The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

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  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Xigma Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands App

Build, discover, craft and survive. Build your settlement in a snowy encampment and manage workers and resource to survive monster attacks during nights. Slowly you will gain access to advanced buildings and crafting options, discover and trade with new civilizations and discover the secrets of the ancients. FEATURES > Build your own settlement and manage the in-depth simulation > Survive dangerous monsters and harsh weather > Beautiful snowy landscape with minimalist aesthetics > Discover something new with every passing day > Game Center leaderboards and achievements


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  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jdavis891
    Awesome game, no in-app purchases. Best game on iphone in a long time.
  • That was lazy 3/5

    The game was fun for quite a while and I had no complaints at all. Except today I got to the end of the game. it sucked, it was probably one of the laziest endings I had even seen. It was actually pretty poorly made and didn’t even have anything to do with the game. It was just a guy in a cloak killing a dragon. When they both fell off the cliff and died it said “Victory” and it ended like that. So yeah I’m pretty disappointed but other then the end of the game it was great!
  • Ending to abrupt 2/5

    By slipperydolphin
    The game was fun and would make the game even better is if you would add more different paths within the game and maybe have a little extra after the ending. The fact is we spent money on this game and it just did’t have enough features to be a really good game 6/10
  • Too little. 2/5

    By Nottoooldnotyoung
    This game was great, for the two hours it lasted. It should have been free.
  • completed the whole game in under an hour 2/5

    By Klectic
    concept is dull and somewhat unintuitive. final boss was pathetically easy and boring, not to mention i got to the incredibly fast. so my question is, what now? i guess the game is over. i suppose i could play again on hardcore difficulty, but what’s the point. your character dies so easily and the nighttime monster spawns and dungeons kill you and your guards so easily it’s seems like a further waste of time repeating a joyless story i’ve already completed. a positive? the visuals and sounds are good.
  • Don’t Buy 2/5

    By Kane_z
    Wow this game is not worth $4, it should be $1 maybe, maybe $2. It seemed like a good game so I gave it a try. At first good seem good but was to repetitive and easy to complete.
  • Great Game. Little confusing. Little short 5/5

    By Smartiebros
    Game is great loved the art love the style. These are the games I like to find that beautiful to the eyes with deep game play. Game can become a little confusing when your not paying attention to the words on the screen when it tells you what it’s for or what it does. Game add a bit of exploding to figuring out how things work. I managed to beat the game with in a day or 2 probably cause I reached a state where both my guards and warriors where fully geared and it didn’t take much to survive the night or the caves and all I had to do was set my phone down while the game progressed. Think I did that for couple of hours and by then upgraded my titan 50 on armor and 50 on weapon. Was going to go for 100 on both but decided to progress the game to see what happened next. Might think of progressing the enemies to a harder state, but almost unnecessary. I would definitely love to see more games like this where you just kinda figure things out and the game give you a beautiful artsy style game. We don’t always need some 3d nonsense all the time. And I always felt that games for phone should be more picturesesk then being these full on 3d impactful games. Over all great game. Cant wait to see more. Keep it sweet and simple. With the exploration and color.
  • That’s it? 3/5

    By Aniki Yabyu
    It was fun and engaging at first but after I got 5 guards and 5 warriors the game got really easy. After summoning the titan and beating the monster the game ended and my first thought was, “that’s it?” I kept sending explorers expecting to find a city that gives a different ancient scroll and maybe new stuff. I kept on doing the dungeons expecting for a new discovery but at 65th day and nothing new exciting. No more expansions and it’s like just grinding. Is this it?
  • Awesome 5/5

    By My score
    I love this style of game, I have two request though: 1. I want to have an options to mourn the lost/dead 2. I want to be able to arm and equip myself Thanks!
  • Okay 4/5

    By Foorom
    I really need a save option because every time I quit the game I loose about 5 minutes of progress
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By 🍊🌙
    This has to be one of the best games I have ever played! I love this game!
  • Too short 3/5

    By Brody Gauthier
    Amazing game but it’s simply too short. I was having so much fun with this game but suddenly I beat it!
  • Ok game that feels like it is missing something 2/5

    By Ksigftw
    I just finished the game with maybe 2-3 hours of playtime (or 36 days in game). It was interesting at first with the same feeling of “A Dark Room” but begins the fall flat at some point. I never really felt like there was anything to explore except the cave and even that was basically have enough warriors with you to kill everything and it’s all one button linear fights. It lacks the adventure and exploring part of a dark room while making the resource management part of the game a chore. Since each worker can be equipped with gear to make them better (nice touch) it becomes tedious to make sure the right workers are in the right jobs and they are properly equipped. When your character needs to do a job or build something but it’s on the other side of your village, it basically will take him half or a whole day to walk across the village to get the task done. The end game is equally disappointing and takes maybe 2 seconds to complete with a one button fight again that requires no skill or strategy. The story becomes almost pointless and you have no investment in your character, the “titan” or any resentment toward the evil God. In summary this game should be .99c or $2 but right now it’s too expensive. The developer needs more time on this game to further flesh out a compelling story with investment in the characters and more endgame content. My recommendation is don’t buy this game until it is overhauled.
  • Loved it and want more! 5/5

    By twines18
    Loved the game. Really awesome atmosphere, style, and artwork. The sounds and music were great too. Any chance you’ll add more to the game? Or a sequel? It was lots of fun, but I beat it in two days! I will probably continue my current game or play another on the harder mode, but I’d love to see more! Great game and thanks!
  • It’s iight 3/5

    By BandNerd225
    It’s a pretty straight forward game. I love the atmosphere (the graphics, music, and mood) of it and the “build your own village” concept. It’s fun. That’s my favorite qualities in a video game and it hit the nail on the head. It falls flat because I paid for this game and beat it on my second or third attempt, in maybe a few hours. This mostly because the story is not as grand as it should for a paid game.
  • It’s okay... 3/5

    By alej15pr
    If it had been longer and included more crafting, buildings, and story I would’ve rated it 5 stars, but since I beat it the same day I got it I can’t rate this higher than 3 stars. I consider my money wasted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Stop Complaining 5/5

    By Tham77x
    This game is all around pretty solid. The reviewers saying their villagers die too fast and the game gets boring. Can’t understand what a survival game is meant to be. At times it’s hard and repetitive but the point is to push through all that to complete the game and feel a greater sense of satisfaction. However, there are some bugs that could be fixed fairly easily through updates. One of these bugs is that sometimes “Exhausted villagers went to sleep” scrolls across the screen the entire night and I have to wait until morning to get useful information about my scouts.
  • Short 4/5

    By lionsnaps
    I loved this game but after building everything there was no point of getting resources. Then after killing the final boss their was nothing else to do. It was about 3 hours of gameplay.
  • Yeah man. 4/5

    By sumo moon
    I really enjoyed your game. I kinda wish there were other elements involved. Such as more government of the city and interaction with the world. I beat the game. Maybe make it a little longer too? Awesome though. Really fun.
  • Great Game - Hoping for An Expansion 5/5

    By Vergs
    Beautiful graphics, sound effects, and music. It ended up being shorter than I expected and there’s little replay value once you get to the end. I hope you all expand the game. True to this genre, a “restart” in a different land with some resources in the bank to reward you for completing the main quest would go a long way towards enhancing replay.
  • How to make this game better 4/5

    You need to make this game multiplayer and also fix the attacking game system then it would be cool it would make the game have more thing to bye
  • A good start 4/5

    By PennImmunoPhDRunner
    This game starts well and maintains itself through the first ~75% quite well. I would have liked to see more development though. The endgame feels entirely slapped on in order to get the app out the door just when a higher order of gameplay feels like a more organic development. Pros: Cons: Simplicity. Too short Beautiful design. Disjointed endgame Natural development. Rushed ending If it were free - or even $1.99, I would be very happy, but the extra buck or two purchased no additional enjoyment. I’d love to see this game patched for a longer gameplay.
  • Too short 3/5

    By Anointed One
    Games to short but has potential if it was longer
  • Question? 5/5

    By Madisoncalliefornia
    So after I release the titan and defeat the dragon thing, is that really the end of the game? Is there nothing else to build?
  • Great game but.... 3/5

    By Mw217369
    I really enjoyed the graphics and the concept of this game. The menus were a lil different. Wish you could get rid of old items you crafted but have newer better versions. I hope they add more “chapters” to the game. It seemed a bit short.
  • Sweet But Too Short 4/5

    By theGisME
    I absolutely loved this game! The graphics are gorgeous and the sound is subtle but suitable. The way the community is built is brilliant! Certain characters have attributes that best suit them for certain purposes. The building and crafting is cool also from weapons to tools. The problem is with the length of the game for me. Defeating the final boss felt like stage or world 1 in what I thought was going to be a longer game. I was hoping for new locations and building a bigger community that could spand great areas! I hope there are other areas or expansions coming!
  • Dissapointed 1/5

    By Gfsgp
    The game won't even load most of the time. I will select my saved game and it just crashes back to the app screen. After several times it will load my game. A little annoying. The description talks about exploring new areas is a little bit of a exaggerated. The new areas are just small extensions of the base town. But what do I know the game loads 20 percent off the time for me star.
  • I need more 4/5

    By One_wild_guy
    Great game and hard to put down. Even though the price might be a little too much I had a fun time. The only thing is I beat the game but after that there was no continuing. You would have to restart a different game if you wanted to play more. They added a hard more which makes it better and more challenging but they need to add more. But great game
  • Addicting game but need to improve the save button 4/5

    By marinabu2
    I downloaded this game two days ago and now I’m all on it! Few advices though: 1. If the game can be saved at anytime of the day that will be great. I think now it can only be saved in the morning and the save icon is only there for a second? And before I tap it it’s gone. So sometimes when I come back to the game I’ve lost some of my progress and that’s not cool. 2. The arms are a little confusing. Whenever there’s a new kind of weapon, there will be a sentence explaining what it does. But there are so many kinds and for a new user it can be really confusing!!! I wish there’s a help table that shows all the weapons, and shows whom should we equip the weapons to. Other than those this is a great game!! Love it!
  • Great game at first. 3/5

    By Quaz7829
    The game is really fun up until I can start making ships, and get the steel mill. I feel like the game falls flat on its face, and it’s not fun for me anymore. I took four warriors, and myself in to the caves with steel armor, and steel swords. It was a bloodbath. I have no idea if there’s more to do, or what.
  • Amusing, casual game with some rough spots 4/5

    By martin doudoroff
    I tend to find resource micromanagement games tedious, and this game eventually had its tedious moments once my population grew sufficiently large and diverse, but the other charms of the game were sufficient to get me through to the end. There were bugs, such as status updates that repeat endlessly or overwrite other, more important updates. Many things required guessing (and failure) to figure out—perhaps that was part of “the game”? Some times that was rewarding, others just annoying. I kind of liked the balance struck between (minimal) story and “life”—it had a historical feel to it. Easily a few bucks of entertainment here, although I don’t plan to replay.
  • Doesn’t save 2/5

    By mxcl
    I keep losing progress. The game should resume exactly where I leave off but seems to resume at the previous morning. This is mobile: I have to quit whenever I have to quit. The game also takes too long to start. It should instantly open where I left off. I have limited time to play and can not wait around for the load screen and the start screen and the choose my save screen. Fix these issues and it’s four stars.
  • More!!!!! 5/5

    By jzthayer
    I want more this game was awesome and amazing!!!!
  • Fun While It Lasts 3/5

    By terminalwillness
    I was really enjoying this game when suddenly after playing it for around 2-3 hours it ended almost as abruptly as possible. I was expecting something a bit more substantial but I enjoyed it.
  • Painfully slow pacing 3/5

    By OSBastard
    The time to do anything / interact with the world is painfully slow. A single day takes several minutes. I would really like he option of increase the speed, and perhaps choose to pause while making key decisions. Also, the standard atmosphere is a bit over the top relaxing (to the point I felt myself drifting off) which doesn’t really seem to fit well with the guaranteed fight for your life every night.
  • OK game but crashes often 2/5

    By Citykittyatheart
    It's an ok game when I can get it to load, which is less often then not. I try restarting my tablet & making sure I have the current updates, and the game just won't load on my iPad most of the time. Fun when I can play it, bummer otherwise!
  • Fun, but cost doesn't portray the game fully. 3/5

    By chil3nopulento
    I feel this game is pretty enjoyable. You can progress steadily making the right choices, but at a certain point it's just getting more recources and not dying. You're not discovering anything new. And it's pretty early on in my opinion. I have not completely the entire game, but from what I've seen so far I believe that it shouldn't cost as much as it does. I hope there will be many updates to come. My favorite part of this game is the atmosphere and finding out what villager should do what and even it all out to create a steady flow of recourses with minimal casualties as well. Speaking of casualties, I believe there shouldn't be such a strong flow of monsters. Your village can't grow in population because your villagers keep dying by constant monsters that get larger in number and strength. You also lose the equipment that your guards have upon death, which then you have to use MORE resources AND give up certain jobs for villagers that'd be helpful and then just send them to their deaths instead. I do think it's a good game, not great. But it'd be better if the cost was lowered.
  • Tons of Potential 3/5

    By DylanGordon15
    This game is great when first picked up. It is a fresh take on a mobile game, with a cool soundtrack, story, and design. It was fun progressing, and interacting with the villagers. One thing to fix that is a HUGE problem. Enemies will attack my village, and it takes a moment for the guards to register this, so sometimes they just stand there and die. It’s incredibly infuriating. Also do mobs get stronger as well? I had a chupacabra get taken down by four guards with spears no problem, however around night 17 I had a chupacabra kill four guards all in steel armor, and steel swords, and then kill me. How does this make sense? Why are warriors active during the day? It serves no purpose to the extent of my experiences, and I feel weird sending tired warriors into a dungeon. Finally the story ends so abruptly. There’s a confusing gap of acquiring alchemists to pass onto what I believe to be the climax, and then it feels over way too quickly. Granted the game was only 3$, however I feel that this game has potential to be so much more. Some little ideas that would be fun, I think a guard tower would be cool. Something that could identify people coming during the day, and at night how many enemies, and what they are. A leveling system for the hero would be nice. You feel ultra powerful in the beginning, and then you are immediately passed up once carts and spears come into play. Maybe have the ability to be equipped with special weapons and armor. Or if it’s the kind of monk/wizard aesthetic give him some special abilities. When you craft a ship, it should appear in the harbor. I mean does he just keep it in his pocket, and throw it out when someone’s ready to set sail? That’s it for now. Overall a game with tons of potential. If I see updates implemented, and some changes created I will rate higher. I think three stars is a fair evaluation. This game has a long way to go, but it is a breath of fresh air on the mobile game market. I look forward to what’s on the horizon.
  • Great, but a few things out of place 3/5

    By Billybobyjoe1234
    I really enjoyed the game. There are a few things I wish could have been done differently. The ending was very soon. The dungeon was the same thing over and over, and lacked a bit of store I felt the game needed. I hope there will be an update that will add more and help the interface a bit. It was very time consuming to have to edit each villagers job. Primarily from guard to warrior. Just clicking back and forth is reason enough to dislike the interface.
  • Good but needs more 3/5

    By Jakethesnake0218
    (SPOILER) This game immediately caught my eye. It was basically “A Dark Room” without it being a text-based game. The visuals are good. And everything was going smoothly until the end. It is very abrupt and doesn’t seem or feel satisfying or rewarding in anyway. Perhaps a way to have the character be a scout or explorer and actually go see these lands that are being spoken of. Definitely in dire need of an expansion or sequel. Aside from the ending I thoroughly enjoyed the game throughout its entirety
  • Great game! 4/5

    By dweilandt
    I quite enjoyed playing this but I have one small gripe. The audio takes over whatever else I was listening to. For this type of repetitive game, I’d love to be able to listen to my own music or podcasts without the game controlling my audio. I don’t understand why this isn’t a default setting in iOS but it seems to be on the developers’ side to have this in the settings or at least allow me to hit play on the podcast once in the game. Change that, and you’ll get five stars from me!
  • Thoughts.. 4/5

    By anyonimous
    I love the game I hope there will be more.
  • Missed opportunity 3/5

    By Jr. Hames
    The poorly designed UI you have to swallow from the start only gets worse as the game progresses. Several taps are required to do simple stuff, and your resources counters start piling up in the screen, taking almost half the screen by the end of the game. The game is very addictive at first, but the UI and the weak end they shove down your throat makes me think this is a missed opportunity.
  • Fine but over very fast 2/5

    By TacheNoire
    This game is fun for 2 hours, but there’s not much to it, and no replay value. I’m not sorry I bought it, but I would not strongly recommend that you do.
  • Intriguing, But Rather Short and Easy 4/5

    By The_Full_Nelson
    On a whim, I purchased the app after looking at the pictures and description provided. I then proceeded to finish it over the course of a few sessions over a six hour span. The gameplay is great, as I loved being able to decide what workers did which task, and equipping them appropriately. But once you get a good flow going, the game loses all difficulty, and the last hour or so was just waiting for Alchemists to generate Sunstones. I did encounter a few issues, such as the event texts showing up five or more seconds after the event happened, and a BIG bug where I was able to trade for Ancient Texts despite not having any gems available by just pressing the trade button. I would also suggest not allowing Alchemists to use Iron to make Sun Stones, as that made the endgame FAR too easy to get to. I hope that there will be continued updates and content, as this has the elements of a game that I could find myself playing quite a bit.
  • Sooooo goooood 5/5

    By C9erfoxtrot
    Really into resource management/survival and this hit the spot!
  • Beautiful and Engaging at First 3/5

    By jakeroo002
    A great concept with a beautiful design. This game has beautiful music, gorgeous animation (down to the rippling water), and a fun and unique hidden development concept. However, there were some more disappointing directions the game went. Everything was going great until you realize that there are only 3 types of monsters chosen as random to attack at the same time each night. It would be great if there were more dynamic changes in the attacks to make it more challenging, especially in the end (they just become a annoyance otherwise). But the attacks always come from the same direction, by the same three types of enemies. Also, I was disappointed that you couldn’t put on any armor and weapons to fight them yourself. It soon becomes too risky to fight and you just let your many well trained warriors or guards do the heavy lifting. It would also be good if you could cancel actions and move around the screen more simply. The quality of the design rang true all until about the point where you go to a dungeon . The dungeon design was clunky at best and didn’t offer any strategy or dimension to it. Maybe change it to “which door to go in next?” And again different monsters. Also, the heal aspect was weird and kind of clunky. Maybe add a rock-paper-scissors fighting style with the warriors and you can equip them certain ways. At the end of the game I was pretty satisfied, but I didn’t like how it ended. I wanted it to end in a prosperous moving-on of the town/city I’ve built from the ground up and then time to start over. Instead I got a clunky, turn by turn, rock-paper-scissors battle between SPOILERS, which you didn’t even know existed until then. Also the game was far too short for 4 bucks. It should’ve kept growing the town from there or had you build a protector for your town and then you go away on a ship to new lands with different concepts (like dragons, wizards, ninjas, guns and machines). Big missed opportunity I think. Especially because I really enjoyed the idea of not knowing how I could develop next (like who knew there were going to trading routes made?!). Anyways, I think 3 stars is true. Great concept, music, graphics/animation, but poor execution.
  • A solid game but lacks freedom 4/5

    By cup14cake
    I understand that the basis of this game is a guided experience towards unlocking the titan and beating the awakened beast but when I bought it I was under the impression that you have more freedom and there would be more to do. Hopefully a big haul update comes around allowing you to do more with your village and expand rather than just updating your village to unlock the titan. I liked the game a lot I was just disappointed that the main focus was beating the game rather than surviving for as long as possible.
  • Fun, but only one real play through 4/5

    By fberriman
    Very pretty, lovely music. I wish it had some proper re-play value. As it’s pretty much a linear game, once you’ve completed it the first time (takes maybe 3 hours) you’ll know the order of things for next time, and other than optimising so you can finish faster with fewer casualties (which is somewhat at odds with the zen vibe), there will be nothing new to discover.
  • Lame 2/5

    By 1979 E.Z.
    It was fun for a second until you get to a part where you keep dying. Obnoxious, and the opposite of what people who like strategic builder games want. Get rid of that stupid spider and just let me build stuff.

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