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The CW App

The CW App is the only way to stream the LATEST EPISODES of your favorite shows for FREE, no subscription or password needed. Just install the app and stream the hit series Riverdale, Batwoman, Nancy Drew, All American, Legacies, Black Lightning, The Flash, Charmed, Supergirl, Arrow, Supernatural, Dynasty, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, and more. Missed the latest episode? Watch it now for FREE. Behind more than one? Catch up on the last five episodes aired anytime. New shows Batwoman and Nancy Drew will have every episode as they become available, all season long. Features Include: * FULL EPISODES: Watch the latest episodes of every primetime show the day after broadcast. Free. * FULL SEASONS OF NEW SHOWS: Watch every episode of Batwoman and Nancy Drew free as they become available, all season long. * NO LOGINS: No cable subscription, no credit cards, no passwords. Ever. * PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Get reminded when your favorite shows air and when they’re available to watch in the app. * EXTRAS: See previews for upcoming episodes, behind-the-scenes extras, cast interviews, and more. * EASY ACCESS TO CW SEED: Stream over 1000 hours of your favorite shows. Binge Schitt’s Creek and new classics like The Secret Circle, Everybody Hates Chris, and Alcatraz, digital series like DC’s Constantine: City of Demons, and every episode of Whose Line. Ad Choices: Terms of Use: Do Not Sell My Personal Information: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please visit for more information.

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The CW app reviews

  • Chromecast not supported 1/5

    By Marco83737282
    Chromecast doesn’t work, the help guide doesn’t work and it’s useless anyway
  • TOO MANY ADS 3/5

    By lareen_19103
    I really like this app but there are way to many ads like 6 in a row and then you watch a little them more ads they could at least lower the ad number. One time I stretched went upstairs and the ads weren’t even done yet so i recommend this app of you are ok with the ads
  • Are you kidding??? 1/5

    By You'veBeenNicked
    OK simple quick & to the point. As another review noted you watch in landscape but the opening menu is portrait only. Why??? I’ll ask again: W H Y ? ? ?
  • I love the cow 5/5

    By Street pirate666
    The only thing I ask about The CW and I understand that that’s how you make your money but we need to cut down on those commercials
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By fluffy0903
    The episodes don’t work for nun
  • Bugg fix please ASAP 1/5

    By Eggo222
    Casting to google chrome cast is bugged. (Maybe others too I’ve just tested in chrome cast) if you leave the app and come back, the cast settings settings disappear, have to recast again. And it restarts the show. It’s been like this forever. Please fix.
  • Needs to updated. 2/5

    By Aaera
    The subtitles go away after every commercial which makes it very annoying. And why are there so many pharmaceutical ads? I wasn’t depressed until this app.
  • eh 2/5

    By Harmonybhadbarbie
    it freezes wayy to much
  • Terrible Setup 1/5

    By DessiDiva 👸🏽
    1. It only has shows that are currently on. It doesn’t have shows that have ended such as the Vampire Diaries and Jane the Virgin. If they are there I can’t find them because... 2. There’s no search bar. I can’t search for specific shows I have to go through their homepage to find a show and not even all Cw shows are on there.
  • Soo many ads 1/5

    By Malice#1
    I understand the app is free and I expect ads but why do we need to be assaulted with them? 20 ads per episode is a little much isn’t it?
  • Ughhhhhh, one of the worst apps for Chromecast 1/5

    By craigzs
    I watch tv exclusively through streaming on my Chromecast. Most other apps work fine with it(except BBC America), but this app just does not do anything right(worse than BBC America). Which is weird because it has Google Home integration so I can ask google to put on CW shows for me without opening the app on my phone. I was real excited to watch the new Charmed series, and after a horrible experience last night, I may give up on that... First of all, the episode was 40 minutes and some seconds, but as soon as I connect to the Chromecast, the play length increased to 50 minutes and some seconds, which I later realized was the addition of commercials. But after having to restart the app and Chromecast(because The CW crashed my Chromecast), and loading the episode back up, the length was like 52 minutes and some seconds. How am supposed to figure out where I was in the episode if you change the length and time of commercial breaks as part of the episode? I’ve never seen any other app do it like that. So bizarre and frustrating. Secondly, the app won’t remember my position in the episode if I stop watching. And if I try and watch it on my phone, get it to the right part(and wait for 3 minutes of commercials because I skipped ahead 🙄), then connect to the Chromecast so I can finish it on the tv, the episode restarts. Really?! Third(ly?), if I cast the episode then try to skip to where I was before, I first have to watch 2ish minutes of commercials before I even am allowed to skip ahead, then watch commercials for another several minutes because I skipped ahead. Then some more commercials because I need to skip ahead a little more because I wasn’t at the right spot(since you force me to shoot blind). So to finally start watching the episode from where I left off, I’ve watched 6-8 minutes of commercials. That’s insane and really uncool of you guys. If I’m skipping ahead, there should be some sort of grace or max amount of commercials that can be shown before watching at least a few minutes of the actual show. Fourthly, the commercials load up fine and play at full quality(big surprise), but for some reason the actual show keeps buffering and going to low quality until it finally freezes and sits there trying to load on my tv for 5 minutes. Then the other issues start(see problems 1-3 above). It took me 73 minutes to watch the episode. The episode was only 40 minutes long. I know it’s important for you to keep up with the other companies and whatever but if you can’t get it at least halfway right, don’t bother because you’re just going to lose the few people you have watching your shows. If you fix the problems, let me know...
  • Huge Fan Now 5/5

    By Snacksalot
    Free service. Now has some really entertaining super hero shows. I love it. Can’t wait to see where Stargirl goes.
  • Complaint? 2/5

    By Forehead snatcher
    Yes its nice that you can watch the shows for free but there are way too many ads.
  • If only I could rate it 0 stars 1/5

    By NickNickNickNickNickNickNjck
    This app is literally the worst. I cannot watch ANYTHING. I always get the “Error: playback has stalled out” notification. I’ve done everything the website suggests: no apps running in background, WiFi is GOOD, I’ve reinstalled the app multiple times, the app is up to date, my phone is up to date. So what’s the problem?
  • Absolutely Horrific Video Control 2/5

    By Use-Well
    Portrait-only browsing on iPad, low-quality video that will only get fixed when the shows air on Netflix in 6 months... Disgusting. The only reason I can still watch CW shows is through YouTube TV, which has the CW channel there. AWFUL APP.
  • Re: horribly bad orientation controls 2/5

    By hydran87
    You would think CW would read such a well-written review on the horrible orientation controls, but no. This is an incredibly easy fix.
  • The only problem is ads 4/5

    By papi2006
    Yea can we please have only 3 ads per day episode at the most? thank you.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By bguffy
    If you pause or try to rewind even a second, they throw another round of ads at you. I have more patience waiting for these shows to come out on Netflix than I do putting up with this garbage.
  • Better look 3/5

    By Jesswink
    I love the app it is good it gives you access to all new episodes and series and the time they come out. The only other thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have the complete series/seasons of other series/season because I wanted to watch all the series of arrow, flash, supergirl, black lightning, and etc. because it is extremely hard to watch the crisis episodes and to know the entire story when you don’t have access to all those episodes and for those who don’t have Netflix it makes a bigger limit. Some apps you get access to all episodes series or seasons.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By jdkchrjdodhdid
    The amount of ads that are in an episode is insane because every ad section has at least 2 ads which means with 6 ad sections we have twelve ad for a 40 minute tv show all I want to do is watch bat woman because I am not getting hbo max but on here I can’t do that without 20 fricking ads
  • The worst streaming app of them all 1/5

    By PDiddy 33317
    Not sure why I bother writing this review as the app owners obviously don’t care how bad their app is. Too many repetitive adds Stability issues Orientation issues No reminders Terrible UI and miserable UX Shame on the developer and product owner for letting this app exist in 2020 Can give minus or zero stars and it hurts me to even give this app even one star.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Qwertyduge
    Continue screen shows finished shows, same 5 ads play every 5-10 minutes, but it’s free I guess
  • Looks better but 1 thing 2/5

    By Ethman1
    You just lost a star why when I’m broadcasting something to my chromecast and I try to look around it just plays an episode of a show I choose that’s annoying The app looks better but can you do a point system that you can’t watch ads to get points then there thing to use the points like • 5 points: ad free for 1 episode • 50 points: ad free for 1 full day * 100 points: ad free for a week Have an optional login for the point if people want to use it Pretty much it
  • App made to watch endless ads. 1/5

    By racd0007
    There is so many ads that the 45 minute show turns into an hour and a half show. Its compatibility with apple tv is garbage, it cant hold a whole episode without crashing. Would not recommend.
  • Too many errors... 1/5

    By MrMike941
    App will play commercials just fine, but errors out of TV shows at least once every 5 minutes. Happens on multiple devices - but we don’t experience this with any other streaming app on those same devices. Ironic that it never errors out of commercials - and forces you to watch more before it will resume, only to have it error out of the show again within minutes.
  • TOO MANY ADS! 1/5

    By gfsgj. bkff
    Waaay too many adds bruh it’s so annoying there’s ad after ads.cant even watch the show delete that whole app bruh
  • Good shows but terrible ads 2/5

    By trib3z
    You guys repeat the same ads over and over again. Like no, I don’t want migraine help nor do I want ppl to help w my groceries. Make ads more personal or something
  • Proper Rotation Please 2/5

    By Daniel22451
    Fix. The. Orientation. Menu doesn’t go to landscape and while watching videos, the video only show up in one orientation. This should be a 2 minute fix. Get it together!
  • Love it!!! 4/5

    By Angel_Raccoon
    I really like this app I’m finally able to watch Batwomen And It’s Free that’s the best part but The ads I understand why you put them But can you make them for a smaller time And Put different Ads Sometimes cause it gets kinda boring but other then that this a great app and Everyone should get it thank you!
  • This needs more settings 3/5

    By itsnotyourproblem
    I like the cw but for the tv series that have more than one season they should put the setting so that you can chose the season you want to start watching just like in Netflix. And just a hint the cw should partner more with Netflix
  • Poor quality 1/5

    By abby_2013
    Very disappointed in the app. Unable to open the app while already streaming as it restarts the episode from the beginning every time. Also reverts to different episodes after ad breaks.
  • i wish i can give 0 star 1/5

    By Shuvo777
    There should be a limit for ads in a show. 12 full video ads in 40min show?? Are you guys crazy? 3-4 video ads in every 4-5min break?
  • Great Content. CANT PLAY 1/5

    By RedRwon
    Great Content! Problem is I can’t play it anymore!!! CW site and app both aren’t working! I press play and starts loading circle and then times out every time with every show. I tried opening & closing app, I tried deleting and Re downloading it, trying on my other devices(laptop, iPad, iPhone X)........ ..... Nothing works. The app is effectively a big advertisement of their shows so you can watch it on a TV. So it’s basically worthless. Great Content! Problem is I can’t play it anymore!!!
  • shameless ads 1/5

    By Budnik646
    I downloaded this to watch a single episode of a show. Episode was about 43 minutes, but there was about 26 minutes of ads throughout. Y’all need to cool it with that, if you need ad revenue, there’s better ways to go about it. I literally hope the CW goes bankrupt now
  • Need to be able to search something 2/5

    By theyloveshellt
    I’m trying to look for this other show and you can’t even search for it 💆🏾‍♀️. Just have to watch what they give you when you login in or whatever.
  • Great on my phone, awful for casting 1/5

    By djgoulet
    Works great on my phone. Not so much for casting. When I cast to my Chromecasts, it disconnects the cast from the phone whenever it hits one of the many commercial breaks and I lose the controls and any closed captions. Then I cannot fast forward, rewind, or turn captions back on since the phone is no longer controlling the cast. This is a deal breaker for me as I need closed captions.
  • Commercials 3/5

    By Titanic 1234567
    I only use this app to watch The 100. And although I love it, the ads are just unbearable. It’s the same ads over and over again. This app would be so much better with different ads. I have to hear about Lily from AT&T with her imaginary friends now that she works from home, 6-8 times in one episode!
  • Get a sideways view 3/5

    By Izach12
    Why in the world would an app that plays video horizontally not have an user interface that is horizontal? It’s a 1st world problem sure but it’s just annoying.
  • Virtue Signaling GARBAGE 1/5

    By FormerCWfan
    Do not support this virtue signally. I was okay with supergirl being all rah rah girls strong routine. Heck I was even okay with their man bad Batwoman show, the writing was terrible but whatever if someone enjoys it more power to them. But I will not support them firing Hartley Sawyer over 8 year old tweets. If the CW really cared about racism or misogyny then they would have looked into his past tweets before hiring him. But since now it’s popular to take a stance against racism they decide to act. Sorry Greg Berlanti and the CW but that doesn’t fly.
  • Frustrating! 1/5

    By elly320
    Great shows. Too bad I have to watch the same commercials through the entire season of the show. Switch the commercials up. And please allow the app to rotate when rotating the display on iPad or iPhone.
  • Could be amazing 3/5

    By FoolishKami
    It needs to be more like Netflix or Hulu and have the whole seasons of shows, even with ads would be fine. The UI is kinda poop tho and sluggish tho
  • Waaaayyyyy too many ads 1/5

    By madizog
    Love the shows but the ads to watch these shows in this app is ridiculous.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Brat183748929184587
    I understand having ads to fund your free app but this is ridiculous. Anytime I have to rewind or fast forward too close to an ad slot it makes me watch double ads. Sometimes it’ll play an ad and jump backwards to a scene I’ve already watched and when I fast forward I have to watch ANOTHER ad. Sometime the ads start in the middle of a scene not even a break between scenes. I get to enjoy a good 15 -20 minutes of no ads at first but then I’m bombarded with ads every 5 minutes in the mid-ends of the episodes. It’s ridiculous. And I don’t even wanna start on the Xbox version of the app. It’s all trash. I only downloaded it to watch batwoman so I can see the Crisis episodes for your DC shows. I will never use this app again. I read that Batwoman and other shows have been sold to HBO instead of Netflix, which is great! I would rather buy HBO then use your app again.
  • Needs skip too feature 3/5

    By plykins
    The app is mostly great but it badly needs a skip to x time feature. Twice now I’ve been streaming and in the last 10-15 minutes a call has interrupted my stream. I can do 30 second skips but have to watch the 7-12 minutes of adds that are placed on the way to get back to were I started. At that point I lose interest in the show. Especially after seeing the same ads repeatedly. I have ATT and an iPhone. Watching the same commercial at this point about 9 times seems worthless and waste of ATT’s money. I’m all for them putting ads on this to keep it free but only when I’m actually watching it.
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By MousyTom1324
    Truly one of the worst apps you can download, first you have know idea when or if a show will be on the app. Second they only put a few episodes of the show on and you have to try and find a new place to watch the rest of the episodes. This app is not user friendly at all. And support give it up, NO SUPPORT AT ALL, this app will only frustrate you, stop don’t waste your time.
  • Great new update!! 4/5

    By T Trehan
    I have been watching for a while now,even with the bugs, and no schedule. The notifications didn’t even work. I was really happy to see this update. I have been wondering when Super Natural was going to air the rest of the season. I have been told it’s not going to air on CW but going straight to Netflix 🙁 I had been waiting for a long time for the third season of burden of truth and happy to see it again. I love the new Roswell,just wish they would leave politics out of the show !!
  • I Love it 4/5

    By youngblood2195
    I love the arrowverse shows and I’m glad I finally got to watch crisis on infinite earths but there are WAY TOO MANNY COMMERCIALS 🤬 five commercials in 30 minutes is INSANE
  • Horrid amounts of ads 1/5

    By septicsoldier
    I saw more ads in one 30 minute episode than I do in my 6 to 7 hours of YouTube.enough said its waste of space
  • Doesn’t play whole seasons 2/5

    By meggie532
    I wish they would play shows from the beginning of the season and not just the last few

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