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Tap Away 3D

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  • Current Version: 96.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Popcore GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tap Away 3D is brought to you by Popcore, makers of hit puzzle games with more than 250 million combined installs! Tap Away 3D is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game, but it’s more than just that - it’s a brain teaser that will take you to the next level! Tap the blocks to make them fly away and clear the screen. But the blocks will only fly in one direction, so you’ve got to approach this brain teaser carefully! Slide your finger around the screen to rotate the shape and attack the blocks from every angle! As you progress, the blocks form bigger and bigger shapes, and the blocks themselves change form, so you’ll need to get your thinking hat on to solve the puzzles in this 3D puzzle game. And that’s not it! There are skins and themes you can unlock as you get further, as well as challenges to keep you on your toes. In this fun and colorful game, you challenge your logic, critical thinking, and precision. Do you have what it takes? WITH TAP AWAY 3D YOU CAN ▶ PLAY the full 3D puzzle game experience offline and on the go. ▶ SWIPE to rotate the shape and choose your next move. ▶ TAP the blocks to clear the level. ▶ CUSTOMIZE your blocks with different skins and themes. ▶ REACH the top! WHY PLAY TAP AWAY 3D? ▶ RELIEVE your stress. ▶ TEASE your brain with the satisfying taps. ▶ PRACTICE your critical thinking! ▶ LEARN the tricks to ensure Tap Away glory! ▶ ENJOY cool skins and themes to customize your journey! What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky game right now! TALK TO US Join your TAP AWAY 3D crew on ▶ Web: https://popcore.com/ ▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/popcore ▶ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@popcore ▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PopcoreOfficial ▶ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq1BDUD72Rv7dXov7WtR9Og Terms & Privacy https://popcore.com/privacy DOWNLOAD AND PLAY NOW - Join this fun and satisfying puzzle game and tap away the blocks!

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Tap Away 3D app reviews

  • Wow, the ads!! 2/5

    By Rana&
    Wow! Can’t get over how many ads. They didn’t even give me time to get to really like the game bf the ads started! Yes I know I can pay for a non ads game but the game isn’t that great to buy anything. I get about 6-10 moves and I am watching the same ad I just watched less than a minute ago. The good thing is, I can delete the game! Just too many good games out there to have to waste my life watching ads!
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By Cloughskkl
    I don’t mind a few ads in a free game. But this is too much. It’s every 15-20 seconds
  • Disappointing 3/5

    By cheverolet88
    Impossible amount of ads. Have to spend 25-30minutes on every puzzle just because of how many ads you have to watch.
  • Was fun. Now wasting my time. 3/5

    By hawkdoc_13579
    This was fun. The number of ads you had to watch was not too bad. Gold boxes gave you coins. You could opt to chance for a higher amount by watching an ad. Recently, that changed. Now they devs make you watch ads for gold boxes. Not all of them, but enough to exceed my patience. I’d guess that the devs will continue and force ads on us for everything. I’m out. Time to find a new favorite.
  • Too repetitive 2/5

    By Ahria Mayfair
    I find myself doing the same puzzles over & over in the daily puzzles. Some puzzle are set with such a short timer for the size of the puzzle you are forced to watch ads to gain more time to complete then it only gives you 15 seconds. In order to complete you have to watch ads over and over again. And if you make too many mistakes because you are rushing to beat this ridiculous clock timer then you have to watch ads to gain moves too, and it only gives you 3 moves. The gold blocks don’t bother me because if you wait a few seconds a blue button appears and you can just take less money but skip the ad. Now all this I described above is what I am dealing with AFTER paying for no ads. I have only had the game about a week and I am already bored with it.
  • Too many adds 3/5

    By 😋🥓
    Overall it’s a great app. but yet every time I reach a new rank it gives me add or when I get a gold cube. Honestly it made me delete it because it gives too many adds.
  • Stupid Gold Blocks!!! 3/5

    Why have these blocks that spoil the game, if you purchase the game to get ride of the advertisements, you should get an ad free game, Very Disappointing…

    By Nawnaw254
    I really liked this but deleted it out of frustration. There’s more ad watching than game time. Not just because of constant ads but they lock up. Meaning, there’s no way to “X” out, as there is no X or close option. Just not worth it. I gave up.
  • Very annoying 1/5

    By 02nyce86
    Way too many special blocks very annoying
  • Fun… but way too many ads 1/5

    By mrxmarvelous
    Way too many ads during game play.. deleting because of this.
  • TOO MANY ADS! 2/5

    By 140 and done
    I like the game but after 5-10 seconds of play you have to watch a 30 second ad.
  • Pop ups interrupt gameplay. 1/5

    By EmBem...
    The premise of fun but the special block and rank pop ups constantly interrupt gameplay. If you are playing the free version, ads create even more pop ups. The purpose of this app is to get you to watch ads. Not actually a game.

    By Scrumpdog
    I only have one complaint about this game. Just one. But it’s so aggravating that it’s making write a two star review, which I never do. PLEASE GET RID OF THOSE SPECIAL BLOCKS. They’re so disruptive, block you from playing the actual game and getting the real blocks out, and worst of all they keep respawning. Literally zero people like them. That’s all. Please read you’re reviews and notice how just about every single one including this one just wants those stupid blocks gone. Actually, one more thing that’s less annoying but still very noticeable. The camera is pretty annoying in this game and if you have a wide puzzle it’s hard to see the outer blocks. Could you please add some “free camera” option so we can move the camera however we want?
  • Love this game, not the ads 3/5

    By Bob the weird Nutella eater
    I was around before the gold cubes, during the gold cubes, and now, I don’t know if it’s a glitch, but it makes me watch a ad when I say it just take whatever the block is worth. I understand the level up ads and end of game ads, but it’s so frustrating when I could’ve earned 5x the amount by watching an ad, but I’m trying to just get back to the game. And it does not give you anything more than the original block is worth.
  • I can’t get passed level 60. 3/5

    By Avestia01
    I love the game. It would be a 5 star rating but for the facet I can’t get passed level 60. I’ve been stuck for a while and I tried support but have received no response from support.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Suemcke
    I hate this ad! You cannot get out of it. The ‘x’ in the upper rh corner doesn’t work. I have even turned my phone off and I still can’t get it off my screen! Please fix it or I will report it to Words!
  • Ads now in the middle of levels 1/5

    So I guess mobile games today have come to the point where it just plays an ad in the middle of a level. This had an interesting concept but there's zero chance I co tongue playing a game that's going to stop me and show me one of those minute long videos for another game. Don't even bother with this game.
  • Boring 1/5

    By Mggggggv
    NOT what the teaser as looked like…
  • Too many interruptions 2/5

    By hrbernh
    I just want to play the game-I don’t care about your levels or gold blocks, and having to stop every 10 seconds for some weird thing you put in is annoying. Just let me play the game. I literally stop playing for months until I’m bored and try it again, then put it back down because of all the interruptions. You are actively disincentivizing me from playing.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By melanieann79
    Might be a decently entertaining game but you can’t play for more than 30 seconds at a time without another offensive and obnoxious ad popping up.

    By TheReaper25
    I’m giving this two stars due to the annoying “special blocks” that pop up constantly during a game. For the most part, I like this game. I paid for a “no-ad” version so I’m expecting to not have to deal with ads. Wrong! These gold “special blocks” pop up all over the place on the game board, and you HAVE to click on it, which interrupts the game and takes you to a screen which offers you an ad to get more points. It’s useless to a player. I understand the game gets revenue when an ad is watched, but if we already paid for an ad free version, please keep your word and make it AD FREE, or at the very least only give that option at the END of a game, not 20 times during a game. Very frustrating. I’ll gladly update my rating when those blocks are removed.
  • I am removing this game 1/5

    By aunti nana
    Too many ads, golden blocks & level nonsense. It all prevents the rhythm of the game. Sad because I love the game but hate the irritation.
  • Awful 1/5

    By HappyAlex1867
    Too many ads…
  • Play interrupted by SO many LONG ads 2/5

    By Dangerspice
    I don’t know how anyone could or would tolerate the limited game play. If you could buy it to get around the ads I think I’d enjoy it. As it is I’ve deleted it
  • To many gold blocks 1/5

    By zaclkndy
    I tried to play and enjoy your game but I like fast paced games and the insane amount of gold blocks popping up slows me down to the point I had to delete, It was driving me crazy! And paying for the non add version will not get rid of the gold blocks so I’ll have to play someone else’s version. If you like pausing every 5 seconds then I guess the game is right for you
  • Waaaaay too many ads! 2/5

    By A*B-C*
    Could be a challenging and very fun game, but constantly being interrupted by ads completely takes the enjoyment out. Deleted the game…not worth spending the time.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Anbuzz
    The game itself is fun and I would enjoy playing this everyday, however the amount of ads, and I’m talking like an ad every 20 secs, makes the game not fun and rather frustrating. It’s fun but it’s not worth the amount of ads there are. This is the second popcore game that I’ve had to delete because of the amount of ads. Honestly, it’s kind of unacceptable, especially when plenty of games have figured out a way to be free and have limited ads. Popcore needs to do better.
  • Would be less 1/5

    By Treunta
    Way to many adds, to the point you don’t even want to play the game
  • User 2/5

    By Player’s 2
    Approximately every 10 seconds an ad pops up. They are so annoying. For this reason I don’t recommend it.
  • To many gold blocks! 3/5

    By Smeshnaya
    You’ve made to many good blocks now. And I swear there’s more ads with them. Can barely play for 10 -30 sec without getting nailed by another ad. I don’t mind ads but the app is now bogged down with them. Then there’s an Experian and that crashes the app and I literally have to close the app to get out of it. Just a black screen comes up and you can’t click out nor does it expire.
  • Game is okay but so many ads 2/5

    By evan226
    Rated 2 starts because the gameplay is at least ok but the game is filled with so many ads i can hardly play for even 30 seconds without getting an ad or a gold block interrupting
  • App is getting worse 1/5

    By Pipes. 2000
    Used to be fun, I even purchased it. So many bonus squares pop up you can’t even play anymore. It takes more time clearing bonus squares that are attached to the game that asks you to watch ads, than the actual game. Went very quickly from 5 stars to 1 star. I would not recommend anymore. Don’t waste your time. They sold out. This isn’t a game it’s just clocks and ads.
  • Stupid 3/5

    By Rahs_98
    I got the game for the puzzle but all of these stupid “special boxes” with coins I don’t need seem to be the only thing I’m clearing! That’s not playing a game. I shouldn’t also have to watch a video for everything. Clear 5 of anything and you have to watch a video. It’s stupid. It’s more frustrating than fun. You can turn off the boxes changing. You can’t bypass the videos. So don’t waste your time. I’m going to try and find something else.
  • Ads 1/5

    By AtlasxBaby
    There are more ads on this game than dead people in existence, youre a cancer to the app store.
  • WAY too many ads 1/5

    By ibc2
    Way, way, way, way, WAY too many ads. This is the worst I’ve seen yet. If they have this many, even paying for the game you would with a doubt continue to have ads. Deleting.
  • Ads plagued with them 1/5

    By Holler & Shimmer
    So many ads. Don’t bother with it. Just like the other game by the same dev. It’s just an ad generator. Creates special blocks you have to click and they generate an ad. Click so many blocks, another ad. Don’t want the ad for the bonus coins, guess what here’s an ad anyways.
  • Stopped working--no support 1/5

    By SKirtonBear2
    Enjoyed it, though the incredibly frequent stops for ads makes it take a few hits down. Then it just stopped working. Open it up, claim rewards and the page opens, but after it sets up the number it shows a blank space where the blocks should be. Tried everything before trying to get support. Likely I'll have to delete it.
  • Get rid of Special Block and Interuptions to Game Play 2/5

    By OC Family 6
    Great game to play with speed but way too many interruptions to game play especially special block. This is AFTER you pay the $5 to get rid of ads. Will go back to play other games until this is fixed.
  • Not really ad free! 1/5

    By J C8928
    Paid $5 for ad free and there are still at least 10-30 second ads per puzzle. Thats not right. If I am paying for ad free it ahould be ad free. Such a shame because I love the game outside of these stupid gold blocks.
  • Fun game, BUT… 3/5

    By Rjw0219
    I absolutely love puzzles and this is no exception. This really is a fun game, BUT… The ‘special blocks’ are SOOOO annoying and attached to an ad. THEN, ads pop up CONSTANTLY even if you’re not tapping on the special blocks. The number of ads in this game is outrageous! Worst of any other games I play.
  • Ad Heavy Gold Blocks 2/5

    By prlsskpr
    It was fine until the gold blocks began popping up after every other block released. It was already ad heavy, now it’s worse. Not worth it.
  • Ads, Ads and more Ads 2/5

    By phasmid24
    Ad city. Frustrating to play. Try something else.
  • Fun but too many gold blocks!!! 3/5

    By LianVanLian
    This game was initially fun, but it got really old with all the “special blocks” popping up constantly. I am now at the point where a new one pops up every 3rd normal block i clear! Takes forever to clear them all only to have new ones constantly. It isn’t even fun anymore. Also, a lot of the shapes repeat so I end up doing the same puzzle over and over again. Going to delete this game soon.
  • Meh. 1/5

    By Hdc1990
    I tend to enjoy the game but there are a couple things that need fixing/changed. First the obnoxious “special box’s”. I hate them, I paid for ad free but these dang gold blocks man. They’re sucking the fun out. Also as of late there is a bug. When I run out of moves I’m unable to restart the level. I try and it doesn’t work, it back tracks a couple moves but doesn’t restart. So I have to watch ads to get the extra moves. It’s not my favorite. I’d rather start over. So once these things get settled I’ll update my review.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Prettygirlmissypthegreat
    Overkill on the ads every 30 seconds. I had only gotten to level 8 and had already seen 5 or 6 ads by then.
  • I love this game but… 3/5

    By raine917
    I seriously enjoy this game but it needs the ability to restart a level … right now the only option is to keep watching adds to get a few moves or a few seconds … soooo needless to say I give up playing and will be looking at similar games… oh and why was there No daily challenges for March?

    By Don'tusezoosk3783
    Forces you to sit through advertisements every 3 minutes!!!! THIS GAME WOULD BE GREAT IF IT WASN'T FOR THE ADVERTISEMENTS !!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
  • Love the game but….. 4/5

    By Nicestbloop
    I love this game, it helps me relax and keeps me occupied. My only complaint is those stupid gold blocks. They pop up so much and it wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t have to wait for the button to show up to move on. I don’t want to watch ads, I paid for the ad free version. I never even use the coins anyway, I just want to tap away uninterrupted. Or maybe make the ad free button pop up immediately instead of making me wait for it. These gold blocks are so irritating to me. I wish you guys would fix this PLEASE.
  • So. Many. Ads! 3/5

    By Jen123667
    Don’t even bother with this unless you pay for the ad free version. You’ll get ads in the middle of games dozens of times.