Texas Lottery Official App

Texas Lottery Official App

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: IGT Global Solutions Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
3,517 Ratings
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Texas Lottery Official App App

The official Texas Lottery® app is here! Now you can scan your lottery tickets to check for winners, get jackpot updates, save your lucky numbers and more. Features include: • Scan the barcode on your draw game and scratch tickets for winning status • Pick and save your lucky numbers and create a play • Get updates on current jackpot amounts • View winning numbers for all Texas Lottery draw games • Enter promotional second-chance drawings • Locate licensed Texas Lottery retailers • Find your favorite scratch tickets The Texas Lottery designs its games to be fun entertainment and we encourage our customers to play responsibly. Only Texas Lottery licensed retailers are authorized to sell and validate Texas Lottery tickets. For detailed game odds and information, visit texaslottery.com or call 800-375-6886. Must be 18 or older to purchase a ticket. The Texas Lottery supports Texas education and veterans. PLAY RESPONSIBLY.

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Texas Lottery Official App app reviews

  • Texas lottery 1/5

    By pepperj44
    Biggest piece of crap!! Does not work 95% of the time. Wasted space on a phone.
  • Scanner doesn’t always work 2/5

    By Cjapiano
    It’s a hit and miss with the scanner. When it does work, it’s very convenient to have. When the scanner doesn’t work, it’s a waste of space. Wish they would fix it!
  • 6 tickets ONLY 3 SCANNED 1/5

    By ThorOlson
    This app used to be good at scanning barcodes for results. Now, not so much. Like the title said, six tickets scanned, only 3 were identified as readable barcodes. The other 3 nothing happened. No damage to any of the tickets read under the same conditions. This app has seriously degraded from where it was.
  • Barcode reader is inaccurate and doesn’t scan 1/5

    By Jess1877
    The barcode reader is trash. Half the time it doesn’t even read the tickets, says invalid barcode, even told me a ticket was a loser when it was a $2 winner at the store.
  • Scanning broke again 1/5

    By NicknameZ
    Scanner worked a couple weeks after the new version came out and now is not working again at all. How hard is it to make barcode scanning work?
  • Scanner not scanning tickets 1/5

    By Lvl 2 technician
    Scanner not working
  • QR 1/5

    By Jotos Ojetes
    QR code doesn’t work, I have create a couple of codes gone to the store and the cashier is not able to scan the QR the machine won’t read it also there is no way to save it to keep running the same numbers or to create a continues play…
  • Not scanning scratch offs 1/5

    By Greanfroge
    Every once in awhile it’s buggy and doesn’t scan ticket’s. Delete app and reinstall. Still nothing.
  • Scanner 1/5

    By nikki110378
    The scanner is horrible. I have tried it on my IPhone to scan barcodes for other apps and never have problems. Says my phone is not able to use scanner.
  • Scan doesn't work 1/5

    By 84bobcat
    Scan doesn't work.
  • Mr Pz 1/5

    By Diablotx
    After latest update won’t scan tickets it’s garbage now
  • Unable to scan for second chance 1/5

    By iscrawler
    Poor app is identifying a real home address as wrong
  • Scan Ticket 1/5

    By JTLoner
    The most recent update makes in almost impossible to scan any tickets.
  • Scanner doesn’t work 1/5

    By b0nster
    I haven’t been able to scan my tickets since they updated to the new format maybe in February. Today I get a message scan failed see retailer. This app has become useless. Use to love it now it’s almost worthless. Please fix this problem. Thanks
  • Bad Upgrade 1/5

    By Wvtxman
    This app was pretty good until they updated it. Now it picks all your lucky numbers into separate qrcodes witch is a pain in the rear. The old version scanned into one code for all tickets which was great!
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By vuvuvuvuvuvoo
    The app is horrible! It doesn’t scan well at ALL! And it’s not very intuitive either the previous app had it’s issues but this is by FAR worse…
  • Cannot process see retailer 2/5

    By Nelsonmnh
    Use to be next to flawless. Not about 1/2 the time it says “Cannot process see retailer”. Of note all are powerball tickets. Do not know why this is, but makes the application very clunky.
  • Crap!!! 2/5

    By Mont1705
    Can’t scan the printed tickets. Always get the message in ballot barcode. The new app is full of advertising overwhelming junk ads. Very frustrating.
  • Another improvement screws up app 1/5

    By Glock top shot
    Old app was pretty good but they improved and now is a train wreck. Same function now requires three inputs. Will check one ticket but do not try more than one. After tapping check another ticket it gives no time to find ticket in camera. Total fail. Another example of programmers having zero common sense. If you do not understand what the app is suppose to do then leave it alone.
  • Unable to scan tickets!!!!! 1/5

    By I'm Jnxed13!
    If I could give NO stars, I would do it… When I updated to the new version, I discovered that I can no longer scan tickets to see if they have won. So the new version is hoovering BIG TIME… Please fix this…
  • Unable to scan 1/5

    By Devamy23
    Every scratch off ticket I have tried to scan says “unable to scan see retailer”
  • Needs an update 3/5

    By HawkeyeFan81
    Good app but when you scan your lottery tickets a lot of times it tells me cannot process see retailer! It’s not the ticket it’s the app! Please update asap to correct the issue! Thank you !
  • Ticket Check Rarely Works 2/5

    By ChicagoPeter
    Unfortunately, scanner to check tickets rarely works properly.
  • doesnt work 1/5

    By Franksta281
    i regret updating. This new app doesnt scan.
  • Scanner not working on android or iPad 1/5

    By kwikhawk
    I’m very disappointed that my scanner stopped working. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it this did not work. It was if he working before and now doesn’t work at all.This occurs on the drawing lottery’s.
  • Scanner doesn’t do anything on iphone 1/5

    By signguy75
    No scan, no feedback, just sits there
  • The new app does not make sense 1/5

    By you lisr
    The scanner keeps saying scan has been cancelled.Very useless and annoying.The old version was better.you
  • App doesn’t scan tickets anymore 1/5

    By Please fix it!
    I recently updated the Texas Lottery app. I don’t normally install an update for about six months because they often have problems, but it seems like I was forced to on this one. Now it will no longer scan the bar codes on my tickets. It keeps giving an error code of “invalid bar code.” I went to the lottery retailer and told him I needed him to scan the ticket and told him why. He said the exact same thing happened to his phone also. Don’t update right now until they get this fixed. This is really the only reason I got the app in the first place.

    By GreenBrainz187
    I don’t know what’s with this app. It would be soooo great if it could just work for once….
  • Garbage!!!! New Design 1/5

    By TeXas WrAtH
    I was excited for the new update….for about 3 minutes. Nothing seems to work with this app. Scanner works right about 3% of the time. It’s almost impossible to get the scroll to work on past numbers to check. And don’t get me started on saving your favorite numbers. That’s an even bigger joke. Pretty much the new app is a total disaster. It’s not even worth a half star, much less a one star. Absolute garbage!!!!!
  • A case for “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” 2/5

    By Heather's Choice
    The newest update changed the icon to solid blue; and the other icon was so easy to find, with a glance. The worst thing, though, is that the scanner is malfunctioning. It still scans scratch off tickets most of the time; but it is not recognizing printed tickets. The unreliability of the scanner is rather annoying. I like the website a lot better; and I only used the app for scanning tickets as a double verification.
  • Yo mama 1/5

    By Bruhhdhdhs
    Bruh I tried scanning my lottery ticket and it kept telling me can not process this ticket like bruh I liked the app before the update come on now do better you had one job
  • Won’t Scan Tickete 1/5

    By Tsuttom
    Do not like the newest version. Won’t scan barcodes and is cumbersome
  • Not Scanning 1/5

    By Last Week iPhone Newbie
    Does not scan tickets.
  • 0 Stars if possible- new update is awful! 1/5

    By upset wasted my last $
    It won’t scan tickets. When it does, it is wrong. You may possibly be throwing away more money but they don’t care they have your money and get to keep your if you win by the looks of the same amount of complains for a long time now! The new format is nice but it cannot keep up w interactivity for the scanner! Mine went from scanning, to not scanning, to saying my brand new phone I received as a gift that is the latest model doesn’t have the capability to scan, to now saying unable to scan see retailer. When I went to several different retailers when they Two Step was high. So, it is all the application. Not that many cashiers and retail places could make the same mistake!
  • Fix settings for sound 4/5

    By Calamity Coyote
    Overall I am fine with the app. I mainly only use it to scan tickets. However, one key feature really annoys me. I do not want the stupid “beep” sound when I scan. Even though I have gone in to the settings to turn off sound and automation, it still beeps every scan. On previous version, it would beep loud until I scan a winner and then it would beep slightly lower but still beeped. This version beeps full volume every time. I have to switch my phone to “silent” to stop this noise. Please fix this.
  • Scanner doesn’t work 1/5

    By Txmamamia
    WTH? The old app worked fine for scanning tickets. This app won’t even allow my phone to use the scanner. FIX THIS! 😡
  • Lost Ticket Scanner 2/5

    By SpamDavid
    The ticket scanner got moved from the main page of the app to being hidden behind the menu. It takes two hands to find and open the scanner function. Not good. It should be prominently displayed on the main page.
  • Scanner problems 1/5

    By RoNbOgGo
    Be careful people my scanner said not a winner took it to a 7-Eleven turns out I won $10. I wonder how many people threw away winning tickets because of this lame scanner
  • New App Won’t Scan Tickets 1/5

    By schertzuser
    The newly refreshed app can not scan 95% of the tickets, but the barcode scanner in a store works fine on the same ticket. The old app did not have this problem.

    By IcemanTX
    The scanner is the only reason I use the app and it does not work most of the time. Therefore 2 stars is generous.
  • Can’t scan tickets 1/5

    By lw653192
    Can’t scan tickets
  • Barcode scanner doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Partzguy
    As the title says, the barcode scanner doesn’t work! Please don’t just tell me to contact the Lottery office. You have to be aware of the problem as there are already multiple posts about it! Please just fix it!
  • Unable to scan tickets 3/5

    By Shamarion
    Please update scan feature on app. Thank you
  • Scanner? 2/5

    By TexasJohnny
    I installed the latest update and suddenly I get a message telling me that the scanner is not compatible with my device. I’ve always been able to use the scanner with previous versions! Not good
  • Scanner 1/5

    By jean_nnie
    It is horrible. It doesn’t work. Please fix it. The old version never failed.
  • THREE QR code instead of one, WHY?!? 1/5

    By CptnYawp
    You used to be able to create multi-play lotto tickets for Texas Lotto, Powerball, and Megamillions and get a single barcode that the store attendant could scan on the lotto machine and it would print out tickets for all three lottos. With this update of the app, you now have to scan a QR code for each of those lottos individually. This involves walking the store attendant through paging through the QR codes, hope they don’t scan the same one twice, and deal with the poor scanning capabilities of the lotto machines. Please please please go back to a single QR code for all of your lucky number plays.
  • Photo scanner will not work 4/5

    By Foreman1$
    I don’t know what is goin on,but now when the updated app switches to camera mode it throws it completely out of the app, even after I log in.
  • Error 1/5

    By megacronos
    No está funcionando mi celular tiene red y la app dice que no
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