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Tapas - Comics & Stories App

Put tens of thousands of comics and web novels in your pocket! Got a minute to kill at the bus stop, the bathroom (don’t worry – we won’t tell), or on your lunch break? Sounds like you need a Tapas story snack! Enjoy a quick laugh or lose yourself in a captivating tale created by one of the thousands of creators on Tapas. ▸ Read comics and novels from up-and-coming creators and bestsellers like Andy Weir ▸ Sample stories completely FREE! The ultimate “try before you buy” ▸ Earn free ink to unlock episodes ▸ Join the community and support creators when you like, comment, and share ▸ Explore comedy, fantasy, romance, and more, or dive into one of our ever-growing collections – there’s something for everyone! Wondering where to start? Check out Tapas' #1 title, THEY SAY I WAS BORN A KING'S DAUGHTER, a tale of murder, reincarnation, and royalty, chock full of humor. Available in both web comic and web novel formats. Download Tapas and get started today – it’s FREE! GET IN TOUCH Mail us: [email protected] Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tapas.io Tweet us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapas_app Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/tapas_app MORE INFO Creators work hard to make awesome stories for you to enjoy, and Tapas lets you support their passion. Tapas is made with love in California and Seoul by an awesome team. Please note that Tapas is only available in English at this time.

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Tapas - Comics & Stories app reviews

  • Nice 5/5

    By Herobrine__kitty
    Comics are good
  • Why?! 1/5

    By Sulwen66
    Some books you have to pay for and they only give you 10! But the book is 250-400?!?!?!?😭😭😭😭😭 other wise it is a great app!
  • :/ 3/5

    By M2dd1son
    I love the comics they provide but although I do want to support the artists, I can’t continuously buy ink. When I started doing the surveys and offers to get more ink it worked at first and I was getting my rewards but then all of a sudden I stopped getting my rewards. (Note I wasn’t doing the same offers over and over)
  • Don’t buy!!! Too expensive! 1/5

    By Jess0493
    The app is cool. I love the stories, but u have to pay so much to read them. The app doesn’t tell u that instead of adds you have to buy “ink” to read anything. 1 comic can be $50 because it’s 375 ink a chapter. It’s not worth it.
  • The greatest app for comics 4/5

    By Mr.Killerdeath
    I love it because of BL and drama and Romance
  • Account Activation Trouble 4/5

    By Queen_Bray
    I think I’ve been using Tapas through the app and my browser for about a month now and it’s great, but the one trouble that I’ve been having is that it keeps saying that I need to activate my account. I’ve searched through both of my emails, and even my spam, and don’t have anything from tapas. All I need is a little help to completely enjoy reading my comics.
  • Help with authors notes?? 5/5

    By BlairNicholas
    I noticed a couple other people have the same problem but im going to post this anyway. When scrolling down to try to read the authors description the words are covered by a black box. It makes it hard to understand what certain posts in comics are about or updates, haituses ect. Please fix! I dont think it happening to everyone since people still comment in response to author notes...please help!
  • I love Tapas but there’s just one little glitch 5/5

    By BruhItzEm_
    I love tapas the stories on there are really amazing and the set up is very easy to understand. The only small problem i’m having is that after every comic no matter which one it is, The authors comment at the bottom is covered up with this black box thing and it’s really annoying
  • A bug 4/5

    By -cktkat-
    I love this app. I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for this bug. But anyways for some reason for the past week I haven’t been able to see any of the authors’ notes at the end of the comics I read. All the text (except for blue links) are blacked out. I’ve uninstalled the app and still no change. I hope something can be done to fix it.
  • So much money 2/5

    By lufismb
    I really love the comics that I found here there are really good by is really expensive yesterday I spend almost a $100 just reading two comics and I haven't even finished them yet which means I'm going to spend more money so after I finish those two I will delete this app because is really expensive
  • Bugs. AGAIN! 3/5

    By KreeperHater
    The app has been glitching lately for me. It was fine for a really really long time, but now is acting up. Whenever I’m reading and I scroll down to read more it glitches back up to either the beginning of the chapter or to a spot in the comic that I was at previously. I lose my spot every time and it’s annoying. Not only that but when I go to press on a comic that I want to read it glitches and freezes, then takes forever to load up the comic I clicked on to read. Also when I press on one comic to read it, it loads up another one I didn’t click on. Please fix this and I’ll fix the rating I gave.
  • Good but issues that negatively affect users and creators 3/5

    By Macarondream
    Unfortunately, Due to pressuring, the app is limiting nsfw or mature comics and limits advertising of creators who do mature comics. I like my comics and I like them making money.
  • Good App but, 3/5

    By newpolicysucks
    Every time I try to earn my ink the app always crashes and take me back to my phone home screen This happens every time now, please fix :(
  • Great app but I need more ink 4/5

    By inker needs
    This is a great app but there needs to be a way to get ink faster. You could find a way to get more ink faster like watching ads for 5min straight for 150 ink or for the premium comics you could add a fast pass like they do in WEBTOON so you don’t have to use ink after a little while. You could also do a time limit after you read the first chapter you would have to wait a couple days or even a week until the next one chapter or couple chapters are free. However you could watch ads to skip a certain amount of time or you could just pay. The newly unlocked chapters would could only be opened until the next chapter is out . If you could do this I would use this app a lot more often and I would definitely recommend this to my other friends who like comics as well.
  • Crashing app 4/5

    By Isabella_Plays
    I’m gonna keep it short. This app is great. But every time I try to search a comic, the app crashes and restarts everything.
  • Problem 2/5

    By Graceson C
    The app works fine until I try to tap the search bar. If I do that, the app will freeze and crash. That makes it hard to use the app.
  • Can’t even use it 1/5

    By Eca14
    I just got this app and can’t even use it. It freezes and crashes every time I try.
  • Great! But... 4/5

    By Slashergirl
    Tapas is amazing! Just as good as webtoons! Its such a user friendly platform! But sometimes the surveys and “get free coins doing this activity” or smthing doesnt always give you the coins even tho you did what they told you to but other than that I love this app!
  • i can’t search :( 3/5

    By clockworkEmo
    every time i tap the search bar, the app freezes and crashes :(( this seems like a great app but the constant crashes make it frustrating to use. hope you devs can get it fixed :)
  • 9/26/19 3/5

    By Mecano8481
    Please update this app!! I love Tapas too much to let it go , but if dark mode continues to be a problem I might have to.
  • Ads Don’t Work (IOS 13) 5/5

    By Zero1415488988
    Updated phone to iOS 13 and now ads don’t work on my tapas app ,it tries to load it then glitches and kicks me out the app.
  • Dark mode 5/5

    By Mini!! 🖤
    I love the tapas app but with their new dark mode it’s not only hard to see, but it just looks awful. The bookmarks tab also has glitched out for me completely.
  • Lovely App!! 5/5

    By Skellie the Nerd
    I found this app not long ago when scrolling through Instagram and seeing an ad a interesting webcomic. Thinking it was on WebToon (another well-known webcomic app), I clicked on it, and was surprised to see that this app came up!! I was reluctant at first, not wanting to download ANOTHER webcomic app, but- I did and I’m so happy that I did!! The Ink feature is a lovely way that people like me, who have nearly no way to support those who make such wonderful things, can help their favourite webcomic artists!! You can also gain Ink for free, which I think is wonderful!! I see myself using this app for the long foreseeable future!!
  • Difficult to navigate compared to other webcomic platforms 2/5

    By Cairohxtp
    Deleted the app after browsing it for less than 10 minutes because of the pop up that comes up EVERY time I subscribe to a new comic. It’s incredibly annoying and turned me off from using Tapas.
  • Loving it 4/5

    By roseyoung4ever
    Loving it so far, Too bad I’m broke so i can’t really pay to read everything. I’ll wait until my favs are free.
  • Good app. 4/5

    By Really sad person
    I’ve used this app for a while now and I haven’t had any problems with it, but a little while ago I guess something happened and now I can’t see all of the comics I’ve bookmarked. It’s not a super big deal but it is an inconvenience.
  • Mostly good 3/5

    By DeathBringer13
    It has pretty good content (I try to avoid the pay per chapter stuff). Biggest complaint is that turning on the new dark mode breaks the app rather than it just displaying as it was.
  • Cool App, but there’s a problem 3/5

    By vesperstarwolf
    I really like this app, but for whatever reason some of the comics that I try to read tell me that they’re not available on the app and to use the website to read them. My friend that also uses this app doesn’t have this issue and is able to read these same comics. I really want to read these comics, but with this issue I don’t see the point in keeping the app unless I can figure out how to fix it.
  • Good app but :( 3/5

    By Mlp20%cooler
    I try to watch ads to get ink but every time I try to watch an ad the app crashes :/
  • Good app weird update 3/5

    By alex.robinson
    Looks bad and weird with dark mode white stripes too stark compared to pure place backgrounds please soften to make browsing easier.

    By addy2223
    The ink expires which is not necessary at all! So I made alt account so I can use the ink you get at first then wasted months of my time watching the ads to get ink now it will not let me change my email to my real email and says my password is wrong after I have been getting so much ink for 2 YEARS don’t pay for anything thing on this app it feels like I have been scammed 😡 only get free storys.
  • Bugs? 4/5

    By TrumpetGirl0820
    Hey taps, so I’m not sure what’s going on with the app as of late. I think the last update you had may have been trying to work with dark mode but it’s all wonky. Some of its black and other parts (where there is text and links) are just white stripes. It’s not affecting the main purpose of the app but it’s a little hard to navigate. best wishes!! -Ollie
  • good comic platform 4/5

    By EProspit
    easy to use and read didn't like the crack down on nsfw content like how they did on tumblr and also there’s a glitch on the app so i can’t see all the comics im subscribed to anymore :/
  • More Chance to get INK for FREE PLEASE 4/5

    By mysassyger_yhixa
    It would be nice if there wont be restrictions in watching ads with free ink. Let’s say per second of an ads should cost 1ink. 1second=1ink it’s win win situation.
  • Better genre division please 3/5

    The app is generally fine in terms of UI and functionality. I have some issues with the selection but that could be due to my browsing troubles. There is a LOT of BL and GL on the app. While browsing, its featured everywhere. The oversaturation of BL/GL makes it difficult to find comics without it. I wouldn’t complain though, if the app would just separate BL/GL from the Romance section. Mixing them makes the Romance section redundant with the BL section. It also makes it infinitely more difficult to find non-BL/GL comics. Please create more effective genre divisions to enable easier browsing and avoid redundancy.
  • Good but hard 2/5

    By nfsnbc
    I love the comic and all, but I would appreciate it if their was an easier way to get ink. Watching long ads and only getting a few ink isn’t fair, especially since an episode costs 300 ink and it only takes less then 5 minutes to read. I have to take 1 hour of surveys just to afford an episode. Most of the surveys seem suspicious too.
  • Months of no surveys 1/5

    By Casy139372937
    For months I couldn’t get any surveys and I finally get them and I don’t get the rewards! I had 1,000+ in rewards that I haven’t received. I’ve waited before for just video rewards of 10 ink and didn’t receive them and I don’t think waiting is going to give me those points :( I “relaunched” the app and everything. It won’t even show up in my transaction list. Update: It’s been 3 days and my points are no where to be found. The 10 ink videos aren’t loading fast enough and I keep having to go back later and get maybe 60 if I’m lucky. After I finish this last series I’m done with this app!! No one has answered me back.
  • Fix ad watch 3/5

    By Birdielove13
    I enjoy the app and using the ad watch for Ink but the new update for IOS created a bug for the AD watch where it allows me to watch the AD up to 10 watches out of the 30 per hour and for the rest of the hour it shows it’s unavailable until the new hour. So I lose the 20 ADs I could have watched for every hour...
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Quasismiles
    I can only read five chapters before needing to pay or watch a ridiculous number of videos? That’s way too heavy a price for far too little content. Even if the content itself is high quality. Deleted.
  • Ink Videos 3/5

    By GoneSeriesRocks!
    The new update where “offers” were added messed something up. The only things that are really free (no registration, no money, etc) are quizzes that you have to get 100% on. I’ve tried several of these and only managed to get rewards from one quiz. So I would just stick with watching videos for ink. Except. That whenever the “offers” were added something went wrong with my video watching counter so now it only lets me watch about 4 of the 30 allotted videos. And that’s if it lets me watch them at all. Usually I click on a video and it plays but when it’s done it does a spinning wheel at the end and I never get my reward.
  • I love this app but ... 4/5

    By 1zz3
    I love tapas and the freedom it give artist, my problem is with Apple. Apple is constantly flagging artist even after the work is censored. This app is rated +17 so why so strict even after censorship?
  • Pretty good! 4/5

    By burrito14
    I love tapas it is amazing when your author has to follow WEBTOON rules so you miss a lot in a story but, with tapas you can see everything you missed. (As long as you are 18+) and you won’t miss the story line.
  • Manga reader 3/5

    By JanaeNikea21
    I love this app because I love all the different stories however I keep having the same problem where half of the stories that I am reading won’t come up and I have to type it in my web browser just to read it.
  • LOVE THIS APP, buuuuut 4/5

    By Mamas!
    I really do love this app there are a lot of free comics to read ,so it’s not tooooo disappointing when some comics are pay to read . I love the ink/tipping feature to help our creators, however; when u guys do have add to give us free ink/ coins can you please not recommend a game that will give u this much of a awards, and then give us the same game BUT WITH A HIGHER REWARD. I thought it was kinda dumb playing so little war game and getting 5000 ink/coins then a week later there is an offer for 20,000! But it’s the same game so I don’t even get the chance to participate. I understand it may not be all in your control but can u try to get different game ads? Besides that the app is great! Besides the occasional error were it just closes me out for no reason, but honestly it’s no biggie.
  • Yet another super annoying bug. 4/5

    By Poptartcat22
    I can’t get to my bookmarked comics??? Like at all. In place of bookmarked comics, it just says “user input”, and it’s kind of greyed out. If I click on it, a red error appears, saying “We couldn’t find the page you’re looking for.” It’s super frustrating, so can you please fix it?
  • Great app 5/5

    By cinnamonbunzzzz
    I love tapas!! I can read all kinds of things and it’s like a mini world at my fingertips 🙂 but there is just one problem. For some reason lately the episodes have been reading are glitching. The panels get all mixed up while it’s loading and I don’t understand the plot line. I would very appreciate it if it could get fixed ☺️ thank you 🙏
  • Love the app but 1/5

    By Mr.Chaps
    It would be cool if you could get inks as a daily reward to unlock chapters like WebComics
  • Notifications are really bad 2/5

    By KarbonKevin
    New episode notification are either incredibly late or never arrive while there is absolutely no way to completely disable the Explore notifications.
  • Website?? 2/5

    By akelly5682
    This app is fine but it’s really annoying to have to be redirected to the website. Especially since I can’t do anything without getting a pop up and having my entire google app redirect to something that I can’t click out of. If you’re gonna force us to use a different viewing system at least make it so we can see more than 3 seconds of the comic at a time

Tapas - Comics & Stories app comments

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