Tennis Clash: Online League

Tennis Clash: Online League

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  • Current Version: 1.30.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Wildlife Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tennis Clash: Online League App

Are you a sports fan? Perhaps a tennis aficionado? Then you've found the definitive tennis experience on mobile you've been looking for! Tennis Clash is a fast paced tennis game that fits all ages! Controls are really simple and intuitive, you only need to swipe in order to play, leaving you able to even play it with only one hand if you want to. But don't mistake it for being only a casual game! High tier gameplay can get really complex and becoming the best will require a lot of practice in order to master the game. Tennis Clash Features: - Play with your friends in fun real-time matches - Amazing next-gen graphics - Intuitive controls that are easy to learn, but hard to master - Enter real-time tournaments to challenge your skill against the best! - Unlock amateur, semi-pro and pro tennis players - Assemble the best available team: choose the best coach and fitness trainer for your squad! - Unlock new arenas: Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Moscow and much more! Links to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found below. Privacy Policy: Terms of use:

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Tennis Clash: Online League app reviews

  • NOT REAL 1/5

    By mdevriesw
    Is like a fake tennis the movement are fake and the rivals are not at the same level sometimes very difficult or very easy
  • Desinstalación 1/5

    By gancp
    El juego era medio bueno, pero con sus ultimas actualizaciones no vale jugarlo, busquen otra alternativa más amigable, es muy complicado, actualice muchas cartas y ahora no las puedo utilizar a menos de que tenga mucho dinero para jugar los grandes torneos y ahora mis atributos no son funcionales en los torneos normales, mejor dicho, desinstalando juego!
  • Money Grab! 1/5

    By JisGQ
    Still such a money grab game!!!
  • Used to be fun, but is now ruined! 1/5

    By EEK47
    Another app update and server update (May 13, 2020), but I am experiencing the same problems. I appreciate all the updates attempting to make things better, but even after the latest update, play is still jerky sometimes, and ball physics is still weird. It sure takes a lot of the fun out of playing when you are fighting the app instead of your opponent. The previous update (May 7) REALLY broke things in a big way. I have forfeited the entrance fee for two matches in a row because the ball froze in mid-air for many minutes until I gave up and restarted the app. Also, I spent real money tailoring my players, and then you change the way it works so I can't use the skills I bought. It's robbery! The server is usually doing better now, but the physics is still sometimes ridiculous. The ball will bounce twice in the opponent's court, yet he is still able to return it! Sometimes the ball will freeze in midair until the opponent can cross the court to hit it, or until one of us exits the game. There are way too many server lags. They even can cause you to lose a match where you are way ahead. Your screen can freeze and, once it unfreezes, you find you have already lost the match! I think I'll give it a rest, and come back from time to time to see if it has gotten better.
  • No response on restoring progress 1/5

    By fix this 456
    Spent over $300 over 6 mos. upgrading my player, game glitched and was stuck so I deleted and re-uploaded app which, in all my other games allows or defaults to prior progress. Tennis clash stuck me with the beginning player. Been texting “customer service” for week with no response. Then get a robo-message about some other glitch saying they want to make sure everything’s taken care of and everyone feels as though “they’ve got our backs”. Lame. Back not covered, progress not restored, going on week 2!
  • frustrating and too difficult to upgrade cards and characters 1/5

    By mizue2
    Game is good, but they make it too difficult to upgrade characters. You have to win games to get upgrades, but it is difficult to win without the upgrades. And you can’t win the games if you can’t upgrade your character.. catch 22. Trying something else for a little while and the. Will come back to this..maybe they fix some more of this glitches
  • Cheaters 1/5

    By terryledful
    There are cheaters on this game! Don’t know how they do it but they do! I’m dissatisfied and may delete the game and recommend others do also!!!! Baddddd!!!!!!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By ericm2031
    The matchmaking needs help. Putting impossible matchups together is fun for nobody and just awards a lot of money to those who already have it. Also need to somehow find a way so people can’t just charge the net and volley the whole time...that isn’t indicative of real tennis and requires no skill in this game.
  • Improving 3/5

    By sfsurfco
    UPDATE 3: I’ve noticed matches are more fair now and I’ve updated my review from one to three stars and if they continue matching me up with opponents of similar attributes I’m improving the app’s score. UPDATE 2: It opens now but the game’s still rigged with bots and horribly mismatched games. I loathe the caps they put on for lower tier matches. It’s that difficult for the developers to match two players with similar attributes instead of rigging it so people maybe short term spend money but long term hate and abandon the game? UPDATE 1: It won’t even open now, it says “Connection Error” despite my strong internet and others are posting similar reviews. I’m not spending any more of my money on this rigged game. I rarely play others that have similar attributes to begin with but now I’d say of the previous 100 matches I’ve played 98 of my opponents have stronger forehands and stronger serves which are easily the two most important attributes of this game so my point is the developers rig it instead of simply pairing players with similar attributes and I’m guessing it’s so they keep spending more money for improvements. I regret wasting my money on this game and if the matchups ever become fair and even I would consider revising this review.
  • Deleting 1/5

    By Vanessa_nj
    Like countless other reviews say...It’s pointless when the matching algorithm is so screwed.
  • Horrible Game DO NOT DOWNLOAD 1/5

    By ohspongebob
    In the game they set you up with players that are 3 times better than you and you can never win. And as hard as you hit the ball it still goes slow. Even when I am better than the person I’m playing I still always lose. Don’t download this game. Just play real tennis.
  • Throttled down 3/5

    By Malleyb9999
    The want you to play and buy new items but you don’t get to use them anymore.....???? They throttled down performance for doing what is right....???? Not wanting to play anymore...!!! Stupid update...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Faulty app 1/5

    By trekric
    Doesn’t work all that well.
  • Crappy game 1/5

    By Ayanww
    There’s no you can win this game without spending money. The way it is setup to win if you spend money....
  • Not fair 1/5

    By momngfdry
    Not fair game you have to pay to win
  • $$$$$$$ 3/5

    By SIS 6.7
    I don’t really have anything bad to say about this game other than it will cost you a metric [email protected] ton to keep up with everyone else and take advantage of the upgrades. Extremely fun and addictive but if you don’t have deep pockets as far as game apps go, then you won’t be playing very often as you will run out of money right away and gems are like Bigfoot sightings unless you buy them. $$$$$.
  • Used to be fun until the last update 1/5

    By Madaoorap
    This was a great game. Then you nerds screwed it up. See ya!
  • Inconsistent 3/5

    By BroncoFrank
    Fun but very frustrating. Inconsistent
  • No fun 1/5

    By LexyLume
    I can’t beat any of these matches because it keeps glitching and letting my opponent win! Every time I play a match I would try to move my charather but he would not move I enjoy the game only when I am in practice mode. I have only won a match 2 times in the tours because the game keeps glitching. I can’t enjoy a game if the game won’t let me play I give this 1 star out of five
  • Something is very yucky about the matching system 2/5

    By mattjak28
    Like so many people, I really enjoy this game but there are some very... troublesome patterns of deception when it comes to matching players. You definitely get the sense there are very money-hungry people calling the shots. Could be awesome, but the system is definitely rigged to make you pay...and then lose... and then pay... and then lose...
  • El mejor 5/5

    By antonio collection
    El mejor
  • Non-existent tech support and a money pit. 1/5

    By danterich
    I was pretty ambivalent about this game one-way or the other until The recent server crash erased a character I had at least $300 sunk into. Thinking about all the inconsistency I tolerated on their end makes me want feel like this is more a long conversation than a game. It’s been nearly a week since my technical support ticket and the only communication from these grifters is the incessant notifications (they must be on for whenever they get to me) level one is waiting. Worse than worthless
  • Completely big money pay to play 1/5

    By j bleeezy
    This game is ridiculously expensive to play. Even amounts like $15 aren’t enough to get out of the first levels. Beating a better stat player is not possible unless they are horrible. DO NOT PLAY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SPEND $100
  • Could be fun, but just frustrating! 1/5

    By Lowey957
    If they did not set you up to lose so you would spend more money to upgrade, it would be a fun game. But you lose to players with less skill. Your player slows down and doesn’t get to balls all of a sudden, or EVERY single ball you hit goes out no matter how you swipe the screen. It’s all about upgrades and losing bots. Too bad, it could be fun if based on skill and consistency.
  • Problems with bullseye challenge 4/5

    By innerGfitness
    — a glitch is not allowing to start challenge even after reinstall I have screen shot showing “couldn’t start challenge” After server down time and end of Italian event, I no longer see the entry ticket I paid for to the bullseye challenge. Please refund purchase.
  • Down again!!! 1/5

    By Keokejh dhuerij
    It is down again since less than a week!!!
  • Please fix the errors 3/5

    By MarcR_WTF
    This is a fun and realistic game. There are times that you face opponents that are way too advanced and you get your butt handed to you but that is also realistic. Sometimes it’s the other way around. The game would easily be a 5 if not for the errors. There have been 2 in the last week.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Jawline redux
    Overall the gameplay is fun but there are a few things making it hard to play. 1. Bugs and crashing. This happens most when searching for an opponent. 9 times out of 10 I’m either being redirected to the home screen or the app crashes. 2. Too many prizes. Just keep it simple with coins and gear. 3. Mismatched opponents. Lots of opponents are beyond my skill level and impossible to beat.
  • Bad game 2/5

    By josekqkkqkq
    Full of mistakes and bugs all the time. Updated and then again more bugs, and bugs
  • Not working 4/5

    By Army brat 26
    It doesn’t seem to be working since the game was updated
  • Could be fun but 1/5

    By Scbucki
    Poor matchmaking - should match players with similar abilities. Serve - no way to improve it by adding attributes. Way too expensive to upgrade attributes! All you want is money! What is wrong with you people - this is the second day in a week that the game won’t open! You need new techs!!!
  • Fix your stamina, character rating, And movement issue 2/5

    By Oopy222
    This game honestly use to be great but unfortunately after releasing several updates the movement is ridiculous as you literally can’t even move when you still have lots of stamina. You move like a turtle and can not even return any of the balls. Especially during tiebreaks your character will just get ACED back to back because your character won’t move. Before the updates you can move only until ur stamina is completed depleted which is fine. Character ratings also are still unbalanced and whenever I play certain tournaments the characters I face have unbelievable stats which is unfair. Please fix this because these issues only make the game worse to play.
  • New update 1/5

    By caseman97
    Latest update is a joke my game can barely even load and won’t start a match or any of the challenge games
  • The game keep on crashing 1/5

    By Lady 1 Bahama
    The game is giving me problems again it’s not working I play in a minute and doing these buttons and it’s not working even when you have to play the free bull’s-eye give me a free for today it’s not WORKING, and it wouldn’t go through you need to do some thing with this game you when ya in a GAME it show no WIFI, I have Internet on no apps open and it is still show no WIFI its off-line or no Internet connection but? But I go to other apps on my iPat and everything else is working what’s wrong with this GAME Sir or Madame pleas updated it or fix it thanks
  • Terrible At First But... 4/5

    By J_Moz
    So how the game works is you will only really be able to properly compete once you increase your stats...sometimes even when playing on the first level. I was so frustrated with players on the first stage with stats sooo much higher than mine it was impossible to win. Sure enough I was winning here and there and slowly increasing my stats by winning and getting certain cards and coins through the bags. Once you are able to increase your stats, the game becomes more enjoyable and you actually start having fun.
  • Stupid update 1/5

    By Jian_Piano
    After the update, this game has been changed only for those ppl whom play with serve skill! It means my previous money is meaningless, cause I spent them on baseline! The develop group is stupid, and good luck to you! Bye!
  • The Best Worst of Tennis! 1/5

    By Fadingpro7890
    The design and mechanics of the game are phenomenal. However, it’s the most frustrating game I’ve ever played. Once you’ve earned some decent player attributes; good luck! If you’re not willing to spend money on this app, you’ll never be able to compete. I refuse to give these developers any money with this game. You should be able to play for fun and compete fairly. The matchup system is one of the worst I’ve ever played. Just because you trophy’s are equal it’s doesn’t take into account each players attributes and skills. Completely unfair. I’m not gonna buy more coins only to lose them and fill your bank accounts. It’s sad the #1 tennis game is ruined because of their money hungry ways. Good luck!
  • Fun Game But... 1/5

    By Bk6475
    Fun game but is filled with cheating groups/clans that manipulate tournaments and league play so that them and their clans can win all the top prizes. Tennis Clash developers refuse to acknowledge or handle this situation. If you just want to play with no desire to progress and compete in these tournaments then you might enjoy it. If you’re competitive and would like to win in these tournaments or at least have a chance in them then I recommend you stay away from this game.
  • Its fine I guess 2/5

    By TheSaberWolf
    You should be set up with people equal to your skill not to people that spend hundreds of dollars to have the best equipment because the match becomes one sided and nearly impossible to level up and progress farther in the game.for the sake of sanity i wouldn’t recommend to my friends
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By deb192837465
    Fun for first day or so. Then they match you with players with souped up power to the point that you lose all your money and get extremely frustrated. There’s no way to win. I would think this means less game play metrics for the developers - which is stupid. You’ll lose players. The fact that I’m playing characters that I even haven’t unlocked is indicative of how unbalanced the matchups are. I lost over 10 matches in a row. Then I get served ads to pay for points and coins. What a messed up algorithm. They’re making you lose so you’ll pay.
  • Its a fake competition ,dont waste your time 1/5

    By mojtabacxc
    Its a fake competition. Its cheating app and just want your money to bring you up and make you win in fake competition. They manage and engineering the points in the game. And your ball never bounce just by your hit in the your recognized direction Its just not my opinion. Read the other comments and if you have a lot of free time you can play and understand. In game making when the game find an opponent that is very stronger than you. You never have a chance to win Its not all. When the game find an opponent that very weaker than you again you are the looser for no realistic reason.becuse your weak opponent choise a strong string. You are be down. Its crazy and foolishly. When you spend a lot of diamonds to can be winner in just few game and the rediculously story begin again Its a fake competition Dont waste your time
  • Great but.... 4/5

    By JRLOGO14
    I would have given this game five stars but something just recently happened that frustrated me to the max. My game stopped working and the only way I was able to get it back was to delete the game and re download it. Once I done that the game started me over from a teach. Meaning all my purchases I had all the progress I had was gone. It brought up a s teen to bring back my original profile but when i clicked yes it still started me over. Now there was little things I wish could be fixed like match making and how much stamina affected my player. But those things I could over look because it is such a fun game to play. Just wish I had all the things I had before and didn’t have to start over from scratch again. If it happens again I will not be back to play the game again unfortunately.
  • This game is horrible unless you buy something!! 1/5

    By Aroc54
    If you don’t purchase anything, when play someone with higher attributes than you, every time you hit the ball it’s a lob. Very frustrating!! This game is not for me and I wouldn’t advise anyone to purchase anything.
  • Scam 1/5

    By zanubrutinib
    The game did not work for few days and today is the first time to work but I lost all my purchases which is not trivial
  • Wow 1/5

    By Blaqdfd05
    I’ve had the game three months now. Terrible. They are the epitome of if u spend money now now now. U win. Flaws in the game and terrible attention to actual skill. Quickest way to lose money. Congrats
  • Lost my original player 1/5

    By Catholic Combat
    I was forced to restart because the game would not allow me to play. I was well along in the tournaments. I lost all my stats. This is very disappointing. It was great. Now not so much.
  • Thieves run this game 1/5

    By losfeliz77
    They had tech problems and made me start over w new character despite spending lots of money on first one.
  • Mr. 1/5

    By nuudaaaa
    Very dirty game, mean a lot of spam !!! SPAM !!!
  • Pay to Win 1/5

    By 225porsche
    This game trash...

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