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The CW App

The only way to see new episodes from The CW, free with no login. Keep up with the latest from shows like All American and The Flash, or watch full seasons of new hits like Superman & Lois and Naomi. And with CW Seed shows like 90210 and Beauty and the Beast now available, you’ll never run out of shows to binge. Features Include: * LATEST EPISODES: Watch new episodes of EVERY primetime show the day after broadcast, including Riverdale, Legacies, and more. * FULL SEASONS: Watch every episode of select series like DC’s Stargirl, Kung Fu, Batwoman, Nancy Drew, and more. * CW SEED: Binge full series like The Game and The Secret Circle, or find new favorites like Limitless, Lost Girl and Forever. * NO LOGINS: No cable subscription, no credit cards, no passwords. Ever. * EXTRAS: See previews for upcoming episodes, behind-the-scenes extras, cast interviews, and more. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please visit for more information. Ad Choices: Terms of Use: Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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  • Insanely long commercials!! 2/5

    By person in your window
    I’ve used it before and never had this problem. I really hope this isn’t a new thing. Literally stuck in a 5+ minute commercial. The same commercial has even played back to back!! I love the show but this is insane. I might as well try to catch the episodes live, it wouldn’t take this long and I could actually enjoy the show. It’d be more convenient fitting the actual first airing than watching on the app. It was stupid to exit because now I get another 5+ minute commercial, pretty sure it’s been 10 minutes. So frustrating I don’t even remember what just happened in the show. At this rate I’m going to have more time in commercial than the actual 45 minute show. This is insane!! Someone really needs to fix this. Luckily there’s only one more episode to the season or I would just wait until it’s on hbomax. That app definitely doesn’t have this problem. Must be a better managed app.
  • ‘You’re always thinking of us’- NOT!! 1/5

    By Sonic Bodhi
    If you were always thinking of us, you would not have removed support for Apple Airplay. Now I can’t play content on my Samsung Smart TV from my iPad! And you don’t have an app for Samsung smart tv’s DO YOU! Jeezus, developers are sometimes REALLY stupid! You might be coding geniuses, but you don’t really know or care what WE want as end-users! Thanks for removing a functionality that I needed! On top of that, you released this app in the APPLE app store- how do you release an iOS tv app in the Apple app store, and NOT be required to provide support for Apple Airplay?? It makes absolutely NO sense.
  • Great but would be better with less commercials 2/5

    By vykkielynn
    This app is iffy. Plus sude, you can watch shows that you missed or forgot to record for free. Down side, entirely too many commercial breaks. If you do not have cable, this is your best option, but if you do and you are trying to watch a show without the commercials, you might as well look for it or buy it somewhere else. Or watch it but have to deal with ads every other scene. Also, I wouldn’t recommend this app if you are Deaf/deaf or Hard of heating because the subtitles are really bad. They work for a bit then the words go faster than the audio/picture or way slower and you will be lost because the next scene is playing but the captions are off so you don’t know what just happened. I hate it but its my only option😭. Also, its even WORSE on Amazon fire-stick😤
  • Problems Need Attention 1/5

    By DaisyPMD
    New episodes don’t come on the app the next day like it’s advertised. There was no problem in the past, in fact episodes would come on early (10pm PST)!!! Now it could be midnight and there’s still no new episode. Almost 1am & still no new episode and I stayed up just to watch. Please fix this issue and have the new episodes on the app the next day by midnight (10pm PST even better).

    By ghost -5
  • commercial breaks 1/5

    By Icey ice tea
    full commercial breaks in 2022 when i’m not watching cable television is ridiculous
  • Almost perfect! 5/5

    By DForscutt
    I love the app. I love the shows. Easy to use and commercial breaks are not too bad. Only thing I wish could change is to be able to minimize the screen so I can work while I watch my shows. Is that a possibility?
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By xriyxx3
    There’s and ad like every 3 minutes it’s so annoying and you can rewind/skip with an ad and the adds are so long and there’s a lot of them tbh it’s not worth it y’all
  • Too many 1/5

    By Thagallyfizzle
    Too many comerciales I quit my show’s bcuz to many
  • To many ads. 4/5

    By each username is taken
    I love the app and everything like that. I’ve had it for over 3 months and it’s going perfectly fine! The only problem that I have about this app is about how it has so many ads. When you start watching some sort of episode it already has an ad
  • Horrible 1/5

    By lakendrickhall
    This app is not good I would not download it because, the shows take so long to pop up and when the adds come on it be so long, and cw since y’all canceled all these shows I beat you everybody gonna wanna delete this app so if I was you do not cancel the shows and if you do your company is over.
  • Ads ever 3 minutes, I timed it. 2/5

    By thatcjkid
    I like the app, but I decided to time how often it showed ads because there's A LOT. Ads every 3 minutes is ridiculous. Cable tv doesn't even show ads that often. Also. I don't like that I can't add shows to favorites like on other apps. It's not easy to find shows. There's no proper categories. The captions don't always caption the vocals when they caption the lyrics. They don't always stop captioning the lyrics and skip the vocals. I imagine this is not good for the deaf, because they can't see what's being said.
  • Legacies 1/5

    By SsophiaH
    They cancelled the ONLY good show they had on this channel. I’m so disappointed. All the years of watching TVD and the Originals and this is how they’re going to end it?! Absolutely ridiculous. 30 seasons of the flash, and legacies is what they choose to cancel. The acting has been great, the story has been consistent and the scenes between Landon and Hope are phenomenal! I’m so sad about this. I hope they reconsider.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Steffens101
    I get I’m watching shows for free but at the same time I feel like I’m watching my ads than I am the show I’ve counted and they show anywhere between 10 to 15 ads each time they do it. It’s not even worth downloading bc your watching ads and not the show, cause when they play the show it plays for like 5 mins and then back to the 20 minute ad break.
  • I 1/5

    By tibergioyifecitdiy
    I came to this app to find a series I been wanting to see for a while I decided to see what else there was and deleted the app but when i did. My cellular device has been acting up where it plays at random and goes static but reopens the deleted app
  • Needs improvement! 3/5

    By hi🍄🐚
    So, I was trying to watch Riverdale and then this weird glitch came up. It had all the tv options over the episodes, I hope u fix this!
  • TV shows within TV shows 1/5

    By ughremote
    Along with other reviewers, the app gets stuck on the loading screen whenever I want to watch a new show. New issue is now while playing a episode of Riverdale, very like 1-2 minutes, it cuts to a different show like a few seconds of All American or All American Homecoming. I've tried on my fire stick and my app on my Roku Tv and it's the same issue. PLEASE FIX!!!
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Mayocita
    The app is trash. On my Roku , iPad and my phone. Always randomly shuts down. I was watching a show on my ipad and went to pull it up in my phone. The show wasn’t in the search on on the app. I had to guess what episode I was on then google it and have it open the app. Now while watching a show another show keeps playing . I keep having to go out and back in. But I’m missing what happened because the other show plays on top of it every few minutes . Trash app ! Needs tech support bad
  • Streaming does not work 1/5

    By mcspaul
    Due to issues with my DVR I missed multiple episodes of Flash. I tried to watch them in the CW app as I always have but it gets stuck at the loading screen. I have tried using the app on both my Apple TV as well as my iPhone (iOS 15.5). Additionally, I have tried different episodes and even different shows. Are Apple devices no longer supported? If not the app should be removed from the App Store.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By cant bel
    Used to love this app but now it will not play any shows
  • Can’t even use it 1/5

    By Rinjones
    The app won’t even load. Just sits there with a loading screen. I’ve downloaded it and deleted it twice now and it still doesn’t work.
  • Too many ads in the halfway point of the show 2/5

    By Krypton 80
    Just now watching The Flash and it’s already the halfway and counted a total of 38 ads, more or less of the same ones…38! Any possible way to reduce the number of ads? I know you can get rid of ads completely, but 38 ads or more is completely unnecessary.
  • Great content but issues with CW Seed & Apple TV 4/5

    By jakermey
    I love the network and the content and that the app is free! Only complaint is that ever since the merge of CW & CW Seed into one app, Apple TV doesn’t seem to see any of the CW Seed shows as available and even though they are in the Up Next queue, it can’t launch them. Every episode I have to manually relaunch the app and find the show and scroll through the episodes if the show is a CW Seed. Not a problem for regular CW shows (example: The Flash works, but The Lying Game does not). Also it’s funny a lot of the commercials are for the show I’m watching. I’m halfway through season one of TLG and it’s still showing me ads for the pilot. Okay folks…you got me already 😜
  • App won’t work 2/5

    By Julikimble
    I tried this app on my Xbox, phone, and my tv. It will not load the shows I want to watch. It was working fine up until 2 weeks ago and now I can’t load a single thing. It works on my other tv but it doesn’t on anything in my room!! Please fix this or try to give me solutions. I have deleted the app, restarted my wifi, restarted my phone and tv.
  • Needs a key Feature 3/5

    By HerbSoFoused💯💰💵
    Overall this is a great app I say what would make this a excellent app is if you can turn off ads if you can make that happen this will be a 5 all day
  • App 3/5

    Love this app, but too many adds it one sitting. lasts longer than the show scene.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Lamensquare
    This app is buggy. It Does not recognize when you have watched an episode. It also doesnt display the current shows that are displaying this season. You have to search to find them, why is that? Please fix these 2 issues.
  • Picture picture mode 3/5

    By Scotchjag
    Seriously YouTube has done this also why do we have to pay for picture picture mode it doesn’t change anything except letting you do things at the same like work while watching a show or music in YouTubes case as background noise we still see and hear the ads just like television isn’t the point of this whole model is to be another extension of cable so company’s can make more money you should be restricting content access not as a pay option not how you use it

    By Lizanangel
    Won’t allow casting to tv from IPhone anymore & too many adds. App way overdue for an update!!!
  • Legacies, Charmed, Batwoman, LOT Cancelled?! 1/5

    By justanotherbiasedoppionnn:)
    I genuinely hate the cow for the cancellation of these shows. Terrible app, horrible ads. I only put up with it for legacies and charmed. I HATE YOU CW!
  • Nikita 3/5

    By video playback not working
    Why isn’t nikita on the app?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By new customer gucci
    Too many ads! I’ve literally sat and counted 15 ads in between scenes. And at least show different ads. But the same ad 6 times.? Come on. Then I tried to pause it and it took me back to the beginning of the show. I had to fast forward but then they made me watch the same 15 ads all over again. I really hate this app. I don’t even want to watch the show anymore.
  • Ads 2/5

    By lakalalalllala
    The commercials are way too long and it just keeps repeating the same commercials over and over again. It’s just so frustrating watching good shows in here……smh
  • Ads. 1/5

    By ChosenO|\|E
    I'd understand if there were different ads and commercials, but the same ones back to back, running for 10 minutes straight (literally). The same commercial just played 4 times in a row. It's crazy. I'll just wait until the show comes to Netflix next year😫😫😫
  • No longer supports iPad lightning HDMI adapter 1/5

    By oh I've got an opinion
    I’ve been using this app for years and I’ve really enjoyed it but I just updated and it no longer allows me to use my HDMI out on my iPad it says this is no longer supported ,disappointed as much as I can be with a free app .Not sure if it’s a glitch. Or done with intention .I can’t understand for a second why I can use it on my iPad but can’t use an external monitor like I would with any other computer.
  • Constantly freezes - after making you watch ads 1/5

    By tessazim
    The app is constantly freezing after ads breaks. I restart and continue where I left off. Another set of ads, and then it freezes after a few more seconds of the show. I’m about to uninstall due to the horrible experience and will wait until shows are available on other platforms.
  • Meh 3/5

    By youngceaser27
    App is useful, don’t understand why you can’t watch Riverdale until 10 am next day though. It was midnight previously. Very annoying.
  • No pip 1/5

    By Tiger565656
    In 2022 on iOS no pip. Sad!!! Bad Customer Service!!!
  • The ADS bruv!! 3/5

    By MRWalden22
    Aye it’s awesome you’re free *high five* but I’ve been watching ads for the past 20 minutes straight!! What is really going on?? I mean they are STILL playing..and it’s the SAME ones BACK to BACK!! PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Rocky6661
    Won’t play anything, IPhone and IPad. Fix your app idiots!
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1/5

    By Nanushka70
    You canceled my favorite series for not paying for the studio and you need space, because I also need space on my cell phone so I will remove your application.No more Legends of Tomorrow, NO MORE CW.
  • Too many commercials 2/5

    By yaslotus
    The amount of commercials are ridiculous, same commercials over and over. Sometimes 10 commercials. I enjoy the shows but because of this I can’t watch them.
  • No more legacies?!? 1/5

    By bkkaab256697
    The only reason I downloaded it was for legacies, but it’s canceled so no more use for it. It’s got all the same stuff Hulu, Netflix, & prime have anyway🤷🏻‍♀️✌🏻
  • Cancels all the good shows 1/5

    By ooofwrrs
    I am so infuriated my favorite show Legacies is being canceled. I love the whole series and now it’s being put to an end. The only reason I even used the CW app or at all was to watch Legacies.
  • Commercial loop 1/5

    The app gets stuck in a endless commercial loop. I will not use this app until it gets fixed very disappointing
  • The destruction of the CW 1/5

    By ghcyvfng
    You guys canceled all of the good shows and that all the crappy shows that nobody cares about on the air😡🤬🤬🤬
  • I never write a review but this here! 2/5

    By Starmusictasticable
    Usually, I’m never failed with an app unless I just get plain out “tired” with it but I’m just disappointed that the CW no longer supports Airplay. Tuesdays was dedicated strictly for All American with our dinner. Now thinking something was wrong with my device I tried every solution I could until ran across one of their articles stating such facts…. I really just in disbelief!
  • Never Works 1/5

    By Veekay😉
    I suspect the app needs an update because it doesn’t work as well as it used to anymore

    By Clare-16
    they allow me to watch my favorite shows for free with no wait until they are on other platforms

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