TaxCaster: Tax Calculator

TaxCaster: Tax Calculator

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  • Current Version: 11.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Intuit Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TaxCaster: Tax Calculator App

This interactive, free tax refund calculator provides quick, accurate insights into how much you’ll get back or owe this year. It's easy. Just enter some basic info and watch your refund add up. And now, free data transfer for new TurboTax customers. Send your TaxCaster data over to TurboTax to pre-select questions and start filing. KEY FEATURES • Up-to-date: Updated to 2019 tax laws for an accurate tax refund estimate • Know your taxes: Use an estimate from the federal income tax calculator to get a quick read on your taxes before you prepare your tax return. • Plan ahead: Run scenarios on life events like getting married, having a baby or buying a home. Adjust your paycheck withholdings so you take home more money or plan ahead so you pay less tax. • NEW! Data transfer: If you are a new TurboTax customer, you can send your TaxCaster data over to TurboTax to pre-select questions. • NEW! TaxCaster en Español: If your device language is set to Spanish, the app will default to the Spanish setting. You can also override the default/change the language in the app settings. • Family of apps: Navigation drawer that lets you easily switch to other Intuit apps: TurboTax, Turbo℠, Mint and ItsDeductible. • NOTE: TaxCaster doesn't prepare your taxes. You can use it to estimate your taxes, and then use TurboTax to prepare and file your taxes. To learn how Intuit protects your privacy, please visit:

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TaxCaster: Tax Calculator app reviews

  • I use turbo tax and... 2/5

    By ItsPat
    I’m wondering my you can’t just import my info from turbo tax. Like why would I want to enter all this information again when you already have it all?
  • Got a bug 1/5

    By Bcbasslet
    Kicks in AMT when it shouldn’t. Try H&R Block’s.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By faja7104
    This app is way off i types my info way off from what I’m actually getting. I had my gf type in her info and way off from what she’s getting. I told my sister and law way off as well it said 800 when she’s getting over 6000 . Cool too play around with but not dependable at all.
  • Completely off 1/5

    By Prettylady6599
    My actual return is about $3,000 off from what this app forecasted to be my return and all my information is accurate. With 3 dependents and $44k with $4k withholding the app forecasted almost $9k and went I put that same information in my taxes my return only shows $6k. I don’t understand why there is such a difference but it’s extremely disappointing.
  • Can info be imported? 2/5

    By NeedsFNCU
    Can my info be imported from my tax docs?
  • Great for playing w/numbers 5/5

    By bmmb724
    Needed to see how capital gains affected my taxes. Estimated other income then I could play with the Capital Gains and watch the refund change. I knew in advance what I needed. Perfect for my needs.
  • Does a good job, current release doesn’t work on IPad 4/5

    By savage310
    It’s good and free but doesn’t work on IPad & ios13 - cant enter digits in the text fields for money Works fine on iPhone
  • Great Mobile Tax Calculator, I Just Wish I Could See My State Tax Estimate As Well. 4/5

    By BayRider2015
    This app has definitely helped me with estimating my federal tax refund. My only wish with this tax estimator is to give the user the ability to see their state tax estimate in addition to seeing their federal tax estimate. *Also I’d like to say thank you to the developer for listening to my prior complaint not only fixing the issue, but also responding to me with a message letting me know you guys updated the app with a fix for the issue I was having.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By PS1100
    I use it all year long to keep track of my taxes. So awesome!
  • App not working 1/5

    By Perfect soul
    I have an iPhone X and after yesterday update the app won't work anymore!! You can’t see what you typing!!
  • No more compare? 4/5

    By Kurtpatent
    Very useful tool but update seemed to lose comparison to old tax law. That comparison was also invaluable and losing it also drops your rating.
  • App stopped working after latest update 1/5

    By SaintSnazzy
    I can’t type anything in any fields
  • 2019 version - Can’t enter #s on iphone app! 1/5

    By DT HHI
    Numbers do not display as you enter them for the various categories of income etc.
  • Can’t see 4/5

    By SpiderLP
    Just downloaded the latest update with the 2019 info and I can’t see any of the numbers that I enter. Edit: Need to turn off dark mode to see app. Thank you
  • Dark mode 2/5

    By Checkwriter
    IOS 13 dark mode shows no data in fields. Have to switch to light to see and enter data. Please fix Glenn
  • Overall Good App 4/5

    By iTuneITs
    I like the app overall. Gives a good estimate of my tax return as far as I can tell after calculating with competitors like H&R Block. Found an interesting bug in the 2019 tax update I just downloaded though. All the typed values (W2 income, dividend income, etc) are all invisible. The numbers are all there and calculate, I just can’t see them. Must be the same while color code as the background.
  • Unusable in Dark Mode 2/5

    By MidtownReader
    The Dark Mode is the default display mode for most iOS users since the recent updates. The 2019 version of this app is unusable in that mode because all data entry fields are displayed white-on-white; therefore invisible. I had to figure this out and change the display mode to the harsh Light Mode. The fields became magically visible. This should be an easy fix for any developer as soon as they read this review. How they did not catch this bug themselves before release is surprising. How fast they will respond will be an indicator if their professionalism.
  • Control Inputs Don’t Show Values 2/5

    By MrCoryC
    On iPhone 11 the date picker and text boxes don’t work.
  • Totally worthless 1/5

    By MFMxxx
    Can't enter data.
  • Can’t see any numbers in recent update 3/5

    By Upset early adopter
    Recent update - I cant see any numbers I put into the data fields. iOS 13 w dark mode on if that matters.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By JesG222
    Will there be an update soon love your app
  • 2019 tax calculator 5/5

    By Dymondwayne
    I absolutely love this app. When will the app be updated for 2019
  • Not updated for 2019 1/5

    By Rachel2403
    They said it would be updated for 2019 in October. It’s now November and still nothing. I will be looking for a new app.
  • Not updated for 2019 1/5

    By Webappster
    Said they would update for 2019 in October. Still not updated.
  • Tax Caster for IPad 5/5

    By CSC3604
    When is your planned release for Tax Caster 2019.
  • 2019 estimate 1/5

    By 2019 estimate
    This is a terrible response I am looking for a better tax calculator for 2019. Any recommendations
  • Love it 4/5

    By Jackie7211
    I have been using this for a few years and it’s usually within a few dollars away from the actual amount I get. When is the 2019 version coming????
  • 2019 update? When will it be released? 3/5

    By jaketaos
    2019 update? When will it be released?
  • 2019 tax year 3/5

    By Aij91
    The app has not been updated with the 2019 tax year as of yet
  • 2019 update 1/5

    By wwwweerrrtyy
    It’s past October 15th and still no update yet
  • State doesn’t change your return 2/5

    By kenstup
    For some reason you can put whatever you want in the total state withholding and it won’t change the outcome of your return
  • Where are state taxes? 2/5

    By varzen
    You don’t ask for which state we’re in, thus do not show any state related taxes.
  • Where’s 2019 TaxCaster? 4/5

    By D-Jay848
    2018 version good. Will you have. 2019 version anytime soon or do we use the current app? Update: Why not have two entry points for filers? One for 2018 filers on extensions and one for 2019? I’m sure the number of 2019 filers outnumber the 2018 filers working on extensions. Putting out the 2019 calculator in late October doesn’t leave much time to make any adjustments. Thanks for first response.
  • Missing a crucial part 2/5

    By ladyofdragons
    It doesn’t account for ACA healthcare (Obamacare) and federal discounts received, which was the crucial thing I needed it for. Discounts are granted based off estimated AGI at the start of the year, if your AGI ends up higher at the end of the year, you have to pay back the discount at tax time. And If you are over the amount to qualify, you pay it ALL back and end up owning THOUSANDS of dollars on your tax return. That single aspect can swing your tax refund in a huge way, and it’s not included in this app as far as I can tell. Beyond that, it was easy to use and the interface was pleasant. Just totally inaccurate for our situation.
  • This app won’t lie. 5/5

    By Mrs.Lindo
    I try this app before using the TurboTax app and it work they give the exact amount so guys should check it out.
  • New update 5/5

    By Demure5
    Wrong standard deduction, no it was right
  • WAY off for new tax law 1/5

    By Hannah554321097
    Used this to estimate my taxes and had a huge refund. Went to use Turbo Tax and real refund was 1/3 of estimate. Not updated properly for new tax law!
  • Refund Calculation Can Be Misleading 1/5

    By PBCPA
    I am a tax professional who has been using Turbotax since 1987. Great product. But... a client just came in expecting a $3,000 refund. She expected this amount because she used the Turbotax Refund Estimator. She had tuition expense from a masters degree program. The Turbotax refund calculator does not ask what type of education credit applies. It automatically calculated the American Opportunity credit which is a much higher credit than the Lifetime Learning Credit. My client was extremely disappointed when her refund turned to $1,200 when I prepared her taxes. Intuit, please fix this! MB CPA, CFE, CGFA
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Rddghvbk
    My kid turned 17 in November 2018. This app still shows a large refund as if I get the CTC for her, which is incorrect. It seems like the app thinks her being a full-time student aged 17-24 qualifies me for CTC, which is incorrect.
  • No where near accurate 1/5

    By Twinxesmom
    2 different people with two different tax situations both off by over 2k
  • Inaccurate projection 1/5

    By itscomplicated
    I used my actual information and it projected a bigger refund that the one I finally received. Way off for a couple of thousands of dollars. Not nice at all!
  • Easy but not so accurate 3/5

    By Jpp5981
    This is easy to use and has been mostly accurate in the past but was off by almost 50% this year. I would suggest using this more as a guesstimate than an estimate.
  • It’s about over 2,000 dollars off 1/5

    By Kgavin756
    My friend told me about this app. It call me allll excited about my tax return. I do my tax return and it’s over 2,000 less than this app predicted.
  • Totally wrong 1/5

    By lar122344
    Have used for many years and it’s been pretty right on this year it’s $3,000 off. Very upsetting.
  • Different from my actual refund 3/5

    By ahhhhpickaname
    I have used this app for a few years and it’s normally only a few 100 off but this year it’s over 3000 off and I don’t understand why! This is not accurate at all this year for 2018 taxes!
  • Very misleading 1/5

    By dadof7angels
    I used this tax estimator and filling married filling jointly with 7 dependents and my refund is $15,295. However when I input the same info when I try to file that I enter in this app, the amount drops to $6,677. Very disappointing this app is misleading. Nobody can seem to give me a straight answer as to why either.
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By irritated126511
    The difference between what this junk app says I will get on my return and what turbo tax says is off by SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. How incredibly ridiculous. Nice forecast tax caster
  • Not accurate at all! 1/5

    By victoria ace 1981
    TaxCaster has shown my estimated refund to be over $12,000 since earlier this year. I did it again today to double check. However when I used turbo tax to actually file, using the exact same numbers, my refund is only $4,500. That’s a ridiculous difference and I am so disappointed because I thought I was getting $12,000 this year. Not happy with this app.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Debbiewebbie
    Im a taxpro and wanted a quick app to estimate refunds. My estimate refund was off by $2300!!! HoH, 3 dependents under 16, 1099MISC $16000. My Drake software says $6025 while TaxCaster $8316? Someone is wrong and it’s not Drake!!

TaxCaster: Tax Calculator app comments

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