The Chosen: Stream the Series

The Chosen: Stream the Series

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  • Adult Rating: 12+
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The Chosen: Stream the Series App

See the record-shattering series about Jesus that has a 9.9 on IMDb. Watch full episodes for free, stream on your iPhone or cast to your TV! The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. Created outside of the Hollywood system, The Chosen allows us to see Him through the eyes of those who knew Him. No matter where you are in your journey with Jesus Christ, this TV show is for you. MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR I’ve been a believer my whole life, I’ve attended Christian schools my whole life, and I’ve heard the stories of Jesus countless times. I’ve also seen every Jesus movie and miniseries ever made, and there have been dozens. So why a new TV show about Jesus? Because I have a passion for people to hear the “old, old story” again … for the very first time. When I see Jesus movies, it’s sometimes hard for me to feel moved or excited. I've heard the stories before, and many Jesus projects just take you from Bible story to Bible story, not spending as much time on the humanity and backstories of all these characters. And they sometimes feel stiff and formal. So when we started to write a show that explores Jesus through the eyes of those around Him, we were repeatedly moved and excited. We explored the backstories of Simon Peter, Matthew, Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus, and a few of Jesus’ miracle recipients, and in turn experienced Him in the way they did. We couldn’t help but identify with their recklessness, rough pasts, religious piety, and desperation for life change. And ultimately, their redemption. One of our favorite responses from an early screening? "The story of Jesus that actually appealed to my teenagers!" No matter where you’re at in your journey with Christ—whether you’re one of the many people in the gospels who encountered Jesus after a horrific past without Him, or you’re a Nicodemus who’s been a lifelong member of the God team—Jesus proved over and over that we have so much to learn and innumerable traits that need change. We hope this show allows you to see Jesus as they did. The end of the trailer tells you how to watch this show right now.

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The Chosen: Stream the Series app reviews

  • Wow just wow 5/5

    By Gurutiga
    The app is so easy to use! And free! Love this series and the whole mission of it.
  • He Lives 5/5

    By pchAdventures
    Perhaps the finest depiction if the Living Christ in the life and times of Jesus. Characterization and storylines are certain to engage anyone whose spirit is moved by the creator son incarnate. Beautiful theater in every regard; outstanding writing.
  • Fabulous in 100 Ways … 5/5

    By BlessedBy12
    Without a doubt, the most well conceived accurately cast and professionally produced series I have ever watched. Furthermore, the life-changing and eternal significance it communicates will transform the lives of others.
  • All glory is GODS! 5/5

    By laurajoyner84
    GOD works in mysterious ways! May people strive to live for GOD. May this get people to read GODS WORD. Jesus died for us the least we could do is live for HIM. Also! Finally something on tv that doesn’t use the LORDS NAME in vane!!! Amen!
  • The Real Jesus 5/5

    By ts4israel
    The Chosen series depicts the real Jesus to me. God with us, Emmanuel; in His humanity!!
  • Prince Family 5/5

    By Go44a
    Life changing
  • The Chosen is the best!… 5/5

    By grapesgg
    Not only has it connected me to the Bible in a whole new way but it also has connected me to friends and family in hospitality as we have our watch parties!! Just awesome! Oh and the merchandise is just an added bonus :)
  • Redeem the medium 5/5

    By blingv123
    People are living their lives around their phones and videos. It is good to find a new way to use this important medium. Social media is wrestling with our souls. It truly is a war in the heavenly places. Presenting truth and life with this old story is the way. It turns the old new again. “Get used to different.”, a good saying from the series. I like different. Just watch, think and feel again.
  • The Chosen 5/5

    By hamburg beach
    Every episode is touched by my heart. I feel such a closeness to Jesus and all the apostles and the women. It’s as though we’re family! God Bless everyone who works on the series!!!!
  • A Masterpiece! 5/5

    By Special Karlita
    Simply stunning performances by every cast member. Truly a must see! Special Karlita
  • The chosen 5/5

    By Alex or Duke
    Moving my heart slithered Dalss u are my favorite director of all time I will follow Jesus more closely now love pastor Alex Cummings 518 2851091
  • Believer watching 5/5

    By bibtay
    Praying fervently Now♥️💯🙏
  • The Chosen 5/5

    By singalways
    Best depiction of the life of Jesus through the eyes/lives of the disciples & followers ever!!!!!!!
  • Awesome depiction 5/5

    By Dee dc
    This show is so careful to bring Biblical characters from dry bones… to flesh, bones, and breath of God! Thank You El Shaddai for this beautiful work of cinema Art! God’s Holy Word is eternal! Amen and Amen
  • Best show this side of heaven 5/5

    By Sandyann ebs
    We love this show! I’ve been a Christian for many years but have never been so overwhelmed by the beautiful message of the gospel until I watched The Chosen. I’ve never felt so close to Jesus, I’m reading my Bible daily and praying.
  • My favorite show 5/5

    By Bmauld
    My favorite show that I can watch over and over again!
  • Love the Chosen!! 5/5

    By Cospud
    Love this app and the ability to not only watch the series for free but to be able to pay it forward so others all over the world can watch it too!! I love reading the comments from those who have been able to learn more about Jesus and who he is in relationship to us.
  • I love this show - Jesus fully God, fully man and happy 5/5

    By kersey3
    We see the disciples as people three dimensional and relatable. And I love a Jesus who smiles a lot.
  • Just watch, you’ll see 5/5

    By CathRN1957
    Best show ever done, bar none. Even if it weren’t about Jesus and how disciples it would still be the best written directed and acted show I’ve ever seen. Moving and honest, and each disciple has been selected so perfectly, their lives and relationships told in a way never done before but stands true to their biblical personages. I’m just blown away by the show. I have always been able to find something that doesn’t track in these portrayals of Christ’s life and times but not this one.
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By kmmij
    This is a wonderful app and such a blessing to watch
  • Good news!! 5/5

    By Awe thanks to the
    Technically speaking the app is fine. Spiritually speaking the app is fresh living water. Praise God Christ cannot be stopped
  • Cool app/Brilliant content 5/5

    By LittleGemsUSA
    This app’s feature to cast content directly to your Apple TV is very cool. Lots of other device choices for cast as well. Makes watching the AMAZING content of The Chosen effortless. Then the series itself is so well done and puts you into a time period to understand what the characters were going through not just the moments they are mentioned in the Bible. Brilliantly done and so moving.
  • Just WOW 5/5

    By Driving Me around
    What an amazing opportunity. To see human reactions, emotions, motivations and failings trying to fit into God’s plan. It’s me !!! Getting it right sometimes and totally not getting right at other times - but knowing that God’s gift of forgiveness does to have an expiration date.
  • Love The Chosen 5/5

    By thankfulgail
    What a blessing it has been to watch The Chosen. I love how Jesus and all the disciples are portrayed with love and even as as funny at times. Thank you so much.
  • Amazing Series 5/5

    By JohnClaudia
    So we’ll told. We have found it touches our heart and soul in unexpected ways.
  • Never been more inspired! 5/5

    By Wrangler Jane Ann
    I have loved God my entire life, and through this love, came to know Christ and love Him too. I have always hoped to know and especially feel more. This production more than any other has done this for me. All Christians want “More Jesus with skin on!” We want to feel Him more, we want His love for us to become more alive. The Chosen has done this for me. I am so thankful. The entire production—story, cast and crew—is a reflection of love from God, and especially from the personal gift of His son to us. Thank you…Jane Ann Munroe
  • The very best! 5/5

    By Retired1998
    This has to be best movie series if all time! I have watched season one and two many times. In these dark days….you just gotta have something to cling to…and I choose this…..
  • Fantastic serie.. i liked. GOD Bless..!!! 5/5

    By DIOS les Bendiga..!!!!
    GOD Bless..!!!
  • The chosen 5/5

    By Cdawg29078
    We love the chosen. We give out cds every time we go to restaurants and to all our friends and family. The app is an amazing tool. I’m addicted to checking on how many views. I love the Chosen
  • God bless this show 5/5

    By benfentress79
    So moving!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By sissydenna
    The chosen is an amazing way to walk closer with Jesus and feel like you’re following him when he walked the earth!
  • Life changing! 5/5

    By Jessssssssssss1754
    This show is life changing! I can only imagine how it would have been to walk along side Jesus, and this show makes me feel the warm and amazing presence of the Lord!
  • The chosen a message for today 5/5

    By bfdonahue
    The World hungers for the Word of God. In this wonderful program He manifests that His Word is alive NOW. We are being called yes, being chosen through this amazing creative work inspired by The Spirit! Thank you Dallas and Amanda Jenkins for listening to His loving word in your hearts may you continue being blessed by His holy grace. Everyone just Come and See! “And be assured I am with you always, to the end of time.” Matthew 28: 20
  • Wow 5/5

    By May"2
    So amazing to see something with such heart and it align with what I’ve read. Whole new light and even for the ones that don’t know the word - it’s life changing!
  • God is using you 5/5

    By cbaduy
    Thank you for listen to God's calling Thank you tor being obedient Thank you fir applying your talents to this wonderful project an ti be patient to do it the way it should it be done. This work is a blessing to me and to do many around the world. Jesus one day will brag about you Dallas Jenkings!!!
  • Absolutely amazing 5/5

    By larry the cucumber1111
    Absolutely amazing
  • Unbelievably moving 5/5

    By Mmorri02
    Such an incredible quality in these episodes in the telling of Jesus. I’m moved to tears as I watch. This story brings to life a Jesus that is true to scripture and imparts the desire to immediately want to know Him. It’s a must watch!
  • Very Realistic 5/5

    By lynmccoy
    This series has touched my heart because the characters are so real and believable. This is the way I would picture Jesus: loving, kind, compassionate, playful, humorous, and not at all effeminate (as He is frequently depicted). Outstanding work!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Udungoofedupnow
    Now more than ever people need to see and listen to the lord and what better way to do it then through a tv show. This will open harden hearts and help understanding. What a gift God has done through this team to be able to present this to you.
  • Words cannot express!!!! 5/5

    By s.y. Child of the Living God
    I have NEVER been more impressed with a portrayal of The Word! Life changing! Truly!✝️ Tons of tears with every episode! 😭❣️
  • Cliff 5/5

    By Kippie Bubba
    This series makes the Bible come to life and the characters of scripture are seen as “every day people”. I love it!
  • Incredible Show 5/5

    By murdocda
    Watching this show using the app is the best way to enjoy this incredible show. Lots of behind-the-scenes videos and interviews. Highly recommended.
  • Amazing amazing amazing show 5/5

    By oceanographer(not realy)
    I love this show so so so much! Thank you thank you thank you guys!! It has made me more interesting in reading the Bible and has put faces to the names I've so often heard. It feels so authentic. Thank you!! The app has a few bugs here and there and is sometimes a little confusing to use, but the movie you watch makes up for it 100%.
  • The chosen 5/5

    By jennifer m reese
    Thank you for this wonderfully made series.
  • The Chosen 5/5

    By Cuteconnor
    I really want to binge watch this show, and instead try to savor each episode. Savor The Saviour.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By dinapataki
    I watched this multiple times. I love it.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Bessiebead
    May the Lord increase the spiritual impact of this series! This is life-changing to watch!!
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By MemeCakes
    The Chosen is BEAUTIFUL!! Once you start watching this show it will inspire you to tell others about it!! I can’t wait to see more episodes. God bless everyone that’s apart of this show ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Chosen is mesmerizing 5/5

    By #T$
    My daughter and I have been casting the show from our app onto the TV. We have been watching it together. The show is so well done with the apostles and Jesus being relatable to people today. They seem like us, real people. I know I watch it again. Love it. We need more🙏