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TappyToon Comics & Webtoons App

Enjoy top comics and fresh premium webtoons on TappyToon! From bestselling series like Bloody Sweet to all-new adventures like Automata, TappyToon has the latest and greatest titles from top comics creators. •   Trial Chapters or Sign Up to dive deeper Try free series and sample chapters without sign-up as an introduction. To view paid and premium content, select chapters with ads, you'll need to buy Tokens. Sync across devices, re-view unlocked chapters again anytime and more. With exclusive thrilling stories and art this good, you don't wanna miss out! •   Daily Updates — New Everyday Dive into our ever-expanding line up — steamy romance, BL, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, action, even the hottest K-Pop webtoons! Webcomics for drama lovers and anime viewers. If you love reading manga, tap fiction, snappy short stories, dreamy fanfics, give us a try and you'll be hooked in no time. •   Exclusive, All-New Comics You'll Love Premium access to hit titles you won’t find anywhere else! From best-selling creators and professional webtoon artists — Empress of Another World, He, Him & Us, Imitation, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (now a hit TV drama!), This Witch of Mine, Flower Boys, The Pale Horse, Light & Shadow, You at First Sight, Not Boyfriends Yet, Daughter of the Emperor, About Us, Heartthrob Daycare, I Got a Boy, Crossing Code, Greatest Band on Earth, Valnocia, Dress Him Up, Cherry Blossoms After Winter, Roommates, Monster Idols, Tied Up In Twins, and so much more! With Search, Genres and Rankings, discover your next addiction! •   Awesome Full-Color Artwork Crisp and eye-popping visuals from talented original artists. Full-color manhwa and webtoon look amazing, just scroll to read! •   Never Miss the Latest Chapter! Create an optional account to organize your collection, bookmark a series for quick access, Subscribe in My Library and get new chapter alerts, toggle push notifications, keep track of Recent reading history, unlock paid chapters with Tokens, and more! ◈ NOTE: Remember to check your email inbox and click the "confirmation link" we send you after signing up with an email address! Need help? Let us know: info[@]tappytoon.com •   Unlock Chapters and continue your webtoon blitz! After your free intro, purchase and spend Tokens in the app to unlock the next premium chapters. Plus, save big with discounts when you buy more Tokens at once and get bonus Points too! Thanks for supporting the hard work of our comic artists and creators so they can continue sharing their talent! •   Bonus features, special art and more Exclusive art, special limited content, sneak-peeks at new webtoon series and more from our talented artists and manhwa creators. Download now and jump in today! Premium comics, manhwa, graphic novels - TappyToon for iPhone® – Stay in touch! Facebook: https://facebook.com/TappyToon Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tappy_Toon Tumblr: https://tappytoon.tumblr.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/Tappy_Toon Email support: info @ tappytoon.com – At TappyToon, we love comics and we know you do too. By enjoying your favorites on TappyToon, your support helps these creators continue to share engaging stories in the best possible way. Thanks for joining us! TappyToon comics are only available in the English language at this time. All content on TappyToon is serviced in official partnership with the respective creators and artists. © TappyToon - All rights reserved.


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TappyToon Comics & Webtoons app reviews

  • Love!!!! 5/5

    By Sakura14xX
    I love every single episode of every single comic I have read so far and hope to continue reading them every week. Best app that I have downloaded in a long while.
  • Why do we have to pay? 1/5

    By Nickname Jenny
    I thought this was a platform to get the creators work and have readers enjoy their work and getting their creation out there. Having to pay for chapter has only made me decide to delete this app. I was going to read a webtoon but only the first three chapters were free. That’s just dumb. That’s not enough for a reader to know they will like the story that’s it’s worth a form of payment. Guys there are other WebToons app in the App Store the are FREE like WEBTOON where if you like their stories you can donate to support them.
  • Love this app!!! 4/5

    By Leahxp
    I actually really love this app a lot!!! The only downfall is the quality of the art. The way it’s formatted to fit the phone makes the art look fuzzy...over all great app!!!
  • Way way WAY too expensive!! 1/5

    By JessicaGirl4500
    OK let’s do some quick math here: The story I want to read has 85 chapters, and it costs three tokens per chapter, so if I want to read the entire story I need 255 tokens. You get 16 tokens for $1.99, to get 255 tokens I would need to spend $31.79 to get the whole story. That’s an outrageous price. I’m all for supporting the artists but that’s very very expensive. I’ll just go to a free app and tip a few $5 here and there to the artists I like when I can afford it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jodeyy
    Honestly, this is one of the cheaper webcomic apps/places where you have to pay to read a story. I hate how people are giving 1 stars just cause they can't pay for it. Grow up. Once you're an adult and have a job, you'll be able to buy and support these artists. Anyways great app 👌🏻 Hope to find more stories to spend my coins on in the future lol
  • Good stories but too expensive!!!! 1/5

    By bunbuntu
    $7.99 for about 2 hours of reading. Honestly, great story but for that price you should already be able to buy the whole story. Tokens get more expensive to read as you go on too! It’s not affordable but I wish it was! If they had a monthly membership that’d be worth it though!
  • Love it! Amateurs move aside! 5/5

    By gitsryu
    Warning: RANT incoming! Short version: tappytoons is so lowkey yet sooo good but yes you gotta pay! Oh the yaoi!!! I read a lot of comics online, keep up with the personal sites of my favorite artists that post on their own, also sites like smackjeeves and tapas, ever since they were called tapastic. People going off about how you gotta pay this, money that and i wouldn’t have made a squeak about tappytoons but these comments here are so laughable, i actually made my first review ever. Continuing my rant!! Line came along and people started moving around trying out stuff different. Free is nice for readers but then you hear your fave artists have money problems, well duh! Problem is, when they go to those huuuge sites, they get lost in the noise! I’m not interested in every picture you draw in your notebook and submit as a “comic”, i wanna see the really good ones that actually have a story and a arc and art that makes me go wow. Lezhin is fun but that got suuper expensive real quick. I hope tappytoons gets more known because they make it reasonable. Do artists really not know this yet?! If you care, and if you buy a sandwich for lunch you can afford a few bucks for spotify or twitch emotes or whatever, you can spare it for comic artists! Do it and you won’t regret it. Now if tappytoons actually added a comment section so i can rant like this there and holler with my fellow boy lover shippers, that would be awesome too!
  • Keep coming out with stories and maybe more events 5/5

    By Itstheme
    I personally enjoyed most of the stories on TappyToon and especially grateful that some of these comics I wanted to read were thankfully translated. People may complain about paying but I have found it must cheaper than buying for other apps premium webtoon content. Depending on which coin package you get can make a difference. I think it’s best to save up and buy the big package because essentially you are paying around 30 cents (3 coins) per episode which I believe is fair because lots of the comics are translated for readers into English and to support the author. I think improvements wise the app can get glitchy when viewing an episode so sometimes the panels do not appear on my screen smoothly and I have to wait for buffering very minor but could be fixed. Also I wish there were more events that go on since we have to wait months for something at times. Anyways I’ll continue using this app as I enjoy a lot of the stories
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Ari Moe
    Yes you have to pay but he Artist get paid for their work! Someone who is a student can do this part time! It’s an system and the stories are very well thought out. It may cost a bit more but you get free points too during events just by opening the app! It’s worth the bucks!
  • Good stories 5/5

    By Rumple161110
    I love The stories this app has! Especially the emperor’s daughter and several others. And compared to LezhinComics (another app I use) it is pretty cheap, I can usually afford another round of coins. I can’t say I really understand the point system but I have never minded supporting talented artist and writers so don’t care about spending a little bit of money. I really think if you enjoy web stories as much as I do you should give this app a chance!
  • Some of us don’t have money 1/5

    By FoxyEdits
    It’s unfair that we have to pay tokens and points just to get to the next chapter and the only way to get the points is to pay and some of us don’t have money for an example (me) I just want to read a Webtoon. We should have the right to earn points by watching ads or something. I know there is a thing where we can view the chapter once but we have to watch a ad that’s still nothing. I was reading Daughter Of The Emperor and I only got to read 3 episodes I had to find another website to read it on and it’s not English but I rather look at the pictures for free then read any story on TappyToon
  • Really good 5/5

    By whiss1343
    this app is very good and although you have to pay a little for the stories, they are very good stories
  • There’s better apps 1/5

    By Horseluver1001
    I have 3 comic/manga apps. This one, WEBTOON, and webcomics. I saw an ad for this one on instagram and was excited to have an even bigger variety of comics to read. But honestly it’s kind of ridiculous to pay to unlock chapters. I understand that the writers need to support themselves, so maybe they should change it to where you can unlock the whole book with some tokens or points. But paying $2 for like 20 tokens isn’t worth it when each chapter is 2 tokens and some books have 70+ Chapters. Not to mention the chapters are very short too. If I can go onto other apps like webtoon and webcomic and read those for free then I’ll gladly choose that over this app. There shouldn’t be a point system. The writers should have real life jobs to support themselves until they’re able to get a job in writing or something. I’m not going to pay to read fan fiction and manga when I can do it for free everywhere else
  • greedy 1/5

    By stuckin2002
    webtoon doesn’t make you pay but this thing does. save your money
  • Are you serious 1/5

    By Kengnor
    SOOOOOOOOO.......I downloaded the app just to find out you can only read 3 chapters! Also if you even want to continue you gotta pay for it. I saw this app in a add on instagram and I saw a story I thought I may like. I regret downloading it tbh
  • Good app but not to everyone 4/5

    By flyingchickenhead
    Great stories. If you're bloke like me, it hurts😭

    By kesp1
    I spent $3.99 on tokens and I was charged but I never got tokens!!!
  • Ripoff to Webtoons 1/5

    By YayaThe
    It is unorganized, and they charge. Webtunes app is an where you read comics anime (something I am new to reading) and it is well organized. If you want to binder read anime that is completed, there is a “completed” section where you can binge read from title to end. There are others that are popular, enjoyable, incomplete NEVERTHELESS they story keeps up to their deadline. They are likeable stories to keep anyone hooked, I have not had it for more than a year. At most...5months? (You WAIT but it’s FREE) and you get to know the authors with respect. Now, ZAPPYTOONS, is a RIP-OFF to webtoons. Not only is it unorderly, unorganized, and INCOMPLETE, but these “tokens” you must buy. Each chapter worth 2 tokens, then 3tokens. Whereas in webtoons, you can look up completed animes to read, and more importantly, FREE, ZAPPYTOON, is unorganized, with no tabs to let you see COMPLETED shows, and not only that, you must WAIT and PAY and to me as a customer, it sounds ridiculous. Now if I were to PUT MY MONEY into this, it would be because the shows were GOOD and they were FINISHED. Now, the fact that I wasted my money on shows I read, without being able to know that these shows were incomplete felt like a huge steal and showed laziness and some sense, made me lose respect to those the writers of these stories. I only hope for ZAPPYTOONS to offer a completed section. I really like the stories, DESPITE having to pay the 40$ for the tokens. Would anyone really go to a bookstore, buy a book missing CHAPTERS, you take it home and when you get to it’s middle it says(please return in one week, the book isn’t complete and oh! You must pay for the following chapters to come! Have a nice day!) it is not worth my time. I will wait for a fix, some six months and there are no changes, I will cease to read from here. My recommendations: Organize for COMPLETED ONLY.. That’s it. People are PAYING to read this, don’t put something out that isn’t finished.
  • TappyToon is amazing, but too expensive 4/5

    By Death Flag MC
    I spent about $130 in the past 4 months. I wish TappyToon can at least lower their price down. Today, I purchase 450 tokens for $40. Please lower it down to at least $20 as a minimum that would be great or do a several different sales every month.
  • Good but.. 3/5

    By Anime_Lover109
    I started five days ago and kept logging in and it hasn’t given my tokens or points.
  • Eh 2/5

    By Ca11MeKat
    The stories and art are really good. But I don’t like how you can only view the first three chapters for free. The one manga I bought chapters for were boring after the first three free chapters, I wish I didn’t use my money.
  • Too much money 2/5

    By Frenchie2013
    I LOVE the stories and the artwork. But to by ‘Tokens’ and to read one chapter at a time?? Cost Way to much for such short stories. Uninstalled after one story.

    By fizxit
    THIS APP IS NO GOOD AT ALL!!! I PURCHASE COINS AND ONCES I DID. 2 days later they are gone. THIS APP JUST TAKE YOUR COINS FOR NO REASON SO THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE AGAIN FOR MORE COINS. They are basically taking your money away. the coins is already expensive and yet they take it to make it look like you spend it. I am so disappointed in this app. Don’t download it at all!!!!.
  • Too pricy 2/5

    By ChandraHughes
    It’s has beautiful work but just too expensive. If there was a monthly subscription to the app to read all work that would be different but I can’t pay so much to read chapter by chapter. At this point I can just go to webtoon.
  • Interesting but… 3/5

    By Lieiej
    I find the comics interesting and it makes me want to read more. I do agree that the writers do need to get payed so why not add in a way of before you read a chapter you have to watch a couple of adds, instead of paying for them?
  • Seriously Ya need to get your act together 1/5

    By Wolfboy4233
    Almost everything people said of how bad this app is actually true and comparing it to other apps like WEBTOON is just sad because you just try to making it harder for people......The events you so called claim to have when has one shown up lately?Hmmmmm? Never,Not Even one event I have seen.... This app is a waste of time and anyone that see this and that others too rethink in getting this worthless app.....
  • Costs 2/5

    By Lin Rhette
    I understand artists need money, but maybe if they played more ads, or had the option to watch ads for points, they could make money that way. I would rather spend my time than money, since I have none, and there's plenty of other ways for the app to make money to give to artists.
  • Lol 1/5

    By jissellyd
    They make you pay to read after 4 chapters, and pay for each new chapter. I’ll still to WEBTOON where you can read as much as you like ! 🤣😂
  • Too broke 1/5

    By soulessfayt
    I’m too broke for this app. Pay every chapter. What I pay for whole books is hard pill to take.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By ayomi333
    I like the webtoons... but you you only get the first couple for free but then you have to pay $40.00 to unlock the rest of one single webtoon. Then you have to pay another $40.00 for each individual webtoon you want. They should let you watch adds or something to urn tokens instead of just paying a ton of money for one webtoon that might continue good or it might spiral.
  • It’s not Free 1/5

    By malevolentsugar
    In order to finish reading comics, you must have tokens and to get tokens you have to pay for them.
  • addicting 5/5

    By MelanieFlannagan1992
    Great app! All of the stories are really interesting and super addicting!
  • like app 5/5

    By SummersStanley
    I like the app so far. I'll space out my reads and customer service is great
  • easy to use 5/5

    By AnthonyGreene1
    A really nice, simple, and easy to use app.
  • awesome app 5/5

    By FowlerCole1984
    I absolutely love the comics on this
  • i like it 5/5

    By WalkerKatelyn
    I'm really into the different stories and I love them
  • Good app 5/5

    By CarterMerritt
    Tappytoon is the best cartoon story app . It has very beautiful stories. It enjoy the all story .
  • best app 5/5

    By BridjetBoyle93
    This app is the best comics app i have ever used. the interface is quite good. the comics are really updated daily. love this app. thank you developer.
  • very good app 5/5

    By WifKinsonPatricia94
    very good app for comics lover like me. comics lover? then you must try this one. yeah fully satisfied with this app. love the work of developer. thank you .
  • interesting app 5/5

    By ColeDelia1988
    Tappy Toon is a really awesome interesting app. I am regularly use this app. This app designed and awesome feature available. It is a romance ,drama read enjoyable app. I like this app
  • love app 5/5

    By MilesRobbins91
    TappyToon app i liked it very much.because it's amazing comic. TappyToon app comic and webtoon really awosome story and features and services outstanding also. i am satisfied to read this comic in my life.i loved this app!!!!
  • Make it a monthly subscription app! Otherwise you lose! 1/5

    By Fara world
    Here is the thing. I really enjoyed the emperor's daughter and even paid for it but then I stopped, it's beautiful and the art is amazing but I don't have the money they request! You pay like around 12 dollar to unlock one story only Netflix, you pay 10 for hundreds of tv series and movies Same for kindle and Hulu. Better yet, webtoon is free and full of amazing free comics! So my suggestion is make it a monthly payment! I will gladly pay 12 dollars monthly for tappytoon, but not 12 dollars per story!
  • Please stop 1/5

    By anime girl named kylie
    I'm writing this review because I am very mad. I payed money and it stated it would give me points, guess how many points it gave me. None. Don't waste your money like I wasted mine. I can't even read on to the story I wanted to read. Thank you so much creator for taking my money and not giving me the points for it. If you see this creator either give me the points or please give me my money back.
  • It’s not the best.... 1/5

    By Mack4594
    I love the stories and the drawings but the fact that you can only view a few chapters, then pay for the rest, makes this app not the best. If they had a monthly subscription then I’d pay for that, but buying the tokens is too expensive.
  • Girl I’m broke 2/5

    By Hetalia9
    I absolutely love the stories but spending my money just to watch a couple of chapters of a good story when I could just go to WEBTOON and spend no money cause y’all need a new marketing plan
  • Money Eater 2/5

    By MikkyG114
    I like the stories but having pay for each chapter? I cant afford that. I deleted it about a minute after downloading.
  • Points 3/5

    By Lita rose
    So far the stories here are pretty good but I don’t like the part that you have to unlock stories. The reason why is because I’m unable to continue reading and I don’t know how to earn points so I can’t continue more than after the chapters that have an ad. I do get why the chapters are like this, but can some please explain to me how exactly I’m supposed to get points in this app? 🤔🤔🤔
  • Tokens.. 4/5

    By Minecraft 10557346
    I like the app but it’s frustrating for tokens, there should be more ways to get tokens..
  • -.- 1/5

    By Fisndisnwkasbdksbsk
    I was enjoying the stories until I got told I had to pay for for tokens and stuff just to read more of the story..and I get ppl need to make money but I don’t have money to give and I really was looking forward to reading a story in here but got disappointed when I couldn’t even read past chapter 5
  • I would like it if... 1/5

    By FoxyFadska
    I hate how they censor the manga... like you can’t just delete mature parts of the manga!!! All I want to do is read the FULL version of Tied Up in Twins but I can’t because it’s censored. Such BS.... really hoping LezhinComics will publish it as well. I don’t mind paying for the manga, but if I’m going to pay, I want to whole story and not some garbage censor.

TappyToon Comics & Webtoons app comments


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