Tender: Creature Comforts

Tender: Creature Comforts

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  • Current Version: 1.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Kenny Sun
  • Compatibility: Android
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324 Ratings
$ 3.99

Tender: Creature Comforts App

Tender is a narrative game that explores connection and rejection in the era of swipe culture. It’s a story told by and through the modern interface for finding love. - Swipe through hundreds of intergalactic profiles - Chat with your matches and hope the sparks fly - Schedule dates in your calendar and play them out in real time - Unfold a vast array of branching storylines CW: Toxic relationships Written by Gideon Lazarus Art by Jie En Lee Programmed by Kenny Sun

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Tender: Creature Comforts app reviews

  • Love the game BUT... 3/5

    By kjrybolt
    I can't seem to find one decent date....date goes well find out they used me. Talk to them they say rude things and don't ever talk again. It is more failing then anything else...I would love to match with 1 person out of the 10 I've talk to but nothing...almost like it's a set for failure game...but I'd also love it get deeper with what happens in the bedroom...just saying. 🙃
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By Aaron of FT
    Certain dialogue options get stuck and don’t give you the option to respond. Different from an unmatch. Text box to respond won’t even open.
  • Great except for date scheduling 4/5

    By mporz
    I love this game, except for the fact that you can’t schedule dates in the morning. I would like that because that’s when I’m free and alone- otherwise I’ll be either working or spending time with loved ones. I understand that it wants to be immersive but I can’t prioritize a video game in my schedule over my real life commitments.
  • Great Concept, Poor bugs 2/5

    By Helwinki
    This is a very cute game with fun and memorable characters (as least the ones I’ve been able to talk to) and I really wanted to like it, but unfortunately, every other day the game will restart itself, delete everything and everyone I’ve talked to, and make me remake a profile and play the tutorial over again. This is a really great game! And I’d say if you get it and have no bugs than it could be well worth the money, as is, it is unplayable for me. I just wish it worked better.
  • Cute dating game 5/5

    By MarLeneRX
    The dating progress is so real, each character has very distinct personalities and conversations. I really like the art style of the game. Love Jackie. Hoping for further DLCs!!
  • Why are they so mean??? 3/5

    By Chillxmint666
    Why would you make a dating game that is supposed to be romantic and fun and comforting and make all the characters mean and break your heart no matter how hard you try and what answers you pick 💔 I didn’t pay money to have my feelings played with otherwise this is a 10/10 game but fix your stories make second dates and stop taking me out of the experience with getting turned down after every day I play these games to feel warm and fuzzy but this just makes me sad and feel unloveable😭 why would you do that to people🥺
  • Lovely game 5/5

    By SammehD
    I downloaded this on a whim while looking at new games, and I’m so happy I did. This doesn’t play like any other dating sim I’ve played, there’s a wide variety of characters with great art, and the conversations almost feel like you’re talking to another person. I’d love to see DLC for it in the future. There’s one small issue I ran into and I left the match going in case it’s intentional, but I’ve been unable to respond to Nia for the past four days. She asked me a question after the wall of text but it doesn’t signal that it’s my turn or let me type.
  • Absolutely genius narrative game 5/5

    By The Riddlemancer
    I’m still in the middle of my playthrough, but it’s been several days, and I’m dying to write about this. Tender is a refreshingly honest look at online dating. While most everyone in the game is a fictional alien, the storyline itself feels so real and human. I don’t want to spoil too much since I feel it’s a game best experienced blind, but Tender does an amazing job at taking advantage of the medium to bring its world to life. It’s painful and raw and hilarious all at once, and I think that’s what makes it such a great experience. I can’t recommend this game enough.
  • As real as it gets 5/5

    By Carl in Oakland
    While I haven’t finished it yet it reminds me so much of the personalities encountered in hookup/dating apps. Whether you’re just getting started with Tinder, OK Cupid, or whatever floats your boat, I highly recommend this game.
  • Fantastic. Hoping for future dlc? 5/5

    By Yellowflowerbwr
    This game is like a cross between a choose your own adventure story (for anyone who is old enough to remember those haha) and a dating app. The choices feel like they matter, and often they do. There are a lot of funny, interesting, and just really great stories. If you’ve had awkward dating experiences, this will probably sometimes hit you right in the feels. It’s really refreshing to find a game with a great story, cool art, and no micro transactions. Having said that, I would really love to see a sequel or some dlc/expansion content in the future.
  • Unique but slow 4/5

    By MikaTheOtaku707
    My initial response to this game was that I thought it was too slow, I’ve changed my opinion on it after playing it for a lot longer. I really like the aesthetic and the calming music that plays while you’re on a date. It’s enjoyable to see the different personalities that you’ll encounter. I wish you could go on a few more dates with the same person but I understand that it’s meant to be a short and sweet game. The game feels gentle and sensitive in a way. My only slight gripe is that I sometimes felt like my character had didn’t have a personality. Besides that I enjoyed it for its price
  • is it possible to get a match?? 3/5

    By daddydeet
    i’ve been playing for a while. I’m trying to get a date with Guy but everytime he asks me to do the human thing he denies me bc i have no idea what to say. I’ve clicked every option but it always ends in him denying me. Can you ever actually even date some characters?
  • Kinda a steal for the price 5/5

    By Concerned costumer
    The few things I would say I maybe don't like are the amount of profiles without pictures, it's hard to tell if those are supposed to be just dud accounts or if they'll be filled in later or what. If you're someone who forgets things or has a unstable schedule the dates can be easy to miss sometimes too. I think that's kinda it. Oh, I also don't like that George always unmatchs bc I love the over detailed ramblings and I want him to stay :'( The pacing is slow but I think it really adds to the story in the sense of giving the app a realistic feel to it. I also like how characters are a mixed bag, some are pretty much dead ends or the conversation can't go anywhere. Not only is this also realistic, but those interactions can be just as fun and entertaining as the gems you find on the app. There's also a high replayability, I've replayed a couple times now and you can not only go after different people but also play around with different conversations and see how responses might change. Looking forward to how they may add to this game in the future, but right now it's def worth the price for an entertaining story and endearing characters.
  • Dating Sim for sensitive people 5/5

    By Ebonyglider
    I love this game. I love it. It’s very similar to using an actual dating app: conversations that go nowhere, the nervousness of not wanting to look too eager but not too indifferent, saying the wrong thing and getting the cold shoulder, and the red flags for potential bad dates. The developer really did their research for this one. Much like real life dating it can be very slow, and you can choose to fill your week up with dates or spread them further out to get more conversations. My first play through took me over a week to “win”, and that was fine by me because I actually enjoyed talking to a lot of the aliens even if it didn’t end in a date. Playing now for the second time and very excited to see who I’ll end up with ☺️
  • Fun & different! 4/5

    By ceexeelee
    I really really enjoyed this game overall. The characters and storylines were really fun and unique. The game time is a bit slow, but I did not mind it too much, especially since you start over onde you max at 10 dates. I do wish there was more dialogue or storylines after the dates and I wish things made more sense. Saying the wrong thing can cause someone to unmatch you instantly, but I guess that’s real life. I really didn’t like how even the good dates, didn't and well and never went anywhere. I know it’s the game but definitely a bummer each time. I know this game is brand new and there’s already so much potential. I’m looking forward to future updates!
  • Nice, but buggy 3/5

    By Notasmokealarm
    Cute game overall. I like the creatures, and seeing their personalities. But here’s the bug: I’ve been asked for a 2nd date by Daniel, but the game won’t accept my answer. I say yes, but the dialogue then resets. He asks me for a 2nd date again, and again I say yes, and again it resets. Can you guys please do a bug fix for this game?
  • I so wanted to love this game 2/5

    By rory plays
    I love this game. But the progress doesn’t save and every time I open the game it starts over? Or it starts from a certain spot and tells me I’ve missed dates
  • Funny 5/5

    By Crayola TM
  • mika haunts my dreams 🌀 5/5

    By Ricardeux
    not sure what i expected but was pleasantly surprised!! the illustrations and stories are so good ✴️at first it does feel a bit limited with the amount of creatures, especially if you swipe left on the ones you don’t like, but that incentivizes you to swipe right on more of them to see what each of them is about. love that you can keep replaying it so easily, and the new save slots can let you see what alternate options will do quickly. overall, v cute and surprisingly emotional!! ❇️
  • A Joy 5/5

    By jcallahan126
    In a year with Persona Strikers, Resident Evil 8, Hitman 3, and more, I am beyond surprised that my favorite game of 2021 so far is this cute mobile dating game. Made me realize how much apps like Tinder or OkCupid can hit those dopamine highs. This game is so unbelievably charming, I love exploring and getting to know all of these characters, some who are great, some who are downright rude, one who ate me. I do wonder, I imagine it’s not possible to get a second date with every character, I do wonder how many you can actually progress with? I’ve had a lot of first dates that felt like they went really well, but the only one I’ve gotten a second date with is my Ex. Overall though it’s still a charming little game, well worth the $3. Hope it continues to get updated and more peeps get added. Great job to the team!
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By You'llnevertakemealivecoppers
    It feels like I'm actually talking to someone, very well written.
  • Had fun, but... (spoilers, potentially) 4/5

    By Salemsdead
    The game is fun, it's cute, the art is appealing, and it was nice to be able to play in short bursts rather than having to spend all my time on it. Also inclusive dating games are essentially nonexistent. They're ALL aimed at women, even if they say they aren't. So bonus points for that. I enjoyed playing it, and I'm currently running through it a second time. My only real issues with it are the fact that the only two dudes who might be considered "my type" (motorcycles, tough types) are both kind of gross from all that I was able to see. One of them is high-key abusive right out of the gate. I'm not really keen on that stereotype, when that's all we see represented. And there are two polyamorous options. One of which is without the other partner's knowledge (so.. not actually polyam), and the other is a dysfunctional relationship. That's also a kind of obnoxious stereotype about polyamorous relationships. Yeah, sure, you probably run into a lot of that on dating apps. But it was disappointing in a game. It would also be nice to know the gender of the characters before you go on a date with them lol. I don't mind dating in-game outside of my irl preferences, but it was weird to find out a character I assumed was a guy was actually a woman. Or one of the first characters I met was referred with with neutral pronouns, but I would have assumed they were male.
  • an absolute delight 5/5

    By violetsquid
    I’m currently on my second “playthrough,” choosing new people to date this time. I really, truly love this game. The conversations feel so true to life and the weird, quirky characters are so fun to discover. Please consider purchasing this and supporting the creators - it’s worth it.
  • Good game :-) 5/5

    By evaevalyn
    For the price it’s really great. The pace is steady, and the real-time aspect made it engaging. And there are a LOT of characters to meet. The art is also amazing!
  • fun game!! 4/5

    By Eyecolorings
    i’m really enjoying this game!! the characters are all interesting and realistic, and i love the stylization options for the text. one of the main things i would like to be added to the game are pronouns or something along those lines because i didn’t realize i’d been using the wrong pronouns for someone until we had our date. tysm!!
  • love it 4/5

    By AutumnT00
    this game will hurt ur feelings, i’m never telling a girl named penny “penny for yr thoughts” again, 10/10 realism edit: i do wanna say that while this game is cute and so well written, it goes by so slowly... barely anybody “swipes back” on me, people take hours to respond if they do swipe back, and then i say one wrong thing and the character cold shoulders me :/ feels like it’s hard to progress in the game and i wish the cooldown for swiping was significantly shorter
  • Great but there’s a bug 5/5

    By Dashicra1
    Hello! I’m just writing to let you know that I love it so far, but I’m stuck with Jackie’s profile. No matter which option I select, it refuses to move forward with the dialogue. I get a response from Jackie and then I’m prompted to go through the same dialogue choice again. I can leave the conversation, but it still says it’s my turn to respond. It’s happened twice now and it’s kind of frustrating. I’ve tried closing out of the app, but I don’t want to delete and redownload in case I lose all my scheduled dates and other matches. Thanks!
  • A cute VN for people (like me) who aren’t big VN fans 5/5

    By brianlovesyou623
    Tender is a cute and creative dating sim VN where you date fellow-millennial monsters through a dating app. The gameplay is similar to real life Tinder: swipe left or right on the profiles and communicate with those you match with. The game takes place over a number of days where people respond in an amount of time based on their respective personality. For some, that might inspire impatience and frustration, but for those coming at it from a more casual perspective, it’s a nice relaxing pace that rewards you being selective about who you match with. But all of that is available in screenshots and other reviews so I’ll answer one question that you may still have: “is Tender worth the 2.99 USD price point?” Yes, and it’s worth even more to me. There are no ads or locked paths, not to mention plenty of replay-ability to boot. I would have gladly shelled out 5 bucks for this and still have been absolutely delighted. If you’re on the fence because it’s a premium game, please take a chance and support these artists’ work.
  • the pace isn’t the issue here 1/5

    By Kahler07
    this game is not worth $3, regardless of the slow pace lol
  • This reminded me of how soul sucking dating apps are. 5/5

    By Potkas
    The game is wonderful and well written which is a good and bad thing. I met my girlfriend on a dating app ages ago and this game instantly reminded me of all the highs and lows that come from swiping. That alone makes this game a must play. My only gripe is that it can be a bit slow with the story and there are many profiles missing art.
  • i don’t mind the pace! 5/5

    By 0valencia
    i was disappointed by the pace at first, but quickly started to appreciate it! i find it really refreshing to play a real-time game that only has a few minutes of content at a time. since it’s already premium, they aren’t trying to waste your time or guilt you into more purchases. i haven’t exactly found love or even more than a first date yet, so i’m curious about how in-depth the storylines go. but even if it’s not much further, i’ve definitely gotten my $3 out of it just from sending screenshots to my friends (of me getting rejected LOL remy’s meme hits too close to home). the art style and general interface is very charming! great work devs and designers!!! the only thing that feels like a missed opportunity is the profile creation. i get having limited quotes (if they’re used for matches?) but for the picture, it would’ve been real fun to have more options or picrew-style customization!
  • Too real 5/5

    By Radstronomical
    Great writing, really wonderful design. I have to say I am taking a break because it gives me real social and dating anxiety lol but I really love it
  • My issue.. 3/5

    By Jmoon_10513
    I accidentally pre-ordered this game but decided to give it a chance. The game, I found, has cool potential but honestly is almost like it’s rigged to ruin all your matches. IF you can even get a match the character either doesn’t want to date you OR they unmatch you because the response options you’re given are vague and uninterested in the matched character. You aren’t given an opportunity for MC to actually act like they want to talk. It falls short.
  • Great and weird 5/5

    By Msizzyx
    Beautiful illustrations, feels strangely like real dating :)
  • I WAS EATEN 5/5

    By hello555679
    This game is the best sim I have ever played. You really won’t regret it. Ever. I really didn’t think you would eat me. gg
  • i really love it! I hope it continues to be updated 5/5

    By guayabaultra
    this is a very sweet game! i really enjoy the design of it it feels very fresh & the art is beautiful! i wish there were ways to learn about the planet & more descriptions/profile pics. I hope the game continues to be updated cuz it’s such a gem very very nice!
  • I pre-ordered and I'm happy I did 5/5

    By KarmicCarcass
    I had pre-ordered this game a while back, then totally forgot about it. When I got the notification, I was so excited! The game is a perfect "in the background" activity. I get bored of mobile games pretty quickly, so it's nice that they limit how many likes you can divvy out at once. Otherwise, I'd just keep swiping like mad and end up burning myself out. I'm excited to see where the game goes from here! I'm hoping for new partners and new artwork. Keep up the good work!
  • Cute! 5/5

    By chocolatspice
    It’s really overall cute and I love the concept! I do have one little complaint— Maybe for future reference there could be an ‘online’ status to let us know so it doesn’t feel like we’ve messed up a conversation or an indication in chats to let us know if the conversation will no longer happen? Sometimes I do feel as though that can happen as I always feel as if I can choose the wrong ‘answers’, especially after Guy who wanted me to do the “earthling thing” :/
  • Amazing art and fun mechanics 5/5

    By urkel789
    The artwork for each of the characters are so original and everyone one of them is filled with delightful details. Love the creativity behind this game!
  • Lots of love (and cringe!) 5/5

    By Taako's taco (what's cheese?)
    The design of this app is so appealing and yummy, stunning art work, cute interface, and absolutely on point dialogue (sometimes to a capital E on cringe). My only wish would be for things to progress a little faster in game (even with my experience of online dating apps, the game feels a tad slow). Nevertheless it’s an absolute gem, check it out!!!
  • Takes them forever to respond 5/5

    By Maiya🤤
    I love love love this interactive game, I just wish they texted back a little faster maybe like and hour later. Instead it takes 2-4 hrs.
  • Super fun! 5/5

    By MargeSails
    This is a beautifully designed storytelling app. I love that it is literally set in another world, allowing you to transport yourself casually. The artwork is gorgeous and silly. I hope this continues to grow. Very cool.
  • a bit of a slow burn 4/5

    By mads518
    I’ve had this game for over 24 hours now and I’ve only gotten 3 matches - it also limits how many swipes you get to like 8 or so every 5 hours. it’s definitely not a fast-paced game and even though it’s in ‘real time’ it moves a heck of a lot slower than real dating apps 😛 all that being said, the idea is so unique and I love the personality and detail that clearly went into creating this. my only complaint is that it moves too slow - if I only get a couple messages exchanged per day, this game will probably lose my attention pretty fast. I’d rather it happen quicker and be over earlier than to have it so drawn out and slow. still love it, thanks for creating such a unique game!!!
  • Awesome game! 5/5

    By 123abcnorway
    Super easy to use, adorable illustrations, and engaging writing. Download it!
  • Really cute 5/5

    By prince.ladle6
    It’s a really cute and fun game if you feel bored or just lonely it helps feel like you have someone to talk to in a way
  • Like it 5/5

    By Dreamboat3620
    Please please make it shorter for likes and messages ? I mean , If you pay $3 for it then it shouldn’t feel like forever. Some things need better features. Please continue to think more on this concept and update it in the future. Overall , love it!!!!!!
  • So cute!!!!!! 5/5

    By Lucieem
    This game is so lovely, it’s a marvelously well written exploration into intimacy in modern times paired with stunning artwork
  • Very innovative 5/5

    By +Archer+
    The real-time element to the game was an interesting and pleasant surprise. It makes the game feel much more realistic, almost as if I’m meeting with and talking to real people. All of the character profiles are unique as well — nothing feels like it comes from a list of descriptions like so many other games with multiple NPCs. Really well made! Some suggestions for future development: more descriptor and profile picture options for the player’s profile, activities to do while waiting (mini games? ways to explore the town?).
  • Great for fulfilling loneliness 5/5

    By koala0201
    Creative app and useful for singles AND couples :) I love it