The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

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  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Bethesda
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Elder Scrolls: Blades App

Works with: iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, Ipad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017, 2018, 2019, PRO DOES NOT SUPPORT: iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3, iPod Touch From Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of Skyrim, comes The Elder Scrolls: Blades – a classic dungeon crawler reimagined. The Blades, the Empire’s top agents, are forced into exile. On the run, you return to your hometown to find it destroyed. KEY FEATURES: QUEST and Experience stunning dungeon adventures. CREATE and customize your city, restoring it to greatness. CONQUER your friends and rivals in epic one-on-one Arena battles.* CREATE any character you want and discover unique weapons, armor, and abilities. MASTER the never-ending Abyss with a cutting-edge combat system. *NOTE: Arena modes will be added after the initial launch of The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Please visit for updates on this mode, as well as other exciting new information for the game

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  • Player Lost 1/5

    By Skeatah
    I have been playing this game since I was added from my pre-order and I loved playing this game until recently. I have since found out that around 15th level you are forced to buy a 10 dollar sword in order to continue. I will not under any circumstances be forced to purchase anything to play a game. I have been playing the Morrowind games since Arena. If and when you decide to allow players to free play and purchase what they want I may come back.
  • Next best thing to Skyrim! 5/5

    By Zazaza_
    This is the most immersive mobile game I have ever played. I expected no less from Bethesda. I hope they add XBox One/bluetooth controller support at some point...
  • Still in development 4/5

    By messrmanda
    When I first started playing it was a lot of fun. I LOVED IT. I still kinda do. As far as money is concerned (as most reviewers have pointed out) I haven’t spent any. I have saved about 500 gems, am level 21, town is level 5 or 6. I stopped playing for a week or two bc my inventory got full and didn’t have time to concentrate on what my plan was moving forward (investing in armor/weaponry or upgrading my town). Also, I had about 3 quests I was trying to level myself up for bc the level of difficulty was a full 5 skulls. No matter what I upgraded, crafted, enchanted, the level difficulty remained at 5. That’s actually probably why I took a mini hiatus — bc i had to upgrade my stuff. Then I started reading other reviewers and found they had the same issues with difficulty. Any spells casted on me I would almost immediately die. So then I started planning out having different sets of armor for different enemies with different enchantments. Then someone mentioned how the pricing for upgrading your town went up and I realized they were correct! Whatever updates Bethesda did made it extremely more difficult to progress. I guess I can see why bc I spent no money on this game in the beginning and progressed pretty quickly bc of my patience and timing. But now this has gotten a little ridiculous in terms of how much things cost and the difficulty of the enemies and their spells. Hopefully they’ll adjust that in another update. Time ur chests — I do them at night before I go to bed and just do the one hour ones while I’m at work. I see why they do that. They gotta keep the players coming back you know? I like it for when I got to pass time. Beautifully designed game especially for mobile; the difficulty just increased immensely to the point where I can move on because i just keep dying immediately.

    By Butt Punisher
    How does it get better than this? IT DOESNT. DUDE ITS FREE. There is no excuse for not having this game on your phone. If you don’t have Blades on your phone, plz just throw your phone in the garbage where it belongs, because literally smartphones were invented just so this game could exist. OK BYE 👋
  • Great game, but spells overtuned? 5/5

    By Tiberius Grey
    Blades has been great. However, it feels like the spell use update has been overtuned now towards casters, in which there’s NO disruption of casting. For instance, a goblin shaman will blast you to near death, even though you’ve wacked him 3 times in the head during the cast. It can be pretty frustrating.
  • About to move on 3/5

    By mitch;
    I’m level 34. Town 7. Developers keep making the game easier. Wish the story lines got more bizarre. I haven’t played anything since the Infinity Blade games and currently I think those were better - more plot, more twists, and more skill involved.
  • Masterpiece 5/5

    By Harbenguth
    This game did a good job of adding to the elder scrolls saga a fun game for new comers and old players alike.
  • Fun to have to pass the time 5/5

    By CFER9823
    Very well put together. No major micro transactions which makes it not a play to win game.
  • Good game but needs work requiring data connection 4/5

    By Mycr0f7
    Like the game, like the game and doesn’t lock you into massive purchases to enjoy. But if you don’t have a good constant data connection it will have constant playing errors and you end up having constant interruptions
  • Too dark 4/5

    By abblyloo
    My only complaint is that there is no way to adjust the brightness or contrast. No matter how bright I make my phone, I still can’t see the graphics well at all. I have to be in a dark room to see everything on the screen. If they can fix that, then it’s a great game.
  • Gems for this gems for that gems for Tempering!!!. Play to win much 1/5

    By RubherGuppy
    Come on. You are charging me time and gems to temper my items, that’s garbage. Fix that ASAP. I shouldn’t have to use, my gems to temper my items and STILL have to wait for them to be completed. I’m not surprised with your terrible track record Bethesda. THUMBS DOWN. the rest of the game is good. Pulling up your shield should be quicker tho.

    By Aye*Mikey998
    As you can see in the title, I truly love this game. I love the combat system, the crafting isn’t bad. Just wish you could craft things yourself but it’s whatever. Not a bad addition honestly. I dunno how to feel about the chest system, I think it’s ridiculous that you have to wait 6 hours for a golden chest. I’d be happy if a golden chest was only a 3 hour wait but it’s whatever. The game itself along with the story is phenomenal. Definitely worth downloading and playing. I’m a level 21 and have had no trouble progressing besides the ridiculous quest difficulty but all you gotta do is level up and get better armor which in-fact I love the armor. I love that Orc armor isn’t just Orc armor. There’s plate and skaled. I hope to see that in The Elder Scrolls 6 actually. I love that they brought back silver weaponry and even silver armor. That was a beautiful idea and I also hope to see that in The Elder Scrolls 6. I love that shields do damage via whichever elemental enchantment it has, such a great idea! I love that you can rebuild a town that’s been destroyed. I just wish there was more of an abundance in supplies. Nevertheless The Elder Scrolls: Blades is an amazing and beautiful game and I can’t wait for The Arena to come out. I’m ready to bash some gamers heads in. Or get mine bashed in. Whichever way it goes I’m fine with. I just love the game so much I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing it. Thank you Bethesda for such a great addition to your beautiful series of The Elder Scrolls. Please don’t disappoint us with The Elder Scrolls 6. Which means no “strictly online” play please. That would ruin it for many of your fans. I have the utmost faith that you can produce another great game that will be The Elder Scrolls 6. Again thank you Bethesda. I look forward to playing more and more of your games. Speaking of which, Fallout 4 here I come 🤙🏻🤘🏻😂
  • It’s great!!!!! 5/5

    By Shay Jamieson
    This game is pretty good. No complaints, but will there be a 3rd person option in the future?
  • Game won’t start up 2/5

    By Cavakush Inc.
    Been on the initial loading screen for 15 minutes no progress assuming it is still not working for some.
  • Review 2/5

    By Herald00
    Micro transactions are a bit excessive, other than that the game is decent.
  • My Prior Negative Review Was Deleted For Some Reason. Goes with the Game 1/5

    By DCmapa
    This is an updated review. At one point the ratings for this game fell to about 3.0 then overnight jumped up over 4.0. I had a negative review just disappear. That is suspect. Bethesda claims to be making a lot of money on this free game. That is only one of the issues. For $40 you can get the entire IOS Baldur’s Gate series. A real game with none of this pay to open chests and things. Shame on you Bethesda. UPDATE: I was hoping to upgrade my rating with Patch 1.4. How lame can you make 4 quests? The nighttime is now annoying because nothing else is happening. 4.2 million gp and no reason to do anything but clear out chests, get my “free” dab of limestone each day and then maybe do the job of the day. Financially, can Bethesda make this game work when those with higher levels find nothing to do? Why on earth would we spend any more money on it? I have a set of dragon armor but with so little dragon bones and scales it will be up to two years and 17 million gp to bring to mythical. Two years of the same 4-5 scenes for jobs. I can’t stand it. Update: Level 58 and a little 4 Million GP. The system has allowed for more gems to be earned without buying them so I am almost wanting to add a star. But in the end same issues as below. I have obtained all dragon armor. But at the base level (since I don’t want to spend more money on Legendary Chests hoping for something dragon made which has only happened once in 5 or 6 chests). To upgrade those items will cost between 2-3 million gp. BUT, I need to acquire a ton of extremely rare minerals that don’t even appear in Elder Chests often. That means I could spend a year or more trying to upgrade these items to get a better character. Update 1.4 is coming with a spell rewrite. I guess they won’t let us change our points for free if they make our best spells worthless. Older Comments: First, this game is pretty. Nice graphics. But that isn’t enough is it. I played — level 57 with 3.8 million gp, level 10 town with double shops including two level 10 blacksmith shops — because I loved the PC Elder Scrolls games. I kept playing in hopes of something better. I may yet. But I can’t recommend. Why? Here’s a list: 1. Pay to Play. Seriously, those reviewers who deny this are either fake or they are low level. As you move up you have to upgrade your town. This costs thousands of pieces of limestone, marble and the like and the last levels can cost almost a million gold pieces. You cannot hope to seriously have a shot at this if you do not buy chests. Those who claim otherwise are not at a level to need to buy yet. And some vendors, like the Artisan, don’t actually give you anything substantive after level 7. Just very expensive trees. 2. Note all the “discounted chest” promos. They never discount the gems except when you first start. Then they offer a chest with stuff that if you don’t get you will add months of play to make up for, if ever. Gems are the key. You have to pay for gems. 3. If you pay $19.99 for 2,500 gems that gets you one Legendary chest. So you see the game here. As you go up you get offered discounts on chests. Early on the chests do help. But you need gems and they are hard to get unless you buy them. At level 57 these chests just give you stuff to sell because you already have better. 4. Repetition — there are only about 3-4 dungeons and 2-3 outdoor settings. All the major quests and jobs happen in the same settings with new names. Once you get through the major quests the jobs just repeat, over and over. 5. Arena — right now the characters are banal and easily beaten once you go to a certain level. Same characters over and over. PvP doesn’t sound exciting because the higher players will simply dominate the Arena. 6. Balance — until you get to over 20-30 levels you will struggle. All those critters they throw at you — same ones over and over — get tougher and you just have to get so high in level to beat them. How do you have that chance? Buy gems, upgrade your town and then maybe you will beat the higher creatures. Even so when the main quests are done it’s the same thing over and over. 7. The blacksmith is great for your gear. The others are mediocre. Once you hit level 10 town the artisan shop is useless. There is no real difference between level 7 and 10 in terms of artisan crafting. You are mainly paying thousands for trees or things you’d never use. Once you are at a certain level the shops are mainly to sell what you get from chests and arena fights. 8. Trapped — you can’t leave the town except for the small job settings. No roaming. Supposedly you’ll be able to soon visit other players cities. Why? The NPCs are Stepford Wives with no real dialogue. The shops will be the same as yours. The original Elder Scrolls Arena in 1994 was less than 9 MB (MB not GB) and had about 6 million miles of playable map. Six Million. This game is over 1 GB approaching 2 GB. This game has about half a mile to a mile of playable map, maybe. Wow. 9. Scarce items. Once you get to a certain level even things like Marble are scarce. You need marble to upgrade houses and buildings. The things you need for dragon armor and weapons, the highest, almost never appear. You have to get gold chests or better to have a chance. For Elder or higher chests you have to buy them (1% chance to get an Elder Chest so don’t count on it). For most times the chests do not have what you need so you have to keep buying. See the game. Pay to play. With Skyrim you paid $60 or so for a full fledged game. Huge. The download for this game isn’t really that much less in size and likely more than the early Elder Scrolls games but no where near in content. And this game is free but if you want to get to level 57 you need to pay money. Don’t waste your time with $5 purchases. Just get the $99 thing once or twice and you’ll finally start to move up. Why move up? Boredom mainly. What else is there to do while hoping Bethesda gets it better.
  • Love Beth 4/5

    By Ghopbuttcrack
    It’s a good game just no way to transfer save data so when I get a new phone I’m screwed
  • Oh boy... 2/5

    By Lbourque
    Not only did I not enjoy the terrible gameplay with a very confusing and obtuse “town” system. But my entire character was reset after I updated the game, my already terrible time with the game has ended with me losing all my slow, slow progress. Not even worth being free.
  • Pay to play, not pay to win. 2/5

    By BenelliShotty
    I’m stuck sitting on a stack of missions I can’t complete because I’m not high enough level or my gear is too low. The only way to be able to play at this point is to pay money, but where does that end. 2 stars only because the game is visually pleasing. It’s effectively unplayable at this point though.
  • Well 1/5

    By ButtSex76
    Don’t say it’s “compatible” when it doesn’t work for iPhone 6 😕😐
  • Terrible customer support 1/5

    By Goontoo
    This game has terrible cutomer support. When trying to get an issue resolved you only get a pre-generated response and no real help at all!
  • Bugs bugs and oh yeah bugs 1/5

    By Tapstar2k
    The main quest line has been bugged for months, if not a year or so. I’ve done every solution they have given. Hangman’s Wood does not progress properly and reloads at the same dead end. GL to you all, I won’t be spending any more time on this.
  • 😕 1/5

    By Zarahiah
    Won’t open at all just loads
  • Grower 5/5

    By spex09
    This games takes time to grow on ya but when it does you are hooked.
  • Not enough refinement 3/5

    By jefhai
    Great for early access, but just because it’s a mobile game doesn’t mean it shouldn’t live up to Skyrim level detail. We need a true Elder Scrolls game on mobile. Even if it’s the size of Morrowind... I’ll pay $60 for a true Elder Scrolls game on mobile, but not micro transactions!
  • Great app. !! 5/5

    By Metal Kitty
    Fantastic game and thank y’all !! MAGA🇺🇸
  • Worth forking over cash? Not yet. 3/5

    By Google-centric
    Entertaining app, but Bethesda makes it clear you need to pay to actually play (at a decent pace) before even seeing if it’s actually fun. Waiting to open standard chests is irritating. Why waste 5 seconds of my time? To trick me into spending that gem? Yes, it’s equal to a penny, but still, it’s draining my patience. I mean I earned them, right? What if I actually spend $5 for a chest? Do I have to wait an hour before that opens? I wouldn’t put it past you. Don’t get me wrong, the mechanics are awesome and make it feel like a polished app, but I find the story and development too shallow. The only fun part is leveling up but I assume that would be far and between the higher you progress. It’s early access and you’re not forced to spend anything, but I know there are tons of frugal individuals like myself who are more than willing to pay as long as you first let us play and have a good story to sell us.
  • Great Elder Scrolls Mobile Port 5/5

    By emlit!
    If you’re looking for an enjoyable RPG for your mobile device and loved Skyrim, Blades is worth a try. It’s a beautiful game, not overly complex, and fun to play. It’s easy to get sucked in for hours if you’re not careful. I like the town development mechanic, which helps adds another element to the game. While the game would benefit from Infinity Blade combat, the fighting system isn’t bad. The quests are a bit on the sparse side and a few more dungeon environments are needed. Regardless, it’s a really good mobile RPG that scratched a much-needed itch.
  • Could be so much better but still solid 4/5

    By sad sad mannnnn
    I really like the game, it reminds me a lot of the time I spent playing my favorite game in the world (Skyrim). I am disappointed by a few things, though. First of all, why is there no jumping/falling/terrain movement? It’s super frustrating to not be able to walk forward because there’s a 1 foot tall log in front of me...step over it? Come on Bethesda, it’s 2019. Second, it seems as though there are only two difficulties for quests: ridiculously easy & brutally difficult. I enjoy difficult games, so I like that there are hard quests, but I think it would make the game twice as good if the difficulty of quests increased gradually instead of going from so easy it’s boring to ridiculously hard. There’s only a couple of intermediate difficulty quests where you can build experience, gain levels, etc. Third, why are the NPCs so boring? In Skyrim I loved going and talking to all the NPCs because you’d always find cool side quests and get deeper into the lore of the ES universe. I think more diverse dialogue options and more depth to the NPCs would add a lot to this game. I think the chest system is alright but there should be other ways to grind materials. Combat system is awesome and my favorite part of the game. My only complaints are that once you start a fight, you’re in the fight until you or the enemy is killed. This destroys any kind of rogue/stealth play style that made Skyrim so much fun. Please add perks/abilities/spells related to this play style like sneak, illusion magic, speech, etc. Also where’s the conjuration magic? The Abyss is GENIUS and I’m so glad it’s a part of the game, would’ve been a really cool feature in Skyrim. I realize this is mobile and the functionality will be limited in some ways, but I see a lot of potential for the official release of this game and I think if you guys take some of my requests to heart this could be something really special. Great work!
  • So Far 1/5

    By Anonymous 3.0
    Game will not run on my iPad Pro with up-to-date software. Many tickets, no response. Months, and many updates, later, it still doesn’t run.
  • Great graphics. Fairly fun game. Way too expensive. 3/5

    By cad2112
    The graphics in this game are astounding. The game is fairly fun, a bit repetitive for my taste, and far too expensive. Yes one can play for free and enjoy it, but if you want to sink your teeth in prepare to open your wallet. I guess I was hoping for a bit more depth like Skyrim. I paid what? Some $50 USD for it and got some serious usage and a ton of depth out of it. Blades wants a hefty sum that could be blown in game very quickly. The lack of depth keeps me clinging to my wallet. Which I am generally more than happy to part with for Bethesda. It will be interesting to see where they take Blades. If it goes deeper I may be persuaded to open my wallet a bit. In the meantime I’ll wander around the Abyss and wish for more.
  • Could be great. 4/5

    By crillic
    It’s fantastic but the controls are iffy. That and I keep getting booted at random times. Please fix. I want this game to be a 5 star number one app.
  • Surprising and Immersive 5/5

    By Lyonsishere
    This game is completely immersive; wonderful. Better graphics than the original oblivion on a phone, I’m stunned. I would recommend to anyone.

    By fvtcr
    This could be like a secondary character system. Your pets will help you fight and collect chests. Keep them in a beast den and make them stronger.PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE TO BLADES IN A NEARBY FUTURE UPDATE!.
  • Waiting for app support 2/5

    By Tobdude
    Has been over a week with no response. Advertised discounts/special deals in app and didn’t honor them. Huge disappointment from a loyal customer.
  • Runs better on Android hardware! 3/5

    By dharmaboy1
    Bethesda, I love this game and it was running a solid 55 - 60fps framerate on my OnePlus 7 Pro but when I upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the performance degraded to something more of 30fps framerate when doesn't feel as smooth/fun to play anymore. Please unlock full performance and iPhone hardware! Otherwise, a 5 star game indeed! Thank you.
  • Well it was fun at first. 1/5

    By Jerome from Nibbatown
    It’s a well made mobile ES game. Up until a certain point. Then they make it painfully obvious that it’s a pay to progress game. I had superior and remarkable everything. Weapon and armor. Yet I couldn’t even get past the 6th or 7th story mission because they were still too difficult. They make it so obvious that they want you to pay them for gems to skip everything. I thought you were better than this Bethesda. But I guess you’ve just turned into yet another greedy development company. Honestly I’d rather just pay $10 for the game upfront but nope, you guys need that micro transaction income because ya’ll are getting desperate.
  • Chest 3/5

    By that_one_guy_sam
    The chest system makes the game not so great.
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By Mammon1836392
    It’s pretty good. Definitely not as good as Skyrim but still good. Gets boring after a little bit
  • Downgrade again 1/5

    By Saboteur X
    Last update made this game unfair again. Overpowered enemies, overpriced repairs, etc. pay to play. Thanks Bethesda
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Tristalla
    I love this game so much it’s so addicting
  • Break out your wallet 1/5

    By Bert from the Coast
    I don’t have a problem with micro transactions, but they went overboard with them. You’re pretty well crippled without spending money. And you are only really buying bandaids. It’s just set up as a huge money sink. Until they revamp the system, or change gem costs, this game isn’t worth playing unless you’ve got a several hundred dollars to sink into this game.
  • Issue with balance 1/5

    By SPLaurent
    With the last update, enemy spells are way overpowered. Almost impossible to beat
  • Interesting setup. 5/5

    By Oooouch wasted my time!!
    Would have been nice to very rooms a bit more but the activities and action are fair to keep interest. Reduction in chest timing would be more appreciated. It is worth the effort thusfar. Only played for a day and got to level 6. Pretty straight forward. I like it. Plan to continue
  • Help! 2/5

    By Lilly the unicorn 🦄
    I’m sooo confused! I opened up the game after installing it. It gave a little story which I thought was cool and then showed me how to attack. Everything’s going great and it plops me in the middle of a forest with no tutorial, directions, or anything what so ever. Like what do I need to do to advance and level up? I can walk around but that’s about it. I can’t interact with any of the objects, trees, etc. What do I do??
  • Why is it so grey? Who is my character? 3/5

    By nniiiiccckkk nnaaaammmeeee
    I have loved and played all the previous elder scrolls games. Morrowind being my favorite. I was excited for this game but i hate it. Its always in the dang town? Like how do i explore? It doesnt have that free open world thing like the other games. Even elder scrolls online has this effect for the most part. Every time i open the app im in the drab grey boring village and it makes me want to quit immediatley because of how boring it is. Why dont we start out as slaves? Who are we in this game? If they made some intro and gave the player more investment into the game due to backstory and what not it would be cool. Its almost like only a fan of TES could love this. Theres no mercy for newcomers. I would hate for someone having this to be their first TES experience. The way you start off and the way you enter the game each time is just terrible in my opinion.
  • Game closing out 5/5

    By Steven Weiss
    Can you please update game keep closing me out other than that this is an amazing app
  • Microtransaction garbage 1/5

    By VorpalHex
    Tech wise, the game is fine if a bit simple. Unfortunately it is marred by the usual microtransaction garbage found in such "free to play" games. Silly limits forcing you to pay money or time to open chests, an unwanted "build your base" mechanic that requires either regular babysitting or paying more money, and of course a cash shop for other boons. Beyond the pale and a mark of shame on the elder scrolls franchise - Bethesda, what happened to you?
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By totally obsessed in this game
    Stunning graphics, easy control, exciting missions. All what you would want in a game. I did have one concerning issue that probably won’t happen to you others. Whenever I clicked on the app to play, the game for some reason crashed. I did it over and over again. Then, I found that I had to update it. I did that and, hoping and expecting it to open again, it continually crashed on me. The crash happens almost immediately after I open the app. Please fix this issue, it would really make me happier. Thanks, and for all those who have not downloaded this yet, download now and enjoy this beautiful work of art. You guys please help my app to open please I’m desperate for more blades!

The Elder Scrolls: Blades app comments

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