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Tapas - Comics & Stories App

Put tens of thousands of comics and web novels in your pocket! Got a minute to kill at the bus stop, the bathroom (don’t worry – we won’t tell), or on your lunch break? Sounds like you need a story snack! Enjoy a quick laugh or get lost in a captivating story created by one of the thousands of creators on Tapas. ▸ Read up-and-coming authors and bestsellers like Andy Weir ▸ Sample stories completely FREE! The ultimate “try before you buy” ▸ Earn free coins to unlock episodes ▸ Join the community and support creators when you like, comment, and share ▸ Explore comedy, fantasy, romance, and more, or dive into one of our ever-growing collections – there’s something for everyone! Wondering where to start? Check out Tapas' #1 title, THEY SAY I WAS BORN A KING'S DAUGHTER, a tale of murder, reincarnation, and royalty, chock full of humor. Available in both webtoon and web novel formats. Download Tapas and get started today – it’s FREE! GET IN TOUCH Mail us: [email protected] Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tapasapp Tweet us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapas_app Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/tapas_app MORE INFO Creators work hard to make awesome stories for you to enjoy, and Tapas lets you support their passion. Tapas is made with love in San Francisco and Seoul by an awesome team. Please note that Tapas is only available in English at this time.

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  • Great but annoying 3/5

    By Rainblaze
    This app is great for free comics and finding new ones. However it will give you notifications to no end and have that (1) on its app EVERY DAY. It’s becoming so tedious I’m considering deleting it entirely, since it fools me into thinking I may have an important email or something in its app folder. ..don’t get me wrong. I’ll take notifications for when there’s comic updates. But a constant daily remind of “check out the daily mix” or whatever is getting on my nerves. Especially when I get a buzz during class and it’s this app. That and also, the app does not seem to change its homepage and recommendations often, nor does it base it on your likes or genres. Either that or they only choose to show trashy manga romance upfront.
  • Community 2/5

    By esteraguiar
    This new update doesn’t allow you to search all community comics and novels? When you go to community tab you can only see the new episodes, the trending ones and “what we’re reading”. Before you could search on community every genres and now I can’t find it? Please allow us to search community comics and novels per genres again
  • Great update 5/5

    By Panda19 muito fofinha
    The new update made it so much better...! Really, great job guys. I think this is gonna make the platform way more user friendly
  • It’s gone down hill... 2/5

    By spaaaceboi
    Tapas used to be my favorite comic app, but with the recent updates, it’s gone downhill. the library has become far too complicated and the daily snack is hard to find. the whole app has become muddied and user unfriendly. i sincerely hope they go back to how it used to be.
  • community tab 3/5

    By takara.arellano
    believe me i love this new update. but i’m having a hard time with it. before when i went to the community tab to read my comics i scrolled down and pressed the genre i wanted. now however i can’t gains where the genres are for community. i could it oh so perfectly easy for the ones where you are paying for. just not for the community. please tell me where the genre area is. please and thank you.
  • Tapas 3/5

    By sally corts
    It’s good the story’s are wonderfully written it’s just the coins can we read it free like WEBTOON
  • Non premium story’s not loading ? 1/5

    By KillerRred
    I pay for the premium stories and when I do they load just fine but any of the free stories I read none of them will load when I select the next page and then the app crashes !!!! :( I really like this app and will change my review once this problem is solved but if I can’t read the free to read comics without the app crashing it will remain a 1 Star
  • I like it but... 4/5

    By LemonDropCherryBomb
    It’s really fun. I like to read and read comics and it has all of it. One thing I would say it to make it easier to get coins. Like daily you can just get a small amount. If you don’t have any than you can only read certain comics or novels unless you pay money for it or do one of the challenges to earn them. The ones you can read for free aren’t as popular so it’s hard to stay up to date if you don’t have a lot or you just can’t get any coins at all. But over all I like it and stuff I can read is good.
  • How do I upload a comic on the mobile app? 3/5

    By Ehsujj
    This app is great but I hate having to pay coins jut to read. Also, if you could add a way to upload comics on the mobile app, that’d be great.
  • BOOO!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 1/5

    By gamergirlXOXO92
    I read something and when I get close to episode 9 or 8 that it says I have to pay with coins?!?! You just want money so like why should I waste my hard worked money on this stupid stuff while I can go read for free at line WEBTOON or webcomics. So let me just say this this is the worst comic app I’ve ever downloaded I love the comics but not when you have to PAY WITH MONEY I would give it a zero star rating if I could.
  • False Notifications 4/5

    By Monster5667
    The app is great. The only complaint is that I keep getting false notifications. Everytime I open the app to check I see nothing new. I think for now the only solution is turn off notifications and check in everyday.
  • Good comics bad function 2/5

    By Ms Shawn Phx
    The app doesn’t let you search by genre or tags. The feedback feature doesn’t actually let you send them a message.
  • Great App 5/5

    By JDizzle-1
    It's great I just want more chances of earn large amounts of free coins
  • Great app for comics!! 5/5

    By Underdog~EmoDJ-Noodles
    This app is one of my favorites for comics. It has so many choices that it’s amazing. One thing I have to mention is that there’s a lot of premium comics that need coins (which cost money or ads) to read. Other than that it’s a really good app and I recommend it.
  • Some troubles 4/5

    By :^(((((
    Tapas has been one of my favorite apps for a long time and the comics are wonderful but since the new update I can’t get any comics to load. I haven’t been able to read a comic on this app since the update and it’s very frustrating.
  • Good but the fact you have to pay coins s 3/5

    By StarFox964
    It's good and has a good verities of things to read but I don't like the fact you have to unlock some episodes but I understand
  • Hate the new update 1/5

    By Belieber1234567890
    Hate the new update I want the grid format back in the library, where I could see all the comics, and they are not separated into sections. Really stupid and bad design and annoying. Not convenient whatsoever. Books and comics are separated in sections, and sometimes I can't even find some of them.
  • unadvertised micro transactions (expensive) 2/5

    By Raediation
    you’ll begin reading a webcomic you think is free, but there are no ads on the app, so you wonder if it’s all patron based. then you get a couple chapters in, you’re still not sure if you love it, not much of the plot has happened yet, just character intros and suddenly it wants you to pay to read the rest of the series. it says you can watch ads to get free coins but the ads are all 30seconds long and you only get 10 coins from it while most chapters are worth over 300 coins and whole series are over 20,000. you could just buy coins but THEY ARE EXPENSIVE! $20 for a webcomic I’m only mildly interested in? no thank you. I’ll spend my money on things I know i like. But now i’m afraid to use the app because, I don’t know if every webcomic I read and begin to like will eventually charge me and force me to commit or quit. I understand the need to pay the artists, I support my favorite creators on patreon when I can and I don’t use ad blocker. But I felt tricked, like it wasn’t advertised as being pay to read and now I’ve deleted the whole app because I’m too poor to support all of its artists on a whim. If you can afford to buy things just to see if you like it or not, please enjoy this app.
  • Free reading 3/5

    By Malvig
    I wish there would be more option to just read all chapter instead of unlocking each of them because coin takes time to get.
  • New updates 1/5

    By nothing else appeals
    I love tapas, I use it all the time. It has great quality and I love just messing around on it. The only reason I down my ratings(and so dramatically) is because of the recent update with the ordering of the bookmarked comics. I always update a little late, but after the update I just flipped. The Novels/comics used to be in little squares with a dark background, now they are bright and one by one order. I know it just kinda freakin out over nothing, but I would just like the option to order the comics like they did before. Sorry for the rant, and for not having a good reason for the one star, but I guess I’ll get over it soon and come back. I just liked how it was before, it was a lot easier.
  • Why are we forced to pay? 1/5

    By classydragongig
    Not all episodes are free and don’t people support them if they want to(I mean like when you are reading something and you see this annoying YOU NEED COINS! Sign ,shouldn’t people support them if they want?)
  • Videos 3/5

    By GoneSeriesRocks!
    Can’t watch videos for coins anymore for some reason
  • Problem Viewing Comics 1/5

    By Lady_Layla
    I can’t view certain comics, I don’t know why. It stays on a white blank page indefinitely. I was hoping an update would eventually fix it but nothing is happening.
  • Upsetty 5/5

    By Ambar Isabel
    So ever since the last update it hasn’t been letting me read and of my favorited stories. As soon as i click on a chapter the whole app freezes and i can’t go back, forward or even scroll because well the pages aren’t showing up. I’m getting upset because all my favorites are updating but i can’t read any of them you know? I even logged in and out and nothing. It’s really upsetting although this is happening i still give it a 5 star because i love this app and i trust you will fix it.
  • Points 3/5

    By BrutallyHonest666
    Well I just started and I wanted to get some points right so I download an app that it tells me to and I don’t get my points. Close the app and everything. Kinda really want my 5000 points man.
  • I love the books 5/5

    By Juniorm2004
    Omg the books are amazing I feel like I’m in every story
  • Issue, it was great while it lasted. 3/5

    By AElizondo687
    Was enjoying it, before it’s stopped working. I do not to uninstall it and reinstall it in order for it to work again.
  • So many awesome comics 5/5

    By MysteryTalker
    These comics are just amazing and I love how the app doesn’t take too long to load! Not to mention it gives me inspiration as an artist such as myself. It’s also great for anytime you’re bored or not doing anything important.
  • Subscription 3/5

    By Idea987654321
    Overpriced methods. It’s very expensive to read one series, up to $40 which is more expensive then buying a whole comic/book series in paper. I think that a subscription service would be amazing for this app. $15 a month to read unlimited? I feel like a lot more customers would use that, of course you would keep the episode purchases as well, but being able to read select novels by a subscribtion like amazon prime allows would be amazing.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Lil loca insane
    Best app ever
  • Great app, but there’s a problem... 5/5

    By Sticksara
    I’m enjoying this app. With all the different types of comics available to read, it’s has something for everyone. So I say to keep ‘me coming. HOWEVER, the app tends to bring up a blank page, then shuts off after 30 seconds. Let me explain: Whenever I’m done reading a comic for the night, I’ll shut off the app. The next day, when I open the app and go back to the comic I was reading, it brings up a blank page, then freezes up. I can’t go back or do anything with the app. About 30 seconds later, the app will shut down and I’ll have to reopen the app. But again, it’ll do the same thing and I can’t read the comics. The only way to “fix” the problem is to erase the app from my phone and upload it again. That way I can sign in and go back to the comics I was enjoying. BUT I’ve had to do this three times already. It’s not the end of the world, but it can be annoying. So the app needs to be fixed. Hopefully sooner rather then later.
  • Use to be good 1/5

    By ravehetz
    I loved using this app and WEBTOONS but now all the WEBTOON or comics you need to pay to read and it’s not enjoyable anymore I won’t be going back to this app....
  • Meh… 3/5

    By jhduchhojcekcjefvehj
    I don't like having to wait, since I don't have enough coins… so I'd rate this a 3...
  • Love Tapas! : update issue 5/5

    By Nicole h17
    The recent update isn’t working. When I open a story to read the screen freezes blank and I have to exit out of the app. I love this app. It’s easy to use and brings so many creators a friendly environment to share their work. I really like the tip system. It’s also really easy to post your work. It only took me a few minutes to understand the process. I hit 1k views in just a week. The reach this app has is incredible!
  • Decent Comic Platform but some of the ads don’t work 4/5

    By Gramrate
    I like the comics that are on tapas, but sometimes, when I try to earn coins from watching ads, a black screen pops up where the ad is supposed to be playing and nothing happens. After this happens, I have to close the app entirely and try again.
  • Great app, but It crashes too often 3/5

    By Ginger Legions
    As I browsed through the comics, the app has crashed around 7 times. I’ve literally only used the app for about an hour and a half, excluding the hour or so that i was just on one comic. While browsing, this app is quick to crash, but when on an actual comic, it runs better
  • 🔥💩 2/5

    By Add DoctorWho back plzzzzz
    so i get that tapas needs to make money and they can’t necessarily be “entirely free” but the coin/unlock system is a flaming pile of bs. they could’ve done what webtoon (a truly free and much better comic app) did and have ads on the end of comics or had little ads on the side and bottom of the page. there are so many better ways to make money than making users buy/play crappy games to unlock episodes. the only reason i’m still using this app is because of the stories, but it’s better just not to get it. you’re not missing out on much, go get line webtoon which is a much better and much freer app.
  • Used to love this app until... 1/5

    By CJanelle
    This recent update (or maybe it happened a little while ago, I’m not sure, I haven’t trolled for new comics in a while) when all comics seem to have moved to a “free for a few episodes, and then 200-300 coins for the rest of them” model. Where have all the truly free to read comics gone? There’s no indication on ANY of the comics that show they are partly pay-to-read. You don’t find out until you’re 7, 8, 9, even 10+ episodes in and hit a pay wall. I know there are plenty out there like myself who can’t afford to buy coins or spend hours watching lengthy ads for a measly 10 coins, and it takes much too long to save up that pittance to unlock even a single episode of a single comic. I understand that creators should be paid. And I agree with this. But I feel like Tapas has moved from tipping to forcing people to pay for the comics they want to read, and they’re going to lose a huge part of their reader base to Webtoon since it’s free. It just makes me sad that I can no longer browse on here and find tons of great free comics to read.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By mnbvcxzqawsedrftgyhujikolp
    Beyond annoying and crashes all the time
  • I love tapas but.. 5/5

    By ..yeah.
    I have been using Tapas to read comics for awhile. I liked it because it had many different genres, and you didn’t have to pay to get good comics. I also enjoy the exclusive comics that don’t cost a lot to read. I do have one complaint though. When tapas made a recent update, I can’t seem to find the comics that are free. When you look in the genre section, it shows me all the exclusive comics. This may be just a problem with me not being able to work it properly, but the format of the app before was a little more simple and easier to use. Other than that, 10/10 app. Love it.!
  • Great app but... 3/5

    By Cgengddfb
    I enjoy the variety that tapas provides however the new update has caused me some frustration, I understand that they need to display their sponsored comics however it’s overly difficult to find comic that you can read if you are unable to read the featured ones. Even then it takes even longer to find comics you already haven’t seen. While at first this didn’t bother me so much I’ve become increasingly frustrated because, while not always, sometimes when I leave a comic I was quickly looking at from the genre category in the community comics, I go all the way back to the sponsored ones. I also have issue with the discover tab, while I really like the idea in theory the first thing you see when you open it is a featured comic suggested not at all based on your tastes. Even when you scroll down to the community comics, you only see comics recently updated. Rather than this I would display comics with a good amount of hearts(?) for the amount of subscribers(?) that doesn’t already have a huge fan base. Preferably these comics would also be updates rather recently as well. However this is most likely hard to implement so if now this then simply display comics that the user has not read in the genres the user prefers to avoid someone who doesn’t enjoy romance comics getting suggested “chief seduction officer”. Even easier just turn it into the community comics/novels tab
  • Nice idea 2/5

    By StarsAndSticks
    So, as I have seen others say, I thought this was going to be like Wattpad but with comics. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I was enjoying reading comics until the time I wanted to upload my own comic. I was continuously told to ‘confirm’ my account. At first I thought it was no big deal. After numerous tries the resend button simply made my device crash. The one time it actually was ‘successful’, I received no email. The synopsis, it’s ok for people hoping to just read comics but not for those wanting to put themselves out there.
  • Really annoying 2/5

    By Femal Dog
    This app has amazing artwork and artists but I can’t even finish one series without having to pay for it or wait. If you don’t mind paying or waiting this app would be ok for you, but for those who don’t I’d recommend WEBTOON.
  • miss my library 4/5

    By Crucifix off
    made this review to ask for the library feature back. i liked being able to see all bookmarked titles at once.
  • great idea 3/5

    By Taesung-ah
    This app is a great way to support artists at a relatively affordable price which I’m grateful for (other apps like LezhinComics charge $30 for just one series). I wish there were more ways to get coins other than watching ads and referring friends. I know some other apps have more intricate ad rewards (like if you download x app and reach a certain level you get, say, 800 coins to buy comics with etc) and I’m hoping one day they might do that for us one day :) The comics I’ve read are high quality and they have a wide variety to choose from, and actually there’s a LOT of free ones, or ones that have the first few episodes for free so you can decide whether you want to jump into purchasing it or not. Anyways, the app works great functionally BUT I had one huge problem... The app keeps crashing :( Sometimes I’ll have the app opened for five minutes or less and it will crash, sometimes it won’t crash for 30 minutes straight but inevitably every time I have used the app it has crashed ;_; if not for that I would’ve given more stars but unfortunately it’s really damaging my enjoyment of the app because of its frequency....Hopefully this is something that can be fixed so I can change my review sooner rather than later and more people can properly enjoy everything tapas has to offer!!
  • Doing great But.. 4/5

    By F you Google
    The new format for looking at your bookmarks makes everything extremely confusing, is there a way to customize the way you want to see your bookmarks?? I'm sorry but the vertical viewing of it now messes with my head and I can't find anything. The old format was better
  • Update is bad 4/5

    By Bree the person
    Girl it looks pretty but. I’d rather see the images (that are too small to see now) that represent a comic rather than words and white lines everywhere. Fix my library. Please this new format makes me uncomfortable.
  • The ads are not worth it 1/5

    By Et40589
    I like the comics and I understand I can’t expect things to be free in life. Comics are hard to make but watching ads to get free coins will get you nowhere unless you have a lot of patience. I don’t know if this happens to others but sometimes when I watch the ads the app crashes after and it’s really annoying. Of course your can buy coins but it’s really not worth it when I could always look elsewhere for my comics(where it’s free). It’s a good app but for people that don’t plan to spend money on apps, it’s a waste of time. They are other alternatives. I suggest going on Webtoon, mangabird(for manga), WebComics, or simply go online. They are lots of websites that have free comics/manga.
  • New update 4/5

    By Tiasta
    Don’t get me wrong, I love tapas. But the new update just seem a little too much. I understand if the creators need to fix bugs, but it was very easy and fast to find things in my library before. It would be a better app if it the way it used to be.

Tapas - Comics & Stories app comments

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