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Welcome chosen one, La Place, the city blessed by divines is under shadow of evils nowadays. We need your power to find the truth behind and bring the light again. An action MMO RPG with cute characters and soothing experience -Customize yourself with tons of outfits -Capture and travel with cute pets and mounts Cards of Power -Defeat powerful monsters and seal them in soul Cards which grant you superior power Explore a vast world for great loots and precious with your friends -Real-time PVE gameplay requires good Co-op Tons of gameplay mode -Racing, shooting, quiz and more than 20 different gameplay Meet your romance in your adventure -Encounters your soul mate in the journey -Complete the 2-Players tasks via your wisdom and courage -Promise your love in the church with all your friends -Manage the farm only for you two Value yourself and empower the kingdom -Complete the kingdom mission with players all over the world to promote the course of history Pledge yourself to the guild -Defeat other guild with your strategy and power in several GVG mode -Party, feast and quiz events, enjoy your guild life Challenge players around the world, use strategy to defeat your rivals -Compete for Higher Ranks in real-time PVP -Make your own elite team and fighting for ACE Tales of Wind Subscription Information 1. Subscription Price and Cycle You can use the Subscription Choco Assistant in the game. After the automatic renewal function is enabled, the subscription price is 2.99 USD, the subscription period is 30 days, and the subscription will be automatically renewal upon expiration. 2. About Subscription Content Users of the subscription assistant can enjoy the following privileges during the subscription period: I. Farm’s daily Heart outputs is increased by 200%; II. Farm’s daily Heart output is increased by 3000; III. Treasure Hunt is upgrade to automatically dig for treasure. 3. About Auto Renew The App Store official subscription feature is an automatic renewal subscription, and your iTunes Account will confirm payment. Users need to manually manage the auto-renew feature in iTunes/Apple ID Settings Management. If the auto-renew features is not turned off within 24 H before the end of the subscription period, the subscription period will continue automatically. 4. User Agreement User Agreement: https://www.neocraftstudio.com/terms 5. Privacy Policy and Notice Privacy Statement: https://www.neocrftstudio.com/privacy 6. Unsubscribe process If you want to unsubscribe, go to Settings on your iOS device->Select iTunes Store & App Store-> Click on Apple ID and select View Apple ID”, go to “Account Settings”, Click “Subscribe”->”Manage”, and select the subscription corresponding to “ToW”, then you can cancel the subscription

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  • Scammer game 1/5

    By Shillouette
    Don’t waste your money on this game. Spending $500 will get you nowhere worth your money. They have many servers and merge them when there’s not enough “paying” customers. Everything is gatcha based.
  • great game 5/5

    By king.of.the.kingdom
    i hope in fuatur fix arabic lng
  • PAY TO WIN 2/5

    By Batman_Love76
    This game is fun to play, don’t get me wrong. I love the farm and marriage feature, my boyfriend and I married in the game. But the one thing I don’t like about this game is there is always never something NEW to do. It’s always doing the same daily things everyday and nothing is new to do and it’s boring to just run around and chat with others. If there was more quests or other daily activities to do and putting more effort into the players needs instead of making free spirals have limited uses than paid spirals then maybe I won’t be planning to quit soon. Edit: I already quit this game, it’s not worth playing. It got boring too fast.
  • Deleting characters 5/5

    By random name: jfgudfsnxi
    It’s such an awesome game to me and it’s addicting but wanna delete a character. I’ve seen some people with that problem so if the creator sees this I would like if you could let us delete characters other than that it a great game
  • Amazing game!! 5/5

    By alejandro74226
    I love playing it everyday!
  • Nani?! 4/5

    By MrsGamerChica
    I can’t even play it! I’m sure that it’s probably a very good game Hence the ratings. I’m giving it 4 stars tho, I haven’t even seen it. chu Chu chu!
  • Eh 1/5

    By meowsleepykitty
    Terrible voice acting....
  • The voice acting 5/5

    By Roweiss
    I have no problems with the game. It was fun to play but... the voice acting got cringy and as an anime fan, it matters a lot.
  • ugh it’s so good but 🥴 4/5

    By princesa🌚
    at first i made a review saying how much i loved this game, and i still do, but i have a problem with spirals. i don’t really mind spending like $5 on spirals, but i think it’s pretty stupid to have different kinds of spirals, (free & bought). you can’t really buy much with the free spirals which i think is not that great. there’s this glitch where i’m moving forward and i get sent back a few paces. i wrote about this in my first review and i thought it was only gonna happen for a little bit, but now i see that this is going away and it’s really frustrating.
  • So fun, however.... 4/5

    By Diemeee
    I truly enjoy this game but what would make it even more awesome is if you could change your skin tone, because there’s literally only one. If I was able to make my character darker I would definitely rate this game with five stars. Besides that, I love the range of exploration, ways of gaining experience, etc.
  • Characters got deleted 3/5

    By Varcea21
    I updated the game then my characters are gone
  • Kinda feels like this game copied 2/5

    I kinda get the feeling that this game copied Honkai impact 3rd
  • My idea that I don’t see much on other games 5/5

    By kaitatamurahead
    To pretty much I have no bad thoughts on this game however does that bad thoughts about spirals is just mean giving it a one star about character customization or spirals and money is just an idiot pretty much since am a black females 11 year old who doesn’t care what color skin she is and any game I love this game! Am a rising lv 59 or lv58 asura And I was thinking if you would add a housing system when your 30+ and that’s what I have to say! Cya later!
  • 水很深的一款游戏 1/5

    By 刚出院的疯子毛啊毛
  • Item never came to me 1/5

    By Person forced to rate
    I bought the snowhare gift and never received it, where is it??
  • Good Story But... 2/5

    By SaltyMexicanQueen
    The story is good, the characters are cute, but the voice acting is so terrible it really kinda makes me want to quit playing. And sometimes what they say it’s not the same of what it’s written, but if you can get past that I guess this could be a good game, but it’s just not for me.
  • This is amazing, yet 3/5

    By Starlily3
    I don’t really like the fact that there isn’t must customization. You can’t change your skin color, there is few few outfits, and limited hair styles and hair colors. Another thing I found was really annoying was you can’t have same sex marriages. Please update that. I’m not the only one who finds that annoying. The p2w aspect is also really annoying. I feel like I’m slowly getting left behind the high level people, with there fancy mounts, titles, accessories, and all that. Aside from that, everything is amazing and I really like this game. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
  • tales of wind 5/5

    By Rei ghost
    I want help and I want free shells and gems I won a level up fast and easy please eilan
  • Oh my god so fun 5/5

    By r ggggggf
    It’s a really great game you can make friends and meet them
  • Bugs 3/5

    By madskieess
    It’s a really great game but it keeps glitching and bugging out a bit. The limited amount of missions is also a bummer. Lastly the amount to pay for a new outfit or for the spirals is ridiculous. The positive sides is that it’s addictive and fun to play. It has a good story line although the voices can sound a bit better. The graphics are pretty good and the skills are too. I just wish the bugs were at least resolved.
  • Read 4/5

    By animelover#1
    It is a really fun game and it’s well made too there is only 1-2 problems in the game I’m having trouble with when I reached level 50 I tried to get promoted but I didn’t know how and it said to redeem my power and stuff but nothing really happened also when I got enough experience to level up to level 51 it didn’t level up but other than those problems the game is really fun
  • A little bit confused 5/5

    By OWO ToW
    I really love the game but my Xp doesn’t move up it just stay on the same level and my xp is a part that should move to another level.
  • Expensive 3/5

    By aacchoo
    P2w spent 1k plus already. Stop being greedy and give players fair drops especially when u spend that much money. Almost have to quit getting to costly
  • Okay... it’s good but 4/5

    By Wolftheanimatronic
    This game is great and really addictive so beware when playing because you won’t stop! But the whole free and paid spirals makes the game kinda garbage. I want a mount and have enough FREE spirals? Welp too bad for me I need to pay about $100 just to get 2000 PAID spirals. And the whole limiting the amount of attempts you have on an adventure makes it really annoying. I just want to level up... make it possible! Now yes there are glitches but I hope those will be resolved later in the future. Also, voice acting, it sounds like a child recorded it in their room. One more thing, please let us have custom outfits! I love styling :D! But this wouldn’t be a good review without positive remarks! The story and lands are super fun to fight in! I absolutely love love love it! Character design is decent (can’t change skin color) there are amazing mounts (which I don’t know how to get, please tell ;w;) I would love to ride the giant llama or alpaca (too many spirals :( I wish) but this is amazing and try it out! You may love it, just like me!
  • Spirals 2/5

    By static boi
    Okay I’m just completely frustrated as to why their are two types of spirals the free type and the paid type like I mean if we can’t even use the free spirals for events or to simply purchase an item than what is the use of it?? To me it makes no sense they are both the same item is just that the free ones are given to you by the game.
  • F2P has no place here 2/5

    By ghffgyfhj
    If you are a F2P players, then this game is NOT for you. Basically in this game, you need to grind, do dallies, or even whales to get people to recognize you or else, you are invisible to them. Even Guilds wanted the best players; I’m currently in a not-so-good guild, but they still expected you to be strong because if not, you not going to get any attention. However, how to become stronger? Well, the only answer to that is: MONEY/P2W!! That’s the only way for you to survive in this game with many friends because, trust me, I even grinned for days, and the drop rate for Gold Equips (equips drop for your own class are not included) are very LOW! In order to catch up with every player is to PAY, F2P players don’t have a space here!!
  • Awesome except for a glitch-pls read 3/5

    By Flicker BerryYT
    Hello! I downloaded this a little while back and have been addicted ever since! It's fun, cute, and I was so happy to have found the type of game that I was always looking for! But recently I have been having this glitch where I am walking and then my character gets sent back a few pages. At first I was like whatever and kept playing. Then I kept getting the glitch and it kept getting worse! I started going farther back, and as I tried to continue going forward it would keep pushing me back a few pages. It's honestly kind of annoying, especially if you are in a battle. It has actually caused me to fail a couple times in the card realm. A few other people said they got it too. Please fix this, I love this game! I rated this three stars it because of this annoying and irritating glitch! Thanks, bye!
  • I like it! 4/5

    By Whitepod
    I love it but you should let us edit our eyes and hair, and the colors if we don’t want or made a mistake with the hair and the eyes.
  • Amazing but can you add this..... 5/5

    By skylie playz
    This game is amazing but I was wondering can you make an update where you can make your character go to sleep and instead of crafting when you first join can you make where you get one free outfit to wear instead of crafting and ever Saturday and Sunday when you long in you get a free outfit and yo get to chose and can you make where your character can marry a girl or a boy please my friend asked me and I said “I’ll write a review and ask” soo please can you add this
  • Meh 4/5

    By God Chao
    Good but the only problem is that I can’t buy something even though I have enough shells for it and it’s limited on time
  • Amazing game! 5/5

    By DaRealSisterCat
    I love this game so much! I love how it could’ve been a crappy mobile game, but it’s not. The graphics are stunning! There’s so much to do!
  • It is VERY good 5/5

    By nobody (•___•)
    Now this something coming from me mostly I don’t like anime games because all of them are just a bunch of talk and instructions! This one is good! That’s all I can tell you XD
  • eh 2/5

    By zohhs
    i mean the character designs are great n all but the voice acting is terrible
  • One small problem... a glitch 3/5

    By MarshKip
    Ok this game is great, no complaints here! Except.... Ok so I got this purple dress but when I put it on it was still the blue dress. I already got rid of my blue dress but then I put the purple one on. It was still blue! Everyone else saw the same thing. I was wearing the purple dress but it showed up as blue! And I can’t get it to change! So when ever I have it off it shows up as me having on the purple dress! But I have nothing on! I tried reloading the game several times and now I’m stuck looking weak because I only have the 3rd level of clothing, but I’m wearing the 4th level! And my stats don’t change either! Fix It Or I’ll be stuck like this forever! -💝Fall_creater💝- (that’s my username) P.s. no one else has this glitch, but don’t make me rate a one star review, because you can’t fix it, ok? Because you can! And you will! Or I am seriously quitting this game!
  • Horrible Voice Acting 2/5

    By ChaseSilvertail
    Seriously , need to spend more time on the voice actors. They sounded like they weren't even trying most of the time.
  • Awsome game 5/5

    By Hispanic Jack
    I loved the game best game I played nothing can beat this game thank u for making it Developers.👍😎THE END😍😎😎😀❤️🤣🤣😁😁😄😃
  • It’s Good. 3/5

    By Oxi Clean Stain Detergent
    The game is somewhat fun, even though you’re basically doing the same thing over and over again like how most games are. The thing what I’m concerned with is that why can’t we hide those.... buttons? I was playing on my phone and both the chat box (?) and the options, map, and others from the top right corner were blocking my view from looking literally anywhere else. I like games that allow you to hide certain things that are found around the screen because I have a feeling of being trapped inside a cage of some sort and the screen that allows you to see your character walk around without the options blocking your view is like a window which is why I decided to go through tablet instead. Although the buttons are somewhat difficult to use and find out where a certain thing goes, is found, or where it belongs, it is useful to have that red dot there to alert you about something. Overall, I find this game is pretty fun. The characters are beautiful and wonderfully designed- although it’s like physics don’t really matter in the game once the storyline comes along like that one character, Audrey, from the very beginning is unconscious and her hair is somehow floating in mid air or stuck on her outfit it seems- and the mouth movement is kinda scaring me, but the game is very good. I like the ability to either fight the monsters yourself or let the game do it for you, just in case you need to get something or do something or the ability to click your quest and you can just let your character walk to whatever the quest tells you to go. I like this game and I might actually continue to play it at least once a day. The graphics are a bit.. weird or “cheap” I guess is how you explain it for those special effects, but I’ll decide it later. I forgot whether the shading was good or not but I’ll just say it isn’t because my thoughts kept on saying “stiff” throughout the game which is literally the only thing I remember. I’ll look forward to future updates (I don’t mind if it takes time, I’m good at waiting unless it’s something like collecting Honey Buddha chips from MysticMessenger) and I hope you fix those hair physics soon (if I had to wait 3 months just for those hair physics to be fixed, I’d still be satisfied).
  • ..... 1/5

    By Hanhoni
    Please can you remove the pictures and the camera and the mic..because those are way to dangerous for kids... my sister is 5 years old and i let her play on my acc and she saw inerporripuate pictures and mics and words so please remove it... thank you!
  • Longer name 5/5

    By hailey08❤️
    This game is great now it’s really cute it’s fine I love it but there’s one thing I really hate about it and is that you cannot have a long name I do not like that you can I have a long name I was writing and I couldn’t do it I got pretty mad but other than that it’s a great game I love it but I just don’t like that but yeah it’s really good game Love the graphics I just wish you could have a longer name😢😍
  • Very good, rewarding and nice graphics 5/5

    By blastashes2
    I’ve enjoyed playing so far, the start off is nice and the story elements are interesting. So far the graphics are pretty up to par and look elegant and relaxing. The combat is fun and engaging as well and I love the character development and paths.
  • Great game, but a problem 4/5

    By imonionsans
    Overall, this game is pretty great. However, my characters aren’t showing up even though I am logged in. My roles still show up on the menu when you choose the server, but when I continue after choosing the server, it makes me create a character as if I never had played before.. I have already gotten a lot of progress on some characters, and I am sad that I don’t get to continue. If there is any way to fix this, I would really like to know.
  • Horrible support 1/5

    By Wjcc1978
    If you like games that lie to you then this game is for you! They do not actually follow through with what they tell you from support. They lie and then ghost you. Don’t waste your hard earned money here. It is paid to win!
  • The Game Is Great But- 5/5

    By Ilovefoxes
    I really love this game! Everything about it makes me want to play more, the quests, the realms, etc... the only actual problem I have is it is so expensive just to get a few spirals- like.. almost $100 just for 4,000 spirals, it’s a game we won’t have it forEVER.. other than the really expensive prices I don’t think the game has a major flaw, but I have had times where my character will be moving and then suddenly go back to where I was before I started running.
  • My account was deleted 1/5

    By ~UselessGirl~
    You deleted my account
  • I’m sorry. 4/5

    By JED's Lights and Sounds
    Hello I’m sorry that I got upset. I just really wanted to play this because I thought it was a nice game. I was also wondering how much storage space it needs to download. the storage has been the main problem. Your friend -Saruka Sylveon
  • I need help! 1/5

    By lolemojisruleloveit
    I accidentally switched my account and I don’t know what to do! How can I get my stuff back?
  • So I like the game but 1/5

    By ~銀河~
    So I like the game but, the deals are fake and there’s FREE spiral gems and BOUGHT ones which is dumb. Second, the voice acting sounds like these people were so sad and depressed for doing this. The ads are so fake, my brother found so that’s how I started playing and it’s kinda good. Also, make more stuff for the game I know that it’s new, and it released a few months ago but, come on AT LEAST PLEASE, no one cares about the stupid cap locks and do BETTER STUFF. WITH GUILDS AFK AND MAKE THE FARMS BETTER, GIVE BETTER REWARDS DONT MAKE EVERYTHING COST MONEY AND LOWER IT ID YOU’RE STILL GONNA DO THAT and when doing groups don’t let them be afk and let me get more then daily tickets. Sorry that was so long
  • At first glance, lackluster; apparently gets worse over time. 2/5

    By Otherwiser
    This could effectively be described as a “My First MMO”: lots of hand-holding, bare-bones quests, and apparently no chance of ever running low on MP. Many features can be automated - including movement and combat - which is fine if you’re 10 or not actually playing but speaks poorly for any sort of depth for the game. Visuals are nice-ish, animations are at best average, text translations are sloppy with multiple mistakes. The voice acting is particularly bad, with poor audio quality and monotonous delivery that results in cutscenes seeming more like a middle school play. The game, while purporting to be an MMO, suffers from the usual drawbacks of a paywalled mobile game; namely, it stymies your daily progress unless you’re willing to shill out some dough. Most if not all content is limited to a few iterations per day and even exp from killing random mobs is capped at a certain point, eventually leaving you with no way to advance unless you want to wait for small rewards from timed events every hour or so. Beyond these points I haven’t yet seen any particular paywall blocks as has been mentioned in other reviews. My impressions are more of a first glance, though, since I’ve only played for a couple days. Honestly though, from what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t doubt the other poor reviews in this aspect. I won’t be continuing.
  • Great game with tons of improvement 3/5

    By Secret 1234123
    I like how this game is simple to control and it reminds of my earlier days of playing MMOs in pc. I have already cashed in some $$ and I do think this game is a bit p2w. 1. Free spiral and Paid spiral. Honestly? Why???? Smells like $$grab. 2.Attempts/chances..almost similar to energy system. And exp cap? Meaning, you can't farm or grind exp and money or any items. I think it's best to drop the 'attempts/chances' energy system and just lower down the drop chances. 3. With my #2 comment, if you've finished all your daily attempts, you are bound to get bored and look for something else to play. 4. Spirals are pricey. That's all. I will continue to support this game and I hope it get's a lot better. If it does, this might be the best MMO in 2019 imho.

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