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TextFree: Private Texting App

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TextFree: Private Texting App App

Secure, private and affordable – Text Free offers unlimited text messaging, SMS, and MMS picture messages right from our chatting app. Start a group chat to stay connected with friends and family. With our WiFi text and call feature, we make it easy and affordable to keep in touch with your phone contacts. It’s a cellular phone service app, without all of the high costs. Text Free is a free text and call app that lets you chat, call and send texts right from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Our calling and texting app is easy to use – Just sign up, create your own 2nd phone number and start earning call minutes right away. A second phone number is a great way to keep your messages and phone calls private and secure. Create your own personalized, second phone number, right down to the area code. Our calling app makes it easy for you to create a phone number that is easy to remember and share with friends and family. No phone? No problem. Get Text Free on your Apple devices like the iPad, iPhone, or Computer. Your call privacy and security is important to us. Our telephone app provides you with end-to-end encryption features that ensure your text messaging and call privacy. Unlike other calling apps, we make sure that your personal information and private messages can’t be accessed by anyone.. Messaging and calling you can trust – TextFree was the first free texting app in the App Store. True story. Since 2009, TextFree has helped millions of people stay connected. Today, Text Free is still the fast, reliable, and easy-to-use texting app you know and love. Text, talk and connect – Download Text Free today. - TEXT FREE FEATURES - UNLIMITED TEXT & PICTURE MESSAGES - Free texting app – It’s in our name – free unlimited texting at your fingertips! - SMS or MMS, send messages from anywhere you have a WiFi connection - Text and talk with friends and family directly through our messaging app - Group chat feature lets you create chats with people from your contact list - Group messenger is perfect for connecting with friend groups, family, work, and much more! - Messaging made fun – Send GIFs, emojis, stickers and photos to contacts and chats PICK A FREE PHONE NUMBER - Pick a 2nd phone number you want – right down to the area code - Use our telephone app to create a custom number to use as a primary or secondary phone number - Talk and text with privacy with a second phone number - Want to hide text messages? Unwanted Calls? Spam? Use your Text Now number for online forms, undesirable callers, or spam risks for more security and less stress. ADDED PRIVACY FOR SECURE COMMUNICATION - Hide text messages from spam bots, block unwanted callers and contacts - Secure and safe chatting app – We provide end-to-end encryption of your personal private messages and calls - Safe and private WiFi calling and texting allows you to chat and call securely - Private 2nd phone number for business, school, family or other personal contacts UNLIMITED MINUTES WITH TEXT FREE PLUS - Unlimited calling limits - Ad-free calling and texting experience - Reserve your personalized second number without having to re-select - Just $9 a month LEGAL © 2020 Pinger, Inc. All rights reserved. The TextFree name, associated trademarks, and logos are trademarks of Pinger, Inc. or related entities. Terms of Service: https://www.pinger.com/privacy-policy/terms-and-conditions/ Privacy Policy: https://www.pinger.com/privacy-policy/ Subscriptions are automatically billed monthly or annually to your iTunes Account and auto-renew unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payments are charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. You can turn off auto-renew or manage subscriptions in your iTunes & App Store account settings. Cancellations take effect at the end of the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period (where available) is forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

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TextFree: Private Texting App app reviews

  • Yes! Awesome 5/5

    By good white snow bug
    Consistently good and nothing unexpected… in other words perfect for me
  • It doesn't work - do not download 1/5

    By pmunderwood
    I got this app for a work event and I wanted to use it to send a link for a raffle. The app worked for two messages that we were testing then it didn't deliver any texts after that. Extremely frustrating and NOT RELIABLE.
  • Undelivered messages 1/5

    By geniay11
    Messages keep stoping
  • App broke down 4/5

    By ninalowo2020
    Text free Is not more working on my iPhone device why
  • Been using for over 10 yrs 1/5

    By Dav25
    After a long long time of being with them and going through the growing pains now it’s unusable. Says my # is expired even though i had minutes. Use this daily. Cant log in. Keeps giving me new #’s when i try to log in. Dnt know what happened but this just caused/ruined everything for me. I can see im not alone on this issue
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Remiofficial
    After 2 or 3 text message, the app stopped working within 24hrs
  • Works well.. For a few days 2/5

    I was looking for an app that would let me use the number for Twitter verification, and found this app that one of my friends has used before. It’s simple and easy to set up. You get free messages, but to unlock any verification codes you need a subscription. It’s about $10 per month I believe? Anyway, I paid it, no problem. The number worked fine and I was able to verify my Twitter easily. However, after about a week I opened the app again to copy and paste my number.. Only to be logged out. I tried all three login methods, as well as the “Forgot Password” options, but none yielded any results towards getting my account back. I cancelled my subscription through the App Store immediately, but it’s incredibly frustrating (and scammy) that I was only able to use the app for a few days, despite paying the subscription fee, before being mysteriously logged out of my account. I’m assuming it’s now deleted, because providing the only email I use for recovery has only led to the app telling me they can’t find my account. Now, the app isn’t letting me create a new account. It just.. randomly freezes and closes whenever I try. That was even more frustrating, because I was legitimately considering paying for the subscription YET AGAIN. TLDR: Great app for the most part! It gets the job done. However, be careful that your account doesn’t mysteriously disappear with your money like mine did.
  • Super 5/5

    By richardjsdn
    Very useful app now i can talk to my friends and family. Thanks!
  • Send massage 3/5

    By abbey 890
    Hello,I’m problem with my TextFree number when I want to send massage it will say, apologies,your TextFree number was inactive is no longer associated with your account.choose a new one to continue but when I choose the new number it will still said the same thing again please help me out
  • Lost business 1/5

    By danie11erae
    I was paying for the upgraded service of this app for a long time for business purposes. All of the sudden it says my number is not active and I’m stuck in a loop trying to get a new number. I’m so disappointed and I can’t get any customer service to respond.
  • Bad bad 1/5

    By uriel1026
    Lost number & chat history, without any warning after being active and using the service for over a year.. I had over 920 minutes of talk that I had purchased in the past. All gone! No app support either..
  • phone calls 4/5

    By Chai-TA
    unable to really hear calls
  • Its not really free 1/5

    By taz1202
    I tried to use the number it gave me to make another snapchat it told me i have to pay to get verification codes $9.99 a month like what bro
  • Bad experience 5/5

    By Christopher paul Jr
    I registered and subscribed on this app today, tho it was sending messages and receiving also calls was going through and I also receive calls but suddenly now it just stopped sending messages also am not receiving messages and no one is getting my calls please I need help.. I try restarting my phone and still the same
  • App keep saying error🤨 1/5

    By ond3554
    TextFree app keep displaying error while registering here in the states.
  • Hello 5/5

    By Eniolami1
    How are you
  • Rubbish app 1/5

    By solar32
    This app is rubbish totally rubbish I subscribe for monthly plan I can’t text my friends and anyone it won’t send a message is rubbish
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Linda0080
    Nice app
  • Text without message failure 4/5

    By Jamisonwebster
    This app is good but not bad at all but I do need Wi-Fi for this app so yeah
  • Thanks 5/5

    By tysonanna
    When I first got this app I was kind of worried but it makes it easier for me as a mom and as a wife I can get this number to people and know that I’m still safe nobody knows where this number is coming from at me so I feel safe
  • Need to add face unlock 2/5

    By roehan bhakta
    Please add biometry and also all the notification is off on my iPhone and I still getting call notification. Please fix it. Thank you.
  • Great app 5/5

    By the deisel dog F.350
    This is a great app and it’s a great way to get a hold of my friends and family but I have one suggestion. If you can can you make it to where you don’t have to have minutes to call? It would just be easier. But other than that I give 5 stars.
  • Best 5/5

    By Cheema Transport
    Best app that you can use as an app or web version, and they helpfully. I pay $4.99 per month and can call, and also, they always help when needed.
  • Couldn’t really ask for more 5/5

    By #loudhouse
    You need to pay for minutes to call people, but you can still receive incoming calls. Nice to text. I run a food pantry and we don’t have a budget to buy a landline or a number to use. So, we use this textfree app to text clients, so we don’t have to give out our personal numbers. Thank you, text free.
  • It’s very helpful To be able to get a message out when ur phone is not working. 5/5

    By plus one 323
    It Note ndddd
  • Lately 2/5

    By d4vie373
    Been trying to sign up again but the app has been problematic. It prompts you that you already have a account but when you try and sign in with they one won’t work. Also try doing new password and no good. This app use to be awesome not sue what happened.
  • I can’t receive a text I can only send text 2/5

    By Mileschristina
    What is all this rubbish With this App I make a payment of a monthly subscription and I can’t be able to receive any text on my phone again since I make the payments please help me to fix this problem because I really love this app
  • Stopped working 2/5

    By demnalguy
    I don’t know why the app suddenly stopped sending messages and taking calls. Even after I upgraded it to premium. What can I do to fix this?
  • Only sends half the texts 1/5

    By collegexxxgirl
    App is glitchy and when I text people only about half of them go through.
  • Text free is awesome 5/5

    By textermexter104
    Best text app ever so easy to set up I rate it one million stars ⭐️
  • Complain 1/5

    By Mubright
    This app is getting some issue
  • Not getting notifications anymore 2/5

    By andie0983
    I love this app but not getting my notifications anymore after the last update! Please update the app so I can get my notifications?
  • Adequate voice, failure on text 2/5

    By Writer Guy in RI
    While I’ve been able to make and receive calls that are pretty stable, the app is completely unable to send and receive texts.
  • Makes you pay 1/5

    By JenRL31!
    Asking to pay for a verification code text, so not free as they claim!
  • 😡🤬 1/5

    By YxNGAlhaji
    This app having been working perfectly for like weeks now not until fees day it started acting up the message doesn’t go thru smh 🤦‍♀️
  • I’m having issues with my TextFree number I can’t get one exact number 5/5

    By OghanPerry
    I’m having you with my Tex my free number I need my exact number and it keep changing kinky help me with that Thanks
  • Best 5/5

    By keneric342163
    Essay and simple app
  • I love it 5/5

    By Monique Christine
    I like being able to contact people that I wasn’t able to contact before
  • Having problems I’m sending messages or receiving messages 1/5

    By maksrud 4
    I just noticed my messages are not delivered and I can’t receive any messages and the network is very good and strong please I need a help or put me through
  • Minutes 5/5

    By fmddnskxj
    I need more minutes so I can talk to my friends and I promise y’all ain’t nobody gonna wanna be paying y’all’s amount of money just to talk to talk to folks
  • Scam app 1/5

    By beastvim
    When you send messages it doesn’t deliver to the person you sent to , at first it was cool but all of a sudden it become trash 🥹
  • So so 3/5

    By maddisonandviviennne
    So at first it worked and then the app started lagging hard and buffering
  • Brett 5/5

    By brett tarchetti
    It’s a very nice app I will advice y’all to use it as well
  • Hi 5/5

    By phalynaiio
    I love it
  • Good working 5/5

    By babrisky
  • App does not work well 1/5

    By Samman2000
    DO NOT USE APP. I signed up many years ago Built up 700 minutes of talk time Now app is very glitchy and I have been trying to get customer service to help but they do not respond to customers that need help.
  • Update. I want a update 1/5

    By kalib 1
    It has ads at the bottom of the sign that it says type your message. So if you have a update to take out the ads please put it in the Home Screen. Thank you
  • Stop abruptly 1/5

    By nauknw
    It starts working fine then just stops abruptly. Message shows they’re sent but never delivers to the recipient
  • Ten Dollar Per Month 1/5

    By nehslao91
    Wouldn’t let me see text messages without unlocking advanced features for ten dollars per month. A second line is cheaper than that and won’t sell your data.