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The BACH App

Bachelorette party planning made easy. Join the 100,000+ parties planning the perfect trip on BACH. From party buses in Nashville to private yachts in Miami, you can browse and book all the best local experiences for your party directly in the app. We know how stressful planning group events can be—so when you book with BACH, you get these planning perks: - Change of plans? Most of our bookable experiences offer a generous cancellation policy making it easy to plan with confidence. - Save big for the group—get the lowest price possible on fun activities and home rentals. - We'll handle any back and forth coordinating with the vendor for you. BACH is also packed with helpful planning tools that take the headache out of planning, keeping all your party plans in one place. All in the app, you'll be able to: - Invite guests - Launch polls - Create your shared itinerary - Group chat - Track and split expenses (no more spreadsheets!) Download BACH to get your party started.

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The BACH app reviews

  • Too frustrating to use 2/5

    By Fielder96
    Our group for a bachelor weekend got the app mostly for communication. We found the chat feature pretty much unusable. It’s almost impossible to look back at previous messages because the page is constantly refreshing and re-adjusting itself. We also were always getting logged out of the app and were missing notficiations for messages. We started just using FB messenger instead
  • Going to need to re-brand 5/5

    By Annemarieess
    This makes not just bachelorette parties, but all group event planning a breeze. So much opportunity for growth outside of bachelor/ettes and into larger partnership deals! Just need to change the name!
  • Poor Quality 2/5

    By Tubby263
    Everytime i click anything or try to add info the screen goes white … nice app, nice to see options, hard to create itinerary or event without getting a blank page. Please fix
  • Liked the App 4/5

    By Tiffany.Jean
    I loved that we could organize our plans with or without reservations. We wanted a guideline to follow with some wiggle room. The app put us in contact with the places we wanted to make reservations with. Worked out perfect. I think over time with them growing they will get more vendors but was nice putting the ones we were already working with on the schedule and budget. I loved that we could do polls to see what we should do vs not do. I loved the budget feature! To see what everyone would be paying or needed to pay a particular person. Easy way to plan a realistic budget. I made a few changes with the customer service team. They were great and quick. My only challenge was if some of the party was not joining certain events, it didn't give the option to pick the people or head count.
  • Not impressed. 2/5

    By Natschultz
    I downloaded this app to try to help with planing my bachelorette party, but you can’t even look at the experiences. I’ve typed super general stuff into the search bar like “restaurant” and “nail salon” and it comes up saying there’s no results for my search. I’ll be deleting.
  • Most of the way there 4/5

    By Sail6710
    Largely, as a participant, I found the app to be very useful. It was a great way to keep communication flowing among the group and keep track of expenses. Some of our members had trouble getting alerts, but I did not. The biggest improvement I would suggest regards the expenses. The default method is to pay each expense separately. As a group, we opted for a spreadsheet at the end of the weekend to minimize transactions. It would be much easier if your ledger showed the balance between individuals rather than two separate values between each. Incorporating Splitwise would be a game changer.
  • Love the idea 5/5

    By Chloedoman
    I love this app! There are a few enhancements that could be made. I would love if they added events and live music performances for the week of travels. Maybe some more restaurant recommendations. Super easy to book, and we had a blast on all of our reservations! Would definitely use this app again.
  • Spoofed 1/5

    By [email protected]@ ??????????
    After the bride signed me up for this app, my phone number got spoofed. I get many many calls and texts a day from random people stating I had called them first. I’m not the only one in the party this happened to
  • Improvements on the way 5/5

    By Blue Bleu Blue
    I’m a very first user of the app. I have to say that over the last couples of months, they’ve pulled off a lot of cool stuff. Sometimes there is a bug here and there, but every time I wrote to them, they valued my feedback and even got in touch with me when they fixed the issue or made an improvement. I read some negative reviews here and felt like I need to speak. Yes, it’s true that the app needs improvements and has some glitches. But the fact that they listen and they are trying their best should be appreciated. I like the newest update on their market place page. I can search and filter with lots of fun events. I booked Private Charter last year for a friend’s bachelorette party and it was super fun! Another friend asked me to be MOH because of that and I booked it again for this summer over their boat sale. Can’t wait!
  • Scrolling 2/5

    By darbyfell
    I have major issues trying to scroll back to old chat messages, it will jump around and I lose my place if I touch it. Really hard to find messages from the MOH to the point where I’m just screenshotting everything in case I need to read it later.
  • Fine for planning, but DO NOT BOOK VENDORS 1/5

    By gina_mcsorley
    This app is good to have everything organized, but I would not recommend booking vendors through them. The two that I did BOTH had miscommunications due to the app and I ended up having to pay more money after booking. Also, customer service isn’t available during the weekend (aka when you’re using the vendors) which is seriously an issue. Anyways, just book vendors directly through their sites.
  • Needs a note section! 4/5

    By Kaitty_bug
    Would love to see an update on the app that allows planners to take notes associated with the party. Such as games, decor, what the bach wants, etc.
  • Easiest way to plan! 5/5

    By HmcPhersoneather
    This is my 3rd bachelorette utilizing the Bach app! It makes communicating, planning, and gathering opinions so much easier! It also suggests popular activities, dinners, and hot spots! 10/10 recommend using for planning a great bachelorette!
  • Good app, but has some glitches 4/5

    By fLexJB
    Overall, while planning my Bach, this app has been great. It comes with a lot of ideas for the city you’re going to and is a great way to keep track and message folks as a whole, especially if you have a larger party and don’t wanna do an annoying group text every time you have an update. My only complaint is that the app logs you out almost automatically when you exit out of it, so you end up missing updates and stuff when anyone messages the group in the app. I had all of my girls turn on their notifs, but that didn’t matter when I was sending updates there because since they got logged out unknowingly, they never got them. Other than that one issue, it is a good app and has a lot of promise, just needs that one thing fixed to be pretty perfect for party planning!!!
  • Left to go back to iMessage group chat 2/5

    By Ashlia27
    A Fiancée here and I decided to use this app as a communication center for my 6 bridesmaids. After the 5th complaint, we decided to just communicate through iMessage. The app is a cute idea but it’s glitchy and can’t upload pictures.
  • Horrible Experience 1/5

    By Hurley.K.C
    We booked a boat and bus through the Bach. Worst experience ever. We had 17 girls for my bachelorette party. They were late arriving to the house, then 20 mins later the bus starts smoking and the driver pulls over in a gas station where we waited 1.5 hours for another bus that never came. We ended up ubering to the lake. When they came back to get us they brought a sprinter van that didn’t fit us all.. not what we paid for. Now they are refusing to give us a refund for services not delivered.
  • Never planning a trip without it! 5/5

    By Magpie Wilson
    This app made a trip for 10 women traveling from all over the place to a foreign country absolutely seamless. I am an event producer and an organizational freak and I am officially obsessed with this app as a planning tool.
  • Inefficient Systems 3/5

    By emsdiver1033
    We are signed up with The BACH as a vendor and have found many shortcomings with the way their system is set up. As a vendor, you have a portal, but can not see much information, nor edit it from the vendor side. In order to see details of your event, you have to sign up for the App as a customer, start a party and then find yourself. Once you do, any changes that need to be made must be sent to them via email to make, you can’t simply edit your listing. When you get a booking, they send you information, and you send an invoice to The BACH to be paid, but they require you discount the invoice by the amount of the agreed upon commission, rather than simply taking their commission from what you are owed. We also ran into a few issues that our listing wasn’t populating correctly using the search filters. These issues seem to be resolved, for now, after pushing them to address it. We’ve gotten a couple bookings from there, nothing crazy yet. Overall, it seems to be poorly designed backend system and not worth the commissions they take off the top. I would love for them to make improvements to make the whole system better for vendors.
  • Grooms 4/5

    By Hickman A
    I really love this app, however I wish we were able to do something for the grooms as well. I want to use this app for our joint party, but everything is bachelorette themed. :/
  • Calendar Dates/ Itinerary Not Matching 1/5

    By Li.yours
    Please kindly update the days and dates for 2023. I thought I’m losing my mind, the calendar date is fine but the Itinerary Day isn’t matching when I add an event it’s a day behind from the schedule, please Fix.
  • Needs improvements 2/5

    By Srh321
    This app looked like a great alternative to help plan a bachelorette but it’s constantly glitching, and no one ever receives any notifications from the app. I tried creating an itinerary and it kicks back and won’t let me add anything. Also had a hard time inviting people to the app. This app has so much potential, but there’s no point in downloading it when it’s easier to just start a group message via text. Too much of a headache on the app.
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By Meytrckobxsdj
    Really wanted to utilize and love this app but unfortunately it won’t work. It never goes past the loading screen. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting my phone, connecting and unconnecting from my network and it still won’t load :(
  • Won’t Load 1/5

    By fhowell248
    I downloaded the app to see if I could use it for our joint bachelor(ette) party, but it never loaded. I got to the asking permission to track page, then it freezes. I’m pretty disappointed, but from the other reviews it seems I may have dodged a bullet
  • MUST HAVE 5/5

    By Dolphinlover!
    I looooove this app!!! It has made managing the Bachelorette logistics SO MUCH EASIER! Instead of digging through text chats for the Airbnb address, wifi information, door lock code, etc., it’s all in ONE PLACE! Including expense management, coordinated outfits, and the itinerary! You can even poll the group and see how everyone feels about different excursions while planning the trip! It streamlined all the logistics in a cute, easy-to-use, intuitive way - I don’t know what I would have done without this app😂 P.S. The only complaint that I would LOVE for them to fix is: the text boxes can be a little buggy. It’s not the end of the world, but it IS annoying because sometimes the text box won’t automatically scroll up as you’re typing, so the keyboard will cover it, and you can no longer see. That, and sometimes the cursor gets stuck, and you can’t pick it up and move it to a different spot if you want to make edits. You’re just stuck wherever you stopped typing unless you want to delete it all. If they could fix those two things and one day integrate with Venmo or Cash app so payments can be managed within the app, it would be PERFECT.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By vmhpo
    I have had the app for a while excited yo use it to plan. Once I finally replied into it it takes me to a frozen screen with their logo. Has not worked at all

    By Ameliarox8
    This app made planning and finding different and fun things to do in the city you are visiting. It makes the reservations for different activities a BREEZE!
  • Do yourself a favor and download this 5/5

    By IvsPC
    Great app for planning, this made our life’s easier.
  • Needs enhancements 2/5

    By bm.3.
    The concept is great, but it needs a lot of enhancements. Why aren’t notifications available? There should be options for notifications and customizable by each person. The poll feature is ok, but if you edit the poll it deletes all the previous responses.
  • Make sure to vet all ‘experiences’ thoroughly yourself! 1/5

    By A.J.W.12
    We took our Bach to a male revue (found and booked through the Bach app) expecting a “Vegas style dance show” as advertised on the app…. Basically expecting Magic Mike, a little embarrassment for our bride, and some fun before going out. What we got instead was a raunchy, seedy strip show (the entire show consisted literally of three dudes, who performed for three hot seats and manhandled our bride pretty roughly during hers) and a sketchy bartending crew who tried to charge one of our attendees $700 for two beers. While I understand that not every experience is the responsibility of the Bach, I tried to let them know about ours so they could be aware for future Bach parties and got crickets in response. I got a note back from my initial email to schedule a call, and then no follow up ever— even after I responded a second time to ask if someone would have time to speak to me. This is NOT a company that cares about your experience at all, so be wary of anything you book through them. It’s a convenient planning tool, but I would not recommend for anything else.
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By Atormmm
    Literally not a stable app in any way whatsoever. Constantly crashes, doesn’t save changes, no ease of access. It’s all just a poorly put together development.
  • No notifications being sent 1/5

    By messacshannon
    I thought this app would be a good option for planning my bachelorette trip but it’s been a massive pain so far. Most of my friends never got the invite code that I sent to them in the app, so I had to manually send them. And when I send messages and announcements within the app, no one is getting notifications.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By cslsl1234
    I was so excited for this app - I’m not the greatest planner so I needed something that gave ideas on where to eat, experiences, etc. but this fell VERY short. It’s pretty useless unless you’re going to one of their like 5 highlighted spots. Just kept telling me it had no results for our destination in FL. Overall, good concept but not so great execution.
  • Deleted it same day 2/5

    By inspix
    It's pretty misleading. I typed in several other big cities than the 5 or 6 options they give when you're creating your party location and no party suggestions pop up. Its like you have to only choose between Nashville, Las Vegas, etc. The options were limited even for Nashville, etc and the pricing is also extremely ridiculous. However, Im giving 2 stars because the planning part of the app seemed decently organized but I do not recommend this app.
  • Meh 3/5

    By ninasakarina
    I’m currently using this to plan my bachelorette party. The invite system is glitchy. I texted the link to join AND invited through the app and for some reason when I tested it with a friend they didn’t get either of those. Meaning the texts literally didn’t go through. This was the case for multiple girls. I ended up having to email the invite. And once I emailed, all the girls got an error message when using the code option even though the join code was exactly correct as on my phone. Also annoyed that the app doesn’t have badge alerts to remind people to check the app. So if they miss an incoming message or forget you have to end up texting them to check messages anyway. I will probably end up making a group chat instead and only use the app for itinerary info and list expenses. Based on other reviews I will not be booking anything through the app. Overall, disappointed in the functionality.
  • Not get for multiple destinations 3/5

    By I breakable
    Doesn’t work well if you are traveling to several cities/locations or outside of the country.

    By MaciG16
    I’m not the kind of person that is good at planning what to do on vacations, but this app seriously made it so easy to find popular things to do, read reviews on other bridal groups’ experiences and get detailed descriptions of what to expect. Booking everything is extremely easy, all in one place, and you can pay for your booking separately or all together through this app. This has relieved so much of my anxiety and this bride has enough to stress about. 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for itinerary and easy planning for your bachelorette trip!
  • It’s Okay 3/5

    By Smnsnabahwiuiiiij
    I’m in the middle of planning my party and we’re using the app just for communication and organization purposes simply because our city isn’t an option. We don’t get notifications consistently or at all for the group chat. The app freezes up often as well.

    By Ffggvdfgb
    Hello! I love the idea of this app and it would be super helpful and fun despite the fact that there are only a few cities on there. Please add Pittsburgh to this list! SO many bachelorette parties happen here and we would love to continue using the app!
  • Wrongfully Charged or Scammed? 1/5

    By Emmmmmmmmmaly
    WARNING: new brides and bridesmaids be careful and make sure you’re keeping up with your charges if you decide to book through The Bach App. I booked two experiences on this app for my bachelorette party and received two confirmation emails with the appropriate costs. BUT there is a third wrongful charge for $427 on my statement. I never even received a third confirmation email! This happened MONTHS ago. We changed a reservation for the pole dancing class by adding an additional person. That should’ve only been $90 more not $427! I asked “Laura” the Bach App Lady if the third charge of $427 would fall off once the reservation was updated and got no response. Yet she was eager to respond when it was about charging my card. I see a lot of other reviewers fell victim to losing money because of The Bach App. I’m hopeful they will resolve this and refund me as the issue was on their end.
  • Wish it had a web tool or MacOS app 3/5

    By What up 235684
    Love the interface and all the tools imbedded in the app! 3 stars because I’d love a web option or MacOS app so I could plan via my computer and not my phone only. Hope to see that in near future!
  • Customer Contact and booking 1/5

    By bachrech123
    The only way to contact them is via email which they take 2/3 business days to respond. I booked an event through the Bach app. They don’t send you a receipt of a breakdown of what you booked and paid for. It was an unlimited mimosa with brunch and a show. The server asked me for my receipt which I did not have because I never received one. Also when we arrived to the location it was $15 cheaper per person. So had I just made reservation myself rather than prepay through the BACH, we would have all paid less. I contacted them for a breakdown of what they charged me for and still have not heard. Don’t book anything through the App. Just call and make your own reservations.
  • Love! 5/5

    By Anna J Shap
    Really helped having a group chat option that was not general cell phone messages. It was so easy to upload our itinerary, flight plans and find ideas. Great app!
  • Don’t waste your time, get Bride Squad app instead 1/5

    By alovelygal
    I wanted to like this app. Even when I read the reviews on how terrible the customer service was (which it is), I wanted to like it. It seemed fun and like it had everything I needed. I’m not a planner so I was really hoping it would save me. I download the app, it immediately crashes. Every single time. I reach out to support, crickets. On the one day that I did manage to get into the app without crashing it kept asking me to rate the app nonstop. I tried booking a boat rental and after checkout the pricing was wrong and it CHARGED ME TWICE. I am still waiting on a response from the nonexistent customer service after weeks... I ended up downloading the Bride Squad app bc it was the only other alternative and honestly I like it way better. You can actually use the app without it crashing. It’s a bit tedious to sign up with email but we’ll worth it vs. using BACH. After using Bride Squad it also made me wonder how secure date in BACH app really is, they don’t have the same verification process as Bride Squad Anyways lesson learned to not follow the hype and instead go with something where the team is more concerned about actually helping the users than taking money from them and leaving them hanging By the way I booked the exact same rental on the other app with no problem. They link you directly to the person, no extra fees or anything. Do yourself a favor and skip the damage of the BACH
  • Ehh 2/5

    By Sidney213
    It’s a cute idea, but the app was constantly crashing (for all of my bridesmaids). There wasn’t a way to get notifications to pop up consistently. The app was constantly logging people out of the party and having them rejoin. There are some “ideas” for party activities but they’re all basically the same thing in a handful of very specific cities. The only useful thing was the voting feature.
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By Futurephotograher
    Best way to plan a bachelorette! I honestly loved how fast they reply if you have an issue or question. It’s so easy to book events. I loved it. It made planning a bachelorette easy and stress free.
  • Bach App 5/5

    By mandyyscott
    I had a great experience using the Bach app. It was easy to invite everyone to join, communicate with announcements and send out the itinerary. You can also book things through the app and they made it a seamless process. Very grateful for this app, as a maid of honor it made my life a lot easier
  • Bach App 5/5

    By Shelfyyyy
    Omg! I love this app! Everyone in our party used it and it helped us so much. Would totally use it again!
  • LOVE THIS APP!! 5/5

    By Celena69
    We were able to keep all the girls in the loop, share our excitement as the days counted down, and keep the Bach plans a surprise until the bride to be walked through the door!!!💖💖🍾🥂💍🎉🎉‼️
  • Amazing For Planning A Bach Trip!! 5/5

    By sienna+nick
    Absolutely loved using the bach app for planning my bach trip! I’m super type A so i love loved the itinerary section & that we could book experiences through the app & they run 20% discounts etc frequently. It was user friendly & helped us all keep costs in check & who had paid and who hadn’t for experiences! We did a combined trip with my finace & his groomsmen so it was super helpful keeping 12 people & finances in check!

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