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Get personalized recommendations that match your unique interests, or browse TED’s library of thousands of inspiring, informative, transformational videos for free. Features on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: ・Sign in to get personalized recommendations and sync videos across all your devices ・Watch videos with subtitles in over 100 languages ・Check out the newest and trending videos, browse by topic, or select from our curators’ picks ・Stream videos to your Apple TV with AirPlay ・Download videos to watch offline ・Add talks your list to watch later ・Toggle between dark mode or light modes ・Get instant inspiration with the “Surprise Me!” feature Get the TED app to stay curious, informed and inspired.

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  • “My List” has syncing problems 1/5

    By vick3663
    “My [Watch]List” has so many syncing problems. I can’t remove items from the list and it doesn’t update after I do it on the website. Also, did the app remove the ability to play just the audio if I turn the screen off? I used to be able to do that and now I can’t
  • Great content, but app itself has some major bugs 3/5

    By !0+ years PayPal users
    All downloaded contents are deleted automatically by the app after close the app. Can’t download more than 1 item... the 2nd items will be stay at 0% forever. 5 starsfor the content, 2 stars for the app.
  • Love TED, hate the app after the last update. 1/5

    By hgsayj
    Videos rarely play though all my other apps work great. I only have problems with this app and it is an issue on both wifi and cellular networks. I also hate that the series are no longer available.
  • Transcripts Please! 4/5

    By AangryyUser
    I really like reading the transcripts of the talks on my pc. I hope the app will be able to show the transcripts on the ipad and phone app soon!
  • Ted broken 4/5

    By p sadeghi
    My ted is out of work, i don’t know why I just made it updated, that’s all
  • Great Content - Lacking One Crucial Feature for iPads 4/5

    By yolo2s3461
    I love TED Talks. I just wish there was a bit more functionality for the iPad app because the iPad is my main device. For instance, the app doesn’t take advantage of split screen or have a floating window feature that allows me to multitask by taking notes. Also, more customization in terms of allowing the user to create their own playlists would be great. Thanks for being TED, the world would be a lot less interesting without this platform.
  • Does not load on my iPad Air 1/5

    By Flexitarian want
    When I open this app on my iPad Air, I get a spinning symbol and it does not load.
  • Won’t delete, sometimes won’t load 1/5

    By GGItsMe48236
    I really wanted the app to work for me. I love Ted talks. Sometimes it won’t load at all. I can’t swipe to remove items from my list. I tried for about a month. I have an iPhone 10 with the latest iOS. Deleted app. Disappointed.
  • New bugs 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    1. You still don’t show which videos I’ve already watched. This was added to apps like YouTube 7-8 years ago. Maybe (instead of reinventing the wheel) you should partner with google to have them create your app and host your content or give you a special spot on YouTube. I realize this would be a difficult at first, but much better long-term than spending a lot of time and money creating a mediocre app. 2. Bug — Picture in picture is broken. The view disappears. See comment above. 3. Great work on Dark mode. I wish you have listened when I started asking for this 4 years ago, but I suppose it is better late then never.
  • Transformative is TED... 5/5

    By PaulDRamos
    I spend about an hour a day listening or watching TED Talks. Join me and help make the world a better place. #DoSomethingAboutIt
  • Problem on ios 12 3/5

    By Ta_tarsa
    The app doesn't work was n iOs 12, after login and choosing favorite subjects.
  • Black screen 1/5

    By Redmelody177
    Downloaded app. Will not work. Black screen, nothing else. Glad I didn’t pay for this.
  • Black screen 1/5

    By d DG k
    Log in Black screen No go Too bad
  • Pathetic app 1/5

    By Little Q 85
    Opened up app. Signed in using Facebook. Then screen went black but didn’t close out on itself or nothing. Just sat there. I swiped the app to close and tried again. This time only a black screen popped up. Deleted app and reinstalled it. Just tried it again. Same thing. Does nothing. Guess it doesn’t like the new iOS or logging in through Facebook. Guess I’m just going to have to look up TED Talks on YouTube.
  • Black screen after login 1/5

    By poetwang
    It just shows whole black screen after login, tried delete and reinstall, not work.
  • Bug pool 1/5

    By Ethnafromchina
    There are so many bugs in the app. Sometimes it just collapses all of a sudden, or the subtitle disappears, or the downloads don’t work. And this time I can’t open it anymore let alone sign in. I don’t want to miss the talks...
  • Bring back the audio stream PLZ 4/5

    By misiqo
    Good job so far, we used to enjoy the app, LISTENING to the audio streams on the go. But in the recent updates seems this part is removed. We definitely need audio only files. Please bring it back.
  • Dark screen, nothing to see 1/5

    By auribe19
    I love ted talks but this app played one video and then will now only show a black screen no matter how many times I attempt to delete and re download it:(
  • Less usable 2/5

    By ZcraigInNC
    The prior releases had better usability for listening in a car. The current app requires too much interaction to use on Appleplay in a car. Prefer a list of talks that meet the criteria that are queued up to listen w/ minimal interaction to go to the next in the list.
  • Interface Destroyed 1/5

    By Eastmarch
    I love TED and the old version 5 app, and this new version 6 is a disaster. Thanks for making the font so SMALL that it's barely readable with no accessibility size choice. "See All Topics" which had dozens of detailed options is still missing. Now I have to type something like "Dinosaurs" rather than see that long list of choices to inspire me, and the results are just single lines rather than a thumbnail and multi-line description. This version will inspire me to watch nothing, so I've reverted to version 5..
  • Accessibility disaster 5/5

    By Zelda2904
    This app is not accessible to the blind with the screen reader! Most of the fields do not properly inform a blind person about the content and all its heard is; button, button button, button
  • Only sign in with Facebook option 1/5

    By JoeAmHu
  • Stuck on login 1/5

    By Garbagetruckdriver
    I’m on a new iPad 7 with iOS 13.1.2. I tried to log into my Ted account on the iPad app two days ago but all I get is a spinning loop icon. Terminating the app and re-opening doesn’t clear the issue. Beware of logging in!
  • Not a fan of new app 1/5

    By hodhal
    Bring back the old Ted with audio only version!

    By A Fine Art
    Deplorable and useless, still not any useable function!!!!
  • TED app has gone downhill 1/5

    By PamelaF67
    The old TED app was terrific and 5-stars. This latest app revision is terrible. It no longer easily connects when talked are linked to through other platforms like Facebook. The search engine is poor as the names of clearly known speakers are not coming up as results. I dislike that the search results no longer include an image of the speaker because often that is how I know I’ve found the right talk. Please rethink the changes you’ve made to your App.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Zzzzzzzžz
    Two days in a row, I have lost my list of talks to listen to. It prompts me like a new user with those two questions. Frustrated with app. Not happy either that new version provides a limited number of talks to listen to.
  • Used to Love this App 3/5

    By Compass2100
    I really used the TED app frequently. For example, I would download several presentations to watch while traveling. With the latest update, there is no option for either downloading or favoriting a particular talk. Very frustrating.
  • New app not for me 3/5

    By erichenry14
    I love TED and finding a new fascinating topic. The new updated look is beautiful but doesn’t work for me. Talks load frustratingly slow or often not at all. Swiping sideways is less easy for me than scrolling down, and the list is short. I ditched the app and subscribed to the podcast which brings back the experience of hunting down the talk that strikes me and loading it up immediately. But no video unfortunately.
  • App broken 1/5

    By jjprusk
    Ted Talks are wonderful content and prior to iOS 13 the app worked well. However, the app does not work well at all on iOS 13 - it continually quits and often will require restarting the content from the beginning.
  • does not work probably on ios13 5/5

    By naghmeh mo
    It's a beneficial app but unfortunately, after my phone updated to ios13, this app does not work correctly. While I'm watching a podcast it stops and the app is totally closed, so I have to run the app and the podcast again from the beginning.
  • catastrophe 1/5

    By Viodek
    i cannot understand the new app. the offline downloads when playing are not working, it needs connection. the ui cannot let user to browse the newest talks in its entire whole. it’s super slow. really disappointed.
  • Very poor user experience 1/5

    By ShadW
    I watch it on iPad. After the video ends it simply shows the start image of the next video. If I have to go back to see the video I just watched (to add to likes or share it etc) I have to press cancel button (at the bottom) 3 times. Besides this there is no way to search my “liked” videos or videos in my list. It’s all one long list to scroll through.
  • Need Transcripts 5/5

    By morfarrar
    Please make transcripts available through the app. I believe I have been able to access the transcripts to each talk through the main website, but have no luck when using the app. Thank you.
  • I can’t find the “Listen” button any more 4/5

    By Kai-Web
    I really like the”listen” button but I cannot find it anymore...i walks a lot during a day so sometimes I cannot have WiFi accessible. Therefore, downloading audios instead of videos is much more convenient for me. it will not eat all my data...:(
  • Works For Me! 5/5

    By Flemuel
    I have no problem with this app. And, the talks are well done and well chosen. There are many topics available. I like it!
  • Problem report 1/5

    By Titaniumboy68
    Terrible version with many problems in downloading and it cleaned all my previous downloads when I updated it.
  • Tiny fonts, worst search function ever... 1/5

    By aisleseat
    I gave this app three stars only because it plays the videos without problems. But the search feature is the worst I’ve ever seen on any app. I wanted to find talks on ‘self trust’. Typing either of those words in varying combinations, including with a comma between, turned up two videos or mostly no results. Of course, typing in ‘trust’ results in about half of the entire Ted library. I literally have to use Google advanced search to find videos I want to watch in my Ted app. Sheesh! By the way, when I did get a resul from my search in Ted app, the display was so tiny I had to use a magnifying glass to read them, and I’m using an iPad Pro. That lack of scaling in the display is ludicrous. Additional input: Recently, every time I try to access TED videos through Facebook posts, I am asked to register or answer ‘two’ questions. So I’ve deleted the app. Why does TED need my private info to use their app? TED = Take Everyone’s Data
  • Listening 5/5

    By meisamfor
    Why this new version does not have the possibility to just listen
  • Won't load, hangs at TED screen 1/5

    By edeslaur
    Uninstalled, reinstalled iPhone 7, latest IOS. app support is a joke
  • Used to be great motivational stories, now SJW 1/5

    By Bigdogtim777
    Oh My God! Are you kidding me that we should accept Pedofiles! I saw a young lady explain why we need to accept these people, because they can’t help who they are. What in God’s Name is going on here? TED Talks is no longer supporting Victims of Sex Crimes, but rather explaining that it’s normal. They have since deleted this from their APP, but it is all over YouTube. TED has become so Woke to SJW material that I can’t bear watching another episode! What has happened to a once great motivational tool to inspire? Please stop going down the never ending slippery slope of Gender Identities as if that is normal. I can tell you it is a Mental Illness and must be treated as such. New York now has 31+ registered Genders. Cat, Mouse, Dog, Fluid. Pure insanity to cater to such nonsense that is born out of the lack of Morals, Ethics & Virtues.
  • It used not work perfectly now nothing works 1/5

    By kangaroo5383
    This is the worst app rewrite I’ve ever seen. Deeplinking doesn’t work anymore, search doesn’t work, what is the point of this app anymore? I can’t get to the content I want.
  • Saved videos gone! 2/5

    By AlwaysReading2
    I used to love this app until this major update. I had a boatload of saved videos to watch and now they’re gone. 😡 I don’t find the homepage to be particularly helpful or user friendly. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app but that didn’t help.
  • Great Content — Very Poor App 3/5

    By Mountain Viewer
    The poor rating is for the new app, that forces me to answer filtering questions and queues up videos to auto start after I finish a video. I have used the TED app since it came out on my first iPhone, years ago. What I most appreciated was the chaotic combination of topics that were always showing up, with no theme holding them together other than combining Technology, Entertainment, and Design. What I valued most was the juxtaposition of wildly differing topics — I don’t want filtering and categorization and I don’t want a TED account, I just want the flood of wildly different topics that characterized the experience in the past. Please provide a way to bypass the filter questions and categorized presentations and just go back to the timeline presentation of topics as they are added to the flow. On top of sticking questions I don’t want to answer in the flow of using the app, at a recent update it lost the results and made me answer them again. Bad programming producing a poor user experience. I was about to give two stars, since that is all the app should get, but it is hard to ignore the fact that the content is still very high quality.
  • Getting like government 1/5

    By ffyuhggy
    Asking for my email address or Facebook (which I’m not into) info. Ted is evolving into something I don’t like. It use to be user friendly and easier to navigate. Guess it’s goodbye to you Ted
  • Playback does not work properly 2/5

    By Fabio JMF
    Downloaded talks don’t work properly. I listen to them while my phone is in my pocket. However, at times, the video stops playing and requires me to go back into the app, exit the video, and re-click the video. Only nice thing is it remembers where I left off.
  • Spend time thinking 5/5

    By Runs_On_Ramen
    Go ahead and download it. You’ll find something.
  • Download for offline listening fails more often than it works 1/5

    By jbrad128
    Using IOS 12.4 and, most often when I try to download for offline listening the download hangs at 97-99% and the App later crashes. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling- no effect. I’d expected more and am very disappointed given how good the general content is.
  • Still can’t download for offline, just use YouTube 1/5

    By CycCorn
    I occasionally try to use this app to download for offline use and like other reviews have already mentioned for over the past year, it doesn’t work. Not sure why it’s so hard for this developer team to fix. Stick with watching everything on YouTube and delete this app.

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