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See the record-shattering series about Jesus that has a 9.9 on IMDb. MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR I’ve been a believer my whole life, I’ve attended Christian schools my whole life, and I’ve heard the stories of Jesus countless times. I’ve also seen every Jesus movie and miniseries ever made, and there have been dozens. So why a new TV show about Jesus? Because I have a passion for people to hear the “old, old story” again … for the very first time. When I see Jesus movies, it’s sometimes hard for me to feel moved or excited. I've heard the stories before, and many Jesus projects just take you from Bible story to Bible story, not spending as much time on the humanity and backstories of all these characters. And they sometimes feel stiff and formal. So when we started to write a show that explores Jesus through the eyes of those around Him, we were repeatedly moved and excited. We explored the backstories of Simon Peter, Matthew, Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus, and a few of Jesus’ miracle recipients, and in turn experienced Him in the way they did. We couldn’t help but identify with their recklessness, rough pasts, religious piety, and desperation for life change. And ultimately, their redemption. One of our favorite responses from an early screening? "The story of Jesus that actually appealed to my teenagers!" No matter where you’re at in your journey with Christ—whether you’re one of the many people in the gospels who encountered Jesus after a horrific past without Him, or you’re a Nicodemus who’s been a lifelong member of the God team—Jesus proved over and over that we have so much to learn and innumerable traits that need change. We hope this show allows you to see Jesus as they did. The end of the trailer tells you how to watch this show right now.

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  • The best 5/5

    By JESUS.7.7.7
    JESUS is the way the truth and the light the best show ever !!!
  • A new favorite App!!! 5/5

    By Virginia Hymel
    This has quickly become my favorite App. Easy to use and I’ve even learned some new stuff by using it... like how to comcast it to my smart TV. I had never done that before and now I do it with to other Apps I have like You tube and Facebook to watch other things. Bravo creators of this App! 👏👏👏Thanks!
  • Must watch TV for the whole family 5/5

    By Jakegtaylor
    My Family and I started watching episode 1 last week and were hooked! Episodes 4,5,6,7 and 8 are AMAZING! Do your self a favor and watch this great mini series. Super inspiring and very well done. You’ll love it! We certainly did.
  • Thought provoking 5/5

    By casslou72
    Very great show. Very thought provoking. Very emotional, especially if you know scripture. Great acting. The only thing I don’t love is the music. But it is such a great tool, I believe it will or can change peoples lives and get them in the Word. (5stars)
  • Jbrnagn 5/5

    By frstratedgranny
    I feel the Lords presence when I’m watching the chosen. I want to be His chosen one. I love you Lord Jesus!
  • Brilliant story telling 5/5

    By Jeff Knowlen
    The story telling in this show is brilliant. You’ll want to watch one after another.
  • Gain Understanding!!! 5/5

    By marivy_mb5
    This has really helped me understand the Bible so much more and I feel that when I read the Bible I will be able to have a much DEEPER UNDERSTANDING! I am looking forward to the next seasons! God bless this project 🙏🏽
  • The good and the bad 3/5

    By Wkirkwood
    So torn in this review. The series is amazing. The app is awful. It takes 5-6 tries to finally get an episode to play on Apple TV. Very frustrating.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By DonQJ
    AMAZING!! Enough said.
  • My life is Forever Changed 5/5

    By NickyKnowsNotary
    I pray God blesses me financially so that I can give more. I cried every single episode. This show truly has brought Gods word to the screen in a way never done before. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
  • Please PAY IT FORWARD 5/5

    By Avkap
    What a beautiful show. Amazing acting, beautiful sets, a killer soundtrack, and topped off by the greatest story ever told. Watch, enjoy, and pay it forward!!
  • All of the effort put into this it is well worth every minute 5/5

    By kathy potter
    I have seen many films of life and Times of Jesus. This is the most realistic approach I have ever seen. This has made me more determined than I have ever been in my life to honor and follow The son of God
  • Thought this would be cheesy but it was incredible! Loved it! 5/5

    By surrendered2theking
    This 1st season was so good, I love each character choice!
  • The Chosen 5/5

    By kappa Kitten
    I really,really enjoyed everyone of those episodes.The actors were so believable and real. It could not have been any better.God Bless and keep the episodes coming.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By futah77
    This is truly blessed watch it with family members friends share it. God bless the people lord who is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God.
  • Dying for the second season to be made! 5/5

    By Ab*******
    Yes yes yes yes. Finally a show about Jesus where you aren’t cringing! The production on this is awesome. Great music, great graphics, fantastic acting, a brilliant script, loved it all. It makes the Bible make more sense and feel more real and tangible. You will find yourself falling in love with Jesus, how playful, joyful, intentional, compassionate and powerful he is. We cried every episode. It’s the best media I’ve ever seen about God, it makes you want to binge watch it. We sent it to everyone we know and donated to it because we want to see it keep being made!
  • Absolutely breathtaking! 5/5

    By Lindsaykayeee
    This series is so much more than I ever expected it would be! It’s the perfect combination of biblical accuracy with a touch of reasonable embellishments that are without a doubt realistic and cohesive with the characters and their biblical histories. I wish I could rate this higher than 5 stars. Every episode left me in tears marveling at our Savior. My hope and prayer is that this group continues to get the funding they need to continue making this amazing series!
  • Makes me want to dust my Bible off! 5/5

    By cocokarthi
    After watching each episode this second time through, I find I’m so much more engaged in reading these stories in the Bible. So thankful for the scene in the “Invitations” episode where Matthew realized he’d grabbed his tablet; Jesus’ response was classic- “Might come in handy.” 😂
  • Absolutely amazing! You’ll be on the edge of your seat!! 5/5

    By Laura-n-Marc
    Cannot get enough of this show!! It’s absolutely phenomenal and we are telling everyone we know. Thank you!!!
  • Love 5/5

    By Mommy Ekins
    I have never loved a TV series as much as I love this!
  • Like Jesus’ life, this show is addicting! 5/5

    By macnafrica
    Can’t stop watching! Sharing with everyone I know and paying it forward!
  • The Chosen 5/5

    By LDH 71
    This is the best biblical production since The Passion of Christ. The characters are well developed and the story line authentic and exciting. Do yourself a favor and download the app, then send it to everyone you know, they will thank you
  • Life changing watch 5/5

    By carps5
    This show makes Jesus incredibly human. A true friend who makes the Bible stories of childhood come to life. It takes a minute to get into the characters, but by episode 3 my entire family was hooked. I have encouraged so many to watch and I will continue!
  • It’s literally a goose bump factory 😆 5/5

    By Jane Ingalls
    This show puts flesh and bone, humor and immediacy into stories you thought you knew. It’s beautifully done through and through.
  • Absolutely Beautiful!!!! 5/5

    By Bebelucci
    Love this version of the life of my Savior!!! Yeshua (Jesus) has never been seen like this!!! His human side complements his God side.... We get to see both in such a beautiful way! Wonderful Series!!!!
  • Truly Inspiring! 5/5

    By Deb W 123
    This is honestly the best series on the life of Christ as seen in the gospels. The writing, cinematography, and acting are all superb. Great for every age. You will laugh, cry and understand the Scriptures more deeply. Thank you for such a wonderful work of art!
  • The Chosen 5/5

    By Harley#54
    One of the best series I have ever watched! Thank you!!!❤️
  • The chosen 5/5

    By Cecilia Brooklyn
    The best I’ve ever seen ..looking forward for season 2 , May God help us in these trial times , to have blind faith in God is the answer!
  • Jesus is more 5/5

    By Dpearlgirl
    Because they portray Jesus is such a personal way, now when I am reading my Bible and Jesus is speaking I can imagine Him in a more loving, real, and personal way, interacting with people and ultimately with myself. Thank you
  • SHOCKED 5/5

    By EmilyySmithj
    i too, like the director, grew up in a christian home, i was the pastors kid, i heard every story, read my bible a thousand times, and watched every christian movie that came out. my best friend recommended this to me & he said it was “the BEST jesus show” he had ever seen. the way it takes a whole new look at these stories and the bible.. it changed my perspective completely & made the bible not seem so uninteresting or dry like it had ben for me the last few years. so thankful to have found this :)
  • Best. Series. Ever. 5/5

    By Gordolphin
    An intimate look at the story of the Gospels. Well-crafted, superbly written, excellent casting.
  • Jesus was a Man! 5/5

    By Marygibs
    Jesus, The Son of the God of the universe came down to earth as a Man. He experienced all our pain and despondency, as well as our joy and celebrations. He created and reveled in His own miracles that brought joy and healing to those around Him. We get to catch a glimpse into what it might have been like to live in the time that Jesus walked the earth through The Chosen, a brand new series that has taken the world by storm! It has been seen on every continent and in every country with over 1,000,000 views to date and is being translated into the top 10 languages+ of the world! The Chosen is worth binge watching as the first 8 episodes are available for you to watch FREE right now by going to
  • Must Watch 5/5

    By Jam!6!22
    Soooo good!❤️🙏🏼✝️
  • Best Gospel TV Series 5/5

    By Miss Caitlins Nana
    The quality of this production is truly refreshing. This is one TV show that I am so pleased to share! Thank you!!!
  • Really well done 5/5

    By Slayer67gh
    Best show about Jesus to date.
  • 5 star 5/5

    By blueSky2198
    I wasn’t really into religion. I first watched this the first episode to be exact and it was I little slow I couldn’t help but to wonder.. what is this what should I expect watch it be a waste of my time. Now I finished the first series and I found myself taking breaks at work not to smoke but to watch and finish the episodes! I absolutely love the chosen this will be my second time watching this series. I highly recommend this to anyone friends family even strangers. This could change people’s perspective of life. I know it changed mine. Gave me hope when I needed it the most. I Thank the producers for coming up with such an excellent show,movie whatever it is. It’s made me so emotional I haven’t cried in so long it was needed. Hope was needed and it was provided. Keep up the amazing work!
  • Incredible 5/5

    By Bearsaddict
    This is the most accurate film depiction of the biblical description of Jesus I have ever seen, and it’s awe inspiring and breathtaking.
  • Totally Binge Worthy 5/5

    By QueenTylin
    The best show ever! I’m binge watching season one again!
  • New perspective on everything 5/5

    By Tavarez5
    Love this!! It allows us to look at Jesus and his disciples through a much more clearer lense! Beautiful show! Can’t wait to see more!
  • Best Jesus series Ever 5/5

    By 4GivenSoftware
    We needed this! The suspense is great!
  • You’ll want to tell everyone about it 5/5

    By Zng311
    Because even more importantly you’ll want to tell everyone about Jesus. Striking cinematography, great acting, a moving take on biblical events and scripture. It is my opinion that it stays true as possible to scripture while making honest use of the unknown.
  • The chosen 5/5

    By Handy manny05
    This is the best series ever made about hour jesus christ. Keep up the amazing job n Lots of blessings. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
  • Wowww 5/5

    By Jeannettekg
    Beautiful series that shows the kind, loving and powerful character of God through Jesus! And great perspective of all those who surrounded Him, broken like us and restored by Him❤️
  • Don’t miss out! 5/5

    By icanreadclark
    This is a FANTASTIC series! Please don’t pass this by! The storyline will pull you in immediately and you won’t want to stop watching. This will cause you to forget about all the worthless things we clutter up our lives with and you will focus on what matters most! JESUS matters most and you will find him as you watch these fascinating stories. But don’t just take my word for it-see for yourself!
  • Mind blowing 5/5

    By sanfordh96
    This show is some of the most impactful media I’ve ever seen!!
  • Thank you Jesus! 5/5

    By Jane Morris 001
    One of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded! Wonderful encouragement and a call to persevere and press into our faith especially during difficult times. It’s amazing to imagine meeting God in human form, face to face, and these episodes do an amazing job at this.
  • Best Show Ever Made 5/5

    By Saryaphina
    Words cannot describe how it moved me! How is strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Really worth watching 5/5

    By vbakhuta
    I really enjoyed this show, it really shows the Bible in a real and raw kind of way; in a way that you can relate to. Also, love the dude they chose to play Peter, he’s so like how I would imagine Peter to be like.
  • The Chosen Brings Jesus and His Apostles to Life & Strengthens your Faith 5/5

    By gordonjE
    I started watching the Chosen (1-4) last August and the rest in December. I’ve never seen any movie or series like this - the characters really come to life and makes scripture real in ways we can all relate to today. This is a must for believers and non-believers. The actors and Director are obviously spirit led to create a series that is changing g the world.

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