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  • Current Version: 2.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Welcome chosen one, La Place, the city blessed by divines is under shadow of evils nowadays. We need your power to find the truth behind and bring the light again. An action MMO RPG with cute characters and soothing experience -Customize yourself with tons of outfits -Capture and travel with cute pets and mounts Cards of Power -Defeat powerful monsters and seal them in soul Cards which grant you superior power Explore a vast world for great loots and precious with your friends -Real-time PVE gameplay requires good Co-op Tons of gameplay mode -Racing, shooting, quiz and more than 20 different gameplay Meet your romance in your adventure -Encounters your soul mate in the journey -Complete the 2-Players tasks via your wisdom and courage -Promise your love in the church with all your friends -Manage the farm only for you two Value yourself and empower the kingdom -Complete the kingdom mission with players all over the world to promote the course of history Pledge yourself to the guild -Defeat other guild with your strategy and power in several GVG mode -Party, feast and quiz events, enjoy your guild life Challenge players around the world, use strategy to defeat your rivals -Compete for Higher Ranks in real-time PVP -Make your own elite team and fighting for ACE Tales of Wind Subscription Information 1. Subscription Price and Cycle You can use the Subscription Choco Assistant in the game. After the automatic renewal function is enabled, the subscription price is 2.99 USD, the subscription period is 30 days, and the subscription will be automatically renewal upon expiration. 2. About Subscription Content Users of the subscription assistant can enjoy the following privileges during the subscription period: I. Farm’s daily Heart outputs is increased by 200%; II. Farm’s daily Heart output is increased by 3000; III. Treasure Hunt is upgrade to automatically dig for treasure. 3. About Auto Renew The App Store official subscription feature is an automatic renewal subscription, and your iTunes Account will confirm payment. Users need to manually manage the auto-renew feature in iTunes/Apple ID Settings Management. If the auto-renew features is not turned off within 24 H before the end of the subscription period, the subscription period will continue automatically. 4. User Agreement User Agreement: https://www.neocraftstudio.com/terms 5. Privacy Policy and Notice Privacy Statement: https://www.neocrftstudio.com/privacy 6. Unsubscribe process If you want to unsubscribe, go to Settings on your iOS device->Select iTunes Store & App Store-> Click on Apple ID and select View Apple ID”, go to “Account Settings”, Click “Subscribe”->”Manage”, and select the subscription corresponding to “ToW”, then you can cancel the subscription

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  • ♡ ☆ love 3/5

    By bt leir
    I change my review to 4 stars, I definitely gave my review much too early. :3
  • The x where all of the information are won't work 3/5

    By crand09
    The x where all of the information are won't work. PLEASE FIX IT
  • tales of wind 5/5

    By Rei ghost
    OK listen too much freaking lag who ever made the game fix it and put low prizes to get its too much and door of awaken put it easy hard and nightmare 😡😡
  • I dunno 2/5

    By Eveelynn💖💘
    How do u play dis howwwwwwwwwww but overall the characters are cute that’s the only reason I gave this a two star😐😐😐😐😐
  • Hello 4/5

    By 55 cancrie e
    I actually really like this game by day 5 I was already going to get promoted it was really fun playing but when I was about to play all of the sudden I could not move the buttons still worked but I could not move maybe it was a glitch it would get better soon but it is still frozen just telling you overall I think this a very fun game but the glitch made me very unhappy the glitch could have been a mistake and also keep up the good work
  • Bad 1/5

    By unkown missing
    Too long downloading
  • It’s okay, but.. 3/5

    By AtoZ123456789
    I have one complaint. It may just be my opinion, but the voice acting is horrible for some of the main flipping characters. It makes me want to rip my ears off when it’s the English one. Sorry. Other than that, fairly simple.
  • Good game but needs better graphics 4/5

    By ujudjfndbd
    Hello I love this game but the graphics and cutscenes could use a bit of work so it’s all in high quality and that’s all bye
  • Wow! 3/5

    By whooa_man
    Omg! It’s a moble i wish I found out about this sooner
  • Okay. 3/5

    By ILikePicklez
    It’s okay, the gameplay is awesome. I just wish they made a button where you could at least delete characters. But besides that I'm fine with the game.
  • 🤤good game 5/5

    By SS-Senko San
    How I found the game from TikTok and it inspired me to install it
  • My review 5/5

    By heartstarcherry
    I really like this game because I get to choose people and if I’m not happy with what I choose then I always have another slotno
  • Addicting 5/5

    By nczuko
    I’m obsessed, it has very good graphics, it never lags! And it’s super easy to understand unlike other games that you have no idea on what to do next, after the tutorial is over. And It’s overall really fun! And I would definitely recommend.
  • Great! 5/5

    By JustloveMusic
    So, I love this game and here is why... •Anime •Adventure •And a LOT more! Listen, this is just a great game.
  • Need more main quest! 4/5

    By Cutie_Ninaplayz
    I been playing this for half a year but...it’s just that you should add for main quest. Why do we need more main quest? It’s because when you just do some other things it’s also boring and not fun to play to! Please add more main quest! It so, then I will give this a 5star!
  • Yes!! 5/5

    By Wandak12
    This game really helps with stress. It’s also just a really fun way to meet new people and learn new languages. It’s my favorite game because of multiple reasons that are hard to explain, I think everyone would love this. But there are some glitches time to time, for example when I was fighting the werewolf baron the game glitched and when it came back to normal I was suddenly dead. I still think this is a wonderful game!! One more thing though...we need more quests!!!
  • It’s great 4/5

    By wendylovescats
    It’s a really fun game and I love playing it. I just wish some things were explained more and how to get stuff. Especially roses

    By liker = lover
  • The game is great! But there is a problem with downloading it... 5/5

    By idkwatimdoimg
    So when I first downloaded this game I loved it! It is a great game and I love the graphics and the details and,wow! It just an amazing game. Then one day I was messing with the game and then I accidentally deleted it and then I redownloaded the game and it was fine. But then I did It again and whenever I tried downloading it, it would just stay at the icon where your app is downloading. So yeah. That’s my criticism...
  • To hard 3/5

    By cbcfj
    The games hard like that note they gave me to fight 4F I keep dieng and am getting mad how do I get a powerful skill?😠 even can you add different skin color am tired of seeing everything peach,peach,peach
  • Love it 5/5

    By gfhjjhghg
    Omg why did I delete this before I loved it and still do the first time I played this i was 8 I know it was under 9 but i was soo good I’m 10 now
  • Cute 3/5

    By acmxi
    It’s a very cute game, I do enjoy how there is pvp, pve, and even just generic farming. I enjoy playing in my down time and can spend hours on the game. My only complaint would be that certain items are too hard to obtain. With the recent server merge, it’s hard to find lvl 50+ gold equip for sale. Equipment realm rarely gives you gold for yourself and it’s hard trying to keep your BR growing. Same with card realm.
  • Cooking 5/5

    By AgentRed314
    In farms, can I make a cooking idea? You should be able to add milk, so combine wheat, eggs, and milk to get cake, but only a 10% of getting it. Super good effects from cake
  • Also, needed items only 3/5

    By Angelic Dragon =^_^=
    Spirals should not be separated into free and purchased. If something is purchased with Spirals then it shouldn’t matter which ones they are. This makes the game frustrating and annoying. I am playing to have fun not to get annoyed. I have purchased Spirals if I want something now. But I can also be patient and save as well. Don’t punish people for playing hours of your game by making them buy vanity items ALL the TIME. This takes the FuN right out of the game. If, I am having fun and enjoying the game I will reward the games makers but purchasing items. But that choice should not be forced on me. That just pisses me off. Also, I noticed that the developers response to many complaints about free Spirals is you can purchase all NEEDED ITEMS with free Spirals in the market under the tab Spirals. But, what they are not saying is : all cosmetic items you have to pay for using real money to buy Spiral packs. This is a game and I’m here to have fun. If I’m not having fun why play? *Update* Thank you for adding more events to earn items. Just one think can you please 🙏 fix the load times and random crashing of the game. One last thing - when I play for a long time my phone gets 🥵 hot. I actually have to remove it from the case it is in to cool it down. Thanks
  • Ahhh 4/5

    By AlAnNaH dOyLe
    So I got this game FOREVER ago and I loved it until almost everything needed to use mount, and I can’t figure out how to turn it on, plz help!!!!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By 3atmyfriendcindy
    I really do love this game! It's fun to play and very addicting, although I've just started I'm hoping that I have enough self control and don't spend all of my money on this game later on 😅
  • Login trouble 5/5

    By <(*~*<)
    So when I go on the game it's not letting me in I press anything that I see so if you see this one pls let me login
  • EXP problem? 3/5

    By _avani
    I don't really know if this problem is because of my level and its part or the game or something... but my HP isn't going up? Everytime i complete a quest or something, it appears on the screen that i have the maximum level of EXP and won't go up, i'm on level 41 and i'm stuck in it...
  • Has potential 1/5

    By Doctastic
    This game has potential to be one of the best BUT it lags sooooooo much very glitchy. Which makes it almost impossible to consistently play. Also, I had my account bound and yet my account was poof gone over night. The game is too glitchy right now so don’t spend any money in it.

    By Frankenella
    Hi, ToW is a great game but their are some things I’ll tell you to add to make it even better! I honestly think we she be able to go into the farm house, I mean why have their if we can’t go in? It’s just their without purpose, we have decorations outside, so why not let us go inside the farm house! When you add that, put decorations inside it too! I mean for example, couch bed table desks so on so on, but don’t make us buy and craft, put it all in their without buying. Make a upstairs too and make more rooms. Now that I said that I’d like to make more requests. Another thing to make it even more amazing is cats & dogs! I thing instead of it named Mystical’s shiba inu/Mystical’s husky or what ever it is for cat, I think we should be able to name it! I mean, we can name war mount, why not the farm pets! Now for one I think isn’t so hard to make, mounts! I think ALL normal mount AND war mounts should be a two rider mount/war mount all of them no matter the lvl or type! And for all you couples the marriage outfits! I think when your married we should get to keep the dresses or tux’s when you ad this do it for all who were already married to partners AND spouses, even if they did affinity married. Alright that’s all so far, thank you for listening and please add ALL off these.
  • Start on a new server and play til the first merge 1/5

    By Kao Kitty
    So, I started playing this game on a new server on June 1st, which was then est-32. I’m on 5 and a half months now and I’m about ready to move on. I can tell you everybody I have befriended along the way have already moved on. The idea of “2 new servers a week” is both a blessing and a curse, which is why I will recommend that you play until the first server merge (~3 months) and then quit. When you first begin, level cap is increased daily by 4 or more levels and the new content flows. Money spent will give you a huge advantage, which is fine incentive to spend, but everything with the exception of the red gloves card “Summon Wyrm” will be unlocked with time. New dungeons arrive weekly, new things like marriage, guild and guild wars are unlocked, lots of new players just like you. Everything is just great. At around level 50, level cap increase becomes 2 every few days (which becomes 1 per week or more), but by this point, they have you hooked. New content becomes sparse and all the people you once knew left. This is when the first merge comes, so the new faces you see have experienced everything you already have. What also comes is cross server guild wars, so unless your server has one mega guild, and you aren’t part of it, guild wars are effectively removed to you. The worst part of all of this is customer support. They “aim” to fix tickets in 2 days, but in reality it is closer to a week or more. This is bad when the game is a buggy mess, and the net code is garbage as you will be killed primarily by invisible foes in PvP content. You can be sure, though, that every week, there will be a new event with the worst drop rates designed to take money from players who deposit checks directly into their company. If you’re thinking of playing this, play Laplace on a PC instead. It’s a better game with more to do. If you want to play on mobile, start in a new server, enjoy the game for free for what it is, and then move on around the time of the first merge. Or make a new toon on a new server to experience it again, as the game past that point is for King V rank and higher only.
  • Money to spend 3/5

    By Jtang1201
    It is a great game with all my respects. However, in order to be stronger, you need to pay for sure. The drop rate for rare item is extremely low, even with the money I pay. I guess I didn’t spend enough like others. I just wish they could consider more for us in the event of making it easier for purchasing and having rare items sometimes.
  • Classes are not what they say 3/5

    By Timepassmagic
    So I was just battling someone in an event and I’m Asura class while the other was Berserker. Same Title and almost same power. When we fought, of course, I would deal more damage, but the other person uses his life steal ability (I thought asura was life steal and damage) and our battle was never ending. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you put false info about classes and is making me confuse. You have life steal with great health and say they are damage dealer. Then you have great damage and say life steal but there’s barely any. Please fix your info input in classes.
  • It won't let me do anything 5/5

    By i like it or i don't like it
    When I just enter the game, the update page show up but it won't let me do anything, I can't press or disable any thing. I try shutting off my device, didn't work either.
  • Advertising needs some work. 1/5

    By ahmassey123
    If your gonna advertise a game do it right. Do not advertise other games like A version of sword art online fatal bullet which I just saw. The company that makes this game should get sued for #1 false advertisement. #2 not advertising your own game.
  • In Love 5/5

    By DemiGodgamer101
    This game is amazing it is creative and the story is amazing! The art style is A+. Please add ability to block players more weapons, and if it’s not already in the game giant wolf mount.
  • Good 4/5

    By artvalenstin
    I like the game so much that I can play it the whole day. I just don’t like the fact that every events, there’s a maximum participation. I usually love to participate every kingdom events and etc that I definitely check it any time. I also find the game expensive and that’s why I will not waste any money anymore cos I feel that even I waste much still it’s hard to make your character stronger. But overall the game itself is great.
  • Misleading Ads 1/5

    By Xavier_M96
    The ads ive seen for this game feature a chibi anime girl fighting monsters in HD. The camera in game is a sort of isometric camera angle. While the video shows the girl from a third person view with the camera positioned directly behind her. The graphics in game look like those trashy Sword Art Online games while the graphics in the ad look like a chibi version of Monster Hunter World. Stop making ads that don’t support what’s actually in the game. This just makes me want to play a game that doesn’t exist in anything more than a short ad for this
  • And I oop- 5/5

    If anybody see this I made a poem I poop and I scoop what am I scooping? Oh some good content
  • Not necessarily pay to win...! 5/5

    By Artic_Fox1323
    So, lot of people think it’s pay to win. It really isn’t if you have the patience! You may not get rare drops a lot, and the events can be expensive, but you don’t need the events! One of my characters is close to level 60 and I have paid nothing. It’s all been playing and exp grinding that got me that far. Overall, it’s an Amazing game! A few things I wish were different are, 1- we should be able to delete characters 2- the level gaps should be smaller or easier to get to the required/recommended level Other than that, i think it’s amazing! 👍 Definitely a game that you should get if you’re a casual gamer, have a lot of patience, time and motivation to play, and if you’re looking for something for when you’re bored!
  • Great Game but HEAVILY P2W 4/5

    By Sugarbagel
    I love the game but everywhere you turn you’re pushed into spending money. Drop rates are extremely low, and it’s hard to feel rewarded without paying actual money. I play every day and often go a month or longer without any rare drops. But of course you can spend money and buy them. And probably about 85% of the special events are ONLY pay to participate. And the cost of the paid currency is extremely high, so you’re having to drop a lot of money and often times not getting rewarded for it. Don’t get me wrong it’s a fantastic game and it’s extremely well put together with great art and music and design, but people have been dropping like flies because they aren’t feeling rewarded for their countless hours of play time. Please for the love of the game, at LEAST increase drop rates for gold items and allow people a daily free spin or whatever on the paid only events so they aren’t completely locked out without paying constantly. If this were the case, it would be a 5 out of 5 game.
  • Love the game but I have some ideas for improvement 4/5

    By That boi jagger
    I’ve been playing this game non stop and can’t stop. This game is super fun, there are something’s that I would like to see added. Like for the next type of summoner class being a necromancer, and you can summon monsters or skeletons. Some of the ability’s could be like summon skeleton but for the upgrade you could summon multiple all at once and have a skeleton army (but this is just an idea for a class but would make since to add). I would also like to see a carry over item that you could get at the start of the game but only have a one time use for the character. This item would allow you to be able to change classes with your characters so if you wanted to switch but didn’t want to go back and do the tutorial and join back into your clan and now run two accounts when you only have time for one. It would of course need some tuning so it could have a easy switch where you would still be in the same position you were just in but with different abilities and stuff. So you could make it to when someone uses the switch all the ability points resets and they get armors and weapons close to the same as possible as of prior to the switch. I know this would be hard to do but it would also make it easier on the player who just wants a new character and doesn’t want to do as much grinding as they did to get to the lvl they were at.
  • Update the teams 4/5

    By Special Seed:steve
    So my friend and I LOVE this game and I would love to give it 5 stars, but there is one problem that is really annoying. Every time we make a team together and we’re both doing different quests it says that the person who isn’t the captain isn’t aloud to do their quest. My friend was the captain and I was a follower and I tried to do my quest but it said I couldn’t. Can you please update it so the other players can do their quests while still being on a team! Sorry for the long review!
  • Runs very poorly on iOS 13 1/5

    By DamageMelody
    On my iPP 10.5 playing it on iOS 13 feels like playing on cheap android phone gameplay is choppy for no reason.
  • It won't let me go off the first page! 1/5

    By Mrsladydeva
  • I love this game! 4/5

    By The Original Ksista
    It’s probably the best MMO yet! I love the animation and character designs. Though, I have to say the voice acting is lacking. Other than that I’d say it’s an amazing game worth the download!
  • My name??? 1/5

    By AstralDarkstar
    I decided to play again after a break and now it says someone has my name and to pick another one? Uh... No. That was my name I picked and kept with early sign up.
  • Improvement 4/5

    By jericho1030
    I love this game and hope it keeps going! But if there was anything that I’d like to see happening is the possibility of trade between friends that fact that you can’t is just not cool.
  • Cannot level up 4/5

    By Courtneykayk
    I am currently at level 50 and my exp bar is full but it is not letting me get to the next level. I couldn’t find a help link so now i am here. Please fix this.

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