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  • Current Version: 1.2.12785
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  • Developer: 505 Games (US), Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Terraria App

DIG! FIGHT! EXPLORE! BUILD! Join the community of millions of Terrarians! “Terraria so damn engrossing. And it makes those comparisons to Minecraft seem a little half baked.” - Pocket Gamer "This is the full version of Terraria, built from the ground up... If you loved it on PC or consoles, you’ll love it here.” - Slide To Play “Terraria takes a different approach to a formula proven by Minecraft in perspective, combat, immersive-storytelling and – most importantly – moments of discovery.” - Touch Arcade ** iOS 8 and above is required. If you have an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2nd Gen, which both have less than 1GB of memory, you may experience performance issues if you create an Expanded World. ** In Terraria, every world is unique -- from the floating islands in the sky to the deepest level of The Underworld. Adventure to the ends of the earth, and battle villainous bosses along the way. The world is your canvas and action-packed, sandbox adventures are just a pickaxe swing away! - MULTIPLAYER - Local WiFi games support up to 4 players cross-platform on any mobile device! - 1360+ CRAFTING RECIPES - weapons, armor, potions, and more! - 450+ ENEMIES! - 100+ BLOCK TYPES to build anything you can imagine! - 30+ PETS! - 20+ BOSSES! - Over a DOZEN environments to explore! - Dynamic water & lava, day/night cycles! - Create worlds as large as 4200 x 1200 tiles ("Small" worlds on PC)! Every pixel of Terraria has been crafted for the BEST possible mobile experience! Follow us on Twitter @Terraria_Logic and @505_Games Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TerrariaOfficial and https://www.facebook.com/505Games Visit us on the web at www.terraria.org


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  • This is crucial to all of Terraria people!!! Listen please!!! 4/5

    By Lil slither
    Terraria is getting boring because you guys won’t make the 1.3 update come out for mobile. You can’t just give 1.3 to all of the other consoles and say your going to give it to us then keep moving the release date from 2018 to 3893874870 or something just please give mobile the 1.3 update.I am not demanding you but the people who are playing on mobile are waiting for 1.3. The reason I gave this game 4 stars is because 1.3 hasn’t come out yet bring the 1.3 update and it is five stars. Thank you if you read this🙂Also if you can add a few more bosses to mobile.(lots of days later) 😭please I just want you to add 1.3 guys please. just think……this update is crucial to all terraria. you could lose millions of mobile players all across the world including me! think about this update………just think. ok For every year/month the update isn’t here I take a rating star away. ok ok Sorry about going crazy about the update but Terraria is the game I depend on to get me out of feeling bored.it is the best game since…anything! but this update is the key to happiness 😇. take your time…😡but I might hehe quit if you do
  • Great game, but some problems. 4/5

    By Bobzdyxz
    I have been playing Terraria for years so I knew what to expect when buying the mobile version. Terraria has always been one of my favorite games and was glad to see it come to mobile. Everything pretty much lived of to my expectations. There are a few graphical glitches, but nothing too major. My biggest problem is that in the current version, signs can't be edited. I am very fond of organization, and signs make that easier. Without them it feels more like a chore of remember what goes where, and it make it easier to forget where things are left. For the most part, this version of Terraria is not only fun, but convenient. One of my top games to play anywhere. Truly a revolution in technology.
  • New update?plz. 4/5

    By foxy_gamig
    Can you add the moon lord in terraria on iOS plz.p.s. Terraria is a good game but the moon lord is missing out plz
  • Paladins hammer 4/5

    This game is awesome don't get me wrong I LOOOOVE this game but I spent hours farming for the paladins hammer only to find out that when a player throws it it doesn't go through walls! I would appreciate if this was fixed! Because when the paladin throws it it goes right through walls
  • Its ok 3/5

    By Creeper_element yal's :)
    Its ok but 2 things: controls need to be fixed and you should not have to pay for an app or two just to play multiplayer so yeh thats it

    By Ipwtroy
    505 games I know it takes a while to make 1.3 but it’s been a super long time and Xbox and ps4 already have it so what about mobile there are no news for this version either and I think we are all tired of waiting and why do you keep moving the release date and giving us all false hope WHY?!
  • Ok 3/5

    By Quin0911
    This game is one of my favorites, but a recent glitch caused me to lose 3 of my characters. It happened when I played my main world. I was traveling to the jungle and suddenly it freezes and glitches. After I get back in the world, it shows the update screen, which I have only seen when this glitch happened. I didn't think much of it, but afterwards, it crashed again. When I came back, 2 characters were gone! And one of them had a lot of good stuff! Now when I go into Terraria, it still crashes. Every time the update screen appears, the next time Terraria crashes my characters are at stake. Please help!
  • This game is a lot better than Minecraft. 5/5

    By Nixieroo22
    Hi Billy Mays here! My dong grew so huge today!!! Anyway, buy this game.
  • ??? 5/5

    By Hmed87
    Why do we need to know about the editors choice why not talk about the moon lord / 1.3 and also when is it coming out Plz send the 1.3 update even if it is not finished there are so many reveiws that terraria is getting useless now please att 1.3
  • Updates 4/5

    By ZOMG05
    I really like this game and it is worth the money, but maybe you should add the 1.3 update with the Moon Lord and all the other cool weapons and bosses since on one of my accounts I beat the game and got everything, now its boring.
  • Needs a update 4/5

    By Uychrcchvgvjghvuvjtv
    Mobile players need the lunitic cultist the end game because I’m at the end game but know lunitic cultist and moon lord Otherwise great game.
  • Great game but... 4/5

    By Crazy jack13245
    It's a great game but I can't connect to other people's worlds, my friend has the game and is pretty new but I'm basically at the end of the game and I want to help them but I can't join their world, besides that game works great
  • Just 1 thing and bugs 4/5

    By TheDestroyer3D
    This game is great and all but there are bugs, a few annoying bugs... 1.Cant fish 2.keep seeing black lines across the screen when going under water( this one ain’t so bad) 3.when I’m playing with my friend and I move stuff around in the chest it crashed( SUPER ANNOYING) 4. And on my brothers phone it deletes half the world so he would fall down and die (Those we’re just the bugs) And the ability’s to chose what game mode you want to play (Normal, hard, hardcore)
  • Uhhh 3/5

    By Mpeak1210
    Well umm the game would be better but the fricken update with both the moon lord and the other new update was like so cool and I want it on iOS and I thought the update with moon lord was last year but I guess not soooo I would give 7 out of 19
  • Please look at 5/5

    By RetainFire00
    This game is amazing but please put some of the computer updates on ios like the moon Gardian and expert mode!
  • Terraria 1.3 Question 5/5

    By AwsomeTennisBoy
    Hi I'm Hamish In terraria but I have something that is confusing when is 1.3.1 supposed to come out
  • Really fun game 5/5

    By Dariankobi
    I would love to see mounts and all the other really cool new stuff 1.3 has offer
  • Pls iPhone X support 4/5

    By Johnlordon22
    Just add the 3.0 update and iPhone X support pls. Thank you
  • I love this game 5/5

    By Gfjhddhhfdcg
    This is my favorite game in the world. I love it so much but there are some things I don’t like but it’s overall a great game
  • Updating 4/5

    By UpintheSky4ever
    This game is really fun and I enjoy it but I really think it lacks the 1.3 update from the consuls or pc and it has been this way for a long time.
  • Mobile 4/5

    By Littlejobob
    Why is there so many things that you can do in PC that you can’t do in mobile, it is infuriating to not be able to get some of the best stuff cause it’s PC only! Why did you do this, please just make it all available for everyone
  • Crashed 1/5

    By Ghgrjggv
    The game crashed right when I got the Horsemens blade after months and months of work if it does it again I’m deleting the game permanently
  • How do I say this.. 1/5

    By Pokellama
    I rated this 1 star because of a glitch, not because of the quality. The game itself is really good, but one glitch ruined everything for me and my friend. When you get a lot of something, like 999 wood or a platinum coin, the game just takes it away. After working so hard to get 100 gold coins to make a platinum, me and my friend experienced this. We were so happy. We both had a platinum and all of the sudden my friend went to find it and it was gone. Nowhere. This happened in a few other cases, I lost all of my wood (999 pieces), and I’ve lost special items and pets, too. This needs to be fixed because it is slowly destroying my love for the game. Please.
  • Good but has no expert mode 4/5

    By PohhBear84
    I have played this game a lot but I have a few issues there is no P.C. things on mobile and console,and the game sometimes deletes my character for no reason i mean it’s excellence just needs some changes
  • Best game ever!!!!🤩🤩🤩 5/5

    By Hdjssjs
    I love ❤️ Terraira. But one thing you need to delete the spiders 🕷 I would never go to red biome and underground because it’s too creepy but everything else keep
  • Great game 4/5

    By WOW2648263836
    This is by far the best game I have ever played. except for one thing... the lack of updates. I know one review, or even 100 won't make a difference but I also know that the creators of this game are also extremely caring. If the moon lord isn't coming at least give us monthly updates like you used to.🤞
  • Fatal Glitch Should Not Have Been There 2/5

    By Gromit X
    I was carrying a safe with a lot of important items inside it, and I was falling to my death. I used my magic mirror in an attempt to stop myself from dying, but I hit the ground and died before the transaction could complete. I immediately noticed the safe was missing from my inventory, and when I returned to my place of death my safe was not there either, nor anywhere else I looked. Please fix this infuriating glitch!
  • Good game 4/5

    By G_swag04
    I’ve played this game since it came out and I love it, but there is one problem. Pc’s updates and advances come out years before mobile’s updates. It’s been more than a year after the deadline for 1.3 :/ Please hurry 505.
  • Better than any game! 5/5

    By bradbaharier
    This is the only game I play.I play it like 5 or more times it’s too fun but I say it’s better than any of my games so keep the game up and do MORE updates!
  • Oh where, oh where is Moon Lord. 1/5

    By ExoticWolfBane
    WE NEED THIS UPDATE! I've been playing this game for how many years and I've been waiting for the moon lord update! I have the most op weapons and I'm still waiting to use them on the moon lord. BRING US THE UPDATE!
  • Great game , but a bit broken 1/5

    I love this game ,a lot more than others, but I have found a glitch or two with the chests in the underworld.I was mining around searching for some ores like usual, and found a locked purple chest right above the underworld, so I took out my purple key (having already beaten the dungeon) and unlocked it , it contained the usual silver coins , potion, and torches , but one stood out to me , A FREAKING GODLY DRAX, in an easy mode world, which happened again a few years later (I played this everyday and night). A similar thing happened to me , but instead of the underworld in a locked chest , it was on the surface in a wooden chest right next to me where I spawned. I opened it and what greeted me were SHROOMITE (I think that's how you spell it) DIGGING CLAWS , again in an easy mode world. That aside I also think you should slightly nerf Duke fishron (again correct me if I'm wrong) to where he Insta-kills me faster than how long it takes for me scream at a spider on sight! All that aside awesome game.
  • Love the game except for worlds disappearing.....(plz read!) 4/5

    By Doubletap2008
    I really like this game....but literally 2 minutes ago I was on it and after I signed out of one of my world, I went back to the world selection and discovered something saying that the world I was just in was made in a NEWER version of terraria somehow, and that it couldn't be loaded. And when I hit "ok" that world was not there anymore! Well, it wasn't the end of the world, since this was one of my newer worlds. However, I’m extremely concerned that one day, one of my favorite worlds will be deleted. PLZ DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO PREVENT THIS! I love this game, but with all my progress gone, I would probably delete it or be VERY upset.😰😰😰 PLZ FIX THIS!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Love this game! 5/5

    By Catdm78
    I get insanely good worlds and every time I go digging I get all sorts of good ores and when I go adventuring I find so many good items and this game!!!🐉👾
  • Poop💩 1/5

    By bromaster123
  • One of my worlds are broken 5/5

    By auwgd
    Red can you like hack into my world or something I think I know the problem in one of my chests there’s a lot of golden crates and I think that’s the problem it’s not letting me into my world cuz it keeps crashing LOL. oh yeh and not just you red if anyone is reading this that made this game can do it for me. And I think this review sounds stupid lol. I need you to take the crates out of the chest and put em i the trash I’m saying it now cuz I forgot to when I said golden crates
  • This game is great except for... 3/5

    By Kdhhkff
    This game is great it's just that they never update it. The mobile version isn't as updated as the game on computer. Also after you complete the game there is no point because they never update it. So it's a great game but it needs to be updated.
  • Seriously.... 4/5

    By Scimita
  • From DavStop96 youtube 5/5

    By DavStop youtube
    this game is fantastic but please make an apdate in this update we can change it to creative mode please please I wasn't loving this game but when i try it i ..... and now i 'm playing it this game is the best game in the world
  • Idk 3/5

    By LJD bro
    It’s a really good game but I’d like it if it would work it takes ages to load and if I’m lucky i can play like 20 minuets and get kicked out again and have to restart the process so I’m not asking much but I’d like it if u made it so i could play the game
  • Update 5/5

    By JimJim628
    This game is absolutely amazing, it’s just that I wish there was a new update to fight some new bosses like the moon lord for example. Things that are on pc only. :) <3
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By chadwickboggs
    I love this game I play it all day. I have never run out of things to do it's so fun and cool. I think it is the straight up best game and it's even better when you start over and do it all again. But it is taking so long to get 1.3 and other updates on mobile it is annoying but still best game ever. I would tell everyone about Terraria so they can enjoy it to but I'm a shy so still BEST GAMEE EEVER.
  • Good 3/5

    By Bflyboya
    Great but when is the next update the one with the moon lord that was supposed to come out in july2017
  • I love it, but 5/5

    By Hate this App yo
    There is a FEW glitches In the game they didn't fix, 1 being if I use a hammer, it doesn't work, then I have to log off then log back on. And also, CONTROLS. Wow. Just wow. I was HOPING for better controls in the last update, but NOPE! When I am trying to shoot a enemy with my demon bow, my walk control just gets in the way and makes me fall of a pit into my death. Also, WHERE IS MOONLORD?!?!? I read on the Terraria wiki that 1.3 is supposed to be added in the middle of 2017 but guess what, its 2018 now, yet no MoonLord. Are you guys just gonna quit terraria mobile, and just focus on console and pc? I have a console, PS4 but my main class is ranger, and it is SO hard to aim while the joystick is going soooo slooooow. Well 505 and RAKnet I hope you guys can fix these problems of mine so me and hopefully everyone else is happy with terraria. :) Thanks
  • 1.3 1/5

    By 🦏🐫🐅
    I want 1.3 now because I've been waiting for a long long time so send out 1.3
  • Not compatible with iPhone X ;( 2/5

    By Pe bro 3456
    One of my favorite games but I’m sad to see that the format is not available for iPhone X! And where have the updates been? Do you even care anymore?
  • Not worth $5 1/5

    By Nazneen Waris
    This game is definitely not worth $5. I got the True Nights Edge and then I quit out, satisfied. When I came back on my true night's edge is gone! Also this game is really buggy and constantly crashes. If you buy this game, you've just wasted $5.
  • Needs updated badly 3/5

    By Weldit5
    So I’ve played this game for three years and Ive stoped playing it and recently got back into it just because Ive never finished the game. This game needs to be updated so I can fight the cultists and then the moon lord but I can’t because the game tells me that the build has expired and I don’t know what that mean. So please update this game it’s fun and I love playing it!!!!
  • Please Fix! 5/5

    By Catloverh
    I love this game but when will 1.3 come
  • Best game ever but... 4/5

    By Freddy442626
    I love this game it so awsome, one of the better games ive played before but ive been waiting almost a year and a half for 1.3 when are we going to get it? Plzzz add the 1.3 update to the game.thx
  • T2 5/5

    By Drewsolom
    I love this game! I’ve played it for so long but I stopped a little while ago. Please create a Terraria 2!

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