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Text to Speech!

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  • Current Version: 4.13.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Gwyn Durbridge
  • Compatibility: Android
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Text to Speech! App

Bring your text to life with Text to Speech! Text to speech produces natural sounding synthesised text from the words that you have entered in. With 82 different voices to choose from and the ability to adjust the rate and pitch, there are countless ways in which the synthesised voice can be adjusted. Features ------------------------- - 95 Different voices to choose from - Voices are available in 38 different languages/accents - No internet required - The ability to adjust the pitch and rate - Speak as you type - Highlight spoken text - Star your favourite phrases - Group starred phrases into folders - Export speech into audio files - Mix speech into your phone calls Voices ------------------------- English (Australian) English (United States) English (United Kingdom) English (Irish) English (South Africa) English (Indian) Spanish (Spain) Russian (Russia) German (Germany) Japanese (Japan) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Thai (Thailand) Dutch (Belgium Portuguese (Brazil) Polish (Poland) Greek (Greece) Indonesian (Indonesia) Swedish (Sweden) Turkish (Turkey) Portuguese (Portugal) Korean (South Korea) Hungarian (Hungary) Czech (Czech Republic) Danish (Denmark) Spanish (Mexico) French (Canada) Dutch (Netherlands) Finnish (Finland) Italian (Italy) Romanian (Romania) Norwegian (Norway) Chinese (Hong Kong) Chinese (Taiwan) Slovak (Slovakia) Chinese (China) French (France) Hindi (India) Notes ------------------------- - More voices are available in system settings Go Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Speech -> Voices - Exporting speech and mixing speech requires iOS 13

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Text to Speech! app reviews

  • أنني قد أمتص وقد يستغرق الأمر 100 عام حتى أعتاد عليها 5/5

    By maine the stat
    ‏مرحبًا أم نعم فقط مرحباً لول أنا أعرف اللغة العربية فقط حتى تعرف لول أنني قد أمتص وقد يستغرق الأمر 100 عام حتى أعتاد عليها
  • Enhanced Voices 3/5

    By oneiyorky
    For anyone concerned about not being able to get some of the voices back that they have previously used because they “somehow converted to enhanced”. The app gives directions on how to enable the enhanced voices on iPhone, and so far, they appear to be free. 1. Open the Settings App 2. Go to 'Accessibility' 3. Go to 'Spoken Content' 4. Go to "Voices 5. Download a new voice 6. Return to Text to Speech Now if someone could tell me how to save my converted text to mp3, I’d give this app 5 stars.
  • G 5/5

    By oh holy macaroni
  • This app is incredible! 4/5

    By babei against the world
    Probably my favorite app ever! I’m an age regressor, and it is awesome when I feel nonverbal. But I do have a problem. I tried out some other accents, and when I tried to get back to Samantha, it said she was only in the pro/enhanced version. You shouldn’t make something that was free into something that cousts 💰. Otherwise, I’m thrilled!!!
  • Voices won’t play 2/5

    By The MenAC3
    This was working for a minute, and while it did work, it was perfect. After just a day of having it, my voices just wont play after clicking the play symbol. Sometimes it’ll just read the first word, then it’s just silent. Please fix this, as I wish I could give this 5 stars. Also yes my volume is up
  • Good so far 4/5

    By kittens&puppies<3
    It’s good, but is there any way to put the audio into a video? I’ve tried but I couldn’t. If there isn’t could you make it a feature? Thanks.
  • Was good but this recent update has bugs 2/5

    By 4N6 DNA
    I enjoyed this app. But ever since updating, whenever my lock screen engages, the voice stops. Also, whenever I leave the app, the voice stops. It never did these things before, I could always listen in the background. Please fix. :)
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Satomi 💖
    I’ve been using this app for a few months for my videos have have no problems at all! Though sometimes it can crash its overall an amazing app I highly recommend this app!
  • Voices 3/5

    By Great Northern Railroad
    The only thing I think that needs to be fixed in this app is the voices need to sound more like a real human and less like a computer. And there should be other accents in English like German, Irish, Scottish, Italian and so on.
  • Life saver! 5/5

    By SerenaKay💜
    This app has been a life saver after surgery. I haven’t been able to speak for a week and probably won’t be able to for at least another. It’s simple to use and so helpful!
  • Such a great app 5/5

    By flamingeyes64
    I love it because I write scripts and I don’t want to read;)
  • Engaging Multiple sensory to enhance learning 5/5

    By M_N_H_Tipu
    This app is learning enhancer while you are reading and listening any text.
  • As Advertised 5/5

    By Fred Neecha
    Works as advertised without any paywalls or crazy, sketchy pop-ups. Pretty good UI, too. I recommend this for those like me (temporally unable to speak for medical reasons.)
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By FNAFlover37
    So I got my tonsils removed yesterday so I can’t talk. I got this app to communicate with my little brother since he can’t read. (I would write something on a piece of paper to talk to my parents) But instead I used this for both my parents and little brother it works like MAGIC!! Now I can communicate to my parents and brother without moving my mouth. 5 out of 5 stars DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS APP!
  • Ow 5/5

    By rbkmjjkk,j
  • My mom is Def 5/5

    By Daz_ patatoes
    My mom is so happy that she can talk without her hands!!!
  • Good with the default. Until November 2020... 4/5

    By dinas102
    Samantha was a good female, (even tho I’m a male) I had funny interesting things I did with Samantha, when I saw the text to speech app the Samantha Voice (un-enchanted) was gone, Not in my recent, no in the regular voice, Samantha enchanted was still there, Alex was my default, I had no choice but to use Daniel. (even tho I’m American) pls fix this now
  • This app is so cool🥳🥳🥳 5/5

    By Cighdhdj
    This app is awesome. It is also convenient for people who have trouble speaking English. But I mostly use it for fun. But really, this app is cool and you should definitely download it.🥳🥳🥳
  • EXCELLENT!!!!! 5/5

    By Croonerrich.com
    I love this Voice app! They have done a wonderful job in making this user friendly with many variations in voice choice, pitch and speed!
  • A+ Non Verbal Communication 5/5

    By Eeebo Teebo
    This app is incredible. For a non verbal family member (ALS), this has been the greatest $6 we have ever spent. It is just like typing on a laptop, iPad, or phone text. Can save phrases, change voices, etc. Has made quality of life so so much better.
  • Why I cant use Persian language???? 1/5

    By aminpouraskari
    It is unfortunate that there is no Persian language in this program with a population of several hundred million.
  • Best app! 5/5

    By Pte Osorno
    This app is a time saver! I receive so many long emails every week and I just copy them into this app and listen and read. It is the ultimate!
  • Nice 5/5

    By The judge1838393
    Didn’t expect this app to actually work as well as it does!
  • Lost voice 4/5

    By awilliams1985
    I lost my voice over the weekend just before my boyfriend went out of town for the week to work. So I found this app so I could talk to my girls then found out I was easily able to talk to him on the phone! We were so excited and so amused by this app! I love it! The only thing that could make it 5 stars is if I could record my own voice and give it emotion just in case this happens again. Which I’m hoping it won’t but unfortunately you never know! But amazing app guys great job!
  • creepy 1/5

    so right when i open the app it said “would you allow Tracking” i didnt like that i dont think you should get it...
  • Amazing app but 5/5

    By Lou Sasole
    Why isn’t the Siri voice available? Samantha is ok but not as good as the Siri voice.
  • Excellent, except for the 5 bucks to remove ads 4/5

    By A Bastion Main
    I’m currently Selectively Mute and this app has helped me beyond words (omegalul). In all seriousness I highly recommend it, my only complaint is the 5 dollars to remove ads, but the ads are brilliantly placed and rarely ever get in the way. I highly recommend this app wether your mute or just want to fool around with a silly text to speech app.
  • My review 5/5

    By cookieflamegatcha
    Over all I really love this app I have a YouTube channel and I like to post texting video’s so it makes the video better (side note: I LOVE annoying my sisters with this they get sooo mad)
  • Idk 5/5

    By LittleDark0666
    When I downloaded the app I was able to export audio when I redownloaded I suddenly can’t export audio
  • Great app but 4/5

    By Holllw
    I’m having an issue with exporting phrases :/ idk if it’s my storage or something but it won’t let me export phrases, is there a limit to how much you can export?
  • Perfect 5/5

    By dhdhsbdhdn
  • About saving the work 1/5

    By 😎😎👌👌❤️❤️🐢🐢
    I made something but then when I switched to something else it was just deleted. I was not given the chance to save it. All that hard work is now down the drain. Please fix that.
  • Amazing so far 5/5

    By PYT Bell 😍
    This app is absolutely life-changing!I just really wish I can loop the text so they can play over and over again without me going back to replay them.
  • Amazing but annoying 3/5

    By Shamala_Ding.Dong
    This app is great and I use it to make voice over for YouTube but after I export a file, it won’t let me export another audio again. This gets annoying because I like the app and it’s easy to use but I have to keep deleting it and then getting it back again. If someone knows a way to fix this, please let me know.
  • Plewse fix this- 3/5

    By MinecrafTRules54
    Good app, but there is so much crashing!! Please fix this!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Yk its Jewel 🙄
    Love this app, I’m starting a subway surfer channel on TikTok @wettestbussyintheland if you wanna come follow. Does anyone know how to delete these passages btw?
  • There is just one big problem 3/5

    By A H Y E S
    I want to go back to the Samantha voice but it won’t let me and when I find the voice I have to download it even though I just was using it.I tried deleting the app so it could go back to Samanthas voice and it really gets on my nerves I keeps asking me I have to download the voice that is a enhanced voice when I just want the default but it’s not letting me do that. It’s really annoying and I just want to use Samanthas voice but it keeps getting me in harder situations. Please let me use Samantha again!
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By MEdwards07
    So awesome that I’m able to communicate with my sister with ALS. THANKS YOU FOR THIS AWESOME APP!!
  • Voice replacement! 5/5

    By be5509
    I lost my voice for 3 years, writing word and stuff, now this makes me have a voice again. Thank you!
  • Can improve 4/5

    By doggy UWU
    There should be a button so you can idk make it sound like music or something but I love prancing mu friends with this
  • Supreme app 5/5

    By windwalker26
    I have a rare disease and it effects my speech a lot of the time. I turn to your app as a 2nd alternative when people don’t understand my speech half the time.it is a life savor for me to communicate now
  • It Crashes and kicks me out the app ugh! 1/5

    By RainbowLovelyxxx
    It crashes when I press the star button it takes me out of the app! Why? EDIT: I thought it got fixed but it didn’t! It crashes when I press the star button and it kicks me out the app!
  • Five star 5/5

    By Jnjak
    It’s da best
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Madie2012
    It’s not working it’s going to fast please fix it
  • Uhh idk 5/5

    By Arjsjs
    I love how you can change the voice and it sounds like siri!
  • Weebs🙈 4/5

    By RaZeCallen
    Let’s get one think straight, we use this now because we use it for Haikyuu, Hunter x hunter, Naruto and other anime text😸 that’s all I have to say lol
  • 4543555 5/5

    By rafan abir
    Caillou is your Grounded
  • I hate it 1/5

    By Lj*#fun
    I’m eight years old and I thought it was gonna be fun but I hate it it does not let me change the voice I don’t recommend
  • Hey! I like this but I need help! 5/5

    By DevNob
    This app is probably the best text to speech apps out there, heres proof: The best rated TTS app actually macro-transactisons. This is GREAT! The only problem I found is the fact somehow my “Export Audio” button often appears grey and I can’t use it. :( But other then that it’s amazing.