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The Atlantic Magazine app reviews

  • Unable to download 5/5

    By Hydro trouble
    I am a print subscriber and I tried many times on my iPad to download the magazine. I finally got the magazine home page to open but the articles did not open. I tried to download this months magazine and it started but failed to download.
  • Magazine no longer downloading 1/5

    By Meditator11111111
    Same issue as other recent comments. My subscription is up for renewal. While I love the articles, I’m not interested in receiving a print version. If this isn’t resolved by the time my subscription ends, I will not be renewing. Please address and issue an update.
  • Terribly Buggy 1/5

    By Craig_not_taken
    Sometimes it just crashes. I am unable to download any magazines. I created an account in the app, but now I can only login to the website which doesn’t recognize my subscription. Don’t waste your money until they update it!
  • No longer downloading 1/5

    Historically have loved this app, but today it suddenly stopped downloading, on both my iPad and iPhone. Not a network issue, rebooting doesn’t help, just endless little ‘status progress circle’ every time I try to download a new issue (October or November). Not very useful to me if I can’t download my issues
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By lesquire17
    As a new print subscriber, I had looked forward to reading issues on my iPad as well. But when I try to open a magazine, all I get is a spinning wheel. I logged out and logged back in, but nothing changed.
  • Hung link process 1/5

    By 9582U
    When I linked this app to my subscription by entering my address, the process hung and was not interruptable
  • Useless app 1/5

    By User7maast
    Useless app that won’t allow you to register even if everything works on the site. And support simply send you the steps you can find online, and dodge requests for refund....
  • No search function! 2/5

    By sportmanatg
    Everything else is fine, BUT NO SEARCH FUNCTION!! This is absurd in 2018 and I hope the fix it soon.
  • Can’t link my subscription 1/5

    By Tony Hinchcliffe
    Not a good app. I love the Atlantic, but I’m very disappointed in this app. Everyone I try to link my subscription, it freezes, and I have to delete the app to try again. Failed 5 times in a row. I give up
  • Working well now (update) 4/5

    By Johnrite
    Happy again with this. Have always been happy with The Atlantic. Thanks for the follow up. I’ve been a print subscriber for many years. I’d love to be able to reliably read Atlantic on my iPad, but I rarely do because it gives me nothing but trouble. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve paired the app with my subscription only to have it disconnect a few weeks later and force me through a cumbersome process again. For the past couple of months it gives me a blank screen when I try to pair it with my print subscription. It’s been troublesome trough so many releases that I’ve nearly given up. I come back after many months away to give it one more try, only to be frustrated again. Can’t imagine why it’s so hard for a top notch outfit to get its app right.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Candy Sweet Tooth Man
    Downloaded app on iPad. Says update required visit App Store. Go to App Store. All it says is Open. No update option. Nice app.
  • Continually unlinks 1/5

    By flamingnut
    We’re having repeated issues with this app disconnecting, though we pay for the print version and are linked. It is frustrating to experience the same issue over and over, and the app crashes before we can get the logins straightened out.
  • Loses location 1/5

    By ChuckGouin
    Even if I don’t close the app out I lose my place. Very frustrating with longer articles and have to find my place again. Needs to be fixed or I won’t renew.
  • Refuses login 1/5

    By Transcontinental listener
    Just subscribed and downloaded this app—but although I can log in via browser without a hitch, the app rejects my user/password—with no information about what is incorrect. Have tried setting new password, and still doesn’t work.
  • Great content, app now dead (don’t update!) 1/5

    By iGreeley
    One of the best monthly magazines now feels like a B-minus blog. Who thought that this was a good update? Content remains excellent, but app is non-functional. Goes to white and doesn’t open. Don’t update!
  • Can’t get it to work 1/5

    By Sneer0
    I subscribed to the digital version of the Atlantic. Want to read it on my phone. But after downloading the app three times now and trying to set up the subscription (why does this have to be so cumbersome??I I give up. The app simply freezes, or rather gives me a spinning wheel that never ends. Only solution: delete the app and try again. This doesn’t bode well. I guess I better switch to the paper version. Maybe Atlantic is too old school to be read on a phone.
  • Works great now 5/5

    By Captlonestar
    Updated to 5 stars. Works great now
  • Great Magazine, Awful App 1/5

    By ajrinam
    I've given up on trying to get the app to work on my iPad2. Maybe it has something to do with Apple's failure (refusal?) to update the OS beyond 9.3 on older iPads, although that doesn't seem to impact the functioning of any of my other pre-10 apps. But now I just patiently wait for the hard copy to arrive in the mail and carry it along with me for good reading on my plane, train, and ferry trips.
  • Basic functions needed 3/5

    By Bob Anagram
    I love how the app generally remembers where you are in an article. I hate how you cannot SEARCH for an article or subject. (Are we not digital here, rather than analogue?) I love how in can download magazines for reading on trips overseas and on airplanes. I hate how you cannot zoom in on an image. Just some basic functionality would make this app serve readers betters. But overall, it works.
  • Basically useless app 1/5

    By mecarboy
    Freezes on startup, reinstalling does not solve problem. Guess I will keep reading the print copy. The app is a waste of space on an iPad.
  • Highlight function please :) 4/5

    By AletheaAy
    I am an online subscriber and primarily read the Atlantic on my phone. Though I sometimes switch to the website for when I’m citing for academic papers. I read wide and constantly and often things I’ve read on here I’d love to be able to flag as I go and quickly reference. Please add a highlighting and notes feature ! And the AppStore/Atlantic interplay is simple enough in terms of billing but frustrating when signing in. Thanks!
  • One major problem 3/5

    By Baileycarlson9196
    I love this app. It works so well when I don’t have time to bring the print version with me, or when I’m on the go. I love that I don’t have to read the articles in a PDF type format—but instead each one is sorted into a completely digitized and easy to read version. My problem is that there is no way to save where I am in an article if I decide to finish reading it later. Every time I close the app I open it back up and I have to find where I was reading last, which is quite difficult considering that many of the articles are in long essay format. Please add a feature that remembers where I am in each article!
  • Cant update 1/5

    By wojay
    It keeps telling me to update App from App Store. Even after I do that it doesn't seem to work. I have the latest iOS update for my machine, (an older IPad) So for now I have no access to app.
  • Searching for search 1/5

    By Baskinase
    Would it be asking too much to request a search function?
  • No Search? 2/5

    By Traveling Ken
  • Won't work on iPad mini 9.3.5 1/5

    By Thromulator
    The app allows you download the older version of the app that is compatible with the highest iOS available to this iPad mini but as soon as you load it the app tells you that you must update the app and you cannot use it unless you do. Not sure why it would let you download it if it's unusable. Will probably have to cancel the subscription now.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By kytjtfjy
    My husband purchased the subscription through the app. We have family Sharing turned on and it’s an app feature. But it does NOT work. Don’t expect to share the Atlantic if you purchase through the App Store. Total rip off. You can’t even live chat to problem solve. Just get a “no account” message. Don’t purchase through the App Store.
  • Okay 3/5

    By srish
    Love that one can adjust the font size on this app. My biggest frustration is losing my place while using this app: if I switch over to a different app, I lose my place in the article and/or magazine.
  • Inexplicably uncooperative 2/5

    By TruOptimist
    I have been a subscriber to the Atlantic magazine for over 30 years. Today, I am lying in bed sick and I thought I would use my iPad to read the Atlantic online. I am told that it needs an update and I should go to the App Store. I go to the App Store and apparently it is already updated. I reopen the Atlantic software and I'm told I need to go to the App Store. What is the point of having all these devices if we spend our entire lives updating every app every day? What a waste of my time. No, I am not going to unsubscribe. I am just going to voice my frustration that one of the few ethical bastions of journalism is giving me the runaround with their stupid app.
  • No longer functions on I-pad 1/5

    By Will h3
    No longer works on my I-Pad. Tells me an update is required but none is available. Has been this way for more than two months. unacceptable, especially for a paid subscription!
  • lame handling of mandatory upgrade 3/5

    By elektronen
    New version of app requires iOS 10, but for those stuck at iOS 9 (original iPad Mini), last 'compatible' version of app is offered, but then this pops up 'update required' over and over after you launch the app, until you give up. This is a sucky way to handle this - just tell your users of barely-obsolete tech upfront that they can piss off.
  • Can’t access saved articles offline 3/5

    By CHR-Seattle
    On my iPhone 7+ with iOS 10, I saved 3 articles to read offline later. When I went to read them offline, I was told no articles were saved. In settings, however, it says I have saved 3 articles using a total of several MB. So they are there but not accessible. Frustrating. Other than that sore point, I’m generally happy with the app. Love the content.
  • Only works if you have iOS-10 3/5

    By Pebble 57 user
    Works fine on my iPhone, with iOS-10, but not on iPad which for some reason I can't upgrade to iOS-10.
  • No offline reading 1/5

    By Matthew PDX
    I’m a magazine subscriber and since the newest release I haven’t been able to read the articles offline on my iPad. The app works well when connected to WiFi but if you’re like me and use your iPad for reading on flights then it’s a complete waste of time. I’ve been hopeful they were going to release a fix by now and I’ll change my review/rating as soon as this major flaw is fixed.
  • C'mon. Fix the app! 1/5

    By Masoon2313
    I can't get new subscription or my archived versions. How hard can this be? Seriously.
  • Magazine is great - but this app is far below sub-par 1/5

    By BayouJefe
    Rather than listing complaints, suffice to say that over the 2 years, it seems that everything that can wrong, goes wrong. Blank screens, current episodes unavailable, and limited help. For such a great and esteemed magazine, it’s shocking how bad the app is
  • Update works only on IOS 10 1/5

    By Coripe
    If you own an iPad three years or more old, it doesn't upgrade to 10, so no more access to The Atlantic. You just lost a big audience.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By chriscrans
    Keeps telling me I need to update the app at the Apple Store. There is no update. So instead... A black screen
  • Why did you destroy a good thing? 1/5

    By Ssgrf
    I opened my app, and got a screen msg telling me to update my app. I went to do just that and there is no update to be had. I preferred reading the magazine through my app, and accessing the articles there as well, as opposed to the website. Fix this, or risk losing a subscriber. My impression of the magazine business is that paid subscribers are a valuable commodity. Pay attention to them. There are enough bad reviews here to learn from.
  • Still not there 2/5

    By WStGA
    Still asking me for login details. Even though I have a print subscription that I have linked to the app, there appears to be no option to select appropriately. I didn’t buy via iTunes; I am a print subscriber BUT I have used the app before. In any case, selecting this option takes me to a blank screen. Infuriating. Meanwhile, the Atlantic sends me ludicrously early reminders to renew my subscription, which doesn’t expire for another year at least. How hard can it be to fix this?
  • No no no 1/5

    By realmadrid4
    This is almost there, id just like to not ha e to try to relink my account over and over. Also loved that you used to predownload articles, flip to airplane mode and still read. The latest UI overhaul caused major login issues. Latest smaller update didn't fix any issues linking to my Atlantic subscription.
  • Love the magazine, don't love the app 1/5

    By Janed396747465284
    Update: since the iOS update it’s no longer possible to log into the Atlantic app as a subscriber. You just get a blank screen. What’s the point of subscribing. I don’t want to read the paper magazine only! Fabulous magazine, great content. App has some pain points. First, I periodically and mysteriously get logged out of the app and logging back in is a huge hassle. Be great if I could just stay logged in. Second, if I flip the screen all the text gets smushed together and weird, and the only way to fix it is to completely shut down the app (not just close, but force quit). Third, if I close my iPad or power off with the app open, the text gets all wonky and the app has to be force quit to reset.
  • App no longer works on iPad 2 & Earlier 1/5

    By TripleJ82
    Open the Atlantic Mag today 10-04-2017 and you will receive "Update Required " message. You can't open the app ever again. Check your software under Settings - General - Software Update, and you will have the latest version of 9.35 on your iPad 2. Call into Atlantic Mag Customer Service, get transferred twice, and they will tell you that you must have IOS 10. This is the 1st time I that was effectively told me that I must buy a new IPad to continue accessing my paid subscription. Terrible way to treat a long time customer subscriber.
  • Brilliant articles held hostage 1/5

    By Phaedrus1
    By garbage technology that prevents subscribers from reading articles.
  • Impossible to access for subscribers 1/5

    By Roachcoach77
    Theoretically great... if you could actually get to the content you’ve paid for. Figure it out.
  • No option to Unsubscribe from daily emails 1/5

    By Dave McA
    Unfortunately I signed up for daily emails, and now cannot stop them coming.
  • Only a paywall now 1/5

    By Aqua TRock
    You used to be able to read stories without a subscription. You only needed that for the magazine articles. Now to access anything you need some type of subscription. For what it's worth you can still access Atlantic stories through the Apple news app.
  • Unable to link to existing subscription 1/5

    By MarkPEngineet
    Once app updated I was unable to view content until my print subscription was linked. If instructions are followed You get a blank page without any way to actually complete the linking process. Emailed support twice with no response. App is now useless. Bring back the old app!
  • Why such a buggy app? 1/5

    By dan8901
    Asks me to link subscription. Click to do so and up pops an empty window. No access via the app.

The Atlantic Magazine app comments

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