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The Economist: US & World News App

A smart guide to the forces that shape the future, readers can access their essential global briefing on current affairs, business, finance, economics, science, technology and the arts from The Economist each week. Download the free app to: - Enjoy three free articles a week, including the cover leader - Stay up to date on US & global issues, political developments, business and financial news - Get comprehensive economic reports, a regular briefing on current affairs, science and tech articles and news on cultural affairs - Enjoy the content of the weekly newspaper in an easy-to-use format - Save articles to read offline later - Save and share your favourite articles via email and social media -Get alerts when the new issue is available along with notifications on cover stories, breaking news and analysis. Download the free app now and have the latest US and international news, business reports, political commentary and financial analysis at your fingertips, as well as insight into the world of arts and cultural affairs. Haven’t made up your mind? Key sections and benefits include: • Each week’s issue available from 9pm London time every Thursday, with authoritative insight into the latest news about current affairs, from Brexit and the Trump administration, to big business mergers and driverless cars, and much more • Download each issue to your device and read offline. Wherever you are, you can catch up on insightful news articles on current affairs from all around the world including US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas • Switch easily between reading and listening with The Economist in Audio. Download the audio edition to listen to each week’s issue of The Economist, read by professional broadcasters • Purchase single issues in the app for world-renowned business news and economy coverage, including economic and financial indicators, world GDP data plus much more • Store and access back issues • Subscribe within the app and get full access to and The Economist apps • Share articles via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook • The app presents a great digital native reading experience for readers allowing for font size changes, Night Mode and other convenient user friendly qualities. • The World in 2018 is now available within The Economist app. Install the app and scroll down through the issues to The World in 2018. Find out how big thinkers, industry leaders and Economist journalists predict 2018 will unfold. In today’s changing world, the one thing that’s certain is uncertainty. Make sense of it all with The Economist. SUBSCRIBING IN-APP • Purchase a quarterly subscription to the full edition of The Economist for USD $45.99 or an annual subscription for USD $189.99. • Subscribe annually, quarterly or buy a single issue. You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by iTunes. • Payment is charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. • Annual and quarterly subscriptions automatically renew. You can manage auto-renew of your subscription from your iTunes account settings at any time, but must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being charged again. • The app may offer a free trial. At the end of the free trial period, the full price of the subscription will be charged thereafter. Cancellations must occur 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Visit for more information. • Full terms of use can be found at ALSO AVAILABLE ON iPAD Simply search for The Economist in the App Store to download the app for free. Please note that this app requires iOS 8.0 and above. We recommend you update to the latest version of iOS to receive the best possible experience.


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The Economist: US & World News app reviews

  • Editions don’t stay downloaded - please help! 1/5

    I am a massive fan of the Economist and until recently, the app. Lately I am forced to download the edition I would like to read each time I open the app, definitely a bug, as I have my settings set to never delete downloaded editions. Please fix!
  • Amazing content, iPhone app needs a refresh badly 4/5

    By TaMereEnShorts
    (See title)
  • No iPhone X support 2/5

    By Mmzzzz63
    It’s disappointing that after 6 months, the developers have still not updated the app to allow full-screen iPhone X support.
  • What a disaster 1/5

    By Mark7896543
    The Economist has released some good apps and some truly appalling apps - but this is the worst yet. There may be a worse app on the App Store - but I have yet to find it - and each new bugfix seems to make this App even worse. Currently once you’ve downloaded an issue the app will erase it again (about 10 minutes after you’ve ceased active reading) meaning you can’t store an issue offline for reading on a plane; the same is true of audio downloads. The font size is ridiculously large (it’s like reading a book aimed at 5 year olds) and the “night mode” comes on and off at random. The previous app was so much better.
  • guys...come on 1/5

    By Dom B L
    Night mode doesn't stick. Still. This bug has been around for years, I believe. Still no iPhone X support after 4 months?
  • Cancel Subscription 1/5

    By Prudent Expert
    1x listening speed has increased the cost of the subscription to an amount I can no longer time is too valuable. Not to mention the fact that 1x makes me want to fall asleep while driving and possibly stick my car in a ditch. Historically, I never missed an article due to the ability to listen at 1.5x or 2x. I gave The Economist several months to fix their app and for the last several months I have stopped using the app and rarely read an article or view the advertisements. I am disappointed for touting the publication, the supreme utility of the app, and rallying people to subscribe. Please fix your app!!!
  • Get an update for iPhone X 2/5

    By Yi-Andy
    For god sake, it has been 4 months since the release of iPhone X, and you can’t get your developer to update the stupid screen ratio? For god sake, your tech team seems dumb.
  • App unusable 1/5

    By notcub
    Economist app: Why are you so bad? I’m sitting in bed trying to read The Economist, but it won’t remember that I want night-time mode, so every new article I open blasts my eyes with white light, rather than the desired black background. Did anyone test this? Tomorrow, I’d like to listen to the audio edition while I drive to work, but the option to change playback speed, which I loved, has been removed. I’ll probably unsubscribe to the magazine at the next renewal, not because the content is bad, but because the app has deteriorated to the point of being completely unusable.
  • Audio feature is horrible 1/5

    By PhishSwish
    The audio was completely ruined in the last update. You can no longer order the articles in the playlist in a preferred order, which was 50% of the purpose of the playlist. You are also no longer able to change the speed of the audio playback. Hopefully nobody was paid to create this update, if they were they should be fired.
  • Good app 5/5

    By JHS289
    Good app. Easy to look for relevant items with search function. Also possibke to have an article read out. Have been using this for past year and have stopped paper subscription. Minor issue is that the nightmode works inconsistently.
  • Ads make this unusable 2/5

    By Luvasjfm
    I'm shocked. Using this app is like going to a spammy website that overlays ads preventing you from using the site. This app does exactly that. I literally paid more to have digital access. Ok you have one or two unobtrusive ads...I'm a little annoyed but fine. But you're telling me these ads are full screen with no exit option...awful awful awful experience. Shame on you
  • Wonder content, horrible audio experience 1/5

    By schelljp
    The removal of the ability to listen at 2x speed has made that portion of the app unusable. Please return that functionality!
  • Can’t get past the pop up ad! 1/5

    By Mac since 512k
    All these years as the best source of non-fake news, and now I can’t even get past an ad to read my news feed on the app!!! And the website wants me to resubscribe every time rather than letting me sign in.
  • Good but could be better 3/5

    By 지나야야야야
    The main reason I subscribed to The Economist and downloaded the app was so that I could listen to the articles. However, the audio player is a bit too basic and doesn’t quite work with my phone all the time (but that may just come with updates over time). My biggest complaint is that there is no way to listens to the articles at faster speeds. If there were 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x speed options that would be a great improvement! Otherwise it has been very convenient to have The Economist on my phone so I can read it or listen to it wherever I am.
  • Can’t use audio 2/5

    By Davidsonjack2012
    Audio feature halts playback as soon as the screen goes dark! Impossible to listen to while driving because I have to keep logging in to my phone. Love The Economist, but my only real time to listen is in the car going to and from work. Please fix this feature!
  • Quality content but app needs work 4/5

    By Malcompliant
    (1) Specify mode AVAudioSessionModeSpokenAudio for the spoken audio of the articles. This tells iOS that the type of audio being played is spoken audio. That way, iOS can pause it during navigation alerts from map apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps, if their “Pause Spoken Audio” option is turned on. For context, currently, the “in 2 miles take exit 57” driving navigation alerts are played over the Economist audio. That should not be the case. (2) Please, PLEASE, include 1.5X and 2X playback modes.
  • Compatible with iPhone X please… 2/5

    By ieuphemia
    Please update this app for compatible with iPhone X.
  • Deleting editions/audio regularly 1/5

    By ZAxisMapping
    Horribly buggy. Seems to auto delete latest editions and audio downloads (and yes, I have reviewed all settings to avoid this). When I’m on-the-go, I can’t redownload everything. Used to be reliable but it’s gone down hill over the last six months. This is an alpha version - I wouldn’t consider this release even beta software.
  • Audio Speed 2/5

    By dirbakah
    Use to love the app especially when listening but removing the audio speed adjustment has really diminished the experience and convenience of using it. The only available speed is so slow I get distracted with other thoughts before 4 words are spoke. Please bring back speed control.
  • Get it right or leave it be 3/5

    By Don Twain
    Seriously flawed update. Continually forgets where you were, what it's downloaded or even that you’ve paid the subscription. We've all more important things to do with our time and money than struggle with this app. *** update. Now Remembers that I’ve paid the subscription which helps . Still struggles to pick up audio of articles where I left off. Narrators are excellent but the app desperately needs variable playback speed: 1.25x would be ideal for me; 1.5x or 2x would be popular. 1x is primarily good for insomniacs.
  • Good app ol sport 5/5

    By Jbailey13b
    This app is the bees knees, top shelf, high brow journalism from the finest writers! Also, the audio will put anyone to sleep in two shakes of a lambs tail. Cheerio!
  • 2X Button 4/5

    By SevereSerenity
    The 2X speed button is still there— to the right of the next segment button— but it is invisible! Just tap there and see.
  • Great magazine, marginal app 3/5

    By ETepman
    One of those cases where a small tweak would make a huge impact. Please bring back speed control!!! I am no techie but given that Podcast, Audible, YouTube, and a host of others figures it out makes me think this is not a huge technological challenge. I when pressed for time now skip interesting articles just because they are long...with that fix I would give it 5 stars easily.
  • 5 Stars? 1/5

    By S. Beck
    The Economist’s app is terrible despite the 12.8k reviews and nearly all being 5 stars...sounds like The Economist is gaming the system.
  • Feb 15th edition missing?? 4/5

    By Abhi321
    The Feb 15th edition is missing from the app with no reason.
  • Audio Edition in App is Very Poor 1/5

    By planetkingdom
    The audio support in the App has deteriorated with every update. This audio feature is very helpful in keeping up with the Economist. I use it every week while commuting or exercising. Very disappointing that support has gotten worse over time.
  • Almost there... 3/5

    By craniotes
    The best international weekly deserves an app worthy of its content – where’s that iPhone X support?
  • Disappointing no iPhone X support 2/5

    By M_J_S
    Yes the app works on iPhone X but does not support the display. Bit poor from a major publisher.
  • No iPhone X Support 1/5

    By normanford
    Ridiculous for a publication that costs as much as this one does.
  • iPhone X support? 1/5

    By Jkjkirscgr
    No iPhone X native support.
  • Audio and other annoying things 1/5

    By SoCalCuster
    I mainly use the audio and agree with the prior comment about no longer being able to listen at increased speed. It is also a hassle to open the app, then swipe past the ad, click on the headphone icon then hit play to start the audio. I find the ad auto plays if you don’t swipe just right and the audio often loses the place where you left off and starts at the beginning. The shift in the editorial bias is more of a constant issue rather than an app issue, but still annoying.
  • New version much worse than the old... 3/5

    By Austinliver
    Great Idea. I'm so sick of biased unprofessional news sources on the radio and the audio download of Economist is a great alternative. However, my main gripe is that the readers are a bit slow and it takes too long to listen to an article. The old version of the App enabled users to adjust and set the speed of the reader. The New version hides the speed control. Why Hide the speed control?? Please bring back the old speed control button next to the play button and make it a 5 star app.
  • Need a updated version for iPhoneX! 3/5

    By 山神无敌
    The app is great but need a update for iPhoneX!
  • Cancelling after 13 years of subs 2/5

    By T. Duan
    Every morning I get into my car and open the app only to find all audio are gone and somehow the latest edition has been “updated”. It used to happen occasionally but is becoming the norm every single day. Huge disappointment after so many years of subscription. It’s almost useless now.
  • Great App 4/5

    By E.Led
    This is an amazing app, I use it everyday. The one fault I have with the app is the issues never seem to stay downloaded, I have to re download each issue every time I the app. Other than that annoying glitch everything is great.
  • better than all the rest 5/5

    By nyagrodha
    I'm a dedicated reader of this magazine now since 2003. Without the always timely, always smart commentary composed in the staff writer's impressively consistent voice my worldview would be less rich. Subscribe!
  • Need to re-download, every time 3/5

    By fhfde
    Great app, but latest version makes you re-download the current edition every time you access the app. This is annoying.
  • Great content, horrible app 3/5

    By Ted Gibbons
    I love the content, but this app is unstable and unresponsive, and I found their billing department defensive and dismissive. It’s also been the better part of a year since they removed the ability to replay audio at 1.5-2x speed. I read a lot for work, so I do most of my pleasure “reading” with my ears during my commute, but I can’t remember the last time I was able to comfortably finish an issue.
  • One of the worlds best written magazines 5/5

    By BioFXEL
    The Economist wears its 19th century liberal world view on its sleeve, but covers with magnificent objectivity all the nooks and crannies of our complex world. And it so in wonderfully stylish and readable prose.
  • Sepia read mode 5/5

    By Smartreviews
    I love the economist as well as the app. I wonder if it would be too much to ask to add a sepia read mode. I really enjoy that mode. Or if anyone knows of a trick to do that, please let me know. Thank you.
  • When I open an issue, I should not have to swipe away an ad 1/5

    By יונתנ מרק ברק
    When I open an issue, I should not have to swipe away an ad
  • iPhone X? 1/5

    By avalys
    Four months after release and no iPhone X support, what gives?
  • No iPhone X support 1/5

    By Kling0017
    Update the app!!
  • Enjoy no drama in your reporting 5/5

    By Mike P67
    I enjoying reading and also listening to your articles. Less drama than other magazines and newspapers with just the facts. Also enjoying the 1843 magazine, which I was not aware of until it was mailed to me.
  • Could be better 4/5

    By Potato
    Improving but still has issues. Why can’t the app remember the font size? Always resets to the smallest. One of a few small things.
  • Fantastic!!! 5/5

    By Rap Genius 4 Life
    Great app! One thing that could be added would be a built-in browsers for the blogs! <--- they know exactly what they need
  • Good app, need iPhone X support 4/5

    By Feldashv
    Generally works fine. Ads are a little annoying, given that I am a subscriber, so already pay. Also, missing the iPhone X screen support, even though the Espresso app already has it. Isn’t this the primary app??
  •’ve done it again 5/5

    By Capt Sardonicus
    After yesterday’s update now the audio goes silent when I close the iPhone screen. Before yesterday’s update I could switch the screen off or navigate to other apps and continue listening to audio articles.
  • Great App, minor problem with Text Size 5/5

    By Rick Ovsky
    This is a great App and a great newspaper! There is, however, a minor problem with the Text Size setting: it “forgets” the size that is configured each time you go back from a story (goes back to small size). Hope you can fix that in a future release! Thank you!
  • Great content, terrible app 1/5

    By Geradix
    Buggy, crashes. And still no support for iPhone X after 3 months. You should change your app developer ASAP

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