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TaxesToGo App

Tax filing on the go TaxesToGo™ is the easiest and most convenient way to file your 2022 taxes with your tax preparer. Take pictures of your documents, records, and receipts and send them to your preparer securely through the app. Then your preparer will finish your return and send it to you for final approval. • File from anywhere • Sign your documents remotely • Chat with your preparer TaxesToGo™ is: • Secure - Transmit your tax documents and other information to your preparer safely using a unique Tax ID number. • Easy to Use - Simply snap a picture of your tax documents, send them to your preparer, and sign your tax return all from your mobile device. • Convenient - Quickly send your tax documents to your preparer from your mobile device without ever stepping foot in their office. Connect with your tax preparer to see if they offer the TaxesToGo™ app today.

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TaxesToGo app reviews

  • Awful 1/5

    By Hazelmealways
    I’ve reached out to tax preparer heavenly ash beau just asking of how I can get a copy of my 2022 tax return, she sees my messages and has ignored Im them since January! I’ve sent messages through chat on the website and nobody response.
  • Really 3/5

    By Qu33n_J3ssi3
    I have tried to create and account using the app and it doesn’t allow me to create the account to upload documents or check anything
  • Recover 3/5

    By HWoods3
    How do you recover a previous filing using tax code ?
  • Don’t Trust It 1/5

    By Mwest1026
    No way to delete your info. Uploaded some of my docs, didn’t feel right about it so I went to delete and couldn't. Found out tax preparer was a fraud because she filed using half of my info anyway.
  • 1 minor problem 5/5

    By F1x1TPl33z
    The very is quick and efficient for getting your taxes done quickly, the fastest I’ve used. There is an issue with notifications for new messages but other than that 5 stars!
  • Great app 5/5

    By winter23$$
    Great app everyone is complaining about information not being deleted are u able to delete you information off turbo tax? No so what’s the difference
  • Delete my data. 1/5

    By LLWJR
    I hereby demand that you permanently remove, delete, erase, all content that I created, uploaded, or otherwise caused to be on your systems, servers, and any other data storage devices or equipment that you own, rent, or lease. Furthermore, I demand that you advise me by replying to this email when the above has been effected. Thank you for your timely attention to this critical matter.
  • I’m nervous 1/5

    By Sher K.
    I used this app at my preparers request and she didn’t receive my information. The app is telling me that it’s waiting on the preparer. She’s not getting a notification about all of my personal info that was loaded to the app. I’m feeling very uneasy, there’s no Help icon or customer service contact info. My credentials are just sitting there and I can’t afford to have identity theft as an issue when I’m already Covid anxious 😩
  • GENIUS 5/5

    By Bry Robbins
    Very user friendly and makes a dreaded process ten times easier!
  • Don’t rely for keeping your documents here 1/5

    By Angie Burgs
    Tried to open my tax return from last year. Not accessible and have no access
  • I like it but… 2/5

    By Elle Geter
    As an end user there is ZERO support available for issues. No chat, email or phone number. The website for the app has nothing on it to help. The signature panel is not responding when i write my signature which means i cant sign my documents to actually have my return submitted. This is a MAJOR problem.
  • Clients cannot sign 1/5

    By elthomas 70
    clients cannot sign the return When the option to sign comes up the client tries to give the option to sign but they cannot sign it
  • Does not let you delete your sensitive documents or data 1/5

    By I_Love_Candy
    I had hired an accountant for my taxes who uses this app. I decided to not use them after all and went to delete my documents that I had uploaded and realized there’s no way to remove them. This really pisses me off because it’s sensitive data being stored that I now have no control over. I’m reporting this app.
  • I can't delete info 1/5

    By ki2013436
    I can't remove my info such as w2 or license.
  • Do not upload any sensitive info! 1/5

    By Braelyn B.
    I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone. After using a tax preparer, I was told to download this app and I wish I hadn’t! You can’t delete any personal information or sensitive documents that’s uploaded to this TaxesToGo app. This app has no help support, email or phone contact to assist with any issues that I have. God forbid this site gets hacked like all of the other tax sites...the app developers need to change these settings ASAP!
  • Terrible NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT 1/5

    By Jonathan Younger
    There is absolutely no customer service support I want to delete my account and I can not do so. I do recommend this app at all. NO!!!!!!! customer service support at all.
  • HORRIBLE App Do NOT Download 1/5

    By Glitzy789
    This app is horrible! I downloaded the app at the direction of my tax preparer. And once my tax process was completed and tried to delete my account I realized I was unable to do so. There is no where in the app where you can delete any files you upload neither can you delete your account. If I knew this I would’ve never downloaded the app. Therefore all my private information is going to be wandering on that app in some cloud space somewhere forever. The app developers are incompetent. Users should have the ability to delete their account at their choice. This app is total trash and hope they go out of business.
  • No sirve basura 1/5

    By yo si se 291
    Completa mente basura no sirve
  • Help 1/5

    By beeloyal
    How do I deactivate my account and delete information from app? Update: I’m still not able to deactivate account and I’m not able to connect with developers
  • You can’t delete files once uploaded 3/5

    By GeeH6
    I think for safety, people would feel more comfortable if this was an option. Please look into this.
  • No Login 3/5

    By bombshellbs
    I love my tax preparer, but this app is horrible. I’ve changed my password like 3 times, still unable to access my account to check on the status of my return. Gets frustrating, but other than that minor to major issue, things are good.
  • Updates 3/5

    By tavora1234567
    I cant do anything unless you guys fix the update it was great for my sister and others but im having trouble!
  • Editing information 3/5

    By Mrrrrr. Joe
    I used TaxesToGo and when it came to edit my information, I edited it. Them saved and it went back to my information page. The information was not edited! I tried four times and still no results.
  • Useless 1/5

    By MiMimino77
    I downloaded this app after speaking to the office administrator from my tax preparers office. I did everything the app allowed to do. There was no submit button, no send. Nothing. That was on 2/3. As of today 2/10. Their off still has not received my documents and they can't access them with the "tax code" provided... According to my tax preparer, he's has received another customer who used this service... BUT NOT MINE NOT MY DAUGHTER. I also tried to delete this app from my phone. It won't delete. The only option was to delete from homescreen... WTH?! Need assistance ASAP
  • Great 5/5

    By Naisyboy
    Is a great app easy to navigate and uploading your documents is so friendly user, saves a lot of time to get your taxes done
  • Password 1/5

    By WillTri2
    The app will not let me create an account because it says my password doesn’t contain the appropriate letters, numbers, or symbols. I have tried different variations of passwords and nothing.
  • Add the 2 suggestion down below⬇️ 1/5

    By Atl peach booty
    Good evening, everyone I’m rating the app a 1 star because it don’t let you delete your account if you don’t won’t it anymore. The app is a good suggestion to use because of the COVID-19 don’t get me wrong. The app also doesn’t let you delete your documents you uploaded from your iPhone or your android phone if you want to delete it. I feel like the app need to add those to options in as well. Especially if you are going with another tax preparer and they’re not using this app.
  • Stolen identity 1/5

    By Diamond1225
    We need to get in contact with the owner to this app that says the app is safe & secure which it isn’t, someone had stolen my fiancé’s identity on this app?
  • Esign 3/5

    By kiki8527
    Will not let me see my signed documents! Who can I contact?
  • Can’t download anything or print 1/5

    By AyricaC
    There is no way to save your tax return them out I need mines for a loan and I can’t just simply download them this is holding up my application !!
  • Super easy and very efficient 5/5

    By Rkbrigham
    My tax preparer recommended me download the app so I didn’t have to go into his office! I just plugged in my info and took pictures of my W2 and everything was sent to my tax pro! I never stepped one foot in his office! This was a BREEZE!
  • Patrice226 1/5

    By 226kimora
    I submitted the wrong information but it won’t let me delete it ! To re submit the right information I don’t wanted anyone to have my personal information

    By magicallymocha
    You're better off filing your own taxes. between the app & the customer service. this was the absolute worst to go through. do yourself a favor & don't even bother wasting your time.
  • Delete Docs 3/5

    By neeking it
    If you’ve changed tax preparers, how do you delete documents you’ve uploaded? And/or you no longer want to share your information?Apple user here....
  • Don’t recommend until features are added 2/5

    By Lezdi
    YOU’RE FORCED TO CROP UPLOADS & THERE’S NO WAY TO EDIT OR DELETE UPLOADED DOCUMENTS. I miss labeled a couple of documents and couldn’t edit the name or re-upload under the default titles. Had to upload as a separate new document. There’s a bug that doesn’t allow you to view the documents already uploaded. You can’t upload a full image so you have to upload in parts because you’re forced to crop uploaded documents. THERE’S NO WAY TO TRACK THE STATUS OF YOUR TAX APPLICATION. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHETHER IT HAS BEEN VIEWED, IF IT IS IN REVIEW, OR STILL PENDING. These are features that would help after submitting an application. I completed my tax application on 2/28 and didn’t get any feed back about it. Found out 2 weeks later my application hadn’t even been viewed and wouldn’t be for a while. Although this was negligence on the part of my preparer, it’d be nice if the app could update you on the status so you don’t sit around waiting. THERE’S NO OPTION TO DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT, DOCUMENTS, OR CANCEL YOUR SUBMITTED APPLICATION. After a month of submitting my tax application, and my preparer neglecting to work on my file, I went ahead and filed taxes on my own. I want to delete my account and documents I uploaded but there’s no option do it. So now my personal information is floating in cyberspace and I’m definitely not happy about that.
  • Tax Number 3/5

    By JazzDaniMac
    Please fix this issue! I completed my taxes through this app but now my tax number isn’t showing on the main screen. How am I supposed to get my taxes done?!
  • Can not delete 1/5

    By lada8
    This app does not allow you to delete
  • Delete 3/5

    By 📝✂️
    Why can’t I delete a document I mistakenly uploaded
  • Works Perfectly 5/5

    By Scootttttttyyyg
    I see some people saying that they can not login, but everything works perfectly for me. It’s so easy to upload documents and not having to go to a physical storefront is a huge benefit.
  • Easiest and Best way to get my taxes done. 5/5

    By Taxpayer John
    Using the app made of very convenient for me to upload all my information for my tax preparer and she was able to quickly look over things and call me and we finished things fast. It is simple to use and she can see my information quickly after I get things loaded. So easy and convenient!!!
  • Question !!! 1/5

    Am I suppose to see my tax results before the signage ? And can my preparer see my results after I upload documents or after he signage
  • No thanks 1/5

    By Samiamgirl
    Very unprofessional
  • Love, love, love!!!! 5/5

    By PoohPutt
    I am and always is satisfied with DW tax preparation! I have been using their representation for years now!! Ms. Darvencia is the best!
  • Mysherri Rhodes- tax consultant 5/5

    By ID35281
    This app was great, easy to upload documents and user friendly! However what was even greater was the quick but personal attention I received from my tax consultant Mysherri Rhodes. She provided me with the link to download the app, was always available for me via the chat box in the app or on her work phone. She also completed my taxes in such a short time period then called me to go over the results. Then she set up an appointment with me to go over the taxes in more detail, verify if the service was excellent, and to see if I had any questions. Taxes can be so stressful but I literally was not stressed out at all working with her and she completed the work with the most excellent customer service! If you need your taxes done use this app and get an appointment with Mysherri Rhodes!!!
  • Best Tax Experience I’ve Ever Had 5/5

    Getting more money back then I ever have before. Very happy ! Very user friendly!
  • Not working 1/5

    By jdw63993
    App is not working, used it last year and now it won’t let me sign in.
  • I love this!! 5/5

    By Rayymina
    Used it for the first time and I loved it easy and convenient! I was able to upload and sign my document at the comfort of my own home
  • Won’t let me even make a account 1/5

    By awilliams24164
    Won’t even let me log in
  • Not Working 1/5

    By BlazinMuzik
    I used this app last year no issues. This time it says I have no account. Also if I try to create an account it keep saying Oops. Error etc. Very inconvenient.

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