Talking Tom Cat 2 for iPad

Talking Tom Cat 2 for iPad

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 5.3.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Outfit7 Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Talking Tom Cat 2 for iPad App

The legend is back! Talking Tom Cat 2 – the epic sequel to Talking Tom Cat – is better, cooler, and funnier than ever before! With over a billion downloads and counting, Talking Tom Cat 2 is popular with kids and families all over the world. Don’t miss all the fun this cool, family-oriented game has to offer. Get your own cute and funny virtual pet now! Talk to Talking Tom, play with him, poke him, and dress him in cool outfits. Customize his home. And make funny videos and share them with your friends! Adopt him as your very own virtual pet and get instant fun in return! Do you know what players say about Talking Tom Cat 2? “I love it – this app is wonderful!” “It’s just so funny!! I just wanna never stop playin' with it.” “I loved this game very very very very very very very very very very very very much. It is a fantastic game” Download and play this amazing free app now! Get ready for some fast-paced fun and play MINI-GAMES like Tap Tap, Climber Tom, and more! Find your favorite! ***ENJOY YOUR DAY WITH TOM*** - TALK TO TOM: Speak and he repeats what you say in a hilarious voice. It’s so funny! - PLAY WITH TOM: Stroke him, poke him, make him explode a paper bag, smash a pillow or even fart! The fun never ends with Tom. - CUSTOMIZE TOM: Dress Tom up with new accessories, clothes, and outfits! How about a Tom with a Cowboy Hat and a Pirate’s Eye Patch?! Totally cool! - RECORD TOM: Record videos of what Tom does and send them to your friends or upload them on Facebook or YouTube. Download the app now and join the fun! To see what Tom’s up to, follow Talking Tom on Facebook: This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor seal indicates Outfit7 has established COPPA-compliant privacy practices to protect your child’s personal information. Our apps do not allow younger children to share their information. This app contains: - Promotion of Outfit7's products and advertising; - Links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and other apps; - Personalization of content to encourage users to play the app again; - Videos of Outfit7's animated characters via YouTube integration; and - The option to make in-app purchases. Terms of use: Privacy policy: Customer Support: [email protected]

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Talking Tom Cat 2 for iPad app reviews

  • Great app 5/5

    By Ask you for all the things
    I started using this since I was 3 and I love it the same since I first played it.
  • Good Tom!!! He has been a great friend. I love him. 5/5

    By StevoDDS
    He is my favorite person and,cat.
  • Best game I played 5/5

    By Been German
    Talking Tom two is so amazing it’s almost the best game I ever played
  • You Say Whaaaaaaaat!? 4/5

    By Artfin
  • I am in love with this game 5/5

    By xlkdksjdkd
    I love this game it is kind a like real life you will love this game is awesome but you can stay in one area but it’s still awesome if you play this it’s like it will blow your mind you’ll probably love it so much I’m glad I have this app even though it didn’t cost money I actually kind a like it so you guys have to play it but it’s not the best game I’ve been still great but not the best OK done
  • Why tho 1/5

    By thFOOL
    Ok first you drew the pictures of the game on the App Store so it won’t show you the… heh heh MAN IN HIS EYES and computer/table/ext And why are you doing this you know it’s not right I want to fight for the kids who have been hurt who have been kidnaped! Because you and this app a both utterly disgusting I want you to look into the mirror and tell yourself: WTH AM I DOINg
  • Its fine no hackers 5/5

    By ghyyytyfuy
    I do not believe in the hackers
  • I Love This App! :D 5/5

    By Gnatabug
    Talking Tom was a great game. He is so cute, He looks like my cat Willow. I could hit him in the head, touch his arms, or pull his tail? Someone who is being rude to Tom in this app was named Ben. I hope it’s going to be a safe place in here, huh? I heard that your parents might say it’s mean or a fun game to play. You might get glitches in Talking Tom. I heard something funny for you, guys. It’s when Tom holds his cake, Ben jolts to Tom and hits the cake to his face! That’s funny stuff to you. I hope you’ll let your parents to download this app, thank you.

    By Mandyjoy09
    This game is soooooooo not kid friendly.WHATEVER U DO, DO NOT BYE THIS APP. It is just like the talking Angela app.
  • LIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/5

    By Slikrikki
  • Tom is so cute 5/5

    By Leveragefx dot com
    I love this game it is so cool.
  • Just like talking Angela 1/5

    By Blessedpeace
    Ok listen up outfit7 you have put men in the eyes of animals in your games so fix and all you do is punch and kick the cat and they can be naked you heard my other chat about Angela so stop the doing that.i command it’s now pg-19 stop making games it’s scary and inappropriate
  • glitchy? 4/5

    By zootiger77
    My iPad make Tom look a little glitchy and I want that fixed but this is a really great game 👍🏼 Iwould give you 5 stars. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 💫 🥰
  • This game is horrible 1/5

    By Dr Troy Pearce
    This is the worst game ever outfit7 should be in shame. Why can’t they just stick to talking Tom 1 bwt talking Tom 1 is wayyyyy better 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
  • No hackers in talking Tom 5/5

    By fan of pan
    The truth is out no more hackers
  • It’s bad for kids 1/5

    By Kulada
    Why do we beat up the cat most of the time? I have a cat and I like to fight with him but I don’t punch or slap him I just swat near his face or give him a gentle slap on the head or back
  • Dumb game poop 1/5

    By Ihvuyvgu
  • I HATE IT 1/5

    By 1222you
    I HATE IT THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY................
  • No hackers in any games 5/5

    By janaanke
    Guys the man in the eye is a reflection of you calm down if you want to get the app go for it
  • Do you mom Pikachu do do do I am only seven I mean eight so I don’t know what that stuff means 1/5

    By Heads up1234
    You know I just bought this app and it is very dumb because there’s only like two games
  • M 2/5

    By djsjsbxn
    Wouldn’t hear me
  • You don’t judge me 2/5

    By katy nicolson
    Dear game creators I hate this game because who thinks they can tell me no no no and attack me
  • Creepy cat 1/5

    By Super star 39
    I think that there is a hacker because have you seen that creepy light in his eyes? Ok now i’m scared parents if you even buy this app for you children pls read this because talking tom might be oh i don’t know FREAKING HACKED!!!! BE REALLY CAREFUL I AM REALLY SCARED!
  • What the flip is andeline talking about?????????? 5/5

    By 🦄UniQueen!! 💝sugargifts🍬💎
  • ... 1/5

    By mcm1974
    Absolutely horrible my kids are scared to death now they won’t go their iPads!!!!!!
  • Madison 5/5

    By rujrmgbjmj4mmm&m4n
    Sleepover Angie
  • Is this creepy 1/5

    By Oihilugiyjgcf
    They all have red dots in their eyes All I have to say is there better not be a camera in the eye because outfit 7 if that's true we will shut u down for good People will not stand for this so STOP IT
  • That is so creepy 1/5

    By Patimen
    That is too creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Soooo Close 4/5

    By IkeXU156901
    The game was almost perfect!
  • Jake the dog is ok 5/5

    By read or else

    By Curtis C. Clarke
    Everytime you delete this application, or change your iOS device, or upgrade your iOS device -- your coin points never -- ever restore back. I have reached out to Outfit7 Limited via Contact Support via their website for 4 years now; & they do not respond back. I have sent numerous Contact Support messages, & Outfit7 Limited never -- ever responded back to me. This is clearly a scam! Outfit7 Limited are cons! Every single time -- I have upgraded my iOS device throughout the years (I upgrade my iPad, & iPhone (my iOS devices) every single year) -- my Talking Tom, & my Talking Tom Cat 2 never -- ever restored my coins. Also, God forbid if I had to do a hard reset on one of my iOS devices throughout these years my coin points never restored. I know for a fact that I have first downloaded Talking Tom Cat 2 in either 2012, or 2013. I have also reached out to Apple's App store customer service / technical support for help (a few times) throughout these years; & all they continue to tell me (pretty much) -- 'is that their hands are tied -- this is a third app. -- we can't help you -- this is between you, & the developer -- all you can do is reach out to them'. By the way, yes -- I am signed into / (logged into) Apple's Game Center. I can get a liitle more detailed about my horrible experience with my coins restoring on Talking Tom, & Talking Tom 2 (Cat 2) but this review is starting to get very long (especially long for an Apple App. iOS store review) so I must wrap it up (right now). Once again, with all my experiences / (through my experiences) throughout all these years -- Outfit7 Limited Company is a clearly a scam. Do not download their iOS application. Why do I type that? Because one's coins / (coin points) never -- ever restore; Outfit7 Limited will never respond back to you; Outfit7 Limited applications with coins, or points, or coin points, or diamonds, or diamond points never -- ever restore back -- nor do they transfer; & Outfit7 Limited will never -- ever restore your coins, or points, or coin points, or diamonds, or diamond points. This is clearly a scam; & part of their scam. Furthermore, check out their developer's website -- their is no mention (via FAQ, or help), or information given to restore your coin (points), or diamond (points). Once again, Outfit7 Limited is definitely a scam. In my opinion -- no one should ever spend any money within any of Outfit7 Limited applications because your coin (points), or diamond (points) will never restore, & / or never transfer. Outfit7 Limited = SCAM!
  • They were talking Tom to where I left it download their game and 5/5

    By ghiIt's a good
    Other time I’m going to play with your game tomorrow and OKA and the game is best for you download Talking Tom 2 for free yay talking Tom two is good girl this time and go go go go A a it’sThe best game in the world I love it in that’s good and talking Tom andEverything is the best of talking TomAnd talking Angela me My game it’s my game it’s no one to text my gamesI want to knock can I get Siri talking Tom and your tablet anymoreUnlock talking to Tom for your tabletTalking Tom is good but you don’tOK so the last time it’s going to be a tiny talk you’re locked in jail because you did not to go to the Talking Tom download it OK you’re not going to be a date to know you’re still there I’m going to send you to another country and I’m gonna go to the end to rent to go play with my Talking Tom all by myself and that Timmy T is not my Talking Tom guy i’m locked in go to the place to go to the suitcase and play by myself to talking Tom Siri I have no battery in my iPadI’m not gonna go to your tabletI’m going to put my tablet and charger right now now I’m gonna play with my other tab tablet in my Talking Tom thereNow I’m going to watch talking Tom and baby toToday talking Tom is happy to for me to play with him give me give me my Talking Tom give me eight it’s my Talking TomSaralan you you’re not giving me my Talking TomTomorrow I’m going to stall the talking Tom from you you’re fat I’m going to go to your Talking Tom gallery and put you in jailI’m almost done talkingTalking Tom is aI’m good to go for talking Tom it’s mine you going somewhere
  • Jdj 1/5

    By smcnchfnf
    To many ads

    By KuteKhubbyKats
    Everyday my little brother opens this game and then he makes his say something funny THERES NO HACKER IN THE GAME THATS SO DAM FAKE SERIOUSLY IF THERE WAS DONT U PPL THINK THAT APP STORE WORKERS WOULD FIND OUT AND SHUT DOWN TALKING APPS this game is great i love how u get to customize him recently i add him hot dog hat and piercing and guess what it was funny when he gave us a flower
  • Qq 3/5

    By 777Elisa1
    No @s D.
  • No hate to creator but 1/5

    By Sophiaplasc
    I got this app for my 4yr old but when I showed the app to her she said he started to cuss at her don't download this app for your kids parent
  • I love it 5/5

    By lululanie elana
    This app is totally cool I love it so much I almost play it every single day I talk to him I touch his tail I smack him and every time I hit the little baggy Ben pops out of nowhere and he pops the bag and toms all frightened bye it
  • I have dogs at Manchester and 3 cats at my house 3/5

    By TommyMeekz
    So, back at the past when I was little I got this app eventhough I had a CrAZy DOg named: DoBbY. when my moms iPad broke I accidentally spilled water and then it was no more. I was sorry to say that, but I had to but at least it has a cloud with an arrow on the bottom:) because my moms iPad is connected to mine : D
  • CREEPY 1/5

    By Javedplayz123
    I hate this game because Tom is so creepy make him look like in the other talking Tom game as soon as I played it I deleted it.
  • No fair!😭😡🤬 2/5

    By CloudSeven1111
    I have the same tipe if iPad As my little brother but it will Not let me get it😭🤯
  • Clothes 1/5

    By TFan1
    Tom NEEDS more clothes, and to be able to decorate his place.
  • One star 1/5

    By lol039
    I like it just doesn’t listen to me fully
  • Good day 5/5

    By Abigail303
    I love this game
  • I love Tom 5/5

    By evie jo hefty
    Talking Tom is the best cat ever
  • What 4/5

    By mrr 11
    I downloaded this for one of the kids I babysit every five minutes his game was interrupted by adds and I don’t want to pay to remove adds other than that it’s a great game and I’m 9 and I still play this game
  • I 5/5

    By emily brodeur
    I love CatS
  • Talking Tom 2 5/5

    By swcash
    It is the best game in the world do you like it I love itPlease Play if you do
  • Ummm... 1/5

    By PrettyKitty670
    It’s ok I guess....😒 I got this app because I love cats but it’s really not so good for children. He farts and you can beat him up. It makes me very angry that people would make this game so inappropriate. Not for kids under at least 8. With regrets, PrettyKittyLuna🐱
  • Tom 5/5

    By K3ndra3lain3
    I love this game

Talking Tom Cat 2 for iPad app comments

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