Tellonym: Honest Q&A, Feedback

Tellonym: Honest Q&A, Feedback

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  • Current Version: 2.52.10
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Callosum Software GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tellonym: Honest Q&A, Feedback App

Tellonym is a simple way to feel closer to your friends. Learn more about them, see what they're talking about and finally hear their honest opinions. How does it work? 1.) Share your profile link with friends 2.) Receive hundreds of honest anonymous messages (Tells) 3.) Create answers on your profile and share them with friends 4.) Follow your friends and join the conversation Your friends are already here. Join now!

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Tellonym: Honest Q&A, Feedback app reviews

  • I need help 5/5

    By sksjebr r
    My notifications are on from this app but the sound won’t work even though it was sound on and each time I receive a notification from tellonym the sound effect won’t work so what should I do????
  • Amazing 5/5

    By #@lo
    I love this app i use it for 2 weeks now perfect
  • The excessive blatant bots 2/5

    I got tells before even posting it on my story, like immediately 5 minutes after I got a tell when I just put it on my bio. The boys are dumb and take up space, it’s not something that makes the app better I don’t wanna scroll through like 20 tells and 6-8 are just bot questions
  • So helpful 5/5

    By D1Jv
    Y’all helped me to find out that my boyfriend was a liar y’all deserve a raise 💕
  • Hear me out please !! 2/5

    By Carleigh Guzman
    Having this app rehear 100% anonymous is very bad because you never know who will see why people are so disrespectful nowadays you need to know who is actually the one who says what we need to update the app where we can see who said what and report the people who were very mean and have them banned from using the app !!!!!!!!
  • one problem: b o t s 1/5

    By p0ngo
    i’ve had this app for not even a week and all i’ve gotten is bot tells. likely gonna uninstall it due to this. please remove the dumb bots from this app, it’s pointless and annoying.
  • Notifications 3/5

    By Xiomairalyz
    5 days ago every time I exit tellonym it says I have 1 notification when I don’t. Please fix this. It’s very annoying.
  • i hate the robots sending me all these tells 1/5

    By httpmochi
    the tells are obviously fake and i deleted the app :))
  • مميز جداً 3/5

    By ❤︎𝕕
    مميز جدا
  • Social media bully 1/5

    By PattiKarp
    This app is just another way to talk crap about someone. It’s a form of bullying. Especially when people call out kids by their whole name to publicly insult them.
  • Please add a Feed 3/5

    By Alex2710
    This is such a fun app and idea, But there should be a Feed for you to easily Tell and get feedback to make new connections. This is the whole reason I downloaded the app, to make new connections not connect with the friends and followers I already have.. Maybe I’m on the wrong app, would be nice too see though!
  • Wrong password? 3/5

    By yunniehgg
    I personally like this app, however, I have more than one account and I cannot log into my old account because supposedly the password is incorrect. I’ve even made a new one and made sure the password was correct however, it kept saying it was incorrect therefore I cannot log into my accounts. Please help??
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By mint pistachio
    This app does nothing but Promotes bullying honestly I made one thinking it was cool until I started getting random death threats and someone even went as far to have my Address just a bunch of toxic mess honestly need to fix it and not have anymore anonymously people
  • Abusive people use this 3/5

    By anghy_cartiere
    All i get is hate from anonymous people and they don’t know how much words hurt
  • Toxic 1/5

    By fan394027
    Please delete this app, I know some people who have cried all night because of tells people send to them
  • Oops Problem 3/5

    By K.Danielle
    I get the message saying I have a tell but every time I open the app it keeps saying it’s a problem and that they’re working on the issue but nothings changed. this happens ever time I open the app
  • Not Secure 1/5

    By Nikkixoxo9
    I deleted the app a month ago and decided to redownload the app, I put in my password and it said it was wrong. So I tried to reset my password using the email set to my account. And I put in that password and it said it was incorrect, when it was correct. I really don’t want to make a third account I know my password this is ridiculous for real. Someone help.
  • Unfortunate? 1/5

    By Adontee
    I was going to see what this was about but the only option to make an account is to use my Apple ID and no thank you, we just met...
  • coo 4/5

    By bunnydacherry
    p cool app i get quite a lot of tells some being hate & ive noticed that when you “block user” if they go through a different app & have the link, they can still send messages. you guys should block the persons IP from the account so they wouldnt be able to view it. its a very easy loophole to get around lol just leavin feedback
  • Love this app 5/5

    By gothiccslvt
    Best app for getting anonymous messages from your followers !!!
  • Tellonym creates fake questions 1/5

    By nbxtn
    Dear Tellonym: If you think that automated asking of generic questions is a good way to keep users “engaged”. No. It is not. I immediately closed my account upon realizing that I’ve basically been interacting with an automaton.
  • can’t even register? 1/5

    By AllDaLadiesLuvLeo
    got an iPhone SE 2020 and the option for registration doesn’t even show up.
  • Help 4/5

    By J0hnnyThM
    For the past like 4 days now it's been saying "Something went wrong. We are already working on a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience." and I don't know what to do. I'm pretty sure I did nothing wrong so idk why this is happening. Overall the app is pretty good but I can't even sign in the app.
  • horrible app, there is no point to it 1/5

    By jfhtsu
    this app is awful. people use it to be mean to others. it rly hurts when a bunch of people say bad things about you but u have no clue who said it. there is no point to the app unless answering random questions from bots or people hating on u anonymously!
  • Suggestions 4/5

    I hope in the next update, Tellonym allows us sign up with 2 or more accounts! I think this will be helpful.
  • Profile Picture 4/5

    By hijacker470
    I’m witnessing an error where when i try to upload a profile picture the app says No Internet Connection but i can remove and take a photo simply with no errors, and by far the app works completely fine with me thanks.
  • It isn’t thriving so user interface isn’t what it could be 2/5

    By BlaZerBlaze92
    It’s flooded with mostly high school kids. Hard to find someone my age range,(27), so I dont feel like a creep. There are not search filters. If you want to switch from anonymous to showing who you are then you have to unfollow and then refollow but then allow it. It’s just annoying. Also, it seems to be a trend that ppl like being asked questions to asking. So a lot of pages jus have the lame generated question from the app.
  • Try it 5/5

    By GallifreyKid
    It’s pretty cool to get thoughts out on.
  • Seriously? 4/5

    By pici roby
    I just hate how everyone can say whatever they want since they remain anonymous , I receive hate all the time which is not surprising anymore. I just keep my head up saying that only someone insecure will be that OBSESSED with me lol.
  • pls get rid of the bot tells 2/5

    By TheeMemes
    They do nothing but annoy many users
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By nonono no.
    I hate it with a passion. My classmates used this to cyber bully me. My friends also had accounts, which were soon filled with hate comments. The first thing people do is take advantage because it is anonymous. Please don’t download it, it will only bring bad things.
  • 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1/5

    By ola plebe
    I don’t get this app
  • Literally just an app for bullying 1/5

    By mandiiyo
    This app needs to be removed. I don’t even use but I have witnessed many people getting bullied on here and it’s just toxic
  • i like it, but it doesn’t show everything. 2/5

    By hejehwken
    Whenever i try to look at my tells i can’t see them. It says i have morw and the number of tells i have goes up, but i can’t see them.
  • Problem 5/5

    By yt99me
    Very good program but in my app there is something wrong i can’t send a messages to anyone when I go to messages I sent I see the message and I sent it (I send it but the person who I send to him not see it ) I talk to many people about that and I try it with my friends I hope you can help me and thanks🙏🏻
  • . 3/5

    By shoppiner
    I think tellonym is a good app I love it and I always use it but what I don’t like is when I put it on snap it’s not neat I can’t explain perfectly but I wish they look after that problem thank you for giving me the chance to write .
  • Great for my discourse account 4/5

    By MeowMeow5000
    I run a discourse account on Instagram and this app is pretty good for people to ask questions without me having to go like “UWU Q&A TIME BOYS. The only issue is that it’s very easily abused by people who don’t agree with you... but other than that it’s pretty easy to use and I like it!
  • Great app 5/5

    By HTA2004
    The app gives you options to remain anonymous and to not answer questions if you don’t want. Me and my friends have been using it to learn more about each other without asking in person.
  • Fun idea, but... 2/5

    By Lukedasambodie
    It’s a really convenient way of receiving an anonymous messages. However the fact that some messages are auto-generated by the app is so deceitful and insidious. It undermines the point of getting honest feedback and questions from my followers. If the app did not have that “feature” I would have given it five stars, but unfortunately it does.
  • Please keep this in mind 4/5

    By Mu5icsam
    This is a great app. I really do enjoy using this app because I can ask my friends questions without them knowing that it’s me asking. But after a while, I started getting some tells that contained some personal information that are very sensitive. Then a week later my friend started to get some tells saying things like “go kill yourself, no one cares about you” and “I heard you tried to hang yourself before. To bad it failed.” My friend, already being suicidal, started to believe these negative comments and has since began to question her existence. I am trying my best to help her, but these negative tells just coming in and it’s making it hard to convince her that she is wanted and that people do love and care for her. Please use caution while using this app.
  • Ahhhhhhh 3/5

    By f***** l********
    So many unimportant notifications while I’m trying to sleep!!!!!!!!
  • Has potential, but is poorly executed 1/5

    By Belle.Cosplay
    I got this app because like a lot of other people on social media, I wanted a place where my followers/friends could ask me questions without me having to answer DMs. I was indifferent about it at first, but now over time my dislike for the app has only grown. I have two main points as to why this is. 1. Bots. You get 1-2 tells every day or so and my first thought was “cool people actually wanna ask questions” but then I noticed there was a lot of extremely generic or repetitive questions that had nothing to do with what I post on any social media and wouldn’t relate to anything my friends might ask. One example is “what’s your opinion on *singer/band*” and it would be worded the exact same way but with a different name like Arianna Grande or Rihanna. I get the point is to make people feel special since they are actually getting tells, but it’s so painfully obvious that the questions aren’t bots that it does the exact opposite. I and many other people have this app to get their friends/followers to send them questions, not bots. 2. There is basically no moderation or management of any sort. Because everything is anonymous it’s the perfect place for bullies and creeps to go without any negative repercussions. I’ve seen so many people being bullied using this app and tellonym does nothing about it. You can either delete the tell or answer it. You can also block the sender, but there’s no way to report anyone. As I said a lot of people also use it to be creeps, I and several of my friends have received completely inappropriate tells and once again we can’t report the person who sent it, only delete the tell and block the sender. This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if tellonym actually had things in place to stop this. First as I mentioned should be a way to report people to get their account banned (though I know you don’t have to be registered in order to send a tell, which I think is dumb because it allows crap like this to happen). And second there should be some sort of filter to put tells under review with certain words or phrases before they are shown to the receiver. I know that people will find ways to get around this filter by spelling things wrong or using different characters that look similar, but it’s at least a start. I am pretty certain there is no sort of filter after seeing some of the things my friends have received. Overall, the general idea of the app is fun. But it is so poorly executed that it’s not worth the space it takes up on your phone. (And can’t forget that if you have notifications on they send you a bunch of pointless notifications with no way to manage notification settings, but that’s just a little nitpick I have).
  • App crashes on launch. 1/5

    By gunguy831
    The app use to work fine until a few days ago. Now it just quite literally is unusable.
  • it’s okay. 3/5

    By maddie_bts.
    i like this app a lot but it’s not letting me send tells you people??? like i can get tells and answering them but i cant send people tells and i don’t know what to do. i’d give it five because it is a good app but this bug is beyond annoying.
  • Can't even create an account?? 1/5

    By Sassyandfifi
    It only gives me the option to login which makes zero sense wtaf
  • Bruh 3/5

    By 🗿shit
    I use it to troll friends lol it ollroit
  • QUESTION: 5/5

    By #1WEEB
    Can you stay anonymous of this app
  • Very, very slow 3/5

    By olive7177
    This app used to be great, and it still is for the most part but it’s so slow that it’s nearly unusable. the buttons don’t work half the time, and it takes at least a second to type each letter. There are also a lot of bot-generated questions which are meant to make sure you’re still using the app, but they get very annoying.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Traceq8
    Love this app

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