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Teladoc App

A DOCTOR’S CARE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. Teladoc® connects you with a board-certified doctor 24/7/365 through the convenience of phone or video visits. Within minutes, a doctor will contact you ready to listen, and resolve your issue. If medically necessary a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice. * It’s healthcare when and wherever you want it! Teladoc doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication, if medically necessary, for many medical issues, including: - Sore throat and stuffy nose - Allergies - Cold and flu symptoms - Bronchitis - Poison ivy - Pink eye - Respiratory infection - Sinus problems - Ear infection And more… HOW DOES IT WORK? Request a visit – Open the Teladoc App and request a visit, provide medical history and pay for the visit. Your Teladoc account is also available online at or toll-free at 1-800-Teladoc. Talk to a doctor – Within minutes, a state-licensed doctor reviews your medical history and contacts you via phone or video. Teladoc visits have no time limit; you can speak to the doctor for as long as you’d like. Pick up prescription – The doctor discusses the issue with you, answers questions and recommends next steps. If medically necessary, a prescription can be submitted to a local pharmacy of your choice. HOW DO I GET TELADOC? Teladoc is a service provided to you as a benefit through your employer, health insurance, or other organization. Visit to learn more. This app allows Teladoc members to: - Authenticate your Teladoc account. - Talk to a doctor, anytime, anywhere. - Create and update your medical history. - Update personal, contact, login and billing information. This app also utilizes Apple HealthKit integration to enhance your experience - Our seamless integration with HealthKit enables your provider to form a better diagnosis - We import your most recent historical medical details on blood pressure, temperature and heart rate right into the app - Your doctor will have access to these details before and during your visit - Our comprehensive view of your health will enhance your interaction with Teladoc

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  • After vacation and flu 5/5

    By Realsouthern
    I called Teladoc after getting back from vacation and having suffered with the flu while on vacation—- I got a call back within minutes and a script called into my pharmacy. Three days later I’m feeling so much better and grateful I didn’t have to wait weeks to see my Dr. or sit hours in urgent care... best thing yet.
  • It’s been 12 hours and I still haven’t received my prescription 2/5

    By Jinni88
    I talked to a doctor at 10 am on Tuesday. I tried calling the help line twice. Everyone that I dealt with was very nice on the phone but did not solve any of my problems as it has now been over twelve hours and I still was unable to receive my prescription after 12 hours. It’s just a simple antibiotic. I’m extremely disappointed in the service and will just go back to going to a walk in clinic. At least I can receive my medicine that way. I completely wasted a work day and now will have to miss another day to go somewhere else. The only reason I am giving two stars instead of one was because how nice the people were, even if their help was useless and a waste of my time.
  • Drop down 4/5

    By mattlaframboise
    Be able to select multiple drop downs for symptoms
  • Horrible services 1/5

    By Lproth
    Customer Service was awful, the charged both me and my insurance carrier and wouldn’t issue a refund. Could not get any answers and the “supervisor” hung up on me after telling me she didn’t have a “supervisor”. I used there services twice and I am still sick. Waste of time and money. I would never recommend these services, the only reason I used them was bc my boss had and it seemed easy. Nothing in life is easy I should’ve know this.
  • Lifesaver 5/5

    By Ted Williams III
    Couldn’t be easier
  • Its forcing you to agree to things that Teladoc says I should not be required to do. 2/5

    By VGN !!
  • Excellent, Easy & Efficienct 5/5

    By Thatss a Noverre
    Once you take the time to input your initial info, the process could not be easier. The doctors I’ve dealt with were wonderful and called in script within minutes. Unbelievably easy
  • Simple 5/5

    By 2Cute2BeStr8
    Sometimes I forget how simple this can be. Glad this service is here
  • Seems good 4/5

    By meow kittensq
    I used it for the first time. Got a doctor right away. I was expecting resistance but he seemed to want to help me. I got my meds like 45 min later only because CVS is slow. I’d definitely use it again. Quick and easy to set up.
  • App is slow 3/5

    By TsApps
    Photo took so long to upload I had to restart and skip the upload so I could get the request through. Will try to upload the photo now—hopefully it will upload.
  • App doesn’t work well 1/5

    By VixenBell
    I’m unable to upload pictures and the help button conveniently doesn’t work. Calling up puts you on hold for ages & their advice is just uninstall & reinstall. I think I’ll just uninstall & leave it at that.
  • Don’t seem to have enough doctors 1/5

    By JJWilson21
    Last few times I’ve tried, there’s been extended wait times - tends to defeat the purpose if you’re waiting an hour anyway
  • Teladoc is saving me a lot of time 4/5

    By Rachel2142
    For common issues teladoc has saved my family so much time and money. The only think I wish maybe it would do is have a message center to be able to text back and forth. I have very demanding kid, so even when I can call sometimes they are being crazy.
  • Pictures upload not working 3/5

    By parkcrane
    Wanted to submit pictures but it hung up the app..
  • Very Quick and Easy 5/5

    By L1V1NG SA1NT
    Had a sinus infection and was able to get a prescription over the phone very quickly. Much much easier than going in to a doctor and waiting all day!
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By Dpann1
    Same amount of waiting as any other medical visit... some nobody from somewhere else giving you medical advice. Go see a professional in person who will feel responsible for the answers they give.
  • Difficult to Navigate 2/5

    By Elaine1234567891011
    Using the app for the first time it was quite confusing. I’d input answers regarding my medical information and then the app would jump to another question before I’d finish answering the current question.
  • Stick to basic stuff 5/5

    By StephandHarry013018
    Called in about hand eczema. I just needed a steroid cream. It took 30 seconds talking to the doctor, $5.00 through my insurance, and that was that. Same day and within minutes of my request. We just moved to the area and I don’t have any doctors. To see a new doctor would take weeks! I have my prescription tonight!!! Love this and can’t rave enough!
  • So not User friendly! 2/5

    By Sonnysretreat
    If you already have a relationship with a doctor (i.e. met previously in person or already requested an appointment through Teladoc and the appointment was cancelled) there’s no way to regain contact with that provider through the app. My doctor’s profile said not receiving new patients however I am not a new patient and now I can’t even reschedule an appointment through Teladoc. Users can’t save their primary providers to easily regain access to contact info again or set up an appointment. Users have to go through the entire list of questions and have to search ALL OVER again for their provider. Trying to be lead a healthy life should not be that stressful.
  • No pictures 1/5

    By Mr.Mojorisin1121
    When I try to upload my pictures the app crashes and just stays on a white screen, it is very annoying.
  • Great 5/5

    By Mss5
  • Terrible terrible terrible 1/5

    By hhshshgshanabs
    Couldn’t get a doc on the phone...finally was able to schedule. He couldn’t connect initially. Than finally we connected. He prescribed me an antibiotic for my sinus infection. 3 hours later pharmacy still had not received the prescription order from the doctor. Spoke with Teladoc they placed my issue in the “escalated” area! I ended up going to primary health anyways. What a joke!!
  • Don’t do it! Waste of money! 1/5

    By kayalamei
    A waste of my money and now I still have to go see a real doctor
  • Quack doctor overseas 1/5

    By LeeannMelton
    I had a horrible experience my first and last time using this. Have a typical sinus infection that I always get once a year around this time. I am not a doctor-going person so of course I wait forever and this seemed ideal. (Know exactly what it is... have a history of it... had of the symptoms) and the doctor gave me a lecture of not using antibiotics and just let it cure itself. I am sure he could see in my medical records I never go to the doctors and have not been prescribed medication in the past. He refused to prescribe even after exchanging multiple messages on the app. I did the virtual waiting room for Doctors Care and had my prescriptions sent right away. It was a much better experience. I will never use Teledoc again.
  • LDaniels 5/5

    By 3355PC
    Doctor was on the phone in two minutes, diagnosed me in 5 minutes. Scripts are called in and on my way to feeling better! All this while watching the Giants game! Thanks Teladoc. Thanks
  • Teacher’s Friend 5/5

    By Germs Be Gone
    Tel a Doc is truly a lifesaver! Teachers can’t always take a day off and doctors’ offices aren’t open weekends. Urgent Care Centers are very expensive. Tel A Doc is a teacher’s friend!
  • No preferred name option, help center non-functional 1/5

    By Daftendirekt
    I've gone by my middle name most of my life, but there doesn't seem to be a way to indicate my name preference. I want to get help with the app, but the help center feature does absolutely nothing. There is no FAQ and no contact option other than by phone.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By bmadrid16
    It’s very convenient, super fast, easy to use and saves you waiting in line to see a doctor and also saves you from taking off what ever you might be doing during the day!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Rickimichaele
    Super convenient! It would normally take me a week or two to get into a primary care. And I can do everything from work with out having to take time off or leave.
  • Great Concept- horrible customer service and prescriptions take forever to get submitted 1/5

    By Rydogg1
    Signed up and forgot my password. Tried doing a password reset. I received an email with a link. After clicking the link, a message pops up saying the link expired. I called and the Lady couldn’t find my account even though I have a user name and email address. She then told me that I had to register and said that it was not the companies fault. 1) company failed to provide a relevant link to reset password 2) long phone call where rep could not find my user name 3) Rep was rude on the phone Companies that fail to give good customer service and make it difficult for others to access their services will ultimately lose business. 1st time with doctor was ok. He said are prescription would be immediate and 6hours later multiple calls with Teladoc, being place on hold for 40 min and still nothing.
  • Great app 5/5

    By FFMed4345
    Awesome way to save money and a trip to doctor
  • Teledoc mobile 5/5

    By king ranch1
    It’s a beautiful thing to be able to be seen by a physician right away and not have to worry about a long line or wait time!! Thanx teledoc mobile Great app
  • Complete joke don’t waist time or $ 1/5

    By soj1013
    Complete joke and criminal to charge patients and bill insurance companies with no intention of actually treating illness. You shouldn’t have to convince a Dr of Illness if symptoms are self explanatory. Dr. Diab didn’t even write up my sons report with an ounce of accuracy. My son had an upper respiratory infection secondary to 8 days of flu and or cold. I explained my son was completely better with no symptoms for one day after the virus ran its course and then next day woke up with upper respiratory/chest cough, green phlegm, hoarseness and another fever. He recommended two additional days out of school with over the counter mucinex and Tylenol. In Dr. Diab’s report of our consult he wrote the reason for my call was for sinusitis and possible ear infection which I didn’t once mention either of those symptoms. Ended up using Walgreens VideoMD and Dr there talked to my son and I both and said he needed an antibiotic.
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By MikeNerren
    I used Teladoc for the first time and found it quick and easy to use. The doctor was thorough and quickly diagnosed a minor illness and prescribed meds.
  • Excellent Health Care Option 5/5

    By Shew Crew
    Teledoc has been an incredible resource for my family of 5! We have saved so much money in copays and I am very grateful for the prompt and professional attention we have always received from the Teledoc medical team. Whether we are at home and prefer not to take our children out late at night or while a 1,000 miles from home on vacation, Teledoc is our first call for help.
  • Fast & really convenient 5/5

    By MandyRobLove
    This app is the best! There is no wait time & a real doctor calls you within minutes! Love it! Definitely highly recommend!!!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By shrlox
    Its good to know the professionals at Teledoc are there for me. The app is Easy to use and the doctors are thorough and easy to talk to, even though I was a little hesitant in the beginning.
  • Registration 4/5

    By BronyPowar
    The only issue I had was putting in my state. I used current location and it didn’t populate. I had to go back thru the registration process.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By No Help 2
    First call the doctor told me what to take. Wanted me to call back in two days to get an antibiotic if not better. Two days later called back because I’m getting worse. Doctor tells me to take another different cold medicine. 7 days now and the only help they have been is telling me to buy cold medicine. No antibiotics needed. My son and wife went through this got better fast with antibiotics. My advice just go to clinic calling Teladoc is a waste of time!
  • Easy 5/5

    By rondahfnp
    Very easy and helpful!
  • Doctors are horrible 3/5

    By Damaso91013
    While the app works great as intended the doctors can be such a pain to work with especially when it’s something needing prescription for all the trouble you might as well go to an doctor. Or one of those medexpress places
  • No docs for immediate consult 1/5

    By Phaseshake
    Tuesday midnight and they are experiencing “higher than normal call volume” . Nice thing is they called after an hour’s wait, but couldn’t they have warned in the app itself or if it’s too much of a problem updating, just called earlier. Terrible XP
  • Rating ZERO (0) - Horrible Service!!! Waste of Time 1/5

    By KraziKeisha
    Dr. On Demand is awesome. I suggest everyone seek medical advise there. I was left on hold for 45 minutes. No doctor ever spoke with me. However, Teladoc took their co-pay. I ended up paying completely out of pocket for my Dr. on Demand visit. It was worth it. I WILL NEVER use Teladoc again.
  • Image 1/5

    By samtarabailey
    I couldn’t upload an image. I tried 3 times.
  • Teledoc 4/5

    By turkeyleg2
    Only qualm is when entering description and details I am not able to go back and see what has been written in its entirety. Could be operator error.
  • Latest visit 5/5

    By Teledoc Ambassador
    Best thing ever!!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Tiasaysso
    Easy to use
  • Love it 5/5

    By alln2012loma
    Love TelaDoc. When offices are closed or while at work (or anywhere) I can speak to / video chat with a doctor and have my records sent to my primary care physician.
  • Save Your Time and Money and avoid this service 1/5

    By jcar0815
    This service is a joke. My mother gave me the same treatment. Sudafed and tea w/honey for sinus infection. What a joke.

Teladoc app comments

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