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Text Free: Texting + Calling

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Text Free: Texting + Calling App

PICK A FREE PHONE NUMBER Choose your area code and search custom phone numbers like, “(555) 414-SARA,” simple sequences like “(555) 500-2525,” or combinations that are, “JUST4U.” UNLIMITED TEXT & PICTURE MESSAGES Send as many text and picture messages as your thumbs can handle—all for free. FREE CALLING Having your own phone number means you can call your grandma’s landline, order a pizza, and text all your friends, even if they don’t have a smartphone. UNLIMITED MINUTES Enjoy unlimited calling minutes, no ads, reserved number, and more with TextFree Plus. ADDED PRIVACY Protect your privacy by using your TextFree number for dating, craigslist, online forms, and more. GROUP CHAT Create groups, add participants, and let everyone be part of the conversation. TURN ANY DEVICE INTO A PHONE No phone? No Problem. TextFree turns your iPod, iPad, or desktop into a free phone. IS IT THIS REALLY FREE? Yep. Totally free. To keep it that way, we show ads from time to time. If you’d rather not see them, you can purchase a premium subscription to remove them. THE ORIGINAL TextFree was the first free texting app in the App Store. True story. Since 2009, TextFree has helped millions of people stay connected. Today, TextFree is still the fastest, most reliable, and easiest to use. LEGAL © 2020 Pinger, Inc. All rights reserved. The TextFree name, associated trademarks, and logos are trademarks of Pinger, Inc. or related entities. Terms of Service: https://www.pinger.com/privacy-policy/terms-and-conditions/ Privacy Policy: https://www.pinger.com/privacy-policy/ Subscriptions are automatically billed monthly or annually to your iTunes Account and auto-renew unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payments are charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. You can turn off auto-renew or manage subscriptions in your iTunes & App Store account settings. Cancellations take effect at the end of the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period (where available) is forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

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Text Free: Texting + Calling app reviews

  • Something is wrong 1/5

    By k05a
    My phone number changes every few seconds itself. Can’t use this app
  • Bring back landscape mode 1/5

    By BillH-nm
    Just updated and now both landscape mode was purposefully removed. What the ... heck? This just makes it much harder for those of us who need the larger keyboard. How do we roll this back?
  • No longer great!! 1/5

    By Gilliewise
    Was a great way to text from my iPad. The latest update says it has deleted the ‘landscape format’ which makes it way more difficult to use on my iPad mini
  • Landscape Mode Not Working 1/5

    By Jimt29
    Usin an iPad Air with Textfee the landscape mode is no longer working. Up until today (1/17/2021) it worked.
  • Crappy apps 1/5

    By blmofng
    This app is terrible get txtnow this one charges for basic features
  • "No Landscape" is User Unfriendly 1/5

    By stripiedoll
    This new switch to portrait-only mode makes using the app ridiculously cumbersome for iPad users who rely on an external keyboard, designed for use with iPads set ONLY in the horizontal/landscape position. PLEASE BRING BACK THE LANDSCAPE OPTION!
  • App makes my keyboard and phone lag a lot when in app... 1/5

    By diemond.girl
    App is very laggy. How can I fix this? Texts don’t send right and calling is terrible.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By liapoopyhead
    I got this so I could join my favorite YouTube channel live it worked
  • Lost landscape mode. 2/5

    By AEAVB
    Recent update, no longer supports landscape on iPAD.
  • The latest update 3/5

    By dorisbeard
    This is a decent app, but the latest update has the screen fixed in portrait mode on my ipad. I’ve tried everything on the ipad to return it to landscape because the bigger keypad is a necessity for me; the app itself has no option to rotate the screen. The app does all it sets out to do, so it’s worthwhile if you need a second, free texting number. But it’s tougher to use now with my blind eyes and small screen.
  • Why no landscape??? 1/5

    By Beckysmr5185
    I always used landscape mode, why did you remove it? I hate portrait mode.
  • Text to text worst app!!’ 1/5

    By queencornacchia
    Stole my money! Every time I try to send a text it says the number no longer available then to choose new number. I stay in this loop. I want my money back!!!
  • They killed landscape mode! 1/5

    By mudsharkbyte
    Nice app but opened it up on my iPad and suddenly I’m reading sideways because they killed landscape mode! What? Why? Normally any app that doesn’t respect landscape I delete, but this app is great otherwise so I’m gonna give them time to fix it before I give up and ax it. Please! Landscape Mode!
  • Ipad landscape is broken 2/5

    By pmaddo908
    The new version broke landscape mode on the Ipad.
  • Former satisfied customer, now really disappointed. 2/5

    By Holland
    I was using this app as my primary way of texting (I didn’t use to have a phone service provider) for over a decade. And for a long time it did the job fine. But lately they added ads that overload the app and cause it to crash all the time, and the only way to get rid of them is to pay a monthly fee. Additionally, I now get AT LEAST 6-7 spam calls, texts, or voicemails via this app. I’ve reached out to Text Free multiple times for help, seeing if they can do anything about my issues, and they never got back to me. Now that I have real phone service, I’m deleting the app, sadly. I feel sentimental because I’ve had the same text free number for over 10 years, but it’s just a nuisance now. 🙁
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By Mollmoll007
    I think $4.99 a MONTH is way too much! Text now is only $9.99 a YEAR and removes ads.
  • Landscape view 3/5

    By Djhtown
    Why did you get rid of landscape view!?!? It was perfect for iPad! Please consider bringing it back!!
  • Not in landscape anymore. 5/5

    By uranusumb
    I just did the latest update and now cannot use in landscape mode.

    By Tt the bb
    whenever I need to speak to an agent or representative the call DROPS EVERY SINGLE TIME. But when I use someone else’s phone it works perfectly fine. FIX THIS NOW
  • Latest update 1/5

    By msd1957
    Not happy with latest update as it removes use of landscape mode. I prefer landscape on my iPad, need to update to give option to use in portrait or landscape. Was happy with app till this ridiculous move was made, if not able to use in landscape will delete app and subscription and get another app. What were developers thinking in undoing support for landscape mode, makes no sense.
  • Bring back landscape 3/5

    By Chaxl74
    I love this app, but am disappointed I can’t rotate it to landscape mode with the latest version. I’m physically challenged and the wider landscape keyboard works better for me than the shrunk portraits one. I’m a regular user of the app.
  • Social media 5/5

    By AlphaPerilous
    Can the number provided from the application be used for like watsapp snapchat instagram facebook that kind of stuff you know social media? Becuase if it can this app deverses a 10 stars best app if you have a ipad to keep in touch with everyone.
  • A problem I found 5/5

    By raupatu
    So I have found a problem were when I try to text images or long texts to people it won’t work and say “Sorry, your message cannot be delivered to this number.” Can I get help with this?
  • Liars 1/5

    By Me505987654
    Everything says FREE until you add the number then they charge you 4.99/ month even if you cancel right away. That’s pretty sketchy. I would give zero stars.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By 02_Jess
    Love this app.
  • Going down hill with the free version 1/5

    By The critical thinker
    Ads and banners now exceed over half the massage area. When you message someone, when you back out to the other messages, you get the full page ad that was just taking up half your screen. If you stay on the message and type a 2nd message, the ad takes up all but one text line at the top. And you can’t scroll it when typing. If you switch to the emoji, even that one line disappears until you switch back to text. Mostly it’s unusable anymore. At least the previous version when you were looking at a chat, the ad might drop to 1/3 screen, but now it’s useless. Probably will go to a different app or just use the adless free one that comes with the phone.
  • Don’t believe all the fake reviews!! 1/5

    By ...Not satisfied...
    Like others have said this app is now garbage. Every update, they try to find away to fit another ad in. Why would you take away the option to purchase remove ads? Not everybody needs a monthly plan subscription. The ads slow down the ap tremendously now and use a great amount of bandwidth. Look for and alternate app without so many ads. It’s understandable to have some ads to keep free, but to open the app and have to fight with all the ads is ridiculous.
  • fix this app 1/5

    By agj200
    Why does it take so long to load up? why they double texts? Will it freeze 2 seconds after it loads? the second you try to do anything? if you manage to do all that, will the keyboard just disappear and the app freeze? just spent the last 5 minutes trying to resoond yes to a simple message but it won't load. i have plenty of space. I've deleted messages? but no says the works crappiest app
  • All the sudden not working 1/5

    By 420Robby
    Was working great until I tried to wish my daughter and my dad a happy birthday. Now nothing....
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Nickimccc
    I don’t know how anyone could like this app. I have to watch an ad literally any time I want to read a text message or switch to a new conversation. An ad takes up literally half the screen while you’re texting. You can’t receive gifs. Videos are poor quality. Texts received or sent post twice until you exit out of the conversation, watch an ad, and then go back in. The typing often lags. I only use it to message my mom and sister that don’t have iPhones when I’m out of signal using WiFi. But honestly I could handle all of the bugs IF IT WASN’T FOR THE CONSTANT ADS! The fact I have to wait for an ad to allow me to exit it every time I try to go between conversations or read a new message is absolute garbage. And this is the sole reason I’ll be finding another messaging app. I would literally rather pay for a functional app than have to deal with this garbage.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By CurlyHeadedBoss
    This app use to be Great a few years back but now it’s nothing like before. First of all...... tooooo mannnnyyyy Addddddssssss!!!! And on top of that you have to BUY MINUTES , they do give you an option to watch there dumb ads for free minutes. Now the real reason why I’m even bothering to write a review ; I needed a new number for personal reasons and text free was the first texting app that came to mind (I haven’t used text free since 2014). Well I created a new account , and immediately tried to text and it wouldn’t let me and They kept changing my number every 2 seconds I wish i was over exaggerating but I’m not. The matter of the fact is .... THIS APP IS GARBAGE. Don’t download this ; use TextNow instead.
  • WAY too much bandwidth. 3/5

    By DeadHorsey
    I get that it’s free & needs ads, I really do. Not all of us are on unlimited data plans! 248MB for 10 minutes of texting with zero pictures or video! That’s way too much data for a few ads! Throw us all the ads you want, please cut down on how much data it needs. App runs slower and slower every update. Be sure to make those ads run well though. This app could be so much better!
  • Complete garbage. 1/5

    By sue eva
    Doesn’t work at all. At least not on my iPhone. Phone Number changed every time I opened the app. Tried paying for premium service to keep the number. Made no difference. Tried contacting support. No response after 2 days. Waste of time and money.
  • Crazy 2/5

    By look4johnn
    How is it free if u gotta buy minutes I thought it was wifi calling
  • App crashes 1/5

    By kk'nkk
    Keeps crashing my phone and is almost unbearable to deal with all the forced ads and the ads literally back to back videos are destroying my phone please slow them down!!!!
  • Glitch lately 3/5

    By user56788665
    I’ve watched about 4 videos to gain minutes through the app and 4x it has NOT given me anything for watching 30second long videos. That’s 4x in a row ! This has never happened before, I even use to get 2minutes at a time if the video was long. Now after I watch multiple 30second ads in a row I don’t receive ANYTHING. Please fix!!!!!! It’s becoming a waste of time and very FRUSTRATING.
  • Phone calls 1/5

    By elias520
    When making a call and no one answers it still takes minutes off
  • Can’t Reserve a Number 1/5

    By .q.w.e.r
    I have used TextFree before in the past (a few years ago), and it worked really well. So, I decided to upgrade my account for the monthly subscription to reserve a number. However, when I try to change my number, I encounter a message that pops up and says, “Oops, something went wrong.” I visited the support page and I went through every troubleshooting method including deleting the app and reinstalling. None of these options resolved the issue. So, I sent an email the support center about three weeks ago explaining the issue. I have not received a response, so I sent another one today. I’m considering a request for refund, but I want to check to see if there’s another way to fix this problem. Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or resolved this issue? Thank you! iPhone 11 Pro Max Software 14.2
  • Won’t let me create account 1/5

    By fgcbghg
    It just won’t let me create account and doesn’t tell me what I need to do
  • Ohhh yeah 5/5

    By bgshfd
    I love this app it works so well if I am on my phone I am on this app my friend have it to and love it is amazing nothing is ring with it it’s great!!!!
  • I keep getting double text 1/5

    By Steven. B B B
    Every time I send or receive a text it shows that it is going and coming twice
  • Umm 2/5

    By ahhhhhhguj
    So it’s worked fine for me in the past but I recently downloaded it again and the number was constantly changing and everyone I got out of the app and got back into it there would be a new phone number and it was really weird
  • Very dissatisfied 1/5

    By heyqwertty
    The app is so bad can’t make calls without doing offers an watching a add for minutes lol this apps a disappointment text now is better
  • Very Bad app don’t recommend it 1/5

    By Baf Champ
    Freezes eveytime im trying to make an account i tried this 10 times.
  • The number is always changing 1/5

    By bensonisrael
    My phone number is always changing every minute
  • It’s a bogus app 1/5

    By n3w cyclist
    I tried to make a phone call, I went in circles for 10 minutes while they talked about fake deals from “sponsors”
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By josh_hill
    None of the messages or calls sent to my virtual phone number arrived
  • It’s not a free number 1/5

    By syphand911
    This app doesn’t provide a free number. You need to PAY. I downloaded and started to use the app as alternative number, 3 months in, the app notified me I already used up all free minutes and I need to pay if I want more minutes. The app also offer option to watch videos to get free minutes, but you need to provide email, phone number and other personal info in the process, very annoying. Conclusion: not a free number, you have to pay for your number.
  • Loving it 5/5

    By supreme turtle gaming yt
    Just got this app and I am loving it already