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Because beautiful tools make beautiful drawings, we endlessly refined Sketches brushes to create the most realistic drawing tools. Sketches is the most realistic, versatile and user-friendly sketching app designed for a mobile device. This exhaustive artist's toolbox helps users create dazzling sketches, cheerful paintings and smashing illustrations on the go. • Features - Import photos - Over 20 ultra realistic tools - Incredibly realistic watercolor wet brushes - Brush Editor - Color Eyedropper • Layers - Use layers to simplify your task - Export them as separate PNG with transparency - import and export PSD layered files • Cloud Sync - Backup your drawings to the Cloud - Synchronize your drawings between all your devices - Manage sync options folder by folder • Folders Easily organize your drawings to personalize folders. • Pressure Stylus support Discover even more realistic brushes while Styluses. We support Apple, Wacom and Adonit Styluses. A Unique feeling: Each stroke behaves vividly and truly like a brush on paper, adapting the pressure, angle, and width to your movements. It's an effect you have to see to believe. • A unique UI with a touch of Zen : Tools are hidden away as you create and the bare minimum buttons are shown to make for a very clean canvas.. • Community: Share your drawings with the Sketches Community where you can find inspirations and vote for other people drawings. • List of tools - Pen - Rotring - Felt Pen - Pen Brush - Oil Pastel - Watercolor Dry and Wet brushes - Acrylic brush - Airbrush - Area and Filling tool - Patterns - Text - Shapes (iPad only) - Eraser - Cutter - Smudge tool - Ruler

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  • Great app but need a refund 4/5

    By Wolfgang393
    I’ve already purchased this and it wouldn’t restore my purchase. Can I get a refund? And restore my previous purchase? I had no idea where to send this request so trying here first.
  • Needs layers 3/5

    By jjeieididixndnrjuf
    The fact that you need to pay for layers makes this app sorta bad. Other than that, very good.
  • It could use 3/5

    By SineyElle
    It could use finger rotate like that I Don't have to spin my tablet as I'm drawing besides that awesome.
  • Deleted my drawing!! 1/5

    By Bleachlover915
    I really like this app and started to use it again recently. I started a drawing and spent a while on it, and then the next day I come back and it’s completely gone! Replaced with just a blank white canvas. My other drawings are still there but not this one. I am really upset and was unable to find any support on how to fix this. Very disappointed.
  • Bugs mar an otherwise capable app 3/5

    By Cybernettr
    PROS: *More accurate Pen tracking than other apps I've tried *Works great with Apple Pencil (although only one brush seems to support angle shading) *Simple, clean interface doesn't overwhelm you with complexity *Fill tool offers great pattern effects CONS: *Skeuomorphic pen icons on side tend to get in the way a lot *Long skinny color palette makes poor use of screen real estate *Built in help not searchable *Text entry options limited *Bugs, such as with the knife tool, when you’re trying to move part of an image and it is duplicated instead, and undo won’t fix the damage. Very annoying!!!
  • It's a good drawing app but.. 2/5

    By Moonl1ghtx
    Ok so this app is very good and I recommend it and all but it costs money for layers? Usually when your drawing online you would need layers considering for the sketch but for this you need to pay money?! It's a bit unfair since a lot of people use layers in other drawing apps such as ibis paint. But it would be great if you could make layers free perhaps. :]
  • The best iPad app 5/5

    By Core_
    I don’t know any other iPad app that embodies the qualities of the iPad like this app does. It feels native, natural to use on iPad and it isn't hard to learn, like Procreate. If you have an iPad Pro (any size) and an Apple Pencil, Sketches will quickly become a favourite. It’s truly fulfilling everything I used Moleskin books for, like sketching, thinking, drawing, but also taking quick notes. There is no bulk, just a precise set of tools that help you do anything from a quick doodle to drawing letter shapes, if you’re a type designer, to sketching out wireframes, if you're a UX designer. You don't need to be an artist to get Sketches. Even if you feel you can’t draw well, it will be a lot of fun to use.
  • Crashing 2/5

    By bigmemer12
    I was almost done with some art I was really proud of when the app decides it wanted to crash again and again and again please fix this and I’ll increase my rating because I was starting to like the app
  • FreedoM 5/5

    By 11111111111100000000000000
    This game has given me a chance to be free about myself and show who I am through my drawing, good or bad.
  • Beautiful app 5/5

    By carmle cat lover
    So I downloaded this app and it was beautiful
  • Hate 1/5

    By nbjhjgugjg
    I hate this drawing app
  • The best of the best, but one improvement! ^^ 4/5

    By R3ha
    I love this app, but there is one thing you can add. I get confused by using layers, so maybe you can create a tool which allows you to remove a specific color from your work of art? Like for example, if I was doing the base of my drawing, and it was the color pink, and if I made my overlay base and it was black, I could get a tool which can remove any work I have done with that specific color of pink, but keep my top black layer, know what I’m saying? And also I don’t think the copy feature in sketches helps, because there are a lot of tracers and they steal other peoples art. But overall a very good app and I recommend using it!!! ✨👏🏽✨ Apersonwithaheart
  • Arg 3/5

    By Gottalotta
    I love this drawing app for simple drawing and illustration work. However… often, mid drawing- the app freezes and crashes or I have to reboot losing and now even erasing what I had been working on. It’s is very frustrating. The cut and paste / resizing/copy option is very glitchy and would be helpful if resizing and copy were not the same function as it copies and pastes at will then crashes. Hopefully the glitches will be sorted out.
  • Great to use, keeps crashing unsaved 3/5

    By Curduff
    This app keeps crashing!!
  • Crashed 1/5

    By LifeOfChuch
    I was drawing it crashed on me while I was drawing and my progress was saved I was so mad
  • Rotring issue 3/5

    By BWarren01
    First of all, love this app, ive used it for a couple years, however there seems to be an issue with the rotring/maybe some other tools involving switching the type of line it draws. One example would be I cannot switch to the pixelated type in the rotring, it only allows me to switch between the three first types which is an issue for me because I was working on some pixel art before and now I cannot finish it. Please fix
  • Missing essential things! 3/5

    By Nixit5
    Sketches is a great app that I used for a while, and still do from time to time, but I also have a big issue with it. In all of the app, you have to pay for layers. Usually, paying for something wouldn’t be a big deal, but layers are an essential part of drawing that Sketches didn’t add into the free version. In my (And many others’) opinion, layers should be a tool for everyone to use to make their art better. I actually didn’t even know how useful layers were until I got a different app, which opened up so many opportunities for great drawings. The app is great, just needs layers to be a tool for everyone!
  • I love this app!! The tools are cool, and I like the eraser! 5/5

    By Reignny Joseph
    Gonna keep experimenting with this app and see all the cool things that possible to overcome. I wanted to mention one of my favorite apps, Adobe Draw is gonna be discontinued on July 19th, 2021 and won’t be on the App Store if it’s not installed by then. I have it installed. Though, the app won’t be updated anymore. the last time we could use it will be until Early January 2022, next year. Though, I have been looking for other apps so that. Don’t get stuck with having limited apps for creating and art, and I have downloaded sketch tree, and I have this app: though, I didn’t purchase the pro version. I should because It’ll be better than ever. I really do love the interface and I’ve been thankful to work with these digital apps because everyone now is working on computer and mouse and it is hard and graphic tablets are expensive, LOL. Though I rather do art on my phone, than computer. Uploading is GR8 to, LOL! Though, please keep up with the updates for this app, and don’t stop with this app. We need more ART, more now than ever. Thank you and god bless you! KEEP UP THE GR8 WORK!

    By strawberryfawnx
    i’ve used this app for years despite all the glitches it has had because i loved the wide selection of tools. but now, i am incredibly heartbroken. years of work GONE. some of my favorite drawings i did from visiting Mexico, drawings that were some of the last with family members, hours upon hours of work that i could have included in my portfolio, all gone. i cannot begin to express my disappointment. i just want my drawings back.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Davsot555
    Easy to use, responsive to your creativity! Very portable, like my sketch pad when I took art lessons except that now I carry not just my pencil but all my painting materials, smok, fixxative,etc. All in my pad. Thank you Tayasui !
  • Doesn’t work for the iPad Air 4 5/5

    By Endermen01
    It worked fine for my iPad Air 3, however, will crash and has never opened for my iPad Air 4. Won’t even get pass the loading screen. Edit: they fixed the app and it’s back to being my favorite drawing app on iPad.
  • Lost all my drawings 1/5

    By Jellomold!!
    Switched on ICloud sync and all my drawings disappeared. Great feature... thanks I million. There doesn’t appear to be a way to get them back.
  • Thank god. 5/5

    By gummy122
    Bro, if I had never found this app I would have never been able to create giant and detailed art. For some time I used a app called draw editor to make art but after some time I decided to find a new art app so I could show my art on discord. So I found one. And guess what you had to do when you first opened the app? Pay to use it. All 3 other apps were the same. But when I found this I couldn’t believe it. I never thought I would find one that doesn’t make you pay to use. So thank you guys for making it so that you don’t need to pay to use.
  • Great! But... 4/5

    By Speeding Dewy
    This is a great drawing app, but I fell like a few things should be fixed/added. 1. Wet watercolor for everyone There was a little glitch or something that allowed everyone wet watercolor if you were fast enough. It was amazing. I made a lot of great pictures (in my opinion). It should really be added for everyone 2. The community is too toxic I know it’s hard to monitor, and I can just leave, but there are a lot of great artists sharing their work out there. Then, a bunch of dirty “artists” take work that isn’t there and trace it. It has caused a LOT of arguments and great people leaving or not posting as often 3. There should be official friends and contests There are a lot of users talking between posts. There should be another tab, or even another app where you can talk to your friends. You could have a friends list, share art with just them, and talk to them. There should also be an official contest tab, where you can post contests and submit entries. 4. You should be able to post more Some people can post only one time a day, while others can post four times in a row. Either make it one post per day (please don’t) or make it so everyone can post 2-3 times per day, with a little forced time gap between them.
  • Drawing area problem 1/5

    By Old gamer44
    Drawing on ipad air not full screen size - only center square - and can revert to upper right quadrant if tilted vertical…and won’t revert to center again.
  • Great drawing app until recently 4/5

    By CuriousNetEntity
    This is a really good app for making art, it has many tools and still is easy to use. Unfortunately, it has recently become really annoying to use. The app lets you know that too many layers can make the app crash, but sometimes the app crashes even when I'm only using a few layers. Also they removed two features that were really helpful to me. The tool that lets you cut and move around something you draw used to also let you duplicate drawings easily. If you cut a drawing and then pressed undo, you could then put a duplicate of the drawing elsewhere. It may have originally been a bug, but it was really helpful to duplicate drawings without creating tons of layers. Another thing they removed is easy organization. When you created a folder, you used to be able to manually organize where drawings were placed in the folder, but now they made it so you could only organize the drawings by when they were created or when they were last modified. This is still an amazing app, but i wish they fixed the bugs and brought back the features i enjoyed.
  • Awesomeness is this app 5/5

    By girls of the birds
    Awesome means to inspire awe and this app did just that.I had downloaded The app called pigment and it’s ok but then it’s app is just amazing my favorite tool is the water color brush
  • Constantly shuts down. 1/5

    By Naravive
    I bought the pro version and what a headache it’s been! Constantly shuts down, sometimes every two minutes. In one case I lost several hours worth of work because a whole layer had disappeared forever. Don’t buy this unless you enjoy wasting your time.
  • Wow. Just wow. 5/5

    By tyridhhjd
    First of all, all the drawing tools are super realistic. And there’s a community so that you can get inspired and post stuff. Doing anything is easy. This is the best drawing app ever. I make good art with this. Pls, if you like digital art, download this.
  • ✨✨Wow✨✨ 4/5

    By Dog🐶GamerGirl🐶🎮
    Please buy this app!! I love it so much the brushes are great the community is fine..and its a great app! The only downside to it is that there are negative likers and random reports. These are two big gaps that need mending as fast as possible😬 Otherwise well done whoever made this app!👍🏻😀
  • This is EA sports 3/5

    By derpynoob5673
    When i use layer you need money but when checking the other with layers they are completely free
  • Lovely app, but it has some bugs 4/5

    By Tabibri
    I love this app to death. I’ve been using it since I’ve tried to learn to draw and it’s been wonderful. Youve seen all the other reviews on how good it is, and I can’t really put it better, but here are some complaints I have. First, when I eyedrop a color then I switch to the eraser the tool is now the color the eraser had, even though I have “Each tool remembers it’s color” on. I don’t understand why the eraser even has a color, it should just have nothing. Second it’s super annoying for when I have my color pallet set but I have to re-select it each time. Secondly, when adding text when I switch to another tool it changes the texts color to whatever color that tool is. This happens a lot for me with the scissor tool. I would write the text, then go to the scissors to make the text bigger but then the text changes to whatever color the scissor has. Again, why does the scissor have a color? The scissor, eraser, blender and any other tool that isn’t used to draw with shouldn’t have a color, especially with these bugs. Anyways that’s all I have to say, lovely app but please fix these!
  • This app removed all my drawings 1/5

    By maiiscute
    I hate this app, I never using this stupid app again because they removed all my drawings. One day they were all there then all of them were gone. it was heartbreaking because I spent hours on them and now all of them are gone. I hate this app😡😭 and also don’t make the layers be behind a paywall let people have layers when they’re drawing
  • Terrible Software 1/5

    By hannml
    Every time i save my drawings, the app glitches and somehow i cannot get my drawing back. This app is not resourceful when it comes to young beginning artists trying to learn how to draw. I do not recommend this app for beginners if you want a reliable and easy drawing app to use.
  • Why I love this app 5/5

    By chicken63114
    I Really like this app you can use so many textures and not the same one, it’s also you can undo it without any marks on it and you can save your work and won’t lose it! I really recommend using this app it’s amazing a great for drawing! 🙂
  • Tayasui 1/5

    By sticky waffle 🥞
  • Good but... 4/5

    By I am 2nd34
    First of all, this is a great drawing app that I most definitely use the most, but when you go to community and if you join a drawing contest, it’s a bit hard to find out and see the results! I just wish we could have a place in the community where we can search up an artist.
  • Hate the new changes 1/5

    By bl00d13d
    Ive had this app for years and loved it. i bought the pro version and had absolutely no problems except a few crashes. but this new update is dogwater. it completely erases what the app used to be... as an autistic person i'm extremely distressed by this and find it difficult to use and understand.
  • PLEASE FIX!!!!😢 2/5

    By theloudninja
    I love the app overall and even bought pro but my only issue with it is a HUGE ISSUE! PLEASE FIX IT!!! ALL MY DRAWINGS HAVE BEEN DELETED, TWICE! after the 2nd time I had to submit a review, so Tayasui team, please fix this! 😥
  • Dear, Sketches 4/5

    By Kali Haines
    There is a bug that if we draw on a very long line then it will go up and down, please fix that!!
  • My go to app! 5/5

    By SmartGirl182
    I love it. It’s the only drawing app suitable for me. 👍🏻😸Plus I’ve drawn SO many warrior cats! 🐈🐈‍⬛ Also I love how you have so many brushes. It’s fantastic. I highly recommend for artists. Keep up the good work SmartGirl124
  • Please stop all the crashes!!! 2/5

    By Hippy hoodo
    I love this app, it is very nice however I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had it crash and destroy most or all my progress, and also how many times it has frozen on me, and never returned to normal, so my only choice was to close out and again have my progress deleted. It is extremely frustrating. Please stop this.
  • Best app that’s free, and better than ProCreate 5/5

    By -Bridget- 1234
    Dear reader, This app has inspired me to draw whatever I want. It really is like procreate! This app has, daily activities, your own account to share and inspire others! I would really recommend this app. It’s quality 100% perfect! I was making a tik tok and decided to download this app because it seemed interesting, I was rating other drawing apps and I really liked this one. This app is free so that’s EVEN BETTER!!! I really recommend this for your child/children. Like I said, best app you can find out there that’s free! 10/10 for this app
  • But I still love it 5/5

    By creep'nstein
    Sorry. I got A little carried away. The game is still awesome
  • Ew 1/5

    By spongebob fancan
    If you like your drawings disappearing for no reason, you’d love this app!

    By I am strange 🍄
    This app is incredible, I’ve been using it for years now. However, recently, there’s been an issue with the cutting tool that needs to be fixed. I don’t really know how to describe what it does but it’s extremely difficult to resize things and move them around (which, as all digital artists know, is a mandatory process). Aside from that issue (which I really REALLY hope gets fixed), the app is wonderful and I highly recommend it.
  • Update 14.4.2 is a problem - High Anxiety-Frustration 2/5

    By Fzaw
    Ever since this Apple update came through, Sketches keeps crashing or freezing up. Up until now I lost nothing, but I just lost 1.0 hour of work because the App froze, I could not save, so I just left it alone. Eventually when my iPad screen rested, I went to see what happened and sketches closed itself but did not save my work. I took a screen shot before it shut down. 4.29.21. Can no longer rest my hand on my iPad. It brings up what looks like a magnifying glass and changes the color. Crashed twice while working, first time it saved my work, second time it did not. Has become less pleasurable to use because of crash anxiety. 5.3.21 I appreciate the response and sent an email with other issues with the new update. Including no longer being able to move the drawing surface around while working and pens responding in a completely different way, feeling like what was gained is now lost and so back to the start of the learning curve,
  • No longer good. Poor stylus support. 1/5

    By Matreve
    Unfortunately this app is lagging behind the competition more and more. The brushes selection is poor compared to other apps. Also, Apple Pencil support is almost not existent, nor responsive at all. This app needs a facelift. This app was good but the newest version took a lot of functionality away. In example, you don't have multiple patterns to fill the objects with, instead just one. This app is going downhill.
  • Almost 5 stars… 4/5

    By maxpwr1
    Everything is perfect except I cannot share two apps in iPad Pro side by side; i.e. kindle and sketches. Other apps like InkFlow allows it - so that is what I am using now.