The Chosen: Jesus TV-Show

The Chosen: Jesus TV-Show

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The Chosen: Jesus TV-Show App

See the record-shattering series about Jesus that has a 9.9 on IMDb. Watch full episodes for free, stream on your iPhone or cast to your TV! The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. Created outside of the Hollywood system, The Chosen allows us to see Him through the eyes of those who knew Him. No matter where you are in your journey with Jesus Christ, this TV show is for you. MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR I’ve been a believer my whole life, I’ve attended Christian schools my whole life, and I’ve heard the stories of Jesus countless times. I’ve also seen every Jesus movie and miniseries ever made, and there have been dozens. So why a new TV show about Jesus? Because I have a passion for people to hear the “old, old story” again … for the very first time. When I see Jesus movies, it’s sometimes hard for me to feel moved or excited. I've heard the stories before, and many Jesus projects just take you from Bible story to Bible story, not spending as much time on the humanity and backstories of all these characters. And they sometimes feel stiff and formal. So when we started to write a show that explores Jesus through the eyes of those around Him, we were repeatedly moved and excited. We explored the backstories of Simon Peter, Matthew, Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus, and a few of Jesus’ miracle recipients, and in turn experienced Him in the way they did. We couldn’t help but identify with their recklessness, rough pasts, religious piety, and desperation for life change. And ultimately, their redemption. One of our favorite responses from an early screening? "The story of Jesus that actually appealed to my teenagers!" No matter where you’re at in your journey with Christ—whether you’re one of the many people in the gospels who encountered Jesus after a horrific past without Him, or you’re a Nicodemus who’s been a lifelong member of the God team—Jesus proved over and over that we have so much to learn and innumerable traits that need change. We hope this show allows you to see Jesus as they did. The end of the trailer tells you how to watch this show right now.

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  • This show... is unlike any other?!?! 5/5

    By FantasticTree"
    I don’t usually write reviews, but that’s ok because this show is truly ground-breaking. It really brings emotion and captivity to the audience, while also subtly describing what each disciple’s struggles and lives were like. And although it isn’t entirely accurate, I believe that it is a truly amazing show that everyone should watch. And Jonathan Roumie is out of this world!!
  • Compelling, Spiritual, Blessed, Grace and Love-filled 5/5

    By Susan Updegraff
    This is the best series on the Life of Christ in my 72 year lifetime. Connecting with Jesus in such an amazing way has been wonderful. I’ve always loved Him, but this series has brought his humanity, love, grace and kindness to life in a very special, relatable way. Thank you to everyone involved in this incredible series.
  • What?! A Jesus narrative with life and character! 5/5

    By dorfdude
    Thank you! I am a young man in my twenties that now has a family. I am no bible nerd or seminarian, just an average working guy, but I have a passion to scrape the dust off the most important stories in the history of mankind, the Bible! I have been drinking in many authors and even tour guides bringing to life much of the biblical narrative through better lenses that have been tainted by time, religious ideas, and sheer ignorance of what actually happened and what was trying to be said! After feeling greatly underwhelmed by how the biblical stories are portrayed in film and books, I have been on a more diligent, fascinating journey to uncover the lives, passions, and culture of biblical times and characters, especially in Jesus’ time. What a special time in history! The episodes here have made me so excited that there are a group of people working hard to bring life back into the greatest story ever told! (Sorry Hollywood, not a chance here...) So well done guys, keep it up. You’re going to be life changers! I want to send special thanks and prayers to the team creating the Chosen and also want to encourage you to keep the cultural details, even if they don’t make sense to everyone right now! (Yes, Jesus wore tassels on his robe! Etc. ) May the Lord be praised and people changed and see the Light! Matthew
  • Fabulous! 5/5

    By AliNOLA
    Can’t stop watching and looking forward to more! I’m a committed Christian and this has opened Holy Scripture in a new way.
  • What Can I say but, “Praise God!” 5/5

    By Nit722
    I cannot truly express how this TV series has moved me. I am not the greatest of evangelists. I struggle to make Jesus real to people in my recovery community where “Higher Power” is the popular god they revere. If there was ever a time we needed this TV series it is now. It is easy to watch and makes Jesus so real as a person. I am sending the app link to all my friends in recovery and pray that they may watch and know the real higher power. I will continue to financially support this movement as I am able.
  • Amazing Word 5/5

    By PieBean
    I have turned this wonderful series into a bible study for my teenage daughter. We love doing this together! The series makes you see Jesus, and His disciples more real and the story has helped her to really see how their faith keeps them focused on the important things in life and the future of the eternal. This has strengthened our walk with Jesus too! This builds relationship with Jesus. We love the work done here and always are excited to see the next episode. Thank you for all you do! Prayers are always with you and all who help in making each episode.
  • ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥 5/5

    By Zalbah1315
    Growing up I’ve always watched different adaptations of Jesus’s life along with movies that were based on different books of the Bible. I have felt the Holy Spirit move inside me more with this series then anything that I have watched before. I am VERY MUCH THANKFUL to God and everyone that has had a part in making this possible!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Rad *61
    Thank you! What an awesome portrayal of how the apostles lives may have been! 🙏✝️🙏
  • God does impossible math 🧮 5/5

    By Eeeeerr
    Paying it forward are my tithe and offering now! Lead by God in my life ‼️💰

    By shadesa
    I’m a film maker myself, 21 years old and I have come closer and closer to God in the past couple of years. In these past couple of years God has been giving feelings in the spirit that I must use my creative Gifts to spread the gospel by encouraging others to Read the Gospels with it. So when I saw this show come out around the same time I was having these feelings it was just and amazing moment LITERALLY.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By you really should
    Though they may not be fully Bible accurate it’s great to see a show that’s not about the money it’s about bringing people to Jesus. They show their proof of this when you see all these testimonies of people who came to Christ through this show. They are constantly making new episodes and tbh it’s just plain out Amazing
  • Deserves all the stars 5/5

    By midnight9113
    This show is wonderfully done and presented. The highest crowdfunded show ever. The moments in this show have brought tears to my eyes seeing the stories I’ve grown up hearing and learning being brought to life. My only gripe is that sometimes the app doesn’t send the video to my tv well but that’s not gonna make me drop the stars bc I’m in if for a different reason than to watch it on my tv.
  • Brilliant! Life changing! Meet the REAL Jesus 🙏🏻❤️ 5/5

    By JD VA 2 TPA!
    God bless everyone!
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Evie 86522568
    I haven’t ever left a review for an app, until now. I can’t tell you how I discovered it, but I am so very glad that I did. The acting, the set, the costumes all fantastic. I find myself smiling and happy while watching or (so far) shedding tears of happiness. This is what I believe the way the word should be shared. Free if one cannot pay for it. I have never understood why the heads of different churches have mansions, fancy cars, unlimited funds, etc… Jesus was and is never about worldly, materialistic things. This series reintroduces Him in such a wonderful way and I am grateful. Thank you. Please keep up the wonderful work.
  • What a series 5/5

    By jsisksokwismskq
    By far the author and directors are led of the Holy Ghost, it’s amazing to see that to bring a book to life is not an easy task. This series has impacted my family, because from hearing me speak about the stories in the gospels and now to see them enjoy and total weekend in the couch with me is total gratifying, specially in Father’s Day weekend.
  • The best Jesus Series ever!!!!❤️ 5/5

    By mareenky
    The Chosen has drawn me closer to God. It made the story of Jesus more real than I have ever known. I've had some deeply emotional moments in many episodes and am so thankful to the makers of this series. God bless you real good 👍🏽
  • Gods Hand At Work 5/5

    By Rpc411
    This truly the work of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. This is an incredible production that is so beautifully put together! A million times different and better than any other movie, documentary or TV Series that depicts Jesus Christ’s time on earth. Excellent!!
  • Chosen! ❤️🙏🏻🙌🏻 5/5

    By Lisa Colleen
    These are awesome! I hope many people see these and I hope many people come to know Christ as your Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord this came out!
  • Exactly what the world needs 5/5

    By ELizzyA
    The chosen is exactly what this world needs. The devil has done a good job of convincing humanity that Christians are supposed to be perfect or think they are better in some way. (Not the case! All are sinners!) I LOVE how Dallas brings the disciples (and their imperfections) and Jesus to life for the viewer. You can taste, smell and feel the scenes. Sometimes Christian shows can be low quality, bad acting and bad scripting. This is not the case! This is A list material! Pay your share and keep this going! I’d love to see them go straight through revelations. Thank you for making the best show I’ve ever seen!
  • 100% Recommend 5/5

    By MarySinger4God
    I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I've been watching it since the first season and everything about is phenomenal! The way they portray Jesus is beautiful and has brought me to tears! Honestly, watching it has given me even more of a desire to read the word and spend time with Him. 100% recommend! For any type of video adaptation there’s going to be a degree of artistic license taken to fill in dialog, plot, etc. But the license they take is completely faithful to the spirit of Jesus and the gospels. They do a great job of showing both Jesus’s divinity AND his humanity.
  • I really, really LOVE THIS SHOW 5/5

    By The real Jewel
    You got to get this app to watch this show! It’s life changing and you’ll fall in love with the Godhead and have a new perspective of Who They are!!!
  • Most Amazing Series EVER 5/5

    By Iwasoneway
    Thank you all who made the Chosen possible to bless the entire world. One can see God’s hand in all that you are doing. I watch both seasons over and over! At my urging, many of my friends and family are followers of The Chosen! Waiting with anticipation for the next episodes❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • A Blessing To My Family 5/5

    By kMichaelmace
    Thank you! This has been such a blessing to my family. Everyone on the planet needs to watch.
  • Blessing 5/5

    By Tooterbug
    What a beautiful blessing at this time in our history. As I watched and recalled the beautiful stories, I realized something within myself. As much as I had been screaming as loud as i could about all the lies, hypocrisy and lack of truth in what we see daily around us and the media. Consumed by the waves and the storm around us. I know Jesus. I love Jesus, but I forgot and had buried the TRUTH of Jesus. Thank You!
  • Truly the truth-JESUS !!!!!! 5/5

    By Bud&betty
    Thank you so much ,it’s healing for me.
  • Season 1 is amazing 4/5

    By Eric the Red Fox
    I adore the first season. It sticks very close to scripture without the invented dialogue adversely effecting the Biblical text. Second season feels like a lot is being tossed in that is not essential to or accurate to the Bible. This isn't a story that needs invented drama or character plots imo
  • Pleasantly surprised 5/5

    By dmcguire7905
    Alright, so I’m going to be completely honest. I was very skeptical and was hesitant to watch it because most dramatizations of the Bible or the life of Jesus are super cheesy. The Chosen literally brought scripture to life! It kept my attention and is so well done!
  • Love the chosen❤️ 5/5

    By Harper Grace love
    Love this Ben watching it since day one
  • App Tracking Required 1/5

    You have to allow the app to track you to watch a TV show. Deleted. Bad job Jesus
  • Amazing 5/5

    By I💕Jesus
    I love this show it’s so beautifully done from the production to the acting to the storyline and having the app so you can watch it anywhere any time is awesome. I know the Bible really well and every time I’ve watched a show based in the scripture I’ve been frustrated at the things that don’t line up. But with the Chosen that doesn’t happen! They are so on point with the scriptures and all the added background and storyline just open up your mind and heart to what could have been. Never veering away from the truth of the word! Gods hand is so clearly with them this is the best show I’ve ever seen! I’ve watched it at least 4 times now I can’t get enough cause it feels like visiting with Jesus
  • Beyond Blown Away 5/5

    By Rb5235
    After watching both seasons one and two I thought I was blown away. I sit here early on a Sunday morning and watching the extras and BTS and totally shattered at what they have done with this series. This app works great with all 4 of my Rouk’s. Paying and praying it forward want be enough!
  • It’s amazing! Although... 5/5

    By J.K. Nolley
    The Chosen episodes are absolutely stunning and are very well crafted! It’s the best! Although when you get the app, every time there is a new episode you have update the app which takes storage and time. Is it just my phone? Or do others have to do the same thing?
  • The Kingdom 5/5

    By Well Endowed Moto
    I’m enjoying watching the show. I’ve cried during most episodes. It grieves me that some people will criticize the show then watch a secular program. This show does not lessen who Jesus is or what He did. It must be difficult to depict the Son of God. No matter how He is represented, some will not be satisfied. If the show is anointed by God, be careful how you criticize it.
  • No italian 1/5

    By Burnse005
    No italian audio
  • Favorite Show! 5/5

    By Twentie1110
    I first thought I should watch this because I’m a Christian. But ... oh quickly (like within the first 2 episodes) became my favorite show. You can completely enjoy this even if you aren’t Christian. It has great actors, really brings a reality to my Bible studies & it’s really well done! I LOVE IT. It’s stirred me to study the Bible and pray in a entirely new way.
  • Can’t watch on my TV 3/5

    By KTGM1
    I’m sure that this TV show is wonderful, but I can’t connect with my LG Smart TV and I have a Fire Stick on all of my TV’. All it does is does is spin Can anyone please help?
  • My Heart is OverJoyed!! 5/5

    By sweetchildof God
    The Character of Jesus is so relatable, so sincere, loving, humorist & so like to me they way Jesus would of been while on earth. As soon as I accidentally found this series I binged watched & I wanted more & more. I can’t wait until the next & next episode. I recommend series to all people. I find if you feel you want to do more for humanity then pay it forward to others. Again my heart is overjoyed God Bless Producers, writers, cast, crew & sponsors. God Bless from SweetChildofGod
  • Come and See! I can’t stop watching it! Everyone needs to see it! 5/5

    By Francescaroseis
    This is the most incredible depiction of the personalities behind the apostles, people who interacted with Christ, and the human side of Christ and what they may have been in that particular time. I have never seen anything like this! When I watch it I experience an awakening like no other. Goose bumps, sobbing and laughing a little, bring me to the resolve the wonderment of what it was like in the days of Jesus. I love how they capture the true struggle in following Jesus as they did in Mary did after being confronted by her past. Clearest, understandable, honest performances of the true heart of those following the coming King. I’m going to tell everyone! Come and see for yourself it’s free with no upswell. Just pure understanding of heart of God through Jesus and followers. Just WOW!
  • Free amazing app for watching a show about Christ 5/5

    By Heathe hockey fan
    Download this app for free; it has casting technology to allow you to watch on a big screen rather than your phone or tablet. The first multi season show about the life of Christ. It is the highest grossing crowdfunded media project of all time. Watch and you’ll know why #comeandsee
  • Review 5/5

    By macsublett
    We just returned from an eight day trip to the Colorado mountains, zip lining,whitewater rafting, and many other adventures with our 12year old grandson. Every night when we returned to our RV we watched at least one episode, and of all our fun activities, he talks about it most. What wonderful memories for us all!!
  • Subtitles do not load on IOS 3/5

    By Michael M.77
    Subtitles Need Improvement
  • Incredible 5/5

    By didicir
    Thank you so much for this app it’s a blessing !!!!
  • Amazing show 5/5

    By j3eaat
    Such an awesome show
  • Crazy good 5/5

    By lil-g-mama
    I didn’t know Christian media could be this well made and entertaining- let alone true to the heart of God and helpful for understanding the complexity of the life and time of Christ. I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to watch a NOT CHEESY Christian film/show.
  • Really Great Show 5/5

    By Mer-Coo-Kitty
    I’ve really enjoyed this depiction of Jesus’ ministry from the view-point of His disciples. It is really well written and well filmed. It does not follow the Gospels exactly, but rather tells its own interpretation of Biblical record, including occasional scenes of specific events in the Bible. It adds quite a lot, but, so far as I can tell, it’s very Biblical in its depiction of Jesus. I advise anyone, Christian or otherwise, to have a Bible handy, and to even read all the Gospels before or after watching in order to clear up any confusion between the Biblical record and the added pieces. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone. However, the writers and director use a lot of creative freedom to make this great show, so it certainly cannot replace the God-breathed Word.
  • Exactly What My Family Needed 5/5

    By wanda 87
    During a time when the world seemed to be lost, in the height of the Pandemic, my family found this series. My family used the isolated time as a way to seek Jesus and find hope. The series brought the stories of the Bible to life. This series should not replace the Word of God, as stated by the creator of the series but I can not deny that this series helped my children and husband began to seek God through the Bible. They became interested in watching the series and then reading in the Bible the exact scene portrayed. When we watch every episode, we go through an array of emotions from laughing, crying, choked up, to hopeful, etc. We love this show so much and we are thankful for what it does for so many others. Spiritually feeding Millions. Thanks Chosen Crew.
  • Closer to Jesus 5/5

    By Chris&johnpaul
    This series has had an enormous impact on my spirituality. I have a new and more personal relationship with Jesus. I am riveted when watching each episode. Everyone is so real and believable. I believe that the Holy Spirit guided Angel Studios in creating Chosen. Thank you!
  • EXCELLENT! 5/5

    By StephAngel
    I hope many non-Christians, skeptics and atheists will give this a try! It’s so amazing....well-written, superb acting and the sets are phenomenal! This show allows you to see the human side of Jesus, his disciples and helps you to relate to them! EXCELLENT!
  • Captivating with Excellent production quality. 5/5

    By Kurtv
    At first glance one might assume this production would be a repeat of several “similar” stories of the life and time of Jesus the Christ. After all it is the most recognizable and often told story in history. But no so fast; this is a reimagined perspective that marries cinematic skill with all the crafts of filmmaking and showcases terrific actors to shed new dimensions on the most important story in human History. When I say captivating it truly is, not just for myself (a veteran of the filmmaking industry) but for children and adults of all ages. I’m talking A truly entertaining experience that has you laughing and crying nearly every episode. A Really great concept and excellent writing. The series makes the most of its locations and production design and focuses on the telling of the story. It’s really a tribute to the cast and crew with a special hat tip to the Director/ Creator as well as the producers. The story arc of JESUS is no small undertaking and they do it with dedication to the Word and NOT changing scripture. I’m only thru season 1 but I congratulate you all and offer a resounding endorsement. I believe you’re gonna hear “Well done good and faithful servant” for this one! Shalom.