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  • Current Version: 4.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tetris® Blitz App

Experience EA’s high-speed, action-packed take on one of the world’s most famous puzzle games! It’s two-minute Tetris® with exciting fresh features, including a stunning look and feel, rewarding Power-Ups to get as you climb levels, and intense Battles with friends. “…a perfect mobile game” – Examiner.com “…the engaging mayhem that is Tetris Blitz wouldn’t let me tear my eyes off those blocks.” – Polygon UNLOCK GAME CHANGING POWER-UPS Supercharge your game and trigger point-boosting reactions with exciting Power-Ups and Finishers like Frostbite, Crusher, Mino Rain, and more. Earn Shards when you complete activities and events, and use them to upgrade your Power-Ups for higher scores! PLAY YOUR WAY Race to reach top scores, clear a set number of lines with specific Power-Ups, or collect as many Coins as you can. Complete activities in Tournaments, Battles, Daily Challenges, and more to win awesome rewards. Plus, play mega Weekly Quests for mini bonuses as you play, and earn even bigger rewards when you finish! FEEL THE FRENZY Enjoy explosive Tetris effects and grab double points when you trigger the elusive Frenzy mode. Match blocks to clear back-to-back lines to stay in Frenzy, and get blown away by stunning cascades that keep the points rolling in. It’s Tetrimino mania! BATTLE FRIENDS FOR VICTORY Aim for a personal best score and win bragging rights as you duel it out with your friends to top the Leaderboards. Match skills against other players in multiplayer BLITZ Battles, or race to victory in limited-time Tournaments and see if you can take home the win. User Agreement: terms.ea.com Visit https://help.ea.com/ for inquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on www.ea.com/1/service-updates. Important Consumer Information: This app: Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement; collects data though third party ad serving and analytics technology (See Privacy & Cookie Policy for details), contains direct links to social networking sites intended for an audience over 13; contains direct links to the Internet. Tetris ® & © 1985~2016 Tetris Holding. All Rights Reserved.


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Tetris® Blitz app reviews

  • Money grabbing app 1/5

    By Dojilee
    I really liked it until I realised no matter how much better you get and level up...you’ll still lose. People are either really cheating and/or incentivised by Tetris app to have ridiculous access to coins, etc. You’re going to end up losing 100% of the time or you will need to buy loads of coins, shards, etc. This stuff isn’t cheap either. Shame on Tetris for taking advantage of folks.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Ben Pogwist
    I’m already addicted to this game!
  • Where’s the classic? 3/5

    By Hollowed_Kadaver
    My only beef is that I’ve yet to see if it has classic Tetris in it, one where I’m not timed
  • Favorite Game Ever 5/5

    By notyourmom1980
    Love this game. It’s my favorite game ever!!
  • Tetreas is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By wings of fire baby style
    Any body who reads this listen carfuly. Tetreas is the best. Definetly try it.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👏👏👏👏👏👏🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙💋. If you do you won’t regret it. If you get it please put 5 ⭐️s!?.!?.!?.!!!....!!!???? Don’t forget to put a review.!!!!!!!...
  • Pay to win 2/5

    By Scootabout
    Endless grind unless you make purchases to acquire finishers to win. Tournaments are unwinnable without top level pay to win achievements.
  • Fun game ruined by greedy monetization 1/5

    By bigPixel
    EA have taken a fun concept and destroyed it with hyper-monetization. Every other game there's either a full screen ad or an in-game purchase disguised as a free bonus. Be EXTREMELY careful. If you're not paying attention you'll be paying through the nose for game finishing moves at $1.99 each. The ads can't be skipped and most are videos that you can't avoid. Frustrating that a fun game is ruined by the greedy EA moneygrab. This is a five star example of how NOT to write a game.
  • Something 4/5

    By Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm:D
    I played soaring avenues, but it didn't count:(. I also spent my free gifting tree. 🌟 \/ --- ⭐️ ⭐️ 🌲 /\ --- 💧 🌈⤵️💧
  • Cheat 3/5

    By Stellar75
    This game is fun, I’ve had the app for years, but it’s getting worse. I feel like there’s something that keeps a player from getting above their previous high score in Tournaments. I noticed that the end of the game changed between last night and this morning. Before it was time to use the Finisher power-up I had scored far more than usual. But when the finisher activated I saw that the tetriminos didn’t stack the way they had been the night before (even though I had not done anything different) and I still had the nearly the same ending score (even though the finisher “Supernova” gave me the same number of power-ups) and my original score was a lot higher. Just saying; this is how to lose players. Getting the same ending score when the player hasn’t done anything differently (but the game has) is what will get an app deleted, although I’m sure the developers don’t care.
  • stinks! Don't waist your time 1/5

    By were's vern
    Game is not worth playing. To hard to build up points to even play. Not worth the time to even down load the game. The only reason I gave it a star is because I had too, to give a review.
  • Rigged 1/5

    By Madcats1109
    This game used to be so much fun. You could earn coins based off your skill with and even without power ups. It had me hooked to the point where I was willing to spend money on in-app purchases. You cannot have fun playing this game without power ups and finishers, which require earned (or purchased) coins and now shards. It used to be worth purchasing coins for power ups and finishers that helped you achieve maximum scores but now it’s a rigged joke. Power ups can be upgraded by earned or purchased shards but you can only earn a minimal amount of shards and purchasing them is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. If you get enough coins to get a finisher the bonus score is rigged so you will score low. The fun thing about game apps is the ability to get far based off your skill and the choice to make in app purchases if you are so inclined/hooked. This game is now an in-app purchase ONLY and definitely not worth your time. Find another Tetris app that won’t rob you.
  • Game/so far 1/5

    By Sharontylece56
    I recently downloaded Tetris Blitz to my iPad 1st gen. I get to level 22 the bar on the power up I've been playing for 1month ,the money coins whatever is at 101,750, and is almost full and the game crashes, we I reboot it takes me back to the beginning . Everything's gone .
  • Don't waste your money. 1/5

    By Bad robot, MD.
    Don't waste your money to buy tickets or shards. You will never win the game unless you cheat or hack. It looks like you play with robots. The game will crash when you will win big game. You lose both coins, power ups and sometimes rank in the battle. If someone challenge you on battle and you didn't respond, the game will take your point to the challenger. How will it fair if you already know that you will not win since you can't effort power ups and finisher. EA will cheat you on the ads. The skip or close button was disable. You can't close the ads or skip it. Please be honest with people. Save your money. I usually don't give 1 or write bad review but when you get to the point that EA make it as money maker instead of balance the fun and make reasonable money.
  • It is so good 5/5

    By tetris challenger
    I just got it and I got really exciting rounds of it!
  • Too addicting ! 5/5

    By PandaLove15
    This game is really fun
  • Losing sound 5/5

    By C2theDub
    Losing sound on iPhone X constantly.
  • Tetris 5/5

    By neworleansla594
    Been playing Tetris for at least a decade now this Tetris blitz exclusive though
  • El Mejor Juego Y Opinion 5/5

    By Wi Colombiana 🇨🇴
    Buenos Dias Me Encantaria Que Tetris Siga Evolucionando Y Haga Mas Cubitos Y Mas Poderes Los Competidores Sean De Diferente Partes Del Mundo Tambien Me Encantaria Que Pondrian Chat Para Hacer Amistades Con Otras Personas Y Sigan Asi El Mejor Juego De Los Tiempos !
  • Back doors! 3/5

    By JanaPPPPPP
    There are too many glitches and back doors to this game. For example, today there is a by-hour tournament where people are scoring 77M points! When you watch the videos they don’t even come close to that score (more like 10M) but they are all doing the same thing which says there is something wrong with the game! I have played this game for years but between that and having to pay so much for the shards to ever win tournaments anymore, it’s just not fun. Bummer as I have spent probably $500 a year in this game but doubt I will again.
  • Settings don’t work 1/5

    By mr1185
    I love Tetris and wanted to like this game. But no matter what I do, I can’t turn off the music or sound effects. I like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts when I play games like this, but I can’t hear those over the sound effects & music.
  • Boooo Ads 2/5

    By zyx321Matt
    Fun game, but these ads are a bit ridiculous. Probably delete soon if it doesn’t get better.
  • Why 2/5

    By Husniye73
    Why did you guys change the game
  • A good game 4/5

    By BladeRunner83
    Love this app because even though I am 9 I can still have fun and I was sooo sad when I could not play it anymore before because I didn’t have enough coins but I still love the game
  • Upgrades Always Make Things Worse! 😡 3/5

    By Lara Lala Larabeaner
    Y is it that every other time u "upgrade" u actually make things worse? Yet again, I'm forced into an upgrade that took away features. Upgrades r supposed to b improvements! Now I can't double the coins after e/game. I can't turn off the music & sounds, but the options r still there to do so. The app locks up after watching a few free ads. Plz fix this!!!
  • Update problems 1/5

    By Roehlpoketruck
    The new update won’t allow me to open the app. It keeps redirecting g me to the update screen but I’ve already updated it.
  • Last update problem 1/5

    By CobraNet2
    Please update to continue blitzing. I did the update!! Please update to continue blitzing. Go to App Store, update is showing it is complete, hit the open icon and the game starts to open. Please update to continue blitzing. Please update to continue blitzing. I’ve done the update! I just want to continue blitzing! Please update to continue blitzing. Ugh
  • Cool 5/5

    By bdjaoebfjaoebdkabrjfbaiwh
    This game is awesome and you will die livening the dream
  • Basically it's a gambling game 2/5

    By Space key 96
    I understand the developers need to earn money and appreciate so much fun the game brings to me. However after being played for many years, I am losing interest of it. The day I use up all my coins the time I delete the game. It's originally a puzzle game and now the most important thing it's not your problem solving with quick reaction but the COINS to buy fancy power ups and finishers! It's not a fair game any longer. If you want to win a tournament you'd better check how much coins and meanwhile keep you fingers crossed to have a supper spin on the finishers!
  • I agree with Fido! 3/5

    By Pakefromkonakona
    I frequently experience screen black outs, key lock ups and other miscellaneous bugs that result in the loss of more than 2-5 million points in less than a year as well as progression to a higher level and loss of tournaments and Daily Challenges. The X2 has been a large problem, constantly locking up and depriving me of the use of that feature. Not only that, after watching the ad, the bugs pop up again and don’t reward me for doing so!
  • Thanks for the “sound” fix!! 5/5

    By It's me
    Thanks for the “sound” fix!! Back to 5⭐️
  • Play if you like to be frustrated!!! 1/5

    By deafNana
    I have played Tetris Blitz for years & about 3 weeks ago I went on & all of my History was gone! No Coins! No Power ups No closers I was on level 1!!! The day before I was on Level 113?? Went to the help center & I was told no one could help me because I was not connected to Facebook! I was, but it’s all gone & poof! Start from scratch! Daap_Nana!
  • Live this game 5/5

    By shortyBD1
    Love the classic. Hour of family fun
  • Love it! Has problems 4/5

    By LMF1234
    This is by far my favorite game. Extremely disappointed that the newest update will not allow us to turn off the sound!
  • Great game but please, stop the sound effects! 4/5

    By annon862
    Even if you mute the sound effects they can be heard. It’s annoying. Please fix in the next update!
  • Sound 2/5

    By sw2187
    Sound function won’t turn off on new update.. fix ASAP!
  • Fix the sound 1/5

    By tdestefano
    I have always had the sound disabled. Now you cannot turn it off. Even worse is it sounds like a cheap slot machine.
  • Very upsetting 1/5

    By lark boyd
    Just got the newest update that is supposed to be totally amazing but it has logged me out and refuses to allow me to log back in. 🤬
  • Bait & Switch 1/5

    By junglistic
    Every feature of this game is manipulated, rigged, controlled and fake. The developers constantly tinker with the power ups and finishers so that they can control scores and outcomes. You work hard to unlock items and maybe even pay money and then they pull the bait and switch and nerf the items you worked so hard for. Evil.
  • HELP! 2/5

    Love this game and before last update would’ve given it 5 ⭐️ but not now. I can’t turn off the sounds in settings! Please help!
  • Version error 1/5

    By malacimamet
    This version mistake sound off
  • Latest update broken.... 3/5

    By depechian
    I like to play the game on mute. However now no matter what I do the mute function doesn’t work anymore. Please fix ASAP thank you
  • Sound effects setting comes back on after ads 1/5

    By tomohisaw
    I don’t mind the ads since I’m playing for free but if I want to listen to podcasts or my own music, it’s annoying to have the sound settings turned on after having an ad. In settings, it is still marked as having sound off so there is no way to turn it off. Please fix this. Thanks. I already wrote to support but got no response so I thought I’d just try to reach you through a review. Will increase the stars accordingly. Thanks.
  • Log in issues 3/5

    By AubIndy
    I’ve been playing this games for years and this last update does not keep me logged into my iCloud account which is where all my progress is. Every time I open the app it asks me to log into Facebook. Please fix this
  • Buggy and loot crate heavy 1/5

    By questionlp
    Latest release has completely broken audio controls where disabling all audio still plays audio and no longer honors hardware mute. Insane amount of loot crate nagging and random pop up makes playing a simple game annoying as heck. Would not recommend. At least no bobcat in box.
  • Sound glitch 2/5

    By TJsEmerald
    With this update the sound won't go to silent. Not cool. That is a change. Not cool. I shouldn't have to have my phone on silent to play the game. The options for music turn the music off but sound does not disable the game sounds. Please fix!
  • One star for audio 1/5

    By ukulu20
    I hate the background noises even though my ringer is off 🙄
  • Robbed! 1/5

    By marfayjo
    The game freezes and just closes out at the most inconvenient times! It took me forever to save enough coins to buy a finisher and I was finally going to use my favorite power (the heart) and it closed out before I even got to play! Then I rebooted up and I had a 0 icon balance and it took my power up too. It’s happened several times but this was the last straw. I am not playing this game anymore. It takes way too long to save those dumb coins!
  • Annoyed. 2/5

    By Wanzpooks33
    Love the game, but no audio should mean all sounds off completely! So annoying, and the only reason i gave 2 stars. This is the only thing i hate about this game. Turn the ringer on, and the sound plays even after it’s not checked. I like to play and listen to my music without having to put my phone on vibrate. If it is fixed my rating will change to 5 stars
  • It Still Makes Noise When You Uncheck The Sounds Option 1/5

    By Lydkid
    This is one of my favorite apps, but I don’t want the game to make any noise and ever since the new update, it does, even after unchecking music and sound options.
  • New version crashed 1/5

    By Shinnanigan Sean
    It won’t allow me to log in to Facebook - gets hung up! Couldn’t recover points and history. Hope a new update fixed this!

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