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The Arizona Republic Print App

The Arizona Republic e-Newspaper The e-Newspaper is a digital replica of The Arizona Republic print edition that allows you to flip the pages, scan the headlines, read the stories and view the ads. Features Download the app and enjoy in-depth coverage of topics you’re most passionate about, including watchdog reporting that informs and connects and exciting stories that entertain and inspire. With award-winning journalists, engaging columnists and compelling content, it is Arizona’s top source for news and information. The e-Newspaper is updated with the day’s print edition each morning, and keeps you in the know like no one else.

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  • Absolutely horrible 1/5

    By A,ta
    Even though we pay for this religiously, half the time it says we need a subscription. Today it won’t open at all. If I didn’t love my daily newspaper, I would be gone so fast your head would be spinning.
  • Difficult to access 1/5

    By Hfgsxqwertyfdfhssjkkotfvnsfh
    The application requires a password every time you access the app. This is silly since the web version has not requested a password for more than a year. Since passwords cannot be stored, you have to waste time. Additionally the app does not pull the data until you want to read it. This means either no info if offline or a fuzzy pdf while it downloads.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By jh85255
    The login process is inconsistent. I had a subscription thru iTunes which worked well for about 3 months but then I couldn’t login. I cancelled that and subscribed thru the paper directly. It worked for 2days and then stopped again. The companion app works (with too many ads)
  • One Star Because Zero Not An Option 1/5

    By Sibpolice
    The app is not reliable at all, the only thing worse is their customer service. I have used it successfully, then it will give me a message when I select an edition that says “We’re sorry! You need a subscription to azcentral to be able to access the edition. Already a subscriber? Please activate your account.” When I do that I get a message “This subscription is already associated with an account.” I called the help line and the person I got very abruptly told me “Update your app and it will work”. I am using an iPad app. I have the latest version and when I re-downloaded the app since there was no option to update, I had the same result both on the phone and the iPad. It’s bad enough most of the news is fake, but the help is as well!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Sundance123456789
    Tried to download but it’s just circles back to the same page.
  • Very unreliable 1/5

    By Asujerry
    The “special” USA edition is only available every so often, not daily. Nobody answers the phones at customer service. Chat is never available. The emails are handled by agents in India. The sentence structure and grammar make this quite obvious. Totally useless. Such a letdown from THE newspaper in the fifth largest city in the United States.
  • Too Bad 2/5

    By RMW111
    Extremest left wing, loaded with unfair misrepresentations. It is too bad that this propaganda is presented as unbiased news reporting.
  • Read at your own risk. 1/5

    By Bucaru
    Just deleted the app. AZ Republic limits what you are able to read either the exception of their liberal opinion pieces which you ARE able to read in entirety. All of their option writers are liberal. What’s that say about the rest of the paper.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Phoenix Cindy
    I have been using this app on my iPad for several years with minimal problems (I am a paid subscriber). Lately I cannot get through the first section without it crashing. The print / share function doesn’t work anymore. I just tried it on a galaxy tablet and it is working a little better. I prefer to use my iPad and wish it would get fixed. Do the developers ever read these reviews, if so, FIX IT!
  • Share button does nothing! 2/5

    By Azarlene
    Never had any problems with this app till the last update! Share button does nothing, can’t print or share at all. Update said bug fixes but all I see is one created! Can I roll back the update? I saw another reviewer has this same problem 10/10/ 10/16....please fix!
  • Fix one bug create another-no printing now 1/5

    By carmccor
    I tried to print the sports line up for the weekend as usual and there is no response at all to touching the icon....
  • As of Dec 27 2016 4/5

    By Wingman8708
    Revised 10/10/18 With revision 2.9.10 the share function does not operate. Cannot print or share any article. Needs to be fixed I've been using this for the last month with no, that is no, problems. Login is consistent. I can view two pages at a time and zoom in to read a specific article. If the specific article appears on the right side, click on the "X" and it goes away. I use it on my desktop and iPad without it crashing. I print out the crossword puzzles and do them there. I suggest anyone try this app again and see what they get. Merry Christmas.
  • Link for sharing inactive on iPad since IOS12.0 1/5

    By TrishB51
    Posting this here because the so-called “app support” link just takes you to Gannett, the publisher. Nothing there links you to actually app support. Since upgrading my iPad to an iPad Pro running iOS12.0, the link for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, email, etc, hasn’t functioned. The other icons next to the sharing icon work. This needs to be fixed!
  • No stars should be an option 1/5

    By rebellee
    This app worked great until the update. Now it won’t open. Unhappy subscriber here.
  • Absolutely Terrible 1/5

    By Ea6bpilot
    Finally got the app to work. Worked ok for a few weeks. Then I was out of the country for a week and inexplicably I get a message that I can’t see the print edition if I’m logging on from Europe. Huh? Then I get home and it doesn’t work at all again. Just keeps telling me to “Activate” my account. When I do that it just sits there spinning for not doing anything. Called the phone # twice and they were completely useless. THIS APP SUUUUUCKS!!!!
  • Yet another unhappy subscriber 1/5

    By wont send a bad review
    Tried to read an article and expected it to appear on right side text box. Switched to ads on azcentral website with no exit possible. Yet again had to delete newspaper app and reload. Why do you offer an on-line version of paper if you cannot maintain it? It is as bad as your physical delivery of the paper was.
  • Lack of updates 2/5

    By Dumb cars
    Concept is awesome but lots of little bugs that serious detract from the app. What’s really disappointing is that there are no updates to address these pesky bugs.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Jabo Jolinsky
    This app simply has bad functionality. I am not sure what the problem is but I am suspicious that too much attention is given to ad sales and not enough attention to smooth operating.
  • There is so much to improve here 1/5

    By Jazz 2498
    If all the content here was also on the azcentral app, I wouldn’t complain. But no. There are certain articles only on the “Arizona Republic.” They could learn some things from papers like the Yuma Sun that do online print editions right or at least way more than here. Here are some big problems with the app. 1)Oversensitivity: The pages are just way too sensitive. I could be trying to adjust the page I’m on but instead the thing flips me to the next page. Or I’m looking at one article but because my finger also taps the title of another article as I’m adjusting, it now opens up that article. 2)Opening Articles to only 1/2 a Screen: I get the idea of clicking an article and you open it up to a page where you can scroll down the entire story without interruption. You don’t have to read and then flip to whatever random page the rest of the story is on. That makes sense. WHAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, is providing this feature and it fills up only 1/2 of the screen if even that. Why do I have to awkwardly read the story at only the bottom part of my screen? There’s all this other screen space that could be used but no. It’s wasted. I have NEVER seen a news app do that. When you click on a story you want to read, it fills the whole screen. Period. 3) Crashes/poor separation: this kind of relates to 1 but the app seems confused as to what’s all of page 4 or page 8. I click “fit” but it only does a part of a page so what am I fitting it to? Plenty of times I look at pages and I can’t even tell where I’m at. Eventually the app either crashes or bounces me to some random page or menu. Please either convert all the content to the azcentral app, fix this app, or kill it.
  • Still worthless 1/5

    By Hikesedona
    It has been almost a year since an update to this unusable app. Too many different types of errors to even mention.
  • Nonfunctional 1/5

    By novokuznetsk
    "No Feed Present" then crashes. And crashes. And crashes again. Don't bother with this bush league excuse for an app.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By MsDawney
    Why can't the main newspaper in the 6th largest city in the U.S. create a digital subscription app that actually works? Are they trying to keep us reliant on the print edition? Hire someone who can fix this.
  • Problems with 2/21/17 edition 1/5

    By JW9999Ball
    Can't read all the pages on today's edition (2/21/17). Today, some of the pages come in blank on my iPad. There are also issues with sizing the page to match the screen size. I tried yesterday's edition (2/20/17) and see no problems but today's edition has problems.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Bobinyuma
    Doesn't work on iPad Pro 12.9. But does on iPad Air.
  • Wasted app 1/5

    By PaulD1051
    Waste of money to subscribe to. Pop up ads block much. Constant log ins needed.
  • Can't even log in 1/5

    By Jolugo123
    This app is very bad. I can't even log in. Wished I'd tested it before paying for a yearly subscription.
  • App continues to be terrible 1/5

    By MickyC6625
    No matter how many updates, this app continues to underperform. This latest update is no better. Text is still very slow to load and there is no way to re-download an edition if you need to. At least once a week, an edition will download incompletely. The pages will be smaller than normal and half the pages will have no text. When this happens, you're stuck. There is no way to clear the edition and re-download. You simply don't get to read the paper that day. I can't say enough bad things about this app, so I'll just stop here.
  • Broken 1/5

    By KraterKen
    The sign up process is annoying, as it only tells one what qualifies as a password after a password has been entered, twice. After signing up I was unable to actually read any articles, first because articles do not fit on the screen and the resize function does nothing. Next, adds that cannot be dismissed (because the go-away button is off the screen) start popping up.
  • Needs iPad Pro optimization 3/5

    By azcards09
    I really hope the next version of this app adds support for native iPad Pro resolution. In the current version, pages look a bit fuzzy on the iPad Pro as the app upscales to fill the screen. I should have to pinch to zoom in to make the text readable, at least not on an iPad Pro.
  • Need to login 1/5

    By Yahoo Eh
    Need to set up an account, no thanks. Delete.
  • Az print 1/5

    By Merchere
    Terrible. All of a sudden can't connect. How about no stars?
  • Very similar to the print version 1/5

    By Azjacko
    It's just as crappy. Slow to load, crashes often and takes up a lot of space on my iPad. Unfortunately, cannot be used to line cat box or wrap fish, so it is worthless.
  • Not working well 1/5

    By ftrich59
    This app was a bit clunky in the first place, but I've stuck with it to reduce my environmental footprint and getting rid of the print edition. However, since adding the ads at the bottom of the page (when you tap on an article to see the text version), many times now the ad takes up the bottom half of my phone's screen and gets locked up, not allowing me to read the article. The only way for me to read is to pinch and zoom. Not ideal and I'm really getting tired of it. Will soon be cancelling subscription if this keeps up.
  • clunky and almost unusable 1/5

    By mct29
    Updated review... After fixing some if the problems mentioned below and getting to point where I can at least read the articles, they have made a terrible decision to add even more advertising! Every time you read an article in the pane window, you have to scroll past an additional ad first. Very annoying and time consuming! This is a paid subscription and you see the ads that were place in the paper already. If they don't remove these soon, they will be losing a long time subscriber. This is one of the worst apps I have used! For a paid subscription no less!! Went to digital after having ongoing delivery problems (and to be greener)... But this is almost more frustrating.... I'm getting Sunday in print because I can't stand to use this app for long enough to read the Sunday edition. -Logging in every other day is really annoying - the app should hold those credentials and check in the background that you are current or at most ask once a month since we pay monthly for the service. Like another reviewer noted - this is not a bank. Would be less annoying if the app actually worked well once you get in. - Some days the paper isn't complete - missing the key news sections and it is never fixed even when you call to report it so you miss that day's paper entirely. - Format is inconsistent - some days the tap area for the articles is right some days you have to hunt and peck around to get the article you want to appear in the reading window. Some days the pages are a different size. - The app is very slow to load the paper, even a shorter daily edition. - If you try to zoom in to actually read an article in the paper view it takes forever to focus and often doesn't on the first try. - The reading pane now contains ads with motion for another republic app - it is really hard to read with this ad flashing at you continuously. Today it is in the middle of every article! -The app does not consistently hold your place in the paper... If you minimize to check mail or open another app, it often puts you back on the front page and you have to find your place. - Reading pane doesn't always load the whole article. It is designed to load the continuation of an article on multiple pages but sometimes doesn't, then you have to hunt around for it. -The ad inserts are not included. You have to go find the ads online for groceries on Wed and the major retailers on Sunday. Since those are prepped weeks ahead, I don't see why those can't be included for browsing. - Puzzles can't be used or printed. - Aesthetically awful app too, but if it actually worked that wouldn't be an issue Gannett should be embarrassed by this app! It is not like this is a small market newspaper ... We are the 4 th largest city by population in the country here in Phoenix. I don't know what they use for other papers in their portfolio but one of them must have something better. Functionality of this app reminds me of slow clunky apps that first appeared in the App Store when iPad was first introduced. Please hire some developers and put out a quality app that works.
  • No Stars 1/5

    By AZBRS
    This app is a disaster. One would think a media company would know what works in a good app -- not the case with this one. It would be more effective to post PDFs of individual pages than what they are trying to foist on the users. Slow, inefficient, you name it. Simply pages from a newspaper (?) that is a day old when it is initially posted.
  • Poor Execution 1/5

    By sandruby7
    Unable to delete prior stored editions. Articles unable to focus thus unreadable. Pages jumping forward while attempting to maximize the page. Crashing out while attempting to download the current edition. No links to return to the original page when following article links. I appreciate the opportunity to read the paper online but there needs to be immediate improvements made in order to make this app usable.
  • App not working 1/5

    By The Jeffry abides
    After logging on, sign on screen reappears with error message "unable to access enewspaper". The PC-based access works fine. But the iPad version is moot working.
  • Newspaper won't load 1/5

    By Maxipaf
    Every time that I open the app I get a message that says "could not find enewspaper" yet I get a notification every day about how there is a new paper. The app support button just takes you to Gannett's home page. Don't waste your money on this one.
  • Works like it suppose to! 4/5

    By Triko3
    Over the last couple of decades I have enjoyed holding a newspaper in my hands. I was reluctant to go digital, but I made the jump with no regrets! Gives the impression of a newsstand paper, thanks!
  • Offline mode doesn't work. 2/5

    By markburt
    Prior to this latest version the app would automatically download the entire edition so you could read it while not connected to the Internet. With this new version there is a setting for offline mode that is supposed to do the same thing. But I found that it only stores a low resolution copy of pages you haven't read yet and requires you to connect to the Internet to finish downloading the page. This doesn't work for me on my iPad when I'm trying to read the rest of the paper on my vanpool to work. And, yes, I wait until the edition finishes downloading before disconnecting from the Internet but many images and some text are still low resolution when I try to read them offline. Please fix this!
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Asmorian
    This app is unreliable and frustrating. The newest one has lots of bugs that many times prevents you from reading text or items such as comics or text under photos. It's supposed to allow you to select the article and then render it in larger font to read....don't count on it. I changed to fully online due to a move. If they don't fix these issues, I may just forgo renewing my subscription.
  • Make sign-in automatic! 3/5

    By Jdavid5555
    Good app, but I'd use it much more if I didn't have to sign in every time. Very annoying!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Waiting4better
    Couldn't be much worse if they spent years trying. Doesn't remember login can't display full stories. They should remove this from app store
  • Unwieldy 1/5

    By suible
    Unwieldy, slow and awkward. I read newspapers online every day. And this may not be the worst, but worst of those I read. Do people actually pay to read the paper using this app? Wow! Has anyone at the paper heard of user friendly? Or, more likely, do they think this app will keep subscribers from turning to better papers? Has anyone at the Republic ever actually used this app? Surely not. It is seriously unfriendly. PDF forms. What century are they in? I'm helping an older friend learn to learn the app. Ummmm is a bad, very bad experience. Seriously bad. Finding an article, difficult. Crossword puzzles, a different garbage app you have to download. Could this app be worse? Possibly, but one would have to work at it.
  • No printing?! 1/5

    By Lmallens
    Just tried this app again. Still can't find a way to print an article or crossword puzzle. No thanks.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By 1234Unhappy1234
    I generally like the app but a couple of bugs are making it less pleasant to use. 1. Ever since the extra USA Today content was added, the text is blurrier than it ever was before when looking at a full page without zoom. It was always a little blurry, but at least you could read most articles enough to know what you wanted to zoom in to read. 2. When in "pages" view, I can never get it to scroll past section "A" to choose pages from other sections. This seems to have been this way for quite a while.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By DebiVO
    This app is sluggish. Quits all the time. I have to log back in all the time. Weak.
  • Almost makes me like hard copy better 1/5

    By RayHAz
    This app is slow. It forgets my login most days, so it's like logging on to my bank – but who needs that security for the newspaper? Then it loads… first that bar across the top, then the % downloaded part at the bottom. 5-10 minutes of waiting! Then you zoom in on an article, and it's blow-up fuzzy… while it tries to load in higher-quality pictures of text on top of the fuzzy stuff. Exact replica of the newspaper? Yes, if you have time to wait. I tried reading the paper before heading off to work in the morning, but dealing with this app made me more stressed than my 60 mile commute to Tucson. One more month, and I'm canceling.
  • Do not download this app 1/5

    By lv311
    I immediately deleted this app after downloading it after I discovered it was just screenshots of the newspaper . A terrible view! If I could give less than one star I would. Take the time to develop an actual digital version of the paper. Apple should have never approved this App!

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