The CSB Study App

The CSB Study App

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  • Current Version: 7.15.4
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The CSB Study App App

Inspiring you to grow in your understanding and love for God’s Word, the CSB Study App includes an award-winning array of study resources including the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) text and Audio Bible and access to the CSB Study Bible, the Apologetics Study Bible, Apologetics Study Bible for Students, Spurgeon Study Bible, and Disciple's Study Bible. Enjoy additional study content such as study notes, articles, maps, charts, reading plans, concordances, essays, and more! The CSB Study App comes with a free offline copy of the Christian Standard Bible translation as well as a free trial of the CSB Study Bible and other resources! For permanent offline use of the CSB Study Bible and other resources, a purchase can be made from the in-app store. The CSB Study App features the highly readable, highly reliable text of the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB). The CSB stays as literal as possible to the Bible’s original meaning without sacrificing clarity, making it easier to engage with Scripture’s life-transforming message and to share it with others. Learn more about the CSB at App Features ● Full text of the Christian Standard Bible ● Highlight or underline words and entire verses ● Bookmark verses ● Add margin notes ● Four types of navigation (scroll wheel, 3-tap, 2-tap, and keyboard) ● Folders to organize your notes and bookmarks ● Access Study Bibles and read the study notes alongside the Bible ● Offline access (No Internet connection required for downloaded Bibles) ● Red letter text for Jesus' words ● Search the Old and New Testament to find verses containing the entered keyword ● Night mode for low-lit reading areas ● History folder to access past 50 viewed verses ● Share verses and notes via Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS ● Text-to-Speech allows the Bible to be read to you out loud ● Change font size and font type ● Scrolling feature allows the text to scroll automatically ● Backup all your purchases and personal notes/highlights using a FREE account ● Access cross references and footnotes by long-pressing on dotted-underlined words and superscript letters In-App Content ● Offline copy of the Christian Standard Bible text (Old Testament and New Testament) ● Free trial of any Study Bible for 7 days including the CSB Study Bible, Apologetics Study Bible, Apologetics Study Bible for Students, Spurgeon Study Bible, and Disciple's Study Bible. Feedback / Support ● For help with the CSB Study App, please visit the help area at

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The CSB Study App app reviews

  • CSB —- Review 5/5

    By Idahoborn
    I love this app. It makes my daily walk with Jesus easy to access through scripture readings. I can take it with me wherever I go and when I have to wait for an appointment, have a free moment during the day, or want to look something up, I have it right in my hand. Don’t we all usually have our cell phone ‘in our hand’ most of the day? Why not be like the Hebrews and have your personal ‘phylactery’ available anywhere or anytime!
  • Focused on the Word 5/5

    By BeardedLaity
    It has quite a few clever ways of pulling external info in and doesn’t have the commercial feel of Bible.coms Bible app. I like having alternate translations free of charge in the Bible app, but the reading plans have become book advertisements and the gamification and community seems to be the primary focus. Tecarta lets me get to a passage quickly with the scroll wheel, and it feels like the Bible is the primary focus in this app—not reading streaks, social networking, and thousands of “reading plans”. This still has all the features I want in a daily reader: a verse of the day, ability to highlight passages and add notes, cross-references, a compact tool for sharing verses to Facebook (if that’s you’re thing) or as text messages, and an audio option (I use the narration, haven’t tried their text to speech option). I would like to see a “reader’s version” that hides the chapter and verse numbers, footnotes, headings, etc. and maybe a way to export notes and verse references to a simple journal, xml file, Wordpress or Medium blog. Overall, really clean app.
  • My favorite 5/5

    By LGHotcakes
    It offers many options. Translations, text size, scrolling or page curl. For me the page curl is comforting and helps me "feel-the-love" since I used traditional bibles most of my life.
  • CSB update 4/5

    By LOJAC™️
    The in-app update for the CSB will not completely update.
  • Nice free way to get and to listen to the CSB 4/5

    By GTD Meister
    Great app for reading and listening to the CSB. Pros: > Free, for the CSB Bible > REALLY like listening to the CSB. You can listen to the Bible offline if you want to download all the audio files (comes to 1.1G for the whole Bible, around 265MB for the New Testament) > Clear format Cons: > Apps is highly proprietary: Holman material only. > Study Bible note sets can be purchased in-app. They’re a bit pricey, on par with their respective hardback printed versions (which I cannot understand) considering the rather narrow range of resources with which it can be used. > Why full justified text? Creates wide spaces for larger font sizes This will never be my “main” Bible study app for the simple reason that it can only be used with a narrow range of Holman resources. This app is a convenient way to have the CSB open along with my “main” Bible study app, for which I can purchase resources from all the leading Bible publishers.
  • Page turning is crisp. 5/5

    By DivineAeneid
    It helps me remember what I have read.
  • Great bible app 5/5

    By barnold2
    I have used many bible app. But by far this one works the way it should. With little or no problems.
  • CSB Bible 5/5

    By FROG731
    An absolutely wonderful translation! Love it lots! My bride and I have a pastor who just earned his doctorate in Greek (so happy for him!) As WE just recently discovered, CSB is actually HIS reading preference. To me, that says A LOT for the translation. As for the app. The ONLY critique I have is, it would be so much appreciated if there were a dramatized choice for audio. Maybe something for CSB to consider doing in the (not too distant) future (hint! hint!) Be blessed as you are a blessing, and keep your fork. In Christ Tony
  • Great Translation... Limited App, Expensive 3/5

    By Kotar#1
    The CSB is a great, readable, faithful translation. The app does a good job of making that text available to you. But... the audio features are very limited (you can start after verse 1, but it’s up to you to figure out how, and there is no speed control) and they want to charge you full price for the study Bible notes. This seems fair, but I already have one digital copy of the study notes and two print copies. Shouldn’t there be some consideration for repeat buyers?
  • I love this bible 5/5

    By Micah Mark
    It looks like my personal bible but with the advantages of an ap. Thank You
  • Love the app, but it’s missing one thing... 5/5

    The app is well put together and the tools are great, especially the highlighting feature. But, this app would be awesome if it offered other translations.
  • Refreshing change from the other app 5/5

    By DavidLozzi
    The other leading Bible app is great, but has turned down the road of being a social network, and it’s too noisy. This app returns to what the Bible is, a Bible. I can keep my social interactions in my social networks, and connect with God in this app. Also, loving the CSB translation as a whole, my go to for my reading!
  • Very very impressive 5/5

    By bullva
    I love this Bible. I love how if I don’t understand what a word means, all I have to do is touch if for the app to define the word I don’t understand. It easy read and understandable in layman’s terms. Thank you for this free app. Your blessings are headed your way. God Bless.
  • Mr 5/5

    By Montana Bob1
    What a easy yet comprehensive bible app I already own the spurgeon CSB study bible now I can have it with me all the time. Thank you and God bless
  • Audio bible reading 5/5

    By gdyr38
    Very effective as I listen and read John I absorb more and feel as if John is speaking to me. I find myself tirelessly more chapters and don’t mind rereading to get more from Gods Word. Alleleuia!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Tim from Atlanta
    The app is loaded with aids such as maps, cross referencing, etc. Easy to navigate! Really really love it!
  • Love this Bible 5/5

    By Havetosaygoodbye
    Very organized, really enjoying the Bible in a year reading plan! Highly recommend the Bible!!

    By stinky stuff
    How to I access Greek and Hebrew meaning of each word I want to look up. Like the old hcsb did?
  • CSB translation 4/5

    By Simpson62
    I like the clarity and continuity of this translation. However, comparing it to the KJV there is a noticeable effort to be politically correct as in diversity. The CSB translation reduces the masculine references to neutrality. This reflects the changes in our national views and is false testimony to God’s Word on the place of men on leadership positions. I am sorry that this change is occurring. Roger
  • Steve F 5/5

    By SStevieD
    I appreciate having a new scholarly translation that I can access when I need to compare versions to come to a better or more accurate understanding of the meaning of the scriptures
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By MonicaTMcd
    I love this app! My church uses this bible version. I take my iPad with me to church and follow along during the sermon. I can make notes and highlight.
  • Fast 5/5

    By Keanini
    Site is FAST 😊
  • Is shouldn't have to pay twice 3/5

    By SSGander
    I purchased the app for my iPad. I recently got a new iPhone and downloaded the app to the phone. Today, when I opened the app, it tells me my free trial period is over! Do I have to pay twice if I want the app on two devices? No way even though I like the app.
  • Has everything 5/5

    I really like this study bible, it has much to offer
  • iOS 12 Update 1/5

    By PDCowboy
    App will not work after updating to iOS 12. Sad, since I really did enjoy it prior to this.
  • Almost perfect. 4/5

    By Noandy
    This app is almost perfect. Please note that I use VoiceOver to access this app. This app works marginally well even though the graphics aren’t labeled textually since VoiceOver recognizes the buttons. I like using this app to listen to audio bibles, but not for reading. For some reason, Bible text only displays one word per llline with VoiceOver no matter what font size is used. Legacy mode does not work at all: my guess is that this is a problem with VoiceOver and not the app. Study notes display great, and I like that you can switch between views. Overall, very well done. I like the Csb audio bible being free. :)
  • Best Bible app so far 5/5

    By Paparattzy
    I have downloaded many free and paid Bible apps searching for the one that just fit my needs and offered features comparable to other top downloaded apps. I have been very surprised to find just about everything I want in a Bible app to be included. The interface is very easy on the eyes, especially with the Avenir font. It is easy to understand the different settings and the way the menu’s work. There are several ways to search and go to a book or verse you want. My favorite is the simple search. Type in the first letters of the book and bingo it shows up at the top of the list. Keep entering the chapter and verse and it immediately goes there. I will admit I have just downloaded the app and spent some time getting comfortable with it, but based on my experience of doing the same thing with at least 20 other Bible apps, I can tell this is quickly going to be my only app. Time will tell!
  • Wow... 5/5

    By Peace21(:)
    Thank you so much... this has been the best app, so easy to use and listening to the word has never been clearer. I wish I could afford the study version. However I feel blessed to have found this. Thank you.
  • Clean, easy to use 5/5

    By revpeterfrost
    Don’t overlook simplicity and ease of use. I love the ease of switching between books and selecting chapters and verses.
  • Do yourself a favor and get this app! 5/5

    By Jeffyork
    It’s all you want and need in a Bible app!
  • CSB App 5/5

    By Pastorboy1
    Truly enjoy using this app. Very easy to maneuver through and use.
  • CSB 5/5

    By Delife23
    A worthy tool for anyone looking for a healthy and excellent spiritual growth. Highly recommended.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Ixthusrex
    I have tried to be open-minded. I have used this app for a couple of months, and there is nothing about the CSBSB part that impresses me. The ability to have several study Bibles on one app is a great feature. Other than that, the app is underwhelming. I don’t mean to be negative, but I have to be honest. Basically, the CSB-SB has fewer features than the HCSB-SB app, which I still use, even though I have to access it on an iPad that is running on iOS 8. Although LifeWay (and Olive Tree) orphaned the HCSBSB app some time ago, it exceeds this new one in most every way. The old app allowed you to simply touch the word and it brought up the Strong’s info. It was excellent for basic info on the Hebrew/Greek. This was great for Bible study and sermon prep. I really can’t find anything that this app does that other apps don’t do as well or better. If someone can point out a reason I should use this for anything other than the study Bible notes instead of YouVersion (or even Bible Gateway), I will be glad to edit my review. Disappointed I paid for it. The CSB is a good translation. It deserves better than being farmed out to another company for the digital version. If there is a digital Bible that allows you to touch the word and bring up the Strongs, I would buy it. My iPad with the HCSBSB on it is going to die sometime in the near future. Rex Griffin @ixthusrex
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Behind chef ncbcnc
    Free text & audio bible. Thank you for this!
  • Purchased 7 years ago 1/5

    By JourneyStrong
    I purchased this Bible about 7 years ago when it was called the HCSB Bible app. It is no longer supported. Therefore when I went to update it, it not only no longer existed but lost the Bible that I had paid for. All my notes and studies are gone as well. Those who purchased your Bible app before should be grandfathered into this new Bible app. I not only lost my purchase but I lost much more. I do not have confidence to buy an app sponsored by those who no longer support apps previously paid for.
  • Excellent Bible 5/5

    By JiwPiper
    My go-to translation for reading and study. The apologetics study Bible is a great resource for faith defending material.
  • Awesome!!!! 5/5

    By 2005kthayer_unicorns
    This Bible app is awesome! This app makes it a lot easier to read!
  • Great to have the Word at my fingers! 5/5

    By Qtknight
    The app is just like having the luxuries of my large print study Bible with me wherever I am. I love it and use it daily!
  • Fantasticly made app. Better translation 5/5

    By QuantitativePleasing
    I appreciate the thought and care that was taken with the CSB to get the meaning of scripture translated correctly while also being faithful to the literal text. Thanks for getting the study version released, I used to use the old HCSB study app before it went obsolete and this app is refreshing and a worthy successor.
  • Excellent help 5/5

    By Armor of Daddy
    Easy to read, I love it. Very helpful with explanations of words .
  • Love it 5/5

    By Bulletb
  • Too Pricey 4/5

    By Praying4Purpose
    I love the App but the cost of $21.99 after the trial period is too much. The Study Bible App from John MacArthur is solid Biblical teaching. The commentary is comprehensive and a better value. It’s unfortunate B&H are so expensive.
  • excellent Bible App, but where are . . . 5/5

    By Agrammatos
    first the review, then the “but where are . . .” my ‘goto’ English language Bible app when original biblical language study is not required. Good note-taking capability. Excellent bookmark and note organization functionality. Very good search functionality, but could be improved (see E-Sword for iOS and duplicate that search functionality present there, but missing in all Tecarta Bible apps). Excellent selection of Study Bibles. Please pursue obtaining licenses for . . . the Archaeological Study Bible (NIV), the ‘adult’ version of the Apologetics Study Bible (HCSB/CSB), the ESV Study Bible (ESV), the Enhanced Ryrie Study Bible (NASB95/NIV), the Case for Christ Study Bible notes, the Evidence Bible (NKJV), the Scofield Reference Bible III (NIV), the Reformation Study Bible (NKJV/ESV). the Orthodox Study Bible (NKJV), the Gospel Transformation Study Bible notes. now for the “but where are . . . “ after installing logged into my Tecarta Bible account. My notes and bookmarked synced just fine, but none of my prepurchased resources were available (nor were they 24 hours later). However, the next day, other Tecarta Bible apps logged into that same Tecarta Bible account, after syncing, had the CSB and its two new Study Bible resources that I purchased as part of “My Content.” So, it is sort of a ‘one-way street’, so to speak, at the moment. Please fix. Many thanks for developing such a fine Bible study app.
  • Mostly improved! 4/5

    By The covs
    App is well designed and thorough. Navigation is much improved over the HCSB that came fore, and I like the simpler graphics. My only complaint is that the lexicon is gone!! I loved that I could tap on virtually any word and see the Greek or Hebrew word from the most common translations. And how often the word appeared exactly as used. And where. That is a huge loss, especially given that this study Bible costs twice what the old HCSB did. I’d be very grateful if future editions/revisions of this app replaced that functionality. Otherwise great job on an easy to use study Bible!
  • AmAzing 5/5

    By Husker_Alpha
    This app is truly amazing as is the CSB translation.

The CSB Study App app comments

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