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Make sense of the latest global news with The Economist app. Each week over 1.5m subscribers trust The Economist to help them make sense of the world. Join them by downloading The Economist app. Free to download, the app includes The Economist today, a handpicked daily selection of the best of our journalism, along with the full weekly version of The Economist newspaper to read or listen to on the go. Subscribe in-app today and take advantage of our introductory subscription offer. Already a subscriber to The Economist? Simply install the app and sign in with your login details. The Economist is an award-winning, trusted filter on global affairs, offering in-depth analysis of everything from business, finance and politics to science, technology and economics. It covers every region of the world including the United States, Britain, Europe, Asia and Latin America. The Economist is also available as a weekly magazine. App highlights: The Economist Today: a daily selection of seven articles, combining news analysis with highlights from the weekly issue Economist Espresso: a short morning briefing on the day’s global agenda The Economist weekly edition: full access to the weekly version of The Economist The audio version of the weekly edition to listen to on the go A selection of our podcasts, including The Intelligence, a daily burst of illumination from The Economist’s worldwide network of correspondents App features: A morning briefing on the day ahead Timely analysis of the world’s biggest stories, updated by the end of the day The weekly edition available from 9 pm every Thursday evening London time Audio versions of the weekly edition read by professional broadcasters Reading times highlighted on each article Bookmarks to save articles for later or create personal reading lists Subscribing in-app Subscribe in-app and take advantage of our introductory subscription offer. At the end of the introductory term, the subscription will automatically renew onto a quarterly subscription at the standard price. Annual subscriptions are also available You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by iTunes. Payment is charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. All subscriptions automatically renew. Your account will be charged 24 hours before the renewal date, at a cost of £55.99/$55.99/€85.99 (for a quarterly subscription) or £199.99/$189.99/€299.99 (for an annual subscription) You can cancel your subscription from your iTunes account settings at any time but you must turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being charged again Full terms of use can be found at Our privacy policy can be found at

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The Economist app reviews

  • Nice app 5/5

    By franky jackalot
    Really cool app
  • App redesign is terrible 2/5

    By nonicknamesleft967
    Has lost a lot of its functionality from the previous version.
  • Great app but 4/5

    By Khalid-S
    I wish if you can support CARPLAY
  • Please fix this 1/5

    By okwon22
    I can’t scroll my pages while listening to the audio in daily news. My device is ipad pro 2018
  • Great audio articles, great coverage 5/5

    By Chris vLS
    If you commute or work out, you can probably listen to the equivalent of reading 80 percent of the print edition each week. I have subscribed for years, usually feeling guilty that so much is left unread. With the app, I’m getting more out of my subscription than ever.
  • Search function and minor UI glitch fixes needed 3/5

    By hy.m
    Great content, however the delivery is not so good.
  • Great Improvement 4/5

    By Nate-1
    Considerable improvement over prior app. My only suggestion is to improve downloading of the audio edition - I have found that it sometimes does not download.
  • Read and Listen Joy! 5/5

    By 3highland
    I read the paper, and I carry my mini iPad and enjoy reading the Econ offline.... Stuck in an airport or a doctors office? There’s always something great, witty, taut, to the point and on-point to enjoy and learn about.
  • Missing Ability to Select Specific Audio Stories 3/5

    By E1578912
    While this app is better on iOS than the classic app - ability to play/pause, stories play in series even when the app isn’t open in the foreground, it is missing the feature that enables the use to jump right to the audio story they would like to listen to. One has to start the entire section, then skip the stories that they don’t want to listen to or have already heard. Additionally, it would be convenient to be able to order the sections/stories as a playlist, enabling the user to listen to the stories in the order they prefer.
  • Excellent magazine 5/5

    By ThomasGeehanIre
    Have read the Economist for over 30 years excellent information and opinions Reds tg
  • CarPlay would be a fantastic addition. 4/5

    By RB12281
    Please add CarPlay functionality.
  • How to take a 5star app and turn it into a 1star app 5/5

    By Birdflier
    I’ve read and recommended this package to friends and family. Now with no notice, this app has been turned into something which is un-navigable. If you ‘re going to tuen everything upsidedown then: (a) give users some notice (b) give them some option to get themselves back to what they’re used to. God, you’re imbeciles
  • Nothing better 5/5

    By FoX6542
    As my primary news source, I can’t express just how valuable The Economist is! Nothing keeps me more informed about the world
  • Simply Awesome! 5/5

    By ujmh1972
    The app enables me to get a good grasp of what the Economist is covering in any given week. I can learn about all the stories, and which are just for listening, and which I need (or want) to delve into by referring to the story online. Essential tool!!!
  • Actually just the news. 5/5

    By John de Pike County
    This magazine is so refreshing to read and is actually enjoyable to read for the pure unbiased facts. No one is telling me how to think. I get to determine that on my own. The stories are very well written and I have the utmost respect for the journalist in this company. You are the example. Keep striving for perfection.
  • Great analysis, frustrating app 3/5

    By emcon09
    If, when scrolling an article, you happen to begin scrolling with your finger on a link, it will open the link instead of initiating a scroll. A silly but frustrating bug that seriously detracts from the experience of using this app. Please fix it. It has been months. Please???
  • Great! But 4/5

    By KurtT78
    The app is sleek and well-designed the only reason I am writing a review is to ask that developers fix access to images in articles. Scrolling through an article, I will accidentally click on a graph/ comic and then it will switch to the economist image header. Opening the images should be less glitchy overall and not as difficult to avoid opening when reading an article. I also wish the graphics were higher quality.
  • Audio features have gone away :( 1/5

    By JerseyBartender
    The old audio version was excellent. In the current version it is impossible to download specific articles and they often don't play when not connected to internet. (Then why have the option to download?) This makes it entirely useless when trying to listen to specific articles on a plane, for example. So bad that I will consider cancelling my subscription.
  • Nice app. Good articles 5/5

    I am enjoying the content. One question though. How do you search for a topic on the app?
  • Feature Request: Bug Reports 4/5

    By onemcos
    The app is good, with minor bugs popping up every once in a while. A good solution? In app bug reporting. On the settings tab add a bug report screen that lets users submit screenshots/comments on the bug. Otherwise, I’m googling and trying to figure out how to submit a bug and giving up and just letting it be.
  • Daily espresso doesn’t work very well 3/5

    By zxxxxxxxxxxcxy
    It seems the daily espresso disappears sometimes. Please fix it
  • An ok app 2/5

    By Yigit Ihlamur
    - while scrolling images pops up. - doesnt work at the moment. Just a blank page.
  • Brilliant but unsharable 4/5

    By Golux
    Very good UI, greatly enhanced with an excellent downloadable audio version. Meticulously researched. Very cogent content-albeit a bit obsessed with irs own cleverness. Deserves 5 stars EXCEPT— The Economist has elected to disable sharing—a major flaw for a relatively costly weekly newspaper.
  • The best news magazine out there 5/5

    By aimlesspoet
    The Economist is always full of in-depth, insightful journalism, with minimal bias. It’s an education in a magazine. Read it!
  • Read or not is very buggy 2/5

    By Leave It Behind
    This has long been one of my favorite apps. It’s recently taken a big step backwards with a feature that was released before it was ready. The app now has a “Continue reading” notification when you return that’s designed to take you back to your last article. Unfortunately, it isn’t smart about whether you finished your last article, so it’s essentially “Here’s what you were reading last” which isn’t helpful at all. An even more basic bug is if the last screen you were on was the quote at the end of the morning briefing, it will actually suggest you “continue reading” that brief sentence. Related, articles gain a check mark when you complete them. That feature is similarly flawed as just viewing an article and bookmarking it without any scrolling will add the check mark. FWIW, I have no interest in the Continue Reading feature even if it worked correctly and wish it was optional. I was sure to contact support about these issues first, but haven’t seen them addressed yet.
  • Great app, please fix links! 5/5

    By Pablito4
    Something changed that makes links far too easy to accidentally click (to other articles and photos) when scrolling through an article. Possibly something with the way taps are detected?
  • Constant pop-ups 3/5

    By BillJane
    When reading articles in the app, graphs and pictures accompanying the articles pop up and take over your screen. This doesn’t happen just once, but each time you scroll near an image. So you might be shown the same graph or picture 5 or 6 times as you try to read the article, making the process nearly intolerable. They need to fix this.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By PK Seattle
    Used to be fine, but now crashes as soon as I try to read a story. Needs updates or bug fixes?
  • Tabloid-Scam subscription service 1/5

    By DavieMustard
    I had a 3 month trial subscription that I requested to cancel and I later changed to using this app. Well, the Economist refused to cancel my subscription, and deep in a junk mailbox asked me to call to “confirm” my cancelation. I realized 2 years later they had been charging me the whole time (double charging, as I also paid for this app), and when I politely asked for a refund, they refused to reimburse me. Most subscriptions you just hit ‘cancel’ to cancel, but the Economist was actively and manipulatively obstructive to canceling, resulting in stealing $500 from me. Be careful with their “trial” subscription; it is a total scam!!
  • Outdated look 1/5

    By B.Khan123/1
    Although the app has been updated and daily picks has been removed and a new updated page is added but it looks so outdated design. Very 2000s looking tab. Please bring back the previous design of Daily Picks.
  • ... 3/5

    By Zorn's dilemma
    app is careless about retaining 'read it' status might be nice to have manual 'read it' capability given that the app doesn't get it right
  • Avoid U S media’s Trump fixation 5/5

    By Bb1461
    There are 210 other nations in the world. Pretending, or not knowing, that the US is not the only place on earth is the huge flaw in our news coverage. The Economist deals with Trump AND the rest of the planet! Thank you
  • App Refresh needs a Refresh 2/5

    By ChasMader
    The new app, while well intentioned, is not working for me. Old issues disappear at random, new issues won’t download outside of the US. Oh and the content is always jumping around, making it very difficult to pick up where I left off
  • Improving but still poor for offline access. 2/5

    By hiatus
    - I wish I could download all the images in advance for offline access, like I can for the text and the audio, and like I could with the classic app. At least the image streaming works better after the latest fixes. It is a huge data hog and increased my phone bill, so streaming over cellular isn’t a good option for me. - Audio needs a bit of love. Needs a 1.25x setting which would be the sweet spot for speed of playback. It frequently starts playing at the wrong speed. 15-second skip back should be the default back button for use in my car, rather than skip to the previous article. Narration sounds good. - It remembers where I was reading, but only one article... I can’t swipe to the next one in the weekly. - When re-finding my place, Clicking on the hamburger menu to find sections and then clicking on the section often doesn’t work. Other times the section headers are rendered offscreen, maybe after switching from landscape to portrait mode.
  • Great before, but 1/5

    By Duuaanng
    The newly updated version works horribly on iPad. Please not do this.
  • Best news source 5/5

    By Tvar4
    No news source does a better job of covering events in the United States and around the world as The Economist! Their in-depth features each week provide details and analysis found in no other source.
  • dislike update 3/5

    By Nevensky
    the latest update was downgrade in terms of usability, there are many glitches and the design of the daily updated page is uglier. no automatic switch to dark mode with ios 13.
  • Improving 4/5

    By jenndjididididdmdmeem
    I’m glad that in the recent update podcasts, columns, and daily charts have been integrated into the new today section. Hopefully, in forthcoming updates more features from the website will be integrated into the app. However, I find the today section to be cluttered. It could sport a more modern, elegant look. Much of it could be fixed with smaller pictures. I find the proportion of pictures to words on the today section and the espresso- especially on the iPad’s landscape mode- to be too high. I have also been eagerly waiting for an Android release.
  • Useful and balanced news reviews 5/5

    By jpintobks
    Everyday the selection of very well written news allow me to be inform of timely news. Highly recommended
  • Terrible if you just want the weekly edition 1/5

    By marmotzero
    If you’re someone who just likes to read through the weekly print articles and distance yourself from the churn of daily headlines, this app is terrible. Even when you read articles in the weekly edition, the app is constantly trying to get you to browse daily headline chaser stuff and go out of sequence. You need to realize that the reason I read The Economist is precisely because it isn’t a daily paper! I want articles that are well researched and take a broader perspective. If you close the app for awhile, there’s a feature to continue reading your last article ... but if you choose this, the app just gives you the one article, and doesn’t let you resume your progress in weekly. If you want to just keep reading the weekly edition where you left off, you need to go through the table of contents every single time you open the app. What a chore! No thanks, I’m deleting this and going back to the Classic app.
  • Best news source 5/5

    By Paul Canales
    The Economist is simply the best and comprehensive news source for both national and international news. Period!
  • Enemy of the Liars 5/5

    By thorjnz
    The Economist provides the truth. The truth shall make you free.
  • Helps with my depression 5/5

    By Bladeth
    I find reading The Economist refreshing and engaging. It helps me get out of my own mind and interact with new ideas and people in the world. I really appreciate the humor and intelligence of the articles, and I enjoy learning new things I’ve never read about before or new takes on issues I am already familiar with.
  • Insightful Reporting 5/5

    By SBBeachwalker
    Simply read this periodical and turn off the tube.
  • It’s very good 5/5

    By Food guy22
    It is.
  • Great paper, at times buggy app 4/5

    By johnw377
    It marks articles read that I haven’t read, jumps around, doesn’t scroll well. I would be a huge champion if it weren’t so buggy
  • Excellent news source 5/5

    By denfgardner
    Well written articles that get straight to the point.
  • Not showing downloading progress 3/5

    By wenhanz1995
    After the latest update, it is not showing how much of the audio is downloaded, it went straight from download to remove audio button. Then it only playing the “world this week: politics” section, and need internet connection to play the rest.
  • Picking my audio 2/5

    By Kevinmur
    Why can my I build my Audio play list like I used to?

The Economist app comments

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