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The Economist Classic US App

The Economist weekly magazine, digital edition Users on iOS 10.3 or above can explore an expanded version of this app, incorporating daily and weekly updates, along with a morning briefing by searching for ‘The Economist’. Readers can access their essential global briefing on current affairs, business, finance, economics, science, technology and the arts from The Economist each week. Download the free app to: • Enjoy three free articles a week, including the cover leader • Enjoy the content of the weekly newspaper in an easy-to-use format • Save articles to read offline later • Get alerts when the new issue is available along with notifications on cover stories, breaking news and analysis. • Subscribe within the app and get full access to and The Economist apps • Share articles via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook • The app presents a great digital native reading experience for readers allowing for font size changes, Night Mode and other convenient user friendly qualities. In today’s changing world, the one thing that’s certain is uncertainty. Make sense of it all with The Economist. SUBSCRIBING IN-APP • Purchase a quarterly subscription to the full edition of The Economist for USD $45.99 or an annual subscription for USD $189.99. • Subscribe annually, quarterly or buy a single issue. You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by iTunes. • Payment is charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. • Annual and quarterly subscriptions automatically renew. You can manage auto-renew of your subscription from your iTunes account settings at any time, but must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being charged again. • The app may offer a free trial. At the end of the free trial period, the full price of the subscription will be charged thereafter. Cancellations must occur 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Visit for more information. • Full terms of use can be found at ALSO AVAILABLE ON IPAD Simply search for The Economist in the App Store to download the app for free. Please note that this app requires iOS 8.0 and above. We recommend you update to the latest version of iOS to receive the best possible experience.

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The Economist Classic US app reviews

  • Economist app 5/5

    By Tom P t
    The content is wonderful. The weakness of the app is that it automatically updates the issue that you have loaded. This is an issue on the Boston subway. I loose the connection and cannot read it because the partial update stops.
  • Brilliant Interface for Global News and Opinions 4/5

    By onemcos
    While the reportage provided by the Economist is excellent and augmented by clearly articulated opinions, the previous iterations of the Economist’s iPhone presence were clunky and unintuitive. This app integrates experiences like the a curated list of articles presented daily below my favorite, the Espresso section which provides snippets of information to wake up to. It has become a staple to my daily life. My one quirk I think should be addressed is the ability to highlight and copy text, and look up words. This functionality isn’t possible in the app while it is in, say, the New Yorker’s Daily app. Also, in the stand alone Espresso app there is an easy way to export the quote of the day to my notes. Integrating that feature into this app would round out the already outstanding interface.
  • Love content - hate webcast player 5/5

    By Alekspost
    Amazing content but keep struggling listening it while commute: - Stucks and requires to press forward and backward buttons so that audio can play again. Have to manually then comeback to the place where left. - need to restart an app to resume playing.
  • Great content, poor app 2/5

    By bruinslacker
    The audio player fails to behave as expected much of the time. I have problems pausing and restarting the audio using my headphones. The Bluetooth connection in my car is a nightmare. I sometimes spend 2-5 minutes in my driveway trying to get it to work before beginning my drive. Otherwise I’ll fight with it while driving and cause an accident. The articles are informative and thoughtful. The audio recordings are clear. I love the content I get from this app, I just dislike interacting with it.
  • Good. 5/5

    By SNCC fencdd
    Brilliant magazine, and an app that gets the job done.
  • Economist is awesome, this app is fine 5/5

    By Jeremy_Gr
    I actually prefer reading the Economist on my PC, but they’ve stopped supporting the app, probably because most people read it on other platforms. The problem with the iPhone app is that while text sizes can be adjusted, pictures, graphs, and cartoons cannot be enlarged. It regularly happens that I simply can’t see something well enough in order to understand it. Apart from that, the app is fine and I think the Economist as a publication is simply invaluable.
  • Dysfuntional 1/5

    By Wangsondon
    I'm not clear on what improvements have been made to this app. It doesn't look very good and the audio is terrible. The voices sound tinny and the speeds are screwed up with normal being very slow and 2x being too fast. The app will lose your place in whatever you were listening to if you are closed out of the app for too long and the speed resets as well. I'm sorry I updated it. New bugs have now appeared. If you’re listening to the audio and get a phone call the app will freeze and lose your place. It will revert back to whatever article you started listening to the last time you opened the app.
  • App not very good 2/5

    By Rob Hackett
    If you are in an Internet censored country (eg China) downloaded audio content will try to authenticate (and fail). You won’t be able to play the audio content until the authentication fails, so you will press PLAY, but wait a solid minute for the app to respond and start actually playing. This is not for downloading new content, this is for content that was downloaded in the app and stored in the iPhone.
  • Issue with interrupting phone calls or apps 4/5

    By ChristopherTony
    Overall I love this app. The fact that this magazine provides an audio version EVERY week is amazing. I listen while at the gym or watering the yard. Just as I’m finishing one issue, the next one is ready. It’s great! It makes me feel so smart. That said, the app itself is not without its bugs. The main and most frequently one encountered is the need to crash the app and reboot it if playback is interrupted by a phone call or the action of another app that requires taking over audio output. When going back to this app to restart the audio, the Play button shows the Pause insignia (indicating that audio is actually playing at the moment) and does not react to being pressed. The only way to get it back to normal is to force quit the app. This has been going on for awhile. I thought it would have been addressed by now. This post is for the benefit of the app developer. Do not let it dissuade you from downloading it.
  • My favorite weekly read 5/5

    By ChapelKevin
    The Economist is my weekly insight companion. A favorite activity of the weekend - and the audio edition is a trusted companion on long-haul flights.
  • App performs well; Thoughtful world news analysis 5/5

    By NWgolfdude
    A must have for citizens of the world...
  • Why does it keep logging out? 2/5

    By Regghead
    Love the newspaper and the content but the electronic versions are horribly frustrating. Keeps logging out of Twitter for no reason; needs a new log in to Apple news every day it seems like. Same thing on the web version as well. Very frustrating!
  • Love love love it 5/5

    By Lula1913
    I love the economist. Whenever lost for words I find myself spontaneously quoting an economist article as ever the vanguard defending classic liberalism (not the American sort- which is troublesome as I live in the US!)
  • Love the mag but app is buggy 3/5

    By Jaws 5D
    Love the magazine and listen to audio. The audio implementation is not good and has been buggy for many versions
  • Overall a good app, but 4/5

    By swjiang
    There have always some glitches. The most recent one is that I cannot continue where I was left in the audio version.
  • Only one complaint 4/5

    By jhdunning
    Everything is great except the swipe feature is too sensitive and when one accidentally swipes away from the article and then, frustratedly, swipes it back, it has been reset to the very top of the article. It is most annoying when one has almost finished the article!
  • Restore failed 1/5

    By romaq8
    Restore failed.please fix it.
  • Good but a bit clunky still 3/5

    By DJ-R
    Mostly works fine. Audio feature can be a bit buggy sometimes and navigation of articles could be better, but overall it works.
  • Important. Fact and data based. For people who like to think 5/5

    By Avid the Reader
    The most important source of information. Fact and dats based. Self critical and occasionally tongue in cheek. For people who like to think.
  • Howard Roark 4/5

    By NorrindRadd
    I enjoy this app most of the time because it’s content but not because it’s bugs. I use it to listen the audio edition but most of the time when a new issue is I have to quit the app and go to the one I was listening. Then I when I start to listen and lock the iPhone the app go silent and when unlock play the content again. Some times I have to re-start the phone. This has happened in all version of iPhone I have used.
  • Audio experience is still a wreck 2/5

    By vpribish
    The economist content is fantastic, but the audio version is still nowhere near as good as it was in the old version of the app. It halts, crashes, the pause button is desynced easily, it loses your spot, forgets the speed setting. The progress slider is terrible, audio quality is not as good as it was. Does the developer even use this app?
  • Flawed ap supporting great product 3/5

    By Chiarulli
    The content is the thing. I always read every word of the economist anyway, but now it is read to me while I walk to work or do the dishes. And i now get the magazine on Thursday instead of Saturday in the mail, plus no delay when traveling. A Recent update has introduced errors in the playlist where articles either do not appear or are hidden. This makes it difficult to keep track of progress. As a feature, I do wish it remembered where I was seamlessly between reading on the iPhone and listening on the iPhone. I also have caught myself using the British pronunciation of certain words (which sounds odd where I live). All in though, I spend 10 times more time using this ap then any other save email.
  • Worth every penny 5/5

    By ShooterF16
    In depth analysis with a broad overview; a rarity in any times
  • I love the Economist 5/5

    By NicolNi
    I have been an avid reader of the Economist for the past 5 years. It highlights political events that are important to citizens. It keeps you aware of your political environment. I enjoy reading the U.S. section, Middle East, Business and Finance.
  • Great, when it works.. 2/5

    I listen to the Economist and was delighted to see the audio edition integrated into the app. However, the audio player is extremely buggy and unreliable. Often you cannot resume from a paused article, and sometimes even started playing is impossible causing the app to crash. Additionally the speed reading option is pretty bad. The minimum speed improvement is 1.5 times which is just simply too fast. Would be a four or five star app is the audio worked
  • The best news magazine in the world 5/5

    By Johnjohnjojhh
    I have read The Economist for many years. Coverage of the world, including the US, is always insightful. Business, economic and science coverage is also first rate.
  • Great app, one small thing 4/5

    By Tin2019
    The app is great, and I enjoy it a lot. There’s one small thing that could be improved. When using audio reading feature in parallel with google or Apple maps the reading keeps going on low volume even when navigation instructions are on. This is different on audible for example where reading stops while instructions are spoken.
  • Audio is so buggy and tech support is not supporting. 1/5

    By witty_kitty
    I tried to email Economist tech support but all I got back is “sorry we don’t recognize your membership.” You don’t need to recognize my membership. Please just recognize that the iPhone app is buggy af. I spend a lot of time in the car. I used to listen to the Economist. Now I just spend all my time trying to get your app to just work without freezing. Fix your tech, please—without making me cough up my effing membership number because your database seems to be out of whack too.
  • Audio economist is the best! 5/5

    By mattkelly9
    While talking my morning walk it provides the perfect pace of news and information.
  • Don't update! 5/5

    By Mmpietro
    The Economist gets 5 stars. But this app is buggy. In the latest update in the audio player playlist, text is superimposed on other text making it illegible. Once you go from "track list" to "playlist " you're there for good. No way to go back. This was not ready for release. I know you guys can do better. Update: there have now been at least two software updates without fixing or acknowledging this problem. What gives? Ok the latest versions of Economist and IOS are compatible. Back to 5 stars!
  • Solid compliment to the magazine 4/5

    By Elealiu
    Long-term reader of the Economist, I recently made the switch to this app format from the Kindle edition. The audio edition on the app is an amazing addition. For a long time I skimmed multiple sections due to not having the time necessary to devote to a full sit down read. Now, I listen to those sections during my daily commute and can take in the entire magazine. My only gripe would be that the audio edition consistently crashes if I use Google Maps, my main GPS. This resolves if I use Apple Maps instead but I would prefer to use Google’s.
  • Review for the mag 5/5

    By fartman420
    The app is an app, still prefer the physical magazine, but the content is outstanding. The in depth audio files on each story is outstanding as well
  • Getting better 4/5

    By SfGmailUser
    Amazing, after years of poor technical decisions, it’s actually a halfway decent app.
  • Educate yourself. 5/5

    By valklord
    I feel that it is important to know what is going on in the world. Since I have been subscribed to the economist magazine I feel more educated on world news.
  • An excellent news source 5/5

    By RomanSugatov
    It is an excellent news source that I have been reading in an effort to improve my language skills in order to one day become a simultaneous interpreter for the United Nations.
  • Quick review 5/5

    The economist app is the best one i have for any of my journals or periodicals, period!!! The audio is fantastic, the download is fast, so many thoughtful details work to enhance the experience. Congratulations
  • A review 5/5

    By hasanjavadi
    The reception is very good. This is the first time that I am trying digital version.
  • The best 5/5

    By A Cuban reader
    For me is the best Economic publication that you can enjoy here in America
  • Fix Bluetooth audio 1/5

    By Daniele Ggg
    Listening to the app on my commute from work seems to be getting worst. Unresponsive app, sound stopping for no apparent reason, and generally a very clunky UI. Takes several steps to get to just listen to the latest edition. FIX IT!! $200+ a year subscription that I am thinking of canceling.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By dratoff
    Very buggy app. Often fails to show articles. Good articles though.
  • Audio needs to get fixed 2/5

    By Percy3859294
    This application is really terrible to use because it crashes frequently and while listening to audio versions, it does not automatically load the next article and more often than not, the app stops working and hangs and doesn’t respond.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Rogelio ponce
    Slow app, even on iPhoneX. Audio has too many bugs, not working properly.
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By RdDvl4Life
    Probably the best weekly read in existence.
  • Great app and product 5/5

    By D-Gotti
    The Economist has recently fixed the night mode glitch and made the app more enjoyable for me. I now rate it a 5. The content has always been stellar.
  • England — the best source for US news 5/5

    By Billtheswimmer
    Far and away the most intelligent and even-handed reporting available.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Mb5719
    The Economist is a great magazine, well written, intelligent, interesting, forward looking — and not only that, they deliver it as audio as well! I love listening to the magazine as I can do other things at the same time.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By superd226
    Easy to navigate. Well designed.
  • Great content subpar app 1/5

    By Tom_Bay
    I've been a longtime on and off subscriber since college and truly appreciate this publication's content. Nevertheless, both magazine apps available are just plain horrible. I've reached out to support several times and have been told to look out for updates over and over again. Users want an app that'll allow content consumption in a flexible and coherent manner, this app does neither. Other reviews further expand on existing limitations, truly wish developers took a few min to read threw them. PS bookmarked articles don't even sync with your account, only within the device...another missing feature
  • Buggy app good magazine 5/5

    By F. Tianwen
    Great magazine, terrible app. The audio stops working when the app isn’t open and new issues have trouble downloading due to “authorization” problems. Please fix
  • Unreadable editorial cartoon 3/5

    By Burbanker
    Impossible to read editorial cartoon because cannot zoom in.

The Economist Classic US app comments

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