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Tech Coach App

Tech Coach can turn a major mobile freak-out into an experience that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s the smarter, faster way to support your device. With Tech Coach you don’t have to wait to get the help you need. Through the app, you have a live, US-based expert on call with a single tap. * Instant access: Connect live or via text chat in seconds.. * One call to solve it all: Get your problems solved with one call, 99% of the time. * Smarter support: Get the most out of your device with proactive tips for device setup, OS upgrades, and other relevant tech topics. * Expand your tech: Support for your device and virtually anything connected to it The Tech Coach app is available for customers with iOS 9.0 and up.

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  • GES 5/5

    By George the window cleaner
    Thank you for this fine article about security. It seems everyday we receive lots of junk and suspicious emails.
  • FYI 5/5

    By Ccislands
    Very helpful with using the internet and what to expect from others. I’m impressed by the Tech Coaches and the app on how well it is set up for me and how fast replies I receive from them and the solution on fixing any issues I have
  • Valdovinos 5/5

    By Pm11201976
  • Phone 5/5

    By sweet flowers
    Your company is the Best.?😇
  • Help is on the way! 3/5

    By Gonna move!
    Good resource to use.
  • Good luck! 1/5

    By MtKiscoFan
    If you have lots of time to respond to their script questions over and over again, this site can be fun. But don’t expect the first or the second or the third tech to give you the time of day. A year or two ago I did have a useful experience but not this year—just an annoying waste of time that makes you really angry with Verizon Wireless!
  • wow! 5/5

    By DTK60
    Tech coach, I just learned more about my camera in A minute then I have the entire time I’ve owned this phone!
  • Files 5/5

    So excited! What an awesome addition!
  • Use Low Power Mode 5/5

    By Merms3
    Supplies useful knowledge
  • Facebook security 4/5

    By Mishap app
    Great reminder and good information on how to be more secure with your personal information!
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By DoctorKen2k
    Great! Stuff! Really enjoyed it!
  • Seriously this is amazing! 5/5

    By Kara-Nash
    I can’t believe I can text anytime to get things figured out with my tech! Love this app and the resource articles too.
  • Call button for tech coach need to be placed inside the app! 2/5

    By KBs Style
    Call button for tech coach need to be placed inside the app! I’ve spent 2hrs within this app and trying to get my icon to show the phone symbol just so I could get assistance because nothing hit my issue. Grrrrrrrr
  • Help!! 5/5

    By Aunty Pike
    Phone Facebook email hacked. Thankful for this App
  • Tech Coach 5/5

    By ShellieFeckers
    Absolutely love this app! Has saved my life in more then one occasion!
  • Tech coach has been great! 5/5

    By Jane GB
    The coach seemed very knowledgeable and very polite. However, I was particularly impressed with his patience!! This helped me understand more easily, plus made me feel less like a phone imbecile!! And that felt good!!
  • Tech Coach by Verizon 5/5

    By Minimika70
    Most helpful contact. Saves you from getting all confused. They are a 24/7 service and give useful help I have developed a vision problem and find it so hard to read the fine print If you want me to follow your instructions, why not just enlarge fonts. Please. I am new to FRESNO and having a very stressful time to adjust here. I moved from Missouri City. Texas 77459-3521. My home is still there and so is my Toyota 4 Runner sitting in garage To near my daughters an emotional need. They are Professionals with a tight work schedule. I feel like going back home 🏡. The Feedback on the Verizon Techcoach is super good I give *****. Means I Love it 🥰 Can’t leave home without it. Thank you 🙏🏻 Techcoach for your great App. How do I get the special Message App ? Yasmin Zaman 🖐🏼
  • Reviews in app 3/5

    By govee_51
    Having trouble reviewing agents.
  • Tips 5/5

    By tech challene
    You get a very helpful Tech Coach right at your fingertips when you have a problem and you get helpful tips weekly
  • Mr. or Mrs Tech 4/5

    By Funny Ole Jeannie
    You Mr or Mrs Tech have been quick and up to time date. It’s a Pleasure to be caught up on all what is important for us to know. Even for us Seniors. The only thing that I wish you would stop is, when we thank you and say good bye. You keep coming back and we can’t get rid of you Coach Tech. I would use you more but it’s annoying when your still there. None of us are perfect!! Any Nickname I Pick you have ! !!! Annoying!!! Even You. Thank You For Your Time. Funny Ole Jeannie
  • Apple Wallet 5/5

    By JRock303
    Love it
  • Tech Coach 5/5

    By Twingrandma JJ
    I finally have remembered to go to my tech coach when I have issues and they are wonderful!! The last time the lady stayed w/me and good thing she did because the first suggestion didn’t work! She stuck w/me until it did!
  • Tech Coach 1/5

    By Mizanaur
    They do not understand how to present what their client wants in very short, simple terms.
  • A senior moment 5/5

    By WSJAddict
    I am a senior person and am not technologically a genius. My tec coach has been so helpful. I thank you.
  • Sbs 1/5

    By dshiknbg
  • Coach Tech Collin 5/5

    By Berta Ann
    Very professional and courteous. Thank you
  • Grand 5/5

    By PeterCohen2
    Grand A+
  • Great job it worked 5/5

    By glbc112233""
    The tech I had really knows her job thanks
  • Tech coach 5/5

    By jtrbugg
    Gotta say I had my doubts, and after having its app for..ohhh,-a year maybe, I actually took the time to take a look at it before trying to find an answer to the problem I was having and they saved me so much time. And they speak redneck so I could understand everything they were telling me(they dumbed it down for me, yesyesyes,l said it). They spoke normal everyday words so you didn’t have to say,umm what the whaaaa? You don’t have to get your dictionary out!!!..w00tw00t. Okay all kidding aside, they are great at what they do..giv’em a chance....thanks TC..s/p
  • Very Useful 5/5

    By BL788
    I love these! I am not someone who goes pushing random buttons to see what it does because it usually ends with my phone being disabled in one way or another. So... I love finding out about features I never knew where available that make things so much easier or make things, such as photos, even better! “Keep em coming!!”
  • Waited 25 minutes for coach dialed number and no responses what is going on? I paid for this 1/5

    By didakee
  • Tips 5/5

    By Justkdng
    I thought this app was only an interface used when I had tech problems. I was pleasantly surprised with the tips section. Especially the storage tips
  • Support tech 5/5

    By Lalo41 or mary DIPirro
    Very helpful
  • Tech coach 5/5

    By dcfan4life-59
    Very helpful!
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By tech challenged girl
    I am all thumbs when it comes to computers. Kyle and rhea were very patient and helpful walking me through the steps to solve my issues. Operator error I am afraid, lol! Would give the both a big hug to thank them if I could!
  • Tech Coaches 5/5

    By Happpily RETIRED
    Wow!!!! Where doI begin, every last one of you have been a Blessing, Kind, Polite, Knowledgeable,GREAT PEOPLE SKILLS!!!!! I can’t begin to thank you people enough!!!!
  • Best tips on iPhone! 5/5

    By docmal17
    Tons of cool shortcuts & how-to info!
  • Charging via USB 5/5

    By JPD0301
    Great info
  • Very easy to use and extremely helpful!!!! 5/5

    By joipjbshr
    I love this app!
  • Absolutely Zero Help 1/5

    By 7274209541
    Amanda spent 15 minutes asking questions to conclude the same statement I made when opening the support ticket. My phone will not make calls. What this app did was waste my time and further cause me to go without a working phone for a longer period of time as I was assured this would be better than going to the store. Thanks Verizon and Asurion!
  • Alisa is the best tech 5/5

    By joey on paradise
    Alisa was great she needs a raise she helped me solve a problem that 3prior techs could not handle
  • Phone troubles 4/5

    By Nuluk
    Tech coach is great. The coaches are very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with....except for one.
  • Comments 5/5

    By taxsrb
    The tech chat is awesome as long as you get to speak to a real live person. Speaking to a tech chat on the phone is a pain it takes three times as long to text back-and-forth it’s a waste of time. I understand the tech chat 100 times better when I have to talk to him on the phone. I refuse to chat with them by text. I totally appreciate their time and effort spent helping me.
  • Julley 5/5

    By julley45
    Very good
  • Majesta Review 5/5

    By need simplicity
    Majesta was extremely helpful and extraordinarily patient. We appreciated her help. Your system is too complicated and allows for too many places for error. Please simplify and make it simpler for both customers and Verizon workers. Thank you Sally Carr
  • Helped set up my facial ID 5/5

    By Reco P
    Katrina helped set up my facial ID. Thanks for the help. I am a little or a lot challenged with tech stuff.
  • phone help 5/5

    By donigrlbat
    wonderful lady on with me today and helped me connect to the tech support through my phone! love the results ‼️👍
  • Garbage app and useless techs 1/5

    By wayneish
    Can never send my messages. I keep getting reffered to this terrible app and all they ask you to do is reset your phone. Quick fix for a day but do not solve the problem. Useless people. People over pay ridiculous amount of money for their phones and idiots on the other line ask you to reset your phone. Garbage company full of idiots that do not listen to the customer. Dealt with them 6 different times and Everytime I get told to reset my phone. Real smart pieces of shots working their.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By TracyLynneElrod
    Super easy! I wish I would have checked this out a lot sooner. In less than 2 minutes I learned 3 things about my XS Max that I’ve had since they came out! Do yourself a favor and take advantage of their knowledge 😊

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