ok to say racist slur because rappers say them
  • Very Fun 5/5

    By Parker9592
    For those that don’t have a pc to play games or just like games on the go where you can play with others, this is really fun.
  • I can’t log in anymore :( help! 5/5

    By Salazar21
    After this recent update I can’t get back in!
  • Amazing But Too Much Data 5/5

    By GoldenBOBA
    This game is my favorite game so far, but all I ask is to keep less data. Like your name for instance. If you change your name, your old name can be seen in “space”. There is no need to for this, people know who you are regardless... they stay in your message section and contacts. Another problem is the marriage certificate. If opened up, it will say “You are the # couple on our land”. Do I have to explain this lol? All the data makes the game feel messy and overwhelming! I hope this got my point across.
  • Do not play 1/5

    By maofumi
    Legit worse mobile game I’ve ever played, cash grab.
  • Horrible voice acting 2/5

    By Jonriku12
    To be clear this 2 stars is not for the gameplay. So far the game is decent but wow I really hated the voice acting to a level that I wish the story had no voice at all just plain text. Please either get new voice actors or just remove voice all together. I’m the type pf person that will enjoy a good story but with this level of voice acting It will ruin the whole experience. I believe that if I stop playing this game it wil be just because of the voice acting!
  • Pay to win. 1/5

    By herowilsonstyle
    Literally pay to win. Pay. To. Win.
  • Impressed me 5/5

    At first I didn’t think this game would be like this because I’ve played darkness rises and Axe which are two of the best mmo games they are so when I was introduced to this I didn’t think I would be impressed but the classes were really cool and different it had a feature that I don’t really see in mobile mmos and that is a healer or tank but that’s what really caught me in my opinion for other mmos it doesn’t matter what class you choose unless it’s close up or range but in this it does matter and that u get to choose a specific training after you reached a certain level was different and cool I loved it this is not your basic mmo and the more you play the more you discover the cool team features pvp etc. if your someone like me I totally recommend this game
  • Great but... 4/5

    By DaRealSisterCat
    I love this game! The graphics are cute, the story is awesome, but I wish you could change your class. I started as a mage, and since the summoner has been released, and it’s cat themed, I really wanna be able to change my class so that those 38 levels as a mage don’t go to waste.
  • Spirals 5/5

    By seba.seba1
    I kid you not I enjoy playing this game but why is that I need to buy spirals for certain things like the lucky tree I just use the free spirals I have , I have 694 free spirals and I wanna get better tailismans or some other stuff
  • Great game but now I is sad ;-; 4/5

    By Emia406
    New summoner class came out nobody not a single soul:.. people before summoner came out:REEEEEEEEEEEEEE I really think we should be able to change our class when ever we want
  • Good but 3/5

    By I dont have a nickname:););)
    It’s a good game but I hate how you can get hit by an enemy from a mile away
  • HOW 1/5

    By this game allow english names
    How do you change the language?
  • You will love the game if you P2W 1/5

    By checho624
    Loved the game for the past 3 months, loved the graphics and the customization of the your character but it is almost impossible to win anything in this game unless you put down some serious cash or if you grind for hours on a daily. I mean I get it many games have that same mechanic where if you pay it will help boost your characters stats but this games in app purchases are a bit exaggerated. For example 100 dollars should help substantially but not this game, I’ve seen that it literally gets you nowhere since its completely RNG and will not help much but if you spend 500 to 1000 dollars then your the chances skyrocket, best gold gear, red cards, and even win the jackpot of more spirals. So come on devs this game is not balanced at all and it’s suited for players with deep pockets and they overpower everyone making this game difficult to progress unless your the best. I understand the RNG keeps it fair for everyone but the RNG is on literally everything clothes, enhancements, daily and weekly events, reforging, warmounts, guardians, I can keep going. However the p2w players just win it all leaving the rest of the players feeling anxious, disappointed and the worst bored and tiring. Sry for the long review but it’s the truth seems like the devs cares more about the money than the gameplay itself. Ive gotten to the point of quitting after I myself spent 100s of dollars in the course of three months.
  • Pay2Win 1/5

    By Sammy inn
    Why is this game so pay to win I really like it and this is really getting to be a major issue.
  • There’s no back arrow 1/5

    By ♡CorgiLõvę♡
    I have been playing this game for two months and I WAS really enjoying it. One day curiosity got the best of me and I pressed the account button but when I realized what it did I couldn’t go back to the original page. I tried my password and email and it didn’t work so I reset. After reseting it gave me a WHOLE OTHER ACCOUNT. I was and still am MAD AS HELL. They really should add a back arrow if you accidentally get inside the “log in” and “play as guest”. They should also make things much easier by adding “search” in case someone has a problem finding a particular item or is confused of what to do. (Btw if any of my guild mates or friends are reading this HI ITS ALLPHA, this is why I can’t play anymore and I am not making another account)
  • Roll-back 1/5

    By 👿😭😡
    They did a roll-back fiasco place the hkt servers under emergency maintenance after selling 400 spiral with 300 roulette tickets, they reset everything that has something to do with the roulette event july 30 between 00:00-00:30 they do not refund what you paid to get 300 tickets instead they restored the recharges and give you 300 coins for the next event. It is not equal in any way 300 roulette tickets depending on your luck you could amass a lot of un bound spiral, mana, wyrm guardian and so much more. On the other hand 300 coins there is not much to get, not worth to recharge 400 spiral. If they can do it once they will do it again and again everytime they make a mistake. I did send a ticket requesting a refund but they said according to “terms of service” they can not refund the product that has been delivered and consume. Yes i did consume that 300 roulette ticket but they took it all away and when i request a refund they would not give it back to me. I did not buy a 400 spiral with 300 coins, i bought 400 spiral with 300 roulette ticket. And now i have no choice but to claimed the reward before this week events end and lose everything coz their people in game stopped responding to my request.
  • The game doesn't work 1/5

    By 🍓★ⓝⓞⓑⓞⓓⓨ★🍓
    I downloaded the app, and when it loaded, I opened it up. There was a notice looking for moderators. I tried to close it, but it wouldn't work. Whenever I tried to click out of it, it just stayed there. I tried powering off my iPad and trying again. Nothing happened. Now, I didn't want to get rid of the app and re-download it, lest it take too long. But eventually, I did. I tried clicking out of the notice again. Nothing happened. I tried a whole bunch of different things to make the notice go away, but (you guessed it ;-;) none of them worked. I was really looking forward to playing this game, because it looked so cute, so I was really disappointed when I couldn't even start the game. So, if there's a way this can be fixed, I would be very grateful. xD TᕼᗩᑎKᔕ ~ (。・ω・)ノ゙
  • cool 4/5

    By suwuwuhwuwkwjs
    Make it so you can delete your account
  • Lots of misconceptions 5/5

    By cpoha
    This game like most mmorpg games it is most fun at the time right after launch and this game immediately found a place in my heart as a great game due to the mechanics of not having to grind in a field for hours most people say it is a pay to win but it is not if people say it is a pay to win maybe they are just picking the wrong class
  • Suprisingly calm, boldly intuitive 5/5

    By Warscythe
    As of writing this review, I am currently top 10 for the Warrior class and having loads of fun in this game. The early parts (lvl 1-70) might feel mundane, but the progression of the game and your character feels rather natural. You progress how you like and in your own pace, while having others, such as guild mates, help in the process of your progression. Graphics 9/10 Social 10/10 Gameplay 9.5/10 Overall 9.5/10!

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