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The CW App

The CW App is the only way to watch FREE EPISODES of your favorite shows whenever you want, no subscription or password needed. Just install the app and stream the hit series Riverdale, Black Lightning, The Flash, Jane The Virgin, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie, Supernatural, The 100, Arrow, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Originals and more. Missed last night’s episode? Watch it now for FREE. Behind more than one? Catch up on the last five episodes aired anytime. Features Include: * FULL EPISODES: Watch the latest episodes of every primetime show the day after broadcast. Free. * NO LOGINS: No cable subscription, no credit cards, no passwords. Ever. * PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Get reminded when your favorite shows air and when they’re available to watch in the app. * EXTRAS: See previews for upcoming episodes, behind-the-scenes extras, cast interviews, and more. * EASY ACCESS TO CW SEED: Binge on new classics like The Secret Circle, Everwood, The Game, Girlfriends, Everybody Hates Chris, and Constantine, digital series like DC’s Vixen, and every episode of Whose Line.


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The CW app reviews

  • iPhone Airplay 1/5

    By Kryptonknight
    There is no Airplay Icon to play this on my Apple TV from the app. Disappointed.
  • 😡😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By Juliana Piskoulian
    This app has episodes but does not keep the episodes available.By that I mean an episode is available but after a week it is not.That is what I hate. I just heard about season four of Flash and want to watch it.However,I can not😭😭😭If the owner of The Cw is reading this,please do something about this..........AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 😠😠😠😠😠😠When you fix it, I will write a better review🙂Until then, I am very angry🤯🤯🤯
  • The worst! 1/5

    By Mccormickb7
    Could you maybe try to Dare to Defy the utter crap shoot that is your app?!?
  • The app is great 4/5

    By joshguitaraboi
    But i would rlly like to be able to take these shows on the go like in a plane or on a trip
  • Hate us right now 2/5

    By JDBrown1944!
    Dear CW app, let me tell you why I hate you right now. I fell asleep during iZombi. Now I am trying to find where I left off and EVERY time I go forward or back I have to sit through 90- 120 seconds of commercials. I am just trying to find where I left off OTHER apps can recognize this and cut you slack until you are settled. PLEASE have mercy.
  • Apple TV app no longer available for download 5/5

    By Fairdinkem
    Where has the Apple TV app gone from the Apple TV App Store, I can no longer download it?
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Greens12420
    Why is this app blanking out every five seconds? I used to watch this all the time but now I might just delete it.
  • Just ads 1/5

    By Vivien.Grab1237
    I would be watching a show and ads would come (I’m fine with a few ads) but whenever I try to watch a episode of the 100 ads would come and they won’t stop like it would go on and on and on for hours like I can’t even watch a single episode
  • Too many commercials! 2/5

    By racer8081
    The amount of commercials during the streamed episodes is a little excessive, especially when they are in 2 minute intervals👎🏻
  • why expiration dates? 4/5

    By Rachel.Luvs.Cookies
    I just got the app. I was so excited until I found out about the expiration dates. I’m confused, like why do we need them? I have Netflix but let’s be real, they take forever to upload a new season from any show, really. So I downloaded the app to find the seasons that weren’t yet on Netflix. I was looking for the first episode of season 13 on Supernatural, which in my opinion, is the best TV show I’ve ever watched, but I didn’t find it. So now I don’t have a choice but to wait on Netflix. Because if I watch the episodes ahead of time, I wouldn’t have any clue on what’s happening. Also, you guys should really keep on the seasons and episodes of the shows. What if somebody is about to binge watch the seasons of a show. They can’t because the CW only has the recent episodes. Please think about this, I really want to watch my favorite shows. I love this app, if you just added some more improvements, it’d be perfect 👌
  • Help!!!! 1/5

    By help myyyyy
    I don’t know I have download this app but it doesnt work!! Heeelp my pls!!!!
  • Audio quality?? 2/5

    By Cupcake crafts from utube
    I love the fact that this app allows shows for free but honestly i am trying to watch the 100 season 5 and the audio quality is horrific. almost gave this a one star
  • It's okay 4/5

    By Hunter Kaz 2Y5
    It works fine, but it should have all the seasons and episodes of all the shows, not just the most recent 5
  • Put all episodes of the seasons 2/5

    By lilconchshell
    The no subscription part is great but it’s dumb to have just four or five episodes of one show when they should just have all of the episodes and seasons on there.
  • Deserves only one star 1/5

    By RainbowTabs
    I just downloaded The CW and Cw Seed and none of them work! I try to go on the apps but as soon as I get on it kicks me off and won’t let me in. I haven’t even seen the menu only the starter page and get kicked off, LIKE WHAT!! You need to fix this I was so exited to watch movies and series on this app but it’s been a disappointment so far. PLEASE PLEASE FIX your apps.
  • No episodes... 2/5

    By mtmarno
    If I could start season 4 from episode 1 I would be watching the flash, but I can’t so I’m not
  • Uhhhh 2/5

    By shortstopDL
    I don't like how the shows expire. If you don’t have wifi for a little bit you miss so much and then the shows expire and you don't get to catch up on them
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By bdjdsisn
    I love shows but it’s too many ads.hopefully they can add like no ads for payment or something!!
  • CW app is frustrating! 2/5

    By expelliarmusx
    Honestly extremely frustrated with this app. I use it to watch Supernatural so I won’t fall behind when I’m on the go (which is pretty much all the time), the picture freezes and won’t unfreeze until it gets to the commercial, it plays 30 seconds after the commercial and then repeats. Horrible!
  • The CW app issues 2/5

    By FlyingNukeDiver
    Overall, the app is ok but I rated it low because of some issues I found. First, you can’t stream live TV. Second, if you rewind right after a commercial break, you have to watch the commercials again. Most other apps don’t do that. Third, I couldn’t find a way in the app to give them feedback.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By pinkhaley02
    Every time I try to open it, it crashed. I’ve deleted it and redownloaded it multiple times. I’ve also tried rebooting my phone several times. I have no clue what the problem is I just want to watch the 100
  • Dumb 1/5

    By wowasdfgk
    Episodes expire??? Let me binge watch at least the entire current season
  • Randomly Stopped working 3/5

    By Kristinfitness
    I love the app but for the past two days, it just hasn’t worked for me. It says there are zero shows. And when I try to click the features “stream now”, nothing happens. It’s just a shell of an app. I hope they are monitoring there app and resolve the issue sooner vs later. If they don’t lag a life time lol I’ll change my review. Great app, just out of order at the moment
  • Closed Captions 3/5

    By This chick right here
    Maybe it's just the episode I'm watching but it's showing the closed captions and I don't even have that option turned on. I can't turn them off and it's really rather annoying
  • Not Able to Use Recently 1/5

    By Hotlips117007
    So I think there is a problem with the app. It will load in but won’t pull up any shows. It just says there are no shows available. This is kind of irritating because I’m in the middle of watching a show and trying to finish the episodes before they get taken off. It won’t pull up any videos. Please fix this problem so I can continue watching.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Psycoprincess16
    Can't live stream shows.
  • Where are the rest of the episodes????? 2/5

    By yhguhe cabrece
    Why is this a thing????? I can literally only watch the latest episodes???? The only reason I got this app is to watch Riverdale season 2 and I wanted the full season. I don’t appreciate this.
  • this is not work 1/5

    By iyoze
    this app is not worked :(
  • WOW JUST WOW 5/5

    By A.1 user
  • Too many Ads...not different ads, same ones over & over 1/5

    By Silvermord
    50% of your time on this app will be watching ads. Not possible to give 0 stars, so here's 1 because it's free!
  • Cant keep time 2/5

    By ★Fated§øul
    There are several issues with this app even tho it is free. One being the schedule is missleading meaning they dont know how to keep track of time when to release new episodes. Two being they cut half a season off instead of keeping the whole season up till the next season releases so if you miss a few days theres no point in trying to watch it. Fix the issues and you will have better reveiws just saying.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By MasterHawk09
    This app is great for watching all ur favorite shows and if u miss them on TV u can watch on the app 10/10 I recommend this to everyone who loves the CW shows ♥️
  • I really like it 4/5

    By lilllpooffsbn
    I really like it but the only thing is you guys should put live tv so that if people don’t have their tv they can watch it on their phones or device
  • Season 2 Anyone? 1/5

    By LosPanizos
    I downloaded the app so I could watch Season 2 of Riverdale. Welp turns out they don’t have season 2 or even season 1! They only have some episodes from season 3. Am I missing something?
  • App Needs Quality Control 2/5

    By Starmena
    The shows are awesome! The app? Not at all. The fact that’s it’s free to watch makes this app almost tolerable but it comes with too many caveats. The most annoying is the fact that the ads are (at minimum) add 5 minutes or more to every show. The app seems to have problems remembering where you left off. Try and skip to a part of a show and you have to watch ANOTHER two minute ad. Using chrome cast is even worst. It just doesn’t work. I recommend you don’t plan on pausing in any point while casting because you’ll just have to start from the beginning... and again watch another 2-3 minute ad. Then another ad while you seek where you left off in the show. The CW Team really needs to test their apps and work out the bugs since they want to limit our streaming options and force us to use their free (is it really?) app. Two stars for content quality.
  • Update seriously needed! 1/5

    By JWR9
    Why is there no login option like every other app?! If I already have and pay for cable, shouldn’t I be able to login via my provider and watch ALL the episodes of shows, instead of just a few? That’s exactly how it works with every other app available. Please update!!
  • Way too many commercials 3/5

    By AliC91
    Love this app but soooo many commercials so often. We get it! Get ATT, Drink Fiji, use Uber and get metro pcs too. Once or twice would be okay but come on. Over kill!
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By hoxietoxie
    I really wish the app wouldn’t completely switch shows in the middle of the show I’m watching.. needs work transitioning from commercials.. also would be nice if it could keep track of the shows I’m watching and which episode I’m on.
  • Ads 4/5

    By Jdhzhxjxbx
    Really good love the app just too many ads
  • Thanks 5/5

    By smfiedler
    I greatly appreciate having a different commercial to watch each break and The CW delivers!
  • No videos? 2/5

    By scammed individual 😡
    Umm mine literally says no videos available every time I try to use it.
  • Episodes?!? 2/5

    By Cats like cats297564390
    I just finished both riverdale seasons on Netflix and anxious to see the next season so I go on this app that I heard about and on the home screen I see a pop up of riverdale so I click on it and it takes me to a random episode that just aired I really want to see a episode that was after the 2nd season and when I went on it it was spoiling an episode that I don’t even know what’s going on in it.
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Trey2trey
    New iPad. App keeps crashing
  • Caption error 3/5

    By Green Irene
    I love this app but I have captions even when the captions are supposedly turned off. It’s really annoying and makes me not want to use the app
  • Great app 5/5

    By Cynthiac1999
    I installed this for the show The Flash.
  • Pls make some helpful updates 2/5

    I only have a few issues with this app which is its a little confusing and it does not have all the episodes to a show because it expired or something I was trying to start the second season of river dale and it only has trailers for the first episodes and more
  • Keep up the good work with Riverdale 5/5

    By Riverdale101
    The only reason why I bought this app was to watch Riverdale it's the best app in the world if I had one of wish it would to be watching Riverdale forever and ever but I can't and across from Riverdale please if you read this don't let jughead die keep up the good work Riverdale and also I love cole sprouts and if the TV show read what I wrote please tell him that I would like to meet him thank you for listening to my response
  • Junk 2/5

    By huerta2001
    Constantly crashes and restarts episodes from the beginning. This makes you sit through all the advertisements twice as much. Those for seem reason work flawlessly, but the network content is pixelated.
  • nope 1/5

    By Ejdjghhski
    literally just does not work.
  • Too many adds 2/5

    By kellie0110
    I love being able to watch my shows but when there’s more adds than there is show it gets EXTREMELY annoying!

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