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TeamSnap App

TeamSnap is the #1 Sports Team Management app for coaches who'd rather manage their teams than manage their technology. Easy to use. Loved by parents. TeamSnap is team management made simple. As a coach, you do a lot less coaching than you signed up for. You juggle text chains and messaging apps. You track down RSVPs and symptom checks. You field emails and calls, often sharing the same information again and again. We're here to help. With over 23 million users in 196 countries, TeamSnap brings team management into one place, run from one app. Let us take the work out of play, so you can get back to coaching. ONE PLACE FOR EVERYTHING Whether it's field numbers, uniform colors or start times, share important game or practice details with team schedules. Parents have a single source of all game and practice info. You have your evenings back. ONE APP TO MANAGE IT You don't need to worry about staying on top of chats in one app or texts in another. Our all-in-one team management app simplifies managing youth, recreational and competitive sports, including soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, football, lacrosse, volleyball and 100s more. – Team Communication: Send messages to your entire team or select groups; let players know about last-minute changes with push notifications or text messages – Roster Management: Build your team, gather player details, set lineups, and know who’s coming ahead of time – Scheduling: A single source for all game and practice details that also syncs with your favorite calendar apps – Live Updates: Get your team and the extended sports family in on the action with real-time game updates and post-game reports – Team Safety: Keep your team safe this season with our built-in symptom screening NO BUDGET? NO PROBLEM. Choose the team plan that’s right for you. Our core messaging and management features are available for $0, including Team Chat, Health Check and Scheduling. Your team need more this season? How about player tracking, statistics, photo storage? Check out our Pricing page. We have plans built for any budget. To help you choose, we'll start you out with our 21-day Free Trial. Test drive our free and premium features and decide which ones are right for your team this season. Download TeamSnap and create your team today!

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TeamSnap app reviews

  • All in one place 5/5

    By Richdkdwb
    This App is super helpful. You can message everyone at once set up for volunteers etc etc. makes my life easier!🥎
  • Please, no ads! 3/5

    I have used TeamSnap for several years, as a parent and team manager. Currently, I am actively looking for another program because I do not want the ads. When I, as team manager, pay for premium, I divide up the fee with the team. I do not want my families to have to pay MORE so they, too, can get an ad free experience. Please make it ad-free for the whole team with a paid subscription.
  • Makes life so much easier!!! 5/5

    By dobbyandme
    Great tool for managing schedule and locations. Our team mom does a wonderful job updating.
  • This is app is key to Manage the team 5/5

    By laduque143
    We have been using this up for a couple of years now. It has been instrumental to the success of our team. A one place to manage schedules, availability, assignments and new features being added every year. We love it
  • Badge notifications always showing 1 message 4/5

    By jmess15
    I have two teams on the app and it constantly says i have an unread message when i do not. The notification shows up in the add new team drop down. I have deleted, uninstalled, restarted phone and reinstalled and it still hasn't gone away. Iphone 11, most recent iOS update. reached out and fixed the issue! Thank you!
  • Great idea, not so great execution 3/5

    By georgiagirl3
    This app could be really great, but it needs work. Team members don’t show up correctly on the roster. RSVP’s don’t show to anyone but the team creator. Every time I try to add a family member, it just changes all of my information even though I sent the invite to their email.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Brittss1
    Our club has used this app for years. It does the job but could be better. The constant notifications when a coach doesn’t shut-off notify team are very annoying. It would be great if everyone had the option of choosing what notifications they get and how they get them. I don’t need 50 emails and a ding from the app when schedules are being updated. Also, the postgame report notification shouldn’t be a notification when results aren’t even submitted. It’s just another unnecessary alert! There are several small things that could be done to make this app more user friendly and appealing to people. Things like invoicing, tracking, and health check should have the option to be shut off if they aren’t used, it would help with “cleaning up” the look of the screen.

    By dl97ag
  • Poor UX 1/5

    By Cam Bam 415
    Too many ads and useless alerts. Why do they send the post game report alert? Totally useless and no way to disable it, while keeping the helpful game/practice reminder alerts on. None of our teams use TS to track the game and score, so there is nothing to report post game... yet mid-game TS alerts me the post game report is ready. And too many communication methods... chat, post, email. Guarantee 95% of the users doesn’t get the differences of each channel, so when looking for a message you need to go through all three. TS used to be so much better.
  • Needs a score board 4/5

    By snifdbisnd
    The app is great but I think their needs to be a score board where you can see the scores from games before. Over all it is great
  • Perfect for us 5/5

    By KC in the Springs
    We have used this successfully for the last 5-years. We love this app and how easy it is to use. We use it for all of our communication
  • Why did you remove the availability button?! 2/5

    By Love To Read. Day And Night.
    This was way better when you could actually say what practices and games you could attend. It’s not really too helpful anymore.
  • Hi 5/5

    By snowey mucoco
    Cool beans
  • Phone for app 4/5

    By s s factor
    I love this app, except that I cannot share it with the kids on the team because they have restricted email accounts with school. It would be great if they could be added with just a phone number.
  • Representation matters 2/5

    By Top mom x3
    It’s time to offer more options of skin color on your reactions. I’m not a coach but as a mom of 3 ans they all play 2-3 sports using this app, it matters what that see.
  • Great Tool for Coaches 5/5

    By Coaches Best Friend
    This app is amazing for coaches. Does everything I need it to do
  • Keep Seeing Ads After Paying for Plus Version 1/5

    By Chad.Q
    Im not sure why the app fails to recognize that I’ve paid for the plus version but this has happened a few times. Seems like it might be due to updates. Regardless, I should not have to manually restore my purchased status. I really dislike (think of a word that rhymes with gate) ad supported apps that interrupt your use of the app. This one does just that. They should provide a penalty based refund or be fined for allowing the app to make use of my personal information to serve ads.
  • They sell you 1/5

    By D-R-M
    The app is great for team communication. However they clearly sold my information as my spam emails, texts, and phone calls dramatically increased within 24 hours of signing up for the service.
  • No map link to phone navigation 1/5

    By Booyah98033
    The map that’s being shown where the event is being held can’t be expanded or clicked on...for a link to directions. Also, maybe it’s my local organization but the names of the fields are abbreviated making me guess on where they are since I can’t expand the map.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Wizziard34
    I keep getting sent in an endless loop to sign in. I received an invitation, I click onto it, create a password, and then it tells me it doesn’t recognize my login. I click forgot password , it tells me to go to my email, it’s another invite....Rinse and repeat.... Can’t even get into the system. Pointless.
  • Cool concept, super buggy 1/5

    By whitannaharp
    There are some serious bugs that make this a big bummer to use
  • Love the convenience of TeamSnap! 5/5

    By Mama on the move
    It’s so great to have one place to house schedules of practices, games and parties. Love the “availability“ feature! This app is a MUST HAVE for any Team Parent or Coach!
  • Only 2 Gender Options 3/5

    By Crazy Steve!
    Please add more gender options to the editing menu so that i can put my gender. Could you please add things such as non binary, genderfluid, and things like that. thank you
  • Poorly placed advertising 1/5

    By Hill climber 44
    The advertisement is positioned at bottom of message, and blocks any links attached to the messages. Reporting the ad as blocking the content, then takes away the ad, and replaces it with a text box, same size and position, informing you that the ad has been removed by google... I Still blocking the link attached.
  • Full of ads and teams disappear 1/5

    By beadams2
    Would give it zero if I could! This app used to be good but now it is full of ads, making it extremely difficult to use. Also, one of our teams just disappeared from the app one day and when I went to accept the invite again I got an error and it didn’t work. I would rather have diarrhea for a week than use this app for five minutes.
  • Needs gender neutral option 3/5

    By Hal newcome
    I’m tired of apps not having a “other” or “nonbinary” category. The app itself is fine but that really pisses me off as a genderqueer person.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Sammy Milligan
    I love this app. It makes organizing team activities so much easier.
  • Trash 1/5

    By CaptainSolo36
    App is trash. Updated to latest version today, and still see nothing when it loads besides empty screens. Somehow I’m getting banner notifications though! Then when going to the app to see them...nada!
  • Ads for teams I don’t own, even though I have a paid subscription 3/5

    By Crane Family
    This app is great for coaches and managers. We pay for the subscription and feel that it’s worth it. What I don’t like is the ads. They aren’t on the team I manage. But now I have to pay to eliminate ads on teams I’m a member of but don’t own? Even though I already have a paid subscription to the app? Sorry, that’s a crap way of sneaking in ads regardless. The new features on the app are nice, but aren’t universal between the mobile app and the desktop. It is really hard to set lineups on my phone. All of the heavy lifting (scheduling, rostering, etc) is done on a laptop. And the chat feature is only available on the mobile. It would be helpful to have that functionality across platforms.
  • Oh hail nah 1/5

    By hsagher
    Yall done lost yall minds charging for this
  • It’s in the net!!!! 5/5

    By Coach Rus
    Been using this app for years!!! Nothing but awesomeness with easy communications with my team!
  • Review 5/5

    By coaching reviews
    Great app for coaches and trainers !!
  • Emails galore 3/5

    By Honestly Open
    It’s a 5 star if not for the emails I cannot turn off. Every new event is emailed and I cannot disable the function. Edited: TeamSnap contacted me. Great that they respond but they informed me it was by design and not by flaw. I am not sure which is worse. Basically you can opt put of emails but if the person creating the schedule checks the box to send emails then you are emailed anyway. Personally spam is one of the most irritating first world problems and I have to fight the urge to rate 1 star but the app is really effective besides this so...
  • Where are my messages?!! 1/5

    By Bdl28
    Worst communication app ever!! I’ll get a notification on my phone, so I can see some of the message/chat that has been sent, but when I go into the team snap app, nothing!!! The chat/message never loads and all I can view are messages from weeks or months prior!! Missing a lot of team info due to this issue!!
  • So nice and easy to use! 5/5

    By dgunter1
    Love everything about it!
  • Great, and getting better. 4/5

    By grumpy cat for life
    This app would be the greatest if it allowed teams to use more functionality in the tasks feature. Teams need to assign volunteer duties and run reports on this. Also, it would be really great if TeamSnap had some web components that we could plug into our website ... or social media integration.
  • Keeping everyone on the same page. 5/5

    By B ok Services
    Coaches get to interact with the team, updates ( which are happening more with Covid) are immediate. The team is keeping track of assignments. It’s really very functional.
  • RipOff 1/5

    By Matthewpmac
    Has some great features that only come with a paid subscription. I could use other services or apps and get the same functionality for free. Now I'm stuck for.the season using this app
  • Advertising 1/5

    By [gotch Kink]
    The advertising on this app is so inconsistent that I’m surprised Apple allowed it. Unlike most other apps, advertising is disruptive to work flow here. Instead of it taking a corner of the screen, it invades the whole screen and disrupts work flow. And getting out of each ad is not consistent. Some have a small hidden X on the top hidden that you need to find to click out. Others have a “close” button to click at the bottom of the screen. Not a uniform experience. I bet all the ad clicks is not because of interest but rather the sudden disruption of the user. This subscription culture is also greedy. No one likes subscriptions. I would pay $15 to buy this app once as I know I have to use it for over a decade with kids sports. But I refuse to pay a monthly fee. Especially if I’m being manipulated to do so because my experience of the app is being affected in purpose.
  • No Apple Watch App 4/5

    By *JBEAUX*
    Great app! I would really like to see the Apple Watch compatibility.
  • It is sick 5/5

    By CarrieHarSmith
    It is sick
  • Auto renew feature with no refund is a rip off 2/5

    By sexyman1
    I was billed on auto renew. The plan was impossible to cancel. Could only find a way to switch to free plan. But I was billed for whole year even though I want to cancel in the billing month. No refund is offered. My son has not played ball and I have not been team mom since Covid started. I think it is fraudulent to continue to bill me for a service I am not using. When I did use the ap in 2020 it was difficult to utilize. I think there should al least be a pro rated refund.
  • Great team communication tool. Need Apple Pay 4/5

    By Dada_man
    This has been a superb app for team communication and scheduling. We have used it for several years. We are now using it to run our entire league site. Two recommendations: 1. Allow ability to reply to emails from coaches within the app. Or to send emails. 2. Add ability to pay through Apple Pay, for league fees, etc.
  • Needs better support 1/5

    By ring6992
    I had to switch to this from Sports Engine and almost want to go back to our other team just so I can use that app again. I have some notification that will not go away and I can not find where it is so the badge always shows a 1 next to it. USA Hockey numbers have to be put in manually which is a pain because only the club can do it which the other is automatic using APIs and would be very easy to do they just don’t want to do it, I mean your profile picture has been “Coming Soon” for a year now. I like some parts of the UI but features are rough and Team Snap as a whole needs to start pushing for making things better, since there are better apps out there people can use and I will be trying to get my club to change since Team Snap falls way short on what others can do. *update 2/11/21* even after this update my badge notifications still will not go away and I have gone to all messages and still have it showing. I will have to email again to get it fixed. Getting old and hope the team will switch to something different soon, anything has got to be better than this app...
  • Badge Notification 5/5

    By scottreasor
    Love the platform but can’t get rid of the badge notification always saying I have 1 notification. Drives me nuts! Wish this would have an easy fix.
  • Removing practice update notifications was a bad decision 1/5

    By Jenalmy
    This app used to work great. But the choice to remove practice update notifications has made it very difficult. Unless you pay for their upgraded services you don’t get notified of anything. Our team has missed practices because of this. That’s pretty unacceptable for an app that is supposed to keep your team running smoothly.
  • Invoicing platform is terrible! 1/5

    By Yoitsme!
    Doesn’t let you edit or delete paid invoices or their titles. They have zero support, no phone number to call. You have to create a ticket and hope to get a response that isn’t helpful. We pay $19.98 a month and get zero support . Don’t use this one if you need it for invoicing.
  • Chat consistently doesn’t work 1/5

    By bp-beeperston
    Chat function - which is important on tournament weekend for soccer - fails often. Here is the sequence of failure - click on chat - “loading” symbol for 10s - blank screen for all chat - blank for hours (after several retries) - click on chat - chats appear - then click on message - “view old chat history” pops up - chat history message is now there for 1 or more days - finally after 24hrs or more - log in - chat message will appear in screen. So after needing to access and reply to a message, it will be 24-48hrs before I can access it. I’ve logged out, deleted, deleted purchase history, redownloaded, logged in & SAME issue. I have an iPhone 11pro and fully updated so it’s not me...
  • Love app, recent version broke photos 5/5

    By 67220Tim
    No one on our team is able to post photos in chat over the last few weeks. Most using apple iphone. Tried resetting phones and reloading app.

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