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Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium

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  • Current Version: 1.6.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SangHeon Kim
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium App

Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium is a game that helps relax your nerve(VR APP). Level up your Stone, create your own fish and make the Aquarium belongs to you! A beautiful ocean world waiting for you to explore! Add VR Game mode, you can watch the fish immersive! How to play? Level up the stone by tapping. Build Coral to double the vitality. Use vitality to create your fish. Use Cardboard to enjoy your abyss aquarium in VR Game mode. Features: 1. Simple Control---- create coral and fish with just a simple tap 2. Amazing graphics---you can view every fish in 3D dimension in HD 3. Lovely background music---- The song of a whale & the sound of water droplets all guide you to a beautiful musical world. 4. VR Game Support----Use Cardboard to enjoy your abyss aquarium in VR Game mode. You can watch little fish swimming overhead and right before your eyes—in 3D Follow and contact us If you have any suggestions or errors to report, please contact [email protected] We will do our best to respond to your invaluable opinions.


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Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium app reviews

  • Must Add Fish 5/5

    By LA9958
    Can you please add: Ocellaris Clownfish, Baby Ocellaris Clownfish, Royal Gramma, Pacific Cleaner Shrimp, Pink Sea Star, 4 stripe damselfish, Flapjack Octopus, Baby Flapjack Octopus, Mako Shark, Baby Green Sea Turtle, Queen Trigger, Baby Longnose Butterfly, Sea Lion, Brown Lined Seahorse, Seal, Baby Brown Lined Seahorse, Moray Eel, East Pacific Red Octopus, Giant Pacific Octopus, Can u Plz bring back the Marine Otter, Just for another limited time, Thxx :) & This is a rlly fun game!!
  • DO IT 5/5

    By jamethystm
  • Love this game but... 4/5

    By ~Gl
    I absolutely love this game!! The little fishes and all the different type of underwater creatures make me feel at peace. This game is fantastic but it is very hard to get new fish,corals,and pearls. I feel like if getting things was a bit easier this game would be more fantastic that it already is. Also the events in this game are very cool and I love the aesthetic of the different fishes.
  • Tap tap Mammal 5/5

    By fwfhfggvtfdgr
    You should make a game where it is a tree is like the coral and the fish should be land animals
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Sjsali0901
    I downloaded the game many times and crashes when it starts
  • I’m obsessed 5/5

    By fisherola
    I actually can’t stop playing I lose so much battery percentage playing this game. It’s crazy. Overall I think it’s easy but I still can’t figure out how to get pearls. It’s nice you put in some free stuff though. It would’ve also been nice to start out with some like new players get 500 pearls (if you were to make that update you’d have to include the rest of us though 😂) it’s honestly amazing other than that. It’s definitely worth downloading. Unless you are busy and can’t be stuck on a game your entire life 😂
  • Give them NAMES 4/5

    By Pebbles525
    I love this app. My friends love it too and we all agreed that it would be really worth wild if we could gives names to the fish.
  • Love the game!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Golden goos 1215
    The game is great I like how all the fish look so pretty looks like you put a lot of work into it!!❤️❤️ It’s fun to see all the fish swim around I wish our worlds oceans were like this but there mostly now suffering from global warming 😭
  • The VR doesn’t work right 5/5

    By luke0v
    The VR collecting does not work anymore
  • 8ub 1/5

    By 8ub$
    Beautiful but buggy and inconsistent. Pretty lame bcz it really is gorgeous
  • Mmm...needs more excitement 4/5

    By LillyN219
    You guys need something better like something more interesting.
  • Good but 3/5

    By Give is five stars
    Ur hands get tired it’s so fun thouh put if you don’t like using ur fingers allot DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU DONT WANT TO USE YOUR FINGERS ALLOT
  • Truly engaging and wonderful game 5/5

    By Saddlebredgirl421
    I love playing certain apps. Especially ones with animals! As I’ve grown up, less and less games have been appealing to me and are either too boring, or too complicated or require constant purchases of needed items to continue with the game pattern. Tap Tap Fish is absolutely everything that i’ve ever looked for in a game. Nothing more, nothing less. Graphics are BEAUTIFUL and so relaxing, alongside the background noise. I would absolutely LOVE to see more games exactly like these.. possibly one with a farm theme..
  • It WAS fun 1/5

    By Big juicy 101??!!??!!??
    I’ve had this game for a month and don’t get me wrong it was fun and I’ve gotten very far in this game! But I’m getting so annoyed to the point where i don’t want to play anymore because it’s sooo hard to get pearls! You only get 50 a day if you complete the daily mission and you can get more if you complete the world collection but i think it’s stupid you want me to pay $5 for 200 pearls and thats not even a lot of pearls for how hard they are to get!!! And the spin for past fish is cool but when I spend my HARD earned pearls on past fish I literally land on the same fish!!! EVERYTIME! I’m so done with this game
  • So relaxing 5/5

    By Ally+you
    This app is a great stress reliever. Very ambient atmosphere & love the music.
  • Attendance 2/5

    By Adam Harmonia
    I’m having attendance issues with the game. I have gotten my fish awards from attendance up until the last 3. It shows I have earned it but in manage fish it shows that I do not own it.
  • Beautiful! 🐙🦑🦐🦀🐡🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋🦈 5/5

    By NarwhalFanatic
    I love this game! It’s very fun and pretty. I love getting new fish everyday!
  • Drunk Fishes 5/5

    By Drunk Fish Boii
    My Great-Great-Grandfather got me this game for my birthday and he said the fishes move around like drunk fishes. I tried rubbing my penis on the screen to get them to move, I hope you find this helpful
  • Best game ever but.. 4/5

    By Ms mystrious
    Usually I would be watching YT and my parents would be complaining now I found this game like 5 days ago I love it I just wish that there were more things to do like fish mini games or battles and also it’s a little glitchy but after that the games perfect!
  • Love this game but... 5/5

    By Kitkatkathy876
    I love the game. It helps me relax and I love the idea of the adorable cute silly styles of the fish. But, I do want the panda scuba Diver pack, and I'm not willing to spend money. I would like it and I'm sure other people will to if in the new update your first purchase under ten dollars is free. I'm not saying this ALL on my behalf, I'm saying this for other people to. Not everyone wants to spend money on a game but wants to enjoy it. I would really love that adorable scuba diver animal in my abyssrium but I wouldn't want to spend money.

    By cat nap person😴
    I love this game soooo much it is full of fish coral and even backgrounds!!!! Iove this game so much i even deleted all the rest of my games to make storage to get it!🦐🦈🐳🐠🐟🐋🐡🐬
  • I need help 5/5

    By Just me👋
    I have 31 event fish and I think 21 regular fish but they keep going back into storage so I can’t see them. And when I try to add them back to the Coralite, the other ones go and it’s getting annoying. Can someone help me with this please?
  • So soothing and addicting, but... 4/5

    By Savage_tootsie_roll✌️🤟🏻
    This app is so addicting and fun to play. Along with that, it is super soothing with all the quiet calm music, and the sounds of water moving, bubbles popping, and so on. But along with that, I do have to criticize this app because it takes up MAJOR storage space, and sometimes prevents me from taking pictures, sending pictures, and using other apps that I really like. Despite that, I love that this app offers chances to build up your ocean/aquarium daily, with spinning free prize wheels, and collecting vitality to produce new fish. I think this game gives everyone and equal opportunity to build your ocean/aquarium up and expand it to hold all your favorite fish, dolphins, whales, and during events, maybe even a platypus!! I am absolutely hooked on this game, and most of the time find myself playing it before bed to help myself fall asleep easier.
  • Love love love this game and the aesthetics buuuttt 4/5

    By Bea1847
    Love this game so much. It’s so beautiful and I love my fish. But PLZ fix the bugs! If I watch an ad or try to share a picture, it will sometimes just go to a black screen. So I have to close the app and open it again, and I don’t get my reward. It’s very annoying. Please fix!!
  • Good game 5/5

    By hellogdgejfd
    Amazing graphics
  • Horrible 2/5

    By meowinpint
    My game glitched and set me back in my progress by 2 months When I asked questions I got no answers The game is always glitching
  • Fix this please 4/5

    By 👍🏻👍🏻🙂
    Okay so this game is great I love it but I have a few requests to make it better. 1please change it so that I can have more fish in my aquarium because 55 isn't enough 2 For the events please keep the song of the moon feature because even though the tapping is good and earning a thousand is nice the moon was better 3give us more ways to get pearls I do the challenge every day and only get a few pearls if you had an ad that gave like 5 pearls that would be great Thank you
  • Very relaxing and smooth music 5/5

    By Nova Warriors
    I love that it has auto click but sadly sometimes it crashes and I have to restart my device.
  • Make game easier to get in the game 5/5

    By Bendy dub
    I downloaded this game because it said create your own fish and every time I go in the game at the loading screen it saids center failed to get to center then like 5 to 10 seconds later it just crashes so I want you to update the game to make it easier to get in the game FIFE STARS.Thanks for reading
  • Ok 5/5

    By courtney warner
    I played this and I loved its cute but it won’t load now
  • Doesn’t Open 1/5

    By SmilesQueen
    I’ve tried to download this app more that once. As soon as I try to play, it doesn’t open. There will be a black screen for a couple of seconds then click me off the app nothing loads on the screen either.
  • Trying still 2/5

    By catbug44
    I’m on an IOS and the game game won’t even start it will just crash every time I reinstall the app
  • Thnx m8 5/5

    By TheFriedRiceFields
    I got this because I was bored... I’m probs gonna keep it Reminded me of why I’m absolutely terrified of the ocean...yey
  • The game is on my personal hot bar, but I see improvement 5/5

    By its too late
    The game is awesome, cute, and serene, the concept is simple and unique, and the fish skins are silly and creative. But I see improvements. First, I’ve noticed some weird glitch. Sometimes when my fish go in the hole in the corallite, they come out through the stone. Like, not through the hole in the back, but through the walls. It makes sense for the ghost fish to do that, but still. Also, I’d like to personally manage fish, and not just modify active fish quantities, but give them customizable name tags, so I could name my 20 BLT fish (no joke LOL) different names and be able to tell them apart. I feel this would have players more emotionally attached to their fish and therefore play the game more often. I’d really like that feature added in, and I bet lots of other players would, too. Finally, another thing that would be cool to put in is to modify specific fishes personalities. Do you want these fish to school up, or not? Do you want to set this fish a certain swimming path/routine? Or do you want your fish to be all antisocial emo fish and never leave the cave? I think these name tag and personality concepts would really add a lot more control over players’ aquariums and add more detail to the game. Thanks for reading my review. Please fix that glitch, and add in my concepts. Thanks!!!
  • I’ll think you’ll be better with dinosaurs 5/5

    By Shxjkduchcjcldo
    It’s a really good game but I really really wish it had the mosasaur and all the aquatic dinosaurs I think it’ll make it a better game but so far I love it😀😀
  • Wish it didn’t change 3/5

    By SinlessNight
    I easily spent $100 on the app by getting the $10 fish and the occasional bundle, but I haven’t watched a single ad since the last event, and sadly just deleted the app right after this event started. I’m very sad by the changes and just don’t like playing it knowing I won’t be able to get everything I want unless I spend a ton of time or use an auto tapper. I downloaded this game to avoid Gatcha games that I fall victim to way too often, as it was stress relieving and I love aquariums. Now I feel like it’s more of a time sink to keep up and I felt more stressed than before.
  • Miss the old mechanics 1/5

    By PlaysWithSquirrelsx
    I loved this game and downloaded it to help my bf and I with our anxiety. I played this game all day and didn’t mind making a couple of purchases on gems and other things. Was pretty bummed that I missed the spring event last year, so I was super excited when I saw they brought back the option to get the old spring event fish. I didn’t realize that they had gotten rid of the song of the moon bonus that lets you get more event currency from a small boost. Tapping what, like, 1000 times to get ONE event fish? No thanks. I’m deleting this until they change that mechanic.
  • Idk what to do 1/5

    By MaxUnderArmor
    So I downloaded this game and it just started black then it’s says do yo want notifications then two to three seconds it lags me out or quits on me like help me plz 😢
  • Is it money you want 1/5

    By Sharky9thebest
    For any new players that joined when the spring event started, well you’ve missed out on all the real fun. The game used to allow you to collect event points by tapping with a skill called song of moon. This would allow the event to be easier for everyone, even when I was a starter in an event I was able to finish it. Unfortunately the developer cares more towards money then its users by taking away the feature and making a player watch ads, even the reduction of how hard it was in the game didn’t affect nothing. Even as a player that has played for years and enjoyed every single bit of content I will be very sad when I delete the game. Probably forever if the developer really cares about money, if the game doesn’t get any better you should also quit to show the developer we want the old good game back
  • Awesome 5/5

    By milkoe
    Great visuals
  • Very Good Game, Glitches 3/5

    By I hate my I pod!!
    i love this game very very much, it’s concept is wonderful and it’s quite fun to play, but there is a minor glitch (for me at least) that i lose all my vitality every time i exit the game. not just a little bit of it, all of it. it’s very hard to accomplish anything in the game when it basically restarts every time i open it

    By Roddylotl
  • Cute!!! 5/5

    By ChiTwnMama
    I LOVE this game. I haven’t even had it for 24 hours and I have so many fish! I’m was trouble with the mystery chest, but now it seems to work! I’m happy that my game is no longer frozen!!! Either way, it is adorable and I love it! ❤️🐠
  • About to delete this game 1/5

    By AllyGator1007
    They've literally taken the fun out of this game with such a small change, it was so great and equally balanced.. you had the incentive to get on and play for a bit and save up candies with your moon song for the events and get a boost by watching a video which was great! You could collect special event fish around these really unique event themes and you got rewarded for what you put in! It was a game! Ever since that Valentines event your moon song does NOTHING to help you. You're literally collecting one candy at a time which is basically a waste of time for saving for a fish that starts at at least 150 candies each, I realize this game is Tap Tap fish but I don't have the time to put into saving one candy at a time especially for fish costing 500-1000 candies, the theme and coral decorations cost 500 each, I bought the coral and I've been "broke" since! The only thing you can do now to save any substantial amount is watch videos which I didn't mind doing before but that's not why I play this GAME. At first I thought this was a glitch- so I waited for the next event and same darn thing it was frustrating and didn't make me want to play or save for the event fish no matter how cool or unique they are. So I got on and looked at the reviews and noticed this was an actual decision and not a glitch... whoever had this terrible idea on your team needs to be demoted because this was a terrible idea this game went from 5 to zero stars. I noticed their "solution" to this was rewarding you with 1000 candies after completing the daily missions which includes: tapping 5000 times, watching 5 videos, using your skills 5 times, sharing photos and playing for a full hour... who has that kind of time to dedicate to a game? Just to participate in the event? I'll admit I've put some time in this game and I'd strive for daily missions when I could.. I play it when I can but I don't always have the time for so little incentive. Even after all my work put into this game I'm seriously considering deleting it because it's just sad what such a slight change did to the game as a whole it's no longer a game but a cash grab where you work hard for nothing and watch videos. And I see I'm not the only one upset after reading all of these reviews. Please do something about this or this worthless app is getting off my phone :/
  • It makes zen 5/5

    By giffifjekd
    I like how it make me fell am communicating more often when I play this game
  • Bring song of the moon back!! 1/5

    By fisheisley
    I used to love the new events coming to this game, with song of the moon you could get all the fish with dedication, but now you are forced to do nothing but watch an ad every 15 minutes or tap fishes nonstop all day (as if people have that kind of time) for any kind of headway. People put money into leveling up song of the moon for the events and now it’s worthless. It’s all about as revenue for this game now, they’ve taken away all enjoyment of the game. I keep it installed in the hopes that they listen to the TONS of people complaining, and bring back song of the moon.
  • Great game turned money hungry 1/5

    By adelaidegladney
    Longtime user here. Been playing since release. Unbelievably disappointed in you guys. The valentines event was a scam, no other way to put it. And now, after all the anger you guys received, to make the spring event just as bad. Shame on you guys for turning a fun and fair game into a ad watching fest.
  • Good game 5/5

    By TheGameRater6
    This game is very fun. I enjoy collecting new fish and filling my aquarium. I like that you are able to have several fish at a time and that you can decorate your aquarium. This game is very fun and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has a passion for marine life.
  • Tap tap fish 5/5

    By Lukesteezynees
    I’ve played this game for about two months now! It’s super fun and I’m excited to finally get to unlocking turtles, sharks, and dolphins! My only wish was that for the first 35 days you got a little reward for checking in and I wish I would still get that. Also every so often a free rare fish would be nice :) or at least a free spin on the rare wheel
  • Not working for iPhone X 1/5

    By Kaitlyn_loves_tacos
    I love the game & I have been playing it for a couple years now on my iPhone 6. Well, I recently upgraded my phone to the iPhone X & every single time I try to open the app on my new phone, it crashes & then close (on its own), making a loud screeching sound. its weird & annoying. pls fix asap.

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