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Each week over 1.5 million subscribers trust The Economist to help them make sense of the world. Join them with The Economist app. Free to download. New users can subscribe to The Economist within the app and take advantage of an introductory subscription offer. Users on iOS 10.2 or below will need to update their phone to access the app. Otherwise The Economist classic app is available to enjoy our weekly edition. Already a subscriber? Simply install the app and sign in with your Economist details. The Economist is a trusted, independent, finishable filter on world affairs, offering in-depth analysis of business, finance, economics, science, technology, arts and culture. Whether it’s the latest developments in the Trump administration, the rise of automation in the workplace, the economic impact of environmental change or the case for legalising drugs, The Economist has it covered. App highlights: • A morning briefing to prepare you for the day ahead (Economist Espresso) • A daily selection of curated articles, combining news updates with highlights from the weekly issue • Full access to the weekly edition of The Economist (digital and audio versions) As well as full access to the weekly edition, the app includes additional daily updates with articles from along with Economist Espresso, a morning briefing highlighting the most important things you need to know each day. All of the articles from the weekly magazine are available to listen to in audio, along with selected daily updates FREE TO DOWNLOAD Full app features: • The weekly edition available every Thursday evening London time • Audio versions of the weekly edition read by professional broadcasters • Daily Picks: a daily selection of curated articles • Economist Espresso: a morning briefing published every weekday, and on Saturday • Notifications of the latest cover stories and key articles • Reading times highlighted on each article • Bookmarking to allow users to save articles for later, or create their own collection • Support for iPhone and iPad SUBSCRIBING IN-APP • All users on iOS 11.2 or above can subscribe to The Economist within the app and take advantage of an introductory subscription offer. At the end of the introductory term, the subscription will automatically renew onto a quarterly subscription at the standard price • Annual subscriptions are also available You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by iTunes • Payment is charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. • Introductory offers, annual and quarterly subscriptions automatically renew • Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period, at a cost of £44.99/$45.99/€69.99 (for a quarterly subscription) or £159.99/$189.99/€229.99 (for an annual subscription) • You can manage auto-renewal of your subscription from your iTunes account settings at any time, but must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being charged again • Full terms of use can be found at • Privacy policy can be found at

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The Economist app reviews

  • Audio play issues 3/5

    By Mesucudi
    I love the app and the content, but please could you fix the issue with the audio streaming? I am unable to get through an entire article without the stream restarting or stopping all together
  • App Audio Frustration 2/5

    By kevmartian
    I love the economist’s journalism, but I am constantly frustrated with the app. I mainly listen to the audio version, but recently it has been unusable. I will start an article, it will play for a minute or so, and then it will just randomly loop back to the beginning. I have reinstalled the app and it continues to be an issue. Please fix this. I was hoping the new app would help but the previous app was more stable than this one is (and it wasn’t great to begin with)
  • Good but no tquite like your iPhone app 3/5

    In general de iPhone app for the economist is amazing but the iPad one some how has some quirks that don’t work as well for example images and graphs in the articles and headlines don’t download and there is no explicit way to force them to do so....
  • More garbage 1/5

    By hogmonkey123
    The most recent update has not fixed the audio player issues. Articles don't play, controls don't work on Bluetooth. Still using the classic app for audio
  • Horrible app, good content 1/5

    By Jaleo567789
    When will the economist fix the constant bugs and app crashes? I enjoy the content but after 4 years as a digital subscriber, I’m finally about to cancel. The economist writes fluently about the “digital economy” but doesn’t seem to incorporate any of these insights into the making of its own digital products. Do you read your app reviews? Your digital product is garbage. Please at-least attempt to fix it or you will begin losing your loyal subscribers, including me.
  • Editorial cartoon does not load 1/5

    By Burbanker
    Cartoon still doesn’t load reliably.
  • Excellent app, but... 4/5

    By cnelson8494
    I absolutely love the redesign and consolidation of the various economist apps into one. The only issue I’m having is the ability to access the current edition on Friday morning (central-time USA reader here) - though it shows that there is a new “current edition”, it sometimes takes upwards of thirty minutes for the app to properly register the new edition. Whenever I tap it, it just takes me back to last week’s release. Also, the auto-download feature of the new audio doesn’t seem to ever work for me. Other than those minor inconveniences, I have no complaints! Keep up the great work and reporting!
  • Bugged 1/5

    By Upstreamedge
    App is buggy. Audio edition articles restart every two minutes. Please fix. No other way to contact support.
  • Still too many bugs with audio 1/5

    By jfm irvine
    This app does not and never had lived up to the quality of the publication. It’s been years now. When will you have an app that is reliable?
  • Audio repeats randomly mid streaming 1/5

    By Aljeran
    Please fix the issue
  • Please fix the audio 2/5

    By Barrygster
    I like the daily view. Audio support however is a disaster. Often fails to play, and if it does, does not respond to speed controls and forced to listen to articles in the very slow 1x speed. Sometimes an article cuts off in the middle and restarts itself. Other times is fails to play the next article. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to create a playlist like the old app. I primarily consume via audio so this is a big loss in value.
  • Nothing as good as Economist! 5/5

    By vinscaravan
    Economist is akin to the morning coffee. The news is balanced with a compelling language to keep reading. The addition of audio affords the luxury of forgetfulness of glasses. Thanks for keeping us at the forefront of events as it unfolds with changing times.
  • Good daily content, weekly is wonky 3/5

    By rphorsman
    Images frequently don’t load. Current week’s content is usually available in the "classic" app before this one. Article sections in weekly frequently have content from previous weeks. In some ways this is a good use of the Economist’s wealth of articles, but more frequently I find myself going "Wait, I’ve read this before." Swiping between articles seems fiddly and unresponsive. I don’t have this problem in similar apps, so I don’t think it’s down to my device. Overall it’s a good app on its own merits, but it has some failings around the weekly magazine that is a core part of the value of the Economist for many of us.
  • Please fix the audio feature 3/5

    By fdr2019
    Every now and then the audio restarts and goes back to the beginning of the article that while I’m listening in the car or at home. It’s a very annoying thing to have to scroll back and forth to the place I left off, please fees fix this bug
  • Audio is unusable 1/5

    By Wiskatos
    For an institution as stories as the Economist, this app remains shockingly poor. The audio portion, a strong competitor to podcasts, is unusable. Audio will stop mid-story and revert to the beginning. Trying to scrub to the point or queue up multiple stories is hampered by poor UI choices that would give anyone working in tech nightmares. I want to give this app 5 stars but this really needs to be fixed.
  • Audio support very poor 1/5

    By dhl02806
    Despite the excellent content and delightful audio readings, this app makes a frustrating chore of trying to consume. It has done so for the last few years. As of March ‘19 audio sometimes fails to start at all, forgets what has been already played, handles each new issue poorly, and seems to get worse with most releases. Sometimes a bug gets fixed, but usually that is combined with several new ones.
  • Still adapting 3/5

    By T in FLA
    I was happy with the last version of the app. Still getting used to the update.
  • Audio Functionality is Poor 2/5

    By CarlLaverne
    Audio versions of articles stop mid-article and restart at the top. It happens so frequently the otherwise nice feature is incredibly frustrating. Needs work!
  • Annoying password prompting 3/5

    By NaniTony
    I am subscribed through iTunes. This app periodically prompts for my app store password which is annoying. Why is there no FaceID integration?
  • Review 5/5

    By natdaaaaaaaa
    I like the version with the red “E” on the white background on my IPad MUCH BETTER!!
  • Audio 1/5

    By Jiten0116
    Audio randomly starts over in the middle of an article
  • Great content, audio is buggy 2/5

    By Khot78
    Needless to say, the content continues to be great. The app also combines daily and weekly news in a relatively seamless interface. However, the app has bugs: 1. The audio occasionally stops after one article. 2. The audio occasionally will not play after download (requiring full deletion of the audio and subsequent reload). 3. The app sometimes insist on going online, which is irritating when one just wants to listen to downloaded content when offline (like on a plane). Please fix these issues! It will deserve 5 stars when it is bug free.
  • Audio edition has so many bugs 2/5

    By MayoBrandon
    Every since the app had a major update, the audio edition has had numerous bugs. Problems downloading, problems streaming, etc. Please fix!
  • Grateful 5/5

    By Ogg Pogg
    Brief and snappy.
  • Print size is a major irritant 3/5

    By jhgpdx
    The new format is excellent except even the extra large print setting has a font so tiny and closely spaced that I find it difficult to use. The app doesn’t respond to I-pad dynamic type, and using the zoom feature is a poor substitute for a properly sized font.
  • Audio Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By ChelseaBlue4Ever
    This is a consistent problem. Then always asking me to verify my account.
  • Would love it if it worked... 2/5

    By rfryder
    The UX and capabilities are great...I just wish the audio would work! It is so buggy to try and get it to play that one ends up incredibly frustrated. Please fix the audio!
  • High quality read, great audio feature. 4/5

    By Alex Pellizzari
    As always the economist delivers high quality material. Looses one star because of glitches in the audio functionality that make it not work seamlessly. Downloadable audio feature is a plus.
  • Fonts always reverts to smallest possible 3/5

    By F8.71
    Great content limited by fonts always reverting to smallest possible. I always have to go back to settings to correct.
  • Only single device subscription 1/5

    By Dugggg
    Beware, I spent 4 months with Economist back and forth (they take 2-3 days for each reply) trying to figure out why I can open it on my iPhone but not on my ipad. Finally learned today that it is because you can only view it on one device. This was NOT advertised when I purchased the app. In fact, I had purchased it on my iPhone while traveling but intended to read it more om my ipad. I am very frustrated that a) it took so long to figure this out and b) it was not advertised anywhere that obvious that I could see. I am cancelling my subscription.
  • Free content gone 1/5

    By Nicohg93
    Can’t access editors picks anymore :(
  • Good app but audio is frustrating 2/5

    By Ararat1915
    Occasionally the audio die a story restarts from the beginning for no reason. In one story it happened more than five times and there is no easy way to return to the same place in the story. Very frustrating.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By kyrparis
    The new app has an outstanding integration of the weekly paper, the daily news feed and audio. If I had one suggestion would be to include a specific podcast tab for the Economist curated audio content. Nevertheless this is a 5/5 with no qualifications.
  • Terrible app does not work across devices 1/5

    By JoelH77
    If you get this app in your iPhone expecting it to work on your iPad be prepared to be disappointed, it doesn't transfer so you are stuck with using it on one device only. If I could give 0 stars I would.
  • Sign into iTunes Store bug 1/5

    By iJeydon
    It asks me to sign in to the iTunes Store every single time I open the app, and even randomly throughout the day even when I’m not using the app. Other than this extremely irritating bug, I love the app and would give 5 stars if it were fixed.
  • Great content - app still needs tweaks 3/5

    By much1814
    The app keeps improving and the content is great, as always. Main feature requests - ability to play audio from several bookmarks in a row - simplified play button - the current arrangement with two buttons is confusing - better ability to stop playing and pick up where I left off - re-arrange order of bookmarks
  • Streaming bugs 2/5

    By markusdr
    I use it mostly to stream the audio. It has two bugs: It sometimes doesn't remember where you left off last time. So when you come back and resume the stream it plays again part of what I've what heard. The other big is that it sometimes stops after playing just one article. Also the play controls are not very reactive. The content is great. I'll upgrade to 5 stars when the bugs are fixed.

    By OReally233
    JUST NEVER SUBSCRIBE WITH ITUNES, you don’t have any identifier to access on other devices and website, and you can’t get your money back!
  • Thanks for finally made the text adjustable 5/5

    By mitchtango
    the previous edition is really not legible. Now it’s nearly perfect, good work. -long time subscriber
  • Almost there 3/5

    By yokimbo
    I like the new layout, a lot. However, two things are broken for me on the iPad Pro 11”: 1. The audio downloads but does not play. 2. The previous editions section is broken. There’s no cover art and when I click a previous edition, I’m kicked back out to the current edition.
  • Great, but text is too small 4/5

    By SamYahm
    The Economist is great and the app is finally free of major issues. My only complaint is the “Extra Large” font size is still “small”. Need to be able to make the font bigger for the 5th Star.
  • The app is heating up iPhone 5/5

    By Hythlodaeus
    I have iPhone 7 Plus, model A1661, iOS 12.1.2. Now within minutes of starting the app my phone heats up and battery drops quickly. I don’t dislike the app, just hope this review could get their attention on the issue. Update: the problem hasn’t been solved in 2.3.2 Update2: it seems like the problem is solved as they claimed!
  • Mostly good 3/5

    By garrekds
    The app is mostly good. It’s easy to navigate. I wish it would sync read articles between the iPhone and iPad app. Also there are occasionally weird bugs, like photos not loading or the ampersand being displayed weirdly.
  • Uplifting app but performance is a drain 2/5

    By zackoverflow
    Wonderful reading experience and some great features like bookmarks, copy and paste, and background content sync... But battery drain on this app is egregious. I lose about 1% of my battery for every 3 mins spent reading even at minimal brightness. This is preposterous. I suspect there is some background mischief going on as this problem does not persist in airplane mode. Sure I’ll read in airplane mode on the plane, but I can’t afford to disable my phone just to check on the news... Overall promising stuff but until the battery drain is resolved, I’m stuck at two stars.
  • Buggy app 2/5

    By znetstar
    Great publication, very buggy app. Crashes all the time on my iPhone 6S.
  • Recent update messed up app 1/5

    By Kagyepong
    App enlarges text unnecessarily. Please fix.
  • Battery issues now 3/5

    By MML the X
    I love the content, and have subscribed for over a decade, but The Economist’s apps have been abysmally implemented. The other Economist app was inexplicably reverted to a featureless Android-edition clone last year. With this app, basic functions don’t work. Then when problems are fixed, other features are broken post-update. Most recently, running the audio edition heats the phone up tremendously—it is easily felt through a silicon case. No other app I use has felt like such a perpetual beta-test.
  • Poor battery economics 1/5

    By Goin'Mobile
    Hot pocket with my iPhone. Checked the Battery report for top apps and was surprised to see with only six minutes of usage Economist was the top battery consumer for the day. Demand outstripped supply. Otherwise love the app.
  • Big words make smart 5/5

    By dammittrevino
    Me like it

The Economist app comments

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