Textify - Watch Keyboard

Textify - Watch Keyboard

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: On Hand Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
174 Ratings
$ 1.99

Textify - Watch Keyboard App

Textify Keyboard allows you to type messages on your Apple Watch. It is a full QWERTY keyboard that is surprisingly easy to use. Typing messages on an Apple Watch is difficult when you don’t have the Textify Keyboard. You can now type messages on your Apple Watch! AVAILABLE FEATURES This Apple Watch keyboard allows you to type messages in a similar manner that you would on your iPhone. It gives you a full keyboard, the ability to use backspace, and allows you to send the messages you type as text messages. EASY & FUN Typing on this Apple Watch keyboard is easier than you might think, and it is also a fun experience to use such a small keyboard accurately. Add emojis to your texts as well! PRECISE & RESPONSIVE Hover over the keys to make sure you press on the correct key - the key will be highlighted. Get haptic feedback when you go from one key to the other. SWIPE TO TYPE You can swipe to type most common words (138 words available at the moment, will be adding more at each update). Use the crown to get alternatives. AUTOCORRECT Fixes homonyms and other hard-to-spot errors in context. Spots common name errors in context. Easily recognizes slang and informal language. MORE COMING UP We are working towards improving the Text Keyboard experience and would love to hear from you. Send an email to [email protected] I take email feedback seriously and implement the features requested. Note: if the app does not appear automatically, go on the App Store on the Apple Watch and download it. Make sure to leave a 5 star review if you liked it!

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Textify - Watch Keyboard app reviews

  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Ben_Patton
    Not helpful at all.
  • Don’t download this app 1/5

    By RenaenaeM
    This app isn’t worth the $1.99. It won’t let you swipe txt the shortest word let alone long words. Then you cant back space. I’m glad glad it was only $1.99 🤔
  • Refund 1/5

    By bluebirdN
    Can please have a refund? What email can I contact to get a refund?
  • Not Worth It 1/5

    By Calimillie
    This app doesn’t have the ability to integrate with the watch so you can actually REPLY to messages you receive with the keyboard. You’d have to send a new message through the app every time. Big waste.
  • Thumbs Down 1/5

    By bdhwbwkoqnqwhgwvwkqhiw
    Doesn’t work. 11/2030
  • Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By sjdnfjsoajfnf s
    doesn’t work like the feature on your phone. don’t expect much. worse 2 bucks spent
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By milefchik
    Very difficult to figure this out. Poor instructions as to how to use.
  • Don’t waste your money! 1/5

    By Dutchess0224
    This app is more frustrating to use to type on your apple watch then the letter recognition key pad.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By joshyfbaybay
    Doesn’t show up on watch when text is in inbox have to go through the app to text don’t waste your money
  • Textify 1/5

    By Mad Maddy2
    I paid for the app and it didn’t even download onto my Apple Watch
  • Very unhappy 1/5

    By XPLRGiRL!
    I was excited about this. Thinking that it would give me a keyboard on my watch. But it didn’t. Never downloading ever again. Very very very very very very very very very very disappointed If I could give it zero stars I would
  • Would recommend 5/5

    By gia.nna24
    Honestly this app is great and so much better than just writing out the letters. It helps me type faster I would recommend. Only thing is that the screen is small so it may be difficult for some people but overall I’m pleased with it.
  • Virtually impossible to type on watch app 1/5

    By The proofer
    It’s useless to try typing anything with the tiny keyboard app for the watch. Any typing has to be done on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Does not even start 1/5

    By Benita1
    Latest iOS on iPhone SE2: the app does not even start! A crap.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By PhantomNYC34
    Once I realized how to delete one letter at a time instead of the whole word it is so easy! All I had to do was change the settings so, deep press on the screen and select the first option. Now, I can text much easier & faster!
  • Textify 1/5

    By ki194
    It’s alright but I have a series 5 and I don’t like using it and I want a refund but aye 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By jesssssssikkaa
    Save your $2. Definitely not worth it. It takes twice as long as it would to reply without a keyboard. Garbage app.
  • Not happy 2/5

    By Muffyrawr
    I was so excited to download this app and it’s nothing like I thought. The backspace key has no response...I have to click on it at least 5 times to get one letter to delete. The actual letter keys aren’t any better...rarely do they type out the letter you selected. A great idea but needs more work.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sladerman Jones ||||
    This app changed my life. It fixed my divorce and drew me closer with Jesus. I just hope it does the same for all of you.
  • disappointed 1/5

    Needs fix it keeps freezing!!!! I was so excited for this app....
  • I’m Actually Blown Away... 5/5

    By DesignX Security Researching
    It’s a bit hard to explain how this app is. It really just is like a work of art. It feels like it was made for the Apple Watch. It’s better then it’s competitors aka FlickType and Shift. FlickType while useful with its integration to work with other apps is nice it’s jus so small to type on and there’s so many errors. With textify I’m confident while texting co workers. I recommend this for almost any everyday user. One of the best paid apps I’ve tested.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Pari_O
    The app was very easy to use, simple and intuitive!
  • No 1/5

    By NIJA💕
    It did not download on my app after I bought it and should get my money back.to me I think this was a big scam😒
  • App didn’t show up on watch ? 1/5

    By MikeJZ
    Where is it?
  • No 1/5

    By orange juiceeee
    I paid for the app but it didn’t appear on my watch or when it tried to type
  • Life saver 5/5

    By johnny the app reviewer
    Exactly what I was looking for!
  • Very Helpful! 5/5

    By kevreviews
    I really enjoy being able to type what i want to text someone else on the apple watch. Thanks for developing the app.