The Bump - Pregnancy Countdown

The Bump - Pregnancy Countdown

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The Bump - Pregnancy Countdown App

The Bump is the #1 app for first-time moms, providing features you won’t find anywhere else: + NEW: Planner+: Prepares every mom-to-be for each doctor visit + EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Bump: an interactive 3D visualization of baby's growth + Daily, award-winning pregnancy and baby editorial articles + Real-time answers to all your questions: “Is this normal?” “Is this safe?” + The largest catalog of baby products and reviews across all major retailers All of this in a voice that gets you and a design that’s ahead of the curve. The Bump gives you trusted information backed by experts and science that you can understand—and unlike other Apps, we’re committed to giving it to you for FREE. Here's what our users are saying: “LOVE IT! I love how they use the fruit to let you know where your baby is at developmentally. Also, they tell you what is happening with your baby and provide additional tips and information.” -Nbcott ** FEATURES ** HOW BIG IS BABY The Bump is the original home of the cute fruit :) Prepare to smile and look forward to each week: The Bump compares your baby’s growth in utero to beautifully illustrated fruit (“Baby Is As Big As a Peach”) that’ll delight you and make you excited to share with friends and family. Plus, find comprehensive updates about the changes and developments happening to both your baby and body, and learn how best to prepare for them. INSIDE THE BUMP An exciting and exclusive 3D interactive visualization of baby's growth week-by-week. Interact and learn new facts about baby and the changes inside your body. This uses BioDigital Inc.'s proprietary technology. DAILY CONTENT Everyday, the award-winning editorial staff of The Bump delivers fresh and relevant content for the specific week of your pregnancy. The articles are timely and extensive: always know what’s safe and normal; find out how to ward off morning sickness; learn the best things to pack in your hospital bag; and discover how fellow moms are embracing pregnancy and motherhood. PLANNER+ A new feature that equips every expecting mom with important information about their prenatal doctor visits. It suggests questions you may want to ask your doctor and integrates appointments seamlessly with your iOS calendar. REAL ANSWERS Exclusive to The Bump: The ability to ask questions and get quick answers from three different sources (1) The Bump editorial staff (2) The Bump team of experts, including leading doctors from One Medical, Maven Network and Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York (3) moms like you. REGISTRY The Bump is the #1 Baby Registry destination in the US, hosting over 1 million registries every year! The Bump has become #1 by solving two of Baby Registry’s biggest challenges: + The Bump has collected over 15,000 of the top registry products across Babies “R” Us, Target, Amazon, buy buy Baby and Walmart, WITH REVIEWS for most of the products. This will quickly grow to over 100,000 products so you can find everything you want and need for your Registry. + The typical mom-to-be will register at two stores because there are always some special items that require a special, secondary registry. The Bump has you covered! The Bump will AUTOMATICALLY track all your registries across each retailer so you can keep tabs on what you’ve registered for, what’s been purchased and what still remains. BELLY AND BABY PHOTOS Document your pregnancy by creating a weekly album of your happily growing belly. And once baby is born, the album expands to track the first amazing year of baby’s life. CUSTOMER SERVICE The Bump team reads every email (and responds to almost all of them personally), answers each phone call and takes to heart all of your reviews. And unlike other pregnancy and baby apps, you’ll never have to pay for this service. This is your pregnancy. This is your baby. This is your app. Have a problem, don’t hesitate to let us know. Love The Bump, please share the love on the App Store and with your friends and family.

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The Bump - Pregnancy Countdown app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By awex22
    Awesome and very detailed
  • AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By Ok app ....
    This app is the best app out of all!!! Even after my pregnancy they still send me updates on what’s going on with baby !
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Elizabeth Anne Mall
    Amazing app! From pregnancy to infancy, love the info it provides.
  • Informative app 4/5

    By QLB75
    I really like all the articles that are provided, they’re very informative. My only complaint is that you need more articles/write ups on same-sex parenting and articles geared towards more dads. We know mommy is important and provide a lot, but now a days, more children are coming into the world via surrogacy with the parents being two men. Looking forward to the change. Thank you!
  • Love the design 4/5

    By Paoguevara
    What I love about this app is the colorful design and that is easy to use
  • Excellent 5/5

    By absntungz
    I and my husband love using this app! We bonded over it!
  • GREAT.. except.. 4/5

    By bbennett215
    I wish there was a way to archive articles in the app so all the ones I find useful are in one spot.
  • Please give the option to pick gender 4/5

    By Starblondie
    I love that you can edit the baby’s name and it’ll say “*insert baby’s name* is as big as an apple today!” So cute and makes it more personalized, however I think you should also be given the option to put in the baby’s gender too so it’ll just say he or she once you find out. Example: give the option in the same settings as you would to change the name and be able to pick the gender boy, girl, or it’s a surprise! Just an idea to make it even more personalized. Hope you take this into consideration, thanks!
  • Love the simplicity! 5/5

    By Cynnie__runner935
    I really like this app for helpful info. I like the simplicity, highly recommend. I’m not crazy about some of the obvious sales/cross-promotion emails but other than that I love it.
  • I love it 5/5

    By mia871
    I really love this app every week I was learning something new about the baby also it let me no when it was time to pack my baby bag for the hospital it really help me a lot
  • Best app!! 5/5

    By Jewlezzzs
    It has taken me through my pregnancy and beyond !!💘 it has answered so many questions!!! Highly recommend it!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Gfunkera615
    Love seeing what the baby is compared to everyday. Lots of good info if needed.
  • Grandma 5/5

    By pelobombmom
    I’m going to be the grandparent but I’m looking at this app every day! I had the WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING book when I was pregnant 29 years ago which was wonderful for that time but this is way more fun!
  • Fantastic information and 3D images! 5/5

    By McAwesome15
    This is a great app for a first time mom like me! The 3D images are so helpful to really understand just how much baby is growing each week. Also the suggested articles are relevant to what you go through each week!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Kris the Mom
    My daughter is pregnant with her first. I love this app. It allows me to experience this with her in a wonderful and unique way.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By mcheather44444
    I love this app!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Ngk322
    Love this app!
  • Great and Simple App 5/5

    By Dani Alpha Phi
    I am expecting twins in 6 months.After going through multiple apps, I finally found one that was easy to use and helpful. Can talk to other expecting mother’s, keep pictures of my journey, has a count down, and even a contraction counter. Only app I have found that let me show twins!
  • All you need 5/5

    By alexamd6
    From the countdown to advice to adorable baby references (your baby is as big as an eggo waffle!), this app is great at keeping you updated! I look forward to every day of my pregnancy.
  • Not impressed at all 1/5

    By Nickname1234567789097643
    I wonder if these reviews are even real. I have all the popular pregnancy apps on my phone. This one has the worst layout and the community is a terrible to navigate. I didn’t even know it had a community you kinda just have to find it. And once I did I wanted to answer a question and this buggy app makes me log in. Which if I’m not logged in then whose baby updates am I reading? So I log in and I lose the thread I was interested in and now I cannot find the same group of threads any more. It just took me back to a place with more articles I’m not interested in right now. Super frustrating interface.
  • Use it everyday 4/5

    By .cheyenne.
    I got this app immediately after finding out I was pregnant, and I excitedly check it every morning to find out how big my little peanut is. I do love it, it’s got weekly updates about changes to your body, and baby, and the 3D layout of those is super neat. I also really love the EDD countdown, and that you can store your upcoming appointments in it. A few things and I would love to see is the ability to favorite articles, and save them to go back and read later, and not just share them. Also, maybe a way to get articles sent or you that match your situation. Like if you’re having multiples, or suffering from extreme morning sickness etc. Anyways, it’s a great app. Plan to use it til I pop 🤰🏻
  • Helpful Info 5/5

    By Li2zne2t
    As a first time mom I found the short posts to be very helpful. Found that I experienced things shortly after I read about it which helped me feel less anxious.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By anicshales
    As soon as I found out, I downloaded it and it has been so great being able to check in and read about the baby so far.
  • Better than the rest! 5/5

    By Agm12564
    The functionality and content of this app exceed that of the famed “what to expect.” I have and use both but I like The Bump better.
  • Cant get past sign up 1/5

    By Ksimply202
    It keeps saying to login with my knot account which i does not exist. I tried another email and it keeps saying this.
  • Such a treat! 5/5

    By Otwell Farming
    I absolutely love this app. The way it’s organized is so pretty and clean and each day they have new updates and articles for you to read about your baby and pregnancy. Everyday it tells you the size of your baby on that day compared to something (food, objects) which is so fun to look at daily. My husband and I have fun guessing what’s the size of our baby today. Definitely recommend!
  • Bump 4/5

    By 99tingting
    Love love love this app! It’s been super awesome and very accurate my whole pregnancy. My only complaint is the articles are hard to find. When you’re searching for anything it’s just comments from other moms. I haven’t found a way to search the legit articles they have on the app. I love the articles but they are hard to find when you’re needing to look one up.
  • Don't ask for reviews 1/5

    By Ando China
    The app works great but it pesters me to write a review, so here is your one star.
  • Love the bump app! 5/5

    By AllyMegg
    I have multiple apps I’ve been. Using throughout my pregnancy and The Bump has been the easiest to use!
  • So cute but not the best 3/5

    By agodley20
    Love the layout and the graphics so much! But I don’t think the fruits/veggies are very accurate. How can the baby be a yellow squash after a melon? In comparison to some of the other growth apps I’m using, it leaves a lot to be desired. Plus their registry integration is so sad. You have to make your registry through them on the front end or it’ll never appear correctly.
  • User Friendly 5/5

    By kcever
    We love this for our daily fact! It’s so relatable and cute! We get a laugh out of it! We enjoy the design and cartoonish style. Love all the ends and outs with articles as well.
  • Baby Bump 5/5

    By chelsihyatt
    This app helps answer all the questions I have and feel at ease about things. I love that it keeps you updated on what is happening with your body and your baby. ❤️
  • Favorite app ever! 5/5

    By MommaBear( :
    I love this app so much, it’s by far the best baby app out of all of them out there🧸 I’ve used this app on all three of my pregnancies and I continue to use it for my kids and I love it!
  • The only app with new tidbits every day! 5/5

    I use 3 pregnancy apps to help me follow my baby’s growth and development in the womb. The Bump is the only one that gives me a new tidbit about his growth every single day. Other apps only update the size once a week but the bump has a new little fact every single day. It’s a lot more fun than just comparing to a new fruit or animal once a week. I also love the articles that they post and the information that they provide. The community could use a little help but that’s a minor issue for me.
  • Great Go too App for baby information ✨ 5/5

    By Karee✨
    Honestly when I found this app I fell in love, The Bump has great information from when your barely pregnant to once you have your baby. I have relied on information that I have read here and the articles are always relevant which is a plus !
  • Love it! 5/5

    By cgeeee
    Love the layout and content, I have 3 pregnancy apps but this one is my favorite!
  • Definitely Recommend 5/5

    By msbanana15
    This app helped answer and even provide a lot of medical information that was accurate during my pregnancy. I would verify the information with my OB/GYN. It helped me track baby’s size, development, and what week I was on. The articles about induction helped me know ahead of time that unless there is a medical reason it is best to wait for baby to come on his own.
  • Super awesome app! 5/5

    By Christiee1128
    I’ve been using the bump since I got pregnant! There were some minor loading glitches in the beginning but otherwise it’s been amazing to me and the accuracy on babys potential weight is great also. Counting down 7 weeks now until I meet babygirl, best of luck mamas 💜
  • Love love love 5/5

    By torilinneaj
    I love this app ! I love how much information it gives me throughout my pregnancy! The daily facts are my favorite to read and I appreciate all the articles it gives you throughout the weeks . Definitely makes understanding my pregnancy so much easier
  • Love it 5/5

    By LittleSaul
    Love getting to see the size comparisons of our baby girl each day. The articles are also informative, especially if your a first time mommy to be. ❤️
  • Good app! 4/5

    By AprilJazz
    It is laid out well, and has great 3-D images of growing baby. There are a few typos, and not all of the articles are completely credible.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Kate_BC
    I like the daily facts, the weekly information the app gives you, and the customizations you can make. I also read the daily articles on different topics which some are helpful but some I kind of just blow off. The app is very user friendly and never has bug type problems (or at least I haven’t experienced any). I will say that I am missing a star in my rating because the “real answers” part of this app doesn’t always give current or medical information - it’s more of just what other users have done in their own pregnancies, so I wouldn’t really call it reliable, but then again you should probably be calling your doctor for most questions anyway. Whenever I was concerned about something those answers didn’t really make me feel any better because anyone can post anything.
  • My favorite pregnancy app! 5/5

    By destcullum
    This app by far has the best weekly updates for not only your pregnancy, but for baby’s first year! The articles are also useful, informative, and entertaining. The real answers is lacking, but let’s be real, that’s what google and our doctors are for ;)
  • Love it! 5/5

    By clt274
    I think as a whole the app is great. I love that it gives consistent updates but not so much that it’s annoying. There is a plethora of info and articles to read. I love the count down and reminders/check lists it offers. For a first time momma this has been a great app.
  • Nice when it works... 3/5

    By HHMills
    I like the Bump App and it’s my favorite online community of pregnant women, but some kinks and bugs need to be worked out. Sometimes it constantly makes me log back in, sometimes it takes me to pages with malware and pop-ups from the Community boards. I then have to delete the app and redownload. I like the content but the delivery needs work.
  • Lots of information 5/5

    By NDM09182016
    Lots to read on. I like being able to track days and week. Being able to see what’s going on with the baby and how it’s developing plus my body and it’s changes as well. There is also a community page where you can ask question and see responses from other women using the app. I’m really liking this app and I’m glad it was recommended to me
  • No regulation on message boards 2/5

    By Violet cupcakes
    The articles and information in this app are great. The message boards or “community” feature is just sad. Main complaint: the people on there are horrible! Many of them abuse new users and yet remain in the community, even after being reported. There needs to be way more regulation on these boards. People in the world are already horrible - I don’t need more of that after having a miscarriage. Because of this, I will not be using the Bump for the community feature. I will probably just delete the app because it brings up negative emotions now. Second complaint: the functionality of the community feature in the app isn’t easy to navigate. I can’t tell which posts I’ve started or commented on. It’s also very slow and the back button only works when you tap it firmly.
  • Where is the search button ? 3/5

    By Pujaaa
    How to search article? Not real answers, article. I have to use safari to search bump article. I can’t search in the app.
  • Easy & Aesthetically Pleasing 5/5

    By Hippylady
    First, I appreciate the fresh, bright design of this app. The colors are cheery and beautiful. The layout is clear and user-friendly. I love watching the progress of my babe, every day even. “Today, your baby’s fist is the size of an m&m.” It brings excitement to each day. I appreciate the informative articles as well. The baby’s growth week to week is so interesting to me. Great app!

The Bump - Pregnancy Countdown app comments

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