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The CW

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  • Current Version: 3.5.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: The CW Network
  • Compatibility: Android
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The CW App

The CW App is the only way to stream the LATEST EPISODES of your favorite shows for FREE, no subscription or password needed. Just install the app and stream the hit series All American, Riverdale, Batwoman, Nancy Drew, DC’s Stargirl, Legacies, Tell Me A Story, Black Lightning, The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, In The Dark, Charmed, Dynasty and more. Features Include: * LATEST EPISODES: Watch full episodes of every primetime show the day after broadcast. Free. * FULL SEASONS OF NEW SHOWS: Watch every episode of DC’s Stargirl, Batwoman, Nancy Drew and more, free only on The CW. * NO LOGINS: No cable subscription, no credit cards, no passwords. Ever. * PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Get reminded when the latest episodes of your favorite shows are available to stream. * EASY ACCESS TO CW SEED: Stream over 1000 hours of your favorite shows. Binge Schitt’s Creek and new classics like The Game, The Secret Circle, Nikita, Everybody Hates Chris, and Limitless, digital series like Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons, and every episode of Whose Line. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please visit for more information. Ad Choices: Terms of Use: Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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The CW app reviews

  • Review 5/5

    By Ja'nilya Sirmons
    I’m in love with this app🥰, no glitches or anything I highly suggest you should download this app .
  • . 2/5

    By hnch2
    This app is okay it’s just so many adds..just remove the ads and it’s perfect
  • It won’t play episodes even if I live in the U.S 1/5

    By im a real person dont worry
    I love watching the CW’s flash but I cant no more, I cant actually watch any episodes of any show for no reason it just stops working and it’s so ANNOYING so there’s no point of having the app and yes I do live in the US so it’s not that.
  • Love it 4/5

    By cool deens 88
    I love it but I hate the ads so much but other than that I love it
  • Jusr an ad 2/5

    By HeadMoose
    - As long as you understand going in that this app is nothing ads for their paid content. They have structured it this way to promote what might be available to you for additional cost. - otherwise, this app has not got much to show.
  • Minimize Picture do I can use phone 3/5

    By cmbukowski
    Can this app be updated so it can minimize the picture and other apps on the phone can be used while watching? I understand having ads, soo many.
  • Need more episodes 2/5

    By Daniel lfjdnfnf
    I find that the app is okay with its software but if this is a streaming app why does it only have about 4 episode of the newest season? Shouldn’t it have previous seasons and episodes because as someone never watching super girl I would hate to have to start in the middle of season 6. If there is a way to see all episodes of all seasons that I don’t know yet could you please inform me. Thank you
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Jickly Jack
    I got rid of cable because streaming meant less ads. Even the services with ads limit them to one or two ads every break. CW plays as many as 5 ads in a single commercial break. At that point it may as well be cable.
  • An idea 3/5

    By john matthew rocks!
    Please add a Widgetsmith
  • no 1/5

    By WitchyPrincess❤️
    for an app that is free i can see why it’s so trashy🤬 i’ll be taking my business and money to hbo max
  • Won’t even open 1/5

    By Laylay😏
    App won’t even open. What a joke
  • What is with the ad repetition??? 2/5

    By darkeyezangel
    SERIOUSLY!! The amount of ad in each episode for ANY show in this app is not the most annoying thing ever… However, I just watched an episode of a show I like, and they played the SAME ad BACK TO BACK 5 times!!!! FIVE TIMES!!!!!! BUT WHYYYY!!!!!???? I get u can’t NOT have ads in a free app, but for PETE’S SAKE at least change them up a bit!!!!!!!
  • Contestant Stalling & Pausing 2/5

    By LgBtQ___
    Every since I downloaded the app I have problems with it stalling. Constantly! Every 15 or 30 seconds it seems like. It makes watching any show hard to do. I don’t know why it does. I’ll reset the app close it out. It still does it on every device I have it set up on.
  • Using app on chrome cast 1/5

    By Bucky3481
    Fix your app please. Anytime i screenmirror the cw app from my phone to the tv, it constantly restarts the episodes and glitches out and gives me 2 minutes of ads right after I just watched 2 minutes of ads. This app is very frustrating!
  • All American 4/5

    By oney sholtz the kid
    I try to watch a episode of All American it wouldn’t load please fix this because I have to delete the app then download it again just too watch one episode at first the CW app was great now I don't know what is going on
  • Playback issues 4/5

    By 7979394
    Latest update has a playback error while watching episodes. Consistently annoying especially when you’re forced to watch 5 minutes of commercials. Continues to happen on Apple TV.
  • Good when it works 2/5

    By House M D
    Constantly crashing on the latest iOS, latest iPad Pro. Which means I have to watch the opening ads and ads again when I fast forward to where I was. When I can watch it’s nice, otherwise it’s pretty lazily developed and I’d be mad I paid developers to produce an app that makes my network look bad but I guess CW is comfortable with that.
  • ;) 4/5

    By baddie567009
    Guys so far this is the best but you do need internet for this it has all my fav shows and more I love this app and go check out legacies it’s great 🥰😋😂
  • The worst 1/5

    By uxheueue
    When is season eight flash going to come out and there’s not even the full episodes of flash season seven like come on you can’t even search😬😡
  • Ads 1/5

    By lilbninr
    Get rid of your dumb ads
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    Used to enjoy the app. Now it crashes every time an ad starts. Have to keep restarting in order to see program. Incredibly irritating. Looking for an alternative to watch my favorite shows.
  • i can’t even get into the app 1/5

    By SirToucheTheRealOne
    i literally can’t get into the app all it shows is the losing symbol for the passed 5 days and i keep deleting and clearing cache but it still shows the same thing
  • Video Error During Playback 1/5

    By Brandon0159
    After watching a show after about 10 minutes I get an error and the show closes out and after I try to resume it it doesn’t save and start out where I left off forcing me to watch constant ads over and over again just to get back to where I left off and have it happen again.
  • Transition to commercial keeps erroring out 2/5

    By Kevgcog
    While playback of programming is good the commercials keep giving errors stoping the program and kicking me out. I’m having to watch the commercials 7-8 times before I can finally get through the commercials. This is using my limited phone data at the same time.
  • Glitchy App 2/5

    By Saved2471985
    This app has too frequent glitches for my liking. It stops and gives an error message right before every commercial. I have to restart it 4-5 times each episode. It’s pretty annoying
  • Love CW 2/5

    By StormieSkyla
    Until now. The app keeps crashing for no reason. Pls fix ASAP.
  • Playback error 5/5

    By beastygates
    I can’t finish my episodes fix this please
  • Error playback 1/5

    By Cole919World
    Please update this. Previous update was working just fine. Please fix!!!!!
  • Playback error over and over 2/5

    By GH87889
    Keep getting playback error on the phone every 5 minutes…so it closes out of the show. It does this on my phone app and both of my TV apps on ROKU…not sure why it’s doing this, but it is super annoying. Or it will randomly go to commercial, then restart at the beginning of one of the blue marks, but Won’t allow me to fast forward. it will keep doing I will have to restart the app. It’s just annoying to try and watch anything.
  • Ads and Fix the software 3/5

    By marxvip
    Look the first time í got the app it had no adds but now look you people remove the adds and wen í ám in the midle of án epesode it says eror playback faild and í dont evan touch the screen
  • App is okay 4/5

    By slsamgninja2001
    The app is okay, but I think it would be nice if it would save your playback position across different devices.
  • CW isn’t safe to view. Avoid the app and site 1/5

    By Rlex626
    Had the app, decided to not use it anymore. There’s issues with apps and how far they go into your phone. Watched it on their site via my phone. My web browser has an add blocker and keeps track of and blocks trackers. CWTV updated or reapplied their anti-add blocker. If you’re using one it’ll force to close in order to view shows. After some research... I discovered this a long battle between viewers and cw. While they claim “we can pay for watching free tv shows”. My web browser that was also blocking ads l, picked up 19 trackers. It was a lot less before they started doing their anti ad block thing. Again... Got a web browser that doesn’t block ads. The ads on cwtv and cw seed are bad. It’s not safe to click on a lot of spots. They’re all over the place. It also takes 2-3 times longer to start up shows if they’ll start and then there’s the ads during the show. 4-6 ads every 6 or so minutes. I liked CW till this point. Now I think they’re greedier than most companies out there.
  • The cw 5/5

    By Jimbo#2me
    The cw when I am watching a show like star girl Is working but then it gets kick out of the show
  • Playback 3/5

    By junior1134
    Right now I’m trying to view some shows and I’m getting error unable to playback! What’s going on?
  • Love app 4/5

    By Myra Enis
    With update freezes video have to cancel and start again please fix
  • Not Working 1/5

    By Solosx3
    Everytime I start to play a video I get an error that says playback has failed. Please update
  • App bugs 2/5

    By oxtcjtjcxyg
    Consistent playback failures and menu screen lockup’s forcing a deletion and reinstall in order to finish an episode. Please fix.
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By Mikus42
    The app on the Apple TV will randomly crash. The biggest feature this app needs is to show which episodes I have watched. It does not remember what the next episode to watch. This is streaming app basics and is missing.
  • Crashes a lot 2/5

    By No👎👎👎👎👎
    Use this app on Apple TV it will play for a few min and I will get play back not available nil error message.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Newgeolem
    App was working fine until last update, please FIX IT!
  • Playback error 1/5

    By Elemay03
    The playback failed error comes up way to often. Can’t even get through one episode!
  • Audio description 3/5

    By esight2198
    I think the CW should audio description for there shows for the blind viewers that want to watch shows on the app.
  • Unknown 2/5

    By @coppersilverbell
    I like the app in all but I hate that every like 20 seconds there’s an ad like come one I’m trying to watch my show
  • CW TV 1/5

    By PapaByrd15
    Keeps crashing! Keep getting a play back error?
  • The CW app 1/5

    By Georgie12_
    It’s still not fully optimized to iOS users anything from iPhone X and up the apple menu toggle bar is still there doesn’t disappear… also the video streaming is awfully small to its full potential and some of it is chopped off and so or seeing the full video. Needs a lot more work!
  • Can’t watch anything 1/5

    By mns42192
    Apps been broken forever. I go to open an episode of really anything and it gets stuck with the circle like it’s loading, but it never loads. Wildly frustrating since they took all of their good shows off of Hulu. Basically made their tv shows inaccessible.
  • Review on CW 5/5

    By lol7483
    I love the app but I hate the ads and the day you'll have to wait just to watch something other then that it's a cool app.
  • Failure To Play Episodes 1/5

    By dullestlawyer86
    While the mobile app shows everything you would see on the Roku app, anytime I click to watch an episode on the mobile app the video is just simply a gray screen with a loading symbol. I have always had this result when I attempt to watch an episode on my mobile device.
  • love it could be better 4/5

    By LilUriVert
    Love the app but i am a heavy chrome cast user. every time i cast, then go out of the app i have to cast again and it restarts the episode.

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