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Teach Your Monster to Read

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Teach Your Monster to Read App

Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning phonics and reading game that’s helped millions of children learn to read. • Parents have seen significant improvements in their children’s literacy within weeks. • Teachers claim it’s a wonderful and captivating classroom tool that helps their students learn to read. • Kids love making their monster and teaching it read. They learn through play. Children create a monster and take it on a magical journey over three extensive games - meeting a host of colorful characters along the way and improving their reading skills as they progress. • Covers the first two years of learning to read, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying little books. • Designed in collaboration with leading academics and game designers. • Complements all synthetic phonics programmes used in schools. • Suitable for school and home use. • Includes all 3 games! First Steps, Fun With Words and Champion Reader! The game is rigorous and works with any phonics scheme so it’s perfect for use in school and at home. It’s developed in collaboration with leading academics at the University of Roehampton. The app is commonly used in preschool, primary school, kindergarten and first grade as an interactive teaching resource. PROCEEDS GO TO THE USBORNE FOUNDATION CHARITY Teach Your Monster to Read has been created by Teach Monster Games Ltd. which is a subsidiary of The Usborne Foundation. The Usborne Foundation is a charity founded by children’s publisher, Peter Usborne MBE. Harnessing research, design and technology, we create playful media addressing issues from literacy to health. Funds raised from the game go back into the charity, to help us become sustainable and build new projects. TOP FEATURES • Complements Phases 2-5 of UK Government-approved Letters and Sounds and other major systematic synthetic phonics programmes. • Absolutely no in-app purchases, hidden costs or in-game adverts. Perfect for kids! • Suitable for ages 3-6. • Designed in collaboration with reading experts from Roehampton University. • Available on iPad and iPhone. REVIEWS FROM TEACHERS AND PARENTS "This game is the absolute best quality phonics game I have come across for educational and fun value." Marie Lewis, Rochdale “My class have reaped loads of benefits from using the programme and the difference in some of their reading skills has been dramatic." Maria Andrews, Foundation Phase Teacher "This is a fabulous game. I'm not kidding when I say that my daughter essentially learned all her letter sounds using First steps, with relatively minimal input from me! Great for parents to practise their letter sounds too." Eleanor Jones Teach Monster Games Ltd is a subsidiary of The Usborne Foundation, a registered charity in England and Wales, charity number 1121957.

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Teach Your Monster to Read app reviews

  • Trying to get my money back 1/5

    By MeaCulpa19
    Downloaded the game for my four year old. We understand how to play the game but it requires manual dexterity above both my four year old AND myself. We couldn’t get past the second level because it’s too sensitive to errors or tiny fingers. Even adults found it too hard to drag the pieces to the *exact* spot to move to a new level. Kid games shouldn’t be this hard. Terrible design despite the rave reviews. I want a refund ASAP.
  • Pre-k and K kids LOVE it! 5/5

    By MomToPups2
    My kids cannot our this game down once they start playing. There was no instruction for the space game where the UFO has to pile the block in the correct order, so my kids didn’t understand how to play that game without an adult figuring it out first. Other than that, my kids are learning their letters and learning to read!
  • Unicorns 5/5

    By leelpatt
    I’ve never been convinced I would be able ti interest my four year old into an educational app. I’ve tried a few. She loses interest after minutes and can see when it’s more educational than fun. I mean come on, they are kids. In this app she is learning, knows she is learning, and has fun doing it. She ASKs to play it. I mean right now, we are on an 8-hour trip to Orlando and instead of watching the downloaded movies I saved in Netflix, she is playing this game. I am shocked! Well done, folks!!
  • Great reading app! 5/5

    By threex108ms
    My five year old is addicted. Great rewards, and the set-up is jus Ike a big kid video game. She’s reading words after three days!!
  • Classroom use 5/5

    By Pinklibrarybooks
    I’m a library media specialist in a Title I school. I’ve been using the online version with my classes, after using the app with my own child for years. They LOVE it! It’s magnificent for our struggling readers and our most fluent readers love seeing how far they can get with the fun games. Two teacher thumbs up!
  • Best gamification, with solid pedagogy 5/5

    By Katebloomer
    I am a literacy specialist, and while my favorite reading game is “What’s Changed?” most fun is “Teach Your Monster”! It won’t actually teach YOUR monster to read, but it will introduce and reinforce essential knowledge and concepts in a logical, manageable order. Plus, it’s a really fun game, that looks and feels like a regular, non-reading game. My kids love it!
  • Son loved it! 5/5

    By CareB.
    My son loved this game and it absolutely helped him learn to read. I am downloading the app now for my daughter to play and learn to read.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By techkinderreading
    I have been using this for years. I am excited to return and find all the extra teacher supplies available. The stir fry songs are a hoot!
  • Reluctant Readers Rejoice 5/5

    By jillsark
    This is the first app/game that my reluctant reader actually wants to play! He loves the games and gets so excited to play
  • Hello I was wondering if the 4.99 is a one time charge or is this every month? 1/5

    By dfmjkl
  • Amazingly good 5/5

    By Feesmister
    My daughter loves this. Its incredible how well this teaches phonetic (and sight) reading. It definitely requires parental guidance though; do not send kids off to play this by themselves. This program builds up new skills and sight words FAST, often using sight words that the student hasn’t seen as the answer (it’s a good thing; students figure them out by process of elimination and are never shown two new words at once and are required to recall or sound out multiple previously seen words ). By comparison, ABCmouse seems galacially paced. Most kids will do better if an adult is there to help them walk through the words when they forget a skill or get confused.
  • A great app that taught my son to read 5/5

    By Dan S (Philadelphia, PA)
    My son was in Pre-K and we wanted a fun app that would get him ready for school. Tried a bunch of the others including ABC Mouse and he gave up on them easily. He loved this one. Both him and his brother challenged each other to get stars and build the spaceships. After one year he is reading “Level 2” books on his own as he heads into Kindergarten and a huge part of that is due to this app.
  • Great resource 5/5

    By The Learning Mom
    My son has been identified as a struggling reader and this app has been such a great tool in helping him.
  • Bad accent 3/5

    By Robbyassssss
    Everything is great about this app, except the strong accent when the woman’s voice tells you what word to click on. Sometimes i even get it wrong. Also, it keeps starting my kid over every time he clicks out, for any reason. So he’s endlessly repeating lessons.
  • Great learning app 5/5

    By GPHales
    My five year old just finished an online preschool and I was looking for a fun app that would continue to build her reading skills. She loves this app and seems to be learning a lot.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By yogi11325
    My 6 year old has been having difficulty with grasping reading. He loves this game and i am beginning to see improvement in his reading.
  • Awesome and fun 5/5

    By graydolin
    My 5 year old first started using this about a year ago. He has worked on it on and off for a while. He absolutely loves it!! It’s so much fun and teaches him at the same time!!
  • This is alright 4/5

    By hannah ashy
    So when I exited out it didn't save even though I already beated the level >:(! Can you add save button and it will save your score?
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Gronhoffga
    My 8 year old has been using this app for a few years and it has really helped him with reading and directions. He still uses it and has begun showing our 2 year old how to play as well!!
  • Great game , but.... 3/5

    By no fun games now
    This is wonderful game, but here are some things that would really improve it. 1 . You only pronounce the sound , not the letter. 2. There should be more islands in the first game. 3. After the islands, it acts as if they know how to read. Please take it more slowly. 4. Please add more mini games to the first game. 5. Thank you!😊
  • Great app for learning! 5/5

    By HeatherSN
    Great app for kids to learn to read and sound out letters. Used for my 6 year old and twin 4 year olds. Highly recommend.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By aleminis
    Update 3/5/2019 My son is now a reader! He only has problems with long words, but he remembers the rules and sounds them out.. This program helped where Phonics couldn’t. He was so frustrated with phonics books, but this was perfect for him. Eventually, I added the phonics books back in so he could have more practice, but without Teach Your Monster to Read, I don’t think we would have made it. Thank you so much! Original review: This has really helped my son with his reading! We tried phonics books and it just frustrated both of us. This is the only thing that has really helped him. He doesn’t cry when I say it’s time for Monsters! He used to cry every day when I brought out the book. The only thing that’s strange is the pronunciation is weird since the speaker sounds like she is from the UK and we are in the US. So I do have to correct the letter sounds sometimes. It would be funny if my son spoke American English but read in The Queen’s English. Lol
  • Good game - login bug 4/5

    By 3lsilver
    Great game my kids love it. The current version is preventing logins. Claims no internet connection but WiFi is good and all other apps are using network access without problems. Please help
  • Buggy sounds 2/5

    By App of Excellence
    Great app but after playing for 10 minutes the audio bugs out. For example the “Th” or “sh” just sound like deep white noise and it’s frustrating for our son. He gets to about the third level and this happens. Reboot and restart don’t work. Only way to fix is reinstalling the app which resets his progress.
  • Hooked! 5/5

    By TeachingMyHeartOut
    I teach a transitional 1st grade class, and they LOVE this app! I love that there are graduated levels for a more customized reading experience. And I love to see my kids so excited when they realize they are reading!
  • App do not work but can login on computer 3/5

    By bp. hyhh
    This app doesn’t let me log in it says check internet connection n I have tried both connections this app doesn’t work. So I figured out after 2 weeks. I turned the password off thats the only way to get the app to allow me to login there should be instructions about this and customer service should be aware of it also they didnt help me at all and I have yet to receive a second reply to my email.
  • Letter sounds 4/5

    By Natj2818
    My four year old son loves this app and before using it he didn't know many letter sounds. After just a couple times of use he is already reading simple words! My only complaint is when you are racing down the track and jumping to touch the flowers to make the letter sounds, it's very difficult to time getting to the top ramp. If the letter sound points to the top it takes my son several tries to get up there even though he knows that's where he needs to go. Fun little app overall and I've seen significant learning since he's been using it.
  • Homeschool Mom Thrilled with App, but... 4/5

    By ChaneyAlexis
    We have been using this app for a couple of weeks and we love it. My daughter struggles with reading, and her progress with TYMtR has been incredible. She enjoys all the games and is motivated to play. My only complaint is that the “Stat” feature is not working for her profile. On my account I made two student profiles one called “Mom” so I could test the app out to see if it was worth letting my daughter try it, and one in my daughter’s name. I have no problems accessing the Stats for the “Mom” profile, but for about a week, I have not been able to access my daughter’s stats. I would like to be able to use those stats to help her work on problem areas and to determine if she is progressing too fast through the levels. I emailed tech support, but was told that it may be a server issue with the influx of users and to try at different times of day, but no matter the day or time, the Stats are not available for my daughter’s profile but work fine on the other profile. Fixing this issue would make this app a solid 5 star review.
  • Homeschool Mom of 5 5/5

    By MrsG5
    We have been using the website but decided to give the app a try. We love it. My 1st grader has some difficulty using the computer mouse at times. Using the app, he is able to play with out getting so frustrated about the computer mouse.
  • Great game, but... 3/5

    By Lothea
    My daughter really likes this game, but is consistently frustrated that her monster is a boy...and all the challengers are “kings”. Representation matters...can you add a setting that allows the monster to be male, female, or non-binary? ...and perhaps the same thing for the challenger characters as well? _________ Update: It was the mention at the beginning that upset her. That said, what about all the “Island Kings”? They are 100% gendered. Both in voice and title.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By JulieSilver
    This is by far my favorite kids app! No in app purchases of any kind and such high quality development! I love the voice over actor, the fun dress up component and of course that my littles are learning something when they play. The only slight thing I have noticed is the ship/block moving seems to be a bit more difficult than the duck and flower games. Perhaps that could go in a little later. But either way still the best game out there IMO. Thank you so much for this thoughtful game!!!
  • Login is a NIGHTMARE 2/5

    By Tabitha Bowling
    I’m going to delete this game. My son tried playing for the first time today. Just figuring out how to get registered was a massive pain. Then they assigned a nightmare of a password. My 5 year old will never remember that jumble of numbers and letters. Disabling the password requires this ridiculously circuitous path of logging in through the website then navigating back to the app that only works half the time. The game just crashed. Now I have to go through that login nightmare again. I don’t see any reason why my 5 year old has to go through rigorous security protocols to play a game on our personal iPad. Hoping he doesn’t notice when his new app gets deleted.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By lil mamastia
    Best app ever!! My kids love it! 5,3yrs old and cant get enough of it. My son 3, who has speech problems, this app has really made him blossom!!!
  • I love it! 5/5

    By helen.reynolds12
    This website/app is great! My students LOVE to play and beg for “game time” every day. Since starting this program I have seen so much growth in my students. I have even starting using it with my 4 year old niece! I could not recommend this more! (Note: there are some pronunciation differences since this a British software but it’s still wonderful!)
  • Great Fun App 5/5

    By Courtinabell
    This is a great app. My six year old boy loves this and he is really learning as well.
  • My kids are in love! 4/5

    By Ashlicita
    This app is “almost” the perfect phonetics game! Loves: -My kids want to play it ALL the time. -It had 3 levels so it adapts to each kids’ ability. -It is fun, interactive, and very educational. -My autistic (almost)4yr old is an early reader but late speaker, his pronunciation is getting better after just a few days. -My 6yr old is now recognizing more blended letters when reading his homework. He was already one of the top readers in his class, he is now blowing me away by home much he is picking up in just a few days of playing. Cons: -The British accent is sometimes hard for my American kids to understand what they are being asked to do. -The volume is not quite right. The main narrator and the music/sound effects are really loud if you want to actually hear the “word speakers”. Example: I the narrator says “to save the bear find the word”, and then someone else says “turn”. The person saying “turn” is so quiet that we have the tablet volume almost all the way up. Then it’s way too loud when the narrator speaks again. -There are a few instances, in different games, where I wish you could touch letters and they would make the phonetic sound again for kids who have a hard time remembering their task. Overall we are absolutely in love with this game and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a good phonetics game!
  • Wonderful Educational Reading App!!! 5/5

    By Tigris517
    This is an excellent app for learning letters and sounds as well as readers!!! I have been recommending it to everyone who has a PreK child through 2nd grade (possibly even 3rd). My personal 5 year old loves it and is really beginning to start tapping out words and hear sounds in words. He starts kindergarten next year. Thank you for this app!!!
  • I’m 15 and I learned a lot 4/5

    By 12monthyearoldatheart
    Wow. That is the word I would use to describe this amazing game. I have played a lot of different games over my past years of living (My job is living so I do it quite a bit). The clothing outfits are fascinating. I love how you can dress up as whatever you want! The progression behind the game is great as well. The more activities you complete, the faster you can build your spaceship to get home. The plot is a little shaky though. You crash land on this planet and your ship explodes, yet you come out with no injuries what so ever. I think if the game showed a little blood and showed the children how to bandage and clean a wound, that would be a great survival skill to learn. You never know when your spaceship will crash land and you’ll be stuck on a planet with kings that have you learn letters to rebuild your ship. Overall, this game is a pretty good game but it could be better.
  • Wow! Best Learn to read app! 5/5

    By ebeck03
    My 4 year old son started using this about a month ago. Now he is reading sentences and sounding out words on his own. What an incredible app! Worth EVERY penny.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By ais.hes
    This is the best app for learning sight words
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Hischick08
    After getting my daughters report card and seeing she was struggling with reading I downloaded this app and after only 3 days I see such a huge difference!!! This app is amazing, and I highly recommend it!!!!
  • Game mechanics are not appropriate for a 4 year old 1/5

    By btpat
    The graphics are beautiful, but unfortunately the mini games to learn the sounds were very confusing for both me and my child. Most of the time is spent figuring out how to move ducks or what the game expects you to do with blocks and rockets not spent learning sounds. This needs to be tested with more kids - feels like it needs more work.
  • Son made amazing strides in a short time 5/5

    By ktlouie875
    My son started playing this game the summer before he began kindergarten, about 15-20 minutes a day. At that time he could identify all of his letters but had no practice with sounding out words. I am AMAZED how fast this game helped him learn to read. At his first parent-teacher conference, his teacher estimated he was reading at a 2nd or 3rd grade level, after only a few months of playing the game. My only criticism would be that since we are American, it was odd to hear him read in an English accent sometimes, so I felt the need to play with him at first to make sure he knew some of the differences in how we pronounce words. He rarely plays anymore but now he can read nearly all the books on his bookshelf.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By Ultrawife
    My kindergarteners really have fun with helping their monsters! I recommend it!
  • 5 year old loves it! 5/5

    By danielle lehman
    She is super motivated to get ready on time in the morning so she can play. It helps us get out the door on time so thank you!
  • We love this app!! 5/5

    By Upbisb
    My 7 year old learned to read using this app when he was 5 and his little brother just turned 5 and started learning as well. It’s fun, engaging and effective
  • 3.5 YO and 2 YO love it! 5/5

    By GeeTee Lee
    My kids love this app. My elder son has started reading many small words thanks to this app, and my younger boy’s letter recognition has really exploded since playing. I LOVE THIS APP!
  • Holds my kids’ interest 5/5

    By JessieDawnS
    I had trouble getting Clark to do his reading work in other applications, specifically phonics. TYMTR keeps his attention for longer than his assigned time and is helping progress past the plateau we were experiencing with his understanding of phonics.
  • Terrible game play 1/5

    By haley1276540
    The concept is great but the actual game play is impossible to figure out. Way too difficult for a young kid. I can barely get it to work for me.

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