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  • Current Version: 3.0
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  • Developer: Jordan Peterson
  • Compatibility: Android
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TBR - Bookshelf App

Have an everflowing TBR list? See any good book recommendations and forget about them? Introducing the TBR - Bookshelf app! Track books that you want to read in the TBR, track books you've read, and track books you're currently reading! (No book limits) Rate your books once you've read them and log your favorite moments with our quick and easy log rating system. Rating books is for your eyes only, so you can track and refer to them later on and see how much you enjoyed a book. Within our rating system, you can log: Your reading book format, 5 Star Rating (Half Stars Now Available!), Up to four genre ratings, If you'd reread or not, If you DNF the book, Favorite Characters, Favorite Quotes, Pro Quotes and Annotations (Paid Subscription Required) and Any additional thoughts about the book We also have a Pro Rating Feature (Subscription Required) Within the pro-rating screen you can log: Tropes, Book Playlists, (These are to keep track of songs, they cannot be played within the app) POV Ratings, TV Show and Movie Adaption Ratings, and 4 Seasonal Ratings Make your own custom reading goal for the year! When you finish reading a book it will automatically get placed into your yearly reading goal bookshelf. TBR - Bookshelf is here to help you keep track of your evergrowing TBR list while making it more fun along the way! TBR - Bookshelf is free to download and use. No online account or sign-up is needed. TBR - Bookshelf Pro includes a 7-day free trial period and then you change choose between the monthly plan ($4.99 a month), 6-month plan ($19.99 every 6 months), or the yearly plan ($29.99 a year). All the other features will remain free to use indefinitely. A monthly, 6-month, or yearly purchase will be applied to your iTunes account at the end of your 7-day free trial period. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. For more information, see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. *These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary* *Note: This is an app to track your reading journey. Reading is not available within this app.* Privacy Policy: http://jordanpetersonstudio.com/tbr-bookshelf-privacy-policy/ Terms of Service: http://jordanpetersonstudio.com/tbr-bookshelf-terms-of-service/

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TBR - Bookshelf app reviews

  • I love this app!!! 5/5

    By Pikatulover69
    I found this app a few months ago while looking for a place I could track the books I’ve read this year. This app is amazing! You can search through books, add books to your TBR list, bookmark the books your currently reading, and my track the books you’ve already read, plus you can set a reading goal. The TBR tab is really helpful because you can add books to the list easily, without having to have have the physical book. It makes it super easy to figure out books I want to buy! One thing I absolutely love about this app is the ‘goal’ tab, where you can set a reading goal for the year. It also includes a digital book shelf that shows all the book titles on a bookshelf (it’s super cute). I love the way you can write a review for each book. You can choose the overall rating, and there are sub categories in which you can rate the book (ex. horror, romance, fantasy, mystery, young adult, etc). Personally, I read romance a lot, and some of the rating categories are: spice, fluff, tear, and humor. Some of the rating questions they ask are: ‘would you read this book again?’, ‘favorite character’ and ‘favorite quotes.’ However, there are quite a few things that are reserved for pro-users only. Some of the pro features include: inputting the page number your on, adding annotations, and a few things in the rating section (ex. season, adaptations, hype rating, POV, trope tracker and the book playlist). But, I do understand that the developers have to make money somehow. Overall, TBR - Bookshelf makes it really easy for me to track the books I’ve read, rate books, set goals, and add books to my TBR. The developers of this app are amazing! Thank you so much!!! <3
  • Great App! 5/5

    By stket
    I had been looking for simple way to keep track of the books I read and the books I want to read. This app is so easy to use! I’m not sure if the books I read aren’t as well known since not a lot of them weren’t in the app, but I loved being able to add new books that aren’t listed. I love the rating system as well. The bookshelf layout is so cute and fun to look at, however the only real complaint I have about the app is I wish I was able to choose a color scheme for my bookshelf. Almost all my books are shades of brown which is unfortunate, but it’s not a huge deal. Over all, I highly recommend this app! So happy to have discovered it!
  • Great Book Tracking App 5/5

    By JenniGrace349
    I absolutely love this app! I love seeing all the books I’ve read this year in bookshelf format. I look forward to seeing more features added.
  • Great App! 4/5

    By Meldyyy
    Such a cool and creative way to keep track of the books you’re reading! The app is simple and easy to use. The only things I would suggest to improve it would be to have more genres to choose from and that the app was available for android phones cause I know other people who would absolutely love this app but it’s not available for them yet :( But other than that, I absolutely love this app!!
  • Seems like a good start 3/5

    By whitew22
    Just downloaded the app. I love the goal page. Seems like a good start to the app. 5 or 6 books I read aren’t available. So hopefully they start to add more books to their catalog. Most of them not found are indie authors. Would be awesome to include fanfiction. I like the tracking options but won’t pay for that feature.
  • Good App but wish for more 3/5

    By Heynsus
    Love the App, but wish there was a way to send my TBR or Read list to someone as a way of suggesting books to them.
  • My new favorite way to keep up with my digital bookshelf! 5/5

    By sheesh204
    So far I am loving this app! Especially the review area where I can keep up with different tropes and add in quotes and things about the book I liked. I’ve read through some of the other reviews and agree that it would be nice to have more than one genre option since several of the books I read fall into more than one. I also like the idea of adding a whole series at once to your TBR and classifying as YA, adult, etc. I would love to see a feature that allows you to track advanced reader copies. Such as when the release date is, when the arc was delivered, what PR company is promoting it (or is it the author/authors PA), and then maybe a way to mark them off as completed. Such as reviews posted to Amazon, Goodreads, IG, etc. Then it’s marked as completed once you’ve filled out and submitted your review links form. After it can be added to your “read” list. I haven’t found an app yet that allows for arc tracking or if they do it’s complicated and/or has an outrageously high subscription cost. I’m currently using an excel spreadsheet to keep track of them but I don’t always have access to it so having an app that could do this would be amazing! (Maybe even do it in a separate app if not within this one?) Otherwise I’m happy with this app and will continue to use it daily!
  • Great but needs a little more love 4/5

    By RottenPeaches93
    Amazing app love the concept of it. I love the aesthetic of the whole thing. Specially love the rating and annotations. A few things I would either update or add. When books are entered adding a Kids, YA or Adult genre on them. Book spice rating 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 A better search feature. Currently its very difficult to find the book you are looking for. A lot of people seem to be adding their own name as the author and not the book author, so searching by author doesnt work too well. When you search something, it seems to pull up anything that has any letters that are used. When you look up a book in a series having an option to view all the books in the series. (This would be easier to add a whole series to read or your tbr) Would be nice to add friends and view their tbr/read books or profile. Overall I will keep using this app as ai find it more visually appealing then others and I cant wait to see where it goes.
  • 4 1/2 Stars! I loooooove this app! 4/5

    By JoAnna((;
    I had the free version of this app for a couple of days and immediately subscribed for the extra paid features because I am loving the app! There are SO many options for adding information about the books you’re reading — way more than other apps I’ve used. The only thing I’d love to see be updated is when adding newly read books to your reading goal shelf for this year, the books going to the bottom / end of the shelf (I hope that makes sense). I input all of my read books from the start of the year to now but had to do it backwards (Oct—>Jan) so that the books I read first this year were at the top, but NOW when I add a new book it goes right in front of what should be #1 on my shelf… which makes it seem like I read it early this year instead of being #55 like it should be… ya know?? (I really hope this makes sense) lol!! Another feature I’d love is an option to mark off what version(s) of the book you own because sometimes I have a kindle AND physical copy, or audio AND physical copy… because yes, I have issues lol Anyway. This is just me looking for things that could be improved because other than those things, I am so pleased with this app!! 🤗📚
  • I like it but needs some improvement 4/5

    By wiinfejng
    My favorite thing about this app is the reading challenge. I was previously using goodreads to track my yearly challenge but this is so much cuter and the rating system is a lot better. I love how it shows you your bookshelf and how many more you need. My main issue with this app right now is the database, I have had to manually input 90% of the books I read which can be really frustrating and time consuming because I have to find the title, author and a cover photo before it lets me submit it. I wish that books other people manually add would be added to the database for everyone, right now it is extremely limited. However you can add any books you need it just takes a long time. I also think a social aspect would be nice, having friends or seeing other reviews. Overall I am happy with this app and love supporting a smaller company. You can tell the creators are readers themselves. Just improving the database would make a huge difference!
  • Not impressed 3/5

    By Regan A Pierce
    I just got this and started searching for books to add to my TBR. At first they were there, but after the first few, I stopped finding either TBR books or ones I had read. And they are popular books. I see in settings you can manually add books but I thought that this would be easier to use.
  • Ravishing 5/5

    By lol alive
    I absolutely love this app. The ability to create a TBR book shelf is amazing. I think the thing I’m missing is being about to see how others feel about the book I’m reading. I don’t mind paying for the rating system though it’s a little much but you know someone took time to develop this app so I’m okay with it. I think I’ll be promoting this app a little more than I do Goodreads. It’s worth it.
  • Great concept- buggy 4/5

    By Izabella White
    I love the concept! I need this to sort the ever growing TBR of mine. I didn’t bat an eye while getting the pro features. I went to view a book I marked as currently reading, and it would just exit the app repeatedly everytime I tried to do anything with a “currently reading” book. Love the rating system in the different genres. As well as a brain dump area for thoughts on the book that isn’t a review, BRILLIANT! I only ask they fix a few bugs and then this is perfect!
  • Still love 5/5

    By k.k
    I love this app because I borrow and return a lot of books with kindle unlimited and then often forget the names and potentially want to re-read one. I’m just wondering if the selection of books is going to expand. I like that I can add my own if they aren’t on there but I feel like I’m having to manually add a ton which isn’t ideal. I would like to see maybe a search bar in the read section. To not only look up books but the notes made on a book. If you are trying to find a book based off something you maybe wrote in the notes section of the review but don’t remember the name of the book itself. This would be crucial because you often remember a key part of a book and likely noted that but when you try to look up a book based on that on the internet it probably won’t show up. But you would be able to find it here.
  • Very lovely and helpful app 5/5

    By 2 0 3 6
    Great for any book lover
  • Ugly Love 5/5

    By gamora1420
    This book sent me on an emotional roller coaster. 3 words in chapter 33 enough said.
  • Would recommend 5/5

    By alexis rose young
    You look up books to add to your “to be read” or TBR list. If you can’t find your book or your book doesn’t have a cover photo you can add those. I like that you can bookmark what you are currently reading. There is a bookshelf of books to be read and book shelf of books you have read! You set a yearly goal (default 25) but u can add as many books as you’d like! Also the reviews for the books specify the genre and trope :) I love this app!
  • Love the idea behind it butttt 3/5

    By VickyLG
    I only downloaded it because I saw the creator (or someone promoting the app) post it on tik tok but I was under the impression that I was going to be able to see how other people rated the book in more than just stars, I’m a sucker for a specific type of book with a specific level of romance, tears or suspense so I would have more use out of the app if this feature was added. Still a really great app to track your own reading
  • So much to love! Not quite what I need 4/5

    By CookieCat17
    I read on Kindle Unlimited a lot, but there’s a limit of 20 books. I need a way to keep track of series that are unfinished that I’ve started reading. This app is great for marking the books in the series as read and then freeing up space on my kindle, but I wish there was a way I could mark them together in a series, and/or mark them as an unfinished series that I need to come back to when the next book is released. Other than that, this app is perfect!
  • Great App, w/ some suggestions 4/5

    By Da_MoopCake
    This app works great. The set up and look is really nice. I do have some suggestions : I think a feature you could add to the Currently Reading section is an option where you can change the format of the book. There would be “total book time” rather than “total book pages”. I think that would be more accurate for audiobooks. Also, adding a tutorial option in settings would help, especially for first time users. Lastly, an option to favorite books that we read. There is some occasional crashing that happens, I’m not sure why. Hopefully that can be resolved. Other then that, the app is wonderful, with lots of useful features. I think the rating feature is almost perfect. I would definitely recommend.
  • Loving this app 4/5

    By Emaubushon
    I am excited for the potential of this book app! I love the bookshelf features!!
  • Needs work but I see potential! 5/5

    By Maiyunwaya
    Being able to see the books in a cute book form is legit my favorite thing. This app has tons of potential and I’m def moving to use it over my good reads! 🥰
  • Love! 5/5

    By MareWolf300
    I’ve already left my raving review and now I have some constructive criticism for the developers! #1 For a series I’d love for there to be an options for putting the whole series in your TBR and/or read list with one button and to somehow keep them in order when looking at them so it’s prettier and more organized! #2 I would love a way to see other peoples reviews on books! #3 I would love some sort of sign in option so I don’t have to worry about losing anything if my phone breaks. #4 I love to genre option but most of what I read is fantasy/romance and thriller/romance. When reviewing I’m only given an option to choose one genre and I would love it if I could pick multiple! And lastly I’d like to say that for the app being so new it’s still a hit! And I understand all of what I’ve said above is probably being worked on for future updates! I’ll just be here patiently waiting :)! Great work!!
  • Ratings 4/5

    By Mel1843
    I love this app so far. I downloaded it from seeing a tik tok but I thought you could see other peoples reviews too?! Am I missing something? That would make it perfect!
  • Enjoying so far 4/5

    By brookity22
    I’m enjoying this app so far. It’s a little glitchy but I’m sure that’ll get worked out. I love all the options when rating the books and I love how cute the bookshelf is on the goal tab. I would love this app even more if we had an option to see our tbr in the bookshelf style too
  • Love it so far! 5/5

    By Texas333333333
    I actually really enjoy this app. It helps me keep track of the books I’ve read and if I wanna recommend a book to a friend, just makes everything a bit more easier. Allows me to rate the books, add my favorite quotes, and write a little summary of my thoughts. Another great thing, it lets me keep a TBR list, so I can know what books to look for when I’m at the store. Overall, I love it so far!
  • I want to see other people reviews 3/5

    By twest208
    I absolutely love the rating system on the app but I was really looking forward to seeing other people reviews and you can’t 😭😭 please please please make where we can
  • Needs some work. 4/5

    By ashtay2020
    I absolutely LOVE the concept of this! But I think the app is so new, that it’s got a lot of bugs to work out. Firstly, if you want to add a whole series, you can’t. You have to add each individual book, and then there’s no way to tell which book is first or last. Secondly, if the books are really new or haven’t come out yet, but have a release date, they’re not on there. You also can’t make a profile or see others ratings. You can custom add books but, if it’s too much to keep up with what new books are coming out and all the release dates, maybe there could be a way for the creators to see what individual books people are adding and they could get added to the search list that way? Like maybe when someone custom adds a book, there’s an option to also send it to be reviewed and added to the search list? I always want to keep up with any new upcoming books, but it’s a lot to go through my tbr as it is. So maybe there could be a way to add a book that will be released, add the release date and I would LOVE to get a notification when it’s getting close for the book to come out and when it does come out. There’s also no way to organize your tbr. It’s just a huge jumble of books. Again, it would be beyond helpful to be able to put books into series groupings. It would also be nice if we could edit the descriptions. I definitely like the ones from kindle that are much more detailed. All this being said, I really want this app to work! I’ve been using my notes on my phone to keep up with my tbr and would love a much more organized way of looking through them. I don’t see it being worth all the time and effort to add all my tbr books to this app till it’s a little better. I’ll keep it downloaded and watch for any updates. I’d even love to join pro if a lot of the stuff above got added/fixed. Right now, it’s just more trouble than it’s worth.
  • Love the app but… 3/5

    By Kahvi_1
    My star rating will go up as I use the app. I did just install it. I am so far finding that when I am looking up books and reading what they are about the text is not able to be enlarged by stretching my screen as I would usually do when reading tiny text. If this could be fixed or enlarge the standard text you are using I’m hands down loving the app with no complaints. But with such tiny text on my bad eyes would be the only reason I would stop using it so far. Please enlarge or allow the images to be manipulated so that my phone can enlarge it. Thanks!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By NapiligalKnits
    I loaded my TBR list from my journal in no time. I was able to read what each book was about and decide if it should go in the list. I love it!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By nounh_el4
    Really love it
  • Not Worth the Yearly Cost 1/5

    By Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Maybe if it was a one time purchase. But even so, $30 is too much. I’ll stick with Goodreads and Storygraph.
  • Love <3 5/5

    By kly.2
    I love the app its so cute, but I was wondering if you’d be able to put the books you’ve read or want to read into groups; but its just a suggestion i love the app
  • Just what I needed! 5/5

    By Puppyloverfromabove
    This app is great! It is simple and compact. I really enjoy having a “to be read” section so I can see which book to pick up next! Great app :)
  • Worth it 5/5

    By sjswan42
    I usually hate apps that are free but have a paid aspect. You really aren’t missing too much with this. You can still create a TBR list, and my favorite part is the book shelf. I am considering paying for the payed part to track the books I’m currently reading. Not very many glitches and easy to find new books to read as well.
  • Love the app but scared of losing my logged info 4/5

    By Krysta Herrera
    I’ve had the app for a couple of months and I love it! It’s so satisfying seeing all my completed reads and I enjoy the rating system. However I just realized that there isn’t a way to save all of the info you log on. I’ve put a lot of my thoughts down when I finish a book and I’m terrified of my phone breaking or something and then losing everything. I wish there was a way to have your own account that you can log into to keep everything secure.
  • Just one slight problem 5/5

    By jazz201095
    I just got it and it’s pretty good so far except when I was putting in the books I have already read it said that I finished them today but I could Change it. The only problem it that I don’t know the exact date when I read the books so it would be better if the date was an optional thing. Other than that the app is good. It’s also really good that they respond to the reviews, shows that they care. 👍🏾
  • Disappointed!!! 1/5

    By Creatastic33
    So when I first downloaded this app I was really excited because I saw the video on Tiktok of how easy it was to keep track of all the books that you want to read and or have read and also the setup was cute. So I thought let’s give it ago. But the fact you have to pay for this app is ridiculous, you are able to input one book and then boom you have to pay for it. That’s unreal. At this point people just use Goodreads it’s free and they actually have all the books inputted already so you don’t have to do it yourself.
  • rereads? 4/5

    By ALEXA1300
    i love the app but i still count my rereads as part of my reading goal is there a way to add those to my bookshelf!
  • Love the simplicity 4/5

    By MonicaSauer
    I tried so many other apps and ended up sticking with this one. I do enjoy the simpler layout and the cute little book graphics on the goal page. I very rarely have trouble finding books with the search feature. The one thing I wish would be added is being able to either export your books to the app on a different device or to be able to link the app on a different device. It would be cool to be able to access on both your phone and your ipad or something since I use that to read often! (:
  • Great App 5/5

    By C aiello
    Great app so far! Wondering what will happen to my lists when year changes over? Will my TBR list be deleted? Will my read list be deleted? Will I still be able to view the books I read in 2022?
  • Like it 4/5

    By EchoSEH
    This app is simply to keep track of what you have read and plan to read. It is not for in depth reviews or thoughts. Very clean and simple. One suggestion I have is to have a way to organize the TBR list either alphabetically or better yet by author’s name.
  • I love this book tracker!! 5/5

    By JeaneaS214
    I've seen this app running popping up occasionally on my TikTok and I downloaded it right away! i LOVE that I can see all my read books on a bookshelf and i think the unique rating system is so fun!! This app is better than Good Reads in my opinion!! 100% recommend!
  • Option for help 4/5

    By jonesxkatie
    I wish there was an option to submit a book. A book I’m trying to add isn’t coming up but everything else is great!
  • Enjoyed but could be better 3/5

    By Ksim1
    I enjoy the app and the look is very cute but there are things that should be improved. If the book isn’t in the database you can’t add it yourself so some books i want to read i’m going to forget about or have to start a list somewhere else. There isn’t a currently reading tab. You can keep track of all the books you are reading at the moment so you don’t forget about one. This would also be cool because you could use the date you started reading and the finished date to see how long it took you to read the book. Going to keep using the app for now.
  • Issues 1/5

    By chelsealeann
    I love the look of this app. I hate that the first 5 books I tried to add weren’t in the catalog and there is no way to manually add them. I will not use until this is fixed. I think adding “date read” would also help so it can stay in order. I am a heavy read (my goal is 315 this year) and like to track my books meticulously.
  • I had to stop using it 1/5

    By CarlyJay6891
    Five minutes into using it before realizing most the books I’ve read, aren’t in their database and you CANNOT add them in. Such a disappointment.
  • typo but otherwise it’s great! 4/5

    By booklova07
    so i love this app soooo much! however there is a small typo in the “rate it” section: it says “hearfelt” instead of “heartfelt”. also, maybe you guys could add a section for books you’ve already read, but so it doesn’t add it to your book goal for the year? for example, if you read it last year you would not want it to contribute to this years book goal, but you might still want to rate it and add it to your shelf. otherwise will love it and it’s great!!!
  • Reader’s ratings 3/5

    By BCC4!
    I’d love to see other reader’s ratings!! Especially rating aspects including spice, fluff, humor, tears, predictability, etc