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Enjoy fresh comics and top premium webtoons in TappyToon! From hit series like Bloody Sweet to all-new adventures like Automata, TappyToon is the best place to catch the latest and greatest work from top comics creators. Download now to see for yourself! • Fresh and Exclusive Comics You'll Love Access hit titles you won’t find anywhere else from top creators and professional webtoon artists! Check out Empress of Another World, He, Him & Us, This Witch of Mine, Valnocia, Not Boyfriends Yet, Daughter of the Emperor, About Us, Heartthrob Daycare, I Got a Boy, Crossing Code, Greatest Band on Earth, Yum Yum Sweets, Flower Boys, Dress Him Up, You at First Sight, Cherry Blossoms After Winter, and so much more in TappyToon's ever-expanding line up of premium webtoon and manhwa comics. With Search, Genres and Rankings, discover your next addiction on TappyToon! • Trial Chapters or Sign Up to dive deeper Try our free content without sign-up and view sample chapters as an introduction. To buy Tokens and access premium content, view select chapters with ads, create an account — you can sync chapters across devices, view unlocked chapters again anytime and more. ◈ NOTE: Remember to check your email inbox and click the "confirmation link" we send you after signing up with an email address! Need help? Let us know: info[@]tappytoon.com • Daily Updates — New Chapters Everyday The newest comics are waiting for you on TappyToon. Romance manhwa, BL, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, action, even the hottest K-Pop webtoons and more genres! It’s all here, including webcomics for drama lovers, manga fans and anime viewers. Don't miss out and bookmark series for quick access in My Library. • Awesome Full-Color Artwork Crisp and eye-popping visuals from top original artists. Full-color manhwa and webtoon look amazing, just scroll to read! • Unlock Chapters and continue your webtoon blitz! After your free intro, use tokens to unlock the next premium chapters — each time you do, you're supporting the hard work of these comic artists and creators so they can continue sharing their talent! Thanks for your show of support. • Bonus features, special art and more Exclusive art, special limited content, sneak-peeks at new webtoon series and more from our talented webcomic artists and manhwa creators. Download now and jump in today! Webtoon, manhwa, graphic novels, and comics - TappyToon – Stay in touch! Facebook: https://facebook.com/TappyToon Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tappy_Toon Email support: info @ tappytoon.com – At TappyToon, we love comics and we know you do too. By enjoying your favorites on TappyToon, your support helps these creators continue to share engaging stories in the best possible way. Thanks for joining us! TappyToon comics and webtoons are only available in the English language at this time. All content on TappyToon is serviced in official partnership with the respective creators and artists. © TappyToon - All rights reserved.


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TappyToon - Comics & Webtoons app reviews

  • addicting 5/5

    By MelanieFlannagan1992
    Great app! All of the stories are really interesting and super addicting!
  • like app 5/5

    By SummersStanley
    I like the app so far. I'll space out my reads and customer service is great
  • easy to use 5/5

    By AnthonyGreene1
    A really nice, simple, and easy to use app.
  • awesome app 5/5

    By FowlerCole1984
    I absolutely love the comics on this
  • i like it 5/5

    By WalkerKatelyn
    I'm really into the different stories and I love them
  • Good app 5/5

    By CarterMerritt
    Tappytoon is the best cartoon story app . It has very beautiful stories. It enjoy the all story .
  • best app 5/5

    By BridjetBoyle93
    This app is the best comics app i have ever used. the interface is quite good. the comics are really updated daily. love this app. thank you developer.
  • very good app 5/5

    By WifKinsonPatricia94
    very good app for comics lover like me. comics lover? then you must try this one. yeah fully satisfied with this app. love the work of developer. thank you .
  • interesting app 5/5

    By ColeDelia1988
    Tappy Toon is a really awesome interesting app. I am regularly use this app. This app designed and awesome feature available. It is a romance ,drama read enjoyable app. I like this app
  • love app 5/5

    By MilesRobbins91
    TappyToon app i liked it very much.because it's amazing comic. TappyToon app comic and webtoon really awosome story and features and services outstanding also. i am satisfied to read this comic in my life.i loved this app!!!!
  • Make it a monthly subscription app! Otherwise you lose! 1/5

    By Fara world
    Here is the thing. I really enjoyed the emperor's daughter and even paid for it but then I stopped, it's beautiful and the art is amazing but I don't have the money they request! You pay like around 12 dollar to unlock one story only Netflix, you pay 10 for hundreds of tv series and movies Same for kindle and Hulu. Better yet, webtoon is free and full of amazing free comics! So my suggestion is make it a monthly payment! I will gladly pay 12 dollars monthly for tappytoon, but not 12 dollars per story!
  • Please stop 1/5

    By anime girl named kylie
    I'm writing this review because I am very mad. I payed money and it stated it would give me points, guess how many points it gave me. None. Don't waste your money like I wasted mine. I can't even read on to the story I wanted to read. Thank you so much creator for taking my money and not giving me the points for it. If you see this creator either give me the points or please give me my money back.
  • It’s not the best.... 1/5

    By Mack4594
    I love the stories and the drawings but the fact that you can only view a few chapters, then pay for the rest, makes this app not the best. If they had a monthly subscription then I’d pay for that, but buying the tokens is too expensive.
  • Girl I’m broke 2/5

    By Hetalia9
    I absolutely love the stories but spending my money just to watch a couple of chapters of a good story when I could just go to WEBTOON and spend no money cause y’all need a new marketing plan
  • Money Eater 2/5

    By MikkyG114
    I like the stories but having pay for each chapter? I cant afford that. I deleted it about a minute after downloading.
  • Points 3/5

    By Lita rose
    So far the stories here are pretty good but I don’t like the part that you have to unlock stories. The reason why is because I’m unable to continue reading and I don’t know how to earn points so I can’t continue more than after the chapters that have an ad. I do get why the chapters are like this, but can some please explain to me how exactly I’m supposed to get points in this app? 🤔🤔🤔
  • Tokens.. 4/5

    By Minecraft 10557346
    I like the app but it’s frustrating for tokens, there should be more ways to get tokens..
  • -.- 1/5

    By Fisndisnwkasbdksbsk
    I was enjoying the stories until I got told I had to pay for for tokens and stuff just to read more of the story..and I get ppl need to make money but I don’t have money to give and I really was looking forward to reading a story in here but got disappointed when I couldn’t even read past chapter 5
  • I would like it if... 1/5

    By FoxyFadska
    I hate how they censor the manga... like you can’t just delete mature parts of the manga!!! All I want to do is read the FULL version of Tied Up in Twins but I can’t because it’s censored. Such BS.... really hoping LezhinComics will publish it as well. I don’t mind paying for the manga, but if I’m going to pay, I want to whole story and not some garbage censor.
  • Good stories, but… 1/5

    By Mel S. Garcia
    The artwork and stories seem really fascinating, but you can only read so much for free. I love reading these comics. I love reading in general and I would love to support and pay to read the rest, but I do not have enough many to satisfy my hunger for reading. I love WEBTOON because it’s free and I can comment, like, and subscribe to the comics I read. I can’t do any of that with this app. I can’t save or subscribe the comic I’m currently reading. If I want to re-read one, I have to search for it again because it won’t let me subscribe. Even under the “Recent” tab nothing shows up. Honestly, I just feel really let down and frustrated after I read the free episodes because I can’t continue reading. The way this app is set up, you practically have to be swimming in money to afford to read these stories. I’m a student paying for classes, I don’t have money to spend on stories every week. I understand the authors need compensation for their work, but there should be a better way to go about it. For example, have them be compensated for the amount of subscribers/likes per episode.? Even doing something similar to Crunchyroll would be fine, such as having ads before and after every episode or paying a subscription fee to be able to view the comics. WEBTOON is an amazing app, but I like to have more options when reading, unfortunately it seems this app won’t be one of them. I think I’m just going to have to delete this app and forget what I’ve already read.
  • Too much money on tokens 2/5

    By asdfghjklc
    This is a great app for manga but you guys are too expensive with the points and things, it would be easier for it to have a monthly membership
  • Worth the prices 4/5

    By Westshyk
    These artists are trying to make a living. It is important for people to understand that like everything in life you pay for what you want. You don’t go to a restaurant and not expect to pay for the Pepsi vs having just water. The comics are great and the token packages are reasonable. The fact that some chapters are ad viewable is really nice and not all web host allow that. I think the point system could be better and I also feel that the buy all price should be equal to the amount of comics you get and not a flat rate. But other than that I enjoy this app.
  • But why?? 1/5

    I only got this so I could read one comic. I read 6 chapters and then I have to pay for every other one. Why not just an ad or a subscription thing like Crunchyroll
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By KaciaN
    It is awesome and I love the comics and I don't like having to pay for every chapter but in the end, it is worth it!!
  • Good comics but... 3/5

    By KasaiKame
    The app is super glitchy and needs some work.
  • Expensive 1/5

    By Benni ton
    I wouldn’t mind paying a monthly subscription to view all. The structure of pricing is not realistic. The content is good but the demand to pay each chapter at its current rate seems unreasonable.
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By Aspen_of_Fae
    They give you “crumbs” and that is about it. No way to make the “points” needed to unlock chapters even though the app makers say there is. Costs money to unlock chapters and its expensive!! It takes roughly 340 “points” to unlock a full chapter and it gets expensive. I would mind watch ads to unlock chapters seeing as the ad companies PAY to be featured on the app. I could rant for days... Summery don’t get this app there are better ways to read manga. The manga on here is good but I’m not paying $100+ a month to read this stuff.
  • Pay to Read 1/5

    By Cool-nackers
    I don’t have much good to say about this app other than the few comics it lets you read for free. Now let’s get to the bad stuff: there doesn’t seem to be a navigation tab, only one genre of comic (romance), and of course one has to pay to read their full comics. Of course the first 3-5 chapters are free with maybe an additional advertisement to watch but afterwards the app makes u pay for “tokens” to unlock chapters. I have had this app for 3 weeks now and it doesn’t look like it updates the free chapters either (like one free update every week).
  • Why can’t we see the rest? 1/5

    By xXthxLitnessXx
    I was fuming when I began to read a comic then it told em I had to pay a coin of some type for it! Im not ok with that! It should be on WEBTOON that place is awesome
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By puka690
    I don’t mind watching an ad or two to read a chapter and I enjoy that some chapters are free. What I don’t enjoy is that I have to use real money to pay for EACH chapter. There should be a different way to go about this. Like a subscription plan.
  • Absolutely Terrible 1/5

    By ImaOtakuFangirl
    The only good thing about this app are the comics themselves. Unlike WEBTOON or Tapas, it’s so hard to continue reading these stories. TappyToon: Pros: •interesting comics •you can either read a chapter once exchange for watching an ad or pay tokens or points to have it permanently Cons: •rare opportunities to earn points •too expensive to pay to read a whole story(you can buy a volume for a manga for even cheaper than buy a few chapters on this app) You should follow Tapas ways of getting more of an audience reading. •Have more events/longer events. •let the audience watch ads to earn points or tokens. *free episodes once in awhile Overall, I really wish I can love this app, but I just can’t because I can’t read anything besides a few chapters. If you really want to help the creators, find other ways to make it easier for the audience to read. The way you are doing it now are just only hurting them and also your own company.
  • I enjoy the comics but... 2/5

    By Venus_divine
    I do enjoy the comics but could you make it where we have to watch an ad instead of paying every time it would be a little better for everyone
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Boooo 🙄
    Why it always locked? Must paying for them?
  • Was Good 2/5

    By Fhcdtnfsg
    It was a very good app for the first few chapters. The ability to watch an add for a chapter for free is a good idea, but then after four free “add chapters” you lose that ability and have to use actual money and it ruins the app.
  • Why censor? 2/5

    By EriJean
    The apps navigation system could be better. But my main problem is the censorship. I was reading a Voice Next Door, and after, I guess what was supposed to be an “intimate scene”, one of the characters said “I liked it when you said you loved me, say it again”. I thought “Wait. What?! when did anyone say that?” Turns out the character previously says “I love you” during an intimate scene. Tappytoon removes/censors ALL steamy scenes. Why pay for a comic if I’m not going to get the whole story...
  • Overboard With the Prices 1/5

    By PurrddyMingna
    There’s really good stories on here and the art really is good but why are the chapters so goddamn expensive? It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much to read just one Webtoon and all of its chapter. I think that’s really the whole problem with TappyToon.
  • This app is great, but.. 4/5

    By Omgpoptarts101
    So, I saw an ad of this on instagram and I was like, “Omg! This is so interesting. I should get this.” And I did. But, there’s one thing.. you have to pay to read the other chapters. That’s the only thing I don’t like, honestly. I was left on a cliffhanger.. It should be like WebToon, where you can just read and not pay. Yes, the artists are amazing and deserve their money, but.. I think that this is going too far? Please remove this so you can get the fives stars you deserve! I feel like this is why the most common rating is two stars. Thank you :)
  • I like it, but. . . 3/5

    By Jiminna
    I'll apologize now for my grammar, anyways, i love the art, storylines, and webtoons this app allows me to read. I'm fine reading a few chapters and 3-4 extra chapters in exchange for watching an add. The only problem is how i have to unlock a chapter with real money or points. Now in this case, i don't make money because I'm a student, nor am i going to steal or ask my parents for the money. I understand the authors need to make profit but I'm sure there are other ways for them to earn it. In this case, i could use points to purchase a chapter right?? I've been using the app for about a week now and i haven't gotten any points for logging in on the 7th? Consecutive day. I would give this app a 4 star if they could fix the point system, and definitely a 5 star if it was easier to earn points/tokens.
  • Important notice 5/5

    By UmarFaruk
    Before you download this app, be sure to check your wallet
  • Ads should be an option 1/5

    By AmeliaFluer
    Why are they on only a few beginning chapters?? If they can place ads on a few chapters then they can do it for all of them, not force people to pay just to continue reading a webtoon they are five chapters into. Waste of time.
  • Love the art 5/5

    By Fujoshiqueen97
    Nothing in life is free people and the art is amazing. The artists deserve money, not just buzz. Gonna continue to read so that I can support the artist I like.
  • Too Expensive 1/5

    By Ricecakes717
    Okay so I’m in love with empress of another world but it’s so expensive! I had to pay $20 just to view what’s up now. It’s really good, the graphics are great, I really appreciate the artist and believe they should be payed for their work but $20 is way to much; if It was $10 for the entire series completed I would be okay with that but $20 is just way to excessive.
  • Such a joke.. 1/5

    By OtakuXPocky
    I didn't even read any comics. As soon as I click on a comic that looked so interesting..I saw a few chapters open and the rest locked. When I saw the prices to buy tokens I said "no thank you." I'll stick back to Webtoons for free. ✌🏾
  • Screw it 1/5

    By MissJena
    Just go to webtune variety of good stories and they’re all free. I’d recommend My cold blooded king Sirens lament And eggnoid as starters And guess when you can binge read the art and story are still stellar and you don’t have to pay.
  • Too much money 1/5

    By FluFFurious
    The art and artist are like really amazing. I saw He Him And Us and I really wanted to read it . I got up to episode 6 with ads but then we have to purchase token. And it’s for each chapter so it just to much for me
  • TRASH APP 1/5

    By Kannazukinomiko
    Was super excited to read He, Him, Us, so I went and downloaded this app right away! I thought it would be like Line Webtoon. But this app is trash! Having to pay for these when there are plenty of others for free on other comic apps is just plain stupid. Deleted.
  • Why does it cost so much?! 1/5

    By ImaginaryReality
    This app was cool at first, and I could deal with watching an ad before reading every chapter, but then When I got to a certain point in a comic it suddenly requires that I pay to finish the story, totally not worth it. Honestly, if you are looking for a good app to read comics on, your best bet is to stick with webtoon, it doesn’t cost any money to read the comics and there aren’t any ads.
  • Glitchy with false ads 1/5

    By Riverspree16
    Constantly freezes and reloads. Ok fine. But then it had this whole selection of “free up to ten chapters” except they only do two or three at most! I’d rather take my money to lehzin!
  • Love this app 1/5

    By fizxit
    I love this app but it’s just too expensive!! I love the stories and all but I wish you would lower the prices. -.-
  • This app is complete s*** 1/5

    By XxSpider_PigxX
    The comics are great and it started out good with having to watch ads to see chapters but to have to pay money to read a stupid two second chapter is ridiculous and the amount they want is over the top. Their are so many other comic apps out their better than this that don’t charge you. Would give zero stars if I could :(

TappyToon - Comics & Webtoons app comments


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