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  • Compatibility: Android
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Get personalized recommendations that match your unique interests, or browse TED’s library of thousands of inspiring, informative, transformational videos for free. Features on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: ・Sign in to get personalized recommendations and sync videos across all your devices ・Watch videos with subtitles in over 100 languages ・Check out the newest and trending videos, browse by topic, or select from our curators’ picks ・Stream videos to your Apple TV with AirPlay ・Download videos to watch offline ・Add talks your list to watch later ・Toggle between dark mode or light modes ・Get instant inspiration with the “Surprise Me!” feature Get the TED app to stay curious, informed and inspired.

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  • want transcript 4/5

    By eternaleternalaudrey
    hello. I am a english learner so I used to looking through the transcript while watching the video. Also, it will help me to improve my language skills by printing the transcripts and making some notes on it. Would you considering adding the function that the transcript can be shown below the video just as you did on your official website? Thanks!
  • Why change 2/5

    By ffyuhggy
    Since they changed their format searching is harder. Lost my favorite talks too. Keep checking it, haven’t watched it since their change. Use to watch it a lot but not now.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By PeaceLove921
    Won’t load
  • It does install, but... 1/5

    By JW Drumming
    I found viewing TED Talks inside Podcasts restrictive so went for the app. Great idea, no? Installed great but when launching it gets to the 3 spiraling circles and hangs. I’ve closed other apps and reinstalled a few times. Nothing. We bunk with this app.
  • Hostage for hostage 3/5

    By nsolent
    I'm holding my five star rating hostage till TED quits holding these videos hostage in this app without Chromecast support.
  • New format = bad 1/5

    By nocoskimo
    I do not like the new format at all. Very hard to view the talks.
  • No casting options 3/5

    By asskickatron
    Great talks, but the fact there is no ability to cast to Chromecast and the likes is a huge con. As much as I like the talks, watching them on my phone screen is a bummer. It’s 2020, you should get with the times and add a casting option.
  • Sold me out- don’t upgrade 1/5

    By I want my FLUD back
    I had built a fairly substantial curated list of downloaded videos over the last 5 years on this app and it did what I needed. Now I download the latest version and I can’t do anything without an account so they can track me and sell my data while deleting all my saved videos. When did this org sell us out?
  • App is broken 1/5

    By msilver16
    Search and account login both hang endlessly. How can you have an app like this without search functionality?
  • New update is terrible 1/5

    By Taino Casique
    Can not scroll up and down my list. Instead it removes talks from the list. Not a good update.
  • POOR app execution 2/5

    By geeteeceeell
    With the “T” in TED supposedly for “technology” this App is a real sad example of that. BTY, I am using a new iPad with the latest updates. This app is really “buggy”. Quite often freezes when clicking on content (won’t connect). While I am fussing, PLEASE put the darn “date” of the video in the description!! ALWAYS need to know the “time-stamp of the data” presented by these outstanding speakers.
  • Needs to me updated 1/5

    By Armet!:)
    This app still does not run very smoothly, especially when it comes to searching for talks. When you search someone’s name it will come up for a second and then disappear or it won’t come up at all even though I am spelling everything correctly and the ted talk exists online.
  • ❤️ this app but can we add chrome cast option? 4/5

    By stsrvuck614
    Hi I used to watch TED Talks on YouTube app but I enjoy using this app much more. It’s better at giving recommendations & the videos are always high quality. YouTube would recommend a lot of TEDx videos which aren’t as good. This app is great however it lacks ChromeCast feature. I believe an older version had it. Is it possible to integrate back into this app? The YouTube app has the casting feature... along with Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Video.
  • Playback issues 3/5

    By LC9716
    I like the design of the app, but I’m having playback issues. One clip will play and when you choose to go to the next suggested video it will freeze. It’s happened every time. I have to go in and shut the app down then go directly to that next video or it will not play at all. Not sure what would cause that, but please fix it because it’s super inconvenient and makes me not want to use the app at all Thanks!
  • Perfectly fine before it got updated 3/5

    By Crymau5
    App was working great for the most part, with just a few bugs here and there. Then came some big update that changed the layout and appearance. Since that update the app has become a pain, often freezing, crashing, or taking significantly longer than it used to to load things. It’s very frustrating, I wish I could uninstall the updates because it pretty much messed up the app for me.
  • Frustrated Nerd 3/5

    By GiaMeg
    Love the TED app. However, in the last few months SEVERAL of the talks, and animated talks WILL NOT PLAY. I have tried to switch to a different wifi, I’ve tried using cellular data only - neither works. The only way I have found to work around this glitch is to DOWNLOAD the episode you want to watch/hear. This is a pain b/c it takes extra time and then the end user has to remember to go back and delete the download to free up memory space. What happened and how quickly can your IT dept. solve this? It would be greatly appreciated!!
  • Doesn’t Play Videos 1/5

    By MBW811
    Downloaded, tried to play on and off WiFi. Deleted app. Downloaded again, won’t play. Deleted.
  • Download 1/5

    By jjklmno
    Wouldn’t download!!!!! Deleted the app.
  • App doesn’t open 1/5

    By grfvfxdfb
    App doesn’t open
  • App does not work 1/5

    By pat.himanshu
    I love TedTalks but I simply cant get videos to play anymore on the app. Is anyone else experiencing something similar...
  • Not functional. 1/5

    By PatrickOConnor
    Login issues typically fall while iOS app and web accept login Everytime. UI bugs cause user input to be required on non-visible dialogues.
  • Better recommendation engine please 3/5

    By KRazyK1
    why does it recommend talks I’ve already watched? can you put a visual indicator that i’ve watched a talk when browsing?
  • Crap 1/5

    By djhffjitr5ukjhrevhkyfhju7
    Why can’t I select the talk I want to hear. Now, I can only hear what you present. I have no options. If this is your new way, then I’m deleting TED.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Fa2013
    Ted talks are so important. Thank you to the creators.
  • Great Talks Lousy App 3/5

    By Still Flying Blind
    Great to have these talks available.....It takes two or three attempts to get the actual programs to start playing.Easier to watch on-line rendering the App of no value.
  • God bless you 5/5

    By beshkaste_tar
    I’m Mohsen from Iran thank you for your informative app I’m really apprising from you
  • TED Apple CarPlay 4/5

    By Adelz18
    Great app and it would be really great if you can add it to apple carplay.
  • Great, but has some bugs 4/5

    By Lpel6
    The atmosphere of the app is amazing, and I love the personalized content! However, the app fails to remove videos from my watch list after repeatedly trying to do so, and it sometimes duplicates videos after an attempt. Additionally, the app lags and freezes almost every time I use it. I don’t both going on it as often anymore and putting videos on my watch list because I know I won’t be able to get them off of it! If these were fixed, though, the app would be undeniably great!
  • New bugs 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    1. You still don’t show which videos I’ve already watched. This was added to apps like YouTube 7-8 years ago. Maybe (instead of reinventing the wheel) you should partner with google to have them create your app and host your content or give you a special spot on YouTube. I realize this would be a difficult at first, but much better long-term than spending a lot of time and money creating a mediocre app. 2. Bug — Picture in picture is broken. The view disappears. See comment above. 3. Great work on Dark mode. I wish you have listened when I started asking for this 4 years ago, but I suppose it is better late then never. Again, why can’t you just improve your YouTube channel ?
  • New Update -not good 1/5

    By Bart Adamley
    Very disappointed with the latest update. Sure- the interface of the loading screen looks nice... but this is all I am able to see. I have numerous talks added to my list on my account and have had to put viewing these on hold as a result of a poor update. Please fix this glitch ASAP so I can continue to learn of interesting ideas.
  • App not working. 1/5

    By Chicagolakefront
    Great content but the app is terrible. Won’t work on my iPad Pro. Just circles spinning. Yes, my iOS is up to date.
  • yikes 2/5

    By quick fixes
    was so excited about the app and upon downloading and signing in, the spinning loading sign never went away. for hours it just spun. discouraged and frustrated. love the content so didn’t want to give one star, but the app is awful.
  • Wow holy hell I’ve never written a review before but this app is horrible 1/5

    By Kwz63
    Buggy beyond belief, doesn’t respond to input, just a garbage app. I’m on an iPhone 8 Plus and everything else on my phone works great. Wouldn’t be so surprising if it wasn’t coming from a company that’s supposed to be about innovation and improving human lives. Jesus. What the hell.
  • Can’t do anything 1/5

    By Gameaddict22222
    I just downloaded the app. It opens me to a screen to answer questions and a “lets go” button... but, The action button is not responding.. so much for this app
  • Worse, not better 1/5

    By buddman2010
    Slow to load. Hard to locate desired content. Too much clutter on home screen. Hangs up at the conclusion of a talk, forcing you to exit the app to begin again rather than return to where you were. This new version is bad.
  • Buka Buka Function 1/5

    By RJ2544
    Does not work properly on my very hot iPad with IOS 13. I did get to watch a couple of videos on the Quantum Computers and then the app went to buka buka.
  • “Giving knowledge” part is excellent but “tech of app” really needs to be improved a lot 3/5

    By Jane Khine
    While I’m just watching the video, it just stops and drops out of App and returns to my home screen strike three times at a video. And while downloading, only the completed ones stay, not in the progress do not show up again and need to start download from the start. That isn’t really convenient for me.
  • New app approach is horrible and annoying 1/5

    By ziadlovesthismusic
    The reason I listen to TED is to discover new subjects that I would not have thought about and discover new horizons. Instead the app forces you to fit yourself to certain topics you “like”. I thought this would be abhorrent to the creators of TED that meant to broaden minds apparently not. My use of the app has dropped significantly as I have this feeling that TED has categorized what I want to watch and listen to and will become my mini curated echo chamber of similar ideas.
  • “My List” has syncing problems 1/5

    By vick3663
    “My [Watch]List” has so many syncing problems. I can’t remove items from the list and it doesn’t update after I do it on the website. Also, did the app remove the ability to play just the audio if I turn the screen off? I used to be able to do that and now I can’t
  • Great content, but app itself has some major bugs 3/5

    By !0+ years PayPal users
    All downloaded contents are deleted automatically by the app after close the app. Can’t download more than 1 item... the 2nd items will be stay at 0% forever. 5 starsfor the content, 2 stars for the app.
  • Love TED, hate the app after the last update. 1/5

    By hgsayj
    Videos rarely play though all my other apps work great. I only have problems with this app and it is an issue on both wifi and cellular networks. I also hate that the series are no longer available.
  • Transcripts Please! 4/5

    By AangryyUser
    I really like reading the transcripts of the talks on my pc. I hope the app will be able to show the transcripts on the ipad and phone app soon!
  • Ted broken 4/5

    By p sadeghi
    My ted is out of work, i don’t know why I just made it updated, that’s all
  • Great Content - Lacking One Crucial Feature for iPads 4/5

    By yolo2s3461
    I love TED Talks. I just wish there was a bit more functionality for the iPad app because the iPad is my main device. For instance, the app doesn’t take advantage of split screen or have a floating window feature that allows me to multitask by taking notes. Also, more customization in terms of allowing the user to create their own playlists would be great. Thanks for being TED, the world would be a lot less interesting without this platform.
  • Does not load on my iPad Air 1/5

    By Flexitarian want
    When I open this app on my iPad Air, I get a spinning symbol and it does not load.
  • Won’t delete, sometimes won’t load 1/5

    By GGItsMe48236
    I really wanted the app to work for me. I love Ted talks. Sometimes it won’t load at all. I can’t swipe to remove items from my list. I tried for about a month. I have an iPhone 10 with the latest iOS. Deleted app. Disappointed.
  • Transformative is TED... 5/5

    By PaulDRamos
    I spend about an hour a day listening or watching TED Talks. Join me and help make the world a better place. #DoSomethingAboutIt
  • Problem on ios 12 3/5

    By Ta_tarsa
    The app doesn't work was n iOs 12, after login and choosing favorite subjects.
  • Black screen 1/5

    By Redmelody177
    Downloaded app. Will not work. Black screen, nothing else. Glad I didn’t pay for this.

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