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Text to Speech!

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  • Current Version: 4.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Gwyn Durbridge
  • Compatibility: Android
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Text to Speech! App

Bring your text to life with Text to Speech! Text to speech produces natural sounding synthesised text from the words that you have entered in. With 82 different voices to choose from and the ability to adjust the rate and pitch, there are countless ways in which the synthesised voice can be adjusted. Features ------------------------- - 95 Different voices to choose from - Voices are available in 38 different languages/accents - No internet required - The ability to adjust the pitch and rate - Speak as you type - Highlight spoken text - Star your favourite phrases - Group starred phrases into folders - Export speech into audio files - Mix speech into your phone calls Voices ------------------------- English (Australian) English (United States) English (United Kingdom) English (Irish) English (South Africa) English (Indian) Spanish (Spain) Russian (Russia) German (Germany) Japanese (Japan) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Thai (Thailand) Dutch (Belgium Portuguese (Brazil) Polish (Poland) Greek (Greece) Indonesian (Indonesia) Swedish (Sweden) Turkish (Turkey) Portuguese (Portugal) Korean (South Korea) Hungarian (Hungary) Czech (Czech Republic) Danish (Denmark) Spanish (Mexico) French (Canada) Dutch (Netherlands) Finnish (Finland) Italian (Italy) Romanian (Romania) Norwegian (Norway) Chinese (Hong Kong) Chinese (Taiwan) Slovak (Slovakia) Chinese (China) French (France) Hindi (India) Notes ------------------------- - More voices are available in system settings Go Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Speech -> Voices - Exporting speech and mixing speech requires iOS 13

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Text to Speech! app reviews

  • Very funny 5/5

    By Landon Catlett
    Very funny if you have jokes only your family knows.
  • Export? 2/5

    By XxDillonxX
    The app works fine in my experience, but how do you export as audio file? Claims to be able to do so, but there doesn’t appear to be a way.
  • Blessing 5/5

    By Willddx
    I literally use this app every time I have to read a long article. I hate to read it’s too slow lol but yeah this app is a blessing
  • Good 5/5

    By rathole123$4&8272)389
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By Gail3001
    Yeah, so it can vocalize, but some of the most basic words, like “poop” and “thank” weren’t right, half the time it didn’t work (the bar was moving like it WAS working, but no sound was coming out), and when I had to hit play 15 times to get one sentence to play and it would time out for an ad after 8 tries, I can’t be bothered. I found a free website online that has better pronunciation and works every time. Try something else.
  • Good just have little problems 5/5

    By LazyNeko :3
    The app is good but the a highlight spoken text isn’t working.
  • VERY GOOD, Missing one thing... 4/5

    By Mawseed The App Critic
    I am wondering if there is an option to save the clips I record with the TTS voice as audio clips. I feel this would be very useful, but I cannot find it. If there isn't a function like this, please add it. Thank you.
  • Richard 5/5

    By How to screw up
    Outstanding app. Large text screen to enable East reading. But best of all is the ability to use the phone. This enables the other party to speak and hear your voice. In other words a “real” conversation. Great job.
  • Helpful when you’ve got laryngitis 4/5

    By The daddy!!!!!!!
    I’m able to communicate until my voice returns. Thanks!
  • Good 5/5

    Lol I love this
  • Ad lock 3/5

    By barryaug
    Got locked in ads while still testing and unable to clear ad, had to kill app and start over
  • I love it 5/5

    By edysonmic
    I just love it.
  • So great 5/5

    By Sulfer💀
    This is awesome I lost my voice and can still make fun of my coworkers
  • Does not sync with iMovie 1/5

    By Dione Carter
    Everytime I import a text to speech audio snippet into iMovie the audio doesn’t work. Very frustrating.
  • Erase 3/5

    By Darkwing#27
    Why can't I erase the phase after I send it?
  • Export where? 1/5

    By UnknownBeast017392400
    The app lied saying you can export audio files but has no tab or option to save the voice. Stupid app. Don’t waste your time.
  • I love this 5/5

    By Liqúid kiwi
    This app is amazing, I love it
  • Awesome 5/5

    By M4x 1s l1ke. . . WH4T?!
    It is so fun to mess around with. Me and my cousin talk and be funny with it a lot and the voices are so good! I really recommend this app for anyone who wants to mess around and have fun
  • saiu h 2/5

    By dcastlewood
  • A voice saver for sure ! 5/5

    By private person too
    A wonderful invention I had laryngitis and couldn’t make a sound I was able to do my errands and tell all the clerks what I needed !
  • Great minus one thing 4/5

    By corinne2665
    So far this app is flawless, except for one annoying thing. You can’t clear the templates you wrote on! It’s annoying to open the app and not have a clean slate, even after deleting and downloading it again! Please fix this, it’s visually distracting.
  • It's perfect 5/5

    By cutiecattosca
    Love it!
  • Ads make it useless 1/5

    By SayFG
    Using this while I have no voice- the ads make noise, have timers before you can close, pop up randomly, and frequently another one opens after you close one. Makes this app unusable if trying to have a conversation
  • Good app 5/5

    By blue_pandaw(khalil seller)
    I uh need this to talk because I broke my jaw yesterday lol
  • Love it 5/5

    By kiamflor
    This app is absolutely fun yay
  • Dope App!!! 5/5

    By Chewed Up Roach
    There is so many out there that are tons of money and subscription-based they do the exact same thing. But this one is actually free and super easy to use. I highly recommend!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By KS355
    It is actually awful
  • I like this app a lot but 5/5

    By Flowtilla
    I’m still struggling with the new audio export function . It seems to save it to a clipboard but I don’t find the file in audio copy or audio share . Is there somewhere else I should be looking?
  • Useless since cannot export to audio file,false advertising. 1/5

    By scott xcx
    They claim you can export to an audio file. This is not true, which makes this app completely useless.
  • Omg!!! This app is amazingly awesomely incredibly good!!! 5/5

    By Aviva Saunders
    I finally got voice’s for my characters!!! And I didn’t have to buy voice actors!!! This is amazing!!! And now I use it for my YouTube channel!!! 5 stars!!!
  • Text is now showing up 1/5

    By Amia718
    The text isn’t showing up when you have it read. How are you supposed to edit anything like that??
  • dark mode bug 5/5

    By αяιαиα'ѕ υиινєяѕє ☾
    love the app but when on dark mode, the text is white and i cant see it
  • Great App But Update Appears to Break Dark Mode? 5/5

    By TAS42
    I love this app and use it daily but the new update appears to break Dark Mode? The text is white on a white background for me. Is there a way to adjust text color?
  • ugh 5/5

    By cavinary
    i like it.
  • Hilarious 5/5

    By MichJovan
    Literally got this app for the comedic purpose of saying the most obscure frases and it cracks me up every time. 10/10 definitely recommend to a friend
  • Ads 1/5

    By Xandarak
    Thanks for the ads while I’m trying to talk to someone. Super helpful.
  • Talking app 4/5

    By lion fierce
    I like this app, it’s actually really funny and fun to play with and annoy my family with 🤣
  • YES 5/5

    By destygirlboo
  • Muy buena aplicación 5/5

    By AzucenaMariaJazminRita
    Sirve bastante para realizar vídeos con voz de robots! Tiene bastantes voces para utilizar también tiene bastantes idiomas
  • 👌 5/5

    By L0s3r r3t4rd
    It’s good bye it
  • It’s fun 5/5

    By beemovie3846
    Fun fun fun
  • Thankful! 5/5

    By Mhuss55
    As I am recovering from surgery, I’m on voice rest and needed a way to communicate with my family and co-workers. The only limitation is your own typing speed, and that’s it. I have found no faults, bugs, nor issues with the app. The flexibility and options that come with it are incredibly useful, and you don’t have to spend a penny to get the intended use out of it. Thank you so much to the developers for giving me access to a free tool that I needed in a time of vocal absence!
  • Voice is terrible & if adjusted app just breaks 1/5

    By Andy-Candy
    After changing rate or pitch app wont stop reading entire text at either a ridiculously slow (think mentally challenged x4) or a speed so fast you can only hear loud obnoxious noise. If you try to change back you need to start all over with new text, including selecting old text, deleting it and replacing. These are just the tip of the iceberg!
  • 🇬🇧👌👌👌👌👌👌🇬🇧 5/5

    By GЯ€@T___BЯ[email protected]И
    This app is clearly the best app you could ever download on your iPhone because of its premium selection of different voices and languages from around the world and options to change the pitch and rate of the voice comes in handy when deciding on how to perfect your text to speech experience and in turn bring joy and ever-fulfilling purpose to your life which would otherwise be dull, empty, and lacking in every way.
  • I lost my voice 5/5

    By cory_s
    I was sick and lost my voice but now I can speak using this app. Thank you
  • YES YES YES❗️❗️ 5/5

    By maggiegotti
    It’s free and I had a tooth surgery so I couldn’t speak this helped me so much
  • I have laryngitis and this app gave me a voice! 5/5

    By JustSayN4RF
    It’s easy to use and lets you save favorite phrases - so you can once again pester family and friends!! It’s the best!!!! Thanks to all the developers! I think it’s worth it to pay to drop the ads - which I have already done. Seriously, it’s amazing having a voice again - I did not realize what a difference it makes until now!
  • One little thing 5/5

    By gift254
    It says always wrong Alwis
  • lol 5/5

    By Karma hhg
    i love it it is so funnnyyyy

Text to Speech! app comments

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