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Feed your curiosity and expand your world with TED Talks. Explore more than 3,000 free videos and learn from the world's most remarkable people. Search by any mood or topic, from tech and science to the surprises of your own psychology. Features on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch: ・Browse the TED Talks video library, with subtitles in over 100 languages ・Discover inspiring, funny, or jaw-dropping talks and curated playlists ・Sign in to your TED profile to sync saved talks across devices ・Play videos on your device or send to your home entertainment system via AirPlay or Chromecast ・Let us build you a custom playlist - tailored to fit your ideal timeframe ・Download talks to watch offline ・Bookmark talks to watch later Download the TED app to stay curious, informed, and inspired.


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  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By Juansteen4450120163810
    Easy to navigate, fascinating talks, really no major complaints.
  • Dark mode 5/5

    By by the Z
    You should add an option to turn in on dark mode, to improve eye contact
  • Simply can't deliver 1/5

    By manyou07
    I use this app (well, *try*) to download TED talks for offline viewing (while on a plane, in dead zones, etc.) I have been using this app for years and can say that it is just as terrible at this as it always has been. Videos are routinely deleted without reason or warning, and sometimes videos that had been downloaded won't play. Worthless. After updating the app last week I opened it yesterday and received some message about the database being corrupt, and - guess what! - all my downloaded videos were deleted. Thanks TED. I guess the only way to win is to stop watching TED talks.
  • Downloads are buggy and imperfect 3/5

    By dylanmossman1996
    You have to keep the page you are downloading from open in order for the download to finish. Otherwise it will say it’s finished when it is really not. Also you should have the option to download at different resolutions to save space as by default they take up a lot of mb. Thanks for adding accounts to save my videos!
  • Need to fix 3/5

    By Jess1182
    I love this app and can definitely get lost in it but with the newest update Ive noticed that things I previously had saved are no longer there. If i like something then go to my talks its not there.
  • The Like button 4/5

    By Sarcasm 8367
    I rated this app 4 stars because it is easy to find videos you like and very easy to navigate the app in itself. However the like button doesn’t seem to work, no matter what I do it will not save the video as liked. The downloading has worked for me (I’ve only downloaded audio) so far. If they could just fix that little bug in my opinion it would be a five star app.
  • Can’t enable wireless data 4/5

    By lwl525
    I love TED, but this App the latest version is not working with the latest IOS 11.3.1. The problem is in the system setting it has no way to enable wireless data for the app, which means no internet for this app. Please fix it ASAP
  • Great app! 5/5

    By DMJUD
    This is great, now I can listen and sometimes even watch, when I’m not driving, to the talks. The app works great and the quality is amazing!
  • Updated Review: Still broken and needs more work 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    Apple devices is not the place to have a terrible user experience. - UX / UI: Mark after a video “watched” after it has been played so that I know which videos I’ve seen. Grey or mask the thumbnail in search results like YouTube does for previously viewed videos. Sorry, the “History” tab does not help. I cannot tell which videos I’ve previously watched (that I previously added to my favorites) without going to history tab. This is ok if you only have 5 or 10, but falls apart when you have 20 or more. - UX: Persistence. Keep my place if I watch part of a video and return to finish on *ANY* device. If I start a video and then watch another video it doesn’t keep the place of either video. #Awful. - UX: Continuity. I often start to watch a video on my iPad and switch to my iPhone. Same for a web browser on a macOS. The last spot needs to be retained like it is on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and dozens of others. - UX: Bug. Picture in picture doesn’t *resize* to full screen when you use the 4 finger gestures to swipe back to TED from another app. You have a black screen with TED running in the corner. UX: Bug. Downloaded video wouldn’t play from iPad to Apple TV until I deleted the local download. UX: Bug. Captions turn off randomly. Captions needed to be turned back on multiple times while I was using AirPlay to play from iPad to Apple TV. These are basic video player items from 10 years ago. Either invest in a quality native iOS app experience or save your money and force everyone to use the website if you’re going to have a substandard user experience. #FAILURE #Bugs #ShowUpOrGiveUp #Shameful
  • I’ll find myself bing watching 5/5

    By Shirley123456789
    I can download, take talks with me offline. I have iPhone 7.
  • Overall great app 4/5

    By Tasseled
    Great content, great app EXCEPT that talks are not actually saved to My Talks when that option is selected. There are some talks saved from before I created an account but now I can’t add anymore.
  • Great app but the video doesn't play, only the sound comes!!!! 3/5

    By Haaaaleeeey;)
    I love this app so much but there's a problem with playing the videos. The video stops after a few seconds and only the audio plays. I wonder why!!!
  • Terribly poor update 1/5

    By Missy_233
    The latest update has quite a few bugs. I am unable to add any videos to the “liked videos” or to “my list”. And I noticed all my previously liked videos do not show in the liked videos list.
  • Talks are amazing, the app... Not quite yet 2/5

    By Drmyers29
    This app has a lot of potential but needs work. The saved for later and liked talks un-save and un-like within a few seconds. When you select like the related talks change. Many bugs. Using iPad Pro 12.9 with updated OS.
  • Love 4/5

    By Joelhaha
    I wish it would save videos you're halfway through
  • Education, seriously? 1/5

    By 1#@23&+
    This is not an educational ap. This is a leftist propaganda machine. There are no original ideas or any other examples of what is described.
  • not much control over what to download or play 3/5

    By johnatchgo
    will stop using once my prior downloads are complete, since I can't control the watch order, select specific episodes for download later, or jump back/forward to a specific time within a video, or even see the exact minutes into video very often.
  • Fail 1/5

    By ToddI777
    I installed the app and searched for a Ted talk by Olympia LePoint and it came up with nothing. Google “Olympia LePoint tedtalk” and it pops right up.
  • Question 5/5

    By CaptinBeast
    Can you watch the riddles from the YouTube channel
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Reitveld
    - needs a setting for only downloading via Wi-Fi. – need a progress bar to show what is being downloaded and what has not been downloaded. (One of Ted’s talks state-owned Porten a progress bar is. Irony that they don’t take their own advice.) - videos should be grouped by categories to make it easy to watch similar videos. For example if I want to learn about astronomy, all those videos should be grouped together, and easy to find. I’m giving the such a low rating not because the app is good but because I believe this is the only way the developer will take notice of my comments and fix the limitations I find in the app.
  • So good 5/5

    By Dallas Sainsbury
    LOVE THE APP. It has awesome features way better than just YouTubing like I used to! Totally worth it!!
  • Download in iPad doesn’t work 1/5

    By barnys
    Misleading implementation. Download doesn’t work.
  • Downloading??? 1/5

    By EBidr
    Downloading doesn't work. When you try to download a talk, it just fills up a bar and whenever you want to watch it, it's not there. Download speed is very slow and it cost you a lot of bandwidth to re-download every time.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Taino Casique
    Having access to TED in a very easy format. Marvelous!
  • App Review 5/5

    By Hldhld
    The best app. It’s so useful.
  • Fascinating talks! 4/5

    By Genius User #7638296
    I love how this app is set up, and the content is incredible, but I seemed to have a problem downloading content. I would have like 15 talks downloaded in my list, but when I look again, I only have nine. Not only this, but several of my successfully downloaded talks that didn’t mysteriously disappear just didn’t play and ran into an error. Overall, while the content is very interesting, I had to take a star off for the downloading issue.
  • TED is fantastic 5/5

    By Nik625
    I love TED talks. There are a few glitches in the app, but nothing that keeps me from loving it. It’s a great way to learn things from new and interesting perspectives.
  • This app is the ish 5/5

    By Horribleapp1111
    Only app I’ve ever reviewed Bc I love ted
  • Great place to get all the talks. 5/5

    By Stubbs323
    The TED app is a great place to get all the talks you want together and organize different preferences. You can even get random talks based upon what you’re trying to see and how much time you have.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By NoseyDoug
    Great content, very user friendly.
  • Love TED & the app! 5/5

    By ShermieT
    This is an awesome way to view TED talks.
  • Wonderful app! 5/5

    By Timinater
    The TED app is not only full of interesting information in and of itself, the app has been optimized beautifully for the iPad, even my Pro 12.9. The addition of PiP was fantastic. Keep up the great work!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By annon155798
    So many amazing talks on a variety of subjects.
  • Still missing key features 3/5

    By Zman771
    Still can't bookmark a video in the app. Log in is missing password manager integration and Facebook login uses the old web-based method. Come on guys, this is basic stuff!
  • Don’t bother downloading 1/5

    By Thereo
    Sat there for 20mins while it “downloaded” three videos on to find when it had “finished” it did download anything at all. No way of knowing if it had downloaded, no box or notification
  • Download does NOT work 2/5

    By Dedemanli
    The app was much better before- Why going BACKWARDS? -why there is no feedback for download progress? -why I cannot anymore do "play all"? -why downloads are not downloaded even though it shows? I hope you can solve these simple common problems and greatly improve TED reaching many people but not fail because in 2018 one cannot make a fully functional app to watch and download.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By mbineid
    Thank you
  • Universal Designed 5/5

    By Spinneberg
    So happy! VoiceOver reads the captions for reading braille. There is access for deaf-blind!
  • The download feature is totally broken 1/5

    By vfyang
    When you clicked on download, the talks and playlists are marked as downloaded immediately, yet there is no video pulling down, and when you need to watch offline, it just hangs and hangs without giving a reason.
  • What Happened? 2/5

    By WilliWu
    It had been several years since I had checked on TED and I could not believe the transition. From world class cutting edge science to mystic babble and motivational speakers. I guess that pays the bills, but I’m out of here.
  • Please fix downloads 3/5

    By Harry the hatchet
    Falsely indicates downloaded when video isn’t. Doesn’t play when offline. Confusing and frustrating.
  • Love the TED app!! 5/5

    By JRtist
    Should be required for many...it opens you up to a world that’s already occurring, but you probably have no idea. “Amazeballs!”
  • Apple TV needs a Liked tab 4/5

    By C H A Z
    The Apple TV app needs an easy way to access your Liked videos. Right now, there’s no way.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jegr hussein
  • Please fix the download function 2/5

    By Sokari1
    If you can let us play these videos offline after we “downloaded” them, this app would definitely would be a 5 Star one.
  • Still does not download properly 4/5

    By Gaskination
    Even with the updated version I can’t get the videos to download successfully for off-line viewing. I have a dozen or so videos supposedly downloaded in my downloads section, but when I am in airplane mode I cannot watch those videos. There’s also no indication regarding the progress of the download. After you click on the download video button, it just shows up in your downloads section. But there’s no indication how much is downloaded. And there’s no way to refresh the download or restart it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By crafted stardust
    I love the surprise me part. :)
  • Impossible to connect with Facebook 1/5

    By EIpresident
    Impossible to connect with Facebook to sync my playlists.
  • Download feature is not working on my iPad 3/5

    By ThantZin Lynn
    Please fix it.
  • Love this 5/5

    By Zen.xizo
    I live this app but can you guys please enable full screen videos on the iPhone X as an option it would look and feel so much better !!!!!!!!!! Thank you 😁 and it would be awsome

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